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The Doctor Next Door by Parker Fox – Extended Preview

Emily glanced around the small room as if to confirm for herself that it was indeed an ordinary medical facility and not a dungeon of some kind. If she was being honest with herself, there was another reason for the perusal of her surroundings as well. She was doing her best to avoid looking at Justin. She was already blushing even though she was fully dressed, and she suspected she was going to be a very, very embarrassed young lady before they left this room.

She wondered for a second if he would offer her a gown to wear, but he answered that question for her a moment later when he simply said, “Get yourself undressed, Emily.”

For a second she considered trying to make the process of stripping into some kind of sexy show, but quickly thought better of it. The last thing she needed was everyone in the office hearing Justin re-redden her bottom. She didn’t think he would actually spank her here, to be fair, but she hadn’t thought he would take her temperature and paddle her bare ass with the hairbrush this morning either, so she wasn’t really in a wagering mood right now.

“Stop dawdling and undress, Emily, or I’ll need to take you out to the car, spank your already sore ass until it’s bright red again, and then bring you back in here.”

Deciding that it was better not to provoke him with further delay, Emily began removing her clothes and soon stood before him completely bare. She quickly realized that while Justin had seen her just like this many times as a lover—as a girlfriend, in fact, she reminded herself—this felt different. Though she still blushed every time Justin made a point of running his eyes over her naked body—which he did often—somehow the fact that he was doing it in a medical capacity, or at least what he was pretending was a medical capacity, made it embarrassing in a different and deeper way.

While Justin had seemed to want to move things along earlier and had scolded her for dawdling, now that she was naked, he seemed to have no interest in rushing things. Instead, he walked around her in a slow circle as she stood there, hands at her sides. When he was behind her, almost certainly staring at her bare ass, Emily suddenly felt overwhelmed by the shame of it all, and now it was her turn to try to move things forward.

“Please, Justin… please, doctor, can we get on with… whatever you’re planning to do?”

“I’m going to be taking my time with this, young lady. All you need to worry about is being a good girl so that beautiful pussy doesn’t end up as bright pink as your bottom is already.”

Her pussy? Bright pink? He couldn’t mean that he would spank her there, could he?

But he was standing in front of her now, and the look on his face told her that yes, he would have no qualms about thoroughly spanking that very sensitive spot.

As Emily’s thoughts moved away from the sting in her bottom and the possibility that her pussy would soon be stinging as well—whether today or another day soon when she’d been naughty—she allowed herself to wonder what Justin had in mind for her exactly.

“Up on the table on all fours please,” he ordered, and Emily suspected she would soon have her answer.

Slowly and reluctantly, knowing how exposed it would leave her, Emily assumed the position he’d instructed. Once she was in place, she quickly realized she was even more exposed than she’d feared. He made it worse by gently pressing down on the small of her back until she placed her head between her forearms. The spread of her legs combined with her now arched back left her bottom cheeks naturally parted and her anus completely on display, along with her glistening pussy. Her bare breasts hung down, the tips of her stiff nipples almost touching the padded table beneath her.

He planted himself at the foot of the table where he would have a clear view of absolutely every bit of Emily’s most intimate areas. She could see him if she wanted by looking back between her legs, but for the moment she chose to stare intently at the thin paper that covered the exam table as if hoping to decipher some deep secret of life while at the same time conveniently avoiding looking back to see what Justin was doing. Her study of the paper was interrupted when she heard the unmistakable snap of a latex glove being pulled over a hand.

She glanced back just in time to see the source of another equally unmistakable sound. Justin was squirting some form of lubricant onto his newly gloved finger. As soon as she heard the snap of the latex, she’d been fairly sure where that finger would be going, but the lube made it a certainty. Emily was about to have that finger where she’d never had one before.

In her tightest, most sensitive hole.

Upon realizing that, she closed her legs and clenched her cheeks instinctively, but this merely earned her a quick, scolding order to return to position or she would be a much sorrier young lady than she was already. Not wanting to know what that heightened level of sorriness would entail, Emily reluctantly but quickly obeyed, once more putting herself on shameful display. Then she felt Justin’s finger exactly where’d she expected she would.

