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Tex’s Little Girl By Pepper North – Extended Preview

Rosie stumbled through the next day at the bakery. She was thankful that it was busy and the line of customers kept the focus off her. Rosie’s longtime employees were like friends. She knew that they could see there was something different about her.

Flashbacks of the previous evening burst into her thoughts as she kneaded dough and mixed muffin batter. Rosie knew that her grin was a bit too broad and that her eyes sparkled at the memories. This morning, Texas had taken care of her. He’d required her to eat peanut butter toast cut into fingers as a quick breakfast. When she asked for coffee, he had refused, stating that Littles were not to drink that much caffeine.

Taking a quick break, Rosie walked behind the counter and helped herself to a large cup of coffee with plenty of cream and sugar. She felt vaguely guilty about drinking it when she lifted it to her lips and drank deeply. He couldn’t really expect her to function without coffee, right?

The sound of a throat clearing behind her was familiar. Rosie turned with a smile to greet a customer. His eyes focused on the large cup cradled between her hands. “Take me to your office, Rosie.”

No aggression or meanness colored his tone. Still, it struck fear inside her. She rushed to explain, “Texas, this is just my first cup. It’s mainly milk and sugar. It doesn’t count for coffee.”

One of her employees paused in selecting pastries for an order. “That’s not your first cup! That’s got to be your fourth!” she laughed.

“Thank you, Stephanie,” Texas commented with a glance at her name tag. Turning to look at Rosie, he arched one eyebrow and reminded her, “We were going to talk in your office.”

Stephanie was very helpful. “I can handle the business out here, boss.”

Rosie nodded. She walked to the end of the counter as Texas paced beside her on the other side of the displays. She couldn’t look at him. Joining her, Texas placed a warm hand in the small of her back to guide her into the employee-only area of the store. He hesitated at the bus cart, filled with dirty dishes. Lifting the full coffee cup from her hand, he placed it carefully into the bin. The walk to her office was way too short. Arriving there, Texas ushered her inside before closing the door and locking it.

Immediately, Rosie tried to explain, “Stephanie is wrong. I usually drink lots of coffee. Today that was my first cup. I have three more batches of cookies to make, and I was running out of energy. I just need a little coffee to give me a little pep.”

“Take off your clothes,” Texas ordered. He walked over to take a seat behind her desk. Steepling his fingers, he watched her in silence.


“Take off your clothes.”

“You’re kidding, right?” When Texas simply shook his head, she protested, “I can’t take my clothes off here. That’s my business out there! What if they need change? Or the cookies start burning?”

“Did you break the rules we discussed?”

“One drink! It wasn’t even a large drink.” Rosie emphasized the word large. When he just looked at her, she whispered, “What are you going to do to me?”

“Little girls who break the rules earn a spanking. Spankings are delivered to the bottom of a naked Little. You will not be able to hide from your punishment.”

“You can’t spank me here,” she argued, aghast. “Somebody will hear.”

“I guess you will just have to be very quiet.”

Rosie stood, looking at him in silence. Her hands twisted in front of her body. None of her protests had budged Texas’ demand. She squeezed her inner thighs together, cursing her body’s reaction to his authority. Rosie had read so many stories of Littles who broke the rules. There was always a consequence. Could she be brave enough to be Little? To follow the rules that she had agreed to that morning?

She raised her fingers to the buttons of her chef’s coat. Fumbling, she began to unfasten each one. There seemed to be a million. Finally, she shrugged out of the white garment and folded it carefully over the chair in front of the desk. Her white bra had seemed to shrink during the day. It didn’t seem to cover her at all.

Moving to her waistband, Rosie stepped out of her shoes and unfastened the drawstring around her waist. She allowed the loose pants to drop to the carpet. After stepping out of them, she bent to retrieve them from the floor and add them to the chair. Keeping her gaze focused on the floor, Rosie began to walk around the side of the desk.

“Not quite!” Texas’ voice stopped her. Baffled, she glanced up at him. “All of your clothes, little girl.”

I can do this. I want this. Rosie gave herself a pep talk as she unfastened her bra and placed it on her desk. At his approving nod, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties, pushed them over her hips, and dropped them on the desk. Walking those last few steps, knowing that she was utterly exposed, seemed to take forever. Finally, she stood naked in front of him.

Texas placed his hands on the curve of her waist. When she raised her gaze to meet his, Rosie was amazed at the pride shining from those blue eyes. “Littles are the strongest people I know. They realize that they need guidance and support from their mommies and daddies. I am very proud of you.”

