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The Dragon Lord’s Pet by Loki Renard – Extended Preview

“Come here, pet,” he beckoned.

She rose reluctantly, her eyes filled with doubt. She had such fire, this little dragon, but he had seen her body responding to his touch and breath. That virginal pussy wanted to be taken. He had seen the dew forming between her inner lips, scented the arousal as those lips swelled with desire. He wondered if some of the spiteful words she threw at him came not only from fear, but from being denied what she needed—a thick cock stretching her tight little hole wide.

“Your pussy isn’t ready… but your mouth is.”

He took a thick handful of her hair and pulled her lips to his cock, sliding his thick rod into her mouth, over her soft, wet tongue. He was not asking her nicely if he could take her mouth, he was doing it because she was his to fuck as he pleased.

“You should be glad for this mercy,” he growled down at her. “Your sex is delicate, soft… it is not ready for a dragon’s rough cock.”

She made muffled sounds, but he did not feel any resistance. Was she surrendering to him already? It would not have surprised him entirely. On the slab in the king’s dungeon she had been quite eager to enjoy the sensations his fingers could provide. She was a beautiful young woman flowering into full gorgeousness, and her frustrated comment about her father chasing suitors away gave Vitomir enough pieces of the puzzle to be able to put it together. She was a frustrated, horny little thing who needed a man’s touch more than anything.

As he plunged his cock into her mouth, he felt a molten quality start to build. Her mouth was hot, getting hotter by the moment. The fire of dragoness desire was well documented. A fully female dragon could scorch her mate if she was not careful. Lilly’s capacities were not nearly as strong, though she clearly had some ability to raise dragon breath. He doubted she had any real control of it. She was now squirming in his grasp, her beautifully shaped ass grinding against thin air. He knew what she wanted, what her body needed. Her pussy was rebelling at being empty while her mouth was full.

He fucked her mouth as he would fuck her pussy, long strokes, powerful and demanding. He slid his cock to the very back of her mouth, pulled back before he hit her throat. He could have gone deeper, but again he wanted her to feel his mercy as well as his domination.

There was nothing to be gained simply by beating and fucking her. Any lout could pin a girl down and defile her. He was in a battle for more than her body. He needed her heart and her mind too. This seemed like rough punishment, but it was temptation and warning… and a promise too. A promise that the yearning in her cunt would not have to stay unsatisfied forever if she found it within her to obey.

He fucked her mouth with long strokes, holding her gaze as her lips stretched around him. So many emotions flashed through her eyes. He saw desire, rebellion, fear, hatred, need, admiration. She didn’t know what to make of him, that much was clear, but what was obvious was the way her body was responding. He could smell her arousal stronger than ever. She was soaking wet, her pussy no doubt becoming just as hot and moist as her mouth as he plunged his cock in and out.

Vitomir tested his theory, sliding his hand down her bare back and finding her pussy with his fingers. A slick hot channel met them. As he had suspected, she was getting incredibly wet. He ran his fingers up and down her slippery slit, teasing her sex as he fucked her mouth.

Her pussy drew him, called to him. He wanted her badly, so much he could have pulled his cock from her lips, flipped her head over heels, and shoved his cock right into that hot tight channel without missing a stroke, but he restrained himself.

That little scrap of virginal skin… he could have torn it from her in a second, but he was not going to waste the opportunity to deflower her. Virginity could easily be taken, but hers would be given.

He could no longer hold back. Her innocent but rebellious gaze, her soft lips, her hot little mouth, her squirming curves… they all conspired to rip an orgasm from his body and he came with a great roar, his seed splashing over her tongue and down her throat. To his immense surprise, she swallowed the bulk of his load, drinking his cum down her eager little throat as he stroked himself in and out of her mouth a few more times, soaking in the sensation.

“Good girl,” he said, breathless, running his hand through her dark curling hair. “Very good girl.”

Lilly lay on the soft bed, her belly full of dragon seed, her pussy tingling with vestigial arousal. He had not let her come. He had not done anything for her besides spare her pussy his cock, something that no longer felt merciful. She was aroused by the way he had handled her. Aroused by everything about him. Now she was curled up away from him and he was lying next to her, flat on his back, one arm behind his head, the other trailing his fingertips along the curve of her spine. It was very relaxing, if not entirely satisfying in the way her body wanted to be satisfied.

