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The Alpha’s Prize by Sassa Daniels – Extended Preview

There must be something wrong with her. As she stripped off her clothes to prepare herself to be punished, the dominant feeling that swirled inside Francesca was one of excitement. She was actually looking forward to being spanked. She never would have believed it before meeting Leonid but there was something exhilarating about being taken in hand by a man like him. The times he’d disciplined her before had been more arousing than she could have dreamed possible. She hoped he’d use his belt. She had no idea why, but her heart beat faster as she tasted the bite of leather on her flesh.

Of course, it wasn’t just about the thrashing he would give her. There was the possibility that he might reward her if she should please him. After two days without intimacy between them, she was hungry for his touch. Sharing his bed these past nights had been torture when a gulf of her making existed between them. Hopefully, after tonight, things would be set right and they could move forward. She hadn’t realized how much she wanted that until now.

She unzipped her skintight dress and shimmied out of it. Because the fabric clung to every curve, she hadn’t worn underwear. She draped the dress over the arm of a chair, wondering what Leonid would have done if he’d known she’d not had a bra or panties on. Would he have been able to resist fucking her?

Deciding to leave her shoes on, she moved across the room to the bed. Leonid hadn’t specified exactly where he wanted her, so she stood at the end and bent at the waist, grabbing hold of the wooden footboard to support herself. She spread her legs and pushed her bottom out, knowing it would present Leonid with a tantalizing view as he walked in the door. Once she was satisfied with her pose, it was simply a case of holding it until he came to her.

He didn’t leave her waiting for long. After only a minute or so, the door opened and Leonid’s sharp intake of breath confirmed she’d chosen wisely in positioning herself like this.

“Someone really wants to get spanked,” he said as he came up behind her. “Well, all in good time, kroshka.”

Her cheeks warmed at the endearment. Elizaveta told her it was Leonid’s way of calling her ‘little one’ even though the literal translation of the word was crumb. Although she was not actually much shorter than him, she liked the nickname. It suggested he wanted to either devour or protect her, probably a little of both.

She glanced up as he tossed a couple of items onto the bed. There was a long thin rod covered in brown leather with a handle at one end and a heart-shaped tip. Some sort of riding crop, she assumed. There was also a small black box. She twisted around as she heard the lid of a bottle popping open. Her eyes widened in fascinated horror as she realized what Leonid held.

“Is that…?”

“Lube,” he finished for her. “Yes, it is.”


As she straightened her back and turned to face him, Leonid tutted. She knew she should resume her position but instead she folded her arms over her chest and glowered at him.

“You know, I could just force you over the bed and do whatever I want to you,” he threatened.

Her heart fluttered. He could do that. It would be easy for a man of his size to overpower her. At any time, he could have simply taken whatever he wanted from her but he’d chosen not to. Why? Because he wanted her to submit willingly. She couldn’t, though. Not without knowing what she was giving him permission to do to her.

“Please tell me what the lubricant is for,” she said, casting her eyes downward in a show of deference.

“It’s so I can put a plug in your ass. I want to fuck you there but I suspect you’re an anal virgin and will require preparation. You haven’t done anal, have you?”

“Of course not!” Francesca spluttered in outrage. “If I didn’t let some random man have sex with me, I’d hardly let one do things to my ass. What sort of woman would do that?”

“You’d be surprised,” Leonid said drily. “Now, I’m going to put a plug in your ass and you’re going to keep it in while I punish you.”

“You mean shoving a plug up my butt isn’t punishment?”

“It depends on how much you resist, I suppose. Cooperate and you might find it quite pleasant.”

Francesca doubted it but when he twirled a finger in the air to indicate she should turn and bend over the bed once more, she immediately moved back into position.

“Push your ass out a bit more,” Leonid instructed.

She did as she was told, tilting her hips so her bottom was more accessible to him. A startled squeak escaped her as something cold dribbled between her butt cheeks.

“Shh!” Leonid soothed as he smeared the cool gel over the puckered entrance and slipped a finger inside.

