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The Alpha’s Stubborn Mate by Stella Blanche – Extended Preview

“Is that really necessary?” Sydney asked with fake distaste as she glanced at the collar in Alexander’s hand. Truth was the thought of being kept on a leash—his leash—was totally exhilarating. Maybe she’d get another spanking in as well? “You’re the dog around here, aren’t you?” In a flash she was stripped of her robe and the collar was around her neck, attached to a delicate-looking chain that Alexander was holding in his hand.

His eyes were once again dark at her disrespect, but a contrasting smirk was playing around his lips.

“Seems you need a bit of punishment before the ceremony?” His voice was that deep sexy sound that melted her insides again and Sydney gulped but gave him a hesitant nod, not sure if his question was rhetorical or not.

“Your wish is my command, little one.” He tugged on the chain and she stumbled forward.

He started walking and she was forced to follow him through his, no, their living quarters, but she froze in her steps as he reached the front door.

“Wait! Aren’t you going to punish me first?” He gave her a devilish look over his shoulder as he pulled the door open.

“Oh, yes, but we are already late, so you will be receiving your punishment at the ceremony.”

“What? No! That’s not what…”

“What you wanted?” He raised a dark eyebrow at her. “Because I sure didn’t want to be disrespected in that way. I told you that I will make a proper mate of you yet. Maybe now you will realize that childish tantrums just to get a spanking is not what lunas do. Punishment is meant for you to learn something.”

“But I’m naked and…” He gave a growl and she shut her lips quickly.

“If you wanted a good girl spanking, all you had to do was ask, baby. Now come along, we have kept the elders waiting long enough.” With another tug at the chain he started walking and she was forced to follow him meekly. She was sure that if she didn’t walk with him he would force her to go, dragging her down the hallway kicking and screaming if necessary. When they rounded the corner, she noticed that there was no one in sight, luckily. Alexander must have ordered everyone away because despite being upset with her at the moment, he was still possessive, and she was sure he wouldn’t like other males looking at her naked body.

They made their way up a flight of stairs and to a large wooden door. Alexander swung it open and they were in a small and intimate open amphitheater. Torches were lit around a small stage where a huge bed stood. The moon was shining down on the bed, giving it an almost ethereal glow. She noticed a few people sitting in the raised seats surrounding the stage and she felt the heat creep up her cheeks: talk about a walk of shame. Alexander tugged at the chain again as her steps faltered when she felt the eyes on her naked form, so she continued walking slightly behind him with her eyes downcast.

Alexander led her past the bed where she noticed a small bench for the first time. Spanking bench was the first thing that sprang to her mind despite the fact that she had never seen one before in her life. It had two cushioned platforms; one was wider and longer than the other, higher up and slightly sloped downward, while the other platform was smaller and level. Alexander helped her to kneel on the smaller part of the cushioned bench. Her chain was attached to a small ring on the other side of the bench and Alexander’s hand on the small of her back forced her to bend over. Sydney swallowed as her throat suddenly ran dry at the thought of being spanked in front of so many people.

“Good evening, council members. I apologize for the delay in my mating ceremony, but due to disrespect from my mate, I wish to punish her before we start the ceremony.”

A grave voice answered from somewhere in the small crowd, “Please proceed, Alpha.”

Silence fell over the amphitheater and Sydney tried to see where Alexander was but a soft growl had her looking in front of her again.

“Brace yourself, little one.” His voice was deeper than she had ever heard it before and her stomach clenched in anticipation. She wasn’t sure if he meant the phrase literally or not but either way she reached down and grabbed the handles on the legs of the bench.

“Good girl.” A hand rubbed over her cheeks in a loving manner before the soothing caress disappeared. She heard a soft whistle through the air before a whack sound resonated through the quiet air. Everything was still for a moment before the sting registered in her mind. And it burned like a bitch—what the hell was he using? Her ass was still a little sore from her paddling earlier. Another whistle before the sting turned to fire on her ass. By the third stroke Sydney was gritting her teeth to keep from crying out. Whistle. Whap. Streaking fire.

