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The Alpha’s Pet by Loki Renard – Extended Preview

The Alpha's PetThe door opened and only Alexei returned. Sacha had remained in wolf form, figuring it would be impossible for them to effectively handle her while she remained her beast self. Besides, her clothes were ripped and torn. She could see her panties laying pooled on the floor, ripped at the hems. There was no way she could get back into them, and there was no way she was going to display herself naked before the alpha. She slid back into the corner as he strode toward her, entirely confident.

“Back into your human state. Now.” Alexei snapped the order down at her, his eyes lit with blue fire. He spoke with a growl that evoked obedience from the part of her that was beyond defiance. Sacha learned quickly that her animal self was more easily controlled than she had thought. She felt the wolf cower and start to melt away, leaving bare human flesh in its place. In seconds she was crouching naked in the corner of the room, fully human and completely embarrassed.

“Stand up.” The order broke across her senses like the crack of a whip, making her wince. She did not want to stand. She did not want to move. She barely wanted to breathe.

Alexei reached down, curled his fingers in her hair, and pulled smoothly upwards. Sacha followed her hair, being rather attached to it. She ended up on her tiptoes with Alexei’s hand still firmly locked in her tresses.

His eyes swept up and down her body, taking in her small breasts, her ample hips, the gentle swell of her belly, the dark pelt at the apex of her thighs, the straining length of her legs, her taut calves, her toes that just barely touched the floor thanks to his grip. She blushed furiously as she felt his eyes travel across every inch of her, taking in every curve, dimple, and freckle.

This was not how she had planned her first hour with the Russians. Caught in the alpha’s grasp, Sacha realized that she had severely underestimated them—and overestimated her own abilities and general fearsomeness as well. It would have been a hard lesson to learn under any circumstances, but it was almost impossible to come to terms with while dangling naked before the alpha. An unwanted whimper rose to her lips as Alexei began to lecture her.

“You will speak with respect,” he intoned. “You will obey the orders given to you by myself, Vladimir, and any other ranking pack member. You will learn the ways of our home and our family and you will be punished severely if you transgress. Do you understand?”

Yes. The word was in her head, but her pride would not allow it to come from her lips. Though she was scared, she remained silent as the alpha’s eyes bored into hers.


The order was curt and blunt. She did not obey it. One second stretched into two and three and still she had not made any utterance either than the guttural sounds of a woman caught in a compromising position.

The tension on her hair lapsed as Alexei sat down on a nearby couch, but the grip was soon used again to haul her over his lap. She landed over hard, muscular thighs, her naked body sliding across his legs until arrested by his other arm, which coiled about her waist. Without another word, he started spanking her bottom, his palm landing with loud gunshot-like slaps that echoed through the room.

Staring down at a rich carpet, Sacha’s mouth opened in a silent scream. As an onlooker, spankings had never seemed all that painful. She had thought that those who complained and whined were soft, spoiled little brats. But now it was her own bottom being belabored she was shocked at how the spanking heated her skin immediately. Within half a dozen swats she was feeling an uncomfortable burn that spread across the surface of her cheeks at the speed of the spanking, stinging and aching and sending her senses into overdrive.

As well as the physical sensations, Sacha realized she had completely underestimated the emotional reaction. Held over Alexei’s lap, she found herself locked in an undeniably intimate position. Her naked body was pressed hard against his well-made clothes and she was glad for the barrier of cloth, though it provided little in the way of modesty really. Hot embarrassment flushed her skin as her legs began to kick and the hard bud of her clit rubbed against the smooth fabric of Alexei’s trousers.

Arousal was not far away, though she fought it with everything she had. If she were to become visibly wet, that would be the end of it for her. She would have no pride left at all. Sacha silently cursed herself. Taken like this, held so close to his powerful body, feeling the disparity between their size and strength, she could no longer hold onto the idea that she could somehow best him physically. He held her in place as if she weighed nothing at all, her struggles rendered void by the musculature of his arm.

The slaps fell, over and over, dozens of swats lighting her bottom up into two hot glowing globes. At first Sacha tried to be stoic and stay completely still, acting as though she did not feel the sting or the burn or the ache that resulted from the heavier swats. But Alexei’s slaps soon drove her past the point of stoicism and she could not help but vocalize her misery in muted wails that she tried her best to muffle with her hands, clapping both of them over her mouth so that her little sounds would stay a secret.

“Do you understand?”