The glow started to ignite in the center of her chest. His words meant more than she would have ever dreamed. Suddenly, making him proud of her became her greatest goal. “I’m sorry I broke the rule.”

He nodded. “Over my lap, sugar.” His hands gently helped her move into position. Rosie was balanced with her fingertips and toes barely touching the carpet. Her bottom was entirely on display. “I want you to put your hands over your mouth, Rosie. At home, I will always insist that you allow me to hear your sounds. Here where being Little intermingles with running your business, I will allow you to muffle the sound.”

When the radio on top of her desk started to play music, she knew he was protecting her even more. Rosie slapped her hands over her mouth and waited. It did not take long.

Smack! Smack! Smack! His hand landed heavily on her bare bottom. The sting of each swat seemed to multiply. Rosie tried to stay quiet, but she knew some sounds were escaping. She counted—ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen.

Tears fell from her eyes to land on the carpet. Her skin burned, and she knew that her bottom must be red by now. How many more had she earned? When his hand began to smooth over her irritated skin, the tension evaporated from her body, and she drooped over his hard thighs.

After long seconds crept by, Texas lifted her and rotated her body to cuddle against his chest. Nestling her head in the curve of his neck, Rosie looped her arms around him. Grabbing several tissues, he tenderly wiped her face and held the tissue to her nose. “Blow,” he instructed.

She followed his directions. For the first time, she understood what it was like to be Little. Her daddy was in charge. Hiding against him, Rosie whispered, “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

“I know you are, sugar. I knew not having coffee would be tough when everyone’s normal afternoon slump began. I came to take you for a walk. Fresh air would wake you up just as much as coffee would.”

“Really? You think a walk would help?”

“Let’s put your clothes on. We’ll go out the back door and take a quick walk.”

“Can you hold me a bit longer first?” she whispered.

“You can have as many cuddles as you would like, sugar.” Texas wrapped his arms snugly around her and squeezed slightly. He dropped a kiss on the top of her head and began to rock her slowly.

Texas had been right. Rosie corrected herself: Daddy had been right. When they got back from their walk, her energy had returned. The remainder of her workday had gone smoothly—no, productively. She’d gotten all of her to-do list completed as well as a few additional tasks.

Rosie locked the back door to the bakery. She’d missed Texas after he’d kissed her and left after their walk. After running home to gather some clothes for the next day or two, she was on her way to his house.

Rosie rang the doorbell. When the door opened, Texas filled the space. Unable to stop herself, her eyes scanned his body in appreciation. She’d never met anyone built like the man in peak physical condition before her.

“Ahem!” The deep sound interrupted her study.

Heat flooded her cheeks, and she rushed to apologize, “I’m sorry.”

“I’m glad you enjoy looking at your daddy.” Texas stepped forward to wrap his arms around her. He squeezed her tightly before reaching down to slap her full bottom. When she yelped, he remarked, “I’m glad your reminder to be good is still activated. Come in, sugar.” He stepped back and escorted her in with his usual hand on her low back.

With the door closed, Texas stepped close once again to kiss her thoroughly. Raising his head, he said, “Time for your bath. Let’s get all the remains from the bakery washed from your beautiful skin.”

Her eyes widening, Rosie whispered, “Are you to give me a bath?”

“That’s Daddy’s delight. I hope you like bubbles?”

“I love them!” she answered honestly.

Texas steered her down the hallway to the master bathroom. The smell of sweet flowers filled the air. Rosie stepped forward to run her hand through the thick, luxurious bubbles that covered the water’s surface. The sight of the beautiful tub filled and waiting invited her to slide in. Quickly, she kicked off her shoes.

“Let Daddy help you, sugar,” Texas instructed as he turned her around and began unbuttoning her chef’s coat. With quick efficiency, he stripped her clothes off. With his hands at her waist, he helped her step safely into the large tub.

With a moan of enjoyment, Rosie stretched out and wiggled her toes in delight. Pulling the suds toward her, she inhaled the sweet aroma. “This is heaven.”

“Most Littles enjoy playing in the tub,” Texas remarked as he knelt by the side. He opened a net bag and dumped some floating toys into the water.

Happily wiggling as she reached forward to grab a plastic teddy bear, Rosie gasped as her wet bottom began to slide. When Texas reacted swiftly to steady her with strong hands around her waist, she lifted her lips toward him in wordless thanks. His kiss was scorching hot. One hand slid over her wet skin to cup one full breast, bobbing on the water’s surface.

