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The Don: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview


The hunger and need exploded, easing the ache that I’d felt almost every second while being around her.

There was no ability to hold back any longer. As I dug my fingers into her cheek, rubbing my thumb back and forth across her jaw, I sensed every wall we’d built between us was crumbling. In Raleigh’s eyes, I could see hunger akin to my own, but I also sensed a need to surrender to the only man she knew could keep her safe.

Her eyes were wide open, glistening in the dim candlelight. She’d never looked more beautiful than right now, the dress something I’d wanted to rip off the second I’d walked into the room. Did I have any self-control left?

Fuck, no.

Her lower lip quivered, more out of excitement than trepidation. I’d made certain no one would bother us, Gio coming through with the food. I’d found the wine. We needed nothing else but time.

And if anyone dared to interrupt, there would be hell to pay. Tonight I’d not only claim her, I’d make her mine permanently.

Her eyes darted back and forth as my actions turned brutal, digging my thumb into her soft lips. She parted them, which only proved to drag my mind back into the gutter. They’d formed a perfect O, wide open enough I could drive my cock between them. That would come later.

First, the round of discipline.

Then she’d become my appetizer for the evening, fulfilling only some of my dark needs. She didn’t try to struggle, but I could tell by her scattered breathing that she was more nervous than before. As I shifted the cane to her other breast, the single whimper pushing past her quivering lips was far too enticing, my balls tightening.

Using just the tip of my index finger, I pushed down the bodice of her dress, revealing her hard perfectly pink nipple. My mouth watered, the need to suck one then the other tugging at my senses. It would take every ounce of self-control to keep from ravaging her before it was time.

A chuckle rumbled in my throat. The time would always be right to fuck her. As I rubbed the cane back and forth, she closed her eyes, the fingers on one of her hands clinging to the edge of the table.

“Now, you’re going to be a good girl and do as I say. Yes?”

She chewed on her lower lip for a few seconds before answering. “Yes, sir.”

“Excellent. Go to the edge of the table and remove your panties. Then lift your dress past your hips before leaning over. You may grip the two edges but if you lose your position, we’ll start over again.” The hunger continued to build, but the sadistic man inside of me wanted nothing more than for her to wear my stripes. I wanted to enjoy watching her squirm as we shared dinner.

And I couldn’t wait to dig my nails into her flesh when I fucked her on top of the table.

First things first.

At least that’s what I continued to remind myself of.

I backed away, tapping the cane into one hand as she dragged her tongue across her lips. I’d sent another soldier out for the purchase of the implement, entrusting he would keep the selection between us given what I’d said. But even if it wasn’t, I couldn’t care less. Soon everyone would know she belonged to me.

The feeling brought a sense of euphoria from deep inside, the need to own her more intense than just a few minutes before.

I was a twisted man, my desires getting off course, but there was no denying what I needed. What I’d always needed. She took her time complying with my orders, but the moment she bent over the edge of the table, my cock shifted to full thickness, pressing painfully against my zipper.

I’d need relief soon. I took a deep breath as I approached, able to catch another seductive wave of her perfume mixing with her feminine wiles. Just watching her nervousness, the way she was trying to keep from looking at me was adding fuel to the fire. The moment I cracked the cane down on my hand, she jumped, finally lifting her head to lock eyes with mine.

As I walked closer, I could smell her tension, the kind of anxiety that would quickly fade into a wave of excitement. She thrived on discipline and I was just the man to provide what she needed.

Her eyes trailed behind me, watching every move I made, but they were never far from the cane. When she licked her lips for a second time, I noticed goosebumps had formed over almost every inch of her naked skin. As I moved all the way behind me, I took another deep breath.

The feeling of such control over her wants and needs was powerful, becoming as much of a drug as the woman herself. When I raked the rough pads of my fingers down her spine, I was rewarded with a hushed moan. Every sound she made bore into my mind, a sharp knife jabbing into my heart.