The question was growled at her again. Again, Sacha knew that there was only one sane answer. Yes. That was all he wanted to hear. All she had to say was that one little word and the pain would be over—or surely abate. And yet she could not bring herself to say it. How could she possibly capitulate so quickly? It would be dishonor to her very bloodline to do so.

Alexei felt the younger woman’s resistance in every taut line of her gorgeous naked body. Her bottom was a bright glowing red, her soft skin ever so sensitive and responsive to the slapping of his palm.

She was brave, that much was certain. She was scared too. Scared of her new home. Scared of submission. Scared of him. And yet he could not afford to be kind. She had arrived at his home in hopes of immediately taking a position of rank. She was an entitled little brat and she needed to learn her place so he kept spanking her, his hard hand meeting her bottom with increasingly sharp slaps that served to make her cheeks bounce and jiggle in a pleasing fashion. She had a very nice body, not the body of a very young woman, but one with maturity in the hips and thighs. She was fit, but soft where she should be soft.

He had an impulse to spread her thighs and bury his face between her legs where the dark covering of feminine fur hid a place of mutual delight, but that too would spoil her. Alexei had known many women who used sex to control. But that did not seem like Sacha’s style. She was not a seductress. If anything, she was slightly awkward in a charming fashion. Her nudity had embarrassed her; he had seen that much. And yet even now that she squirmed and made muffled little sounds of despair over his thighs, he could scent her desire.

Her body knew what she needed to do, but her stubborn mind was making her tender flesh suffer for pride’s sake.

“Sacha. Do you understand?” He snapped the words in harsh tones, making his accent thick and authoritarian at the same time. He felt her quiver in response, but she stayed silent.

He pushed her thighs apart and landed a slap directly on the soft flesh between her legs, catching her lower lips under his fingers.

She jolted and let out a shriek uninhibited by restraint. That had shocked her. He saw her hips grind down against his leg in a quick reaction that he could have missed if he were not watching her so carefully. He smirked darkly, realizing that Sacha did not just need firm handling—she desired it.

With the alpha’s slap burning across her pussy lips, Sacha was thrown into a world of shock and pain. She could not believe what had happened. Worse still, when she tried to close her thighs he made a grunting sound in the negative, parted them again, and laid yet another sharp slap to her pussy.

Her legs held apart, her cunt exposed to the alpha’s gaze, Sacha began to whimper almost nonstop. There were no words capable of adequately protesting this treatment. She was being punished in a thoroughly humiliating fashion and there was nothing she could do about it.

Alexei started his spanking again, landing a swat to each cheek and then one between her thighs. He did it slowly, methodically, so she knew the one between her legs was coming and almost welcomed the slaps to her bottom because at least they meant that a stinging slap was not making her pussy lips swell with heat, a physical reaction she could not control.

“You’re wet.”

Two words that did not demand she swear her obedience to him, and yet she wished that instead he had asked her yet again if she understood. That would have been better than the verbal acknowledgment of her shameful reaction to his discipline.

His fingers grazed lightly over her lower lips, teasing her. She did not know what to make of that touch, which would have been nice if it were not being given on a well spanked pussy. Sacha gasped as he cupped her sex and squeezed gently in a possessive gesture that made her emit a small moan. The tips of his fingers were pressing against her clit, grinding gently as he started massaging her between her legs with little circular motions. The friction against her punished pussy wasn’t entirely without pain. She let out little hisses and gasps, but there were more moans too as he moved his hand faster and faster in those little circles, pinching her clit between two of his fingers so the little bud was stimulated with every motion.

Having her pussy spanked and then rubbed was enough to make her tired, overstimulated body rush into the throes of a quick, hard, and limb-trembling orgasm. Sacha screamed as she came with his hand pressed over her pussy, her red bottom jiggling with the motion as he used his grasp between her thighs to lift her off his lap a little, putting the pressure of her weight against her sensitive slit.

Alexei gave her little time to recover from the experience. Sacha was still quivering with the aftershocks of pleasure as he stood her up between his thighs and looked her in the eye. Her gaze dipped a little lower, to where a long, thick erection was tenting the front of his pants. Her climax had left her wet, but not entirely sated. There was a new tension as they looked at one another differently than before. Sacha no longer felt like so much of an outcast—and she no longer felt as though she were so very far from home.

“Do you understand now?” He asked the question one more time, his accent thick with lust.

She looked at him and shook her head. “No.”

