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The Doctor’s Prize: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance by Maren Smith – Extended Preview

She was cursed. First, she spent two years trapped on a transport vessel, the only female with two hunky male crewmembers who were more into each other than her. And now, kidnapped and speeding her way to Destination Unknown, not only had she become the sexual plaything of one of her captors, but she’d liked it.

No, like was too mild a word for how good it had felt to have his larger body covering hers. She had loved it. She’d loved being restrained, her hands bound, able to fight as much as she was able, but unable to break free or even to stop it. It should have been awful… but it wasn’t. It was electrifying.

She’d even half liked it when he’d spanked her ass, though it had also pissed her off at the time. Every sharp slap of his hand clapping against her butt had sent ripples of stinging lust radiating straight to her pussy. It barely hurt anymore, and although she might be insane, she resented that. While it had been happening, she could barely hold still, it had stung and throbbed so intensely. Not content with torturing the summits of her ass, that feeling had traveled down between her legs until she could feel it swelling in her clit. She’d throbbed, but it had been so much more than just throbbing. The exotic tug and pull of it had been the same slow, scintillating motion Craggy had used as he’d lowered himself between her legs, parting her with his fingers before lowering his head to kiss and taste and finally just devour her with his hot and hungry mouth.

Cory shivered, just the memory of it thrilling through every highly tuned nerve in what could easily have been an orgasm all on its own if only he were there to touch her.

God, she just wanted to be touched.

Groaning, Cory twisted at the bonds that tied her wrists to the pipe that ran up the wall by his bed, not so much to break free anymore as just to get her hands between her legs so she could make the biting desperation of her need finally go away. The longer she thought about it, the worse this carnal ache became. The only time it ever eased was when Craggy was on top of her, vigorously rocking her body from one shouting orgasm to the next. Normally sex invigorated her, but once he’d quieted the need, she’d actually fallen asleep. Only to awaken again with this wretched constant need to fuck already pounding between her legs. And where was Craggy? Not here, that’s where.

Cursed. Just absolutely cursed.

What was wrong with her? He’d turned her body into his finely tuned instrument, playing her until here she was, aching for his return when she should be plotting her escape. She wanted sex more than she wanted freedom, and although she knew that wasn’t right, she couldn’t stop.

She couldn’t make herself hold still, either. Rubbing her thighs together, she moaned from the dreadful lack of stimulation that minor friction gave her. Rolling onto her knees, she gripped the pipe for balance as she searched for something—a wrinkle in the rumpled bedding, anything—that she could rub on and ride. She was panting she needed it so badly, right up until the door suddenly slid open and Craggy walked in.

She spasmed from pussy to womb the instant she saw him. He had another injector in his hand and by the authoritative way he came right at her, she knew he was as ready to fight as she was to fuck.

She did her best to give him what he wanted, lashing out with both feet as soon as he drew near. He twisted, offering his hip as a target over anything more vital, and then he grabbed her by the hair. Her nipples tightened, loving the way he leaned his weight into her as she was crushed against the bed. For one glorious moment, this feeling rekindled every erotic sensation she’d orgasmed so exquisitely to when he’d been taking her. He climbed on top of her, throwing his leg over hers before she could roll away. His hips were flush against her buttocks now and it was all she could do not to grind back into him, the heat of her pussy searching for the bulge of his cock.

He pushed her head to the mattress, despite her cursing and shouting, and the next thing she knew the cool tip of the hypodermic was on the back of her neck. A sharp prick punctured her skin, followed by an icy hiss that quickly spread through her neck and out into the rest of her.

“What did you just give me? Oh, shit!” She gasped, cold slipping up under the back of her skull, crawling through her head like a painless migraine. Tiny specks of light flashed behind her eyes, wiping out everything until multicolored bright flashes were all she could see.

“Shit,” she breathed, more softly and far less panicked than before. The coolness was turning warm in her veins and, weirdly, right behind her ear. That startled her until she realized that wasn’t from the injection. Craggy was talking to her. What he was saying she didn’t know, but she loved the guttural, coughing, rough-edged syllables pouring from his mouth into her ear on whispers of hot breath.

She caught hers, and back the arousal came harder and sharper than before. She moaned to the titillating brush of his lips as they caressed the shell of her ear. He shifted, holding her down with only one hand now as he lifted himself off of her. She didn’t realize where his other hand had drifted until she felt the slight rocking motions of him stroking his own cock through his pants. Smooth, caressing motions that didn’t touch her at all, but how she wished he would.

