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The Capo: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview


The single word held such a powerful meaning that I was awestruck. Yet when he powered back the remainder of his drink, tossing the glass aside as if it meant nothing to him, I started quivering in his hold. He didn’t care if I had time to process the raw emotions around his statement or the meaning.

He crushed his mouth over mine with such ferocity, I couldn’t think clearly. And in truth, I didn’t want to any longer. All the pent-up feelings, the dark emotions and fear came rushing forward in that moment, the horror of what we were facing no longer mattering.

If only for a little while.

The taste of him was electrifying, shooting tingles through every muscle. He drank from my mouth as if he was a man dying of thirst, stuck in the middle of the Sahara Desert. And I clung to him as if he was my lifeline. I longed to rip off every inch of clothing, pressing our heated bodies together, but he would never allow me to be in charge even for a moment.

As flashing lights formed in my periphery of vision, I allowed myself to swoon in his hold. When he finally broke the sweet moment of passion, I whimpered immediately, the loss of his lips almost too much to bear. He rubbed his thumb across my lips roughly, his chest rising and falling.

“Hear me, Delaney. I’m going to taste and take what I want, beautiful doll. I’m fed up with waiting. I’m not a patient man.”

“Don’t be,” I told him.

“This is your last chance to walk away from me. This will destroy your father. There will be no friendship. It will strain your relationship.”

“I know.” My whisper was breathless, the slight tremor giving him pause. “This is my life, Francois. No one, including my father can make the choice for me.”

“After this, you belong to me. Do you hear what I’m telling you?”

Francois’ eyes remained unblinking, the powerful and piercing manner breath-stealing. “Yes, sir. I don’t want to walk away.”

He threw his head back for a few seconds and when he lowered it again, the color of his irises had changed. “Then so be it.”

He was a man obsessed, which is what I’d always known him to be. He parted my lips with ease, taking what he wanted, thrusting the tip of his tongue towards the back of my throat. I was so tightly pressed against him that I could feel his ragged heartbeat, could sense the rush of adrenaline that was fueling the bolts of electricity. Nothing had adequately prepared me for the feeling of letting go, of being with him in a carnal way free of lies and pretense. Just the two of us and no one else.

It was life altering, leaving me aching all over, shivering in his hold. He was more dominating than before, rolling his hand down my back, kneading my bottom before taking a handful. As he lifted me onto my toes, I swept my arms around his neck, tangling my fingers in his hair. It was strange that I was marveling in the softness of his thick curls, the way his hair tickled my fingers.

My heart continued fluttering as quickly as the butterfly wings were in my stomach, the kiss much more powerful than any I’d shared with him. Maybe that’s because we both felt free of the chains used as anchors, keeping us from dealing with the intensity of our feelings.

Wants. Needs.

Every raw emotion was welding together, tightly woven like the way our bodies molded together. Where one began and the other ended I was at a loss to explain. And in truth I didn’t care. The taste of him was amazing, the moment explosive, lights flickering all around us.

“I want you,” I managed, praying he wouldn’t change his mind.

“Oh, God, woman. I crave you more than I have anyone.”

When he picked me completely off the floor, I could tell I was swooning, no longer able to feel my arms or legs. He crushed his mouth over mine for a second time, his actions even more deliberate than before. He continued sweeping his tongue back and forth, every other breathing sound he made a husky growl. Francois was more beast than man and I loved every bit of his brutal actions.

When our lips parted, I darted my tongue out, sliding it all the way around his mouth as I reached for his shirt. He allowed me to yank it from its tight confines before issuing the kind of deep, guttural sound that sent vibrations dancing into every muscle, every blood cell. This wasn’t just about being electrified, on fire from his searing touch. This moment and the explosive nature of our passion was about a continuation of our toxic need, one that would never allow us to be free.

But I didn’t want to be free of the man. I needed to drink in his essence, to bask in the insanity of our togetherness. And to forget anything but the two of us together.

He pushed me away, cocking his head and allowing his fiery gaze to fall to my feet. Then he gripped the front of my shirt with both hands, ripping it with ease, tearing it from my body. I was certain he would have a heart attack from the way his chest was rising and falling, his entire face contorted.

“You’re mine. Do you know that?”


“Is that what you want?” he muttered in his gravelly voice as he cupped both my breasts, immediately flicking his thumbs back and forth across my aching nipples.