Alexei lifted the corner of his mouth in a snarl and stood up. Sacha squealed as his leg hooked around hers and she was tipped back onto the rug. He guided her to the floor, his legs between her knees. She knew what was going to happen now. Sex was in the air. Her legs spread willingly as he covered her body with his, his lips on hers, his tongue snaking into her mouth. His cock was freed from his pants and the thick head found her sore, spanked slit unerringly, pushing into the slick wetness in one easy thrust.

Fucked on the floor of the alpha’s office, Sacha grasped at his shoulders, her legs wrapped around his powerful waist as he drove deep inside her. There was something urgent in his eyes, a primal animal impulse that matched her own desire. This was madness. He was a stranger to her and yet her body was welcoming him as if it had been waiting for him forever. Her pussy wrapped around his cock, her natural lubrication making his shaft gleam as it slid in and out of her over and over again. Her lips were sensitive from the spanking he had given them, but it was not pain she felt, rather another string to the symphony of sensation rising in her.

He fucked her as if he were dying of thirst and she were the only water in the world. There was tremendous desire and passion in his touch, his kiss, the way he let his hands roam over her body, pinching her nipples as he slid his cock home and ground himself against her, pubic bone meeting pubic bone.

With the initial frenzy of sexual conquest over, slowly he began to settle into something of a less frantic rhythm. He held himself still inside her and kissed her deeply, wrapping one hand in her hair to hold her in place as his mouth ravaged hers. Sacha made little humping motions with her hips, working herself on his hard shaft. She slid easily on his cock, her wetness growing with every passing thrust. She was as hungry for him as he seemed to be for her, and when she started to whimper from not being allowed the longer strokes, he soon came to her aid and pulled out to the very tip then sank all the way in, sliding inside her with an almost torturous slowness.

It was a rhythm neither of them could stand for very long. Sacha’s pussy was clenched and tight as her clit hardened to a little pebble of need. The slower and longer he fucked her, the more she felt her orgasm building—and soon she could feel him pulsing inside her, his cock growing larger than she had thought possible.

“I’m going to come,” he groaned against her ear. “I’m going to come inside you, Sacha.”

Come inside you. The words flipped a switch in Sacha’s brain and body. Almost instantly a hard climax washed over her, an orgasm unlike any she had given herself with desperate rubbing that had passed for masturbation. This was an entirely different feeling, something that swept over her body and held her in thrall for stroke after stroke as Alexei growled against her neck and did his best to prolong their lovemaking for what seemed like an eternity.

Sacha wailed and thrashed about under him, her puffy pussy lips red and swollen around his hardness as he picked up the pace in the final stampede, lifted her legs high and pounded her coming pussy until he let out a roar of triumph and locked his hips against her ass, spending himself deep inside her cunt. He held himself there, his semen filling her to the very brim, before slowly pulling out, bringing a trickle of cum with him.

He heard her little whimper of pain as he slid from her body and frowned. “I hurt you.”

“You didn’t hurt me,” Sacha said. “That was just… intense…”

With a small grunt of acknowledgment, Alexei pulled a blanket from over the back of a chair and wrapped it around her shoulders, pulling her to sit between his legs.

Tinged with affection and post-coital warmth, his dominance was not quite so hard to accept. His arm slid around her waist and he pulled her against his body, his long legs on either side of her as he cradled her against his torso. For long minutes they stared wordlessly into the leaping flames in the grate.

“It has been a very long time since I have lain with a woman,” he said at length.

Those words surprised Sacha. Alexei did not seem to her to be a man who would have to look very far for female companionship. “You must have many eager females vying to be your mate.”

“Eagerness is not sufficient qualification to take a place in my bed, let alone by my side, let alone become the dominant female of this pack,” he said, gently reminding her in the process that sex alone did not a mate make. He had fucked her, yes, but that didn’t necessarily mean anything to him—though it meant everything to her.

Sacha lowered her eyes from the flames to the embers and tried not to let her disappointment show. It should have been easy enough given he could only see the very top of her head, but somehow she gave herself away.

“I am saying you are special,” he said gently, sensing the shift in her energies. “Though you should not take that as a sign that I have assigned you rank in this pack.”

“I am still the lowest of the low,” Sacha said, her tone somewhere between bitterness and playfulness. “I am not worthy even to gather the crumbs from under your table…” She let out a little yelp as his teeth once more grazed the back of her neck before fastening swiftly in a quick, punitive nip.

