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The Doctor’s Duties by Cariad Hal – Extended Preview

Monday morning she parked her car near her new apartment. She was late. Leaving the few things she had with her in the car, she grabbed her small case that held some essentials and hurried to the main clinic block.

“Thea Day,” she introduced herself over the desk breathlessly. “I’m due as an inpatient today.”

The receptionist consulted her lists. “Ah, yes. Dr. Bruno’s patient.”

“Well, not exactly ‘patient.’ I am also the new…”

“No need to explain, Miss Day. A patient’s reasons for being here are quite confidential,” smiled the girl.

She thinks I’m here for ‘special services,’ thought Thea, shocked. “No, I’m Doctor Day…” she began.

Again she was cut short. “You are in Room 411. I will get someone to take you up.”

Thea gave up. They were not going to listen. She would have to go along with their admissions protocol. Put up with it.

A nurse took her to her room. “Please strip off and put on the gown you’ll find on the bed and get in the bed.”

“I don’t need to be in bed. I’m not ill.”

“Dr. Bruno will be doing his rounds soon. He will require you to be stripped and ready for examination, whatever your reasons to be here.”

“Look, I’m your new resident doctor…” she tried again, exasperated.

The nurse would not listen. “You will need to hurry as you arrived late for your admission.”

“Yes, I know. I’m sorry for that…”

“So please strip and get into bed. There is no time to do your enema now, so we’ll do it later.”

“What? I’m not having an enema. I don’t need an enema…”

The nurse ignored her protests. “Everyone has an enema on arrival. Dr. Bruno requires it. I’ll leave you to get undressed. He will be here soon.”

Reluctantly, Thea got undressed and slipped on the gown, keeping her panties on defiantly. That, at least, made her feel less vulnerable. She had hardly settled herself in the bed when the door opened. It was Dr. Bruno, followed by five others in white coats. Students. No! She did not want this. Nervously, she looked over the group.

“Simon!” She was shocked. What was he doing here? He was shuffling in at the back of the group and grinned sheepishly at her with a shrug of his shoulders.

Dr. Bruno looked at her, then at Simon. “You know each other?”

Simon nodded. “Colleagues. At the Fairview Hospital.”

“Mmm. Fascinating. However, we shall continue.”

“Excuse me, Dr. Bruno,” protested Thea. “I am not happy with a colleague being here…”

“I really do not care what you think,” he cut in coolly. “You are a patient here…”

“No, I am a resident medic here and…”

“And your duties are to take an active part in all areas of clinic requirements and procedures.”

“Yes, but not this. I did not sign for this.”

“Your contract states all areas. And your present duty is to be available as a patient in view of your interesting clitoral anomaly. For which, may I remind you, full medical review is to your benefit.”

She could not believe he was so outspoken about her condition. But she was thinking like a medic and not a patient who had given over her privacy to her consultant. The boundaries were blurred. She was both and, she supposed, more patient than medic right now as she had not worked there even for one minute as a medic. She had not gotten a leg to stand on in her protestations.

“Now, shall we continue?” he said, noting her hesitation and confusion. He turned to the students. “You all have copies of each patient’s notes. This is Thea Day and, as she rightly stated, she is a new resident medic here. Your colleague, effectively. In the medical field, she is more experienced than the majority of you—except, as we now know, Dr. Simon over there. However, you all start at the same level here as we operate in a very specialized field. You, Dr. Day, are learning procedures from the patient’s point of experience, which is not a bad thing and will give you greater insight over the next few days until you can resume your medical duties with the rest of this group.”

She glared at him. He ignored her.

“We shall begin. Today, I shall show you briefly how to conduct an examination that every patient receives daily, regardless of their presented condition. Obviously, any extra examinations relating to the specific conditions of each patient will also be carried out. So it is somewhat fortuitous that we can practice on a member of the team who has a genuine anomaly requiring investigation.” He gestured to Thea. “May I have the patient’s baseline test results, please, nurse?”