When I reached her buttocks, she clamped her legs together. I rolled the same fingers down the crack of her ass, taking my time to push one leg into position then the other. A shimmer crossed her face seconds before a beautiful shade of crimson trickled up her neck, sliding along her jaw. She was more embarrassed than she’d been before, her breath skipping.

And I loved seeing her this way, her nervousness tantalizing the beast even more.

As I tapped my fingers on her bottom, she trembled from my touch.

I said nothing else as I shifted into position, first sliding the cane across her buttocks then between her legs. Her pussy lips were glistening, already swollen in anticipation of what I would do to her, how roughly I would take her.

If she only knew what I had in mind for her lush body.

“I think twenty-five tonight will be a good reminder.”

She lifted her head, her chest rising and falling, and when she spoke, it was through gritted teeth. “Yes. Sir.”

The darkness inside of me almost exploded the second I cracked the cane across her bottom, surprised when her only movement was the pursing of her lips. When I brought it down two more times, a slight moan left her lips.

I brushed my fingers against her skin, already able to feel warmth. Then I snapped my wrist, bringing down the cane four times in rapid succession.

Raleigh pushed up from the table, her moan filtering into my ears so sweet that I took a few seconds to enjoy it. “That is…”

“Painful?” I asked. “Yes, spankings are supposed to be. I could have lost you today, Raleigh. Do you realize that?”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s not about being sorry. I’m not angry with you. I’m disappointed.” Hell, I’d wanted to rip Viktor apart, but that wouldn’t have garnered me information or the satisfaction I needed. Only the death of the individual behind the attempt would.

I took a few deep breaths before continuing, bringing the cane down several times.

She rolled back and forth on the table, her entire body trembling. “You’re a very mean man.”

“You’re right.” My pulse was racing as I rubbed my fingers from one side to the other, finally dipping them between her legs. “But I can tell you’re enjoying this, my little pet.”


“Your body betrays you. You’re wet.” To prove my point, I slowly rolled my finger around her clit before pinching the tender tissue.

She pressed her hands on the surface of the table, lifting her torso, soft purrs erupting from her throat. With her body still trembling, she threw back her head, her eyelids flickering open and closed.

“You’re so bad. So… bad.”

“Mmmm… Also correct.” I rolled my fingers up and down the length of her pussy, teasing her by sliding them just inside. When her muscles clamped around them, trying to pull me in even deeper, I chuckled darkly. “Tsk. Tsk. Treats come to good girls. You’re not there yet.”

She moaned then eased down to the table, opening her legs as wide as possible in a blatant offering. I gifted her another moment of pleasure, driving all four of my fingers inside. As I flexed them open, pumping several times, I sensed she was trying to ride my hand. Seconds later, I pulled out, smacking my hand on her heated bottom several times.

I was rewarded with another whimper.

My control was quickly fading, replaced with additional primal needs. As I tried to remember the count, I leaned over, pressing the full weight of my body against her. “Open your mouth.”

She did so without hesitation, lifting her eyes to watch what I was doing.

As I slid my slickened fingers inside, she immediately encircled her lips around them, swishing her tongue back and forth.

“Do you taste sweet for me?” I asked her.

When she nodded, she purposely closed her eyes, her long eyelashes skimming across her cheeks creating a more rapid pulse. The woman knew exactly how to tease me. I pumped my fingers inside, my actions becoming forceful.

She accepted every brutal thrust, her moans increasing. I almost tossed the cane, my hunger too great, but I had other plans in store for her and I would keep them.

When I pulled away, she whimpered, darting her tongue out.

“Soon, baby girl. Soon.” I wasted no additional time, cracking the cane down at least six times, the crisscrossing lines on her buttocks appealing to the sadist inside.

Her moans were ragged, her breathing shallow as her body trembled in my hold.

When I knew I’d reached my goal, I pitched the implement away, raking both hands through my hair. “Now, it’s time to enjoy a glass of wine before dinner.”

If I could control myself for that long.

