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The Dragon’s Captive by Loki Renard – Extended Preview

Kate opened her eyes to find herself in the dragon’s lair. Her faint had come on so quickly that it was as if one moment she were looking into the eyes of a dragon, and the next she was lying on a very large, very soft bed with a coverlet of silk that felt like warm liquid beneath her body. The fear that had claimed her senses was still present, but a new elation was growing.

She was inside a tectonic fortress. The walls, floor, and ceiling were all formed from a black rock with a shine to it that put her in mind of obsidian. It was an imposing place, and a very large room, around the size of a small lecture hall. There was not much in the way of furniture aside from the bed, and there were a few windows that looked out over the very plains she had been taken from and toward the great mountain in the middle distance. They were barred, though she did not know why. Surely the dragon was not worried about escaping from his own bed chamber.

That was her main priority however; she had to get back to the portal. As she got up and walked across the room, she could see the field where the portal had been. She was even halfway certain that she could see the location of it, though it was hard to tell at a distance.

She took a deep breath and tried to keep calm. The dragons had all her things. Her backpack. Her treatments. Even her umbrella, which they seemed to regard as a weapon now that she had used it ineffectively as one. She had known that there would be risks with coming to the dragon realm, but she had not figured on incarceration as being one of them. She had to get her stuff back, and she had to get out of this fortress, if only to continue her studies. There was little to learn about the dragon realm inside a bedroom.

Of course, little didn’t mean nothing. Kate began to walk around the room, looking into drawers and closets. There were not many clothes, but that was probably because the dragons seemed to be very comfortable nude. It would be a pain to have to change out of clothes before expanding a hundred times bigger than one’s original size, she imagined.

Kate was still afraid, but she distracted herself with her investigations. There may yet be a way out of this room if she could find a key… or perhaps… she turned and looked at the door. She hadn’t even tried the door yet! Perhaps it wasn’t locked?

Kate made for the door, a heavy dark wood structure crisscrossed with some black metal reinforcement, but before she could reach out to turn the handle, the door swung open and the dragon who had captured her stepped inside. He was still as naked as ever, aside from leather wraps around the lower parts of his forearms, and Kate averted her gaze as her cheeks flushed red again. He was so… very… anatomically correct.

“Hello, human,” he said, his voice making her squirm where she stood. “I see you have recovered from your fright.”

“Um…” Kate looked carefully at the wall, avoiding the sight of the very large, very nude man. “Would you put some clothes on, please?”

“Why would I clothe myself? I am not cold, or in any need of armor.”

“It would make me more comfortable,” Kate blushed.

“Your comfort is yet to be of my concern,” he rumbled. “I have questions for you, human, and you will answer them.”

He was arrogant and commanding and he rubbed her very much the wrong way, but she was also incredibly shy around men. Warring impulses of irritation and embarrassment left her tongue-tied and she continued to look everywhere but at him as he began to question her.

“Why did you come here?”

“I was interested…”

“Interested,” he repeated. “You breached the barrier between worlds out of… interest.”

“I’m a scientist,” she explained. “We like to explore.”

He looked at her with a suspicion she knew she had no way to assuage. He clearly had no understanding of a curious, academic mindset. He did not strike her as the academic or inquisitive type. He was a masterful leader, a dominant male who imposed order. If he did something, he probably did it for a reason, and he couldn’t imagine anyone else doing it just for the joy of learning. She was going to have to find a way to convince him.

“Look at the samples I took,” she said. “They’re in my bag. I have grass and some dirt… I just want to learn more about this place.”

“To what end?”

“To, um, well, any end. It’s not… there’s no end point to discovery.”

“So you broke the barrier between our worlds on a whim of interest, in order to discover something for no reason at all.” He crossed his arms over his chest and looked at her with those golden eyes that seemed so wise and yet didn’t understand her at all. “You are lying to me, human.”

“I am not lying!” She looked him dead in the eye, impassioned with the hope that he would be able to believe her.

“We will see.” He reached out, took her by the arm, and drew her close as he had before, the hard lines of his body pressed against her soft, clothed curves. “I will be satisfied that you are telling me the truth when I know you no longer have the capacity to lie.”

“What do you… what?”

He began stripping her clothes from her body, her sweater disintegrating under his hand as if the very fabric simply melted away. He pulled the shredded remains of the garment from her arms and tossed it on the floor.

“Wait, how are you doing that?”