“Sugar, you’re distracting Daddy,” Texas playfully accused when he ripped his lips from hers. “Bath time, first. Play with your toys while Daddy gets you clean.”

She nodded. Hyperaware of the soft washcloth that stroked down her back and over her shoulders, Rosie was surprised that she wasn’t embarrassed by his attention. She felt cherished and loved through his touch.

Obediently, she followed his instructions—even the embarrassing ones, like when he helped her move onto her hands and knees. His hand caressed her punished bottom before moving to touch her more intimately. Tracing a line between her buttocks, Texas spread her cheeks to expose that tightly closed opening. He cleaned her bottom thoroughly before pressing a thick finger to her anus.

Rosie bucked forward away from the sting. One of his large hands steadied her in place as that soapy finger pressed inward. “Daddy!” she protested.

“Littles need to be cleaned everywhere, sugar. Daddy’s in charge.”

Shivering at the impact of his control in her most private places, Rosie froze in place. Her thoughts jumbled in her mind as she realized just how completely her daddy would take care of her. In some of those books that she read, the ones about little girls, their daddies had even treated them medically. She peeked back at Texas as he rinsed the suds from her bottom. Will he take care of me like that?

That intimate question faded in her mind as Texas directed her to sit back down. He helped her bend her legs and press her knees to the sides of the tub. Rosie held her breath as that soft washcloth traced the pink folds between her legs. Just as the sensations began to swirl between her thighs, Texas eased her legs back down into the water.

Rosie looked at him in astonishment. “Don’t stop now,” she blurted.

Texas just smiled at her fondly. “Playtime later, little girl.” He distracted her by washing the length of her legs and even making her giggle as he swirled the washcloth around her toes.

After Texas finished bathing her, Rosie played a few more minutes with the toys. The bubbles had almost totally disappeared. When the water began to cool around her, Rosie lifted one hand to look at her wrinkly fingertips.

“You’re going to turn into a prune, sugar. Time to get out of the bathtub,” he urged. Standing, he grabbed the thick towel from the rack and held it open for her.

Hesitating to leave the cover of the water, Rosie suddenly felt very self-conscious. She looked up at her daddy and shook her head. “I’m okay here. You can leave me alone if you want to.”

“Don’t be shy, little girl. There are no secrets between us. Daddy loves your beautiful curves. Stand up, please.” His voice was firm and didn’t allow her to refuse.

She’d already learned her lesson about following her daddy’s rules. Quickly, Rosie stood. After all, he’d already seen her naked several times. Immediately, Texas wrapped her in an absorbent towel and effortlessly plucked her out of the bathtub. Rosie froze in place as he rubbed her skin dry. Enveloping her once again, her daddy swept an arm underneath her legs to lift her into his strong arms.

Rosie clung to him as he carried her back to the bedroom and into the nursery. Texas headed straight to the padded table where he laid her down gently and turned her on her side. She looked over her shoulder, trying to figure out what he was doing as Texas wrapped a thick belt around her waist to pin her in place. One of his hands slid under her hips to lift her slightly from the padding. Immediately, he whisked the towel up around her waist, exposing her lower body completely.

Her fingers plucked at the restraint around her waist. “Daddy?” she asked, trying to understand what was happening.

“Daddy needs to make sure that you are healthy. You work very long hours. I’m concerned about you,” Texas shared as he opened the drawer underneath her.

Facing the wall, she couldn’t see what he was doing. Rosie tried to turn over onto her back but the tight belt held her in place. Craning her head, she still couldn’t see. The sound of the jar opening made her freeze. When he lifted her top buttock to expose that small opening he had cleaned so thoroughly, she began to struggle.

“I will spank you again, my little girl. Is that what it will take for you to admit that Daddy’s in charge?” Texas asked, holding her gaze. His face was a picture of seriousness and concern. When Rosie shook her head, he praised her, “There’s my cooperative sugar.”

Rosie’s breath caught in her throat as he pressed the slick finger against her small opening. She squeezed her muscles with all her force, but that didn’t stop the invader. His finger slid deep into her bottom. She waited without breathing to see what would come next. She didn’t have to wait long.

Texas began to twist his finger inside her rectum, spreading slick fluid across the inner walls. When he removed it, she took a long shaky breath. But her assumption that it was over was wrong. The tip of something cold poked through that tightly clenched ring of muscle. It slid effortlessly into her bottom. She immediately knew what it was.

“You could take my temperature in my mouth. There are even those new things that just touch your forehead,” Rosie rushed to inform him.

