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The Billionaire’s Bride by April Vine – Extended Preview

The Billionaire's BrideAfter sponging her off, he applied a soothing cream to her wrists. Then he turned her over and with the pads of his fingers rubbed a little cream onto her ass, which stung ever so lightly. He kissed her back and his touch reignited her. She lifted her hips a little, hoping his tongue would slip lower. But he turned onto his back and gathered her into his arms.

“Not yet. I need that sweet pussy of yours well rested, because I assure you the next time I take you, I will not be as gentle.” The dark promise in his voice penetrated the edges of her tiredness and roused her almost completely. She wanted him now. She could handle him now.

“I don’t need to rest,” she protested and climbed on top of him. Her drowsiness was overtaken by her wanton lust for him. Her wetness slipped and slid over his hard cock.

She gasped as he toppled her over and pinned her down.

“Disobeying a direct order? While I demand you rest your pretty little pussy for now, I will have no qualms about belting your ass again, and much harder than I did before.”

She wrinkled her nose at him. “Fine,” she said with a pout. He rolled over and pulled her into his arms. She fell asleep after two beats of his heart and didn’t stir until the morning sun had started to creep into his playroom. How amazing it was to sleep for real and not just pretend to sleep. He’d given her that.

She stretched and enjoyed the tenderness in her muscles, the lovely soreness between her legs, the lightness in her heart. The night before had been everything she ever wanted it to be. She sat up in bed and glanced around the room. There were so many more things to try with Nico and she couldn’t wait for the next time.

She may have started all guns ready to blaze, but she had faltered a little before he could take her virginity when her nerves had gotten the better of her. He’d shown her things she hadn’t known she craved, new feelings that shifted her off her axis and steered her toward a world of sweet decadence. She’d loved every minute of it. The thought of him brought a silky desire between her legs.

The bathroom door opened and her husband stepped out. Wet. Hot. Gorgeous. With a towel carelessly tied around his waist, his hair was as black as night and his eyes a sinful green. Kay lost her breath. He smiled at her and she forgot her name.

Taking her lip between her teeth, she parted her legs for him. He stood at the foot of the bed, hand low on his hip and watched her. Her fingers slid over her breast; she used her nail across her nipple, then down her abdomen to the apex of her thigh.

“Don’t,” he warned her with a dark tone to his voice, his gaze never leaving her exposed pussy.

“Don’t what? Touch myself?” Her finger glided in. Her body jerked at the contact. Gosh, she was so turned on.

“Stop, Kassandra.”

“No.” Two hands, she needed two hands, one to play inside her folds, one to play with her clit.

“I ordered you to rest the whole of today and that meant no touching yourself. No coming until tonight.”

“But you’re so hot and I can’t help myself…” She rubbed harder, went deeper, and willed him to charge at her, remove her fingers and replace them with his cock.

“You have five seconds to stop.”

“Or else?” Her words escaped on a raw breath. Her gaze rotated between his eyes and his cock tenting the towel—both drove her beyond reason. She was so close to coming… just a little more. She moaned when he turned his back on her and walked away. That was okay. He had a delicious tight ass. And oh, God, was there such a thing as a back fetish? Nico’s back was a canvas of pure mind-altering muscle. Her eyelids drooped. So, so close.

Then Nico gripped her ankles and dragged her down the bed, rudely interrupting what should have been a great morning orgasm. It was like being showered in ice.

Kay screamed in dismay, protested loudly, and begged pathetically that he let her come and fought him to no avail. He straddled her with his back to her and before she knew it he was lifting her legs, squeezing lube into her ass, then cold metal met her skin. A second later a lock was turned and he climbed off her.

Kay stared in utter horror at the set of metal panties he had put on for her. A chastity belt? A chastity belt?

“Domenico, take this off me right now.”

“You disobeyed me and that’s your punishment.”

“Wait, you can’t be serious.”

What era was he from? The frigging fourteen-hundreds? Who did this in this day and age? She got off the bed and was forced to walk a little abnormally. Well, it wasn’t as if she had practice walking around in metal panties… and something in her butt. It wasn’t so big it was uncomfortable; just big enough to say, I’m here, remember me.

