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The Alien’s Pet by Loki Renard – Extended Preview

The Alien's Pet by Loki RenardHer voice got very low and growly as she leaned forward until she was almost nose to nose with the masterful alien man. “You can go fuck yourself.”

Without realizing it, she had put herself in a very precarious position. It was a terribly simple act for him to tip her over his knee, which he did without hesitation. Serena shrieked in outrage as his palm began falling on her bare cheeks.

“You’re not incorrect about anything you said to me,” he admitted. “But you will learn to speak with respect.”

“You can go fuck yourself, sir,” Serena shouted over the cacophony of slaps meeting her bottom. She was furious with him, his many demands, his expectation that she would simply roll over and agree to play whatever humiliating role his society deemed acceptable. No. Hell, no. She was human, and these aliens were going to learn humans were just as advanced as they were.

“Serena, settle down,” Zed commanded. “Apologize for the way you spoke and we will discuss this matter further.”

Serena responded to his request with a lengthy string of profanity, some of which wasn’t even English, all of which ended only when she ran out of breath.

Her verbal display did not dissuade Zed in the slightest. If anything he spanked harder, welting her bottom with the power of his palm. She squealed and squirmed and shrieked to high heaven, but he continued to spank her until finally she couldn’t keep her resistance up and her cries went from defiant to plaintive.

“As I said,” he said, placing his hand over her blazing bottom. “This will be as painful as you make it.”

Serena drew in a long breath of alien air. She was still angry as hell, but she could not sustain the thrashing he was giving her. Her backside was aching and stinging and burning all at once; it was almost certain that she would be bruised. She fell silent, loathing him with every fiber of her being.

“Your situation is not fair, nor is it going to be easy,” Zed said. “The least I can do for you is keep you alive. And, you may very well find that it is not quite so unpleasant as you imagine. There are pleasures associated with being a good pet.”

“I don’t give a damn about your pleasures,” Serena bit back at him. “I want you to take me back to Earth. Now.”

Zed swatted her bottom lightly. “That’s not going to happen, Serena. Not in the short term, likely not ever. I know you have to grieve that, and if it were up to me, I would leave all this until you’ve had the chance to settle, but we’re on a freighter in deep space and the captain of this vessel needs to be satisfied that you’re legal to have on board.”

“I don’t care.”

“I believe there’s an Earth saying, don’t care was made to care,” Zed said. “I don’t have time to coddle you, Serena. There’s no gentle way of doing this. You must obey me, or you will be punished, do you understand?”

“That sounds really advanced of you, Zed,” Serena sniped over her shoulder. “What other enlightened policies does your advanced society have? Do they also involve brute force?”

“Sarcasm won’t change matters.” He swatted her sore bottom again. “I’m not going to argue about this. I know it isn’t fair. I know it’s not what you want. Unfortunately, it’s going to happen anyway.”

Hot tears welled in Serena’s eyes. Unfair was the word. It was all so very unfair. She didn’t deserve to have an aching bottom just hours after facing a bullet for Zed. She didn’t deserve to be so far away from home that her mind couldn’t even begin to fathom the distance. She didn’t deserve any of it.

Zed eased her up off his lap and gently slid her back into bed where she curled up, avoiding his eyes. She didn’t want to look at him. Couldn’t look at him. He was nothing more than a jailer now.


“Leave me alone,” she said tearfully.

“I can’t do that.”

“Yes, you can,” she argued bitterly with the pillow she was shoving her face into. Her bottom felt like it was twice the size it had started at, a big hot mass of welts and slaps and heat and pain.

Zed slid his palm over her lower back, massaging her with comforting circular motions. At first Serena was too stiff and angry to accept his soothing touch, but as the minutes passed by and the heat began to fade from her bottom, she began to settle down a little, her muscles relaxing as Zed persisted in comforting her.

“I’m going to make this okay for you,” Zed murmured to her, bending down to press a kiss to the back of her head.

“I bet you don’t,” she sniffed back.