“God, yes.” I struggled to reach for him again, finally doing the same thing to him, ripping the buttons from his bloody shirt. There was something even filthier about the knowledge that he’d killed for me. The rush of adrenaline was powered by the knowledge, the need for him intensifying tenfold. What did that make me? A monster alongside him?

Or was I the light to his darkness?

He ripped at my shorts, maneuvering them over my hips, snapping the elastic of my thong and within seconds, I was completely naked. Now a wild feeling of embarrassment washed over me. His men could walk in at any time, yet he didn’t seem concerned in the least.

“You’ll get everything you need and want. If you’re a good girl.” He pinched my nipples, twisting and plucking them until stars formed in front of my eyes.

“Oh.” The pain was extraordinary, my mind washing blank, the need to touch him the only possible thing I could handle thinking of. I palmed his chest, kneading his skin, fearful I would fall to the floor.

He slowly lowered his head, his eyes never leaving me. He laved my right nipple, taking his time to soothe the burn and ache. There was something so extraordinary about his actions, his need to explore every inch of me written all over his face. I was certain the brute would ravage me and that excited me even more.

As he took the hardened bud between his teeth, biting down until I cried out, he allowed his hand to slide down my stomach between my legs. His fingers easily found my slickened pussy, teasing me relentlessly as I issued several whimpers.

I was finally forced to grip his arms for fear of collapsing. I threw my head back, laughing, then whimpered as the sensations increased.

He brushed his lips to my other breast, rolling the tip of his tongue around my areola before sucking. They were so sensitive already that I couldn’t stop quivering. As he slipped his fingers inside, slowly and tenderly pumping, the rhythm perfect, I fell into a state of peaceful bliss. All sound was shoved aside, all complexity of who and what we were in the wind.

I was vaguely aware he’d started pressing kisses between my breasts then down the length of my stomach. Unable to breathe, I was still tingling all over. I lolled my head to the side, trying to keep my eyes open, desperately longing to watch everything he was doing. It was impossible.

“My beautiful doll is a bad girl. Aren’t you?” He pinched both nipples again until I cried out, allowing me a taste of his sadistic side.

“Oh, God. Oh…”

“Answer me.”

Was he really asking me that question? “Uh-huh.”

The sudden crack of his hand against my bottom was jarring, but it sent trickles of juice sliding down the inside of both thighs. The scent of my arousal was as powerful as his actions, both a strong aphrodisiac.

“You need to be punished every day.” He dropped all the way to the floor, spreading my legs as wide open as possible.

“Maybe.” I was longer able to recognize my voice. Blinking several times, I gave up on focusing, now gripping his shoulders. I knew I was digging my fingers into him, but there was no other choice. He was doing the same things, pressing his fingers into my bottom as he jerked my hips forward.

The moment he pressed his lips against my clit, my knees buckled. The man knew how to create madness in my mind and wetness between my legs. He teased me, flicking his tongue around my clit to the point I was bucking against him, panting like a wild animal.

I sensed he had no intention of allowing me to get off that easily. I was his prisoner in every sense of the word. Every tingling jolt of electricity was magnified, nonexistent bells ringing in my ears. There was something far too sinful about the fact he was mostly dressed and I only wore tennis shoes. I felt like such a bad girl, but it felt oh-so good.

This was pure freedom, the ability to let go everything I’d ever wanted.

As soon as Francois finally sucked on my tender bud, I raked my fingers through his hair, tugging with so much power and need I was fearful I’d rip out handfuls. If he minded, he certainly didn’t react, concentrating on driving me to the point of madness.

When he finally thrust his tongue into my tight channel, I managed to roll onto my toes, struggling to keep hold, arching my back as the pleasure rammed through me.

“Oh. My. God.” The orgasm was quick and relentless, pushing me to the point of no return. Lights flashed, my hearing toast and my mind completely blank. It was pure ecstasy and something only he’d ever managed to provide.

He refused to stop there, licking me furiously, growling like the beast he was. I continued to toss my hair back and forth, probably seemingly a crazy person. With every harsh swipe of his tongue, the way he penetrated my very core, I was pushed further into a sweet place of nirvana.

Another climax rushed up from my toes. This time there was no sound erupting from my mouth, although in my mind I was screaming from the wild pleasure. Every sound he made continued to arouse me, every swipe of his raspy tongue drawing me closer to a precipice, an abyss far below.

