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The Alien’s Collar by Loki Renard – Extended Preview

With one easy motion, he threw her up over his shoulder, and the hand that was not holding her in place landed heavily against her buttocks.


The position was actually quite a good one for punishing her. She was entirely restrained with her head hanging down his back, her legs clamped to his broad chest. The swell of her hips and bottom were next to his chin, and they made a pretty target for his palm as he stood and spanked her butt hard and fast until she drummed her fists against his armored back—failing to make any impression on him at all.

“Rake, let me go!”

“Absolutely not,” he growled at her. “You damn near killed yourself in front of me. We are only getting started with your punishment, pet.”

“I didn’t mean to! I was just trying to escape your oppression!”

“Pet, you have not begun to experience oppression,” Rake said. “You are going to get a taste of it now though, I promise you that. I gave you free run of this place, and you used that freedom to endanger your own life. Well, I won’t make that mistake again. You will be caged when you are not in use.”

“In use!?”

Rake smirked to himself. He had chosen the words to get a reaction from her, both verbal and visceral. He was fairly certain it had worked on both counts.

“That’s right, pet,” he said. “You are mine to use, to train, to keep. The sooner you truly accept that, the sooner you will feel pleasure instead of pain.”

She was wearing a very light pair of gauzy coverings over the lower part of her body, trousers of a fashion. Rake took a handful of the fabric right at the seat of her pants and pulled roughly, tearing it from her body.

Kelly let out a little shriek as her bottom was fully bared, the fabric hanging ragged around the pretty curves of her bottom and thighs and sex. Everything was exposed in this position, right down to the tight little bud of her anus. He had a plan for that hole, something he had been intending on leaving for later in her training. But the clock had been accelerated considerably, and her behavior was simply atrocious.

He carried her through his home, spanking her hard the entire time, his palm landing against her bottom, her upper thighs, his fingers even catching her inner lips. She squealed and protested the entire way, but he did not feel pity for her. She deserved every little bit of what she was getting and more. He carried her up the stairs, to the study where she had purloined the pistol from. He put the weapon back on the wall where it had hung for many years, a reminder of old glory and victory.

“I’m not going to hide this away,” he said. “Because by the time I’m done with you, you won’t ever think about picking up a weapon again.”

“Jesus, Rake, calm down!” she squealed in outraged, fearful tones.

“I am calm,” Rake replied. “Very calm.”

It was true. He wasn’t angry at all. He was focused. Fortunately, he had already prepared a few things just in case his pet needed intense training, or a little alternative pleasure. She had sparked great inspiration in Rake, and as a result he had several drawers of potentially useful implements to use upon her.

Before getting to the drawers, the desk provided a perfect place to lay her squirming, fighting form. The ripped shreds of her pants made a beautiful frame around her cheeks and sex as Rake bound her in place with fabric ties located atop the discipline drawers. One tie easily wrapped her wrists together, and a second tie connected them to a thick metal ring laid into the side of the desk. It was almost as if the piece had been designed for the placement of recalcitrant bipedal mates, given that there were two similar rings on either side of the front of the piece, nice and low where ankles could be spread and secured. Rake did both as Kelly squirmed and whined and didn’t quite manage to make a coherent sentence. She seemed shocked that she was being restrained, but she did not resist.

He ran his hand over her back and bottom in a soothing caress, rewarding her for her small obedience. Her bottom was already blushing gently with a sweet pink hue. He was looking forward to making its color intensify as much as she deserved. The position was almost perfect now, every part of her sex displayed for him in its tender beauty. There was just one little last adjustment to make. Her hips were already at the very edge of the desk. He pushed a small cushion beneath them to raise her bottom more suitably for his purposes then stood back and inspected her.

“Perfect,” he said.

She shot him a resentful, frightened look. He doubted she liked being bound, but it was all part of the training. He turned from the desk and put his hand on top of a sleek set of drawers placed just a foot or so away from the desk.

“Did you look through every part of this office, pet? Or were you satisfied with your weapon find?”

“I… uhm…”

He didn’t really need to ask the question. It was pretty obvious that she hadn’t looked in the drawers. If she had, she would have been begging and pleading already.

“Let’s have a little look at what’s in here, shall we, pet?”

She lifted her head to look and Rake enjoyed the way her eyes widened as he slowly began to show her the contents of the chest.

