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The Alien’s Patient by Loki Renard – Extended Preview

“I’m not going in there.”

“Yes, you are.”

Serkan and Faith stood in front of a large machine featuring a bedlike contraption with restraints for the arms and legs, which could be put into various positions by the machine. They had traveled to the room containing the apparatus by walking across the skyline on the silver strand walkway. It was located high in the council building, not too terribly far from Serkan’s home. An annoying convenience, as far as Faith was concerned.

The machine was intimidating, all silver and coils and dials and levers. It looked like it might be painful, and not in a hot way.

“Are there needles and things in this?”

“No needles,” he promised. “It’s not that kind of treatment.”

“What kind of treatment is it?”

“It’s a physical manipulation which results in temperamental changes,” he said, telling her nothing with the words.

“Is it going to hurt?”

“You’ll experience a range of sensations,” Serkan replied.

She tilted her head at him and gave him a dirty look. “Do you think I’m too stupid to know that means yes?”

“Do you think I’m too stupid to know your endless questions are just a means of stalling? Take your clothes off and put your bottom on the seat,” Serkan insisted. “It is time for your treatment.”

“I’m not sick, and I don’t need treatment,” she refused.

“This isn’t a treatment for illness,” he said. “As you well know.”

Tiring of her arguments, Serkan reached for her and began to strip her of her clothing, one piece at a time. His strong hands felt incredible on her body, the intimacy of his touch almost overriding the fact that he was doing this simply to get her into the straps.

Faith put up a token struggle, but she knew that ultimately, it was pointless. Serkan could strip her and strap her into the thing easily. She was a passenger bound for punishment one way or another, and there was little she could do to stop it.

“This does not need to be unpleasant,” Serkan soothed as her clothes began to fall to the floor. “You may find parts of it very pleasurable.”

“I bet you I don’t.”

His hand slid down her naked belly to cup her sex. His powerful fingers were warm against her tender lips and she let out an involuntary moan.

“That’s not fair, Serkan.”

“Take your treatment like a good patient, and I will fuck you like a bad girl,” he growled in her ear.

“Mnnn… that’s even less fair,” she moaned softly, squirming as his hand caressed her pussy. He knew her weak spots all too well. They had only slept together once before, but it had been the best sex of her life and she wanted more.

“Sit on the seat,” he murmured in her ear. “I promise this will feel good. At times, at least.”

Finally, Faith allowed herself to be maneuvered into the seat. Serkan began to strap her legs into the stirrups, wrapped a thick band underneath her ribs and stomach, and did the same for her arms. In moments, she was utterly immobilized.

“Now these will move you into various positions,” he said. “The machine will adjust you as necessary according to my inputs.”

He pressed a few switches and turned a knob. Faith found herself beginning to slowly rotate around on an axis, the seat of the chair moving away from her bottom, leaving her suspended face down over the machine, held in place by the strapping. It was the strangest feeling, to be dangling and yet held securely.

She squirmed a little, testing the strength of the binding, but it held firm. She couldn’t really move much at all. Serkan adjusted her a little more, so her butt was angled up. Then she heard the soft whirring of a motor as, between her legs, a probe rose from the innards of the machine. It was thick, much like a man’s phallus and when she put her head down and looked along the length of her body, she could see that the flared head of it was secreting some kind of gel.

A moment later, the probe made contact with her pussy. It found her lower lips unerringly and began to rub up and down them slowly, spreading the gel along the length of her slit.

“Oh, god,” she moaned softly. “Serkan… is this some kind of sex machine?”

“This machine is calibrated for sexual stimulus,” he said. “But it is designed to reward certain mental patterns and punish others. You see the plate near your head? That is taking readings from your brain. Obedient responses will earn pleasure. Rebellion or criminal processes will earn punishment.”

“So it knows what I’m thinking and can punish me before I even do anything wrong?”

“Precisely,” Serkan said. “You have a quick understanding.”

The probe was still running up and down the length of her slit and slowly it began to slide inside her, spreading her pussy around its unyielding synthetic hardness. Faith let out a gasp of surprise and pleasure as she was slowly filled. This was not the treatment she had expected, but it was the treatment she needed. Her bonds kept her firmly in place as the probe slowly slid into her sex.

“One more,” Serkan intoned.

“One more?” Faith gasped. “What do you mean?”

A whirring preceded her finding out precisely what he meant. Thirty seconds later, she felt another smooth, slick probe against her body—but this time the device was pressed against the tight bud of her bottom hole.


“Settle,” he said. “It is only a small one.”

“It doesn’t feel small!”

It didn’t feel small at all as it began to rotate slowly, putting a steady but gentle pressure on her anus until the muscle gave way and let the second probe press inside the one part of her body she had never allowed anyone inside before.