Could she really forget everything else he’d done to her in the last twenty-four hours? The cage? The lawn? The bowls? No. Of course not. She hated him. The fact that he was hot was irrelevant.

“I should have you lie on the floor,” he said. “But you were an obedient… dare I say, desiring little pet and there are rewards for obedience. Comfort is one of them.”

She rolled over and looked at him. “It’s that easy, is it? Suck your dick and get out of jail free?”

He let out a laugh. “Pet, if you had any sense at all you would hold your tongue.”

“What makes you think I have any sense?”

Golden eyes narrowed at her with warning. “You’re obviously not stupid. You’re a quick-witted little wench,” he said, with what she could only call reluctant admiration. “But you will still be caged when I am not able to supervise you. I do not trust you an inch, pet.”

“You just trusted me with at least ten of them.”

He smirked, catching her meaning.

“If only you had come to Casimer with that razor wit, and not an actual blade,” he said. “This conversation might be taking place under much more comfortable circumstances for you.”

“If only Casimer had not cast my father out. If only Lazarus had not fucked a prostitute. If only he had not sought me out years later and told me what I was… then this conversation wouldn’t be happening at all.”

“So you did not grow up with Lazarus.”

“No. I met him after my mother died. They were looking for my next of kin. They found him. He didn’t even know I’d been born. He took me in and looked after me and he showed me what I was… what I could do.”

“So for the past four years, you have been trained to avenge him,” Vitomir murmured.

“Not very well, apparently,” she said with a little eye roll. “I haven’t avenged anything.”

His eyes swept over her face with something like pity. “You were not made to kill kings. You are too soft, too delicate, too small in every way. But you are a perfect pet. I will train you anew, Lilly.”

“You mean you’ll stuff me in a cage and fuck me.”

“That’s part of it,” he acknowledged. “But there is more too.”

His hand slid down between her thighs and found the little reservoir of arousal that had not gone away.

“You see, your body calls for this,” he murmured, his finger sliding into her pussy. He began to move it in and out of her tight sex, sliding past the partial barrier of her hymen over and over.

She let out a hiss and bit her lower lip. She had never been touched like this before. Lazarus had kept total guard over her. No male had been allowed in the same room as her, so she had never had the opportunity to experience what it was to be touched by a man who knew what her body was for.

Lilly let out soft little moans as the dragon fingered her virginal pussy, his large, powerful hand cupping her sex. He rolled her over onto her back and slid up beside her, those golden eyes ranging over her body, seeing the way her little pink-tipped nipples rose into peaks of arousal, how she could not help but lift her hips to him.

“Ask me for permission to come…”

It was too late. Her orgasm was upon her and she did not hold it back, couldn’t have if she had wanted to. She came squirming against his fingers, her mouth opened in a cry of release as she ground herself against the dragon’s palm, her body shaking, her juices soaking his hand as he rubbed her naughty cunt to completion.

“Well,” he tutted. “It seems I have a disobedient pet,” he drawled, reaching over into the drawers beside the bed.

“I didn’t… I mean… I couldn’t help it! I don’t even… how could you stop that. I couldn’t!”

“Poor little virgin doesn’t know how to control her orgasms,” he smirked down at her. “You will learn, pet,” he said. “You will learn to control yourself in many ways, lest I take control for you.”

Something dark and silken and soft was in his hand—a length of cloth that he wrapped around her head in a blindfold, plunging her into darkness.

She felt him spread her legs wide and whimpered, not knowing what he had planned for her. She felt something hot and wet run along the slit of her pussy. It was his tongue. He was licking her there, in her most sensitive place, the very tip of that hot muscle running over the petals of her sex, finding her clit, bringing a fresh rush of pleasure.

And then… and then he stopped.

She let out a whimper as his tongue moved away and the orgasm receded.

“See, pet,” he murmured through the darkness. “I can control when you come, how many times you come, how hard you come…”

His tongue was back, lashing against her clit with an almost punishing sensation, heat spearing across the little bud time and time again. She thrashed about so much he pinned her hips in place and kept her still, disciplining her pussy with his mouth. It was too intense for her to come, but not so bad that it tipped all the way into pain. She was caught in a state between the two realms, gasping and begging and moaning until he once more took pity on her and removed his mouth from her sex.

