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The Daddy She Needed by Shelly Douglas – Extended Preview

Peering at her reflection one more time in the full-length hallway mirror, Jill smoothed her thick auburn layered hair and checked her lipstick before sitting back down in the kitchen chair. Joe had only been gone overnight, but she hated nothing more than being alone in the house. He’d sent her a text when his plane landed, and she knew that there’d be rush hour traffic for him to contend with, so he’d probably be coming home late. Stretching her neck to check the clock on the stove, she was startled by the sound of the garage door rising and ran to unlock the deadbolt on the door before catching a glimpse of her husky, handsome lover as he flung open the door.

Flashing a wide grin, Joe held out two bottles of wine—one red and one white. “I didn’t know which BYOB restaurant you made a reservation in tonight, so I thought it would be good to have a variety.”

As she stood on the balls of her feet, her lips met his with a sultry smile.

“You look gorgeous as usual, Jilly, and just so you know, I’m planning on having you for dessert later.”

She took both bottles of wine out of his hands, placed them on the counter, looked back over her shoulder, and arched an eyebrow. “I have to wait?”

As the corner of his mouth curved upward, he winked nonchalantly at the suggestion. “You’d rather be the main course? That might be a bit dangerous, considering how ravenous I am.”

“It was a little lonely here. In that big bed. All by myself,” she admitted, punctuating the important words in her sentence.

He shook a stern finger at her. “Uh-oh. I hope you were a good girl last night, because you were warned about misbehaving before I left yesterday morning.”

“Things were fine until about three in the morning… and I just wasn’t in the mood to watch another hour of QVC,” she quipped, attempting to lighten up the mood.

He shook his head, knowing what was coming next. “You are unbelievable.”

“It’s difficult for me to sleep in this house alone…”

“How many times do we need to talk about this?” he scolded, his reddish bushy brows knitting together as he cupped her chin in his large hand. “What exactly did you do, bad girl?”

Her voice was small and delicate as her face blushed a shade of bright red. “I…”

“Go on…”

“T-Touched myself.”

Sliding his hand under the back of her short dress, he softly squeezed one buttock and whispered into her ear, “I was only gone for one night.”

“I’m sorry, Joey. I was lonely, and it helps put me to sleep.” Her voice quavered nervously.

He moved her head in close with both hands and kissed her hard, their tongues twisting in passion as the moment overtook them. But then he stopped and pulled back. “I want you naked for this punishment,” he rasped, lowering the fabric straps over her shoulders. Watching the front of her dress fall, the fullness of her breasts encased in a lace push-up bra captured Joe’s immediate attention as his tone suddenly became deep and strict. “Unhook it. Right now.”

The authoritativeness of his command instantly made her pussy convulse as she slid her bra down, and her nipples steepled into stiff points begging for his touch. Reaching forward, he outlined her aureoles with thick fingers, and as she steadied herself by leaning backward onto the granite counter, he tweaked and rubbed the small brownish tips until she purred and wiggled, hoping for more. Without missing a beat, his silky tongue roamed from her neck down to her chest before slowly teasing the hardened nub on each breast. Then he helped her down off the surface, stared into her light amber eyes, and quickly pushed her panties over her beautiful young thighs. Joe watched as Jill’s dress fell to the floor along with her underpants, and finally his sexy woman was wearing nothing but black sandaled stiletto heels.

“I see you had everything waxed yesterday,” he growled, caressing her smooth mound.

“You should try it on your mons sometime. It hurt like fucking hell!”

Joe spun her around and landed a brisk smack on her pale hind end. “I’ve had just about enough of that sharp tongue!”


“Behave yourself and be quiet,” he growled in her ear.

She nodded and shielded her buttocks with both hands.

“Is that ever allowed?” His hand caught her wrists before making hard contact once again with her fleshy globes.