The first drawer held a series of rods ranging from twelve to twenty-four inches in length, of various girths and made in different materials. Some were quite whippy and pliable, others were more unyielding.

“What the hell is all that?”

The second drawer held a collection of paddle implements. Some were round, meant to mimic the shape of a bottom cheek; others were longer, intended to cover both cheeks with one swat. As with the rods, they were made with a variety of materials.


Rake smiled to himself. He could not wait for her reaction to the third drawer. He slid it open even more slowly than he had the first two, drawing out the anticipation.

He heard her gasp before she exclaimed, “Oh, my god… what the hell kind of sicko are you?”

“Ah, so you know what you are looking at, pet,” Rake chuckled in spite of the stern situation. The third drawer contained three rows of neatly arranged rubber-type plugs, each one designed to enter and stretch the rectum of a human female. They were flared at the base and ranged from not much larger than one of his fingers to a most unlikely size close to the diameter of his wrist, which he had no intention whatsoever of actually using on her, but wanted her to see regardless.

“I…” Her voice trailed off as he closed the third drawer and opened the fourth. “Oh, god. Is that what I think it is?”

This drawer contained only one thing, a skein of blonde hair thirty-six inches long, plaited at the base and fitted with an attachment that would clip onto the base of any of the plugs in the drawer above.

“What do you think it is, pet?”

“I… uh…” She gave a little cough. “Well, it looks a bit like a hair extension.”

“It’s an extension of a sort,” Rake agreed. “But it goes in the other end.”

“You are not going to make me wear a tail,” Kelly gasped. “That’s really sick!”

“Is it, pet? Or is it just what you need to remember your place?”

He closed the fourth drawer and went back to the first. She was still full of self-righteousness at the moment. She needed a sharper and more thorough lesson than he had given her so far—and he was well prepared to do it.

He selected one of the longer rods, not too heavy or too firm. It was about the width of her little finger and when he swept it through the air it made a singing sound as it bent with the motion.

“I don’t need that to remember anything,” Kelly gasped, tugging her wrists back toward her body in a motion that did absolutely nothing to help her. “I don’t have a place here. I’m from Earth. If anything, I am totally out of place!”

“Cute wordplay, pet,” he murmured, “but you do have a place with me.”

“A place where I get tied to desks and have no rights.”

“You have the rights I choose to give you.”

“That’s not what a right is, Rake!”

“I think you’ll find if you look at the universe as a whole, the entire concept of ‘rights’ is fairly, well, shall we say, fantastic.”

“You mean the universe has amazing rights?”

“I mean there’s no such thing as rights,” he replied, slapping her bottom yet again. “There is only the truth of physical matter. And the truth between us, pet, is that I own you.”

“Fuck you,” she growled.

Kelly was immediately made to regret her words as the swishy stick in Rake’s hand came blasting down across her bottom.

Swiiisshhh smack!

It hurt every bit as much as Kelly had imagined it would when she first laid eyes on it. There was a heavy dull thud that didn’t feel like anything immediately but quickly turned to a line of pure fire.

“Ow, fuck! Fuccckk!” Kelly shrieked as the blaze burst across her skin. “Goddamn, that hurts, you asshole!”

“You’re angry, aren’t you, pet,” he observed. She felt his hand descend more gently on her ass with a light slap.

“Well, of course I’m angry,” she growled back at him. Her thighs trembled as she tried to close her legs, tried to buck out of the ties, tried to somehow free herself from the searing pain, but there was no escape.

“Try behaving yourself,” Rake suggested. “Try remembering what this feels like, so you don’t have to experience it again. Try comparing the pain of this rod to what it would have felt like to have torn yourself into pieces with that old weapon.”

She glared at him, hating how mean he was, and how handsome he was and probably how right he was. She’d had no idea she was holding the gun backwards, and even if she hadn’t been, it was a stupid idea anyway. When he’d pointed out that she had no idea where Earth even was, she’d crumpled inside. There was no way back.

There was no point in fighting him. What was she even fighting for? There was nothing left. Maybe that was a good enough reason to fight though.

“Nothing to say to that, pet?”

“Nothing to say to anything,” she mumbled, turning her head away from him. She couldn’t stop the alien warrior from beating her, but she could deny him the satisfaction of crying and begging.