“Your pussy is wet and swollen,” he growled softly. “You almost look as though you’ve been fucked long and hard… but you haven’t, have you, pet. You’ve never had a man’s cock spread your tight little cunt open. You don’t know what it is to be fully woman. You’re a bratty little whelpling, that’s what you are.”

She blushed furiously, wishing he would just slide his cock inside her pussy and give her what she had been missing, but of course he didn’t. He was torturing her by slow degrees.

“Ow!” Lilly gasped.

He’d slapped her pussy, right across her puffy lower lips. He repeated the treatment, holding her legs open and spanking her sex with swift little slaps that made her pussy tingle and leak even more juices of arousal. She could smell herself now, the air was thick with her need. Her pussy was aching, the muscles of her abdomen starting to cramp a little from all the squirming and clenching of her inner walls…

Suddenly she felt herself being swept up off the bed, blankets and all. He carried her downstairs and she knew she was going back into her cage. She didn’t know why. She pleaded with him not to put her away again, promised she wouldn’t come without permission. She begged and whimpered and whined, but she felt herself being slid back into confinement, her pussy spanked and swollen. All she had in the way of reward was the much softer blanket.

The door closed heavily and she heard his footsteps receding.

She pulled the blindfold off, but he was gone.

He had been so close to fucking her. His cock had been less than an inch from plunging right into her tight little cunt. Vitomir had been lecturing her on control, but he had almost lost his own control. He had almost fucked her, shot his seed inside her, taught her nothing except that she was good for fucking and that he could not resist her.

“Must take precautions,” he murmured to himself, seeking out a row of red colored glass bottles, each of them stoppered and standing inside a cabinet. He had prepared them that morning, not expecting he would need them so soon.

He drank down one of the decoctions and took a deep breath, looking at himself in the mirror. He had a wild lusty look in his eyes still, but he was less concerned now.

After taking some time to collect himself, he returned to Lilly. She was curled up in the very back of her cage, the blankets pulled over her, a furious scowl on her face. She looked madder now than she had at any other stage of her confinement.

He swung the door open and beckoned for her to emerge. She didn’t.

“Come on out, pet.”

She stayed silent, glowering at him.

“If I have to drag you out, there will be punishment.”

“Everything to do with you is punishment,” she hissed. “It won’t make any difference.”

She truly was riled, he noted. No trace of discipline or submission was left. He wasn’t entirely surprised. They had only spent a few hours together and this was her very first day as his captive pet. Misbehavior was to be expected. Expected, but not tolerated.

He crouched down, reached into the cage, and took hold of her ankle, drawing her out quite easily. She tried to grasp at the bars on her way past, but her fingers quickly uncurled when he slapped her bare bottom sharply.

“That is enough of this tantrum,” he lectured as he pulled her out onto the rug that lay in front of the cage.

“Fuck you,” she growled. “Don’t touch me.”

“You don’t decide when I touch you, pet. Just like you don’t decide when you eat or sleep or come.”

He pushed his hand between her thighs and squeezed her pussy. She growled and let out a little snarl in response, but he noticed that she didn’t try to push him away and she didn’t resist him. He had to restrain a smile as he realized she had been upset not so much at being caged, but at being separated from him and his touch.

“I put you away before you were done, because I was done,” he said, nipping at her neck. “You’re my pet. You’re learning to be my fuck toy. Toys don’t decide when their owner is done playing with them. They wait until he comes back and plays again.”

Lilly had never wanted to slap anyone as much as she wanted to slap this handsome, still naked dragon man. His arrogance was incredible. He truly believed that she was nothing more than a toy, and he was treating her as such. Well, he could go fuck himself… except he wouldn’t. He was going to fuck her and she wanted him to. As much as she hated him, she was aroused by him, and with his hand between her thighs, rubbing her wet pussy, his touch was crude, but effective.

She tried to resist, not wanting to let herself fall back into one of those erotic hazes where she was so compliant, willing to let him fuck her mouth. Willing to swallow his cum as if it were a gift. But already her body was betraying her, wanting him, willing to let him take her however he wanted. That scared her more than anything else that had happened since she had arrived in this realm. Somehow this dragon was able to totally subvert her will. In his arms, she became the submissive little fuck toy he called her, and she could not risk that.

“Asshole,” she growled at him, biting his neck as hard as she could.