I eased her off the table, pulling her against my chest. Her entire face was glistening, the flickering candlelight creating a beautiful halo around her face. Unable to resist, I rolled my finger across her pursed lips, surprised when she wrapped her hand around my wrist, pushing my index finger into her mouth.

Every sound she made was a powerful aphrodisiac, and the way she sucked on my long digit kept my balls tight, aching.

She took her time, sweeping her tongue up and down, slicking the entire length. Then she eased it from her mouth, sliding it under the bodice of her dress, flicking the tip back and forth across her taut nipple.

My breathing remained labored, filthy thoughts the only thing captivating my mind. I wasn’t certain we’d get to dinner without more than a single taste. Seconds later, she backed away, giving me a longing look before slowly walking toward the opened bottles of wine. I drank in every inch of her as she poured two glasses, still taking her time as she moved closer once again. Even the way she offered me a glass was provocative, keeping my mind in a dirty gutter.

She closed her eyes as she took a sip, savoring the wine before swallowing. A single bead slipped ever so slowly down her chin, the invitation too much to resist. I swept my finger through it, bringing the tip to my mouth. While the taste was incredible, it was nothing like the sweetness of her pussy.

“Delicious,” she murmured.

“Yes, you are.”

“You remember?” Her question a tease.

“I’ll need a reminder.”

“Gorgeous,” she whispered.

“What is?”

“Your eyes. I could gaze at them for hours. Blue is my favorite color.”

She clung to me with her other hand, tilting her body against mine.

I fisted her hair, tugging just hard enough she was forced to look into my eyes. Very slowly I lowered my head, keeping my lips a few centimeters away.

Her scent riled every ounce of my being, and I claimed her mouth. Not gently as if this was the first time, but with the darkness that had already consumed me. Her lips were soft against mine, another reminder of her innocence. I ravaged her mouth as if this would be our last kiss, a necessity before we perished. The thought was ridiculous, far too romantic for the roughness I hungered for. My tongue lashed against hers, incapable of being tender.

Yet she moaned into the moment of raw passion, the ragged sound penetrating my soul. Her body trembled in my hold, her fingers digging into my chest. The taste of her was explosive, threatening to rob me of whatever sanity I had left. Breaking the kiss was difficult, both of us attempting to catch our breaths. When I released my hold, she issued a sly smile.

“Perfect,” I said in a controlled breath. “Taking all of you will be sweet.”

Raleigh backed away, completely out of my reach. Then she blew me a kiss. “Only if you’re a good boy.”

“It would seem you are under the misconception that you’re in charge.”

“I am the princess of the house.”

I took my time, enjoying the wine as she moved around the table in a fluid motion, dancing to the beat of the music. Everything she was doing was an attempt at forcing me to lose control. “Soon, you’ll be the queen.”

Exhaling, the sound exaggerated, she threw me another heated look and that was all I could take. With four long strides, I grabbed her arm, yanking her against me.

“You’re such a dominating man.”

“More than you know.” After grabbing her wine, I plopped the glasses on the table, narrowing my eyes. “Now, I’m hungry.” As I eased her against the end of the table, her eyes never left mine. If she was searching for answers, the only ones I could provide were the brutal angst shared between us. I took my time, peeling the dress over her shoulders. She wore no bra, her full breasts and hardened nipples making my mouth water with anticipation.

While a warm flush crept up her cheeks, she held her chin high, a slight smile crossing her face. I rolled my fingers down both sides of her arms, struggling to contain my needs. She was the most beautiful creature I’d ever seen, so perfect in every way. She darted her eyes toward the door, her breathing coming in short, uneven pants.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart. No one is getting in without my permission,” I told her as I cupped her face, brushing my fingers across her smooth skin.

“What if they don’t obey your command?”

“I think you know what happens. They’ll be punished in an entirely different way.” I brushed my finger back and forth across her lips, becoming rougher with every swipe. Then I lowered her onto the table, not bothering to move the place setting.

She laughed from the clatter of dishes, tensing in my hold. “You’re going to break fine china.”