“What are you doing?” And why wasn’t he doing it to her at a harder, faster and infinitely deeper pace?

She pushed back her hips, bumping up against his hand.

His hot breath caught mid-growling exhale against her neck, and he quickly moved his hips aside, denying her the touch she needed most.

She growled now too and tried to roll over, but his arm hooked her waist and he pinned her, holding her tight back against him. Stars of absolute wanting exploded through her when he cupped her needy pussy. Almost immediately he moved his hand, but she couldn’t bear the loss of friction. She shoved her ass back, and his hand returned, clamping down on her pussy now as if he owned it. His other caught a fistful of her hair, holding her tightly to him with his hot mouth at her ear.

“No,” he told her, and her whole body burst with desire.

She’d understood him. One word and only one, and it wasn’t English. Or German or Gaelic, which she also knew. Or the smattering of Volhuun she’d picked up on Rilar 7 last year, most of which was limited to ‘beer, please’ and ‘where’s the pisser?’ This… this was something else entirely, but at least she understood it. And it frustrated her. ‘No’ was the last thing she wanted to hear, not when she needed him so badly.

She squirmed, spreading her legs in an effort to feel the grip of his hand better, pushing her bottom back against the bulge of his cock. Why was he still wearing his pants? She needed him to get them off. She needed him to get inside her.

He tried to twist the lower part of his body away, tried to deny her again, but he couldn’t hold her and do that too. She dropped to the mattress, twisting in a vain attempt to get on her back. Bound to the pipe, it hurt her arms to try, but she managed to roll far enough over onto her back and side to get her leg free. She hooked it over his hips, heaving her own up until her pussy made delicious contact with his pants-clad cock.

“Tell me no now,” she dared, arching to scrape the points of her nipples against his shirt.

Something in his eyes sparked—dark desire and warning.

He started to caress her cheek, but stopped himself. He grabbed her by the hair again, pinning her head to the mattress.

“That’s not a deterrent,” she half-laughed. “I like it rough.”

Something she had never known about herself before, but with him, the rougher he was the more it turned her on and she was already so unbearably aroused she could hardly stand to be in her own skin.

“Behave,” he said.

She understood that word too, and it made her laugh. “No.”

Wrestling her other leg out from under the prison of his, she wrapped them both around his waist, locking him tight between her thighs. His attempt to disentangle himself was half-hearted at best.

He gave her another dark warning glare, but his mouth was curling at the corners even as he shook his head. Another no.

She shook hers yes. “I’m not letting go until I get what I want.”

And what she wanted most right now was him. In spite of every reason not to, she needed him inside her, easing the near painful emptiness until she could once more think of something—anything—other than sex.

He smacked the side of her bottom, though nowhere near hard enough to hurt. It stung just a little, just enough to feed her need.

“Harder,” she moaned, fighting the staying force of his hold just for enough room to grind her pussy against him. The handcuffs became a focus of frustration then. She pulled at her arms, wanting to wrap them around him now too.

He garbled at her and she thought she might have understood ‘talk,’ but she was so far beyond ‘just wanting to talk’ that she couldn’t even laugh anymore. “Fuck first,” she demanded. “Talk later.”

He swatted the side of her bottom again, but his face was darkening with his own growing arousal, his eyes taking on that peculiar shade of red that she only knew meant she was about to get her wish.

“Harder,” she begged, lifting her hips as far off the mattress as his weight would allow.

His head tipped, his eyes glittering a half second before he obliged her. The hard clap of his huge hand caught as much of her bottom as he could reach. He squeezed, rubbing in the delicious sting.

“Behave,” he growled again, and before she could tighten her grip, he reared back off her, shoving out from between her legs. Before she could do more than cry out, he flipped her from her back onto her belly and down his hand came, cracking all over her exposed bottom in a brisk fury of swats and spanks that stung like the devil.

She scrambled onto her knees, but he seized her hips and yanked her back, thrusting his hips into her and sending all those stars of unbearable desire exploding through her sex as the bulge in his rough pants rubbed and ground against her.

“Yes!” she gasped, stiffening.

