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The Correction Academy by Samantha Madisen – Extended Preview

Correction Academy“What… what’s going to happen to me?” Portia fought the hot sting of tears that threatened to spill from her eyes. Her throat was tight. Her mouth was dry. The last thing she wanted the doctor to see was her crying. Especially out of fear. She swallowed the hot feelings down.

“We’ll have to wait and see about that. Once I’ve completed your examination I’ll know more. You might be sent to be a nanny for a family who needs help. You might be taken to the frontier, to help build new houses. Or, if you’re one of the Fertile Few, you could be taken to the farms. But you needn’t worry, Portia. Wherever you go, you’ll be well taken care of. The revolution is over. The New Order does not allow for vengeance against the Elites but there is still some bitterness left.”

None of those options sounded in the least bit appealing. As a former Elite, Portia had spent her days reading, studying music, and writing poems. To now have to go and build houses or work on a farm? It sounded terrible! What a waste of time! Still, it was comforting knowing those were the worst fates that could befall her. She settled into her seat, feeling a little better than she had.

The rover pulled to a stop. Portia saw a woman dressed in a white uniform approach them from the building. The door at the back of the vehicle opened. The doctor waved her toward it.

“After you.”

Portia got up and walked down the small set of steps and into the courtyard. The woman in white approached her, looked her up and down, then looked past her to where the doctor had stepped out.

“I’d be willing to wager the farms for this one!” the woman said with a nod. As if she were in charge of deciding Portia’s fate.

“Nurse Shum, there are no wagers in the New Order. But your opinion is noted. You might be right.”

The farms? Portia’s heart sank. What could be worse than mucking around in a bunch of mud? What would she do there anyway? Feed cows? Herd goats? It sounded terrible. Once again Portia fought the urge to cry.

“Right this way,” the doctor said.

Portia took a deep breath and followed him as he entered the building. The nurse walked behind them, as if keeping an eye on her in case she tried to escape. Behind her walked Simon.

The inside of the building was a pleasant green color. Institutional but not drab. They walked past rooms with open doors. Every once in a while there would be a group of girls inside a room and they would all stare at Portia as she walked by. Portia wondered if they had all been Elites. She decided they couldn’t have been with how rowdy they were being.

The doctor stopped at the door of a brightly lit room and motioned for Portia to walk inside. The room was painted white with very bright lights shining overhead. There was a large chair that looked like it could be adjusted and it had two strange-looking arms protruding from either side. Portia wondered what it was for. Was this to be the examination room?

“You may undress,” the doctor said as he stepped over to one side of the room. He turned on a tap and began washing his hands.

Portia hesitated for a moment. The fact that she’d been naked at the spanking pole did not make it any easier to just disrobe in front of three strangers. The nurse and Simon were still standing in the room.

Portia felt the robe she’d been wearing slip off. She gasped and turned around to see the nurse walking away with it and a few moments later she dropped it into a hamper. Once again, Portia’s arms swept over her breasts and her womanhood. Why was this necessary? Why did she have to be naked in front of everyone?

“Portia, will you take a seat in the examination chair, please?” she heard the doctor ask.

She turned back around to see him standing in front of her. A deep embarrassment made her cheeks glow red. She looked down at the floor.

“Portia, there’s no need to be ashamed around us. I can tell you are shy about your body. We do not seek to control women or sex the way the Elites did. You can feel free and open in here.”

Control women? That wasn’t what had happened in the Old Order, was it? Portia had never felt controlled. She’d felt content and safe. And sex? What was that? A distant glimmer of memory sparkled in her mind. There had been the time her mother had discovered her with her hand between her legs. She’d received an admonishment for that.

With her hands still covering her breasts and core, Portia shuffled toward the chair. The doctor and the nurse followed. Portia turned around and tried to climb up into it but it was too high.

“Allow me to help,” Simon said, stepping forward and taking her arm.

Portia gasped at his forwardness and forgot herself. In the old days he would have lost a hand for touching her. Instinct fuelled her next move as she slapped him across the cheek.

Simon shook his head and rubbed his fingers over the spot where her hand had connected with his cheek.

