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The Cowboy’s Princess by Jessica Belle – Extended Preview

It felt good to be in the saddle again. Not just for trail rides, but him and Whiskey tearing it up in the ring. Levi felt rusty on some stunts, it had been so long, but once he warmed up, his muscle memory took over. Child’s play.

He had to admit, Shauna being there had saved him a lot of time lately, and Hank and Esteban taking the afternoon trail rides freed him up to practice again. As he rode, mentally, he worked on how to craft a special saddle that would let Charlotte at least get back on a horse. He’d seen some things online and had a few ideas. And once Shauna was back at work, he’d have even more time to dedicate to planning the rodeo, for a week or so, anyway. Until she fulfilled her contract.

Thinking of Shauna made Levi realize it was about time to bring her up some lunch and tend that burn. Seemed like the healing was taking too long. Her skin looked pretty good to him, but when he’d tended her burn last, she’d flinched at his touch saying the skin was still tender. Being darker naturally, he figured her coloring just masked the burn better.

He urged Whiskey up to a gallop and got his bearings to stand in the saddle for a round. He usually kept his eyes on the horizon to help balance once he stood up, but a flash of movement in his bedroom window caught his attention. He glanced up and saw Shauna watching him. As soon as he glanced her way, she stood and moved back. What? He almost lost his balance when he recognized what he’d just seen.

She had stood up from a chair. The one she’d told him she couldn’t sit in yet. Well, the princess was back, wasn’t she? He took care of her, she took advantage of the situation. He’d just about talked himself out of spanking her for being so careless and getting sunburned, but now he changed his mind. That little lady needed the spanking she had coming to her. Needed it badly.

Levi finished his routine with a layout, then dismounted, took care of Whiskey, cleaned himself up a bit, and got what he needed to tend to Shauna.

When he walked into the room he saw her on the bed, face down. Good. He acted as if all was normal, putting down the tray. He went to the bathroom for the coconut oil and also picked up her wooden hairbrush for good measure. Then he went to the bed where she laid waiting and lifted her dress up. She was in white nylon panties today. The less to muffle his spanking with… for as long as he allowed her to keep them, anyway. He sat on the edge of the bed next to her.

“I’m glad you’re here,” she said. “My skin is feeling tight and itchy today. The oil should help.” She opened her legs, arching her bottom up.

Shauna expected to feel Levi’s hands on her back or her legs, but instead she felt him patting her bottom. Ooohh, always nice, but rather unexpected.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Something you desperately need,” he replied, his pats becoming swats.

“What?” she asked, uncomprehending.

“It seems to me if you’re going to take advantage of a situation, lying to cover your tracks along the way, you should be more careful to at least not get caught in the act. I saw you through the window.”

“Oh, no.”

“And you should get out of the chair you say you can’t sit in yet long enough for the cushion creases to erase themselves from your legs.” He trailed a finger across the indentions on the backs of her upper thighs, and she shivered. “But you’re sloppy about it, princess.” He resumed spanking her.

“Levi, please… it’s not what you think,” she said.

He aimed right at the center of her bottom, and she felt herself growing warmer as he spanked her. “You don’t know what I think about you. What I know is, I was going to let you off the hook for the sunburn. But when I see you’ve been lying to me, rearranging the room to keep up your charade before I come in to take care of you, it tells me that you have no regard for my time. That irks me some, princess. I thought we were past that sort of thing.”

His hand came down on her bottom with harder swats now, and he sat close to her, putting one hand around her waist to hold her in place. Shauna began to pull her legs together to protect herself, but he used that opportunity to get a hand underneath her and lift her bottom higher, sliding one of his knees under her.

He stopped the spanking and began to rub, caressing each cheek through her thin nylon panties, taking his hand down her thigh a ways, then back to her bottom. “Nice, smooth, soft skin.” He patted where her bottom met her thighs, and she wriggled. “Turned to tan, it looks like.”

“I swear it’s not what you think!”

His hand spanked her bottom hard now, the swats really stinging. Oh, God, the sensation! Her pussy grew wet as he spanked her, and she clenched her fists and buried her face in the pillow. She wanted this, but not this way. Not with him so mad at her. How could she show him the effect he had on her? How could she prove she wanted to help him, but she had to take care of her own business too?

She felt his hand come down right in the center of her bottom, hard. He rubbed the swat in and gave her another harder swat. “Lying earns you a nice red bottom where I come from, and I aim to give you what you earned, princess.” Smack! “When were you planning to tell me that you can sit down again?” Smack! “‘Course, when I’m done you may not be able to.” Smack!

The way he rubbed in each spank sent jolts of electricity through her.

