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The Billionaire’s Babygirl by Korey Mae Johnson – Sneak Peek!

He put her on the ground next to the giant bathtub and then turned on the water. He adjusted the temperature, plugged the tub, and then turned back to her. By this time, she was nearly in a panic about getting naked in front of him.

“Arms up,” he told her, and she hesitated. She just stared into the bathtub that was filling with water, trying to get herself to move. “Jacey, sweetie, you can’t take a bath with your clothes on,” he told her patiently. “What’s the holdup?”

She toyed with the hem of her pink t-shirt, debating with herself on whether or not to be honest with him. Eventually, she realized that he’d figure it out soon enough, anyway. “I just… I’ve never gotten naked in front of anyone before,” she admitted.

He sat next to her on the edge of the bathtub and took her hands into his. “Have you had sex before?” he asked her.

“Yeah,” she assured him quickly, but then she forgot to hide a sound of doubt and hesitation that sounded like a squeaky moan in the back of her throat. “But… not for a long time,” she admitted. “And it was just sorta once… and we were just sorta fooling around… and then he sorta… you know… he just sorta stuck it in.” She blushed, unable to believe she was actually filling him in on that little story.

That was one little rendezvous that she’d tried to forget. It had been just some guy at one of Yoshi’s parties—a guy whose last name she didn’t know—who she’d gotten hot and heavy with while she was toasted. The episode had ended with her losing her virginity on her own unmade bed. They hadn’t even taken their clothes off. He’d just put his cock in around her panties. When the guy was finished, he’d thanked her and then just left.

The next morning, Yoshi had claimed that the guy had told him that she was a lousy fuck.

Jakob didn’t know any of that, of course, and yet his eyes were still rounding with sympathy and he brought her hands to his mouth and kissed her knuckles. “And you didn’t get naked?” he asked.

“No,” she whispered, feeling ridiculous. “He just… pulled my panties to the side. It was a one-night-only type of thing.”

She thought he was going to judge her for saying that, but he didn’t flinch. He asked, “And that was it? It was only that one time?”

She nodded, but then she turned her head away from him, ashamed.

Gradually, he captured her chin between his long, strong fingers and turned her face back towards him. “Thank you for telling me, babygirl,” he said soothingly. “I’ll make sure to take things slowly with you. But you want a daddy?” he asked, as if making certain.

She nodded enthusiastically, of course. If she said ‘no’, then she was certain he’d push her away.

“And you want me to be your daddy?”

She bit her lip and nodded more. She really was ready to take whatever steps that Jakob becoming her ‘daddy’ would mean. Judging from his actions so far, she had a feeling he wouldn’t hesitate to be extremely close to her without guarding himself and without any hesitation.

He grinned and kissed her nose. “Good,” he said. “Because I’ve wanted you to be my little girl since the first time I saw you—before I even knew how much you needed a daddy. And you do need one.” She didn’t quite get what he meant by that statement, but she was distracted by his focus on her jeans. He began to pluck at her belt to unbuckle it, and after doing so, he unsnapped the button at the top of her pants. “You need a daddy to give you attention,” he told her. “One to love on you. One to hold you, protect you, guide you, and let you know that there’s nothing to be afraid of. You need to stop worrying about yourself. Daddy Jakob will take care of everything you need.”

He tugged her jeans down past her knees and then began to tug the legs off of one foot at a time. Without thinking, she put her hand on his shoulder for balance. Her stomach was doing somersaults because of his words, his soothing touches, and his undivided attention.

She felt completely out of her element. By the time she was out of her pants, she found that she was holding her breath.

“Arms up,” he guided.

She awkwardly stuck her arms in the air and he effortlessly tugged her shirt up, over her head, and off her shoulders. He didn’t waste any time reaching around her and unclasping and removing her bra before discarding her clothes behind him.

“I am the luckiest daddy in the world,” he told her, looking over her body and then getting down on one of his knees.

She clenched her thighs tightly together and hid her breasts with her arms. She didn’t believe his praise whatsoever; she had spent far too many years looking at herself in the mirror with disgust.

He put his thumbs under the waistband of her panties and then slowly dragged them down her legs. “You have the prettiest body,” he breathed. When her panties dropped to the ground, he put his hands on her thighs and then reached up towards her pussy. “…and the prettiest little kitty.”