“I bet I do,” he replied in masculine tones that telegraphed more than punitive intention.

His fingers slid down over the heated skin of her rear and made their way inexorably between her thighs. Serena found herself face down on the bed, her legs parting by instinct and a desire for pleasure. There had been too much pain, and even though she was angry as hell, her body wanted relief.

She was wet, of course. Somehow her pussy didn’t quite manage to understand that being controlled was a bad thing. Her juices lubricated the passage of two of Zed’s fingers as they slid inside her wet, tight channel, massaging her inner walls with slow strokes that left her clawing at her sheets, panting her reluctant moans into the bedding.

“You see, there is plenty of pleasure to be had, Serena,” Zed drawled, his mouth on the back of her neck, kissing her with little biting nips. His jaws were powerful and large enough to reach around the nape of her neck. She found herself pinned not with his hand, but with his teeth as her soft, wet nether lips gave way to harder, more insistent thrusts.

Zed could fuck her better than anyone ever had with nothing more than two fingers. Her greedy pussy craved more though; it craved the length of his cock, and the biological enzymes that made her walls tingle with utter ecstasy.

“Fuck me…”

“Excuse me, pet?” The question was teasing.

Serena lifted her head, her eyes blazing into his with erotic abandon. “I said, fuck me.”

His lips twisted in a handsome smirk. He pulled his fingers out of her tight, clenching little cunt and stood up, shedding his uniform swiftly and baring the body she already felt she knew so well. As the hard, muscular slabs and planes of his body came into view, her pussy released a fresh flow of need. Something about him made her react without thought, pure instinct calling for him—for the impossibly long rod erect between his thighs.

Without another word, Zed covered her prone body with his own and thrust his hips down, the end of his cock spearing between her thighs and entering her cunt in one stroke.

Serena gasped and cried out as her pussy stretched abruptly. There was no slow, tender seduction in that moment. She had asked him to fuck her and he was fucking her, one large palm splayed on the cheeks of her sore ass while he arched his back and pushed several more inches inside her.

There were no more words as he mated with her, the pre-cum leaking from the head of his cock creating that effervescent sense of full-body arousal. It was better than any drug she could have imagined taking, each thrust of his cock making her nerves tingle and sing until she could do nothing other than arch her ass up and invite the ravaging of her tender cunt.

Swiftly on the verge of orgasm, Serena was desperate for release. She could feel her climax building deep in her belly, her muscles clenching, her thighs going taut, her fingertips and toes clenching and curling as she felt the onset of …

“No!” She let out a whine of despair as Zed abruptly pulled out and flipped her over onto her back with one strong hand.

“Orgasm will be your reward, my sweet pet,” he said as she lay sweating beneath him. “All you have to do is obey me.”

Serena let out a cry of desperation and reached for her pussy, her fingers finding the bud of her clit for a split second before Zed swatted them away.

“Naughty pet,” he chided. “I decide when you are rewarded.”

It wasn’t fair. She wanted to come more than she wanted anything. Her nipples were hard and straining, her pussy drenched and clenching in hopes of receiving his hard cock again. The tingling in her clit was almost too much to bear. She was almost tempted to give in… almost.

“You think I’m so desperate for sex that you can just make me come and I’ll forget everything I know about myself and be your pet?”

“Yes. You are remarkably sexed, even for a human.” He swatted her wet, juice-drenched pussy lightly, smiling down at her as her hips jolted in response to the sexually punitive touch.

Serena tried to squirm away, but Zed held her in place and kept spanking her pussy with those light swats, which left her lower lips stinging and soaking.

“Zed! Enough! It’s starting to hurt!”

“Call me master, pet.”

Serena grit her teeth, so close to an aching orgasm he could have demanded almost anything from her but that.

His fingers landed hard against her clit, making her hips buck. How could something be painful and yet drive her to climax?

“Call me your master, Serena.”

“Your master, Serena,” she gasped between clenched teeth, sucking in air as she simultaneously resisted and succumbed to his dominance.