“Oh, that’s…” She struggled to find a word as he pushed his finger deeper into her forbidden channel. “Weird.”

“Weird good, or weird bad?”

She furrowed her brow as she tried to decide what she was actually feeling. “Good, I think.”

It certainly wasn’t as bad as she feared but then again it was just his finger. When he eventually used his cock, that would be an entirely different story.

“That’s my girl.”

Sliding his finger back and forth, he leaned over her and opened the box on the bed, removing a shiny metal plug. Francesca gulped. It was larger than she’d anticipated.

“Leonid, I…”

“Hush,” he instructed. “You can take it. Trust me.”

Francesca nodded. She did trust him not to harm her. He withdrew his finger from her and smeared some more lube over her puckered hole. A moment later, the tip of the plug pressed inside her. At first, it slid in easily but as the metal object got wider, Francesca panicked. Her muscles seized and the plug would go no farther.

“Relax, kroshka,” Leonid urged. “Let it in.”

Francesca tried hard to do as he asked but fear mixed with a generous dash of embarrassment made it impossible. She had to find a way to banish the thought that there was something wrong with what they were doing. She breathed in deep and exhaled slowly, trying to clear her mind of thought. Leonid’s fingers splayed out across her back as he held her in position. He pressed the plug forward and she focused on letting it in.

“There,” he declared when it was fully seated inside her. “How does it feel?”

Francesca wiggled her hips. The plug felt strange and it jarred as she moved but she couldn’t call the sensation it caused pain. There was some discomfort but it didn’t really hurt. “It’s okay.”

“Good girl.” He placed a tender kiss at the base of her spine. “Now get up onto the bed. I want you kneeling at the center.”

Francesca moved around to the side of the bed and clambered onto it. She crawled to the center and knelt, just as Leonid had instructed.

“Good girl.” His praise brought a faint blush to her cheeks. His approval shouldn’t mean so much to her, but it did. “Now, I want you to trust me once more.”


“Head on the mattress, ass in the air, and arms stretched out to the sides.”

Francesca followed his commands, lowering her head to the bed and extending her arms as he’d asked. She breathed steadily as she waited for Leonid to act. Turning her face to the side, she watched as he reached under the bed for something. Her pulse accelerated as he retrieved a black leather cuff attached to a chain that was secured beneath the bed. Had that been there the entire time she’d shared this room with Leonid? It must have been.

“I know you have doubts about being tied down,” he said softly, “but I promise it won’t be what you fear. I think you’ll find being restrained liberating.”

She wasn’t sure what he meant by that but the thought of being bound was one that frightened her. “And if I don’t like it?”

“Then tell me and I’ll release you.”

Reassured by his words, Francesca offered no resistance as he fastened a cuff around her wrist. She trusted him to listen if she wanted to be freed and there was no harm in trying this. The sturdy leather cuff fit snugly around her wrist and she had to admit, it wasn’t as bad as she’d imagined it would be. In fact, she quite liked the way the shackle held her in its grip. When Leonid secured the other cuff, she found her arms stretched tight. Although she was able to move only a few centimeters, it wasn’t uncomfortable. The tantalizing thought Leonid could do whatever he wanted with her set a pulse throbbing between her legs.

Behind her, Leonid picked the crop up from the bed and slapped it against his palm. The sharp smacking sound gave her an indication of what to expect when he used it on her bottom.

“Ten strokes on that delectable ass of yours and then two on your pretty pink pussy.”

“Yes, Leonid.”

The crop swished through the air and rebounded off her left butt cheek with a sharp crack. A breath hissed out of Francesca. She hadn’t expected that to hurt so much but she supposed anything wielded by Leonid would have an impact. He delivered the next stroke to the other side of her bottom and she squirmed on the bed.

Merda!” she hissed as the crop fell again.

“Language, kroshka,” Leonid chastised. “You don’t want to earn another ten.”

