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The Dragon King’s Pet by Loki Renard – Extended Preview

Casimer kept Mika close the first day. She slept in his arms, and when she awoke he was there to breakfast with her. He seemed unwilling to leave her alone for even a second, and she was grateful for his presence. A new world was a frightening proposition, and it was good to have someone strong to guide and reassure her.

Where his presence became a little harder to deal with was when he showed every sign of taking his declaration of her being his pet absolutely seriously. It began with breakfast.

“I’m really not that hungry,” she said as the maids confronted her with platter after platter of charred meat. She had already watched as Casimer devoured what seemed to her to be the better part of a small roast sheep. His appetite was incredible, but he did have a lot of muscle to maintain. He was a huge creature, and in the light of a new day, she found herself once more surprised at his masculine beauty. It was difficult to look at him without fizzing inside with an excitement she could only describe as intense infatuation.

The irony of the situation was that he really didn’t need to go through all the effort he’d gone through to essentially kidnap her. She would have gone with him had he simply asked. He was the most handsome man she had ever seen, and she was fairly certain he would be the most handsome man she would ever see. Even with his insistence on treating her as a simple pet, she loved being in his presence. He was charismatic in the extreme. Every time he so much as looked at her with that arctic gaze, butterflies launched themselves into a stomach-bound cloud that acted to suppress her appetite.

“You must eat something,” he said. “If meat does not please you, I can have fruit brought, or baked goods.”

“I’m okay,” she insisted.

“You don’t understand, pet,” Casimer growled softly. “I am not a waiter from your world, attempting to entice you into an order. I am your owner, and I know that you have not eaten for over twenty-four hours. You need to eat to maintain strength. It is not a matter I care to argue over.”

“I’ll eat when I’m hungry,” Mika replied pertly. Yes, he was a king. In this world, he was the king, but that didn’t mean she had to just give in. He thought of her as a pet, but she would soon show him that she was not. She would show him that she was strong-willed and independent and that she marched to the beat of her own drum and other sentiments she would once have shared in the form of text over an image of a generic lake on social media.

It has been a day since she was last on planet Earth. There was a lot to miss. Her friends, her family, of course. Weirdly enough, she was missing her phone more than anything. It felt as though she were missing part of her actual body. The urge to check a little slim slab of electrified rock and see what other people were thinking about and clicking on was surprisingly strong.

Caught up in thoughts about what would be on her feed if she could check it, Mika ignored the fact that Casimer had gotten up from his seat. It didn’t occur to her that her response might actually have some kind of consequence. Not until her chair suddenly swung out from under her butt. Casimer grabbed her on the way down, making sure she didn’t hit the floor too hard. He guided her down to her knees, back into a similar position to the one their sexual exploration had begun in initially.

“Listen to me, and listen to me well,” he purred down at her. “I give you orders, pet. You obey them. You eat, sleep, and eliminate on my command, if I so desire.”

Shocked, Mika was lost for a response. In the light of day, in the company of a handsome man, in pleasant surroundings with plants and chairs and a table overlooking a private garden, she had been able to pretend that she was still on Earth. This was a sharp and almost frightening reminder that she was not. Casimer was not some hunky suitor. He was a possessive monarch who believed in his absolute domain over her.

“Do you understand, pet?”

She felt so very small, and the harsh tones in which he spoke made her feel very much chastised. She wanted to come up with some smart-ass reply that would show how self-possessed and unafraid she was, but she found her mouth dry and her mind empty of smart responses. There was really only one response she could give.

“Yes, sir,” she whimpered.

Casimer pulled the chair she had recently vacated over and sat on it; keeping her on her knees, he drew her between his legs. With one hand locked in the back of her hair, he used the other to pick a piece of roasted meat from the plate. He offered it to her, held it to her lips.

“Open, pet,” he urged.

She allowed her lips to part enough for him to slip the meat into her mouth. It tasted quite delicious. It was beautifully seasoned and had been cooked in such a way to make it succulent and tender. At the very taste of it, her body remembered that it was hungry. But she couldn’t help her resistance. She didn’t want to be so easily tamed. She wanted to make it harder for him. So instead of chewing, instead of swallowing as much as she wanted to, she held it in her mouth and looked back into his eyes with a grim determination, knowing that it would irritate him.