Zed growled with disapproval and her legs thrashed back and forth as he began to spank her pussy in earnest. The sensations passed from the point of pleasure pain to the realm of pure discipline when he grabbed hold of her left leg and spread it wide enough to lay his fingers against the length of her cunt and swatted hard enough to make the wet, swollen labia sting.

“This is not a game,” he growled. “You must learn obedience. It is essential.”

Serena locked eyes with him and lifted the corner of her lip in a snarl even as his fingers rained punishment on her pussy. It was not a battle of flesh or power or strength or pain. This was a battle of wills, and she was determined to win it.

He raised an eyebrow at her, his expression becoming more focused than displeased. Not another word passed his lips as he ran his middle finger down the cleft of her spanked pussy, gathered the copious juices that still seeped between them—then pressed the thick tip of that same finger against the tight bud of her bottom.

Serena yowled as he pushed inside her butt, penetrating her rear with a rough, punitive stroke. Her juices eased the passage of his digit a little, but there was no doubt that the intrusion was designed to be a punishment. He was finger fucking her ass and there was nothing she could do about it.

Hot shame cascaded over her, squelching sounds echoing around the room as he plundered her tight ass. There was maybe some mercy in it—he could have pushed his cock inside her, not a finger, but that likely would have caused damage and even though Serena was furious at Zed’s treatment, she knew he did not want to harm her. No. He would torment her writhing body for hours if necessary, taking her close to orgasm and denying it, making use of every part of her tender human form. Nothing was off limits, not even her ass, which was starting to become accustomed to the thrusting.

She couldn’t believe it. Her body was tingling again, her clit hard as a rock, her breath coming shorter as an illicit orgasm suddenly cascaded over her, prompted by the finger in her rectum, fed by the sure knowledge that she was a helpless little fuck slave where he was concerned. With a sore bottom, well fucked and punished pussy, and her ass stretched around his finger, Serena spontaneously came as hard as she ever had, pushing two hands down over her pussy as her body jolted with climax, taking everything he had given her and transforming it to heights of pleasure unknown.

Panting for breath, Serena chanced looking up at Zed as he slid his finger out of her clenching bottom.

“You take far too much pleasure in disobedience,” he observed. “I am going to have to get much more creative with you, my little human pet.”

To her relief, he did not seem angry at her. In fact, if anything, her climactic response to discipline seemed to have pleased him greatly, even though she had directly disobeyed him in obtaining it.

Flushed with orgasmic heat, Serena smiled. “You could always ask me nicely.”

He cocked his head and looked down at her with a little smile. “Is that so? All it would take is a simple request?”

“I’m not saying that, I’m just saying you haven’t even tried that.”

He smiled and slid his arms around her, pulling her into his lap. It was difficult to find a position that felt comfortable, given that every part of her rear had been punished. Now that the orgasm was wearing off, she was starting to realize just how hard and thoroughly she had been spanked.

Zed made a small comforting sound as she whimpered. “All this can be avoided,” he reminded her. “If you wish, you will never be spanked or punished again.”

“Not if I wish,” she muttered against his shoulder. She buried her head in his neck, avoiding his gaze. It had been different when she was aroused, when her body had demanded everything he had to give. Now she felt small and sore and quite overwhelmed.

Zed slowly ran his hands over her back and down over her bottom. “I have something that will soothe the discomfort,” he said gently. “But first, I have to ask you a question. Look at me, Serena.”

She lifted her head and looked at him under her lashes. The trick didn’t work. He tipped her head up, one finger under her chin so she had to meet his golden gaze.

“Serena, will you behave in an appropriately submissive fashion so I am able to convince the captain of this vessel who saved both our lives that you are a safe and docile pet?”

“I don’t want to be a pet…”

“I don’t think you have any idea what being my pet means,” he interrupted her somewhat whined complaint. “I think you’re more interested in resisting this because you think it is beneath you in some way. You’re given to arrogance and independence, Serena, and neither will serve you in your new life.”