Her legs felt like they might fold under her at any moment, and she grabbed his shoulders again, this time with both of her hands. His finger dipped brazenly into her folds, and she moaned in response. “You are so wet, baby,” he said, purring with pleasure and not bothering to hide his satisfied grin. He kissed her stomach, which was now in front of his face. “You’re so sensitive.” He found one of her nipples and sucked it into his mouth and flicked the pink nub with his tongue.

Her legs actually buckled then, only to be caught and held up by his firm grip on her waist.

Slowly, he stood up. With a fluid motion, he placed his hands below her underarms, picked her up off the ground, and set her in the tub. “Sit down,” he directed, still holding onto her as she tried to find her balance.

She dropped to her knees and let herself sink into the water until it came up past her breasts. The bath was filled with bubbles, and when she breathed in, she smelt bubblegum and strawberries.

She didn’t know how wide she was grinning until he asked with amusement, “You like baths, don’t you?” He grabbed a nearby soap and washcloth and began to work up a lather.

“It’d be impossible not to in this kind of tub,” she admitted. She looked around the room. “Did you have other little girls before me?”

“Yes,” he admitted, but with a gentle smirk. “I’ve had seven girls in the last ten years. But none of them were as cute as you are.”

“Why’d you end up kicking them out?” she asked with curiosity.

He ran the washcloth over her face and she squinted her eyes shut to avoid getting soap in her eyes. “I didn’t kick them out,” he admitted. “They left on their own.”

“Why?” She was genuinely confused. She knew she’d leave him one day, too… but that was only because she was going to steal from him. Not to mention that she was lying about being into the same kinks as he was, although she was enjoying herself thus far much more than she would have ever guessed. The fact that she wasn’t miserable was quite a pleasant surprise.

She couldn’t figure why anyone else would ever want to leave, though.

“Conflicting interests, baby,” he replied and his candid tone ended that conversation. She got the impression that he was a little tender about the subject and that he didn’t want to talk about it. When she opened her eyes again, he was looking down at the washcloth. “You’re actually dirty,” he chuckled. He showed her the washcloth, which was already grey.

Yes, prison was infectiously dirty. She felt like she would have been cleaner if she had just come back from camping out in the woods.

“Dirty as you, daddy?” she asked sweetly, trying to tease him in a seductive way.

He grinned and leaned forward to kiss her lips several times in succession. “Not possible,” he said. “But that’s alright, because I like my little girls to be sweet…” Kiss. “Gentle…” Kiss, kiss. “And naughty. Just like you.” He chuckled and added as he straightened back up, “And soapy, which you are,” he teased, and then wiped his lips on his forearm before putting down the washcloth and grabbing the shampoo.

It seemed like every touch and scrub was heading towards the inevitable moment where he would wash her ‘kitty’, as he liked to call it. When he’d cleaned everything else, all the way down to her toes, he finally instructed, “Alright, princess. Bend over the other side of the tub so I can clean your kitty and that naughty bottom of yours.”

She was almost excited to do it by the time he made that instruction, although she froze at the word bottom. “I’ll wash my own bottom, daddy,” she offered, thinking she’d probably die of mortification if he did it.

“You’re very sweet to offer,” he replied, “but it’s a daddy’s job to keep his babygirl’s kitten and bottom hole clean.”

She sat down on her own feet, unmoving and looking desperately at him.

“Stop giving me puppy eyes, Jacille. That bottom is mine, and I’m going to take care of it. Turn around and show me what belongs your daddy.”

She crossed her arms in front of her chest and pouted silently.

“Pouting is not an option you have, baby,” he advised. “Be a good girl.”

“No,” she stated stubbornly. She’d simply decided that he wasn’t going to fondle that particular nether-region.

A stubborn glint of his own sparked in Jakob’s eyes. “So you’re going to be a bad girl?” he asked in a low, warning tone. “Daddies have to punish their bad girls until they’re good girls again, don’t they?”

“I don’t want you to touch my bottom, daddy,” she assured as if they were merely having a communication problem.

His uncompromising expression assured her that they didn’t have a communication problem, and that he was well aware that she was protecting a part of her anatomy that he wanted to become very familiar with. “I understand that, baby, but it’s going to happen. Now scoot—I don’t want to have to give you a spanking when you were being such a good girl during your bath so far.”