He drew back swiftly. She expected to see rage on his face, but instead there was nothing but a cold smirk. Her teeth had not even marked his skin, but he had gotten the intention behind her aggression, that much was obvious as he flipped her face down on the rug and started spanking her, his palm catching both her cheeks on several swats. It was hard enough to make her butt burn, not so hard that she shrieked in pain, not nearly as hard as she had expected him to retaliate.

“If you bite, you’ll be gagged,” he said as he spanked her. “And you won’t like it, pet, I promise you that. The only weapon you have left is your sharp little tongue. A gag would totally disarm you, wouldn’t it.”

“Fuck you!” She growled the curse into the carpet.

“Exactly,” he drawled. “You’re going to fuck me. Look how wet your pussy already is… or is it still wet from earlier, pet. Is this temper tantrum nothing more than a cry for rough attention from a horny little pet?”

Vitomir didn’t expect her to admit to any of it, but it was obvious how she felt. Her body betrayed her at every turn. Instead of trying to squirm away from his slaps, her bottom was rising toward his hand, her legs spread wide enough to reveal her pouting slit.

“I know it wasn’t nice to be put away wet,” he said, his voice tinged with something that might have been sympathy. “But that’s no excuse for aggression, pet. I will punish you thoroughly if you show any sign at all of that.”

A little growl met his words and he shook his head. He had a lot of training to undo in this one, that was certain. She’d bit him. Again. And even though the bite had done no more damage to his neck than it had to his boot, she had obviously been conditioned to believe that her physical force could somehow affect a male.

Vitomir did not quite understand why. She was a fairly small female, even by human standards. She had no chance against even a human male. Her chances against a dragon were nonexistent. Had Lazarus truly been so desperate? So delusional?

He pinned her in front of him, distracted from her squirming wet pussy for the moment by the sheer ridiculousness of the entire proposition. She had been sent to the dragon realm all alone and with only a sword to carry out her mission. And yet the human realm was filled with much more lethal weapons that could be deployed easily by females to great effect.

“Why didn’t he give you a gun?”

She sniffled against the rug, her hips grinding even as she answered his question with a confused question. “A gun?”

“Humans use firearms, so we have been led to believe. They fire projectiles…”

“I know what a gun is.”

“So why did Lazarus give you a sword, and not a gun?”

“I don’t know. He said Casimer could only be killed with a sword.”

Vitomir frowned to himself. A sword, even a dragonsbane sword, would have to be wielded with utter precision to wound Casimer, let alone kill him. And even if she were capable of such a feat… to send her into the middle of a public event… it was not a recipe for a successful assassination. He was starting to wonder precisely what was going on. Lilly believed in her mission, that much was clear. So either Lazarus had succumbed to some kind of dementia in the human realm and sent his daughter in believing that she was strong enough to best the dragon king, or something else was at play.

She was still writhing naked in front of him, her arousal quite evident and her bottom blushing a pretty red hue. Apparently this was the state she needed to be in to answer questions. Interesting.

He let his fingers drift between her thighs, found the dewy lips of her sex and toyed with them slowly as she moaned beneath him. He had the sense that she had been waiting for this moment for a very long time. Far longer than he had known her. And now she was primed. The taste of his cum was on her lips, she had already come once and her greedy pussy was eager to come again.

“What do you want, pet…”

She let out a moan and arched her hips.

“I want you to say the words,” he said, his voice gentle as his fingers teased the bud of her clit. “You will receive nothing until you ask me for what you want.”

Fuck me…”

He barely heard the words at first. They were practically whispered toward the floor. He straddled her from behind and leaned down over her, one hand wrapped around her throat and collar, the other pushing back the dark curling hair in her face.

“Again,” he murmured. “And nicely…”

“Please…” she whimpered. “I need…”

“What do you need?” he prompted as words failed her again.

The thick length of his rampant cock was nestled between the hot cheeks of her rear, sliding back and forth in a slow grind. He could be patient. He could do this a hundred times over a hundred days. His little pet though… could she wait another minute?

Lilly was asking herself the same question, albeit in reverse. Could she do this? Could she actually ask this dragon she barely knew, one who held her prisoner, called her a pet and a fuck toy… one who owned her… could she bring herself to beg for him to take her?

She was so incredibly aroused, it was no simple mood or feeling, it was like an erotic possession. She needed this. She needed this more than she had ever needed anything in her life. More than air. His massive, powerful body, his thick cock gently fucking the cleft of her bottom…

“Please… sir… take me.”