The sting, the warmth, the sheer power of him.


All that energy focused on her bottom.


“Levi, I’m so sorry!” she wailed.

“Sorry now that you’re getting another spanking?” He began rapidly peppering both cheeks with stinging slaps, alternating sides.

Shauna kicked her legs in response, feeling his fingers form to her bottom, her upper thighs, with each strike. “No, really sorry. I know I deserve this,” she said.

“Yes, ma’am, you do.”

She wanted to tell him how impressed she was with his riding, and she appreciated his help so much, and that she’d finally found her story, and she hoped her presence in his world hadn’t been too disruptive. His spanking grew in tempo and intensity and she found no words. Overwhelmed by sensation, she could only wail as she felt her bottom grow warmer and warmer.

Suddenly, he stopped. Her breath came in pants. Pain and desire welled up in her, filling her senses, igniting her loins. He adjusted her body so her bottom stayed over his thigh and her legs dangled off of the bed. She felt him lean across her as if reaching for something. Then a hard surface was pressed against her warm bottom.

Her brush? Was that her brush? Oh, my God, was he going to paddle her with her own hairbrush? The first swat rang out in the room and Shauna cried out. As a second smack heated her bottom, she squealed and kicked her legs. He left the brush against her skin after each stroke, allowing her to feel the full impact of each strike. He alternated cheeks several times. The wood popped off of her bottom sounding like Fourth of July fireworks, explosions of heat coursing through her. She wiggled her bottom back and forth trying to escape the inevitable brush as he continued spanking her. Then his strokes went double time. He paddled her whole bottom, reddening every inch.

His lecture continued. “You just can’t help but to push my buttons, can you? Couldn’t resist the opportunity to make me your servant again. Just when I thought I could maybe trust you. But no, you go and try to lie to me. After those dances we shared, I thought there might be a connection. After the good work you’ve put in, I hoped maybe you were coming around, but it looks like the only thing that makes you pay attention and behave is a good spanking. Well, princess, I’m happy to oblige you that way, too.”

He alternated cheeks, spanking her bottom thoroughly with her hairbrush. She kicked her legs, squealing at the endless blows, trying to wriggle free.

Shauna’s mind was whirling. The paddling hurt! It was worse than his hand, and her panties barely covered anything.

He’d talked about the dances they’d shared. So he had felt something? He said he’d thought she was coming around. Around to what? To him? Did he have feelings for her? He said he’d be happy to oblige her with a spanking too. What other way would he be happy to oblige her? He did feel something for her!

Oh, God, the spanking was making her so hot. Her bottom danced under the brush as he covered her with swats. “Levi! Levi, please!” she begged.

“Please what?” he asked, relentlessly paddling her more.

“Please stop!” she panted.

The spanking did stop, and she felt so grateful. She gulped in air, trying to collect herself, and then she felt his hands at the waistband of her panties. No! Her cheeks flamed at the idea that he was going to spank her bare bottom, and she kicked her legs in protest. He stopped when she kicked, her panties at half-mast, and rested his hand on her bottom, patting her lightly. Was it over after all? She stopped her kicking, and he continued pulling her panties down. Oh, no… it wasn’t over.

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to take advantage of you,” she sniffed.

“Hmmm…” he replied. “From where I’m sitting, seems like you did. It’s not like you didn’t know your skin was better.” He left her panties at mid-thigh, picked up the brush again, and began lightly patting her bare bottom with it. “And then there’s the show you put on to hide how you are all healed now, and it does make me wonder what’s in it for you? I thought you wanted to get out of here. Escape that tyrant of a boss.”

“I do! I mean I did!” she stammered. His swats grew in intensity. Oh, this hurt. “It’s complicated, Levi. Oooww!”

“Seems pretty simple to me.”

She felt his grip tighten, his knee lifting her bottom higher, and then the relentless rain of her hairbrush spanking her bottom and upper thighs soundly. She screamed in frustration and pain. “It’s not what you think! There’s more to it! Oh, pleeeeaaaase!”

Shauna wept hopelessly. How could she ever make him understand now? Why in the world had she thought it was a good idea to deceive him? She’d only wanted time to write. She hadn’t meant to hurt him. He was so capable, and his tender ministering to her had felt so good, she just hadn’t thought it through. Hadn’t looked at the big picture, or the possibility of getting caught. It was selfish and thoughtless. He’d never be interested in her now. Fresh tears coursed down her cheeks as she went limp across his lap, all resistance drained from her body. She deserved this spanking, and she knew it.