“I am very serious,” he said. The towel slipped off his hips and he pulled on a pair of snowy white boxer briefs that he retrieved from the walk-in closet. So this was where he had been sleeping all the nights before since most of his stuff was in the room. He looked as amazing out of his underwear as well as in it. The man was sexual sin incarnate.

“Okay, I’m sorry, it won’t happen again. I promise. Just take this thing off me, please.”

“But how can I trust you won’t make yourself come when I am at the office today? You were instructed to rest after I took your virginity because I didn’t want it to hurt—too much—tonight.”

Dear God, she didn’t need her fingers to come; her mind would her get her there just as well as her brain registered his words.

“Look. I promise, I won’t…”

He shook his head and continued dressing. She tried everything she could think of. She begged, threatened, tried to make tears come gushing out of her eyes and failed. She fell at his feet, made insane promises, used every Italian swear word she had learned and still, he didn’t bend to her will.

“Okay, then how in the hell will I use the bathroom in this? Huh?”

“There are holes specifically for that reason, I believe.”

“Argh. I would rather die.”

“In that case, I will have all my meetings rescheduled to take place here at home. I will come to unlock you every hour, or whenever you call me. Is that okay?”

“But…” She had officially run out of things to say. “Nico, please, there’s something in my… in my backside.” She jiggled her ass and her pussy clenched inside the chastity belt. Goodness, what was going on in her ass?

He chuckled. “I want you to get used to the something in your ass… for later.”

“Oh,” she said, blushing and even more turned on now. The chastity belt came with anal embellishments. If she didn’t feel so trapped inside the no-entry panties, she would have considered herself the luckiest girl on earth.

“You have a safeword,” he murmured as he straightened his tie.

She looked him square in the eye and realized again she had put her life in his hands and he had given her a safeword to opt out at any time. But to use her safeword now, for something like this, diminished its value and said little about her character. There were moments the night before when she’d felt a strong intuition that Nico wanted her to say no, to say stop, to use her safeword. She didn’t know why, but it was probably because he thought she still thought of it as a game and not what constituted his life. She had to prove to him she was serious too. Walking into his playroom had changed her life overnight.

“No,” she said with defiance. Her refusal to use her safeword seemed to please him. She caught a glimpse of a smile on his lips. Then just to get something over on him, she grabbed his watch as he reached for it and slipped it onto her wrist, quickly inserting the pin into the last hole in the leather band. The thing weighed a ton and hardly stayed on her hand but she wasn’t giving it back. She tucked her hand behind her back when he tried to take it off her.

“My little cum brat,” he whispered, before lowering his mouth to hers. He kissed her and she sighed. She swayed when he released her and twirled around to watch him leave.

“Are you ever going to tell me what happened to your face? Who did that to you? And why?”

“It’s nothing,” he replied and continued walking away from her. At the door, he backtracked, opened a drawer in a fancy desk, and tossed something at her. She barely caught it with the tips of her fingers.

“You will also write, I will not come unless my master tells me to, two hundred times.” With that he exited the room.

Kay glared at the thick piece of chalk in her hand, then spun around as she looked for the blackboard. She glared twice as hard at it when she discovered the board was no bigger than a sheet of paper. How did he expect her to write that out two hundred times? Apparently very small.

To say she went out of her mind and back again would be sugar-coating it. Kay hated the damn chastity belt and wanted it off her. The intrusion in her butt didn’t help her one bit because it only served to remind her that her ass belonged to Nico. Eventually he would be putting his cock there and the thought made her even more soaking wet. But that was different from just having a butt plug her ass and he was nowhere in sight to play with her. She hated that and took it as supreme punishment.

True to his word, Nico came to check up on her, on the hour every hour. When she needed the bathroom, he unlocked her and gave her privacy then buckled her in again. He also brought her a tray of food, with a generous supply of snacks.

After much sulking she took her piece of chalk to the blackboard, filed it down to a point and in her tiniest handwriting began writing her punishment sentences. By the time she was done, there was hardly any chalk left at all. The thought of taking a leisurely stroll to his study in her iron-clad undies and nothing else made her smile only because it would drive him mad. But then he’d punish her some more and probably keep her in it the whole following week. No, that would never do. She was going to try her damndest to be his good little girl.

