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The Captain’s Rules by Katy Swann – Extended Preview

“Do you like Thai food?”

I opened my eyes and squinted at Matt. I must have fallen asleep because the last thing I remembered was joining the motorway. Now, we were leaving it. “I love it,” I replied, still sleepy.

“Good. I know a great little Thai restaurant near my house. We can stop on the way back and pick up a curry to take home.”

I snuggled back in my seat and smiled. The day just kept getting better.

“Are you staying over tonight?” he asked, glancing at me as we approached a roundabout.

“Well, only if you want me to.” I wouldn’t want to outstay my welcome so I was careful not to sound too keen.

The way his eyes softened and the corners of his mouth creased told me all I needed to know. “What do you think?” he said with a crooked grin.

Forty minutes later we were sitting in Matt’s courtyard garden eating the most delicious Massaman curry I’d ever had, and drinking raspberry-flavored cider. It was nearly dark, but Matt had dug some outdoor candles out and placed them all around us. Apparently they had been a housewarming present, but this was the first time he’d had reason to use them. The citronella-scented flames danced in the warm evening breeze and bounced light across Matt’s face as he ate. I was so entranced by the glow reflected in his eyes that I almost forgot to eat.

“When are you flying next?” he asked. One of the candles flickered at the same time as he spoke, making his eyes come alive in the fading light.

My heart squeezed as I stared at him. Unable to look away, I had to clear my throat before answering. “I’m on standby this week so I don’t know right now. After these few days off, I’m ready to go back sooner rather than later. How about you?”

“I’ve got New York again on Monday then Vancouver on Friday.”

“I’ve never been to Vancouver. What’s it like?” I leaned back in my seat and took a sip of my drink. Then I slowly licked my lips and gave Matt the best sultry pout I could. I wasn’t a natural flirt, though, and felt so silly that I straightened my back, crossed my legs, and returned to my usual pragmatic demeanor.

Matt smiled, not giving away whether he had noticed my not-so-subtle attempt at flirting. “It’s a ten-hour direct flight so just the right distance. Vancouver is a great place. My old school friend, Pete, lives there with his wife so I sometimes stay with them when I’m on a stopover.”

“That’s handy. So when’s your next break?” I was already thinking ahead to when I’d see him again. I didn’t want to seem too keen, though, so I made sure I sounded like any other pilot discussing work with a colleague.

“I’m back on Monday. Will you still be on standby?”

After a quick mental check of my schedule, I nodded. “Yes, I’m pretty sure my next scheduled flight is on Wednesday.”

“Good. Then keep Monday night free,” he said, narrowing his eyes at me. “I’ll be itching to get my hands on you after a week of not seeing you.”

“Oh, so you don’t want me for my intelligent conversation or sparkling humor, then?” I said, laughing.

“Nope. I just want to spank you and fuck you.” He picked up his glass and winked just before taking a mouthful of cider.

“Sounds good to me,” I said, and raised my glass in a salute. Even lighthearted banter was sexy with Matt. I smiled to myself at the promise of a spanking and tried to ignore the heat building between my legs.

“Why don’t I make us some coffee before we go in?” he said, standing up and reaching for my empty plate.

“That would be lovely. Do you want a hand?”

“No, thanks.” He flashed me a smile before disappearing into the house, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

I took another sip of my cider and sat back in my seat, mentally hugging myself as I bathed in contentment. What a fantastic day. The flight with Matt earlier had been exhilarating and had made me feel more alive than I had for a very long time. Well, except for when Matt had spanked me this morning. Now, that had been something else. The release I’d felt when I had finally let go had been liberating and the pain from his hand had only heightened the experience. So, how the hell had I gone from being on such a high to the depths of despair when I’d failed to obey Matt such a short time later? A little of the euphoria I’d just been reveling in drained out of me and I made a big effort to snap out of the negative path of thought before it spoilt my mood.

The clatter of plates from the kitchen brought a welcome distraction from my gloomy speculation and I couldn’t help chuckling to myself. Matt was about as domesticated as I was. But then, without me even realizing it, my mind drifted back to my earlier thoughts. What was he going to do to me later? Would he take me back into his playroom to continue with my punishment? A little knot of worry formed in my belly. What if I failed again? Just how many times could I defy him before he’d had enough?

“What’s up?”

I jumped as Matt’s voice sliced through the silence. I hadn’t heard him come back out. “Nothing.”

“I’ll ask again. What’s up?” This time is voice was firmer, demanding an honest reply.