His hand descended on the back of her head, his fingers curled in her hair and she felt him lift her head. Her eyes met his, those silver supernovae drilling into her consciousness. It had been so hard to stand up to him. She had felt the fear all throughout her body, all the way to her joints, her knuckles and knees tingling. Rake was made to dominate and destroy. With her he was only using half his potential, but he was still a frightening man. Usually having her arms and legs tied up would have made her feel more vulnerable, but she had always been totally vulnerable when it came to him.

“Your moods shift so quickly, pet,” he said, those canine-like teeth flashing in a way that made fear and excitement spark all over again. “One minute you are defiant and aggressive, the next you curl up on yourself and try to hide.”

Her lower lip trembled as he leaned in and pressed a sweet kiss to her lips. Unlike the lash of the rod, his kiss brought tears to her eyes.

“You deserve far more thrashing than I have given you,” he said. “But…” He drew away and his hand left her hair, giving her control over her head and little else. “I think I will change methods. Beating you seems singularly pointless. You’ve already shown you don’t respond to pain.”

Kelly’s joy at hearing she was going to be spared the rod turned to confusion when Rake walked a few steps away and returned to stand behind her. She couldn’t see what he was doing, but she knew he was looking at her, taking in the marks his rod had left, and more than that, taking in the way her body was responding to all of this. Her bottom was so sore, but worse than that, she was wet. She could feel the liquid of her desire trickling from the core of her, warming her clit as it made its slow viscous path over her pussy lips.

She heard a small click and then felt something warm and wet touch her bottom, not on her punished cheeks, but between them. He was rubbing some kind of slimy substance over her bottom and between her cheeks, his thick fingers trailing down her crack to find the little crinkled aperture where Kelly had never allowed any man to roam.

“Hey! That’s not for going in! That’s an exit only port!”

“Not anymore, pet,” he said, his large hands spreading her bottom cheeks wider as his finger played around the hole, pushing what she now realized was clearly some form of lubricant into her tight, sensitive channel.

The lubricant itself was warm and made her skin tingle. As he pushed it into her bottom, that tingle became more pronounced, a low fizzing feeling that was actually quite nice and helped her muscles to relax a little as his thick finger began to slide deeper, penetrating her ass.

“Rake…” she let out a little whimper. “Please…”

“It’s too late for polite requests, pet,” he said, patting her left cheek. “Your training is about to begin properly.”

Her training, apparently, was going to focus almost entirely on her anus. Kelly closed her eyes tight against the sensation, but he was taking her there and there was little she could do. The most embarrassing part of the whole humiliating ordeal was the fact that her pussy was still wet and the touch of his finger inside her bottom, stretching her tight, resistant walls, was a source of pleasure. She was enjoying it, even though she would never have admitted it and even though it made her blush with such hot humiliation she could barely stand it.

She heard a drawer open and knew what he was looking for. One of the plugs. She sent up a silent prayer that he would choose one of the smaller ones. Sure enough, she felt the tip of something rubbery press against the little hole that had once belonged to her and her alone, and that was now owned by this alien who was conquering every part of her.

“Please,” she gasped as she felt her bottom begin to spread around it, the slicked tip of the plug making easy progress inside her. “Rake… please…”

“Easy, pet,” he murmured, patting her right cheek with a gentling motion. “This is not too much for you to take.”

She disagreed. It was only a little way in, but it was already starting to stretch her wider than his finger had, and the more he pressed on, the wider she felt her bottom go. This was definitely not one of the smaller ones, though it probably wasn’t one of the bigger ones either. He had been almost merciful…

“Ow!” she gasped and let out a moan as he pushed it even deeper and she felt her body struggling to take the thickness. Even with the lubrication and the gradual stretching, it was a great deal to take and there only seemed to be more coming. “Rake, it’s too much!”

“A little more, pet,” he murmured encouragingly. “You can take it.”

Whether she thought she could stand it or not, it was continuing to slide inside her and her body was doing what her mind didn’t know it could. Finally she felt the thickest part slide in, a sudden stretch and a relief as her anus closed around the slimmer neck of the plug. The flared base of it settled against her bottom, pressing her cheeks apart with its width even when Rake’s hands moved away for a moment.

She realized that her ordeal was not yet over. Being bound and plugged was not enough in Rake’s eyes. She heard another drawer open and shut her eyes against the knowledge of what was coming next, a cane or a paddle or…

“Time for your tail, pet,” Rake said, breaking the suspense in gruff tones.