“You are being deliberately disobedient,” he noted. “I see we are having a test of wills, pet. Tell me, who do you think will win?”

Mika opened her mouth, extended her tongue, and let the meat fall from her mouth to the floor below. It was a deliberate, slow act that increased the tension between them considerably.

Casimer’s left brow raised slowly.

“So,” he mused. “You choose punishment over food. That speaks to your true hunger more than you might think, pet. You must be so in need of a thrashing that you are unable to eat until you receive it.”

“No!” Mika gasped. “That’s not it. I’m just… not going to let you tell me what to do every second of the day. I’m not a pet, I’m a person.”

“You are both,” Casimer said. “And when I have you trained, I will not have to order you about every second of every day. You will know what is expected of you, and you will act according to the rules and customs of our realm. But today, you are new. Today you are in need of training. And right now, you need to eat.”

Truth was, she was getting more and more hungry. The taste of food in her mouth had made her stomach growl. Maybe he was right, and maybe she was just being contrary in order to resist him. Now she was going to have to submit with the very act of eating.

“Okay,” she said. “I guess I’ll eat something. Let me up.”

“Oh, no,” Casimer said, shaking his head down at her. “You will stay there and you will eat from my fingers, pet. You have already proven that you are not tame enough to sit and eat from a plate.”

“Pleeasse…” Mika whined, but it was too late. The king kept her in position and fed her a little bit at a time, each tidbit passing from his fingers to her lips as she ate the longest, most embarrassing breakfast of her life.

Casimer seemed to be enjoying himself greatly, watching her as she took every bite, her lips kissing his fingers more or less unintentionally with every sliver of meat.

“Much better, pet,” he murmured. “You see how obedience earns you what you need most.”

His every word made her blush. How could he treat her this way?

When he delivered another piece of food to her waiting mouth, she was a little more aggressive, her teeth nipping the tips of his fingers sharply.

Casimer let out a snort. “You think you have sharp teeth, pet? And you think it is wise to deploy them against me?”

“I think I’m getting up,” she said, pushing up to her feet, only to be pushed back down a second later by a hand stronger than her entire body.

“I think you’re staying there, pet,” Casimer said, his voice dropping to a stern growl. “And I think you’re going to stay there until I tell you otherwise.”

“This is stupid! I’m not a pet!”

“You’re my pet, and right now, you’re a misbehaved one,” he said. “I think, on further reflection, I will have you up…”

He pulled her up, but not to her feet. Instead he propelled her right over his broad thighs and within seconds of settling her over them, began to smack her butt with swift, hard slaps that left a blazing heat searing through her tender behind. Before long, Mika was squealing for him to stop.

He didn’t stop. He slapped her bottom over and over again, making it sore as all hell. Mika thrashed and squirmed, her temper flaring as she tried as hard as she could to escape his punitive grasp. He’d done this the night before, but not as hard. He seemed to be intent on really making his point today, ensuring that she understood she really was going to be his pet, to be punished at his whim.

“You sit when I tell you to sit. You stay when I tell you to stay, and you do as I tell you,” he lectured her. “This is not a game, Mika. This is your life now. I am not one of your permissive men who allows a young woman to do as she pleases. My word is law, and you will follow that law. Do you understand?”

“Go to hell,” Mika growled. Her bottom was sore, but that was no reason to be submissive. That was what he wanted, and she had no intention of giving him what he wanted. She had not been raised to live on her knees, much less eat on them—though she had already given into that. Now her stomach was full, and she wished she hadn’t.

“That sounds like you do not understand,” Casimer said, his palm clapping against her cheeks yet again. She yowled, furious and in pain, but she was not willing to give in to him. After the most confusing twenty-four hours of her life, she was starting to come to some conclusions of her own.

“I understand you said you stopped some people trying to take me and turn me into microscope slides,” she said over her shoulder. “But there’s no damn reason I should be treated like an animal. And there’s no reason you should punish me for not wanting to kneel at your feet.”

“You’ve come from a permissive realm. The efforts of your father to shield you from the worst of that realm have failed. You are headstrong, rebellious, and undisciplined. You speak to a king as if…”

“You’re not my king!”

“As long as you are in my realm, I am your king, pet,” he said, holding her firmly over his lap. “Your delinquency will not be tolerated.”