She swallowed in reaction to the threat. “But—”


Knowing there was nothing for it except to comply, she huffed out a sigh of agitation and lifted herself over the opposite side of the tub very slowly, exposing her bottom to him, and then closed her eyes tightly shut. She felt him reach between her thighs and touch a washcloth to her pussy, which was surely soaking by now. Despite that she wasn’t at all happy about this exposure. She hadn’t been this sexually stimulated before in her life. Her clit was swollen and throbbing without needing her brain’s permission.

She trembled as she felt the washcloth being replaced by his hand. At first, his fingers tickled through her folds, but then those fingers quickly found her anus. “This beautiful little bottom of yours belongs to your daddy, little girl,” he informed her. “Never try to hide it from me again.”

She clenched her cheeks and did her best to wriggle her bottom away, but his other arm quickly hooked around her waist, drawing her bottom back out towards him. Slowly, gently, he slipped a soapy finger inside.

She squealed at the intrusion, feeling her bottom hole stretch uncomfortably around his fingertip. “Nooo! Daddy, don’t! Pleeease!”

He pulled his finger back out, but then he pushed it right back in, and plunged deeper. She’d never felt so dominated in all her life. If he was trying to make the point that he was in complete control, that her body was his now, and that he’d do with it as he liked, then the point was being well-received. She had known he had wanted this sort of control before she’d even returned to LA, but now it was being cemented in her mind. “Whose bottom is this?” he quizzed.

“Daddy!” she whined. With his arm still holding her in place, he pulled back until he could stroke his fingers over her clit, eventually syncing in rhythm to the finger that was now thrusting in and out of her bottom.

She was losing complete control of her own body. She could feel herself building up to a peak, but it didn’t feel like a normal orgasm. In fact, the intensity of the building feeling and a tightening deep within her was causing her to whimper and pant. “Daddy, no…” she whined, feeling like she couldn’t ride the wave that was coming towards her. She gripped the edge of the tub tightly.

Her whimper turned into a scream as her hips bucked uncontrollably against him. He tightened his hold around her, not letting her move or fall into the water, but her knees still banged against the inside wall of the tub as her body shuddered and her bottom clenched down hard on his fingers.

“Good girl!” he purred by her ear as she stopped screaming. She was still coming, only now she was gritting her teeth tightly together and trying to calm herself. “That’s a good baby. Come on Daddy’s fingers.”

She eventually stilled and returned to normal, except that her brain felt like it had just been squeezed like a sponge. Never before had she felt so devoid of energy. He removed his fingers, let her go, and her body sank into the water. She was beginning to twitch and even her hearing felt muted from exertion and the blood that was rushing past her eardrums.

He reached in and unplugged the drain, and with a little bathtub attachment, he rinsed the soap off of her body and hair with soothingly warm water. By the time he was done rinsing her, the water around her had completely drained, and she felt like she couldn’t climb out of the tub if her life depended on it. Luckily, she didn’t have to. Jakob got a giant towel, wrapped it around her, and then picked her up into his arms.

He brought her back out to the bedroom and set her down on the bed. She snuggled up in the towel as if it was a warm blanket and immediately passed out. A moment later, she was being gently awoken and her towel was being unwrapped from around her body.

She made a growl of protest towards being moved about and dried off. “Let me sleep!” she demanded in a whine.

He chuckled, and she realized her eyes were too tired to glare at him for it. They kept drifting shut. “Somebody’s grumpy,” he teased. “Just stay awake for a couple more seconds, alright?” He pulled her upper half up until she was sitting and then she felt fabric being slid up around one arm, and then the other. When he pulled the cloth over her head, she decided that it was a t-shirt until he snapped that t-shirt closed between her legs. She opened her eyes just enough to look down, where she found that she was in a legless onesie.

“Where’d you get this?” she whined.

“You’re not my first babygirl,” he reminded. “I have a closet full of things that will more or less fit you.” He walked to the top of the bed and flipped down the covers. “Get in.”

She grumbled about being dressed like a toddler as she crawled pathetically towards the turned-down covers. Jakob merely patted her bottom as she situated herself and then pulled the covers up over her shoulders. She heard him pad around the room and closed the drapes that led to the balcony so that the room was much darker. He tucked something squishy into the blankets and between her arms. She knew it was a stuffed animal, but it was too dark to see for sure. “Remember, sweet pea, don’t leave this room until I come to get you. There are security cameras in the hallways.”