She felt him take hold of the base of the plug, and then the toy jiggled inside her bottom as he pushed the fitting at the end of the tail into the receptor at the base of the plug. There was a soft click as the two met in perfect concert and Kelly felt the extra weight and then the swaying of the hair against her inner thighs. It was not uncomfortable, not any more than the plug itself, but it was embarrassing. There she was, a once independent woman, bound with her legs spread, her bottom arched, and plugged with a tail matching her hair color extending all the way to her mid-thighs.

“You will wear this as a mark of your status, pet,” Rake said. “The plug may be larger or smaller depending on your behavior, but I will have this in your bottom several hours a day at least to remind you of your place until you can remember it for yourself.”

“Several hours a day?” Kelly’s words came in a whine. “That’s too much! I’m not made for that.”

“You have no concept of what you were made for, or what you are capable of,” Rake said, his voice suddenly rough with meaning. “You have been sleepwalking through your existence, pet. You have never touched the true animal face of what you are. It is the sad arrogance of your species.”

He brushed his fingers past the tail, making it sway against her legs and making the plug shift a little inside the tight grip of her bottom. She let out a little gasp as the sensation grew. He was toying with her, making her feel every inch of the plug stretching her bottom out so intimately.

“We have to talk, pet,” he said. “Do I have your attention yet?”

She didn’t respond right away. Talking sounded good, but she didn’t want to talk tied up like this. She wanted out of her bonds.

“Will you let me go if I say yes?”

“You will stay tied until we are done,” he said, walking around to face her as much as he possibly could, given that she was bound so snugly to the desk.

“When will we be done? When I purr like a cat, or bark like a dog? How else will you debase me?”

“You think a plug and a tail is debasement, pet? You have lived a very sheltered life in a very sheltered corner of the universe if you believe that,” he said, drawing a chair around so that he could sit in front of her, just a few feet from her.

There was something about the casualness of his behavior that made her situation all the more embarrassing. He sat with his legs spread, his elbows on his thighs as he leaned in to close the distance between them. His eyes captured hers, his stare weighted with a certain solemnity that made her wonder what was so important.

“There is more at stake than you can possibly imagine. I would have explained this to you at first if I hadn’t had to take time out to punish you. Are you ready to listen now, pet?”

Kelly nodded wordlessly. Her bottom was sore and stretched, she could barely move any of her limbs and she didn’t want to find out what he’d do to her next if she still wasn’t ready to listen.

“Your obedience is more important than you think,” he said. “It isn’t just about pleasing me.”

“What is it about? Saving the world?”

“In a way, yes,” he smirked. “We’ve taken just shy of a hundred Earth women aboard our ship. Our leader, Over Command, wishes to have them removed. You included.”

He spoke as if that was a bad thing. Maybe it was. ‘Removed’ was kind of a vague word.


“Over Command does not like humans,” Rake explained. “As a species, you humiliated him. I think he wants to rid the Vault of all human blood simply as a matter of revenge. Many of the females were left behind in the evacuation, you see; there are less than a hundred of you here.”

“So we’d get to go home?” She felt a brief surge of hope, which was immediately crushed.

“No,” Rake said. “You would not be returned to Earth. You would be sold at a trading post. And I promise you that those you would be sold to would not be as kind as I am. They would not see you as a pet, much less than a person.”

Was he threatening her? Kelly didn’t like that one bit. “So if I don’t do as you say, you’ll sell me to someone who will eat me?”

“I will never allow harm to come to you,” Rake growled. “I promise you that, pet. Whether you obey me or not is irrelevant. You are mine and you have my protection for as long as I live. I am thinking of the other women, whose masters may or may not offer them the same protection. Almost a hundred lives hang in the balance, pet. You and I can save them.”

She took as deep of a breath as was possible to take in her bound position. This was a hell of a situation. Kelly didn’t want to be a captive, much less a pet, but she’d rather be a pet than a patty of some kind. She was starting to become keenly aware that outside the sanctuary of Earth, there was really no reason why human life would be considered special by any alien species. There was no reason at all as to why a person shouldn’t be food.

It was a sobering, and somewhat sickening revelation. She looked at Rake and was glad that he didn’t seem to be considering consuming her. He seemed to care, not just about her, but about all of the women they had taken.

“So he won’t just send us home?”