“Then I guess I’ll have to buy more.”

“Do you always do that?”

“Do what?”

“Get what you want?”

As I gently placed her head on the table, lifting and bending her legs, I cocked my head. “Always. It’s a matter of taking it.” She refused to take her eyes off me as I took the time to remove my suit jacket, folding it over the back of the chair.

“So sure of yourself.”

Chuckling, I unbuttoned one sleeve then the other, slowly rolling them up to my elbows. “It’s necessary in my line of work.”

“What work is that?” Her teasing question turned into a purr.

“The business of keeping you in line.”

I was far too hungry to wait any longer, yanking the chair closer with my foot then sitting down, tossing my tie over my shoulder. She was wet and glistening, her pussy lips already swollen.

“This is so wicked,” she mused as she placed her hand over her eyes, as if she could blanket the world from around us. Maybe for a few hours it was possible.

The moment I swirled the tip of my tongue around her clit, she jerked up from the table, no longer able to hold her hand in front of her face. The taste of her was even sweeter than before, the nectar of the gods, and I wouldn’t be able to restrain myself for much longer. I rolled a finger up and down her sweet pussy before thrusting it into her tight channel.

She moaned in response, and I was already at the point I wanted her to scream out my name, begging me for more. That would come soon enough. Her wetness beckoned me and for some time, I dragged my tongue up and down in lazy motions, gathering as much of her wetness as possible. As I added a second then third finger, she wiggled in my hold, tossing her head back and forth.

It’s obvious she had no idea how gorgeous she was, especially tonight. I pulled her legs open even further, pressing her knees against the wooden surface. She had never been more vulnerable and the requirement to protect her was never far from my mind, but my needs were far too strong.

As I plunged my fingers inside, flexing them open, she murmured softly under her breath, a quiet whisper of desires that she thought I couldn’t hear.

But she was wrong.

She’d already begged me to fuck her.

Electricity crackled between us as powerful as the storm from before. She was letting herself go, no longer inhibited by any concerns. She lifted her arms, allowing them to flow with the music, her long fingers stretched into a romantic pose as her breathing skipped.

As her sweetness filled my mouth, I sucked on her clit until she moaned in pleasure as well as defiance. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, savoring her every reaction. She bit her lower lip, clenching her fingers around the edge of the table with one hand, arching her back in a blatant invitation.

I buried my face into her wetness, licking furiously, pumping my fingers deep inside. I could tell she was close to coming, her erratic breathing even more labored.

The music picked up in intensity, a crescendo nearing, and I rolled the end of my thumb around her puckered asshole several times. When she tensed, gasping for air, I plunged my thumb into her dark hole.

That was all she could take, her scream penetrating the room as her body began to shake violently.

“Yes. Yes. Yes… Oh, God!” Panting, she slapped her hand on the table, tossing her head back and forth several times. I wasn’t finished with her yet, lifting her hips off the table, finger fucking her relentlessly as I flicked my tongue up and down.

Goosebumps appeared across her arms and chest, her pants becoming whimpers. When she curled her toes, jerking up once again, another climax swept through her.

Then I heard the cry I’d been waiting for.

“Maxwell. Yes. Maxwell!”

I refused to stop, sucking up every drop of her cream. Only when she lay limp on the table did I consider stopping, leaning back and enjoying the view for a few seconds longer. As I finally rose to my feet, leaning over, she dragged her tongue across her lips. Her eyes were unfocused, her chest rising and falling as she tried to catch her breath.

I planted my palms on either side of her, leaning over as I studied her eyes. They were still partially dilated, the specks of color surrounding her irises pulling me directly into her soul. When she reached up, tugging on my tie, I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“You’re far too overdressed.”

“I am, huh?”

“Look at me.”

“You’re perfectly underdressed.” I lowered my head, pulling a nipple into my mouth. As I sucked and nipped, she undulated under me. Within seconds, she was untying the bright red silk, a naughty look remaining on her face. “You’re determined to have your way, aren’t you?”