Suddenly, Portia felt the doctor’s firm grip on her arm. He bent her forward until she was holding herself up on the chair with her hands.

“Please,” Portia whispered. “I didn’t mean it.”

“Though I believe that you didn’t,” the doctor replied, “that is one of the first instincts that needs to be trained out of a former Elite.”

Portia opened her mouth to protest again. The part of her mind she’d been trying to hide from kept any words from coming out. Because as worried as she was about the pain her correction would bring, the thought of the doctor’s hand on her backside made the feeling come. The ache. The throb in between her legs and the wetness.

“Ah!” Portia gasped as the doctor’s firm palm landed on her ass. He was spanking her harder this time, as if what he’d done in the car had only been an introduction to what he was capable of. His hand slammed into her other cheek. Portia felt herself being thrown forward with each painful strike and she had to steady herself on the large chair to keep from falling forward.

There was a pause in the spanking. “Now do you understand what sort of correction you will get for this kind of behavior?” the doctor asked. “Do you understand why you’ve been a naughty girl?”

Still reeling from the pain and arousal that his spanking had brought, Portia could not find the words to respond in time.

A few moments later, the strict discipline resumed, blow after blow landing on Portia’s soft bottom as she rocked back and forth in time with them.

“Please!” Portia finally cried. “Please let me speak!”

The doctor’s hand landed twice more on each cheek before he stopped. “Yes?” he asked.

“I know I’ve been a bad girl,” Portia whispered. She could not ignore how humiliated she felt at being made to say the words in front of the three of them.

“How have you been a bad girl, Portia?”

“I… I shouldn’t have hit him. I’m sorry.” Despite trying to sound brave, the words came out in a pathetic whimper.

“Good,” the doctor replied. “I’m glad you understand what you’ve done. Here’s to making sure you don’t forget it.”

As the doctor began to spank her bottom over and over, Portia tried her best to ignore the feeling spreading between her legs. Already she could feel how damp her thighs were. She only hoped that none of the three standing behind her could see it too.

The pain burning in her rear began to spread through her body, invading every muscle and filling her whole mind. Portia’s eyes stung as hot tears began to roll down her cheeks. This was her new life. This was how it was going to be from now on.

But where before there had been revulsion at that thought, now a new idea formed. Portia tried to resist it but it, too wouldn’t leave. There was something… comforting about her captivity. There was something reassuring that all she had to do was follow the rules and everything would be alright. The doctor wasn’t a monster. He was a handsome man whose job it was to train her, whatever that meant. The thought of submitting to his will completely made Portia shudder.

“Oh! Please stop!” Portia cried out. The pain had become too much. She felt as if her whole bottom were throbbing, a giant red bulb of flesh.

The spanking stopped. His hand remained on her ass.

Now a new feeling gripped her. Another idea she couldn’t shake from her mind. Even though she knew it was completely improper, the fantasy bloomed to life in her mind. What if he moved his hand just an inch? What if the tips of his fingers, now on her thighs moved just a little so they could touch her wetness? The thought sent a thrill racing through Portia unlike any other she’d ever felt. What if the doctor pressed even further? In between her legs?

More wetness. More shame and embarrassment at even having thought it.

Then his voice, deep and commanding. “Now turn around.”

Portia turned as he’d requested. He put his hands on her waist and picked her up easily, lifting her into the examination chair.

She gasped when Simon took hold of her arm and began strapping it in. It was standard procedure for new arrivals. You never knew how girls were going to react and this one had a bit of fight in her.

“What are you doing?” Portia exclaimed, staring at Simon with wide eyes.

“It’s what we do with all new arrivals, Portia. It’s for your own safety.”

“My safety? Why would you be tying me to this chair for my safety?”

Daniel stepped forward and put his hands on her calf. “New Elites often react in unexpected ways, Portia. It’s better for everyone if you are secured. Now open your legs.”

“Open my legs?” Portia gasped.

Daniel’s patience was wearing thin. Without asking again, he pried the girl’s legs apart, taking one ankle and securing it in a stirrup. As he reached for her other ankle, he couldn’t help but glance at her sex. A potent bolt of excitement coursed through him at what he saw.