“It’s not delinquency. It’s me being an adult woman, not someone to be spanked like this… you’re treating me like…”

“Like a spoiled little whelpling,” he said. “Because that is how you have acted. Running off to an island, engaging in dangerous sex acts, showing no concern whatsoever for your own personal safety. You are here because of the choices you made, pet. And I am going to hold you accountable for them. In addition to that, you must understand that humans do not have the same rights as dragons. In a very real sense, you are more a pet than a citizen.”

“Yeah, well, in a very real sense you are an ass… ow!”

His palm caught her bottom again. Mika was on the verge of tears now, frustrated and sore. It had been hot, at first, having this big sexy man take control of her. But that was before her status as pet had made eating breakfast an ordeal and turned her butt into a hot swollen mass.

“It doesn’t have to be this hard, pet,” Casimer murmured. “Fighting this—fighting me—will only make it worse for you.”

“I don’t care,” she said, trying to stay rebellious. But there was a tremor in her voice, and her lower lip was trembling and she was blinking back tears.

The king’s hand smoothed over her sore cheeks with a slow stroke. “It is going to take you some time to adjust,” he said. “I hope you will not make it too painful for yourself, Mika. There is much I would like to show you. I cannot show you anything if I have to have you chained at my feet, or held over my thighs for punishment.”

“Like what… what do you want to show me?” She allowed her curiosity to surface for a moment.

“Like this castle. I will not allow you into the city, but there are extensive gardens for you to walk in. The castle is vast and contains the histories of our people—the histories of your ancestors.”

“So… plants and history…” she allowed herself an eye roll, “…great…”

“Those things are not enough, is that it, pet?” Casimer spoke in a deep rumble. “There is one thing I know you respond to.” His hand slid between her thighs and, spreading her legs, he cupped her sex. “There will be pleasure in return for your obedience, pet. That seems to be all you respond to. Not learning, not even food, just simple carnal acts.”

“That’s not true,” Mika moaned. “I care about more than sex.”

“Show me,” the king smirked, sliding his hand from her pussy. “Show me who you are when you are not flushed with orgasm, or blushing from discipline. Come, pet. Let us take a walk.”

Mika had but one objection, an objection shared by women in all realms at one time or another. “What am I going to wear?”

“You are wearing all you need to wear,” Casimer said with a smile.

She looked down at herself. She had lost her gown in the ecstasy of the evening before and had not been given fresh attire. Breakfasting nude was one thing, but going out in public? Mika’s flirtations with public nudity had been limited to skinny dipping, done with shrieks of excitement and ending after a few moonlit minutes. Outside the bedroom, the day was bright. Anyone who passed would see her naked form. Every part of her would be displayed.

“Please,” she whimpered. “Even the gown from last night…”

“If I allow you clothing, will you promise obedience, pet?”

“Well, some obedience,” she said. “It depends what you ask me to do.”

“A considered response,” Casimer chuckled. “Very well. Cover yourself, pet. Let us go.”

Mika clothed herself in a sheet from the bed, wrapped around her body like a toga. She got the sense that even this was a luxury. If the king wanted her to be clothed, he could no doubt command a hundred dresses to be made. But she was not a woman who wore clothes. She was a pet, and he was clearly intent on bringing that point into every facet of her life.

Following the king outside, Mika discovered that the royal chambers were surrounded by a walled garden that extended several miles down the hillock upon which the castle was set. It was a beautiful place in which to walk.

Casimer extended his hand and wrapped it around hers when she offered it in return. His charisma made her feel less lonely than she otherwise would have done in this very strange place. Her pussy was still wet from the stimulation of the spanking, and as she walked beside him she felt a shy desire that made it hard to speak, or ask any of the thousands of questions bubbling to mind.

They had not taken more than a dozen or so steps into the greenery beyond the castle before an animal came bounding up to them emitting high-pitched chirps. It was able to gain considerable elevation in its jumps thanks to a pair of wings that did not seem to be strong or long enough to let it rise into the air, but when beating furiously, held it a few feet above the ground.

It looked a bit like a dog. It had four legs and paws to suit, and came up to about her knee. It had big round eyes set in a face that was almost bat-like, a little squished-in nose, and a big mouth turned up in what looked like a smile. It had sharp little teeth though, all the same size, like a shark, sort of. It was covered in a thick downy soft fur and had great large comical ears that rose straight from the top of its head and flopped over on themselves, like a cartoon bunny rabbit.