The little princess brat was full of surprises. It burned him that he’d spent all this extra energy on making sure she got the best care, and here she’d been fine for what—a day? Two days? Just lounging around in his room, him waiting on her hand and foot. And during one of the busiest times of the year! He’d felt sorry for her, and partly responsible for her burn. And then all that changed in a heartbeat when he realized she’d been lying to him.

He wasn’t going to go soft this time. Her bottom was going to get paddled until he knew she’d learned her lesson. If she wanted to lie, she’d pay the price all naughty girls who lied had to pay.

He lectured her as he began the spanking. He warmed her up some with his hand, giving her a piece of his mind while he turned her backside pink beneath her thin panties. When he reached for her brush and began paddling her with it, he expected her to struggle and she did kick some, but not with her usual fight to break free. Being paddled hurt, and she responded to the pain. And then she did something she’d never done. She actually apologized. It even sounded sincere. Of course, she was a theater person, so she’d probably had some acting lessons.

He doubled his resolve and pulled her panties down. When she felt him begin to pull them down, she kicked her feet in protest, and he paused, waiting for her little fit to be over, resting his hand on her bottom, feeling the heat of his spanking emanating from her.

What a cute little round bottom she had! He’d brought out a rosy glow across the white skin, and when he pulled her panties all the way down, he let himself fully enjoy the view, his eyes and hand caressing her warm globes a moment before he resumed paddling her.

She kept apologizing, kept insisting there was more to it than he knew. It seemed pretty cut and dried to Levi. He gave her a paddling he knew she’d feel for hours, and likely be reminded of for days whenever she sat down.

She knew the rules. She knew the price of misbehaving. Her bottom grew shiny and deep red, and then her kicking ceased. He could hear her crying, and her tears seemed so hopeless. He had spanked her to tears before, but the quality of these tears was different.

He stopped paddling her and put the brush down. He rubbed her sore bottom and gave her a few gentle pats, feeling the heat radiate from her red, thickened skin. Her body was limp across his lap, completely surrendered to his punishment, her tears still flowing.

“Shhh…” He spoke softly to her. “It’s all over now.”

She wept bitterly, and he rubbed her back. Then he reached across her and got the coconut oil. He poured some of it on his palm and rubbed it onto her sore bottom. She tried to protest at first, then lay quietly across his lap, panties at her knees, red bottom up, pliant to him. He rubbed the oil in small circles into her reddened skin until it was absorbed. Very gently, he lifted her panties back into place. He heard her take a sharp breath as they brushed across her tender bottom. He pulled the sundress down and helped her to stand up.

Shauna stood in front of him, unable to meet his gaze. Silent tears still ran down her cheeks, and she was shaking. He stood and put his hands on her shoulders, steadying her. He really had gotten to her this time! She’d tended to become defiant again pretty quickly after a spanking in the past, but she seemed truly despondent this time. Not a trace of her usual attitude.

His heart went out to her. He opened his arms and folded her into his embrace. She made a halfhearted attempt at resisting him, and then just sank into his hug. He held her, rubbing her back. “You’ll be all right. You earned yourself a red bottom, and you’re going to be sore, but you’re all right. Shhh…” He gently rocked her back and forth, rubbing her back as she cried into his chest. A surge of protectiveness passed through him as he held her.

“Levi, I’m so sorry,” she gulped, trying to even out her breaths. “I didn’t think it through. I didn’t mean to take advantage of you. I’m so sorry.” New tears formed and she wept into his shirt, grabbing handfuls of it.

He patted her back. “I know you’re sorry. You just cry it out,” he soothed. Reaching down to the nightstand, he pulled a tissue for her and she mopped herself up.

“No, I was so wrong. I don’t know what I was thinking.” She hiccupped and tried to talk, then dissolved into tears again. “I deserved a spanking. I’ve been terrible to you.”

“Shhh…” He ran his hand up and down her back. “Tell me what’s going on here with you. What’s so complicated?” He pulled away to look at her, putting his hand gently under her chin and lifting her face.

She finally met his eyes and her explanation gushed out. “It’s just that I haven’t been able to write, and I have this deadline, and all of a sudden I got an idea and I’m writing. My story is finally coming! I’m so close to being done and still making the deadline, and I need this paycheck. Being in here gave me the time I needed, and I just needed a couple days. I wasn’t thinking about how busy you must be and how hard it is for you. I’m really, really sorry.” She leaned her forehead against his chest. He could hear her breath catch as new tears threatened, and he held her tighter.

“Now I see why you did what you did. Thank you for that. I’m not happy about it, but now I see you aren’t either. That means something. I wish you’d just talked to me.” He ran his hand down her back to her hot bottom and gave her a few pats. She squirmed against him. “I don’t appreciate being lied to. You did earn yourself a spanking.”