The soft pink petals of her tender sex were soaked with lust. Daniel took her other leg and began strapping it to the chair. He looked up to see her red-faced and looking off to one side, as if she couldn’t bear the embarrassment of looking him in the eye.

A surge of his own lust coursed through him. He’d never felt anything like it with any of the other girls. But for some reason being in complete control of Portia, having her under his total command made his blood churn and his cock harden.

“Doctor,” came Nurse Shum’s quiet voice from beside him.

He looked at her. She was staring at what he’d just been looking at: Portia’s soaked sex. The nurse turned to look at him.

“As I suspected,” she said, glancing back at Portia’s core.

It was true that most of the women in his care who’d responded this way to correction had been sent to the farms. A cold jealousy gripped him. The farms. If it was true, if she really was one of the Fertile Few, he would have to send her there, too.

“Simon,” he said, steeling himself for what had to be done. “Go and collect the residents. They haven’t seen an examination done in quite some time. It will be a good review.”

“Yes, Doctor,” Simon replied.

“Nurse Shum, would you prepare the cleaning solution? We’ll see to that as soon as I’m done.”

“Of course, Doctor.” The nurse walked over to the sink and began to gather the materials for the enema.

Daniel turned to Portia. Her face was red and she was still looking away. He let his eyes drift lower over her body, his gaze lingering on her pert, ripe breasts. Her pink nipples were stiff, another sign of her arousal. Her waist tucked in then flared into generous hips. She certainly had a body built for breeding.

Another wave of cold jealousy doused his own arousal. The thought of this delicate girl pinned down by the arms of one of the stout breeders filled his mind. He shooed the thought away.


Her delicate voice shook him from his thoughts.

“What is it, Portia?” he asked.

She was still looking to the side. She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, still too embarrassed to meet his gaze. “What was the nurse talking about? When she said she suspected it?”

The question was unexpected and not one Daniel wanted to answer. But the girl deserved an answer and he needed to remain professional. He cleared his throat.

“We can’t be sure but your reaction to my discipline is often seen in women who are part of the Fertile Few.”

“Fertile Few?” she asked, her voice meek.

“Yes,” Daniel sighed. “There are not many former Elites who are able to carry a child.”

“Carry a child?”

Daniel balked. Most of the former Elites were inexperienced about the way humans procreated. He’d never come across someone this innocent.

“Portia,” he asked, stepping around the chair so he could look her in the eye. “What do you know of how humans reproduce?”

The girl furrowed her brow and shook her head. “It wasn’t mentioned to me. Save to say that it was a dirty thing, meant for the lower classes.”

“Yes,” Daniel went on. “I suppose that’s how we ended up in the predicament we’re in now.”

“What predicament?”

Daniel gathered his thoughts. “Portia, when the Elites took power, all breeding was put in the hands of the lower classes. They were used as surrogates because it was considered filthy to carry a child. Of course this is ludicrous and we’ve solved that with the revolution. However, because of this, very few of the former Elites are able to carry a child.”

“Carry a child?” she repeated, her voice betraying her complete innocence.

“Yes. That’s how children are born. They grow inside their mother’s womb. Her belly.”

Her mouth dropped open.

“Portia, has no one ever told you about this? About how it’s done?”

“A person inside another person?” She grimaced. “That’s disgusting!”

Daniel shook his head. “I’ve met a few girls that might not know the details but never someone quite as naive as you. Didn’t they teach you any of this in school at least?”

“I’m not naive!” Portia snapped. “And I was schooled at home, by my mother.”

“I see,” Daniel said, eyeing her.

Suddenly it was as if the girl realized she was naked again. The color returned to her cheeks and she turned her head the other way.

Daniel glanced down her body. She was an incredible specimen. He felt his cock harden at the sight of her alabaster curves. The sound of Simon and the residents coming into the room made him turn toward the door. Just in time.

“Sorry it took so long, Doctor,” Simon said, sounding a little out of breath. The two residents followed him into the room. “Had a bit of trouble finding these two.”

The two mumbled a “Sorry, Doctor” and took up positions in the center of the room.

“No need to apologize,” Daniel said. “I was just about to begin.”

