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The Doctor’s Pet by Loki Renard – Extended Preview

The Doctor's Pet by Loki RenardTraining session? Did that mean date? Tessa pondered the question when she woke up later that afternoon. It didn’t sound much like a date, but being picked up at 6 p.m. did. If anyone else was coming then, she’d expect a nice meal in a restaurant. She didn’t know what to expect from Kirk.

Surgeons were always arrogant, but he took it to a different level. Reflecting on the events of the previous couple of days, she realized that the moment she first met eyes with him she’d been pulled into a different world. A world where he pulled the strings and she danced to his tune.

Slightly hungry, she got herself a bowl of cereal and ate it rebelliously. Her butt was still stinging and she could feel some tenderness where Kirk’s hard, long fingers had swatted her pussy into submission.

She’d agreed to his arrangement, but that didn’t mean she had to be his passive little puppet. She was going to have to make sure he knew that she wasn’t just some toy for him to play with. With each bite of cereal, she became more convinced that she should stand up to him and make sure he knew where he stood with her.

Tessa showered and picked out some clothes that she hoped would convey the message that she was a professional woman who was agreeing to a… er… professional development arrangement. So far he’d seen her only in scrubs. This was her chance to impress him.

She chose a simple black dress that showed a little cleavage, but not too much, and was cut to mid-thigh, exposing the length of her legs. Her hair she left long, falling about her shoulders in a pale cascade. A pair of heels, high—but not so high as to give him the wrong impression—completed the look. Simple, but elegant.

Having dressed, she lined her lips with red and painted them with a ruby stain. She chose a smoky effect for her eyes, her lashes elongated by repeated coats of mascara. Strong lips, strong eyes, strong woman, she mused to herself. She didn’t look like a meek, mousy nurse anymore. She looked like a femme fatale, she fancied.

At precisely 5.59 p.m. there was a knock on her door. Tessa opened it as defiantly and yet as elegantly as one could conceivably open a door. Kirk was standing there wearing a perfectly tailored shirt and pants that fitted at the hips as if every stitch had been made with his body in mind. He was athletic, powerful, and refined. For a moment, Tessa completely lost her tongue.

“Hello, Kirk,” she said when she finally managed to find her voice. “Nice to see you.”

Nice to see you? Why had she said that? Nice to see you. That wasn’t the sort of thing femme fatales said.

“Tessa,” he drawled, stepping through the door and instantly making her feel somehow small thanks to his tall frame and masculine presence. He smelled delicious, like leather and the sea. She found herself drawn to him as he wrapped an arm around her waist and drew her close.

“You look gorgeous,” he drawled down at her. “Perfect.”

She smiled up at him, feeling much more on equal terms. “Thank you.”

“Are you ready for the first stage of your training?”

The previous feeling of equality faded at the question.

“We’re both a little too well dressed for training, wouldn’t you say?”

“Not for the sort of training I have in mind,” he said, flashing her a wicked grin. He ushered her out of her apartment to his waiting car. There, he opened the passenger side door for her and watched as she slid into the vehicle, once again feeling as though she were on a date.

They drove to the hospital, a journey during which Tessa felt increasingly silly. Maybe Kirk wasn’t dressed for a date. Those were probably just his normal clothes. She was the one who had dressed herself up as if she were going to a cocktail party. More than once she tried to push her skirt down her thighs, but the traitorously short fabric kept riding up thanks to the fact that she was sitting down. The hem was only inches from the apex of her thighs. What was the night shift going to think when she showed up at the hospital looking like this?

Kirk reached over and put his hand on her knee. She glanced over at him, but he had his eyes on the road. That didn’t stop his palm sliding up her leg slowly but inexorably, his fingers wrapping around her inner thigh, stopping just short of her thong-clad pussy.