“I was wondering if I can manage to get through tonight without either hitting you or calling you something really bad.” I grinned to let him know I was half joking.

He placed a cup of steaming coffee in front of me then sat down, reached across the table and took hold of my hand. “Alex, forget about that for now. The more you worry about it, the harder it will be. Tonight there will be no pressure. I’m beginning to get an idea of the sort of things you like and don’t like. Just relax and enjoy it, okay?”

“Yes, Sir,” I said. Then I giggled when I realized what I’d just called him.

Matt grinned, let go of my hand, and sat back in his seat. Fixing his stern gaze on me, he said, “Good girl. I’ll reward you for that later.”

The conversation returned to aviation as we drank our coffee, but the sexual undercurrent fizzed between us the whole time leaving me distracted and flustered. Every now and then our eyes would meet and each time I fell deeper under his spell. He was always the one to break the gaze, but not before he’d left me in no doubt about the power he had over me.

Matt took a sip of his coffee then stared into his cup and appeared to be deep in thought for a few moments. “You are okay with the D/s thing, aren’t you?” he asked suddenly.

“Of course I am,” I cried, shocked that he might doubt it. “Can you honestly imagine me agreeing to something I didn’t want?”

“No,” he said with a chuckle. “I just needed to be sure. Look, don’t forget if anything we do ever becomes too intense, use your safeword. If you’d said gear up as soon as you started to feel uncomfortable during our scene, I would have stopped immediately.”

Frowning, I put my cup down. “Gear up?”

“Your safeword.”

“Oh,” I said, laughing, “I wasn’t serious about using that. My safeword is red, like you first suggested.”

Matt’s eyes darkened as if a light had been dimmed. “What?”

“It was a joke. You don’t honestly think I’d use such a silly safeword, do you?”

I laughed again, and waited for Matt to join in, but instead his expression became thunderous. “Have you any idea how irresponsible that is?” His voice had deepened to a rasp, his anger only too apparent.

Shit. Was I in trouble? “I, er…” I trailed off, suddenly unsure of what to say.

“Alex, your safeword is one of the most important aspects of BDSM. It’s what gives you the control to end a scene if it’s too intense and it has to be taken seriously. What if you had called ‘red’ and I didn’t stop because I’d thought your safeword was gear up?”

Seeing Matt’s eyes blazing down at me made me want to shrink into a tiny ball. He was right, of course. I had taken something that I knew was sacred in BDSM and treated it like a game. Shame washed over me as I gazed at the floor. “I’m sorry.”

“I need to be sure that you understand the seriousness of this. You are never to joke about something that’s there for your safety.”

“It won’t happen again.” I dared to glance up at Matt for any sign that he had forgiven me, but instead of leniency, I got a cold, hard glare that made me feel even worse.

“Come here.”

I hesitated for a second before standing up and shuffling over to Matt. My cheeks burned with shame, not only due to my huge fuck-up, but also because I knew what was coming.

“You need to be punished,” Matt said, his voice grave. “I have to be sure you’ve learned your lesson. Get over my lap.”

I swallowed and tried not to look like I was about to die of embarrassment. It was one thing being punished as part of a scene, like my delicious spanking that morning had been, but it was a different thing altogether when it was for real. There was no sexy buildup, no flirty glints in his eyes as he waited for me to obey him.

“Look, I’m sorry, okay? Can’t we forget it?”

“You don’t seem to understand. Let me make this completely clear. Get over my lap now!” He grabbed hold of my hand and pulled me down, leaving me with no choice but to do as he’d said.

As I wriggled to get comfortable, Matt pushed me forward, forcing me to put my hands of the floor for support. With my legs dangling over the other side and my body pressed against his thighs, my ass was in just the right position for his hand. Then, to make things even worse, he lifted my skirt and pulled my panties down to my ankles, allowing the cool evening breeze to sprinkle goosebumps over my bare buttocks. Oh, the shame. Surely this couldn’t really be happening? Then, without warning, Matt brought his hand down on my ass with a hard slap.

“Ow!” The sting sent shockwaves through my entire body and practically took away my breath.

Matt started spanking me with quick even slaps, each one harder and meaner than the last. Tears burned my eyes as the force of each smack rocked my body.

“You need to learn never to mess around where safety is concerned,” snapped Matt, giving me an extra hard slap on the back of my thighs.

“I’m sorry,” I cried as a little of my humiliation began to turn to anger. How dare he treat me like a naughty child?