“You will need many lessons in modulating your tone,” he said as she squirmed, her aching bottom still sore from the spanking he had delivered. “I will not tolerate attitude, Sacha.”

She smiled into the flames. For all his warnings and all his lectures and all his spankings, she knew that she had made some impression on him. He had lost control and in doing so spent himself inside her. That counted for something. Perhaps for everything. As her mind slid back to the memory of their mating, she yet again saw his face as he entered her. His handsome features had been a mask of pure need. He hadn’t made love to her because it was the right and proper thing to do. He had done it because pure animal passion had dictated it to both of them. She had no doubt that Alexei ran his pack with an iron paw, but he had his weaknesses. Beneath the hard, formal exterior was a man of great passion. That was the key.

“What to do with you now,” he said, musing to himself. “I certainly cannot put you with the other females, they will scent my seed on you and be jealous.”

Sacha’s smirk grew a little wider. Her plan to gain rank in the pack, which had seemed to go so very awry when she was naked over his lap, now seemed to be falling perfectly into place. Alexei might not be making her his mate, but she was covered in his scent and everyone in the pack would know it. She had but to walk through the house and the fact of their coupling would be common knowledge within minutes.

“I can sense your devious thoughts,” he chided her. “You would gladly display yourself, wouldn’t you.”

“I am a modest woman,” Sacha said formally. “I have no interest in causing unrest in this place.”

“Oh, what a little liar you are,” he laughed. “You are an agent of chaos, Sacha. I know that much. I do not think you will be ready to be released into the pack until I have you well in hand. No. I will keep you as mine. My little pet.”

“Pet?” Her upper lip curled with the word. “Must you degrade me so?”

“It is not a term of degradation, but endearment,” Alexei corrected her. “It is an honor. And I can assure you, it is better than the alternative.”

“Which is?”

“I give you to Vladimir and he takes his cane to you until such time as he considers you properly chastised. I think that time would be a long way off where you are concerned.”

Sacha shivered involuntarily. Alexei was fearsome in many respects, but where his passion ran hot, Vladimir was stone cold. She could easily see herself ending up in a world of pain if she were to be left to the beta’s tender mercies.

“Come,” Alexei said. “Let us bathe together.”

The luxury of the alpha’s quarters was apparent everywhere, but especially in the bathroom. The tub was as big as a small swimming pool. Large enough that she could quite easily let her feet rise to the surface of the water and simply float in circles.

“It is heated by an underground spring,” Alexei murmured as he watched her laze in the water, answering a question she had not asked.

He stripped his clothing off, revealing a body that was muscular and toned. Sacha looked at him boldly, taking in every part of him with interest and hunger.

A large scar ran from his left pectoral almost to his belly button. Sacha knew that kind of wound. It was of the kind that would have been inflicted when he was in wolf form, pinned on his back and attacked viciously. It was the kind of wound designed to tear the guts out of an animal. She stared at it, unable to fathom the creature that could have inflicted that much damage on Alexei.

“I have fought for my position too,” he said with a smile that made her blush as it made reference to the reason for her exile.

“But you were successful where I was not.”

He smiled sympathetically as he slid into the water. “We all lose at some point, pet.”

“Have you lost?”

“I lost many times before I won.”

“So you’re saying I should keep fighting.”

“Not unless you want scars like mine,” he said, running his hands over her naked body in a slow caress. “I would not want these for you, pet.”

She let out a small growl as he used that little word again, the one that made her feel small and if she were to admit it, warm as well. His arms wrapped around her waist, further emphasizing the difference in their size and strength as he pulled her back against his body and sat on the inner ledge of the bath with her sore bottom propped on his thigh, the pressure mercifully alleviated somewhat by the buoyancy of being in water.

The intimacy was intoxicating. Sacha found her head descending against his shoulder as the warmth of the water made her muscles relax. It had been a very long, very strange, very curious journey from England to the alpha’s bath and she found herself left with more questions than answers.

Alexei began to wash her, running a lathered cloth over her skin in long languid strokes, which further served to lull her into submission. She was floating in the arms of the only alpha to ever have her carnally, his scent all over her in spite of the water lapping around her breasts and shoulders. She could taste him on her lips and her aching nethers pulsed constant reminders of their lovemaking. The ache in her bottom was also present, another reminder of his dominion over her. By any objective measure, she had been conquered.

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