Perhaps I’d always been in love with the man.

The dark, dangerous predator.

As the climax built to a crazy point, my body shaking in his hold, he licked fervently until I was extra sensitive. Seconds or maybe minutes later, I was aware he’d risen to his feet, gathering me into his strong arms. As I pressed my hand against his chest, struggling to look him in the eyes, his entire expression had changed, becoming even darker.

I wasn’t just his lover.

I was now his possession.

And I couldn’t be more excited.

He took purposeful steps out of the room, not saying a single word, his eyes never leaving mine. It was as if the man was searching to ensure I wouldn’t change my mind. Somehow, I knew even if I had, the deal I’d made would last until the end of time. Who was I to want anything other than what had been every girl’s fantasy?

The bad boy alpha. The dangerous man. The risk taker.

Someone so utterly passionate about everything he did, he literally took my breath away. Everything about his actions was methodical, purposeful as if in doing this, he was issuing a warning in silence, allowing me one last thought at taking the option. Although I could tell by the possessive look in his eyes that he had no intention of letting me go.

The constant chills tickling every inch of skin, and the heat building in the depth of my being couldn’t be denied.

Or explained.

We were risking more than his friendship with my father and my life.

We were both risking everything we thought we’d known about each other, the tender hold we’d had on separation versus need. And in my case, I was risking my heart. Was this merely about passion, the need for connection? It didn’t matter. I now belonged to him.

Francois moved down the hallway like the predator he was, the silence in the house almost deafening. He kicked open his bedroom door, sweeping me inside. Then he tossed me into the center of the bed. Without hesitation, he pushed me down, yanking one tennis shoe off then the other, pitching them halfway across the room.

Laughter bubbled up from my throat, the salacious action drawing me deeper into the sinful moment.

Purring, I crawled onto my knees almost instantly, reaching for him as I’d done before. There were no words to be said, no further statements to be made. The music and the words would all be in our actions.

He shook his head as he backed out of my reach, the slight smirk on his face driving me crazy. I swayed back and forth, undulating my hips on purpose as he slowly eased the torn shirt over his broad shoulders. As he watched me intently, I placed the palms of my hands against my upper chest, flexing my fingers open as I brushed them down to my breasts.

“Mmm…” he growled, tossing his shirt then reaching for his shoes. His dark eyes were enshrouded with hooded eyelids, his long dark eyelashes skimming across his cheeks as he blinked. The way his chest continued to rise and fall was a clear indication of his needs, desires that would make the moment shared rough.

And I craved it, every inch of me erupting with fiery heat.

As he unfastened his trousers, I dragged my tongue across my lips in an exaggerated manner, pinching my nipples between my fingers. The pain was delightful and I threw my head back, rolling my hips forward.

“Be careful, my sweet doll. I could break you.”

“I’m not fragile.”

“You say that now.” Seconds later, he was fully naked, standing at his full height and allowing me to bask in his insanely good looks. How could any man be that gorgeous?

As my gaze fell down the length of his chest, shifting across the artistic world of ink that he’d had tatted on his skin, he followed my gaze. The lightning bolt was surrounded by vines and scrolls.

“A symbol of power and strength used by the gods,” he told me, following my lead and rolling the rough pads of his fingers across the design before crawling his hand to his cock.

“That suits you perfectly.”

His smirk was darker than before and I could swear it was possible to read his mind, the darkness he was experiencing. I couldn’t stop quivering.

I inched to the foot of the bed, remaining on my knees, rubbing my hand against my skin as I moved it down further. The moment I shoved it between my legs, fingering my aching mound, he hissed as if angry that I’d touched what belonged to him.

Yet he wrapped his fingers around his cock, pumping several times as he watched every move I was making.

“No one else will ever touch you again. If they do, they die.” His dark words were said simply, frankly. And I knew he meant them.


“Yes…” He moved closer, taking my hand away from my pussy, placing it on his stomach. I was surprised at the level of heat so extreme it seared my fingertips.

I licked my lips again, cooing as I took my time easing them down to his cock. The moment he pulled his hand away, I wrapped my fingers around the base. He inched closer, allowing me full access.

“Suck me, little doll. I need that hot mouth of yours around my cockhead.” He fisted my hair, guiding my head down.

I didn’t need any directions or encouragement, the draw to him unbelievable. Sticking out my tongue, I licked around the tip, pulling back afterward as much as he would allow before slipping my other hand between his legs, cupping and squeezing his balls.