“You will be. I need to make sure you never do anything like that again.” He rained a constant flow of scorching smacks on my ass until I writhed in a desperate attempt to escape the blows. “Stay still,” he ordered.

The pain was building now, to the point where I didn’t know how much more I could take. The spanks were relentless and held none of the pleasure I had grown so fond of. This was agony and I just wanted it to stop. Should I use my safeword? Oh, the irony, it was my safeword that had gotten me into this mess. Another succession of slaps across each ass cheek finally burst my pride and my tears started to fall freely. My mind became scrambled as I struggled to recall my safeword. Except there was no safeword. This was a punishment that I deserved and, besides, which word would I have used anyway? I was truly beginning to see why Matt had been so angry. I had been incredibly irresponsible treating something so important as a joke and, boy, was I paying for it now.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” I cried through each painful smack.

Something in my voice must have registered with him because he stopped then and rubbed his hand over my burning bottom. “Have you learnt your lesson, Alex?”

“Yes. I really am sorry. It was a stupid thing to do. I can see that now.” And I really had learned. If this had been a proper BDSM scene I might have called red to get him to stop and he would most likely had misread me and thought it was part of the game. I clearly had a lot to learn.

Matt helped me to sit back up then pulled me into his arms as my burning bottom rubbed against the rough material of his jeans. He hugged me to him and stroked my hair while I slowly recovered. The momentary anger I had felt during my punishment had been replaced with genuine regret.

“I really am sorry,” I whispered. Although the flow of tears had slowed, my face was still wet.

Matt maneuvered me so he could look at me. With a smile, he gently wiped my tears away. “Yes, I do believe you are. Do you understand why I had to punish you?”

I nodded vigorously. “Yes. I can’t believe I was so stupid. I won’t ever fool around with safewords or anything like that again.”

“Good. Now, just to be absolutely sure, what is your safeword?”

“Red. Definitely just red.”

“Okay.” He tightened his arms around me and held me until I stopped shaking.

We must have remained like that for a good ten minutes or so, but when Matt finally nudged me to stand up, I was fully recovered and chastised.

We went back inside where Matt made us some tea then we snuggled up on the couch in his living room. Slowly my world returned to normal as the sting eased, leaving just a tingle every time I moved. I wasn’t mad at Matt; in fact I didn’t blame him at all. I was beginning to understand a different nature to dominance and submission that I hadn’t considered before. It wasn’t just about a bit of kinky and sexy fun. There had been nothing erotic at all about my punishment this evening and yet it seemed to bring me closer to Matt as his actions had been because he cared about my safety. Yes, he’d been angry at my flippant attitude, but that wasn’t what had driven him to spank me. Although, I’d been outraged at the time, I could see now that he had done it for my own good. There was clearly a lot more to this D/s thing than I had imagined.

“You okay?” asked Matt, as if sensing my thoughts.

“Yes, Sir,” I replied, as I felt myself slipping back into the happy headspace of submissiveness.

Without uttering another word, he took my hand and led me silently through the house, up the stairs, and into his bedroom.


“Shh.” He put his finger against my lips to silence me then started to unbutton my blouse. When he slipped it off, tiny goosebumps swept over my belly and arms. I shivered as he ran his forefinger over them. Then he unzipped my skirt, let it fall to my ankles and waited for me to step out of it. He unclasped my bra with ease and before the lacy garment even landed on the floor, he had one of my nipples in his mouth. I let out a soft moan and had to concentrate hard on staying upright as delicious ripples of pleasure floated through my body.

I was left wearing only panties, but before I could catch my breath, he had yanked them down and discarded them, leaving me naked and trembling.

“Stand with your legs apart and hands behind your back,” he ordered, stepping back. “Then remain still and do not speak.”

I quickly did as he’d instructed. Clearly not well enough, because he nudged my feet to make me part my legs even more than they already were. He stared at me the whole time, his eyes burning into me, melting my insides.

Without a word, he paced slowly and purposefully around me, inspecting me from every angle.

He stopped behind me and ran his hands across my bottom. “Still nice and red,” he murmured before resuming his inspection. When he was in front of me again he stared at my breasts, a frown furrowing his brow.

“Hmm.” He took hold of my nipples with both hands and squeezed hard.

Sharp pain shot through my breasts making me almost cry out, but I managed to remain quiet and stay in position. He kept a tight hold of them until they went numb, all the time looking at me with an evil glint in his eyes. When he chuckled to himself, I took a deep breath and braced myself for what I knew would come next. Sure enough, when he let go, the blood gushed back, forcing my knees to buckle as the agony turned to pleasure.