Her stomach sank as he said those words. New life. They sounded so final. So complete.

Blinking back tears, she hid her head in his neck again.

Zed did not push the matter. He held her tight and picked up something out of his discarded uniform, a little black cylinder that turned out to be a communication device.

“Is Doctor Wen in clinic? I need some topical pain relief for my pet.”

“Commander Zed,” a disembodied voice replied immediately. “Doctor Wen will see you in his surgery.”

“We’re going to the medical bay,” Zed announced. He slid her off his lap long enough to get dressed.

“Where are my clothes?” Serena pulled blankets up over herself to cover her nakedness.

“Since when do pets wear clothes?” Zed winked.

Serena stared at him, her jaw dropping. “I’m not going to get clothes!?”

“Perhaps, at some point, if you manage to behave yourself longer than five Earth minutes, yes,” he said. “For the moment, no. You don’t need them, and they will only get in the way of the discipline you seem to insist on requiring.”

“You… ugh… Zed!”

“Whining will get you nowhere, pet. Obedience will.”

Caught in a cacophony of emotions, Serena did not know how to respond. She was sad, she was scared, she was angry, but she was also aware that she was being taken care of—not how she wanted to be, but in the way Zed most saw fit.

It wasn’t fair, but it didn’t have to be.

Behind her, Pogo was finished with his fries and had curled up at the foot of the bed. He found this all so easy. Even when Zed punished her he didn’t seem overly concerned. She strongly suspected that Zed’s ability to influence mammalian minds was more effective on Pogo than her. The little dog had never been so mellow before.

Zed finished dressing and scooped her naked body up off the bed. She didn’t complain about not being left to walk; if she was going to be naked, she may as well get what modesty and coverage came from having his arms around her as she was hauled through the ship’s halls.

It did not take long to reach the medical bay, a sterile and almost familiar space thanks to the cabinets carrying various medical supplies and medical exam beds ranged around the room. It could almost have been a human clinic, if not for the various pieces of strange technology that were evident here and there.

The doctor was a tall, slim alien with intelligent eyes and a kindly demeanor, wearing a pale blue version of Zed’s uniform. He was quite handsome, his features a little softer than Zed’s but also very much refined. The aliens all had a rather classical visage. Any one of them could have been a template for a Michelangelo statue.

“Commander Zed,” he said, with no small measure of deference in his tone. “How may I help you?”

“This is Serena, my pet,” Zed said. “I need some light topical pain relief suitable for use in genital areas.”

Serena blushed and hid her face in the nearest place that came to hand—which happened to be Zed’s armpit.

“I’d be happy to provide that, commander,” the doctor said. “But I think an examination is probably in order first.”

“She’s very healthy.”

“That may be true, but she has also been through several traumas and a transporter ride,” the doctor said, giving Serena a kind look. “She needs a brief medical at least, to make sure there has been no significant internal damage. It’s always best to give wild caught humanoids a thorough medical examination.”

“No,” Serena whined into Zed’s uniform. “I’m fine. I don’t need an exam.”

No sooner were the muffled words out of her mouth than Zed’s voice came rumbling through her.

“You make an excellent argument, doctor. I think an examination would be a very good thing.”

No. Hell, no. She was not going to get some weird alien medical exam. She’d not heard good things about medical exams on alien ships. Zed slid her down onto one of the soft medical beds but Serena promptly scrambled off it and hid under it with a cry of, “I am not getting probed!”

“Serena, come out here!” Zed snapped the order without any trace of amusement. He probably didn’t get the reference.

She refused, but it wasn’t really a very good hiding place and less than a second later, Zed’s hand clamped around the back of her neck and she was pulled out and dumped back on the bed by a rather annoyed Zed. She yelped as her sore bottom met the surface.

“I’m sorry, doctor,” Zed said. “She’s out of sorts.”

“As she very well might be,” the doctor said sympathetically. “There’s nothing to worry about, Serena. I promise the examination will not hurt.”