“No, sir.” She imagined his cock was about to explode out of his pants with happiness, just hearing those two sexy words come from her mouth. But as she twisted her neck around to see the look on his face, another sting from his firm palm met her soft backside.

“Turn that head and bend over.”

Taking a deep breath, she complied and slowly lifted her bare bottom.

“You know why you’re being punished. Are you allowed to touch yourself?”

She instantly pivoted to make eye contact. Instead of speaking, she wanted him to see the remorse in her pouty expression.

“Answer me,” he rumbled.

Her shoulders bunched upward as she turned back around. “No, sir.”

Holding Jill around the waist with one arm to steady her, his other hand connected hard, crashing against the middle of her bare buttocks over and over as she yelped, desperately trying to wriggle away from him.

“Please, that hurts! No more, please!”

“Now, I wouldn’t be a very good daddy if I let my kitten get away with such a stunt,” he said, bouncing his palm off the bottom of each well-spanked, rosy buttock. “I want you to behave yourself when I’m away.”

“I know you do! I’ll behave myself next time! Please stop!” she begged over and over.

“Have you learned your lesson yet?” he asked rhetorically, his hand meeting her blotchy bum with each spoken word.

“Yes, sir. I’m so sorry! I won’t do it again. I promise!” she sobbed.

Joe spanked her cheeks until they were red as smoldering ember and her pussy gushed with lust as he smoothed her hot, inflamed skin.

But as she lifted her head and spied him walking across the room to pull a bottle of olive oil and a couple of objects from the cupboard, it occurred to her that the punishment wasn’t over. Far from it.

“And now for that piece of ginger root that you seem to be begging for, naughty girl.”

“Oh, God, no!” Her words spilled out through clenched teeth as she felt him rub the prepared root onto her shivering rosette. Although she did enjoy having her hind end stretched with a dildo, Jill knew from research that this kind of plug was not only meant to be embarrassing, but also painful. As he touched the soaked, carved stub to the opening of her smooth, puckered hole, her eyes shut tight with anxious anticipation, knowing it was going to burn like hell.

“Jill, you need to be punished for disobeying me. Now it’s important for me to hear that you understand what’s about to happen.”

“But I just promised never to do it again,” she muttered.

“That’s not an answer.”

“F-Fine. I understand,” she managed, her voice quaking.

“Good. Now bend over the counter and stop clenching that naughty ass of yours,” he growled, parting her buttocks wide as he nudged the shaved plug into her anus. Easing the tip of the plant in and out a couple of times, he stretched her enough to fill her back entrance, and patted her hip when the root was successfully seated inside.

“Now, let’s give that a moment to simmer, and then we’ll see how it feels to disobey me.”

“What do you mean, we’ll see?” she immediately sassed. But in a few minutes, she began swaying her hips back and forth and involuntarily pressed her quivering cheeks together. “Please, Joey. I’m sorry!”

“Now, now, now. If you did your homework, you’d know not to squeeze your bottom like that. It will only draw the spicy oil out of this plant…”

“Ooh, it’s starting to burn! Please take it out. I’ve learned my lesson!” she begged, automatically drawing her round globes together as he gave them a brisk swat.

“You’re doing it again,” he warned through a dirty grin, watching her cleft form a straight, grim line.

“I can’t stop,” she whined, waving her burning hind end back and forth.

“Is it possible to receive some respect from that smart mouth of yours today?”

“I’m sorry, Joey. I really am.”

“Finally, we’re making some progress in that department,” he uttered in a soft tone. “Now, bend and spread a bit more, so I can see if that naughty pussy of yours is getting all wet and needy.”

“Please take that evil thing out of my backside!” she cried, bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet.

“After you do what you’re told, bad girl.”

As Jill reluctantly drew her hips upward, she knew he would be drinking in the sight of her swollen labia and pictured his lips wolfishly curling into a devilish smile as her drenched flesh scented the air with a lustful arousal.

“Spread your legs farther apart, now,” he directed in a serious voice. “I want to watch your nervous little bottom hole shiver as this root is pulled out.”