Matt grinned, looking pleased, then strode behind me and gave my right buttock a hard slap. The sting joined the residual heat from my punishment, forcing me to groan. Warm air in the room circled around my body, tickling the tiny hairs on my arms, and adding to my growing tension. It brushed against the apex of my legs, settling lightly on my damp skin. It was only then that I became aware of how aroused I was. A tiny hint of moisture trickled along the inside of my thigh. It took every ounce of my willpower not to reach down and ease the gentle ache pulsing between my open legs.

Matt walked back around and stopped in front of me then he very slowly pulled his t-shirt over his head, exposing his broad chest. My pulse quickened. How I longed to run my hands through the smattering of dark hair that covered his hard muscles. Then he undid his jeans and slid them down until they pooled by his feet. My eyes widened as I took in the bulge under the thin material of his briefs. He was as turned on as I was.

Without speaking, Matt nodded at the floor and I instinctively knew what he wanted. I sank to my knees then pulled his jeans first over one foot, then the other. Now he only had his underpants left on. Without waiting for permission, I pulled them down and licked my lips as his cock sprang out, hard and very large.

“Not yet, you greedy sub,” he growled. “Follow me on your hands and knees.”

By now I was so horny I would have done practically anything he told me to so I crawled after him into the bathroom then sat back on my heels as he turned on the shower. When he looked happy with the temperature of the water, he turned back to me.

“Come,” he said, reaching his hand out to help me up.

As soon as we were both under the jet of steaming water, Matt reached for a bottle of shower gel and squeezed a large dollop onto a sponge. He kissed me on the lips then started to wash me, gently wiping the lather over my whole body: my back, all the way down each leg, my arms. He took his time as he soaped my breasts and seemed to pay extra attention to my rigid nipples as the friction made them bunch even tighter. Then he moved down over my stomach until he reached the top of my thighs. I opened my legs and couldn’t suppress a groan when each bubble seemed to pop against my oversensitive mound.

When I was as clean as I could possibly be, he moved me out of the path of the powerful jet. “Don’t move,” he ordered. He poured more gel out then washed himself while I admired the view. He really did have a perfect body. I watched, fascinated, at the way the water drenched his hair, dripped off his eyelashes then ran down his face before running over his chest each time he stepped out of the flow. It rippled over his muscles, leaving tiny droplets hanging onto the hairs. I waited as patiently as I could, but was finding it more difficult by the second to obey his command to remain still. I was itching to get my hands on him. Oh, stuff it. Without thinking, I grabbed the sponge then swung him around so he was facing away from me. I took my time as I lathered his back, making sure I covered every inch, before making my way down over his tight butt. I just couldn’t resist ‘accidentally’ knocking his balls as I reached in between his legs.

“Fuck.” He turned around, grabbed the sponge off me, and threw it on the floor. “You little minx,” he said, his eyes shining with laughter. He pushed me against the wall of the shower then took my chin in his hand and growled, “Close your eyes, stay still, and remain silent.”

I shut my eyes, shivering in anticipation. What was he going to do? Even though I wasn’t under the flow, the steam kept me warm as it swirled around me. Then something even hotter and wetter than the water kissed the delicate area at the top of my thighs. He slapped them, making me part my legs farther, then flicked his tongue along my labia before pushing through my slit. My breath hitched in excitement as he held onto my thighs while he licked me, exploring my swollen folds.

My senses went into overload then as water splashed off Matt’s head and crashed against my skin, making me feel every little drop. He explored my most intimate places, making my knees weaken when he grazed my delicate skin with his teeth. I was just about managing to hold on to my control until he flicked his tongue over my clit, sending zillions of sharp shocks through to my core. I groaned as I came and would have fallen to the floor if Matt hadn’t been holding onto me. I could no longer tell where the hot water or the billowing waves inside me met. Everything became one as my body shook with the overwhelming orgasm that had come without warning.

Finally, as I eventually stopped shaking, Matt turned me around to face the wall. “You came without permission,” he growled. “Raise your hands and place them against the tiles so you’re leaning forward.”

Despite the haze steaming through my head I was able to comply and leaned myself against the wall. All I was aware of was my heartbeat that pounded in my ears, drowning out the furious flow of the water. When the first slap crashed onto my ass, I screamed as my wet skin absorbed the sharp impact. Matt spanked me hard and fast, each splat reverberating in my ears as it scorched my buttocks. This time, though, the pain was delicious and I soon found that I was becoming delirious. Somehow, the water was intensifying the smacks sending me deeper into a world where my blood tingled with pure joy.