She asked the question just as his fingers found her jeans and the waistband of those gave way too, falling to the floor. There was a faint singed smell, as if they’d gotten very hot without actually catching on fire. But he hadn’t used fire, he’d just used his hands… was he able to manipulate heat through his skin somehow? Her underwear did not fare any better. In an instant, it too was gone and she was naked, her pink-tipped breasts, soft swelling stomach and thighs, and bright red patch of pubic hair all bared to his eyes.

“Hey! How… what?”

“I’m asking the questions,” the dragon growled at her, tossing her toward the bed. Her clothing was entirely gone, every last scrap of it destroyed by his great, powerful hands. Her bra was twisted as if it had been melted, the underwire poking out the end of one of the cups in a way she knew was unsalvageable.

She landed on the bed, one arm over her breasts as she tried to maintain some kind of modesty while being handled like a rag doll.

“You’re going to pay for that! Do you know how much bras cost!” She snapped her annoyance at him before it occurred to her how ludicrous her words were. She was in a world without lingerie stores, and even if he wanted to pay for what he had destroyed, nobody took dragon currency back home. Her mind was working overtime to try to normalize a desperately strange situation, and it was failing miserably.

“Silence,” he growled, approaching her again. “You talk too much and you say too little.”

She scrambled backwards, but he simply took hold of her left ankle and dragged her back toward the rear post of the bed. He was prepared, she noted. The long leather lashes wrapped around his wrists were unfurled to become shackles for her body. He was not merely content with tying her ankles and wrists to the bedposts either. Once she was subdued he fastened a loop of leather about her neck, creating a collar, and to that collar he joined a long leash, the end of which he wrapped around his hand. It was an unnecessary extra step to take; she already could not move for being bound. But perhaps he knew how that collar would make her feel, the thick band across her neck giving her a deep sense of being suddenly and thoroughly owned.

The dragon stood over her, his cock intimidatingly erect as he ran the tips of several of the remaining leather lashes down the length of her quivering belly, gently tugging on the leash with the other.

“Answer my questions,” he said, “and you will be rewarded with pleasure. Lie to me and you will feel only pain.”

“You have no way of knowing what is true and what isn’t,” she pointed out, panting in her vulnerable position.

“I will know. Your body will tell me,” he replied, letting the tips of the leather slide down toward the prominent rise of her lower lips covered in red curling down. “And it is a very beautiful body,” he added, almost in spite of himself. There was an expression of desire and admiration in his eyes that made Kate feel vulnerable and aroused at the same time.

“Please let me go,” she moaned softly. “I’m not here to cause any harm, I promise.”

“Look at me.”

“I can’t,” she whimpered softly.

The leather snapped through the air and landed with a sting between her thighs, catching her down-covered lips with a stroke that was not hard enough to hurt, but certainly enough to get her attention. She gasped and stared at him in shock, his golden gaze meeting hers with a stern smirk.

“You see, you can, when you have the right stimulation.”

She blushed hard enough that it was not just her face that went red, but her cleavage as well. Her squirming attempts to cover her body were of course totally useless. All she was achieving was displaying herself more erotically for the dragon who had taken her prisoner.

“Let us begin again,” he said, more calmly now that he had her under total control. “What is your name?”

“Kate Ferrier,” she said, her words catching in her throat as the leather lashes traced over her body.

“Who sent you here, Kate?”

“I sent myself here.”

The lash trailed down her stomach and dipped between her thighs, the leather running along the slit of her sex.

“You insist on that lie,” he said. “But nobody can create a rift between the worlds on their own.”

“I can,” she said, her hips squirming as she looked into his eyes with a desperate gaze. “I’ve been working on it for a long time. The physics was settled before the war. It was just a matter of containing a smaller, more controlled reaction.”

His brows quirked and the tip of the leather performed a circle around her clit. “Why?”

It was almost impossible to remember, to concentrate, to form words, but she had to or she knew that the lash would return, possibly harder.

“I… ummmm… needed to see this place for myself.”


The lash slid lower, drifting over her inner thighs, back and forth like a sensual pendulum.

“I just had to,” she moaned. “I don’t… I can’t explain it. Please… you have to believe me.”

Perhaps it was the note of desperation in her voice that made the dragon drop the lash, but not the leash. He kept the latter firmly in his hand as he crouched down on the bed, his fingers tracing down her belly and stopping just short of her soft mound.