But something seemed to niggle at the edge of Kay’s mind. She couldn’t place it immediately especially since she felt so happy, even in the stupid chastity belt he’d put on her. She then realized that the thought that bothered her was about Nico’s mother. She so desperately wanted to ask him what happened to his mother. Her intuition told her his mother’s death had played a major role in his life, she just didn’t know how. If Fia Bellini hadn’t been sick, been in an accident, or killed, that left only one other option open.

Did Nico’s mother commit suicide, here in this house?

Was that why the rest of his family thought it was haunted and refused to visit him? Whatever happened to his mother, she wanted him to tell her. She had told him her deepest darkest most shameful secret. There was nothing she would ever keep from him. She hoped he would feel the same way about her.

Her eyes drifted shut as she laid on his bed. Sleep came easier and easier to her these days. She had a lot of years to catch up on. Sometime later, she stirred, dreaming Nico was there to remove the belt. He unlocked her then slipped two of his beautiful fingers inside her. The feeling and the image became so vivid they could only be real. She opened her eyes and didn’t get to take her next breath before he kissed her, penetrating her with hard strokes. And suddenly the plug in her ass was no longer a hindrance but the height of pleasure. Every time Nico pushed inside her, the sensations the plug created made her squeal with ecstasy.

She moaned and sucked his fingers deeper inside her, then reached out and gripped his cock through his trousers. She needed to feel him inside her and had waited all day for this moment. Wearing that chastity belt had only intensified her craving. She pushed into his chest with her one hand, ready to climb on top of him so she could put him inside her. Instead he captured her hand and pinned her down. His fingers pumping into her faster and harder.

She rode his hand as if her whole worth depended on coming. Maybe then he’d let her have his cock. It took her seconds to reach that point of no return. She squeezed down and came all over his fingers.

He brought her up so her back was against his chest and her thighs spread wide. He cupped and pinched her nipple and went at her clit without mercy. Still riding the wave of her first climax, she hungrily sought to complement it with another. But she wanted him inside her. Again he held her firmly, giving her no leeway to move as he played with her pussy and turned the plug in her backside.

She shouted his name as she came again and slumped against him. Panting breaths left her whole body trembling.

“You’re not done yet, my little brat.”

“Do I get your cock now? Please, can I get your cock now?”

“You will, but for now it seems you haven’t learned your lesson very well.” He paused. Lesson? What lesson? Her mind drew a blank, her body only wanted more pleasure. She pressed against him and moaned seductively.

“Very well, then,” he said. Picking her up as if she weighed nothing, he carried her to the pretty carousel horse she hadn’t had a chance yet to inspect on her own. He placed her on the saddle, legs astride. She’d definitely stain the soft leather with her wet pussy. What was he going to do with her?

Her feet touched the floor and she shivered when he put the stirrups on her. She realized they actually bound her feet to the side of the horse, flat on the floor. He did the same with the reins, binding her wrists to the horse. Okay then…

He took a seat opposite her, picked up a remote control from the armrest of the chair, and pressed a button. Something slid up from the saddle underneath her. Ooh.

She shifted her backside so the tip of what she assumed was a dildo pressed into her center. She released a shuddering breath as the fake penis went deeper inside her until a protrusion on the side of it touched her clit. It didn’t fill her nearly as much as Nico’s cock, but if she had to go through this for him, she’d do it in a heartbeat. She moved her hips, enjoyed the toy inside her, the ever so light friction on her clit, the plug still exciting her anus. She could so come again. He pressed another button and the rubber cock started to rotate. The texture against her inner most flesh changed, as if the dildo were filled with hundreds of tiny pearls playing inside her. He pressed a button, and the toy picked up speed.

But when the horse started moving as well, sweat gathered between her breasts. The small little flaps she felt at her clit started a mindless oscillation. She moaned and bit her lip, keeping her gaze fixed on Nico. Without him there watching her, it wouldn’t anywhere near as amazing as it did.

“Do you want your master to make the horse go faster?”

“God, yes, please, faster, master, faster.”

He obliged her. The vibrations reached new heights.

“Are you going to come?” he asked.

“Yes.” She shouted the word, savage with her need to come. The pleasure pooled between her legs before it erupted into every part of her body. Her head flopped and she licked her lips, ready to do whatever else he asked of her. But with a soft click of a button, everything stopped. The horse ceased to vibrate, the dildo disappeared back into the saddle. What happened?