She could damn near feel her pulse in her clit, the warmth of his hand radiating across the little gap between his finger and her body, teasing her in the most subtle of ways. He kept his hand there for a few minutes, making casual remarks about hospital business, none of which she paid any real attention to—and then it happened. His little finger and his ring finger began to drift slowly over the gusset of her panties.

Tessa let out a little moan.

“Keep your thighs open,” he ordered gently.

She obeyed, glancing across at him. He was handsome in profile, the strong line of his face silhouetted in the colored city lights flashing by outside.

“We’ve missed the turn for the hospital,” she said softly.

“We’re not going to the hospital.” He shifted his hand, pulling her right thigh further open so her pussy was spread for his attentions. He started running the pad of his finger up and down the fabric-clad slit. It was almost enough to distract her from the fact that they were headed to some unknown destination.

They left the central city and began winding up into the hills around the bay. Kirk’s fingers continued to tease her, making swirling motions at the apex of her core. She abandoned all concern as to their destination, giving herself over to the growing climax that was suffusing her body with warmth as the car rose through winding roads.

She was on the very brink, her nipples straining, her hips arched forward as far as the seat belt would allow, when the car slowed to approach a set of large gates that slid slowly open. Kirk moved his hand then, leaving her desperately short of what she so desired as he drove the car the final leg toward the destination—a very modern hillside home.

If she had been anything other than a few teasing strokes away from orgasm, Tessa would have been as impressed as she was intimidated. As it was, she had to push down petulant desire and disembark in the hopes that he would return to finish what he had started once they were inside.

Kirk parked in an internal garage and led her through to the main living space, which was a sweeping lounge with panoramic views of the city below. Tessa momentarily forgot her arousal as she stopped and stared.

“Oh, my god, Kirk. I love this place,” she said, gazing out the window at the sparkling skyline and the mountains beyond. “This is yours?”

“All mine.” He was looking at her as he said the words, and she wasn’t entirely sure he was talking about the house.

She stood and took in the view for a few moments longer before turning to him. “What sort of training are we going to do in your house?” She arched a brow at him. “Do you have an OR stashed somewhere?”

He returned her look with a smile and took his hand out from behind his back. While she had been distracted by the view, he had been busy. He was now holding a thick leather collar in his hands, and a leash besides.

“What…” Tessa tried to form a question.

“Come here, my pet.”

“Uh…” Tessa tried to gather her thoughts, but found them scattered across the spread of her erotic fantasy. Pet. Had that been a literal term?

When she did not move from where she was standing, he walked around her and, casually as you please, slid the thick leather around her neck. She felt it cinch neatly around her throat, shifting slightly as he fastened the buckle at the nape. There was a ‘click’ as he snapped the leash onto the thick metal D-ring and then she was standing there, leashed to a darkly handsome man who had unfathomable plans for her.

“You look shocked,” he observed, one hand holding the leather leash that was looped loosely over his fingers. He used the other to stroke her cheek gently as he walked back around to face Tessa, looking down at her with an expression that was as intense as it was amorous—and something more besides.

Tessa’s fingers went to her neck where the leather encircled one of the most vulnerable parts of her body, the collar representing equal parts possession and protection.

“When you wear this, you have a physical reminder that you are my pet,” he said. “You cannot forget that you are mine. You belong to me more than you have ever belonged to anyone else.”

He seemed to prize the collar, but it was the baritone resonance of his words that shivered their way down Tessa’s spine and into the pit of her stomach, where she felt a curious warmth building in response. She was wrapped in his voice, trapped in his eyes, the collar a physical manifestation of some change taking place deep within her.

Kirk pulled gently on the collar and lowered his head until their lips met in a fiery kiss. His tongue plunged inside her mouth, his grip on her leash firm as he locked her in place and made free first with her lips and tongue, and then with the rest of her. While one hand held her in place, the other unzipped the dress, which fell in a silken sheath down her body and pooled around her ankles.

Tessa stood in nothing but panties, heels, and collar, pressing her body against Kirk with a need that was fast becoming insatiable. She slid her hand between them and ran it over his crotch, caressing the hard ridge of his cock.