As the lubed tip pressed against her anus, she couldn’t help clenching as tight as possible in the hopes that doing so would prevent the anticipated invasion, but her efforts failed completely, and as he increased the pressure the tip penetrated to the first knuckle. Then it reached the second. She gasped, and to her embarrassment, she moaned. But without so much as a pause to let her adjust to it, he pushed the thick digit all the way in to the final knuckle.

It took Emily a few seconds to really come to grips with the fact that her crush, who was now her boyfriend, had a finger deep in her naughtiest place, but when she did, her pussy clenched almost impossibly hard. Justin must have felt it, because he ran one of the fingers of his free hand through her sopping slit as if to confirm what the clench had told him.

Then, holding the glistening finger in front of her face, he said simply, “You’re such a naughty girl, Emily. You seem to enjoy your doctor’s finger in your bottom as much as you did in that pussy a few months ago.”

Emily hadn’t thought it was possible to blush deeper than she was already, but it turned out she was mistaken. Then, just when she had begun to wonder if it were possible to orgasm from a finger in her bottom alone—and was starting to think it might be—he slid the invading digit free. She suspected he wasn’t done with her bottom, though, and a moment later she felt what seemed like a large capsule of some kind being forced into the tight passage his finger had just left.

He hadn’t applied more lube, but the lubrication left behind by his finger ensured that it entered her without much difficulty despite its fairly large size.

“What is that, doctor?”

“It’s a suppository.”

She’d forgotten the term, but she’d been aware of the existence of pills that went up there. The question, though, was what would it do?

“Will it hurt?” she asked.

“No,” said Justin, “Some of these are for medication, but since, as we already know, you’re not sick, the one I gave you just contains some vitamins. It’s what I give the hypochondriacs who keep coming back, demanding treatment of some kind. They usually leave me alone after that.”

He seemed proud of himself, and maybe under other circumstances Emily would have been amused, but as it was, she had just had a pill shoved up her ass that he was now telling her wouldn’t do anything.

What were you expecting him to do? He already knows you’re not sick.

Fair point.

“So that’s it then?”

“That’s all the treatment you need, considering you’re not actually sick, but just to be sure, I’ll be giving you one of these before bed each night for the next week.”

Emily gasped in shame at the same time her pussy clenched with what she had to admit was intense arousal at that thought.

“Then we’re done here?”

“No, not quite, Emily. The suppository was the treatment for a young lady who wasn’t sick but thought she was. The treatment for a young lady who knew she wasn’t sick and lied about it will require something… more invasive.”

More invasive? Did he mean…?

“You mean you’re going to… you know…”

“Fuck your virgin bottom until you’re a very, very sorry young lady, then fill this tight hole with my seed and send you back to class with it still dripping out,” he finished for her.

She didn’t know how to respond to that, so she just blushed and said nothing.

“I think that will be a very effective treatment for you, my naughty patient. Climb down from the table and bend over it.”

As she hesitantly followed his instructions, in her peripheral vision Emily watched him divest himself of his pants and boxers. His cock was even more intimidatingly erect than usual.

This was going to hurt.

Mercifully, he did at least squirt a dollop of lube onto his obnoxiously hard dick and another onto her soon-to-be-stretched anus. She’d accepted by now that this was going to happen, but it wasn’t until Emily felt the tip of his cock pressing against her newly re-lubed hole that she really, truly internalized the fact that she was about to have her bottom fucked for the first time, and in that moment she suddenly felt deeply and humiliatingly vulnerable.

“You’re absolutely soaked, Emily. You need this little bottom fucked hard, don’t you?”

The doctor’s shameful words only deepened both her vulnerability and her arousal. It was clear now that he wasn’t even going to allow her to pretend that her body wasn’t responding to the prospect of a humiliating ass-fucking. Was she going to come with his cock in her bottom?

Of course you are, you dirty girl.

She knew her inner voice was right. She was on the verge of orgasm already just from his finger, and she was certainly not going to make it through this fucking without revealing the depth of her pleasure in the form of an absolutely devastating climax.