“Did you come?”

“Like a porn star,” she said, heaving breaths escaping her mouth.

“All right. Perhaps we should try something else then?”

“Do I get you now?” If her hands weren’t tied down, she’d have clapped them in glee. She wanted to try everything with him. Her clit was stimulated to no end. Her body gleamed with exertion but just the thought of taking him inside her, re-familiarizing her body with his powerful one, hiked up her desire a million times over, more than any toy could and she had already decided the equestrian toy was her favorite so far.

After unbuckling her from the horse, he picked her up then carried her to what looked like a dentist’s chair. He placed her in it, lowering the chair until she was slightly reclined.

“Did you enjoy your orgasms?” he asked in a conversational tone as he spread her legs as far apart as they could go and placed her feet flat on the leather pads of the chair.

He unbuttoned his shirt as he stood in front of her opened legs. Could this night get any better? Liquid desire dripped out of her. She’d leave a giant wet spot on the leather.

“Yes. But I can’t wait to have you. Please don’t make me wear those horrible panties again. I hated it.”

He stared at her with a pensive look on his face before pulling a chair between her legs and sitting in it. He wheeled a small table nearer to him as if he were a doctor about to examine her. And the thought blew her mind. From a silver bowl he extracted a string of glass beads. Her mouth dried. He sprayed a generous amount of lubricant on the globules and, placing his palm on her abdomen, he slipped one into her. Goosebumps sprang from her skin.

He slid two more in then put his mouth on her clit. Her head lifted off the chair, and she saw stars behind her closed eyes. Her vagina pulsated as the balls bumped into each other with every one more he filled her up with. His relentless suction on her clit unraveled her. She’d lost count of the number of beads she had inside her. Threading her fingers through his hair and pulling and pushing him away at the same time, every single cell in her clit blasted wicked bliss through her entire system in a climax as loud as it was intense.

Exhaustion weakened her body. She had gone out of mind, deliriously unaware of anything except the torturous tenderness in her pussy. She groaned and closed her legs, glad she could do so now without Nico’s broad shoulders keeping her thighs apart. He had risen from the chair and fiddled with something on the table beside him. She tossed and turned and pressed her legs together, waiting for the contractions to ease up on her super sensitive pussy, for her breath to come back.

Except Nico had no intention of giving her a reprieve.

Gripping her ankles in each of his hands, he slipped her feet into a pair of loops, cuffing her to the chair. A lever rose the pads under her feet higher, opening her up even more. He left her hands free. She wasn’t ready to be exposed again. She just wanted a minute to relax, which would be impossible to do with the beads inside her. But when she reached down to remove them, he took her hand and placed it flat on the chair beside her.

“Do you remember your safeword?” He removed the plug from her ass and suddenly she felt empty. He squeezed a dollop of lubricant onto his fingers, then looking at her, rubbed the area of her anus. Kay almost jumped out of her skin. He inserted the tip of his finger inside her ass.


“Good.” He coated his finger in more lube. And when she didn’t blurt out her safeword, he pressed down on her abdomen to keep her in place and entered her anus again with two of his fingers. Even the walls in her pussy quivered. She closed her eyes and concentrated on breathing. Surely she had done enough to earn his cock. She needed to feel him now. All of him, his heat, his power, nothing could compare to having him inside her. But a whirring sound caused her eyes to snap open. He wielded a new toy in his hand. It looked like a microphone… and then she realized it was one of those magic wand thingies. Oh, God. Without any ceremony, Nico directed the head of the wand to her clit and turned it on. Her mind flared up in chaos. Her body couldn’t keep up with the things he was doing to her. He quickly found a rhythm that tore her apart. For every three seconds of hard pressure on her clit, he pulled a bead out of her pussy and slipped it into her ass. It was too much for her to take. Her body had turned itself into a greedy inferno where it only wanted to climax. Again.

This time she had to work her ass off to reach her orgasm. The elusive feeling kept escaping her but she refused to give up. She had never made herself come more than three times in a row before. Three had always been her limit but she surpassed even that. Now, a sexual rage tormented her. She felt wild and primitive and driven only by some hedonistic force. She worried she would literally splinter herself apart trying to come again. But the need exceeded everything else.

And finally she found the point. Her orgasm knocked the living breath out of her, leaving her voice hoarse and tears stinging her eyes.