“I’m just like my father.” She tugged the fabric from the knot, sliding the tie through her fingers until it was finally free from my collar. When she draped it down her chest, my cock pushed so hard against my trousers that it was difficult to take a decent breath.

“Then I guess we’ll need to reprogram you.” I pulled away, yanking the tie from her hands. When I snagged her wrists together, she gave me a playful pout.

“What are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing, sweetheart?”

She wrinkled her nose, and it reminded me how young she was, but with one glance at her voluptuous body, that didn’t matter in the least. I wrapped the silk around both wrists, studying her reaction.

“Tell me,” she stated defiantly. “I want to hear it from your lips.”

I waited until I’d secured the knot. “Taking what’s already mine.”



I’d always sensed I was a commodity, a possession to be bought and traded like a fine piece of jewelry. I’d done everything to shove it aside pretending that there wasn’t a possibility my father would be forced to use his most prized possession.

Now, with the way Max was looking at me, the almost luminescent shimmer of his deep blue eyes, so possessive and powerful, I was locked in an awestruck moment. To some, maybe it didn’t make any sense, but his need to dominate and control me, acting as if I already belonged to him was completely arousing. I was breathless, my legs still quivering from the way he’d feasted on me, my heart racing from the intensity of his gaze.

Perhaps I’d teased him too much, resulting in my limitations on movement, but I would do it again. He was taunting me in return, taking a step away and completely out of my reach while unfastening the majority of the buttons on his shirt.

His crisp white shirt.

He was so primal in everything.

His colors.

His taste in liquor.

His hunger.

I couldn’t help licking my lips as he kicked the chair aside, yanking me all the way down to the edge. When he unfastened his trousers, allowing his thick cock to spring free, an involuntary moan slipped past my lips. Everything about him was spectacular, but his cock most of all. Long and thick, the bulbous head was tinged in a glorious shade of purple. I longed to wrap my lips around it, sucking until I was given a tangy reward.

Somehow, I didn’t think that would happen.

There was a strange look in his eyes as he peered down, pressing his full weight against my hips. This wasn’t just about a man devouring a woman, satisfying his sexual appetite. This was about giving into the needs that had threatened to set us both aflame.

Maxwell didn’t bother removing his trousers. Saying nothing, he wrapped his hand around the base of his cock, sliding his fingers up and down. I adored the smirk on his face, as if he held a secret from me. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, every touch searing my skin.

He’d heated me to the core before. Tonight was different, a passionate moment that I’d never forget. When I dared to place my bound hands on his chest, he tilted his head, issuing several deep and husky sounds.

He was so masculine that the feel of his tense muscles against my fingers stole what was left of my breath. As soon as he slipped the tip just inside, he planted his hands on either side of me as he’d done before, his chest heaving. With one brutal thrust, he plunged the entire length inside.

“Oh!” I dug my fingers into his chest, shocked how my muscles had clamped around the sweet invasion. Dear God, the man filled me completely, the ache across my bottom all but forgotten from the sweet moment of bliss.

“My tight baby.”

I barely registered his voice, my mind a magnificent blur as he pulled out, driving into me again. Blinking several times, it was almost impossible to focus, but his look of savage desire reminded me of a wild animal. I was frozen in time, twisting my hands but there was no way to free myself from the bindings. As he began a perfectly timed rhythm, I closed my eyes, lolling my head to the side.

“So wet,” he added.

“Yes, only for you.”

“Good answer.” He bent down, nuzzling into my neck, nipping my earlobe. “No other man will ever touch you again.”

A thrill trickled through me, my heart beating so hard the sound echoed in my ear. I moaned my response, pulling up from the table. “Never.”

“My good girl.”

Why were the words just as chilling, exciting beyond measure? The way he was powering into me left nothing to the imagination. I was so alive, free from the fears and worries. Just being in his arms, bound by something so personal as his tie was everything I needed to feel alive.

“Watch me fuck you,” he commanded, adding a series of growls afterwards.