She looked at him warily. He seemed nice. He seemed less discipline-oriented than Zed too.

“I just want to make sure you’re in good health, and relieve some of the discomfort you might be experiencing,” the doctor continued.

She knew she didn’t really have a choice. The table had straps on it. Zed wouldn’t hesitate to use them if she didn’t comply. He didn’t have to say that, it was obvious. He probably wouldn’t even need the straps. He was more than capable of subduing her with his bare hands.

“Here.” The doctor held out a plastic-wrapped dollop of red.

She looked at it, but didn’t take it. “What is that?”

“Candy,” he said. “Humans have a taste for glucose.”

“Oh, you know all about humans, don’t you,” she scowled. “You all know so much. Well, I don’t need a physical, and I don’t want one, and I know you’re going to do it anyway, so just do it.”

The doctor gave Zed a significant look as he tucked the candy back into a pocket. “Not very happy, is she?”

“That is an understatement, dear doctor,” Zed replied.

Her butt was aching like hell from the spankings Zed had visited on it. She squirmed around, trying to get comfortable, but it was like trying to sit on slightly cooled lava. Every movement caused a fresh burst of heat to go flashing over her.

“Are prisoners usually happy?” She sniped the question at the pair of them, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Not particularly,” the doctor said. “We usually sedate wild humans for exams, but I don’t think you need to be sedated, do you? You’re more grumpy than aggressive.”

“A very apt description,” Zed nodded. “She has an excellent temperament. Very intelligent and quick to adapt and brave.”

Serena couldn’t help but feel pleased hearing his description of her.

“That’s good. Some humans are given to aggression and fear,” the doctor said, speaking to Zed over Serena’s head. “It’s almost impossible to train it out of them. Even a small human can be quite dangerous if it is not tamed correctly.”

There seemed to be a note of warning in his tone, which Serena couldn’t help but personalize.

“I’m no danger to anyone,” she said, offended. “I’m the reason Zed isn’t in a zoo on Earth right now. I helped him, you know. And look where it got me!”

“Quite,” the doctor chuckled kindly. “Then we’ll forgo the sedatives and the restraints. Please sit up on your hands and knees on the bed.”

Hands and knees at least meant that her butt wouldn’t be in contact with anything, so she slowly and reluctantly obeyed, assuming the position that felt almost sexual even in that sterile space. Her butt was raised in the air, her glistening pussy exposed to two sets of male eyes.

The doctor reached under her, massaging her breasts gently. Serena shot a mortified look at Zed as her suddenly erect nipples grazed against the doctor’s palm.

“Very responsive,” he noted, squeezing gently.

Serena let out a gasp and tried to squirm away, but Zed locked his hand around the back of her neck and held her in place. She could not go anywhere, forced to submit to the doctor’s admittedly gentle but very thorough examination, which soon included her spanked pussy.

“A lot of swelling here,” he said. “It pays to be careful with the human vagina and anus; both are prone to tears if there is not sufficient lubrication. I will apply a little salve now, and give you some to take with you, as I’m sure this will not be the last time she requires discipline.”

Blushing profusely, Serena let out a little moan as the doctor’s fingers slid over her mound. They were coated in some cooling substance, a gel of some kind that sank into her sore skin almost immediately, providing relief. When he had petted enough of it into her pussy lips, he slid his finger up and applied a generous amount to her anus, gently pressing his finger inside that bud to further soothe her sore little bottom. It was embarrassing, but Serena was glad for it. The ache of her punishment was much reduced with a single application. She would have to try to steal some of that stuff in case she got in trouble in the future. The thought passed as quickly as it came however, as where could she possibly hope to hide anything when she was always completely naked?

“Her lubrication seems very ample,” the doctor noted as he washed his hands. “Now hold still, please, Serena, I want to run a few internal tests.”