Her eyes widened. Was he seriously threatening to double the count just because she said shit? The crop struck her tender flesh again and again. Her bottom was on fire and she tugged on her shackles.

“Settle down, Francesca.” Leonid’s stern tone brought her struggles to an immediate halt.

She clenched her fists and bit back a curse. She closed her eyes, trying to relax, but they flew open again when the crop struck an already achy spot on her ass.

“Leonid,” she whined. “It hurts.”

“Then perhaps it will remind you not to run away from me.”

The final four strikes on her bottom magnified the discomfort she was already feeling. Tears fell as pain spread out across her bottom, the heat making her writhe on the bed as she struggled with the intense arousal building at her core.

“Two more on that glorious pussy.”

Oh, hell, she’d forgotten about those. She was too busy trying to deal with the blows landing on her butt to even think about what was to come. She had no idea how she was going to cope with this.

As Leonid flicked the crop up between her legs, she shrieked loudly. Her fingers scrabbled for something to grab onto and her mouth twisted as a bolt of electricity zapped her sensitive flesh. Her pussy clenched tight and her clit throbbed. It was almost too much to bear.

The second time the crop struck, she screamed as feminine fluids gushed from her. It was at once the most painful and exquisite thing she’d ever experienced. Every cell in her body came alive as pleasure coursed through her but she needed help to reach the pinnacle.

“Leonid.” A harsh sob escaped her. “Do something.”

“What would you like me to do?” His tone betrayed a certain amount of amusement. “Do you want me to make it all better?”

“Yes, please.”

She wiggled her hips enticingly at him. He rewarded her with a gentle caress over her heated flesh, his hand soothing the fiery ache.

“But have you learned your lesson, kroshka?”

Francesca glanced back over her shoulder at him. “Yes, of course.” She nodded furiously. “I’ll never disobey you again.”

Leonid threw back his head and laughed. “We both know that’s a damned lie.” He stepped back and cocked his head as he met her pleasing gaze. “I think you need a bit more time to consider your actions.”

He disappeared into the dressing room and emerged a few minutes later with another devilish toy to drive her wild.

“Do you know what this is?” He held up the purple silicone object for her to see.

It seemed fairly obvious what the device was for but since she wasn’t sure she shook her head.

“It stimulates the g-spot and clitoris.”

“I see,” she replied carefully.

“It’s operated by remote control.”

Oh, he was devious. A shudder of dread at what was to come shook her as Leonid slipped his hand between her legs. He ran his fingers along her feminine slit and then held them up for her to see the wetness glistening on them.

“So wet for me, kroshka.”

Having checked she was ready, he gently pushed the larger, egg-shaped part of the toy inside her and positioned the clitoral stimulator over her swollen bud. With the plug still in her butt, Francesca felt incredibly full. She groaned as the object began to vibrate, sending a wave of delicious sensation through her. It stopped as suddenly as it had started.

“I’m going to get a drink,” Leonid announced. “Do you want one?”

The casual way he asked the question almost made her laugh. She shook her head.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes.” His footsteps receded as he walked to the door. “Don’t come. If you do, I’ll cane your backside.”

As the wicked device buzzed to life once more, Francesca gritted her teeth. How the hell was she supposed to prevent herself from coming with this thing teasing her most sensitive parts? She really didn’t want to be caned, but this would be impossible.

After only a few seconds, her body raced toward the pinnacle of pleasure. She panted and rocked her hips, not sure whether she was trying to stop the orgasm or bring it on. Perhaps the bite of a cane would be a worthwhile payoff for an incredible climax. No, it wasn’t just about avoiding a harsher punishment. She wanted to prove to Leonid she could control her responses. As the oscillations inside her threatened to become overwhelming, the stimulator shut off and she was left with a horribly unsatisfactory throbbing in her pussy. The spanking had been unpleasant, but this was sheer torture. She had no idea how she would get through it.