Portia felt her face flush even redder as she watched the three men walk in. She turned her head anytime one of them looked at her. How humiliating this was! She was tied down to this chair, her legs spread, her softest, most intimate places completely exposed to the entire room. She wanted to melt into a puddle on the floor and never come back.

Or that’s what she told herself, at least. There was no denying that the feeling she’d had both at the spanking pole, and here at the Academy, was returning. It was a dull, throbbing ache between her legs and the longer the group stared at her, the less she felt like it would relent.

When the doctor stepped toward the chair and pushed a button, she felt her head being lowered and her legs being raised. She realized he was putting her in place for the examination. It was then that she realized what the examination was going to be about. It was going to be about the space between her legs. The one that had been giving her so much trouble of late. Biting her lip, she did her best not to squeal.

The doctor stepped up beside her, leaned over her somewhat, and spoke in a low voice.

“Now, Portia, this might feel a bit uncomfortable at times. Rest assured, I won’t hurt you. Just try to relax.” With those words he straightened and turned to his assistant and residents. “If you could come here first, gentlemen?”

Portia heard the sound of footsteps on the floor and soon saw the three men peering over her raised knees. She turned her head to avoid their stares.

“As you can see here,” the doctor began, “the signs of her arousal are already apparent. Her cheeks are flushed, though this might have something to do with the latent shame she feels. The Elites were not used to this sort of thing. Nevertheless, moving to her chest, you can see that her nipples are engorged and stiff.”

Portia couldn’t help but look down. The doctor was right. Her nipples were as stiff as she’d ever seen them and now that he mentioned it, they felt tender, too. The feeling between her legs seemed to radiate through her body. It filled her with a tingling tickle and a need for release. As the doctor pointed at each of her nipples with his finger, Portia felt her back arching to meet his hand. Her movement made her even more embarrassed but she couldn’t help it. All she wanted was to feel his touch.

Before she knew what was happening, a mewl had escaped her lips as his hand hovered over her breast. Her embarrassment welled inside her at the sound she’d made.

“Ah, yes,” the doctor said, nodding. “Another classic sign of arousal. She is unable to control her reactions.”

Portia felt her body fill with shame. Was he right? He must be! She hadn’t tried to make the sound, yet it had come out. It was as if she were some sort of animal who couldn’t control the functions of its own body. An animal that was about to give in to the basest of its desires. And everyone was watching.

A confusing cocktail of emotions coursed through her but beneath them all was that need she’d felt. She had no word for it but it was stronger than any other feeling.

“If you’ll move here, gentlemen, we can continue the examination,”

Portia heard the four men shuffle. The doctor’s hand came up between her legs. Then she felt him swing them open until they were parted wide and there could be no doubt that everyone in the room could see what was between them.

“Rest assured that I will give the poor girl release before we are done. It would be unfair to keep her in… suspense.”

The sound of Simon and the two assistants chuckling made Portia even more embarrassed. Release? What was the doctor talking about? What sort of release? Though this was all so humiliating, if it was a release from the feeling that was gripping her, she would certainly welcome it. The doctor went on.

“As you can see here,” he said.

The heat from his hand swelled between her legs. What on earth was this feeling gripping her? Her body bucked against its restraints. She couldn’t stop herself as her body tried to push her womanhood closer to his hand.

Suddenly, a swat landed on her tender rear.

Portia yelped but quickly settled down. She heard the doctor’s footsteps as he walked back around her body. When he came into view she was filled with embarrassment but she could not stop staring into his eyes.

“Just a little while longer, Portia. I know how you must be feeling right now. I’ll help you with it soon.”

How could he possibly know how she was feeling, Portia wondered. How could anyone? It was all so confusing and humiliating and she still wanted to turn into a puddle. But more than that, she wanted him to touch her again. Even if it was just a spank.

“As I was saying,” he began again. “You can see by her engorged lips as well as the wetness coming from inside her that she is aroused and ready to be mated.”

Mated? What was that?

“If one of you does end up at the breeding farms in your career, you will know that these classic signs can be trusted. At this point it would be safe to introduce the male for insertion.”

The room began to spin. Portia felt like she might faint. Breeding farms? Did that mean what she thought it meant? She had learned about that from her mother but only about animals. Did humans really do that filthy thing too?