Blushing furiously, Serena could not believe what was happening. Every part of her body was fair game to the doctor, and Zed was standing there, watching the medic spread her labia apart. More soothing lubrication was applied down the crevice of her rear. She looked over her shoulder just in time to feel a long smooth double probe sliding not just into her pussy, but almost simultaneously into her ass. She gasped as the probe was eased in with a gentle twisting motion. The entire procedure was carried out with care, but a certain medical casualness that made her feel very humbled and small.

“Good girl,” the doctor praised as he seated the probe inside her rectum.

Two long leads ran from the probes to a machine that bleeped and blooped as her cunt clenched at what felt like a thick metal phallus. The probe in her rear was slightly smaller in diameter, but it was just as intrusive as the pussy probe, possibly more because she was unused to being filled there.

“You might feel some vibration,” the doctor said as he flipped a switch.

Serena emitted a high-pitched squeal and would have jumped off the bed if not for Zed’s hands steadying her. Both probes were pulsing inside her, not in some low, unobtrusive medical fashion, but in a series of patterns that made her toes curl and her heart race. It felt as though she were being fucked in both places, movement simulated by the pulsing of the rods inside her.

“Very responsive,” he repeated, pleased. “And a healthy respiratory system as well. Her heart looks steady…”

With her hips swaying in response to the procedure, Serena buried her face in her arms and hoped she could hold back climax.

“Relax if you can, Serena,” the doctor said. “I would like a reading of your orgasmic response. It provides a great deal of information regarding muscle tone, nerve health, and general fitness.”

She did not relax, couldn’t with her poor pussy stretched wide around a pulsating probe, her rear dancing back and forth as her turgid little clit hummed with unrealized ecstasy. It was all so embarrassing, her feminine sexuality exploited for medical tests.

“Humans are extraordinary,” the doctor mused. “Look at these readings.”

Serena bit back a moan as Zed and the doctor looked at the screen, apparently interested in whatever was there. She couldn’t have cared less. Her attention was entirely captured by the pleasure probes, which were making her entire body hum with a building ecstasy fast becoming hard to contain.

She began to pant against the medical bed, her face flushing as waves of erotic heat suffused her body. Her pussy was quivering, a slight ache still evident from Zed’s punishment, and her anus was not much better, both tender little holes somehow taking the vibrational stimulation and pushing her toward an almost unavoidable climax.

Trying to avoid orgasm, Serena tried to think about other things, but her mind was unable to focus on anything besides her embarrassing predicament. Plugged and probed and panting like the pet she insisted she wasn’t, it was all she could do to scrabble back from the peak.

“I think she needs just a little more,” the doctor mused. A moment later, Serena felt a third humming resonance, a device that cupped her mound and provided stimulation directly to her clit. As soon as it touched her glistening lips and made the little bud at their apex vibrate, she was lost. She bucked and wailed, orgasm crashing through her with a force that would not be denied. Her entire body shook, her legs becoming weak as muscular contractions made every part of her dance.

She emitted a sound that was not a cry or a word, but something in between, a primal erotic vocalization that lasted as long as the orgasm did.

“Impressive,” the doctor noted.

The vibrations cut out with the last contractions of climax and Serena slumped down onto the table, her pussy still cupped and filled, her anus still spread around the alien probe. She was absolutely exhausted.

“She’s very healthy,” the doctor informed Zed, resting his palm casually on her spanked bottom. “And her orgasm response is one of the highest I’ve seen. She’s perfect pet material. You picked an excellent specimen.”

“Thank you, doctor,” Zed replied. “Anything you can give her to make her obedient?”

The doctor chuckled along with Zed’s joke. “In my experience, the most well behaved pets are the ones who are trained frequently, given regular orgasms, and given plenty of attention. Humans revert to a wild state fairly quickly thanks to their highly developed brains. If you do not provide them with an agenda, they will create their own.”

Serena did not particularly care for being discussed like an animal, but the clinical side of her mind found itself in agreement with the doctor’s comments. She certainly had no agenda of her own in that moment, aside from a need to rest and recover from the punishing orgasms that had left her without a shred of energy.

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