“Would you like me to fuck you now, gattino?”

Nico’s voice seeped into her disjointed, overly worked body. He unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and took out his glorious cock. She salivated at the sight of him, an involuntary reaction she couldn’t control irrespective of her state of mind. That was what she’d been waiting for the whole day. Just him. Inside her. She could have done without everything else if only she had him.

“Yes,” she squeaked out a programmed reflex to just have him.

He released her feet from the stirrups of the chair, and impaled her in one quick deep thrust. Her ass felt full with all the beads in them now, and the affect lent a higher degree of wantonness to her already overextended body and mind. She couldn’t help but being aroused at the thought of Nico eventually guiding his cock into her anus, moving it the same way he moved inside her pussy. She had waited so long for him and yet…

Why hadn’t he given her a break first? Her pussy felt a lot more tender now, not sore, but she didn’t think she could come again. She’d have felt fine if he gave her some time to recover. And then it slapped her in the face. The lesson she had spent the whole day learning had been that Nico was in charge of her pleasure. She had to either ask him to come or wait to be told by him to come.

She had forgotten her first lesson being his submissive. And now he poured sexual sensory overload all over her and she couldn’t think straight and had probably numbed her private parts so badly she might never be able to come again. He carried her off the chair and with her legs wrapped around his waist, his cock still inside her, he sat them down on a sofa, her straddling him. His powerful hands on her hips bobbed her up and down his cock. From all her other orgasms, she was so wet that he glided in and out of her with ease. And the beads in her ass just amplified everything else. His gaze followed her boobs as they bounced around. Eventually, he brought his mouth down on her breast and pulled on her nipple. How she loved his touch.

She vowed then and there that she would always please him first before she pleased herself. She would wait for his command. She would prove to him she could do better, be better, and she’d be so obedient she would make him the proudest dom in the universe. And that recognition from him far exceeded any bodily bliss her climaxes gave her; those were fleeting, but obeying her master, that would stay with her forever. But could she come again? Or would she disappoint him? And herself?

“Come for me, il mio cuore,” he whispered, gathering her in his arms and holding her close. His cock seemed to grow within her. She could feel how close he was to ejaculating inside her. “Now,” he commanded. And Kay had to dig deeper inside her than she thought possible. It wasn’t about sex and orgasms anymore, it went beyond the physical and into a realm she had never entered into before, well, one she never knew existed in the first place. It was about pleasing her master. She wanted to please him with all her heart, soul, mind, body, faults, flaws, and everything in between.

Without closing her eyes, without shouting out her pleasure, she kept her attention on him the same way he kept his on her. She touched his beautiful face, his drumming heart. And then the most natural earth-aligning climax rolled through her. Tears dripped from her eyes as she contracted around his cock.

He held her even tighter, whispering her name as her shoulders shook. He stiffened then pumped his cum deep into her pussy, filling her up. He made her feel so incredibly his. His. He caught her tears with his thumbs and kissed her softly on the lips. Then still remaining deliciously hard inside her even after coming, he deepened the kiss and began to pull the beads from her ass. She moaned into his mouth, and caught and bit his lip as he pulled the last bead from her.

“How many times did you come?” He lifted her a little away from him and removed his cock. And of course he meant how many times she came before she relearned her lesson. He was not going to forget her little sexual catastrophes.

All five of them.

She mumbled the number under her breath.

“Five?” he asked.

“You’re going to spank me five times, aren’t you?”

“Actually I was going to carry you into the shower and make you suck my cock. Do you know what seeing your pussy all wet and hot and pulsing does to me… all five times?”

He hadn’t softened very much. She cradled his hard cock, which lay on his stomach between their bodies. He jerked when she brushed against his head, wet with both their cum.

“But you’re right, you deserve to be punished. Go and choose your punishment tool.”

“Seriously?” She pouted. She should have kept her mouth shut.

“Yes, now hurry up. When I put you on all fours and stripe your lovely ass I still want to see my cum dripping out of you or I’ll double your punishment.”

Would she never be not turned on for more than five minutes in his company? She scrabbled off his lap and, squeezing her thighs thoroughly shut and Kegeling like mad, she picked up the first thing she saw. A wooden paddle.

God, she hoped that wouldn’t hurt… too much.

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