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The Commander’s Pet by Samantha Madisen – Extended Preview

The door to the quarters hissed open and Galath stepped inside. The three women all turned to him and gently bowed their heads.

“Your lordship,” Videa said, “we’ve just finished.”

“Excellent,” Galath replied, glancing between Alana’s still spread legs.

Everything felt better now that he was back in the room. Alana noticed that his gaze lingered on the red marks on her bottom where the rod had stung. She saw him look at Videa, who had no reaction. Galath nodded and walked into the room. The door hissed shut behind him.

He waited for the three women to finish tidying the room, then watched as all three made their way to the door. Before walking out, they all turned and curtseyed toward him once more. He gave them a slight nod.

As soon as they were gone, he turned to Alana. “Did you behave, pet?”

Alana nodded. She hoped Videa would not tell him that she hadn’t behaved, or that he wouldn’t decide the matter demanded further correction.

“Good,” was his answer. Whatever he knew or suspected, Alana was relieved that he seemed to be willing to let the matter rest. “We have received clearance for our landing, which I’m happy about.” He seemed in good spirits. “This way the most important part of your training can be held in the palace.”

“The palace, sir?” she asked.

“When a commander takes a pet for life, there is a ceremony. It is a moment of great celebration, you’ll be happy to know.”

Alana felt the warmth return to her insides at the words ‘for life.’ That could only mean one thing, that she would be his forever. The possibility excited her but something about it made her afraid. Could she really let this be her life? Could she really live out the rest of her days sitting in these quarters, waiting for Galath to return?

“You look worried. Does it displease you?” he asked. There was no anger in his voice. The question seemed genuine.

“I’m sorry, sir,” Alana said. “I didn’t mean to look that way.”

Galath stepped toward her. He was holding something in his hand.

Alana realized it was the plug that he’d shown her earlier. She looked away, fresh fear filling her at the prospect of what would happen next.

“There is no need to be sorry,” Galath said, putting the plug down next to her on the table. “You are allowed to feel. Now tell me, what troubles you?”

Alana bit her lip. Was he really asking her what she wanted? Did she dare tell him the truth? That if this was her life, she might get bored with it. “I…”

“What is it, pet?” he said, running a finger along her cheek.

Alana felt tears well in her eyes again. She was scared that if she told him the truth, he would correct her for it or worse. What if he wanted nothing more to do with her? What if he decided that he no longer wanted a pet that questioned him? She shook her head, unable to get the words out.

“Come,” he said, his voice soft. He wrapped his arms around her and brought her close to him, letting her head rest on his chest. “You must trust me. I will help you find happiness, but you must trust me.”

Alana let her body be swallowed by the warmth of his. Thick, salty tears ran down her cheeks. She knew he was right. No matter how she felt, she had no choice but to trust him and give herself to him completely. There was nowhere else to go.

Galath held her like that for some time, letting her cry and comforting her by running his heavy palm down her back.

Alana didn’t know how much time had passed but soon she felt relieved at having been able, at least, to cry. Knowing she was powerless to change it, she resigned herself to whatever fate might bring.

“Now,” Galath said, easing her away from him. “I want to see you present again. It’s time for your training to begin.”

Alana crawled back up onto the table. Remembering the way he’d first positioned her, she arranged herself with her back arched and her bottom out and high. With a final sniff, she waited for what Galath would do next.

His heavy hand fell on her bottom. He rubbed the spot where Videa’s whip had struck, making Alana wince. He said nothing about it, though. Soon she felt him spreading her cheeks apart. She could almost feel his gaze burning into her backside.

Alana jumped as the cool tip of the metal training plug touched her tender ring of muscle. She resisted the urge to stiffen, to close herself, to try to keep him from pressing deeper in.

Galath rewarded her by gently patting her backside. “Good, pet. Good,” he whispered.

Next she felt him take the plug away. A few moments later Alana heard a sticky noise, like something wet being spread.

“This will help ease it in,” Galath said. When he put the plug against her again, it was wet and slippery and warm from where he’d touched it. He began to press it inside.

Now that she’d taken both his thumb inside herself and the tube, the feeling of something entering her back hole was not so foreign. Even as she was being stretched to the full width of the plug, she didn’t resist or complain. She let her master guide the implement into her, almost relishing the sensation as the thickest part slid into her. Soon the flange come to rest against her bottom.

“That was excellent,” Galath said, stepping around to look at her. “Now come off the table.”

Alana gasped. Even just moving on the table felt a little uncomfortable; how could she possibly stand up or walk around with that thing inside herself? But she knew that she must and that she had no choice in the matter. Slowly, carefully, she backed up and let one leg dangle over the edge of the table until she found the stool beneath with her foot.