“I’m sorry, Dr. Bruno, we do not have any results as the patient arrived late for admission.”

“What?” He was annoyed, turning to Thea. “And?”

“I… I’m… sorry…”

“Lateness is not to be tolerated,” he admonished.

“I know. It won’t happen again.”

“Sir,” he instructed.

“I’m sorry… Sir.” Once again she felt overwhelmed by his superiority and annoyed with herself for feeling that way.

He sighed. “Right. Roll onto your stomach.”

“Why?” she asked, puzzled.

“Dr. Thea, all you need to do is to comply. Now flip over onto your stomach.” He reached for a pillow. “Rest your hips on the pillow. Nurse, a thermometer, please. Presumably the patient has not had an enema either?”

The nurse shook her head.

“No, you’re not going to…”

“Yes, Dr. Thea. All temperatures are taken rectally and daily.”

“But I don’t want you to…” she protested.

“Will you please refrain from these protestations and cooperate? This is going to happen so relax and let’s get it done.” Turning to the students, he continued. “Generally, this would be done by nursing staff but there will be occasions when you will need to do it so do not get out of practice.”

Thea was now, resignedly, lying over the pillow with her hips raised. He lifted her gown.

“Nurse, I require patients to be without underwear,” he said crossly.

“The patient was instructed to strip, Doctor.”

“Another of your protests, Thea? Lift up your hips, please.”

As she did, he pulled down her panties. He worked quickly and deftly pulled her cheeks apart, exposing her bottom hole. She could feel her hole stretching and opening as he pulled and cringed with embarrassment, covering her face with her arm, knowing that all those students would be seeing it.

“Lubricant, please.” He held out his hand as the nurse squeezed some out on his fingers while his other hand held her buttocks apart. He smeared it over her anus. “Have you had a rectal thermometer inserted before, Thea?”

She shook her head. He placed the bulb against her anus.

“You’ll barely feel it,” he reassured, then pushed it in through her tight, puckered rim, embedding it deeply. “There. It is in position. Okay?”

She nodded but did not look up.

Turning to the students, he continued his instructions. “The patient can be in a number of positions for taking temperatures rectally. It is of no interest to me which position you wish the patient to be in. Whilst the thermometer is in the rectum, it is an opportunity to check the whole anal area.”

Once more he held her buttocks apart, stretching her anus, and began probing the flesh around it, pushing deeply. “You can see this is a healthy anus, good color, good tight musculature, good pliable surround tissue. And…” he moved his examining hand lower, lifting her hips a little higher, palpating her perineum, “healthy perineal tissue.” He released her buttocks.

She sank back onto the pillow with relief.

“I’m going to remove the thermometer now, Thea, so relax, please.” He separated her cheeks again and slid the rod out of her bottom. “Normal.”

“Of course it is normal—I’m not unwell,” she breathed.

He pulled her panties over her bottom. “Turn over onto your back, please.”

For once she did as he asked without protest.

“Breast examination, for male and female patients,” he continued. “Some patients are very conscious about exposing their bodies, at least for the first day or two of being here, until they accept that this is standard practice here and their breasts will be examined daily, sometimes twice daily.” He threw a blanket across Thea’s lower body. “We respect that, initially, and doing the breast exam this way, by not fully removing the gown, helps them to feel a little less exposed.”

He began to lift her gown up over her breasts, to her upper chest. She tried to hold onto it, to stop him showing her breasts but he firmly pushed her hands apart and settled the gown under her chin. She felt her nipples tighten. There was no end to this embarrassment, and she could barely look at the students. All eyes were on her breasts. Then his hands were on them, warm and gently pushing and rolling her flesh. She caught her breath and she could not suppress her body arching, almost imperceptibly, up to his hands. She looked up to him. He was looking at her face. She knew he had felt her body react below his hands. His examination continued and deepened around her nipples.

“Question the patient on breast health. Any change in appearance. Any discharge. Any pain. Be sure to probe deeply into the breast tissue and nipples.”

