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The Billionaire’s Pet by Loki Renard – Extended Preview

The Billionaire's Pet“Pet!?” Ellie spat the word with laughter. “Oh, my god, Daniel, you’re even more out of your mind than I thought you were. What are you talking about, pet?”

He didn’t so much as crack a smile. “I’m saying if you want to keep your position, you’re going to have to do more than change a few light bulbs. You’re going to have to change your whole attitude, kitten.”

“There is no way I’m going to be your pet,” she stated flatly, hardly believing that she was having to make such a statement. Reality certainly did seem to warp around Daniel Treville as he redefined it according to his will and convenience.

“Then tomorrow you may as well clean out your office. I have the board on my side already. Terminating your contract will be a formality.”

She looked at him in shock. “You… what? Daniel. This is insane. You can’t possibly think you’ll get away with this.”

His long finger pointed at the floor in front of him, a spot between his long legs. “Come here, pet.”

Her jaw dropped as she tried to fathom what was happening. Through sheer force of will he was somehow trying to compel her into even more depraved depths.

“No.” She shook her head firmly. “I am not going to sit at your feet and… owww!”

He had reached through the space between them, taken hold of a thick chunk of her hair, and was drawing her down from the sofa to the floor. His other hand plucked the drink out of hers before she could spill it, then aided in pulling her into position. The sudden physicality momentarily stalled her brain. Whimpering softly, Ellie looked up at the man who now seemed thoroughly capable of anything. Daniel still had her hair in his hand, a large enough handful that his grip did not hurt so much as make it impossible for her to move without his physical permission.

“Listen to me,” he drawled in those dangerously soft tones. “I am not asking you, Ellie. I am telling you. Your talent and nerve has taken you this far, but if you don’t learn some softness, you’re not going to get any further. Not in any company I own. I want you. I want you as CEO. I want your tight little cunt wrapped around me, and I want you to wear my collar.”

She did not reply, she only made a small whimpering sound yet again, overwhelmed by the sudden events.

“If you agree to this, I will take you as my pet. I will spank you when I see fit. I will fuck you when I want to, you will answer to me in everything. But, you still have a choice. Maybe the last choice. Here and now. If you tell me no, I’ll make sure you have a generous termination package and references for your next position. You’ll move on to another company and probably do just as well there as you have where you are now. If you tell me yes, your world will change forever. You’ll be my pet, my little fuck slave, my sweet toy. And in return, I’ll take you from where you are now and teach you to be even better. It’s up to you, Ellie. What do you want?”

The sane answer was no, of course, no. She should have been screaming it at him at the top of her lungs. But instead she was looking into his eyes and nodding slowly. She could not quite form the word yes, but that was the answer she wanted to give.

It was madness to say yes. She should have been panicking, threatening to call the police. He had handled her in a way that truly was more appropriate for some kind of animal than another human being. But she did not feel unsafe. She felt as though he were speaking to a part of her nobody had ever seen, much less acknowledged. There was something new to be found with Daniel. He was a powerful, very rich man, but more than that, he was free in a way she had never been—and he was offering her what amounted to an incredibly intimate apprenticeship. If she said no now, she would be forever locking a door she very much wanted to see behind. Curiosity alone would not allow her to turn down the deal he was offering.

She slowly completed the nod, giving him permission for unfathomable acts.

“I need to hear your answer,” he growled.


She said the word in a whisper, but that whisper was enough. He bent down and pressed a hard kiss to her lips, his mouth crushing hers as his tongue invaded her mouth with his trademark blend of possessiveness and passion.

“You have no idea how happy you’ve just made me,” he said as he broke the kiss, leaving her breathless.

To her surprise, he looked pleased, almost proud, and not just with himself as so many rich men tended to do, but with her.

“I know this won’t be easy for you,” he continued. “And I’m not always going to make it easy for you either. You thrive on a challenge, and you’re going to be challenged.”

“Do any of the challenges allow me to have my head back?” She asked the question while flicking her eyes toward his hand.

Daniel smiled and released his grip on her hair. She was still kneeling at his feet, a position that made him look all the larger and more dominant, but she found herself content there for the moment.

“The first challenge is going to be you accepting discipline for not letting me in when I arrived this evening.”

“But that was before our arrangement,” she pointed out. “You can’t retroactively punish me.”

A thick brow rose at her, pale eyes holding amusement and something a little darker. “Pet, I can discipline you as I see fit.” He tapped his left thigh. “Come here. I want you over my knee.”

