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The Doctor’s Captive by Ginger Darcy – Extended Preview

thedoctorscaptive_detailThe next day, Katie found herself sitting on the floor and watching Jason as he cleaned his semi-automatic. He had a PKK in reach, and the control for her collar just past that, so he was in no way unarmed. Not that it mattered. He could have been completely without weaponry and she still would have been outgunned by him.

She had been with him for seventy-two hours. She was melting on the inside, slowly disintegrating. Every session with him made her question her world a little more. Could he really have trained her? She couldn’t remember him. Then again, she couldn’t remember her trainer either. Her early experiences at Oversight were something of a blur, indistinct memories of experiences that left her focused entirely on her work to the exclusion of everything else.

Closing her eyes, Katie tried to center herself. She felt as though she were being pulled in two different directions. There was Oversight on one side and Jason on the other. The truth had to be somewhere in the middle, if only she could recall it.

Her head began to throb with the beginnings of an ache. She curled up, put her head on her knees, and tried to will it away.



“That’s a result of your conditioning breaking down,” Jason informed her. “The headaches go on for a couple of weeks, but they get better. They go away entirely when it’s completely broken.”

“Great,” she deadpanned.

His green eyes flicked over at her, coming to some secret conclusion of their own. “I’m going to tell you more of the truth now, Katie,” he said. “You might not be ready to hear it, but there are parts of you that need to.”

“Whatever.” She feigned disinterest, even though she was hanging on every word out of his mouth.

“First of all, I’m exactly who Oversight told you I am,” he said, ignoring her tone as he pushed a white cloth swab through the barrel of his gun. “I was Oversight’s first elite agent. The first to go through their conditioning program. I went through willingly. I thought it would make me better at my job, stop the nightmares, give me the freedom to be what I always wanted to be.”

“It didn’t?”

“For a while it did. Then the mission profiles changed, as did Oversight’s protocols. Agents were no longer briefed on the conditioning process. They were put through it without their consent and without their knowledge most of the time. If you interrupt a person’s sense of self severely enough, they don’t remember anything you don’t want them to. You went through an advanced version of the training. Oversight erased most of your memories, or rather, blocked them. The human mind isn’t like a hard drive so much as it is a series of pathways. Nothing is ever erased, it just becomes the road less traveled, or not traveled at all.”

He spoke as though it was the truth, without pausing for any kind of thought. Katie found herself almost believing him. Almost.

“Or maybe this is what you’re telling me to make me accept your sick torture,” she said. “Maybe you’re the one trying to change my mind, and mess with my memories.”

“I’ve left your mind completely untouched,” Jason replied. “There’s nothing I’ve done to you that you don’t remember. I bet you can’t recall a single moment of the training Oversight put you through.”

He was right. She didn’t reply to him, there wasn’t any point. He knew precisely what she knew, and precisely what she didn’t know as well.

“The good news,” he said, “is that conditioning can be broken.”

“So can people.”

He glanced over at her. “You’re not going to break, Katie. Don’t worry about that. I know how much you can take.”

Again she had the strangest experience, that of not only believing the enemy tormentor, but of trusting him on some odd, primitive level.

“Why are you trying to break my conditioning? Why are you bothering with all this?”

He looked at her and his eyes filled with an emotion she didn’t understand. “Because you matter, Katie.”

Why. That was the one question he wasn’t ready to answer.

“Enough talk,” he said, reassembling the weapon with quick, snapping motions. “You need some exercise. I don’t want you losing condition.”

He led her to the gym, the one room in the house she probably considered to be fairly innocuous. She couldn’t have been more wrong.

“Clothes off, Katie.”

The look she gave him was priceless. “You want me to exercise naked?

“I want you to do as you’re told when you’re told,” he said, giving her a hard swat to her bottom. “Strip. Now.”

He saw the reluctance and resistance in her eyes, but she began obeying his orders anyway. She pulled her clothing off as if it didn’t matter to her to be without it, but he could see that some part of her felt her vulnerability keenly. That was the part he needed to draw forth, the Katie he had once known before she went away behind a veil of hardcore training.

“Get up on the treadmill,” he ordered. “Put your feet on the sides and brace your hands on the armrests.”