The rolling action of his hands on her breasts felt good, she shamefully admitted to herself. If it was not for the spectators, she could begin to accept this, if it was only the handsome Dr. Matteo Bruno massaging her breasts.

He finished his probing and pulled her gown down again, covering her breasts, and pressed a button under the bed. Instantly, the bed automatically adjusted itself and stirrups moved out from the sides.

“Remove her panties, please, nurse.”

“No” she moaned as her panties were pulled off and her feet were placed in the stirrups. Her bottom and genitals were fully exposed. She could barely swallow with the shame.

“Examining the abdomen, genitals, and bottom unavoidably requires exposure. There is no way it can be prettied up for the patient. They book in here and by doing so they accept that procedures frequently will be exposing and embarrassing. So, let’s proceed.”

He pushed her gown up to her waist and her knees wide apart. They could see everything, all her private parts. There was no escaping it. And she was in her natural state, as he had instructed.

“Let’s address the issue of pubic hair. Most patients—or clients, if you prefer—will come in with some form of partial hair removal or even total hair removal. Some medics prefer all pubic hair to be removed to aid examination. I, personally, have no preference. I do not find that the hair growth interferes with my examinations, diagnosis, and treatment. So, unless there is a specific reason to remove all pubic hair or a medic prefers the patient to be denuded of hair, the patient can present as they see fit. As you can see, Thea has full pubic growth that extends naturally down between her buttocks.” He pushed her knees a little further apart, allowing the students to observe the full extent of her pubes. “She will remain this way as there is no real obscuration of the clitoris.”

Hang on a minute, thought Thea. You instructed me not to remove any. But she dared not interrupt him.

“We are running out of time today as we have other patients to see so I’ll just show you the clitoris and we’ll do the next stage of examination tomorrow and determine any other specific procedures Thea requires. So, come in a little closer and I’ll retract the clitoral hood.”

The students leaned in, peering at her genitals. She could not even look at Simon. This was unbearably humiliating. He hooked his thumbs under her hood and pulled up firmly. Thea gasped and her head tipped involuntarily backwards in response to the sharp tug on her flesh. She felt her clitoris ease out from its hood.

“As you can see, this patient is, you could say, well-endowed with clitoral tissue. And she is here so I can assess if this enlargement is physiologically normal for her, whether it functions normally or, in fact, has increased sensation or, possibly, reduced sensation. And what influence does the enlargement have on orgasmic response.”

He held back her hood so all the students got a good look at her exposed clit. Finally he released it, lightly brushing the head of her sensitive button with his hand. She jerked. He was watching her keenly.

Turning to the students, he continued. “Ordinarily, in the case of a female patient, a vaginal exam is done daily and often an anal and rectal exam but, as I say, we shall have to do that tomorrow. Any questions?”

They stood back and shook their heads.

“Dr. Simon, any questions, observations?”

Simon shook his head. “No, sir. Thank you.”

“Good. I expect you to conduct the evening exam on Dr. Thea…”

“No, please,” she protested. “I don’t want him to.”

He turned to look at her. She implored him with her eyes. He seemed to understand her distress and lightly reached out and touched her hand to reassure her before addressing the students again.

“…however, as Dr. Thea is also a member of staff, this is rather an atypical case so, in this instance I shall be her sole consulting physician. All aspects of her care and treatment will be conducted by me.”

“I’m quite happy to do it, sir…” Simon began.

“You will not be doing it, Dr. Simon,” he said icily. “Your enthusiasm is admirable but misguided on this occasion. You and the rest of the group can continue the rounds as you are familiar with the other cases. We shall have a debriefing later this morning. You are dismissed.”

They shuffled out and he turned to Thea again.

“Thank you. I just couldn’t…” she began nervously.

“I quite understand. Don’t worry about it. It won’t arise again. I’ll do that enema for you now as you are mostly in position. Nurse, could you get me a suppository and douche kit, please.”

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