The plug felt uncomfortable inside her. As she stepped off the table with her other foot, it pressed on her insides. She sensed Galath’s stern but pleased gaze on her and that gave her courage. She looked up to see him smiling at her as she stepped off the stool.

Everything about the situation was so surreal, absurd almost. There she was, standing completely naked in front of an alien she’d been offered to just a few short days ago. Her bottom was raised as she tried to accommodate the plug inside and this in turn made her chest jut out so that her breasts felt even larger and more exposed than usual. But by far the strangest thing was the wetness that she felt once again pulsing from her pussy as she thought of how he owned her and how she must do his bidding.

Galath stepped back and held his arms out. “Come, pet. Walk to me.”

Walk? Alana balked. How could she possibly walk to him in this state? With that thing inside of her. But she knew that no matter how awkward it felt, she must at least try. She set one foot in front of the other in a tentative step. The feeling in her bottom made her wince as she adjusted her weight between both feet. Slowly, carefully, she slid her other foot along.

It was uncomfortable, walking with the plug moving inside of her. But along with the discomfort, Alana once again felt a thrilling arousal grow inside herself. She was doing this because Galath had ordered her to, but she would have done it willingly for him even without the threat of correction. As she stared into his eyes, sliding along the soft carpeted floor, she realized how much she wanted to please him and how much it meant to her to do so.

By the time she was taking her last steps toward him, she had almost fully adjusted to the feeling of the plug inside her bottom.

Galath smiled, wrapped his arms around her and brought her close. She felt his strong hands travel down her back and come to rest on her soft bottom. He gave her a playful pat, first on one cheek, then the other. “You’ve done very well,” he commended. “Pets that are as obedient as you deserve a reward, wouldn’t you say?”

A shiver ran through Alana at the thought of what her reward might be. She felt one of his hands move around to her front. He swayed it between her legs, showing her that she should spread them apart. As Alana stepped to one side, his firm fingers pressed against her wet pussy.

He leaned close, his breath hot on her neck.

Alana gasped as she felt first his lips, then his teeth on her exposed skin, nibbling at her as his fingers began to stroke her cunt.

“Now,” Galath breathed, moving his mouth up to her ear and biting her lobe. “You will come for your master like a good pet, won’t you?” His voice sounded menacing in the most delightful way.

“Yes,” she breathed in response.

“Yes?” Galath asked and his hand rose and landed on her bottom in a gentle swat.

“Yes, sir!” Alana added, breathless.

“Good,” he purred. His fingers began to move even faster on her pussy. Every few strokes he would swipe up and down the length of her slit, coating them in her wetness.

They felt hot and hard and suddenly Alana could only think of the way her fingers had wrapped around his thick member. Suddenly the prospect of feeling his hard cock pressing against her sex was not scary at all. It was the thing she wanted most. “Master,” she whispered, her voice hopeful.

“Yes, pet?” he asked.

“Master, I…” She could not bring herself to say what she was thinking. Instead, she reached a hand out to him and let it glide down his tunic, down the front of his pants until she found his cock bulging to life.

“Is that what you want?” he asked, looking down between them to where her hand was resting. “Do you want to feel me fuck you with my cock?”

Alana shuddered at hearing it spoken aloud. “Oh, Master,” she breathed. “Yes!” She stroked along the length of it, hoping that she would be able to coax him to give her what she so craved.

After letting her touch the stiffening member for a minute, Galath moved her hand aside. “When I’m ready, pet,” he murmured. “I’ll lay you on your back and spread your dainty feet apart. I’ll taste your soft sex and make it wet and hungry for me. Then, once you’re begging to feel me, I’ll push this cock into your sweet little pussy and fill you up.”

Alana gasped as the image exploded in her mind. She imagined Galath, the massive alien whose hand was right now pressed between her legs, touching her pussy, towering over her. She saw his rigid shaft and imagined what it would be like to feel the weight of his body sinking into her. Feeling her own climax approaching, she imagined what it would be like to feel that thick cock plunging into her soft pussy and filling her completely. Her legs began to shake and she shouted. Her nails dug into Galath’s arm.

As she soared up to the peak of her climax, Galath grabbed her nipple again between his finger and his thumb and twisted it.

“Oh, Master!” she cried as her body reeled from the climax and pain spinning inside her together.

His hand still playing with her drenched pussy, Galath leaned close again and bit her neck, sending her sailing over another crest.

She stood in front of him shaking and clinging to his arm. The wetness from her pussy was running down her thighs and she felt utterly helpless and exposed. But there was no one she would rather be exposed in front of than him. Alana knew in that moment that she would do anything he asked.

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