He bent over her. “Lovely,” he purred, the heat of his breath kissing the shell of her ear. It raised gooseflesh all over her trembling body. So did the minute jerks of his body as he unfastened his pants to free his straining cock.

“Please, please, please,” she begged, her back arching. Her eyes kept drifting closed, letting her feel even more powerfully all the subtle nuances in the way his hands squeezed at her hips and the heady bump of his cock nudged its way between her thighs. She mewed, needing so much just to push back and help him find his way into her, but the minute she moved, he pulled back and spanked her again. Fiercely, the flat of his hand danced in sharp smacks from one ass cheek to the other until she wasn’t just gasping anymore. She cried out, the delicious sting bordering now on pain.

“Head down,” he ordered.

She dropped her head as flat to the mattress as she could with her wrists still bound to the pipe.

He cupped her aching bottom, squeezing where he’d spanked her, the kneading of his fingers spreading her open in rhythmic motions that made her body flow with need.

He spanked her bottom. “Up.”

She arched her ass higher, her nipples scraping the sheet. If only she could get her hands free, she’d catch them in her own fingers, twist and tweak them, showing him how to touch her. Hell, she might even grab his hand and make him do it himself, until he figured it out. Please, oh, please, let him be a fast learner.

But he ignored her breasts. Instead, the brush of his thumb drifted from her stinging ass to skim the puckered rim of her back passage.

She almost came up off the mattress, but his retribution was as swift and vigorous as it was smarting. He spanked her soundly, a dozen sharp claps that had her scrambling back into position and muffling her shout in the mattress.

“No, no, no,” she gasped, even as she thrust her hips back for more.

His rough hands caressed her heated flesh once before his thumb returned to her anus. He covered it, but didn’t enter her there. He only applied pressure enough for her to know he could if he wanted to. And oh, how the need intensified.

He spoke, rumbling murmurs that she barely heard over the rolling of his thumb caressing at her back hole. He took her right to the brink of forcing her to open for his invasion there, then spoke again.

“I-I don’t understand…” she both panted and moaned, “what you’re saying…”

He deliberately pushed his thumb into her as far as the first knuckle. “Your legs,” he repeated, this time quite clearly. “Open your legs.”

Racked with shivers, she did and was rewarded almost immediately by the bump of his cock, sliding up and down along her seam until the slick wet folds parted.

“Oh,” she exhaled in a long, shuddering breath as he slid into her. It was incredible. He stretched her on his thickness, and she didn’t know if it was his size or simply this position, but he pushed until he’d filled her.

It was almost too much.

Her pussy throbbed in molten need. Her nipples ached in neglect. He’d only just slid into her and already she could feel those familiar, fluttering spasms that warned she was about to come. “Please!”

He pulled out to the point of almost leaving her entirely, only to immediately shove back deep inside her again. Filling and stretching her, and sending those racking waves of pleasure dancing through her core all the way to her womb. His thumb sank deeper as he reached for her hair, gathering it, wrapping the length around his wrist as he secured his grip. Then he began to ride, dragging her back onto each steady thrust as he fucked her, forcing her to meet him. Building the need up hotter and higher with each impaling bump, until she was sobbing, shaking, and so wound up she was sure she was going to die. Or explode.

Which was exactly what it felt like when her orgasm finally hit. Every tightly wound nerve inside her released so suddenly that her whole body came apart. And still he kept pounding, riding her as she rode the crushing waves of pleasure that rolled and rolled through her. Because of his cock, and his thumb, and his unshakeable grip on her hair.

He thrust until he’d wrung every last wave that her body could produce, and then he kept thrusting, building them ruthlessly back up again until all she could do was shout as they came crashing back through her again.

And again.

Until she was coming in a hard, steady stream of orgasms that barely felt as if they had stopped before they were starting once more.

He rode her until he exhausted her. And in those last moments, when he was pounding into her with all the raw savagery and strength of his body, she thought she heard him grunt, “You are mine now! You are mine!”

But then he stiffened with a guttural shout of his own, slamming deep, straining to get deeper still, shoving her all the way flat to the mattress as he growled out a long string of words she didn’t understand and spent himself inside her.

“Thank you,” she’d whispered as she’d drifted off to sleep, because what he’d actually said didn’t matter. That he’d finally quenched the unbearableness of her constant arousal. She’d never felt more worn out, or exhausted, or thoroughly, completely sated.

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