“Littles always have their temperature taken in their bottoms. Don’t worry. You’ll get used to me checking on your health. I’ll make sure you’re not running a fever every day.”

“Every day?” she asked in shock.

“Yes. I’ll also consult with Doniphan. He’s the medic for our unit. His little girl, River, along with Cricket and Hope, all benefit from his care. Of course, he will give you a checkup before starting you on the vitamin suppository as the other Littles take each day.”

“What? A checkup? Don’t suppositories go in…” Her voice trailed off as she looked at him over her shoulder in horror.

He swirled the thermometer in her bottom, drawing her attention to its thick presence. This action allowed Texas to coax the instrument a bit deeper. When Rosie tried to wiggle away, he soothed her, “I know, sugar. It’s tough being Little sometimes. But you want Daddy to take care of you as he knows best, right?”

Automatically, she nodded, unable to argue with his logical statement. The sensation of the thick tube in her bottom made her feel out of control. Not like a bad helpless feeling, Rosie realized she liked having him make the decisions. She felt Little, just like she had dreamed of after reading all those sweet stories.

Closing her eyes, she tried to relax. His free hand began to trail through her shoulder-length hair. She loved how he scratched her scalp lightly. Rosie felt cherished. No man had ever cared about her this much. She hadn’t dated much—definitely not anyone as dominant as Texas.

She lost track of time. When Texas finally removed the thermometer with a final swirl of the tip just at her nerve-rich entrance, Rosie exhaled loudly. Twisting her head, she saw the inch-thick instrument for the first time as Texas studiously turned it to reveal the reading.

“Just a little high. I’ll treat you with a bit of cooling liquid before putting on your nightclothes.”

Confused, Rosie asked, “Cooling liquid? How is drinking something cool going to help my temperature down there?” When he didn’t answer, she heard the drawer underneath her open once again. Texas turned and left the side of the changing table. The door opened behind her that she could see that side of the room. A faint sound of liquid gurgling scared her. “Daddy?”

“You’re okay, sugar. Daddy’s help will make you feel better.” He returned to her side quickly.

Rosie felt her mouth fall open at the sight of the bulb injector. Shocked into silence, she didn’t protest as her daddy treated her. Once again, lifting her top cheek, Texas exposed her anus. Without hesitating, he pressed the thick tube into her bottom and crushed the bulb to flood her bottom with the cold liquid.

Setting the applicator to the side, Texas quickly turned her over onto her back. He leaned over to select one of the padded items stacked under the table. Raising her legs into the air with one hand at her ankles, Texas lifted her hips from the padding. He quickly wrapped the diaper around her body.

When she began to fuss and protest, he rubbed her lower tummy. “You’re fine, sugar. Daddy’s just taking care of his little girl.”

Almost immediately, Rosie began to shiver in reaction to the cold liquid. Texas lifted her from the changing table to stand in front of him. Taking her hand, he led her to the crib and picked up a soft cotton nightgown. Within seconds, he had her dressed for bed. “There you go, sugar. Climb up in your crib. Daddy wants you to take a short nap while I get dinner finished.”

“I don’t want to go to bed now!” she protested. “I want to talk to you. I could help with dinner.”

“Littles don’t cook. Up in your crib now,” he directed with a steely tone.

Before Rosie realized it, Texas lifted her into bed and covered her up with the soft blanket. She watched in disbelief as he raised the side, enclosing her inside. “Wait! Let me out here!” she demanded.

“Lie down and rest. I promise I’ll come back and wake you up in one hour.” With that, Texas turned off the light and closed the bedroom door.

Rosie rattled the railing in disbelief. She didn’t need to take a nap. Flouncing angrily to sit on her bottom, Rosie popped right back up when she felt a soft body under her. “Sorry, Xenon! I forgot you were here. I was just so angry.”

Rocking the stuffie against her chest, Rosie took a big breath and let it out. “Is this what it’s like to be Little? I have to let him make all the decisions?” When Xenon didn’t answer, she flopped down on her back. “It’s tough to let Daddy take care of me. He just put something in my butt!” she reported indignantly.

Just that reminder of the cold liquid made her shiver. Wiggling, she kept her legs under the soft comforter and pulled it up to her chin. Making sure to cover Xenon as well, Rosie curled up on her side with the stuffie tucked close to her chest. She yawned widely before complaining a bit more. “I don’t think I took naps when I was two. I surely don’t need a nap now!” she pointed out to the stuffie interspersed with a few more yawns.

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