“Thanks for your vote of confidence,” she muttered, snuggling into the stuffed toy.

He ignored her grumbling and leaned over her to kiss her temple. “Have a good nap, babygirl,” he said, and she was asleep before he left the room.

Her last thought was that this job might not be so bad after all.

Jacey woke up and realized that she was sleeping upon a giant, stuffed bunny. She propped herself up on her elbow and looked it over in the dim light of the room, unable to keep herself from grinning stupidly at it.

Jakob was definitely more than a little bit weird, but he was unarguably sweet, thoughtful and doting. Not to mention he wasn’t too hard on the eyes. He was a very unusual combination for a billionaire—someone like him should have been up to his eyeballs in naked women, but instead he was giving her presents and tucking her in for naps. He hadn’t even had sex with her yet, which meant that he somewhat empathized with her feelings and was actually taking it slow.

She pushed herself out of bed and went into the bathroom, beginning a short quest for a toothbrush, which she found in just the second drawer she opened, right next to an unopened tube of bubblegum-flavored toothpaste. When she looked up at the mirror in front of her, she blinked at her reflection with surprise.

Although she wouldn’t say her outfit made her look younger than she was, it was undoubtedly designed to make her feel young and for people to perceive her that way. It showed all of her legs, thighs and all, and was the sort of thing toddlers normally wore on top of diapers. In fact, it opened by means of clasps between her thighs.

She reached down and thoughtfully ran her fingers over the clasps, bemused by this image of her. She could almost see why Jakob was into this—even she would have banged herself. Jakob had easily turned her into a picture of innocence incarnate.

After brushing her teeth and using the facilities, she wandered back into her bedroom and opened the curtains to let the sunlight flood the room once again. She grabbed her jacket from the chair it was hanging over and went out onto the balcony, anxious to light up a cigarette.

She had been too frazzled when she’d finally arrived at the mansion to think about a smoke, but now that she was there and in the onesie, she did look at her cigarette with an awkward, unsure gaze. She wasn’t sure if Jakob approved of smoking, and only went ahead and lit the cigarette up anyway because she suddenly remembered that he and Braum were Russians, and therefore most certainly were smokers. She’d simply never seen a Russian in a movie who didn’t smoke.

When she was done with her cigarette, she threw it off the balcony before turning back into her bedroom and going through all the outfits in her closet. She needed to go through things before Jakob took matters into his own hands and she ended up wearing something with Hello, Kitty on it. She hated Hello, Kitty.

Twenty minutes into creating an organizational system within her closet, Jakob walked in and stopped in his tracks. When she glanced up, she saw that he had a look of confused horror on his face.

She looked around the room, trying to see the spectacle from his eyes. She imagined that he couldn’t see the intricacies of her budding organizational system. It was possible that all he could see was an explosion-like mess.

He put down a tumbler filled to the top with what looked to be orange juice that he’d carried into the room with him as he stared up at the ceiling fan. Although the fan was turned off, it was still rotating slowly around with a pair of panties with a cartoon panda printed on the seat. Jakob seemed unable to pull his eyes away from the panties even as he asked, “Sweetie… how long have you been awake?” His words were slow and careful.

She shrugged and continued to rifle through her sock drawer, eased by his non-threatening response. “I dunno,” she replied as she tossed a rainbow-striped pair of stockings over her shoulder. “Maybe thirty minutes.”

“Thirty minutes?” he echoed, sounding astounded. “How is it even possible to make a mess this large in thirty minutes?”

It had only taken twenty minutes to make the mess, she hesitated to tell him. She hadn’t started going through her clothing the second she had awoken.

“And why?” he demanded, confounded.

“I’m organizing,” she explained. “It always looks worse before it starts to look better.” She threw another pair of socks behind her. “It’s a process. Besides, what else am I supposed to do when waiting around? Sit on the bed with my thumbs up my ass?”

“Jacey, come here,” he asked in a low, serious tone that she hadn’t been expecting. She turned to him again, narrowing her eyebrows in confusion as he crooked a finger and then pointed at the floor in front of his feet.

She reviewed what she had said to bring on this sudden change in mood even as she asked, “Are you angry?” she asked, looking at the floor where he was pointing with suspicion.

“No,” he assured. “I’m not angry. We’re just going to discuss something.”