“Ow! Oh, please, Alexander—stop! I won’t be disrespectful again!” she cried out, tears running down her cheeks. She didn’t care if she was begging, she didn’t care about the spectators to her humiliation, she just wanted him to stop.

“I will stop once you have learned something from your punishment. Now that you realize how serious disrespecting me is, I will give you five more strokes with the cane. You will thank me after each one and ask for another,” he stroked her burning flesh softly, “nicely.”

Was he serious? He tapped her cheeks lightly with the cane and she jumped slightly.

“Yes, Alpha. I am sorry for disrespecting you, please may I have another?”

A soft growl emitted from deep in Alexander’s voice as she called him Alpha. He felt himself harden at the sight of her bent over the bench, ass striped pink and her entire attitude, oh so meek. The fact that it was him who had subdued his fiery and stubborn mate in this way caused his dick to harden even more.

He swung his arm and gave her another beautiful stripe across her perfectly round globes, enjoying the way the soft flesh moved at the impact, but he relished her cry even more.

“Thank you, Alpha! May I please have another?” Sydney’s voice was soft and shaky as she tried to keep her cries in. The next swat pushed her over some kind of invisible brink and she felt herself relaxing into the spanking bench, reveling in her punishment, knowing that she deserved this and accepting his authority over her. As this thought flitted through her mind, it was so much easier to submit to him.

She asked for another, Alexander gave it to her, and before she knew it, his hands were on her burning flesh, soothing the pain away and causing the fire to spread from her ass to low in her abdomen. She moaned as he spread her ass cheeks wide, exposing her tight ring to the moonlight and all who wished to see it. Sydney found that she didn’t care, she wanted Alexander and she wanted him badly. Right now.

A cool liquid dripped on her rosette and she moaned as he spread it with his fingers, driving her slightly insane with need at his first touch. His fingers didn’t penetrate her asshole, but rubbed over and around, over and around like he was familiarizing himself with every last nerve ending, until she felt like raising her hips and pushing back toward those inquisitive fingers. She needed something, anything, but she wasn’t sure what it was. She moaned as he pushed a finger past the protesting nerves and gasped as he added another finger, gently fucking her ass, scissoring them out before pushing back in, relaxing the tight muscles and stretching her in preparation for his cock. “Oh, Alpha, please…”

“Shh.” His one hand rubbed up her spine in soothing manner. “Push back for me, baby.” She felt pressure as he pressed something against her and she moaned as she obeyed him. After a few seconds, her puckering hole finally gave way and Alexander pushed something hard and cool into her ass in such an achingly slow manner that it was threatening to force her over the edge and straight into bliss. Finally, the small ring closed around the device and she let out a soft breath. “Good girl. That is a butt plug; it is to prepare you for when I claim your ass. You have to keep it there until I take it out. Understood?”

“Yes, Alpha.” He helped her up from the bench and led her over to the huge bed. Sydney sucked in a deep breath to calm her raging nerves and haywire hormones. This was it. Alexander was finally going to claim her as his.

Alexander laid her down on the white satin sheets on the bed and she gave a soft moan as the movement jolted the plug a bit. Her body was on autopilot at the moment and she couldn’t wait for Alexander to lay his heavy, delicious body over hers. He stripped his robe and she gawked at his magnificent body. It was all bulging, rippling muscles—brute strength contained by glorious golden skin that seemed to glow in torch-lit moonlight. His erection stood proudly, long and hard with a sheen of pre-cum that had Sydney licking her lips, nearly salivating at the sight. She wanted to taste him so badly, yearned to have him choking her with his delicious-looking cock.

He chuckled as he saw her gaze on his manhood before joining her on the bed. He kissed her deeply, thoroughly, claiming her with his mouth. His lips trailed over her face and down her neck before focusing on her rose-tipped breasts. He took one hard pebble deep into his mouth, sucking and nibbling until she was a moaning mess beneath him. He turned his attention to her other nipple, his hand reaching up to pinch the abandoned one while his mouth teased the other.