The words made her blush more furiously than ever as she said them, excitement zipping through her flesh as she understood the full impact of what she had just said.

“Sir. I like that,” he said, his hand still clasped at her throat, holding her along with the collar. She felt his hips draw back and then the thick tip of him was sliding along her inner lips. He was hot and very, very hard. She had never felt anything like this and as he started to surge forward, she felt her pussy spread as it had never spread before.

“Good girl,” he murmured a moment before his cock speared into her tender wet body, her pussy gripping him as he shredded the last remnants of her innocence.

She screamed with pleasure as she was finally, swiftly, roughly taken. He pushed all the way in, her tight inner walls protesting as they were forced to spread wide around his incredible girth.

Holding her down on the rug, his hand on the back of her collared neck, he fucked her hard. This was no sweet soft deflowering as she had imagined she would receive at the hands of some fumbling boy. This was a dragon fucking her with great surging strokes that threatened to overwhelm her.

She cried out with pleasure and pain, her pussy barely able to contain him and she cried out with fear.

“Shhhhh,” he murmured, stilling his hips immediately.

“It… it’s too…”

“Settle, pet,” he said softly.

She whimpered and fell quiet, her pussy still stretched right around his cock. She was very tender and her heart was pounding. He had been quite cruel with his initial thrusts and now she felt herself trembling beneath him.

“Does it hurt?”

She was about to say that of course it hurt, but now that he was still inside her, she realized that it was not physical pain she was feeling. Her pussy was wet and eager and though she was tight it still didn’t hurt so much as… as…

“It’s a lot,” she whimpered.

“You’re frightened,” he said. “It’s one thing to want to be fucked. It’s something else to find yourself being ravaged by a dragon.”

“Yes,” she whimpered.

“You like to play the tough girl,” he growled softly. “But you’re a scared little thing, innocent to what it means to be fucked. You begged for something you didn’t understand and now I’m inside you, you wonder if you’ll survive this.”

His hips were moving again, very slowly and sensually, rocking his cock back and forth inside her. The movement felt good, settled her, made her focus on the pleasure he was bringing rather than the fact that she was pinned by an incredibly powerful dragon.

“…yes…” she gasped.

His hands ran over her body, caressing her with soft motions as the thrusting started to intensify again.

“Give in to the fear,” he growled in her ear, one hard thrust making her squeal as her cunt was forced wide open. “You should be scared, a human girl with her pussy at my mercy.”

Three more powerful thrusts made her cry out and then he was fucking her again, his cock pounding in and out of her pussy. But now something was different. Some deep part of her mind had understood him. The fear did not need to be avoided. The fear heightened everything, made her toes curl and her clit tingle.

Pleasure chased fear, sensation reveled in it, and soon it melted away. His rough pounding thrusts, his hand locked at the back of her neck, keeping her in place for this rough deflowering, she was at the mercy of all of them, a mere vessel for his desire.

Her pussy was doing exactly as he commanded it to, it was taking his cock as hard as he liked, and as selfish as that might have seemed, it made her feel incredible. She had never been so aroused. Her clit was a hard nub of burning desire, her juices were coating his cock so amply that she could hear the wet sounds of her pussy being fucked with every single stroke.

“Oh, god… Oh, god… Oh… god!”

She came, her pussy quivering around his cock, her hips arched, her clit tingling as it was rubbed against the rug with every stroke that pushed her back down to the ground. He kept fucking her as she came, pushing one arm underneath her body and pulling her up from the ground back against him so he was kneeling and her legs were spread outside his, her tender pussy impaled on his cock as he lifted her up and down, using her like the toy he had called her, his fingers slapping at her pussy, catching her clit, punishing and pleasuring her at the same time.

She came again. And again. Her body didn’t feel like her body anymore. It felt as though she was one swirling being of sensation, simultaneously consumed and sustained by the feelings rushing through her in powerful torrents. Everything was a thrusting, writhing, gasping sensation and she no longer knew where she ended and he began. He had fucked her right out of a coherent sense of self. All she really knew was that touching him felt transcendent. The place where they were joined, his cock deep inside her pussy was the nexus of everything. The world had a new center to revolve around, and it was him.

When it was over, she was barely coherent. She felt him lift her up into his arms and carry her back upstairs. There another, much larger bath stood, somehow already filled and ready. Vitomir stepped into it and pulled her with him beneath the warm water and held her against him, allowing her to recover slowly and gently.

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