“Can’t we discuss it while I’m standing over here?” she asked, not believing him. If he wasn’t angry, then he shouldn’t be standing with an angry man’s posture. She realized what she’d said, but very much hoped that saying ‘ass’ wasn’t so bad that she’d get punished for it. Especially when it was only her first day.

Apparently, he didn’t like her hesitation to come close to him, because he marched over to her instead. She found it prudent to back up against the dresser, protecting her bottom.

He reached forward, grabbed her upper arm, and then dragged her into the bathroom. She tried to drop to the ground and in seconds he was dragging her dead weight. “Come on,” he told her, looking down at her like he was an exasperated parent. “We’re going to wash your mouth out.”

She didn’t really know what he meant by that, so she said, “Why?”

“Because little girls in this house don’t get to swear, Jacey,” he told her firmly. “It sounds ugly and it also makes it sound like your daddy does not do his job by you. So let’s move it.”

“I didn’t know that!” she cried. “Besides, ‘ass’ isn’t even swearing anymore!”

“Yet you still know what word is getting you punished,” he sighed, and then merely reached down and picked her up again. She was beginning to feel like a Chihuahua.

He lifted her to her feet in front of the sink and stood right behind her, squeezing her body slightly between his body and the sink so that she had nowhere to go. He reached into a drawer and found a small bar of soap, like the type she’d seen at hotels. He unwrapped it quickly and then stepped back so that he could turn her around to face him. “Open your mouth,” he demanded.

She could swear he didn’t want to do this any more than she did, if she could judge anything at all by his expression, and she couldn’t fathom why he was doing it at all. She clenched her teeth now, remembering full well what a mouth-soaping entailed now that a scene from ‘A Christmas Story’ was coming to mind. She was not going to simply let him clean her mouth out like he had the rest of her body.

“Either you bite down on this right now, little girl, or you’re going to bite down on this in a few minutes with a sore, red bottom. You’re testing my patience.”

If she was testing his patience, she had already decided what his grade would be! His patience was weak and in short supply!

He brought the soap to her lips and she pursed her lips and turned her face away from it as best she could.

“Alright,” he said, putting the soap down on the counter. He took her wrist in his hand and pulled her towards the bathtub.

She had a bad feeling concerning where this was going and she pulled back on his arm. “No! No!” she cried. “Don’t!” Dragging her heels didn’t work this time; she found herself over his lap as soon as he sat down on the wide ledge of the bathtub.

He clamped her legs in place with one of his thighs. Her bottom felt extremely exposed in this position, leaving aside the fact that she could no longer kick her legs. She reached around and frantically covered her bottom with her hands. “Jakob! No! Please don’t spank me! Please! I don’t do pain well!”

He didn’t even react as though he’d heard her at all; he just pinned her wrists to the small of her back and then she felt his hand spread out across her bottom through the fabric of the onesie. “I am going to be strict with you, babygirl, because this is the only way I know how to change your behavior. And never call me by my first name. I’m your Daddy, and you will always call me Daddy.”

He seemed very uncompromising about the name-slip, and so she didn’t argue. “Daddy,” —she hoped that this new name would soften him up a bit—“all we have is a communication problem!” she assured. “I won’t swear if you don’t want me to!”

It sounded like he had gritted his teeth as he said, “I told you that I didn’t want you swearing!”

“When?” she demanded, though she remembered him telling her that.

“At the coffee shop!”

“How could I remember that? You were saying all kinds of shit at the coffee sh—” The first spank came down across her bottom, and the pain startled her into crying out, naturally, “Fuck!” She couldn’t help it! The pain was simply shocking and the quick succession of spanks that followed didn’t make her feel any differently. “Don’t!” she squealed, wiggling on his lap to try to avoid some of the blows. “Owe!” she cried as she realized how hopelessly fruitless her squirming was. “That hurts!”

“That’s the point, baby,” he merely told her above her screeching. “If you don’t want a spanking, then you need to watch what you say, and when your daddy tells you to do something, you will do it! Do I make myself perfectly clear?”

“Yes!” she cried, hoping that he would stop the steady rain of spanks when she conceded.

He didn’t stop, much to her horror.