“Easy,” he purred as he broke the kiss. “Training first, my pet.”

She still didn’t know what he meant by training; however, she soon found out when he put some pressure on the leash and began to lead her across the apartment. Her feet moved after him at his bidding; she found herself in his thrall, following him as he deemed fit. It was such a small thing to be led, and yet it was everything. She had lost the smallest amount of control, that of deciding which way to walk. It was almost nothing and yet it made her stomach fizz with excitement as he took her through to his bedroom.

A black quilt covered a leviathan bed, which dominated the room along with four towering dark iron posts that sent a quiver of strange excitement through Tessa’s belly. It was undoubtedly a bedroom, but not like any she had slept in before. There were rings on the iron posts, purposely forged for the attachment of leashes and other restraints.

Tessa stopped and stared. The room was so very reflective of Kirk; simple, almost austere, but with a quality of dark elegance.

“Up on the bed,” he said. “Hands and knees.” He gave her a swat to her bare thong-clad bottom to help her move.

“Sit, my pet,” he said, smiling at her as she took up position on the bed. “Or rather, kneel, hands on your thighs.”

Tessa did as she was asked, curious as to where his directions were leading.

“Good girl,” he praised, reaching out to run his fingers through her hair. “This first session may be quite challenging for you, so I want you to understand its purpose. Your natural impulse at the moment is to argue and disobey. We’re going to address that.”

Tessa opened her mouth to say that her natural inclination was not to argue with him, but realized that was, in itself, arguing. She shut her mouth again without uttering a word.

“I want you to turn around and lower your panties,” he said. “And I want you to lean forward, so your face is resting on the bed and your bottom is nice and high.”

It was an intimate order, one that made her blush to so much as think about obeying it. Kirk stood waiting, handsome and unyielding as she began to squirm where she knelt, making a little preemptive whine of protest.

“Tessa,” he said in kind but warning tones. “That was an order.”

An order. One she had to obey. She could feel a glimmer of wetness between her pussy lips, her body’s response to the man who was still holding the leash to her collar. She stared at him, not moving so much as a muscle.

“I think my pet needs a little help,” he said, leaning down toward her. She felt his large, capable hands on her body, applying gentle pressure that made her turn away from him. Once he had her facing in the right direction, he put his hand on the back of her head and pressed it down toward the bed. Her rear came up almost automatically as her cheek met the quilt.

He had not punished her in the slightest and yet she felt entirely captive to him and his desires. Her panties slid over her ass cheeks at the urging of one finger, baring her anus and pussy. Now she felt the collar, tight but not restrictive about her neck as he began teasing a finger up and down the length of her slit.

“Already wet, Tessa,” he noted, putting gentle pressure on the leash. “I think my little pet likes this.”

She gasped as he gently parted her inner lips and dipped the tip of his finger inside her pussy, making a gentle stirring motion before withdrawing his digit, leaving her wanting so much more. She could almost feel her mound swelling with desire, a feminine heat that would not be denied.

“More?” She moaned the question hopefully.

“Not yet,” he said. “You didn’t obey me yet, did you, pet?”

He reached into a bedside drawer and took out a case, making sure to place it where she could see it. It was a fairly deep wooden box, and what it contained she was not at all sure. She was not kept in suspense very long.

“Now, my pet,” he said soothingly. “The first part of your training is going to involve accepting an anal plug willingly.”

He opened the box, revealing a selection of twelve black rubber butt plugs, each of them a different size. At one end of the scale there was a very small one that was only an inch or so long and barely larger than a finger in girth. At the other was a plug so large it made her eyes widen.

“What the hell is that, Kirk?”

He chuckled and swatted her bottom lightly. “In future, you’ll address me with more respect while we are training, but I’ll let that slide this time.” He ran his fingers over the plug she was staring at. “This is the grand plug, if you will. It is eight inches around and almost seven inches long. Not for amateurs.” He patted her bottom reassuringly. “Which you most certainly are, my pet.”