“Breathe,” he said, reaching out to stroke her hair. “It doesn’t hurt, does it?”

It didn’t hurt. It just felt strange to have both her holes filled with alien disciplinary probes. The one in her anus slid in just as slowly and fully as the first one had. She was impaled in her most sensitive areas by the machine, operated by the doctor who seemed so certain that he could save her from her illicit impulses.

For a minute or two, nothing happened. Her body began to relax around the probes, and Faith became aware that it was starting to actually feel… good. The devices were warm and well lubricated and her little squirms made her sex tingle. Being on display like this before Serkan was embarrassing, but that embarrassment made it hotter somehow.

“You’re being a very good patient,” Serkan said, sounding somewhat surprised. “I think you’re ready for the next stage of treatment.”

“What… oh!”

The probes began to vibrate inside her, gently at first. If this was the hyper-advanced version of discipline, she would take it gladly. It was almost relaxing, like an erotic massage.

“I think I’m learning my lesson,” she grinned at Serkan. “And I think I could learn it again, and again…”

“Oh, yes?” Her alien doctor raised a brow at her and turned a dial. The vibration intensified immediately, making Faith wail with surprise as her pussy and bottom both began to hum in tune to the frequency Serkan had set.

“Oh, god! Serkan! Fuck!” The increased vibration was impossible to withstand without orgasm. It was not the sort of climax she was used to, one she had to work to reach. This was an orgasm that happened to her, was demanded from her, drawn from her quivering wet flesh.

Her plaintive cries lasted until he turned the vibration down, which he did not do for what felt like minutes. He kept her riding the wave of orgasm, sweat breaking out all over her suspended body as she was fucked by the medical machine, her mind blanking as pleasure rushed through her tender body over and over and over again.

When he finally lowered the setting, she was gasping and panting, every part of her body flushed.

“How do you feel now?”

He asked the question in husky, clinical tones as he reached out and pinched her straining nipples. Faith howled and bucked against her bonds.

“Fuck…!” She gasped and moaned as his hands added to the sensations her already worn-out body was experiencing. “Serkan… it’s…”

“Still learning your lesson, are you?” His smile was devastatingly handsome as he rubbed her breasts slowly then twisted the dials of the machine so she was elevated a little more. He reached underneath her body and she couldn’t see what he was doing, but she felt it when a small clamp was placed directly over the bud of her clit.

“That should help,” he said, dropping a light slap to her bottom as he turned the machine back to its infernal task of exhausting her erotically.

“Oh, god, Serkan!” Faith moaned as her clit began to vibrate along with the probes in her pussy and bottom. The clamp must have been designed to lightly grip the sensitive little bud, and provide a similar stimulation directly to that sensitive little bundle of nerves. It did its job perfectly. She writhed on the verge of yet another mandatory orgasm, her pussy juices slicking her thighs, her poor clit absolutely overloaded with sensation and yet still wanting more.

She came hard, wailing and crying out and squirming against her bonds. She could not escape the overwhelming pleasure. It kept rolling through her, demanding every bit of erotic energy her body had to give. And then, just as she thought it was over and that she could relax, it began again. The probes began their slow vibration, stirring her loins to a second state of arousal. Cool gel flowed from within the probes, soothing any possible friction away, keeping her sex from harm, but doing nothing to stop the heightened response her body was giving to the stimulation.

“This is a priming session,” Serkan explained as she hung limp against her bonds after an innumerable number of orgasms. “This is where your body and mind learn on a very basic level that you can be controlled, Faith. You can be taken. You can be fucked. You can be disciplined in every way possible, and there is no part of you which is not under my control.”

She let out a low moan. She was exhausted on some level, but on another, she was still capable of rebellion. Making her come would not make her behave better. If only. What a perfect world it would be if that were the case.

“How do you feel?”

“Hmmnnggghh,” Faith murmured under her breath. All her limbs felt weak, her mind was fuzzy. The complex orgasms had completely scrambled her thoughts, but she did feel good. She felt lighter, happier. She felt a way she hadn’t felt for many years—relaxed. True, deep relaxation that made her entire body feel floppy and light.

“Good, hmm…” Serkan rubbed his hand lightly over her bottom. “The treatment is working, I think.”

If the treatment was to turn her into a jelly-limbed limp creature, it was absolutely working.

She felt the probes sliding slowly from her bottom and pussy. And then the machine rotated her so that she was back in the sitting position she had started in. She sat in the seat, every part of her exhausted, her sex gleaming with the lubricant and her own juices. Serkan slowly undid the bonds, then lifted her from the chair. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he cupped her bottom, rubbing it softly and speaking words of praise as he carried her from the treatment chamber.

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