Leonid dropped a couple of ice cubes into a glass and poured himself a soda. He was tempted to add a couple of shots of vodka but he wanted to be one hundred percent clear-headed when he punished his naughty little mate. Speaking of which, he’d given her enough recovery time. He pressed the button on the remote control and a moment later Francesca’s frantic cries filled the air. The anguished sounds stirred his cock but he had to bide his time. This was about her punishment, not his pleasure. Not that he didn’t take a certain amount of satisfaction from watching her squirm.

Taking his drink, he returned to the bedroom and sat on the armchair behind the door. When the decorator had insisted he needed the large leather chair in his bedroom, he’d not argued, though he saw little point in it when there was a perfectly good bed to rest on. Now he was glad he’d let her have her way. From this vantage point, he had the perfect view of Francesca’s bottom. He could watch her writhing on the bed as she fought against the rising tide of sensation he inflicted upon her.

Chained as she was, she had very little movement. She tugged on her restraints, desperate to free her hands. She whimpered and moaned as she rolled her hips trying, perhaps, to dislodge the instrument of her erotic torment. He switched off the device and she sagged against the mattress. Her body was covered in a thin film of perspiration, her hair a wild tangle. The perfect olive skin of her bottom was marked with vivid red welts. Such a pretty sight.

He flicked the switch on the remote again and Francesca wailed. She pulled her legs up under her as though that would afford her some relief.

“Please, Leonid, I’m begging you,” she cried. “I’m sorry.”

He stopped the vibrations once more. “What was that?”

“I’m sorry, Alpha.”

Calling him alpha was a true sign of her desperation. She hadn’t admitted she was part of his pack, under his protection yet.

“You know, I almost believe you, but let’s do this one more time to be sure.”

He was being a bastard but that wasn’t going to stop him. He needed to see how much she could take, to push her to her limits. Taking a sip of his cool, refreshing drink, he switched the vibrator on once more.

Hovering somewhere between heaven and hell, Francesca screwed her eyes shut as she tried to hold off her climax. Her clit pulsed in a wild beat and the blood thundered so furiously through her veins, it was a miracle she didn’t pass out. Her entire body screamed for release but somehow she held off. Tapping into an inner reserve she didn’t know she possessed, she found the strength to deny her body what it so desperately desired. Though she’d kept it at bay, she couldn’t fight the need to orgasm for long.


The name whispered from her lips was a plea for mercy. To her relief, it was granted. The vibrations stopped and she was able to breathe more steadily. The mattress dipped as Leonid climbed onto the bed behind her. He pulled the toy from her sweat-drenched body and a moment later a thud told her he’d tossed it to the floor. He quickly released her from her bonds and she moved her arms to alleviate the stiffness.

As she tried to roll over, Leonid put a hand at the nape of her neck to stop her. She jerked in surprise as something cold and wet trailed down her spine. An ice cube, she realized. He slipped it between her legs and her hips undulated as he dragged it over her hot, wet pussy. She gasped in shock at the sharp chill.

“This should cool you down.”

“I don’t want to cool down.” She glanced back at him. “I want you to fuck me.”

Whatever sensual torture he’d planned to subject her to with the ice cube went straight out the window. With a speed that told her he shared her desperation, he shucked out of his trousers and boxer shorts. Before she could blink, he yanked her hips back and impaled her on his steely cock. Almost immediately, the savage penetration detonated something deep inside. Her body clamped down on him and her hips bucked wildly. She cried out as she was swept along on a tide of ecstasy.

Leonid gave her no respite. She’d barely crested when he began to pound into her like a man on a mission to own her body and soul. His cock drove deep. One hand gripped her hip and the other found its way to her breast. His fingers pinched her nipple so hard she yelped in pain. His grip hurt but far from hating the pain, she embraced it. Somehow it made the pleasure all the more intense.

Blyat!” Leonid yelled, his control slipping.

As he spilled his seed inside her, Francesca found her release once more. Body quaking, she grabbed fistfuls of the bedcovers and twisted them in her hands. She convulsed helplessly as violent spasms seized her womb. Black spots danced before her eyes and everything drifted away.

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