At the same time, though, another thought burst to the forefront of her mind, and she asked Justin almost in a whimper, “Will you be gentle?”

He continued to tease her hole with the tip of his cock for a moment, then leaned over her back with the full, thick length of his engorged member resting between her cheeks and whispered in her ear, “No.”

That shouldn’t have brought forth a moan or made her pussy clench, but it did both.

“Bad little girls need their bottoms fucked hard enough to hurt.”

Then, suddenly, Justin wasn’t talking about what she had coming anymore. Instead, he had taken hold of her hip with one firm hand and was guiding his cock into her reluctant hole bit by bit. The tip popped through first, resulting in an audible gasp.

One inch at a time, he took the rest. He didn’t rush it, but he didn’t go slowly either, and within seconds his entire thick length was buried to its full depth in her no longer virgin ass.

It hurt, as he’d promised it would, and he wasn’t even fucking her yet. He gave her a moment, but only a moment, before he began to thrust, slowly at first and then harder and faster.

This wasn’t a fantasy about a bottom fucking or even a naughty story about one. This was an actual real life bottom fucking, and Emily felt every single inch of his rock-hard cock as if everything was happening in slow motion.

With each savage thrust, the burning in her already sore asshole grew, but so did something else. Something darker and more visceral than the pain. It wasn’t pleasure, not quite. She would have perhaps called it ecstasy because it was far more intense than mere pleasure, but even that didn’t do it justice because the sensation was tinged with desperation.

She was going to come. Very soon.

It was going to be very hard, and she was pretty sure he was going to keep on fucking her right through her orgasm and maybe after, and the thought of what that cock would feel like in her sore, stretched hole after a climax was too terrible to contemplate.

“You’re going to come with your doctor’s cock in your bottom, aren’t you, naughty girl?”

His words combined with a particularly powerful few seconds of rutting pushed Emily over the edge into an orgasm even more brutal than she’d expected. She bit down hard on the little exam table pillow to stifle a scream, and her cheeks clenched around his cock as if trying without success to slow him down. He fucked her right through her climax anyway.

But to her horror, she realized the desperate ecstasy wasn’t receding. It wasn’t even plateauing, in fact. As she came down from her orgasm, her body was already being driven to heights that surpassed what had seemed like the hardest climax of her life just a moment ago.

Then she felt his fingers on her clit. They rested there for an instant before he began to rub hard and fast, and she came again within seconds. The sound that emanated from her throat was more a pleading whimper than a scream, and her body didn’t just flex, it convulsed as if his cock was tapping some energy source deep within her and delivering high voltage shocks to every single nerve and muscle.

At the very apex, he pinched her clit. Very, very hard.

It was a sensation so deep she couldn’t even describe it. Agony and ecstasy mixed into a terrifying jolt that shook her to her core and left her utterly and completely shattered. Finally, both too quickly and too slowly, the waves of pleasure receded. But Justin was still thrusting…

He had been grunting before with the visceral effort of the fucking, but now those sounds were replaced with a deep, animalistic growl, and a moment later she felt his hot seed shoot deep inside her. Spurt after spurt followed, leaving her feeling shamefully full, purposefully used, and thoroughly punished all at once.

At last his orgasm too reached its end, and his words broke through the haze that had enveloped her mind. “Do you feel like a well punished little patient now?”

“Yes, doctor,” she replied breathlessly.

“Good,” he said before giving each of her bare bottom cheeks a firm spank.

Then he withdrew his cock, which was finally beginning to soften. He stood up, and she heard him rummage around in a drawer, and he returned a moment later with what seemed like a wet wipe and proceeded to clean all the lube from between her cheeks. But he didn’t remove his seed from her anus, and suddenly she remembered his warning that she would be spending the rest of the day with his come dripping from her. She had hoped that was just dirty talk…

It was going to be very, very hard to concentrate in class with her pussy slick and dripping with her own arousal in tandem with her well-fucked hole sticky and leaking his seed.

“Get dressed, young lady, so we can get you to school for your afternoon classes.”

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