“Fuck. Don’t tease me, doll. If you do, I won’t be gentle.”

His gruff words only made my pussy clench. “I don’t want it gentle. I want it rough.”

“As I’ve already told you. Be careful what you ask for.”

“Careful isn’t in my vocabulary.” His cock was hard as a rock and I couldn’t help myself, bending over and dragging my tongue down the underside. When I flicked it across his balls, he threw his head back with a sharp roar.

“It will be such joy to own every single hole.”

I shuddered from the thought, knowing he’d make good on his promise. At that moment, I would give him everything. All of me. Every. Single. Inch. I sucked on one testicle then the other, savoring the musky scent, the tangy taste. As I twisted my hand around his shaft, pumping tenderly, I could sense he was growing impatient.

Yet I was enjoying the moment of control, likely the only one I would have for some time to come. I zigged and zagged my tongue back to the tip, rolling it around his cockhead. As soon as I engulfed his cockhead, he rolled onto the balls of his feet, driving my head down until I was forced to take several more inches.

I almost gagged, he was so huge, filling my mouth and stretching my jaw muscles. But within seconds, I relaxed my throat, determined to take all of him. He rolled his fingers through my hair, every muscle in his body tense.

“That’s a good girl. Such a very good girl.”

His words of praise pushed my core to the extreme, tiny beads of perspiration floating across my upper lip in response. I twisted my hand around the base of his cock, creating a wave of friction. Every deep growl he issued, every animalistic sound, fueled the fire and I kept going, allowing him to stretch my mouth wide open until the tip hit the back of my throat.

He held me in place, the pressure on my head a reminder that I belonged to him. I swirled my tongue back and forth, trying to control my breathing. When he finally let me go, I could sense he was close to coming but I doubted he would allow me to finish this way.

When he took full control, cupping both sides of my face, I shifted my gaze so I could see his eyes. “That’s it, baby girl. One. Hot. Mouth.” He face-fucked me for a few seconds, taking his time pushing his cock inside and pulling out. Then he pulled out completely, shoving my shoulders until I tumbled backwards onto the bed. “Not that way. Not yet.”

As he crawled onto the bed, his eyes slanted, taking in all of me as he’d done so many times, yet this time was different. There was no way to describe how intense he or the moment had proven to be, the electricity in the room spiking. I had difficulty breathing, had given up focusing. All I could think about was having his big, thick cock buried deep inside.

Francois moved between my legs, taking his time to bend one at the knee, pulling my foot from the comforter and placing it on his thigh. As he rubbed both hands up and down, I couldn’t take my eyes off him, the tip of his cock already glistening from drops of pre-cum.

He lowered his head ever so slowly, pressing kisses against my leg, nudging my other leg until I was wide open for him. “You’re so wet,” he muttered.

“Only for you.”

“Mmm… Then I guess I need to do something about that.”

“Uh-huh.” He lifted my leg, placing it over his shoulder then easing the tip of his beautiful cock against my wetness. I planted both hands on his chest, darting my eyes back and forth. He was baiting me, teasing me. Making me wait until the perfect moment.

As he’d done before, he lowered down very slowly, planting his hands on either side of me. I wanted to jut my hips forward, forcing his shaft inside, but there was no denying his control. He kissed my lips lightly, brushing them back and forth before lifting his head and straightening his arms. The smile on his face was practically evil, telling me in no uncertain terms what he was going to do to me.

When he finally thrust the entire length inside, I jerked up from the covers, gasping for air. Whimpers and moans slipped past my lips, and I tossed my head back and forth. If only the man knew what he was doing to me.

He pulled out, driving into me again and I couldn’t stop the scream erupting from my throat. I continued to push my hands against his chest, kneading his muscles, trying to bite back one cry after another. When he jerked first one arm over my head then the other, I could tell his mind was overwhelmed with both filth and concern, still uncertain of the decision he made regarding me.

When he wrapped his fingers around mine, slowly pumping in and out, his stare became more intense. I was mesmerized by the way his eyes continuously changed colors, his irises becoming iridescent. Everything about him captured and kept my attention much like his rough actions had done to my body.

And for a few precious moments, we were as one, making love not fucking. Somehow, I had a feeling it wouldn’t last. It couldn’t, not with what we had to face. I met every pump of his hips, grinding mine back and forth. He was so deeply seated I could swear the tip was inside my womb. The man was a true powerhouse, yet his tender side was just as appealing.