Oh, god. It was starting already. Ellie was glad for the two glasses of whiskey she’d imbibed before Daniel’s arrival.

Fortunately for her rebellious self, Daniel did not wait for her to obey. He reached down and pulled her up and over his lap. Ellie was hyper-aware of how easily he could lift her, his strength much more considerable than hers. As she settled over his long, powerful thighs, she had a sense of being small and at his mercy. It was not altogether an unpleasant feeling.

He pulled the hem of her dress up, revealing her bare bottom to his heated gaze.

“Naughty girl,” he purred, swatting her bottom lightly. “I tell you I am going to take you to dinner and you decide to put on a silk sheath with no underwear and tell me no? Did you plan on teasing me and sending me away unsated, brat?”

Ellie blushed as his palm swatted her rear none too gently. He was right, of course. If she’d not wanted to see him she could easily have locked her door and not opened it. Or she could have worn sweatpants and told him to go away. They both knew that she had prepared for his arrival in ways small and large, but she was glad to not have to verbally admit that part of her was hoping for another session of the kind that had taken place in her office.

“As my pet, you can expect spankings most days,” he informed her as he continued slapping her bare bottom lightly. “Whether you’ve done something to deserve it or not, I want you to know that you can always be spanked if I see fit.”

“That’s not fair!”

“No, it’s not,” he agreed, running his fingertips down the crevice of her ass to spread her cheeks, casually inspecting her tight little bottom hole.

Ellie squirmed and whimpered, uncomfortable with how very exposed she was. He was looking at every part of her, running his fingertips over her lower lips, spreading her outer labia to expose the entrance to her body. She half expected him to look her in the mouth and determine her age from her teeth, but instead Daniel focused his attention on her pussy and rear, lightly spanking her cheeks to a tingling sting that was more pleasant than painful.

The warmth of the alcohol was mixing with the warmth low in her belly to make her wet, a fact Daniel noticed when he began to lightly swat her lower lips, his fingers making brief but stinging contact with her pussy.

“Fortunately for you, you rather enjoy being spanked,” he noted. “Is it because you like having a hot bottom, or because you know you’re a naughty little girl?”

“Um, neither?”

He chuckled and swatted her cunt a little more firmly. “Both, I think, and more. Now, to the rules. First of all, you will call me master or sir.”

“Why not just make it simple and have me call you God Almighty… ow!”

She squealed as Daniel’s long fingers made very sharp contact with her lower lips.

“These are real rules, Ellie. I expect you to mind them, not mock them.”

“Well, maybe you shouldn’t make them so mockable… ow ow owww!”

Daniel started spanking her bottom hard and fast, his palm making her cheeks jiggle with every slap. She bounced back and forth over his lap, hips bucking and squirming as he painted her ass bright red.

“And you’d better learn to mind them at work too, because I will spank you in the office if you deserve it.”

“That’s going to really put a dent in productivity. Not that you care.”

The comment earned her another barrage of swats that made her squeal, kick, and wriggle, none of which did any good. Daniel kept hold of her now naked form without any difficulty, plying his palm over her reddening cheeks with a determination that outweighed her brattiness.

Finally, Ellie had enough. Her butt was feeling as if it were swollen, her heated cheeks somehow larger for being sore.

“Okay!” she squealed at the top of her lungs. “Okay, I’ll be good!”

“Oh, is that right? We will see about that, I think.”

“You don’t believe me?”

“Do you believe you?”

Ellie silently admitted to herself that he probably had a point. Obedience was not her strong suit, but with a blazing ass as motivation she could probably manage to behave herself at least as long as he was in her apartment.

“I brought something with me in hopes you’d agree to the arrangement,” Daniel said. “To give you a taste of what it means to be a pet. This will be your first serious test of obedience.”

Something in his tone made her senses tingle.


She had forgotten about the black bag settled next to him. It crinkled as he reached into it and drew out the strangest contraption Ellie had ever laid eyes on. A black concave rubber plug with a curving shape occupied one end of the device; the rest of it was a flowing mane of what looked to her like pale blond hair.

“What is that, Daniel?” She asked the question with a wary sense that she already knew precisely what it was, but was planning on denying it to herself as long as possible.

He reached into the bag again and drew out a small dark bottle marked Lubricant.