“I’m sorry, pet, no,” Rake said, shaking his head. “That would be a total defeat for him on a level unlike any Vanadien mission has ever experienced. He is an older man and he is becoming suspicious of his high commanders already. It is only a matter of time before he is replaced, but that time has not yet come and he is at his most dangerous. If this had happened fifty years ago, he would have seen what I and the other commanders see: a brave, noble species who will bear us powerful warriors. He does not see it, because he knows he will not live to see the next generation. All he can think about now is maintaining his own power to the bitter end. So we must prove that you are not what he has charged you with. You are not untameably destructive. You can be taught to behave.”

“How? How will he know if I am to be trusted? How will he know if I am really tame? And how do you know he will keep to his word? He sounds like an asshole.”

Rake allowed himself a small smirk at the last part of her sentence.

“He is a ruthless man, but he is bound to his word as we all are. The arrangement was come to before the commanders. It is agreed. If you become obedient, pet, it will prove that humans can be tamed and that they are not a threat to the stability of the world ship.”

“We probably are though,” Kelly squirmed. “Not that I want to be sold for protein or anything, but humans are…”

“I know,” Rake said. “But I believe your various behavioral issues are largely due to a lack of proper leadership. Your societies have become incredibly permissive. You are not disciplined as a species. That doesn’t mean you’re incapable of being disciplined, or trained. In fact, I think you were born for it. I think it’s something you need so badly you are drawn to it in spite of all your resistance. It’s why you get so wet when I punish you. It’s why you are soft even though you’re trying your best to be hard. You were made for me, pet. I have come across lightyears for you, and I will not let any harm come to you. Ever.”

His words came hard and yet with a soft undercurrent of affection that confused Kelly deeply. He was her captor, but Kelly saw something besides pure cold dominance in Rake’s eyes. Something she’d looked for in the eyes of the men she had dated—the man she had married. She had never seen it there. A look of more than lust, more than love; a look of protective desire that made her certain to the very core of her that she was in the presence of a man capable of doing what her ancient DNA most desired—protecting, providing, and giving her the family she ached for.

Her ex-husband had not wanted to ‘breed’ as he put it. He hadn’t wanted a family, and for a long time Kelly had pretended that she felt the same way. She had pretended for so long that she had almost convinced herself it was worth it, being rich, being able to have whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it. It was a freedom she saw many of their friends enjoying, but deep down, she had known it was not really what she truly craved.

What woman could make that confession in a fast-paced world where the next slim-bodied fling was only a phone call away?

Her ex didn’t even seem like a man anymore. Rake seemed like more man than any man she’d ever met. He was so totally alien, but such a perfect fit for her deepest desires. He was totally free of the culture that she had been raised to believe reflected her true needs, and he was making her see that there was some essential truth to her existence—some simple core of her that wanted all the things she had once sneered at and rejected.

“Do you understand, pet?”

She nodded, a small nod that belied the enormity of the situation. Her bottom clenched around the plug, and she felt the tail brushing lightly between her thighs, a gentle, soft stimulation that brought her physically into her body in a way she wasn’t used to. Every part of her was so sensitive right now, her skin prickling with the gentle breeze of the air conditioning that kept the air fresh and breathable.

He stood and moved around behind her. She felt him gently slide the length of the tail to the side and then she felt what she had been craving since he swept her off her feet—the head of his cock sliding along the length of her wet slit.

“You will learn to obey,” he said. “But you will be rewarded for that obedience, pet. I promise you that.”

She felt the thick head of him parting her lips, sliding along the length of her pussy. She was so ready for him after all he had done to her. The thick plug in her bottom had only sensitized her and now, with his cock pushing against her slick lips, her pussy gave way to his rod and he pushed inside her, fucking her with long, satisfying strokes.

“Rake…” she gasped his name.

“This is where you belong,” he growled down at her. “This is where I want you to be, wrapped around me…”

The tail in her bottom made the cock in her pussy feel even bigger. She was stretched twice over and it felt incredible. It was impossible to move with her bonds holding her so tight. She was stuck there, vulnerable to his thrusting cock.

He took her wet cunt with hard, long strokes that made her scream out for pure carnal joy. There was so much pleasure coursing through her veins, making her muscles contort as her hips rose toward him, taking him deeper and deeper until they felt like one body. She was nothing more than an elemental creature now, pure human female animal needing the cum of a dominant mate. She could feel his cock spasming inside her, his rod thickening with the onset of his orgasm.

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