“So you’re going to use the smallest one?” She looked hopefully at the slender, yet tapered little plug that was barely more than a nub really.

“I think we’ll start you off a little larger,” Kirk said, moving his hand three places up the line to take hold of one that had an additional ring at the end of the flared base. It was probably about four inches long, about four inches more than Tessa thought she could take.

“Is this really… do we have to… do I…”

“Yes, my pet,” Kirk replied. He was already reaching for lubricant, which he poured in a slow cool stream down the crack of her bottom cheeks, then rubbed it in with gentle but proficient fingers. Having her bottom touched in such a directly intimate fashion was overwhelming on its own. She knew what was coming next, knew she would be stretched at his will, her bottom filled with the plug while she held herself in submissive position.

“Kirk…” she whimpered his name, her hips performing a slow wiggle of reluctance that only seemed to entice him to further explore the bud of her bottom; slower swirls of his finger following light taps delivered a hint of a spanking right on her anus.

She found herself arching her back, welcoming his attentions though she knew that it would end with her bottom stretched around a plug of his choosing.

“I think you’re ready, pet.”

His finger moved away and was replaced with the rubber of the plug, sliding equally gently around the rim of her anus. There was no inward pressure yet, just more of the endless teasing that made her pussy lubricate in anticipation of being filled just as her ass soon would be.

“Deep breath and relax,” he ordered, sounding very much like a doctor in that moment. But no patient ever found themselves in the position Tessa was in, her bottom raised to Kirk’s able hands, her collar-clad neck and head pressed against the bed, her knees spreading slowly, making her cheeks and pussy even more vulnerable to him.

She felt the tapered round tip pressing against her anus, the tight ring of muscle relaxing and giving way as she did her best to obey Kirk. As it began to intrude inside her, hot pulses of sensation rushed from her bottom to her clit and zipped up her spine to her nipples. Her mouth opened in an ‘O’ of sensation as Kirk slowly pressed the plug inside her.

Little by little she felt her body giving way to the dark rubber in a gradual process during which more lubricant was added and her bottom slowly began to take the length of the plug.

“Very good, Tessa,” Kirk praised, running his hand up her bare back while the other pressed the shaft of the plug in and out of her tight little ass.

His praise made her glow with warmth. Though she could not have moved if she’d wanted to, she was transfixed by the plug, which was sinking ever deeper. It felt much thicker than it really was and though there was no pain, it was definitely an effort to take it. Through all her gasping struggles, Kirk seemed to know just when to push a little harder, to slide it deeper until finally the flared base settled against her rear. It was in.

“Oh, yes,” he said, sounding very pleased. “Put your hands back and spread your cheeks for me, Tessa.”

Blushing, she did as she was told. Spreading her bottom cheeks seemed to make the plug seat itself a little deeper still. She was glad for the plush quilt that allowed her to hide her face from him while she exposed her plugged rear and dripping pussy to his gaze.

“You’ve earned a reward, pet.”

She felt a light tug at the base of the plug, and then the soft sound of a clip. A soft furry sensation slid against her inner thighs, brushing ever so gently over her pussy.

“What’s that?”

“That’s your first tail, my pet. Every good pet needs a tail to wag.”

Tessa blushed furiously as she looked back and saw him lift the tail up so she could see it. It was about a foot long and covered in soft plush blond long fur that matched the hue of her own hair. Having him touch the tail brought her to the realization that the appendage was much more than cosmetic. While Kirk played with it gently, the plug bobbed and moved inside her bottom, stimulating her deep inside.

She gasped and bit her lower lip, looking over her shoulder as he twisted the tip of the tail over and brushed it gently first over her bottom and then lower, over the lips of her pussy. The delicate, soft sensation made her loins clench as she arched back, wanting more.