While she whipped her head violently back and forth, she saw a very unfortunate reflection in the long mirror on the door. The reflection contained the visage of Jacob holding a naughty little girl over his knee and spanking her soundly. It took a whole second before she realized that the little girl was herself… the red-faced, curly-haired, crying girl who was dressed like a toddler was actually her, and Jacob looked every inch the firm, exasperated daddy. Her partially exposed cheeks were already bright pink from the hem of her onesie all the way down to mid-thigh.

She actually felt her pussy twitch at the sight, despite the pain. She couldn’t even begin to understand that… In no universe should any part of this episode be at all stimulating.

“Daddy, don’t spank me, please!” she continued to complain. “I’m sorry! I am!”

A couple of firm slaps struck her upper thighs, making her yelp even louder. After that, it was over. He lifted her up until she was standing between his knees and put his hands on her hips. “Are you ready to let daddy wash your mouth out? Or is the bad girl not spanked out of you yet?”

She shook her head and whined pathetically as she put her hands behind her. She could feel the heat of her flesh right through the thin fabric of her onesie. “Please don’t spank me anymore,” she pouted.

He pulled her hands from her bottom and squeezed them with his own. “Then be a good girl!” he instructed. “It can be a lot worse, sweetheart. Next time you’re spanked, daddy’s going to do it on your bare bottom.”

She chewed her lip nervously, although she felt a confusing heat rising from her core, but it simply couldn’t be arousal. Aroused was the last thing she had to be after this… this… abuse!

So why did she just want to crawl back onto his lap until he was being sweet to her again?

“Come on, baby.” He stood up, took her by the hand, and led her back to the sink. He picked up the soap and brought it back to her mouth. The same soap that started it all. “Open.”

Knowing that doing anything else would instantly lead to more spanking, she hesitantly opened her mouth. He put the soap between her teeth and firmly instructed her to bite down upon it. She did her best not to taste it, trying desperately to avoid hitting it with her tongue while glaring at him over her tear-stained cheeks. Her glare didn’t seem to be filling him with any shame or remorse, however; he looked very devoid of sympathy about her plight, even as the soapy taste filled her mouth despite her best efforts to avoid it.

She wanted nothing more than to push him aside and spit into the sink, but he blocked her path quite efficiently. “Alright, now stick out your tongue,” he said, taking the bar from her mouth.

She cringed even more at the flavor. Every piece of her mouth was burning from the soap. “Ech!” she spat.

“Stick out your tongue, Jacey.”

Miserable, she squinted and stuck out her tongue. He ran the soap over her tongue with six quick yet heavy strokes until it had begun to lather. Then he grabbed a small cup by the sink and filled it up with water as she was forced to just stand there with soap invading and consuming her senses. Her eyes, which had already been crying, flowed with a steady stream of tears now just from the sensation.

He held out the cup to her and said, “Swish.”

She grabbed the water in desperation and swished, then quickly leaned over to spit it out into the sink.

He pushed her gently back from the sink and instructed, “Just keep swishing.”

At his order she stomped her foot in protest, beyond frustrated, and eyed him with hatred. Eventually he nodded and said, “Alright, you can spit and rinse.”

She didn’t need to be told twice. She threw herself at the sink and leaned over to spit, several times, and it never seemed like the soap flavor would fully go away. “I didn’t mean to!” she finally groused, defending herself.

He rubbed his hand over her lower back. “I know. A lot of my babygirls don’t mean to swear, baby. You probably didn’t even know you were doing it—it’s a habit. But it’s a bad habit, and one I’ve broken before, and I’ll break that habit with you, too. We’ll do that as many times as it takes until you just don’t even think of doing it anymore.”

She rinsed one more time before giving up, and then she turned around, dropping her shoulder and lowering her eyes, set to scoot around Jakob without touching him.

He reached out and grabbed her as she was walking by, pulling her close to his body. “Sweetie, don’t be angry with me, alright?” he told her, kissing her cheek.

As if a dam broke, she began to sob. He seemed to expect this and hugged her even tighter to him, and the tenderness of his hug made her just want to cry even harder. She reached up and grabbed the front of his shirt with both hands as she pressed her face into his hard body. “It hurt!” she finally cried into his shirt.

“I know it did, baby,” he said softly, rubbing at her back. Now that it was over, he seemed almost overly sympathetic and understanding of her emotions. He just let her cry on him for a long time, pressing his cheek to the top of her head. He let her calm down and didn’t speak at all until her breathing was back to normal.

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