Katie’s expression was wary as she slowly moved to do as she was told. He loved the way her body looked in motion, svelte but still curved, her nipples hard as a reaction to the excitement of the moment.

“You’re a pervert,” she said as she took her position, the words a form of defiance Jason was not going to tolerate for a moment.

He didn’t reply verbally to her challenge. He had something that would act as a perfect reply hidden away in a recess that was revealed when he slid what had previously looked like part of the wall up to reveal a plethora of toys of the sexual and electrical kind.

With Katie in position, he spread her left cheek to the side and put a dab of lubricant on her pink squirming anus.

She let out a little growl, which earned her a firm swat to the same cheek. “Mind your tongue, Katie,” he warned her. “I’m not in the mood to tolerate disobedience.”

“I don’t owe you obedience,” she snapped, holding position as he began to press his finger inside her bottom. It was mildly impressive how she could continue to resist even as her anus gave way to his will.

He fingered her for a few minutes, ensuring she was well lubricated, and that her bottom was ready for what he had planned for it. She had been fairly good with the plugs so far, but this would push things to a new level. She needed more stimulation, more domination. Time was running out and he had to get through to her soon.

Jason pulled his finger out of her tight little ass and replaced it with a wired plug. She whined and squirmed her cheeks as he slid it into place, as if that might make some difference to what he was doing.

“I can’t run with this in!”

“Oh, yes, you can,” he said, putting a small amount of current through the device. It began humming in her butt immediately, making her blush. He loved the way she blushed. It spoke to the hidden places in her psyche, the ones that in spite of everything she’d been through were still innocent.

“Now stay still,” he instructed her, clipping one nipple clamp to each nipple. Like the butt plug, they were also connected to a current that made them vibrate according to his will.

“Let’s start with fifteen miles,” he said, starting the treadmill. It ramped up slowly, allowing her to walk for a quarter mile or so. Her feet began to move, but the scowl did not leave her face. She was beautiful when she was angry, and at that moment she was completely furious. He flicked the butt plug control up to high for a brief moment and watched as her cheeks clenched and her face flushed with heat.


He smiled at her. “That’s right,” he said. “That’s your asshole. Keep talking like that and I’ll make sure I fuck you there later tonight.”

She swore viciously at him, but the treadmill was already starting to speed up, making her jog. She kept pace easily, of course; she was far too fit to feel any kind of strain at a light jog. Jason spent the time watching her with quiet admiration. She moved very nicely, like a sleek lioness, the muscles of her body complementing the curves of her buttocks and breasts, both of which jiggled with every pace.

Jason toyed with the controls a little more, making the clamps on her nipples vibrate in time with the butt plug. It was just enough stimulation to make her let out a little squeak, not enough to overly arouse her. Not yet.

He waited a few more minutes, until her body was warmed up. Then he turned up both the speed on the treadmill and the buzzing in her bottom. She was forced to run at a steady pace as her very full bottom vibrated. Her reaction was a lot of swearing, but more important, a tell-tale sheen on her inner thighs. She was becoming aroused.

“Dammit, Jason, turn that stuff off!”


She shot him an angry look, then did something very naughty. She unpinched the nipple clamps and threw them away without missing a step on the treadmill. Her expression as they fell to the floor was one of triumph.

Of course, he could not let that victory, no matter how small, stand.

He stood, crossed over to the treadmill, and slapped her bottom hard enough to leave a red hand print in place.

“You don’t want to run with the nipple clamps? Okay.” He hit one of the buttons on the treadmill, slowing it to a walking speed again. She was still grinning, but that expression wasn’t going to last long, he would make sure of that.

“Hands and knees,” he said, pointing to the treadmill mat.


He swatted her bottom again. “Get on your hands and knees.”


Jason let out a sigh. She really wasn’t understanding how things worked, not at all. She still thought resistance was an option. That he couldn’t tolerate. If she didn’t completely submit to him, there could be no breaking her conditioning.

So he did what he had to do. He turned the control of the butt plug vibrator up to high, grabbed her off the treadmill, and forced her to her knees in front of him. Katie squealed and writhed on the floor, her bottom swaying this way and that. The high setting was very intense, he knew that. It didn’t necessarily hurt, but she would not soon forget what it felt like to have her bottom plugged with high RPM.