Just as I began to think that Matt was aiming scalding water directly at my ass, I had a vague sense of it being turned off before a large, warm towel was draped around my body. Matt dried me then kept me wrapped in the towel while he rubbed himself dry.

“Come on, beautiful,” he whispered, taking hold of my hand and leading me back into the bedroom.

Matt maneuvered me onto the bed then climbed up and pulled me into his arms. I sighed as he held me, keeping me safe and warm. My skin still tingled from the shower, my ass still burned from the spanking, and my body still glowed from my orgasm. Was it possible to be any more content?

Matt cuddled me for what felt like forever and it was me who grew restless first. I must have drifted in and out of sleep, but now a gnawing ache deep inside me was making me twitchy. My heart seemed to be beating faster despite my serene state and an unbearable heat was building between my legs. Unbelievably, I was horny again.

I took a deep breath and inhaled Matt’s scent—so masculine, so sexy. I ran my fingernail over his chest and let it scratch over his nipple. He groaned and opened his eyes. I pinched the hardening nub then leant forward and flicked my tongue over it. The hairs on his chest tickled my nose so I gently bit down with my teeth in retaliation.

“Hey, I’m supposed to be the one inflicting the pain,” he groaned as I tightened the grip with my teeth.

I ignored him and moved to his other nipple, making sure I gave it the same attention as the first one. His heart hammered under his ribcage letting me know I was getting to him. I ran my hand down his stomach to his groin and was rewarded when it reached his cock, which was now rigid.

I raised myself onto my elbow and grinned down at him. “Please, may I suck your cock, Sir?” I asked, sweetly, making sure he was well aware that I was still the one in control.

I ran my tongue over my lips to tease him and was about to move down when he grabbed my hair and pulled. A bolt of pure pleasure shot from the top of my head down to my pussy as he took back control.

“No,” he growled, giving my hair another yank. “Pick up the condom on the bedside table and put it on me. Then climb on top of me and ride my cock with everything you’ve got.”

“Yes, Sir,” I whimpered. Despite my attempt to be the one in charge, Matt had, yet again, turned the tables on me and reduced me to a mass of submissive lust. His command, so firm and uncompromising, had stripped away my futile attempt at topping from the bottom and left me with that swirling feeling in my belly I was beginning to associate with surrender.

Having been put firmly back in my place, I reached for the condom and rolled it onto Matt’s cock. When he was sheathed, I straddled him then hovered provocatively over him, my pussy poised at the tip of his cock. It twitched and I grinned down at him, enjoying my temporary moment of power. Then I lowered myself onto him and let out a groan as he filled me. He was so big, so hard, I felt impaled.

My pussy was pulsing now, desperate for some friction so I started moving, slowly at first, up and down. Every part of me that his cock touched sizzled with pleasure until I could no longer control my movements. I ground into him, going as deep as I could before sliding back up. Each time I rammed myself into him, more nerves fired up making my whole body frantic with need.

Matt gripped onto my waist then pulled me down hard, forcing me to go even farther and making me cry out as his cock rubbed against my g-spot. I looked down as I fucked myself on him, past my breasts as they bounced with each plunge. He was panting, his eyes glazed as they stared up at me with an urgency I hadn’t seen before. I was back in control. My pussy spasmed and I practically threw myself back down onto him, leaning forward so he would reach my most sensitive parts.

“Faster,” he panted. “Make yourself come on my cock, but ask for permission first.”

“Yes, Sir,” I cried, between deep breaths.

He’d done it again. Just when I thought I was in charge he snatched it from me. The knowledge sent me soaring as my pussy tightened on his cock. I was close, so close. It seemed that the more he took back control, the more I liked it. Damn. Suddenly my insides lit up like a sparkler and I knew I was passing the point of no control.

“Can I come, Sir?” I gasped as my walls gripped his pulsing shaft.

“Yes, come for me, beautiful.”

I lost it then, screaming out as my pussy billowed around his cock. The condom filled with his hot seed as he thrust up into me, making me shake violently with aftershocks. Finally, when I felt I had been wrung inside out, I collapsed forward onto his chest, still impaled on his throbbing cock.

He rolled me over, removed the condom then pulled me into his arms. My heart fluttered as I tried to steady my breathing. My world was spinning as I closed my eyes. All I was aware of now was Matt’s lips as he kissed my forehead, and his heartbeat, which seemed to be beating in time with my own.

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