“Oh, god,” she groaned. “That’s not a…”

“It’s your tail, pet,” Daniel purred down at her. “All pets need a tail.”

“Daniel, please,” she whined as a fierce blush consumed her prone body. “A tail? I get the message already, really I do.”

“You haven’t begun to get the message, kitten,” he said calmly. “Now reach back and spread your cheeks for me.”

Ellie turned her head to stare up at him with pleading dismay. Was he really going to make her spread herself for this toy that carried so much significance?


A sharp tap landed on her left cheek. “What did I tell you to call me, pet?”

“Sir,” she ground out between gritted teeth. “Please… don’t…”

“Now, kitten, it won’t be so bad,” he reassured her. “You’ll enjoy it once it’s in.”

She very much doubted that.

“These are the terms of our arrangement, pet,” he reminded her gently. “Now reach back, spread those pretty pink cheeks, and ask me nicely for your tail.”

“I am not going to ask you to put that in my…” She shied away from saying the word, too embarrassed.

“Yes, you are,” he said in soft, cajoling tones. “You’re going to spread your bottom cheeks nice and wide and you’re going to ask your master to please slide your tail into your tight little anus.”

Ellie had heard of looks that could almost kill, but his words damn near turned her inside out. She felt a light sheen of sweat appear on her body almost instantly as his words sank into her psyche.

“Do I need to spank you again, kitten?”

“No!” Blushing more furiously than she ever had in her life, Ellie tentatively reached back, took hold of her hot-to-the-touch cheeks, and pulled them away from each other, exposing not just her cunt, but the tight bottom hole he intended to invade with her help.

“Very good, kitten.” His words were like a liquid caress, soothing some of her humiliation. She could hear the warmth in his tone. He sounded quite different when he was pleased with her; his timbre was deeper and his affection was almost palpable. “Now ask me for your tail.”

This was worse than spreading her bottom cheeks. Mute action was so much easier than putting words to the act. “Please…” she said, feeling almost faint from embarrassment as hot tingling rushes of sensation swept over her body.

“Say it, kitten,” he said, casually dabbing a drop of lubricant against her contracted anus. She let out a little gasp as he used the pad of his thumb to massage it in, the feeling of his finger at her most sensitive spot making her writhe and almost forget what she was supposed to say.

“Uh…” she let out a confused little sound.

“Ask me for your tail,” he reminded her patiently.

“Please, sir, may I…” She almost couldn’t finish the sentence, but the slow massaging of her anus gave her reason to. “May I have my tail, please?”

“Very good, kitten,” he said, warmth suffusing his voice and her body at the same time. “I am very pleased with you.”

Ellie felt a momentary sense of glee, but it was short lived, for a moment later he was giving her what she had asked for. The thick plug that held the tail in place was being pressed against the aperture of her anus and her bottom was giving way.

She grasped at the legs of his pants, making little squeaking noises as he slowly worked the well-lubricated plug inside her. To Ellie’s surprise, her bottom had no real trouble accommodating the plug as long as she relaxed. The moment she let tension overcome her, the stretching sensation became stinging.

Slowly but surely, little by little, Daniel fed the plug inside her bottom until finally the flared end sat against her skin, the bulk of the plug inside her bottom, stretching her walls in a way they had never been stretched before.

“Are you alright, pet?”

She let out a little murmur and nodded her head. Speech suddenly seemed… so far away from necessity. All her attention was on her body, the thick plug in her bottom, the gentle wispy sensation of the strands of the tail against her inner thighs as it draped down from her bottom and covered her pussy with a gossamer touch, strands clinging to the wetness that had been growing from the moment Daniel entered the apartment and had welled up as he first spanked her, then solicited a submission she had not known she was capable of.

He eased her gently from his lap to kneel on the floor before him in the space between his legs. Ellie found herself looking up at him along the handsome length of his body, the most notable feature of which was the length of his erection pressing against the fly of his pants.

He smiled when he saw where her eyes were directed and lowered the zipper, letting his cock spring free. It was just as large and thick as she had recalled, a delicious length of hard flesh meant for her.

“Come here, pet,” he drawled. “Show me how good you can be.”

She rose up on her knees and reached for the shaft of his cock. His eyes were on her, watching her every little motion as she gave him a teasing glance and wrapped her fingers around the length of him, directing the thick head toward her pouting lips. Every little motion of her body made the tail sway beneath her, a light pressure against and within her anus that served to remind her how empty her already eager pussy was.