But as the gentle moments continued, I sensed what he wanted, as if the reality of who he was as a man and my perception of him being a monster were something he was determined to prove. The moment he shifted into a darker personality was easy to see by the flash of his eyes, the curl appearing on his upper lip.

His actions became rougher, the grind more brutal, but it was as if he’d learned every inch of my body as well as anticipating my needs. With every savage thrust, I was driven closer to nirvana, another orgasm waiting in the shadows.

“Come for me, beautiful doll.” His command was dark, deliciously dangerous, and something I couldn’t ignore.

As if by magic, he’d no sooner whispered the words when my body reacted, my pussy tightening around his thick cock like a tight vise.

“Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh…” I closed my eyes, jerking up from the bed, struggling to breathe as the climax rushed through me. Somewhere in my scattered brain, I heard him muttering words in French. Whatever they were, they fueled the raging fire, pushing me into the longest orgasm of my life. By the point the sensations started to ebb, I was exhausted, lolling my head to the side.

“You’re beautiful when you climax,” he stated as if it was something I needed to hear.

“I feel beautiful around you.”

I wrapped my other leg around his massive thigh, trying to keep this moment intact. But as with everything else about him, he refused to allow me to have any control. He pulled all the way out, shifting onto his knees.

“What are you doing?” I asked, the emptiness killing me already.

“Claiming your tight ass.” He was so strong that he lifted and flipped me over onto my knees and hands without taking an exaggerated breath. Nothing about his abilities should shock me any longer. The man was a true powerhouse. However, the thought of having him drilling his thick cock inside my tight asshole was almost too much to bear.

However, there was no getting away from him, Francois wrapping one hand around my throat, holding me in place. When he smacked my bottom with his other, the tingling sensations morphed into a hint of pain, but I was so wet and hot the electricity coursing through me turned the moment into additional excitement.

I was forced to arch my back as his fingers dug into my neck, using his hold as a leash. I’d never thought something like this could feel so sexy. He cracked his hand against my bottom twice more before sliding the tip of his cock against my dark hole. As soon as he started to push inside, he wrapped his body over mine, pressing his full weight against me.

“I’ve never done this,” I admitted, hating the sound of my voice. It was so small, as if defeated and I didn’t feel that way in the least. When I was with Francois, I felt as if I was floating, as if all the wrongs of the world could be righted by our coupling.

“Nice and slow.”

“What if…” I’d never admitted defeat before. I certain wasn’t going to start now.

“You will never fail me, baby. You’re perfect. Breathe for me, my little doll.” His words were scattered, his hot breath skipping sinfully against the base of my ear.

Perfect. I was far from it, but his words continued to boost the adrenaline, the pheromones spiking.

I clawed the bedding, trying to do what he asked, still struggling with the reason I was enjoying the moment. Another wave of anguish tore through me as he thrusted deeper inside, pushing me further out of my comfort zone.

Light flashed in front of my eyes, but I closed them, trying to keep the demons at bay for as long as possible. His hold remained firm as he continued pushing into me, driving away the pain, replacing it with the most incredible sensations I’d ever experienced. As my muscles started to relax, accepting his wide girth, I was shocked how amazing it truly was.

He thrust the last remaining couple of inches inside, his entire body shuddering against mine. When he pulled almost all the way out, I whimpered, pushing hard against him.

“You’re a hungry little girl.”

“You have no idea.”

“Then I’ll give you everything you need by taking everything I want.” He slowly pushed inside once again. This time, my muscles reacted differently.

“Do you always get what you want?”

“Yes.” The one-word admittance was like a controlled burn, although there was nothing about what we shared that could be considered controllable.

The term possession continued to drift into the back of my mind, the connotation of what that meant not lost on me. He was so masculine that the feel of his tense muscles against my back and legs stole what was left of my breath. He took his time fucking me, claiming my asshole as he’d done to my mouth and pussy. The rocking motion as we moved together was just as spine tingling as everything else that had occurred, maybe more so.

It was as if our bodies had been made to fit together perfectly, as if destiny and fate had intervened. Maybe I was playing the fool, which was something I’d promised myself I’d never do.

He lowered his head, nuzzling against my neck, his whisper harsh. “No man will ever touch you again.”

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