Sydney could feel her juices dripping out of her pussy and she moved her hips to get a bit of friction on her needy clit. Alex moved down her body until his head was at the apex of her thighs. He blew softly on her damp curls and Sydney gave another moan. His mouth claimed her pussy, licking and nibbling on the folds until she thought she would go crazy. He sucked on her clit and she fell apart as she cried out his name, riding the waves of her orgasm. The moon was blocked from her view as Alexander’s face came into her line of sight. He kissed her again and she tasted herself on his lips.

She felt his erection nudge at her entrance and with one hard thrust he entered her, knocking the breath right from her lungs. She cried out at his girth and the sheer force he was thrusting with. He stilled above her, allowing her to get accustomed to his size.

“You okay, baby?”

She gave him a breathless nod and then he started moving, thrusting into her with such intensity that there were no thoughts left in her mind. He was an unleashed beast and she gave herself over to him, meeting his thrusts until she felt herself on the brink of another orgasm. He adjusted his hips, pulling her legs wide open and she became acutely aware of the plug still lodged firmly in her ass. She felt so full, so completely possessed by him that her body rocketed up to the brink of ecstasy so quickly that she barely had time to register that she was about to orgasm. She cried out again as she came and he growled loudly, his chest rumbling against her overly sensitive breasts, vibrating against her tender nipples and pushing her head first into another, unexpected orgasm.

Her body was limp and docile as he pulled out of her, his cock still hard as a rock and he gave her a devilish smirk as he flipped her over. She gasped as he pulled the plug out of her ass before lubricating her again. Sydney was helpless as he prepared her to plunge his large cock in her tiny hole. She felt the pressure as he aligned himself and started pushing; the plug and fingering he just gave her helped some, but not enough to accommodate him. She pushed back against him and his cock slipped past the tight muscles. She let out a loud wail as he stretched her, filling her in a way she had never been filled before.

“You take it, Sydney, you take all of me, everywhere I want to be.” He sheathed himself balls deep and stilled above her. She took a deep breath to calm her erratic heartbeat, but that didn’t help as he pulled her leash, arching her body from the bed. She was so lost she had forgotten about the leash, but his firm tug brought everything back to her. She was bent so far back her breasts were exposed to the cool night air, and breathing was so difficult that she could only let out strangled sounds.

“Mine,” Alexander growled loudly behind her before pulling out almost completely and thrusting back in. He was merciless in fucking her now and Sydney was losing her mind at all the sensations. Feeling helpless, overpowered, and oh so submissive had her mewling in delight. It was so wrong but the eroticism and primal need had her pussy weeping and her begging him to go harder. She pulled her knees up slightly, spreading her legs and pushing her lower body up at an angle that elicited a groan from both of them as Alexander was able to thrust even deeper and stretch her even wider.

“Please, Alpha. Oh, yes… Alexander!” The hand tugging her leash back disappeared and she had a moment to swallow quickly before his hand was in her hair, pulling to the point of delightful pain and exposing the slender column of her neck. He stilled his thrust for the shortest time.

“I, Alexander Moore, alpha of the Blood Moon Pack, claim this woman as my mate.” And then he was fucking her again like there was no tomorrow. He leaned over her, his thrust becoming more urgent and then his mouth was on her exposed neck, nibbling and sucking before he pulled back slightly and she felt his sharp fangs sink into the soft flesh. She screamed at the sudden, unexpected pain but her scream soon turned into a soft moan as she felt a slow burn spreading from her bitten shoulder all the way down to her clit. Alexander’s hand reached around to that very same burning bundle of nerves, pinching it hard as Sydney came harder than she ever had before.

With an almighty roar, Alexander stiffened behind her before the heat of his seed spilled in her thoroughly fucked ass. With a groan she relaxed into the sheets, her brain fuzzy as she heard various howls fill the night air. As darkness descended upon her, she thought to herself what a beautiful night it was, as more howls from the pack territory resounded around the castle grounds.

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