Half laughing, I dragged my tongue across my lips, trying to tease him again. He was far too engaged, his desire ripping through him like a tidal wave, his shoulders heaving as every muscle strained.

When I squeezed my muscles, he threw his head back, the guttural roar he released unlike anything I’d ever heard.

But it enticed me even more.

I’d never known anything so pleasurable, rapture already creeping into my pointed toes. He slowed his rhythm, his methodical moves allowing me to stay in the sweet moment of peace. But within seconds, every sound he made became strained and gravelly. My core was fully ignited, spilling over into my bloodstream as if molten lava.

He slowly dropped his head, his eyes piercing mine. A single bead of sweat rolled down from his forehead and I watched it drop in slow motion, plopping against my stomach then splitting in two. As it rolled down both sides of my stomach, it was as if all time stopped.

There was no other sound but our heavy breathing, a flourish of rapid beats in my heart, and my own moans that became a chorus of music. As he wrapped his hand around my knee, lifting my leg, I kept my toes pointed, embarrassed they were so ugly, beaten by the months of savage practice.

But if he noticed or cared, it wasn’t evident. Max peppered kisses against the inside of my leg, finally lowering it seconds later. “You’re so beautiful.” He rolled his hand down to my feet, his eyes following in a heated trail. When he rolled his fingers around my bruised toes, I heard him suck in his breath.

“War wounds,” I told him. “Just like you have on your chest.” I’d noticed the scars, curious as to the stories behind them. Maybe he would tell me when he was ready.

A slight smile remained on his face as he rubbed them gently then dragged his lips along my knee to my inner thigh. There wasn’t a single cell in my body that wasn’t on fire, my pulse skipping several beats. “We all have them.”

As he shifted his gaze back and forth, first my breasts then my face, I noticed so much deep emotion in his eyes that I was locked inside his world for a few precious moments.

He’d endured a loss, something that had changed his soul. But I could feel it reawakening, the pull between us so strong. Was it unnatural to feel this way with someone I’d just met? Was it possible to capture the essence of love after a tragic event? Or were we fooling ourselves?

I brushed my fingers down his chest as the first ravaging orgasm tickled my system. When it erupted into full ecstasy, I clawed at his shirt, jerking myself up from the table as stars floated in front of my eyes. I bit back a scream, but my lungs were too powerful, the moan floating between us. I almost laughed at the thought of the soldiers rushing in, shamed from what they were seeing.

Or perhaps they’d enjoy the show a little too much.

“Yes. Yes… Yes!”

I hadn’t realized he’d bent down until he captured my mouth, muffling the second wail. The jolt of current rushing through us was even more powerful, setting my skin ablaze in all the right places.

A single climax shifted into a beautiful wave, a series of stars in bright primal hues floating across my field of vision. As he thrust his tongue inside, I sucked on the tip. I managed to wrap my bound arms around his neck, keeping him my prisoner even for just a little while.

When he broke the kiss, nipping my lower lip, he ground his hips against me. “My bad girl.”


After pulling away, he gripped my hips, his long fingers pressing into my skin. Then he fucked me long and hard, his eyes never leaving me. He was insatiable, his stamina keeping me on edge. I had no idea how much time had passed but when his entire body began to tense more than before, another sense of rapture washed through me just as he filled me with his seed.

“My little dancer,” he moaned, his body spasming.

Seconds later, he dropped his head quickly, the move startling. Then he left his lips a few centimeters away. “I’ll let you rest, enjoy some dinner. Then dessert, but since you’ve been a very bad girl, you won’t be getting any.”

“Party pooper. It’s my birthday.”

“I never said you wouldn’t be getting a present.” He gathered me into his arms, lowering me into one of the chairs, even placing the napkin in my lap.

“Aren’t you going to allow me to get dressed?”

The beast was quiet as he collected the wineglasses, placing them in the correct positions in front of our plates. “Not until you’ve earned it. I give privileges, and I can take them away.”

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