“I know, and I hate it, because it means—” She stopped talking abruptly.

“Means what?”

“You’ll never take me seriously. You’ll never see me as—”

“See you as what?”

She looked into his eyes. “See me as—” She kissed his lips.

He felt her mouth touch tentatively, and he pulled her in close, pressing their lips, their bodies together, kissing her back deeply. He felt her fingers twining through his hair in response, and as he tasted her, he felt her tongue exploring his mouth, her hands exploring his head, his back, his ass. She pressed herself against his hard cock, and he felt it pulse against her, straining against his jeans. His hands rose to caress her face and shoulders, her breasts, and then he wrapped his arms back around her. He pulled her close again and nuzzled her neck, kissing his way down from her lips to her throat, her collarbones. Then he moved back.

“You, my dear, are a huge distraction. I would love nothing more than to continue this conversation, but I have got to get to work. Why don’t you get yourself dressed and help us check guests out, now that I know you can. After dinner, come talk to me.”

She pulled away, the look on her face dubious.

“Trust me,” he said.

She nodded and grabbed her work clothes. He shifted gears mentally, putting his smoldering feelings aside for the moment and sliding back into work mode. Downstairs, he tended to business. A few minutes later he watched Shauna walk down the stairs and head for the kitchen.

When dinner was over for the night Levi found Shauna sweeping the dining hall floor, getting ready to mop the whole area as Max shut down the kitchen.

“Hey!” he called to her. “I said talk to me after dinner. What part of that don’t you understand?”

She stopped her broom. “What?” she asked him.

“I’m trying to open up your night for you. If I let you out of evening duty, you have a few hours you can write during. I’ll finish the floors.”

“Wow. You would really do that for me? After all the crappy things I did?”

“You paid for all of that. It’s over—forgiven. I understand deadlines, and how sometimes we’ll do just about anything to make sure we don’t miss one. How close are you now?”

“Really close. Another couple hours and I’m there. I know there will be rewrites. There are always rewrites. But if I can just get this draft in, at least I’m on time.”

He smiled to see her animated again. “Go!” he told her, swatting her bottom as she went toward his room.

“Ow!” she cried, but smiling. “Thank you.” She ran to the main hotel and up to Levi’s room.

Three hours later, Levi went upstairs and could see light pooling under the door. He knocked, she answered it, and he walked in asking, “So, good progress?”

“Yes,” she said. “I finished my first draft. It’s rough, but that’s okay. The actors always make changes during rehearsals anyway, and those start next week. I was just going over it. I’ll send it in tomorrow morning.”

“That’s good news,” he replied. He caught her face between his palms and gave her a kiss. She smiled and kissed him back, and then wrapped her arms around him and kissed him again, more passionately. He ran his hands through her hair, then down her back to caress her bottom. “And how are you feeling this evening?”

She leaned her forehead against his chest, telling him, “I did a lot of my typing standing up. I had to put the computer on the shelf, because I’m too tender to sit for long, no thanks to you.”

“There’s a way to avoid that. Behave yourself!” he told her, patting her.

“Well, I imagine since you’re kissing me now, we’ve evolved beyond spanking,” she said.

“Really? That’s what you imagine? Let me give you a reality check. If I see you getting up to your shenanigans and you deserve a spanking, I guarantee that’s what you’ll get, kissing or no kissing.”

“No way!”

“Do you need a demonstration?”

“Nooo,” she replied. “I’m just a bit surprised. So you do this all the time?”


“Spank women?”

“Nope. Only ones I care about who misbehave and deserve it. And right now that number is one.”

Shauna smiled, and he saw a flush color her cheeks. “So… you care about me?”

He caressed her cheek, smiled at her, and nodded his head. “I’ve had my eyes on you since the day you arrived. Pretty much wanted to spank you since that first day, too. Coming in here a day early, issuing orders, and strutting around like you owned the place.”

She smiled back. “I did own the place.”

“Oh, you think?”

“You were pretty awful to me a few times, too, Cowboss. Correcting my manners when I was a guest, and piling work on me like you have. You know you have.”

“Your manners needed correcting. I was a little hard on you and piled on work to prove a point,” he allowed. “Nothing you couldn’t handle.”

There was a brief silence between them, and Shauna broke it. “So I guess I should pack up my stuff and give you your room back.” She looked down.

He lifted her chin and looked into her eyes. “Or you could stay…”

He’d had just enough of a taste of his princess to whet his appetite for more. It had been over two years since he’d been with anyone. Maybe this would go somewhere, maybe it would just be a vacation fling, but Levi knew whatever it was going to be, he didn’t want to miss it.

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