Compliantly, she bent over further, and as he eased the spicy plug from her anus with one hand, he once again patted her hip with the other. “See, if you follow directions, things will be easier for you.” After Joe popped the carved plug from the rim of her fiery, shuddering muscle, Jill inhaled deeply and started to reach for her panties that were puddled at her ankles.

“Not so fast,” he warned. “I’m not done.”

“But it burns,” she whimpered, pivoting toward him.

“Turn around and let me see if I can relieve some of the sting.” Reaching once again for the olive oil, he drizzled the heavy substance from the top of her cleft onto her small stinging starfish, his slick finger rubbing her inflamed, pulsing skin before deliberately pushing it inside. “Better?”

“Mmmm, yeah,” she cooed, her sore anus quivering against his flesh. But as his thick digit drove deeper into her warm, dark passage, she looked past her shoulder and watched as he unzipped his pants, shucking them and his underwear down with the other hand.

“Can you imagine what’s coming next, my naughty little girl? Do you have any idea how much that trembling pink rosebud of yours turns me on?” His grin was devilish as his long cock swung freely, revealing a dot of pre-cum glistening at the tip.

After reaching for the other items that he brought from the cupboard, Joe tore a condom wrapper open with his teeth, rolled it on to protect himself from the spice of the plant, and lubricated his shaft with the thick gel. Holding her snug around the waist, he instantly bent her over the counter and gradually but deliberately maneuvered the tip of his lubricated penis into her crimped rosette. Nervously, she grabbed the counter, spreading her legs farther apart as he continued inching the broad head of his member into her moist opening. Mewling a soft whine, she slightly pressed her behind back into him as he pushed inside her puckered entrance a bit further, trying to stretch the flesh in her narrow, sensitive anus. But after wiggling from side to side for what seemed like an eternity, she finally let out a loud, husky groan.

“Be my brave girl,” he whispered. “You know how much I’ve been wanting to press my hard cock in your tight ass.”

Jill’s eyes pooled with tears. “But it hurts, Joey.”

“Come on now, relax that hind end of yours. You’ve been stretched enough times to accommodate me…”

“You’re too big. You’ll never fit.”

“Not true, not true at all. If you bear down and buck backward, it’ll fit just fine.”

As her inflamed channel slowly continued to swallow the breadth of his thick member, his warm thighs pressed onto hers while his breathing continued to be raspy and audible.

“Jesus Christ, you’re so tight. Now squeeze my cock while I fuck your snug, delectable bottom. Squeeze it hard!” he grated through clenched teeth.

As she obeyed, contracting her muscles to embrace each deep thrust, the intense pain was gone and every nerve ending inside her anus seemed to relish the movement of his steady measured strokes. There was something so sensuous about having her reddened ass bent across the kitchen counter by this strong, handsome man and a part of her didn’t want it to end.

With her body in that position, the liquid lust that had heavily coated her inner pink flesh was becoming even more prominent, and she knew without a doubt that his hooded eyes were watching her sex swell like the ocean as he tightly gripped her hips. With the tip of one finger, he circled her saucy clit and squeezed her hardened bead before driving home one last thrust, releasing a furious explosion deep inside. Tossing her head back, a white light flashed in front of her as the intensity of her spasms climaxed, reveling in the sexy pleasure of their lascivious scene.

Joe continued to glide in and out with ease until his size receded. As he slid his glistening, semen-soaked shaft out of her sore rosette and stood up, she could feel his eyes admiring her submissive posture. Lifting her from the counter, he turned Jill around to kiss her softly on the lips. “Has my sweet girl learned her lesson?”

“Yes, sir,” she purred through a heavy exhale. “And unless you go back to the grocery store, I guess we won’t be having stir-fry tomorrow.”

“Oh, I don’t think we’ll be running out of ginger any time soon,” he declared with a wink.

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