Power games and billionaires aside, this was simply hot. The fantasy allowed Ellie to set aside the mask she wore from day to day and instead be nothing more than a wanton little slut, a pet who desired her master’s cock more than anything else. She could feel the role consuming her as she wrapped her lips around his cock and slid him into her mouth, her tongue lapping at the underside of his hard rod.

“Oh, god… yes, pet,” Daniel growled, reaching down to run his fingers through her hair. He could not be a passive member in the act. Even though he allowed Ellie to set her own pace for the sucking of his cock, he kept his fingers wound in her hair, a grip that allowed her to feel his strength and dominance at both ends of her body. Her bottom was spanked, her anus was full with the tail plug, and her mouth was stretched around the thick rod she wanted to feel deep inside her.

“Come here.” He growled the words and pulled lightly at his grip on her hair, making her abandon his cock and rise up the length of his body until she was straddling his lap, her tail draped over his thigh as she squirmed in place, so wet, so horny, so completely erotically undone she wanted nothing more than to have him fuck her hard and long. The tail that had seemed so humiliating at first, a symbol of Daniel’s triumph, had somehow made her feel freer. Her animal instincts were being given free reign, and with them came the desire to mate.

He must have seen the look in her eyes, for she felt her hunger reflected as he growled a question. “Do you want me to fuck you, pet?”

The head of his hard cock was just inches below her spread pussy. It would have been a matter of nothing more than claiming him with a greedy downward thrust of her hips, but Daniel held her still, making that an impossibility.

“Yes!” She tried desperately to work her hips down on his cock, but he held her in place, straddling his lap, the head of his cock just brushing the lips of her wet swollen cunt. She squirmed her hips, wriggling back and forth, but his hands were powerful and he kept her suspended just above the hard rod.

“Say please, pet.”

“Please,” she moaned. “Please fuck me, sir.”

He lowered her down gently, letting his thickness slowly part her inner walls with their slick lubrication. Ellie found herself craving more, every inch more satisfying than the one before until finally she was resting against his lap, her pussy completely full of his hardness.

She let out a little sigh of erotic satisfaction, her clit pressed hard against his pubic bone. Daniel’s hands remained on her hips, urging her forward gently into a rolling motion. She found herself riding him with almost no vertical movement, gyrating her pussy around his cock and making every part of her cunt stretch.

“Good,” he praised, his voice gruff with excitement. She could feel his muscles flexing under her, his powerful body rippling with the smallest motions. The cashmere and linen between them was too much of a barrier. Ellie began pulling at the hem of both until he chuckled and aided her in the act, making himself naked from the waist up. His pants remained but she could now press her heated soft curves against the hard lines of his chest and stomach, feeling the power that was his to wield. Daniel Treville was in excellent shape and every motion brought that home to her as she rode his cock, feasting her greedy eyes and pussy at the same time. It could not be said that Daniel was fucking her at that moment. Her tail swished back and forth as she fucked him with an eagerness that bordered on complete abandon, rocking her hips back and forth, taking him as deep as she possibly could.

They kissed passionately, Daniel’s hand sliding up her spine to settle at the back of her neck, that gently controlling grasp once more coming into play, a reminder that though she might be the one wantonly writhing on his cock, he was the one in control.

Ellie’s breath soon began to come in short gasps as she felt the hard bud of her clit start to tingle with more sensation than it could properly handle. She was overloading on pleasure—and that was when Daniel moved both hands to her hips and began sliding her up and down on his cock with powerful long strokes designed to drive them both over the edge. He leaned forward, urging his hips hard against her already well-fucked body, her hot bottom slapped again with every thrust of his thighs.

She came with his cock deep inside her, the wetness of her pussy soaking the pair of them even before his pulsing cock shot his seed inside her, delivering thick spurts of his essence deep into her clenching pussy. She let out an incoherent wail as their orgasms merged, their bodies becoming more one than she had ever known possible. There was no point where she ended and he began, their essences were mixing, the energy of their passion melding them into one grinding, humping, groaning creature.

“Oh, god,” she moaned as she came back to reality, still straddling his lap, the tail still spreading her bottom wide as his cum slowly slid from the depths of her cunt. “Oh, god, Daniel.”

He smiled at her flushed face, her cheeks still pink from exertion, strands of hair sticking to the sheen of sweat. “And that’s what good pets get,” he winked, pressing an affectionate kiss to the tip of her nose.

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