While the butt plug did its job, he stepped over her upper body, cinching her waist between his calves. That left her wriggling bottom doing its desperate dance right in front of him. He bent down and began spanking her cheeks hard, swat after swat landing fast and fierce.

Katie let out a long wail of complaint, which grew louder when he reached down below the butt plug and laid a hard slap to her pussy lips too. No part of her would go unpunished. Her act of defiance must be strongly dissuaded.

Jason spanked her bottom and pussy until her struggles became less fierce. Instead of throwing herself around, she kept more still, attempting to avoid further punishment by acquiescing to his authority. That was the reaction he wanted. He stopped immediately, turned the butt plug off, and surveyed the damage. Her bottom was bright red, as were her inner thighs and her pussy lips. Her pussy was very telling, her lips engorged with reluctant arousal, her juices making her lips and upper thighs glisten. She would not feel comfortable sitting, and she certainly wouldn’t have an easy time of the examination he had planned for later on, but that was her mistake. She would have to learn from it.

“Get your butt back on that treadmill,” he said gruffly, slapping her ass before stepping away from her.

She rose with a little sniff, wiped her eyes on the back of her hand, and did as she was told. When she was standing on the treadmill obediently, he picked up the nipple clamps and re-attached them. Katie did not like that one little bit, but he certainly couldn’t allow her to think it was possible to avoid stimulus by rebellious behavior.

As the treadmill started up again, he stood beside it, reached in front of her, and slid his hand over her mound. In that position she could not go much faster than a slow jog, but as she moved, her wet little clit and her soft mound brushed against his fingers.

She tried to hide her enjoyment of it, but he noticed that she ground forward with every step, and though the plug and clamps were fully operational, albeit at a low level, she no longer seemed bothered by them. Every single step brought with it another brush of her mound, another desperate little grind until the treadmill’s moving surface caused her to slide away and step forward once more.

“Good, Katie,” he praised, letting his fingers drift casually over the wet slit of his captive. “Grind your little cunt against my hand.”

She had been red-faced already, but he was certain he detected an increase of blushing. This was not what agents being kept against their will usually did. They didn’t usually have their bottoms spanked and their asses plugged and their pussies played with until their slick wet juices covered their kidnapper’s fingers. But that was what was happening to Katie, and as much as she wanted to deny it, it was her steps taking her closer to that ultimate pleasure.

He slowly increased the intensity of nipple clamps and butt plug vibrations, but this time there was no complaint. This time there was a sigh and a renewed vigor in her steps as she began jogging against his fingers, masturbating shamelessly until she was right on the edge of orgasm.

“Don’t cum, Katie,” he growled. “Don’t cum until I tell you to cum.”

“But…” she panted as she ran, grinding her wet cunt against him, her need overriding every other drive. She wouldn’t be able to hold out for long, he knew that, but he wanted her to contain herself at his order. He wanted her to show obedience even when every part of her wanted something badly.

“Good girl,” he praised as she jogged on, her juices trickling down her inner thighs and dripping on the treadmill’s mat. “Stop now, put your feet on the sides.”

Katie did as she was told. He rewarded her immediately with a hard finger-fucking, sliding three digits up inside her pussy as she stood there writhing and moaning, every muscle in her lithe body tight as her orgasm built. The sound of her wet pussy being taken hard and fast filled the room, accompanied by panting little moans as Katie came with her feet planted either side of the treadmill’s still running pad, her hands white-knuckled as they grasped the rests, her entire body taut with the tension of the climax.

The second she was finished coming, Jason took her by the arm and led her off the treadmill. He was not done with her yet. Not by a long shot. He had a pommel horse in the room as well; this he bent Katie’s naked, sweat-beaded body over lengthwise so she would be properly supported, spreading her legs with his foot to expose her wet cunt and her plugged ass.

After appreciating the view, Jason gently eased the plug out of her bottom. Her anus remained open a little as it slid out, an invitation for his hard cock, one he did not refuse. Without missing a beat, Jason freed his cock, pressed himself to the waiting aperture and slid slowly into Katie’s bottom.