“Oh, my god, what is it?” Mika squealed the question as she crouched down to pet the creature, which returned her interest with sniffs and licks. It was very much like a dog, though obviously the wings set it quite apart.

“We call them Rafikins,” Casimer said. “They are popular court companions. They are smaller versions of much larger beasts with fur and wings and teeth, beasts which would tear you limb from limb.”

“Like dogs or wolves,” Mika said. “I guess domestication is a thing here too.”

The animal let out a little whining growl, more playful than aggressive.

“Aren’t you cute,” Mika cooed at the animal. “See, this is a pet. Pets can’t speak and walk on four legs and have tails.”

“Oh, is that the definition of a pet?” Casimer’s smile turned into a rakish smirk. “I will remember that.”

The animal followed them around for some time, pushing against Mika for affection, then curled up in a sunny patch and fell asleep. A bench happened to be located nearby and Casimer and Mika sat there too, Casimer pulling her into his lap and holding her against his chest. If she was to be his pet, he was clearly intending on treasuring her and treating her gently for the most part. She felt safe in the king’s powerful arms, strange feelings to have with a virtual stranger.

It was nice for a few minutes, just to sit in the garden and look out over the city below. They spoke of harmless things, casual things, emulating a conversation that almost felt normal.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the Rafikin woke up, let out a sharp bark, and ran off. A moment later, a very tall man with dark hair falling just above his shoulders walked around the corner. He looked perhaps around thirty years of age, years written on his compelling, craggy features. There was something faintly different about this man, who wore a combination of black silk and leather armor across his broad body. It was his eyes, Mika realized. They were a very, very dark brown. His pupils were barely visible against the dark hue of his iris. He had lashes of deep black and rugged features marked with the wages of his work—scars from battle.

“Sire,” he said, his voice rough as he bowed.

“Mika, this is Lord Lazarus. He holds the highest rank in the realm besides myself,” Casimer said by way of introduction.

“Oh, er, hi.”

“She does not stand on formality,” Casimer explained.

“Not many pets do,” Lazarus replied with a smirk. Mika was already not at all sure that she liked this man. He carried himself with a sense of importance that she found off-putting and there was something in his handsome visage that was not entirely friendly. He had an aura of danger about him that was quite different from Casimer’s sheer power. There was something perhaps a little less than entirely honorable about him, something harsher, harder, less pleasant.

“We are yet early in the training process,” Casimer said, running his hand over the curve of her sheet-clad rear. “She has much to learn.”

“I am sure you are more than equal to the task, sire,” Lazarus replied smoothly. “After all, what challenge can a human girl be to a dragon king?”

“Douchebag,” Mika murmured under her breath. She pulled her scant clothing more tightly around her body and avoided meeting his gaze.

“I do not know what a douchebag is,” Lazarus said, “but I take it that it is not a compliment.”

“It’s useful, sometimes,” Mika said with a smart shrug. “But kind of dirty and embarrassing to be seen with.”

Two pairs of masculine brows rose. Mika barely stifled a laugh as Casimer tipped her head up and glowered down at her with a stern expression, his ice blue eyes nailing her.

“That is enough, pet. You will not speak with disrespect.”

“He did first,” Mika argued. “He said I wasn’t going to be a challenge. He was all kinds of wrong.”

“I admit, that may be the case,” Lazarus replied. “A creature of limited intellect may not be capable of understanding the consequences of her actions.”

“I am not stupid,” she said, offended. “And now you’re being rude. Are there consequences for that?”

“Enough!” Casimer interrupted the spat.

“My apologies, sire, I did not intend to excite your pet. I will be at your service, sire, when you are free to attend to the matters of the realm.” Lazarus bowed and took his leave, leaving Mika to Casimer’s displeasure.

“He doesn’t like you spending time with me,” Mika noted.

“You must learn not to rise to courtly comments, pet,” Casimer said. “There will be many, and I will not have you reacting aggressively.”

“I wasn’t aggressive at all!”

“You were rude. If you cannot say anything pleasant, you must hold your tongue.”

“Or what?”

Casimer chuckled darkly and tapped his finger lightly on the very tip of her nose. “Oh, my sweet pet, your ire has been raised and you are proving most disobedient. I think it is time your training began in earnest.”

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