But that wasn’t the worst of it all. Not being plugged. Not being given a tail. Not being treated like a pet more than a person. Instead, the deep, primal, inescapable desire that accompanied everything he did—that was what made Tessa truly realize just how much trouble she was in. Everything he was doing seemed to touch something deep inside her, some well of desire she’d never tapped before.

Kirk continued playing with the tail, giving her pleasure with light brushing strokes that eased her toward orgasm, but did not provide nearly the stimulation she needed to actually come. He was making her senses eddy and swirl. She found her muscles tightening low in her belly, her bottom squeezing at the plug as she arched herself and mutely begged for his cock.

She heard his clothing falling from his body and looked around to feast her eyes on him. He was everything she had imagined him to be, a broad, darkly furred chest tapering down to a powerful abdominal plane. His arms were just as toned as the rest of him, he was lean and he was elegant, and she could not stand being denied him any longer.

“Please… Kirk…”

He knew what she was asking for and he did not deny her it. She felt the thick, hot head of his cock sliding up and down her wet lips. The tail was still in place, her butt clenching around the plug as he slowly, tenderly slid himself inside her tight pussy. The heat of his cock was heavenly as he pressed deep with one long stroke, making her his once and for all.

Tessa let out a cry of pure pleasure as Kirk began to fuck her as she so needed to be fucked, tender strokes becoming more firm and passionate as he sank himself into the hot velvet of her body. She could feel her walls grasping him, being pressed apart time and time again by his powerful cock as the speed increased and she was thrust against the bed, her face meeting the quilt with each and every pounding stroke.

Bottom and pussy filled, Tessa had never experienced this kind of mating before. This was not just sex. This was an act that captured her mind and her body and her soul all simultaneously, elevating each of them through levels of excitement until all she could do was surrender herself to Kirk. He was buried deep inside her, joined with her and yet still very much in control of her quivering frame.

As her climax began to build swiftly, she found more than the rutting little releases she’d experienced before. This was a whole body experience that took her from her toes up, tingling heat rushing through her as she wailed her animal pleasure into the quilt.

Her cunt clenched around him, drawing his seed inexorably into her body. Kirk cried out as his orgasm followed hers, triggered by the demanding grasp of her pussy. Every clenching motion of her inner walls drew his cock and semen deeper, bathing her in his cum. Their juices mixed and flowed together, then trickled out over her lips as Kirk withdrew.

“Gorgeous,” he said in a husky voice, slapping her bottom lightly. She could feel the tail against her well-fucked pussy, his cum making some of it momentarily cling to her wetness. The plug in her bottom ensured that she stayed stimulated even though she was now devoid of his cock. She had come, but it was not over.

Kirk lay down beside her, turning her to face him as he reached around her body and played with the tail. She kissed him and suckled on his lip as he manipulated the plug inside her rear, not letting her body recover entirely from the orgasm. It was almost sadistic, the way he insisted on making her pleasure roll on and on, her pleasure centers getting no respite at all.

She moaned and whimpered, pressing her pussy against his thigh, rubbing herself against his leg. She couldn’t help herself. The motion of the plug inside her ass made her cunt respond in a way she could not control. He had her completely in his sway, her cum-coated pussy eager for more.

Kirk was not immune to her grinding. In minutes he was hard again. This time he took her tail in his fist and held it up, pressing the plug down so she could feel it through the wall of her pussy. He slid his cock back inside her, his hard rod sluicing through his cum as he took her a second time, this time face to face, whispering sweet words as she clung to him, her thigh thrown up over his hip as he thrust deep inside her and held himself there, making her feel doubly full all over again—her butt, her clit, her tight little pussy all stimulated at the same time.

Tessa couldn’t take it. She felt a sudden shudder as a second orgasm burst through her. She cried out for Kirk and he kissed her deeply, guiding her through the rough climax with slow strokes of his cock until finally her tired body could take no more and she lay curled up in his arms on the borderline of consciousness, more sated and satisfied than ever before.

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