“In case you are feeling uncertain and need to confirm this, there is one last method to observe a female’s readiness.”

She heard him step forward then felt him in between her legs. She couldn’t help that her body bucked again, trying to get closer to him and touch any part of him. She was completely out of control. As if someone else was in charge of what she was doing.

Then she felt what she’d been craving since she came into the room, the warm fingers of his hand on the tender folds of her womanhood. She felt him pry her open. She heard herself moan but didn’t care about the noise. All she wanted was his touch.

“If we open her pussy like so,” he explained as Portia writhed and moaned, “we can insert a finger.”

Portia gasped. The feeling of his strong finger pushing into her, dissolving the ache that had been building, was overwhelming. Her body flexed against its restraints. Then the finger was gone.

“We can smell that she is in a state of arousal.”

“Oh, no…” Portia groaned. She didn’t care anymore that she was naked in front of four strange men. It no longer mattered that she was at the Academy or tied to a chair or anything else. All that mattered now was feeling the doctor touch her again. Preferably where he’d touched her last.

The sound of footsteps. Portia tried to quiet herself. She tried to listen to what was going on.

The horrible feeling of humiliation and embarrassment returned when she realized what was happening. The doctor was walking around the group and allowing each of them to smell his finger. The one he’d pushed inside her. So they could all know what a woman smelled like when she was ready to be bred.

But the feeling didn’t last. The doctor stepped in between her legs again.

“It’s important not to leave the female in this state of arousal. They become temperamental and much less easy to subdue. Simon, if you’d pass me the implement?”

Portia wondered what the implement was, but only for a split second. As soon as the doctor’s hand was on her again, she forgot about all her worries and concerns. She felt him prying her apart again, then the feeling of something soft but hard at the same time pressing against her. He was trying to move it inside her.

She moaned and tried to spread her legs. Suddenly all she wanted was to be good for the doctor. To be obedient for him. She felt herself being filled. The object, whatever it was, was much larger, much thicker than his fingers had been.

Portia moaned as it moved inside of her. Just as his finger had, the object seemed to chase the ache away the deeper he drove it in. Then he stopped. She felt his finger running up and down her tender folds, as if searching for something.

When he found it, the most intense and explosive pleasure erupted inside her as he touched a spot on her she’d never known to exist. It was as if every nerve in her body were attached to that spot. Every time he moved his thumb across it, it would cause her to moan and strain against the chair. She felt him begin to spin slow circles around it.

“Oh, Doctor!” she cried, unable to keep herself from calling out. The ache inside her was gone but in its place something else had started to build. With each swipe of his thumb across the spot, Portia felt as if she were being lifted higher and higher off the floor. After a few of these, she felt the implement inside her being moved back and forth, in and out. It compounded the pleasure and sent her soaring up toward the sky.

She felt her back arch. Her head was spinning. Her fingers and toes seemed to claw at the air. What had started as a warm tickle inside her was now a thundering wave of pleasure. It threatened to overwhelm her and to release her from herself and make her do things she might regret. But there was no stopping it. Soon the wave was upon her, sweeping her out of herself and sending her sailing up into the heights of pleasure.

“Oh, yes!” she screamed. She could not control her voice. Her whole body was flexing and releasing over and over again.

Between her legs, the doctor’s steady, even hand coaxed every last drop of pleasure from her.

And then she was careening back down. As the moment passed, she realized again where she was. She saw the four men staring in between her legs. She knew there was something inside her, something foreign. The shame and humiliation of it all returned.

Portia felt the doctor remove whatever it was had been inside her. She was shocked at how she did not want to feel it go. What made her sadder still was when he removed his hand. She craved to feel his touch again.

“There you are, gentlemen,” the doctor said.

Portia heard him walking across the room. The men said nothing. Portia imagined them to be staring at the vulnerable bareness of her… pussy, as the doctor had called it. Then, one by one, she heard them slowly walk out. She wondered what they must think of her. She wondered what any man thought of a woman who would let that be done to herself. The sound of the doctor’s voice tore her from her thoughts.

“Nurse Shum? The enema, please.”

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