If he had done it at any other time, he was certain he would have been met with swearing resistance. But all Katie did in her worn-out state was let out a squeal as his cock pressed inside her, her ass buttery hot around him as he began fucking her with gentle strokes. This wasn’t about hurting her. This was about teaching her that her ass was his, and his cock belonged in her bottom as much as it belonged in her pussy or her mouth.

He fucked her tenderly, his cock slipping further into her ass with every stroke, his hands grasping her hips as he laid claim to her ass. The plug had done its job, and her sphincter accepted him easily, allowing him to fuck her properly inside the space of a few minutes. Once he was satisfied that she was properly prepared, he withdrew his cock all the way out of her ass, then drove it back inside her.

Katie let out a wail of protest as he started truly fucking her ass. The introductory class was over. Now she was going to discover what it was to have her asshole thoroughly stretched by him. He planted one hand on the back of her neck, pressing her down as he fucked her.

“Jason… Jasonnn… Jason!” She wailed his name with increasing intensity. He added additional lube to the mix, making sure his cock was sliding smoothly in and out of her bottom. Her complaints were not of pain, though he was sure it was not entirely comfortable, but of embarrassment. A girl could maintain her composure when her mouth was taken, her dignity when her pussy was fucked, but there was nothing as effective at breaking down all pretense of control as sliding his cock deep into Katie’s tight little asshole.

It did not escape his attention that she was grinding again, pressing her greedy clit against the leather of her support as he fucked her backside. She was enjoying it, just as she’d enjoyed being fucked every other way. Katie loved to be taken. Her sweet body was built to be fucked. There wasn’t a part of her that didn’t crave his cock, and her wailing cries told him as much when he informed her in rough tones that he was going to fill her ass with his cum.


“Oh, yes,” he promised her, leaning down over her body, the crowns of her cheeks pressing against his lower abs as he held his cock deep inside her bottom. “I’m going to cum inside your tight backside, Katie. I’m going to fill your sweet little ass, just like I did your pussy.”

She squirmed back and forth under him, gasping as his cock started to thicken and pulse inside her. He knew what she was doing, she was bucking against the leather, finding her own point of climax as his cock began to unload inside her.

With an animal cry Jason came, spending thick ropey streams of cum inside Katie’s ass and down over her pussy. As he pulled away, he couldn’t help but admire how she gleamed with him, her ass and cunt polished like a trophy.

Every orgasm he gave her was more intense than the last and the latest had been so powerful that, coming on the back of physical exhaustion, she was unable to keep her feet even when Jason swatted her sore bottom and told her to stand. She tried, but her legs gave way under her. She would have fallen if not for Jason catching her just as she started to go down.

“You’re a bastard,” Katie sighed against his chest. “You’re a ruthless bastard.”

“Oh, I know,” he agreed without question as he gathered her up into his arms and carried her to the shower.

She was exhausted and it was only just gone lunch time. Her arms and legs felt like jelly, her bottom was sore inside and out, cum was seeping from her poor stretched little hole, and her clit ached. But at least the headache was gone.

He placed her on a stool and stripped himself. She should have been threatened by the sight of his naked body, but she found herself entranced. He was strong and muscled in a sinewy sort of way that spoke to useful strength, not the great swollen muscles of a bodybuilder. She also saw scars. A lot of them. Jason had not lived an easy life; that much was obvious.

Seeing him naked made an unexpected rush of tenderness roll over her. Without his clothing he was just a man. The sex must have made her delirious, she decided. He was a monster who had just forced himself inside her most delicate place and spent his cum in her. Why the hell was she feeling soft toward him?

He turned on the shower, and three heads began to spray hot water into the large cubicle. Taking advantage of her subdued state, Jason began to wash her tenderly and slowly as more than sweat and grime fell away.

And that was when it happened. For days there had been an uncomfortable itching in her mind. Her thoughts had been disjointed, her memories confusing. As Jason’s hands moved over her naked flesh, Katie felt as though her mind was shedding layers of lies. He had taken her to the very edge of who she was and forced her to look at the deepest parts of herself. Seeing them, she saw the truth. And she saw him. Suddenly no longer a target, a threat, or a stranger. Suddenly someone she’d known.


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