“You have come a very long way for something you can’t explain,” he murmured, caressing her prone body with a gentle, appreciative touch. He wasn’t giving up his line of questioning, she realized. He was just changing tactics. He had denied her all modesty physically, and he seemed to be just as intent on laying her mind bare as well.

She squirmed and moaned as his hand moved down further and cupped her sex, handling her with a mastery that left her weak to his charms. It was as though he had total claim to her body, his fingers tracing a gentle path between her lips, the folds of her sex flowering with the dew of her juices as he began to tease her, the lash in his other hand and now trailing across the underside of her breasts.

“I can’t think when you do that,” she murmured.

“I don’t want you thinking,” he replied. “I want you telling me the truth.”

“I have,” she moaned as he massaged her pussy, his middle finger finding the wet entrance of her body. “Oh, god… I have.”

“Hmm,” he mused, sliding his thick digit in slowly until it met the barrier of her hymen. “What is this, you are closed…”

“I haven’t been with a man before.”

The finger slid away and he looked at her with an expression of wonder and concern. “But you are mature…”


“How could you be untouched?”

“Not every woman has a partner,” Kate said, her hips arching almost instinctively toward his hand even though it was no longer between her legs.


“Because I had my work… making the portal. I had no time for men.”

“No time for men. And what of the men, they had no time for you? Such a beauty?”

“I’m…” Kate lowered her eyes. “I am not a beauty.”

The dragon’s brows lowered over his magnetic golden gaze and he ran his hand from beneath her breast, over the curve of her waist and hip.

“You are soft, you are curvy, you have delicate skin and lips which pout deliciously when you are unhappy. You are beautiful, Kate. Your men must be blind not to see that.”

“I’m usually wearing clothes too,” she said. “I don’t exactly dress to be noticed.”

“Not with me,” he said. “With me your body will rarely, if ever, be covered. I want to have your beauty on display.”

His hand slid back between her legs and she let out an appreciative little sigh. What had begun as an interrogation was turning into a slow seduction as the dragon lowered his head and began to explore her tied and leashed form with his lips and tongue, the former of which left traces of warm fire across her skin.

“I can’t stay,” she moaned. “I have to go back. You have to let me go.”

“That is out of the question.” His lips captured her nipple, his tongue playing against the pink bud as his fingertip plunged back between her lower lips, toying with the virginal entrance of her body with a sure touch.

“Please, you don’t understand…”

“I am a dragon, Kate,” he growled. “When I discover treasure, I keep it.”

“You must let me go,” she moaned.

“Let you go? This is what you wanted, is it not? This is what you crossed the divide between worlds to obtain. You came to mate.”

“I came to study…”

“Study? Ha! Young virgins do not come to a dragon’s lair to study. They come to be deflowered and made virginal no longer. This barrier between your thighs, this little scrap of skin. It is all that stands between you and the full realization of your womanhood. It is mine. I will take it, and you, as my own.”

Truth be told, Vilka found this naked woman so entrancing he was almost inclined to forget about his initial reasons for stripping and binding her. Interrogation was far from his mind as he explored her exotic body. Female dragons were very different creatures with their scaling and their relatively low libidos. With life spans as long as theirs, female dragons were not driven to mate very often and their bodies certainly did not respond the way this human woman’s did, with a perfumed scent that threatened to drive him wild with desire. Everything about her called to some part of Vilka that had long been denied, a craving he had tried to pretend did not exist.

Her body was beautiful in a way he had not encountered before. She was so responsive, his every touch drew a gasp or a moan, and her curves undulated for him in a way that enchanted a primal part of his mind. He spent long minutes simply caressing her body, examining every delicate inch of it. She seemed to have so many sensitive areas, her sex foremost among them, but there were more places too… the lobe of her ear produced a full body shiver when his lips closed about it in a kiss.

His cock was straining and throbbing. The tip of it was gleaming with traces of his seed. He wanted her badly, and her desire was just as great. The ties were entirely unnecessary to keep her beneath his body and he loosened them until they were no longer holding her in place, though they remained around her wrists and ankles. Her legs wrapped around his waist with some instinctive movement that brought the thick head of his cock in contact with the soft, wet slit leading to the entrance of her body.

Her beautiful mineral-hued eyes widened as she felt him there, the heat and hardness of his member contrasting with the soft wet skin of her folds. Vilka drew his hips back and allowed the head of his cock to run gently up and down the length of her virginal pussy, spreading her lips around his shaft before drawing back again. He would not enter her, not yet. Not until she begged in that sweet voice.

“Please…” she moaned. “This… I…”

“What do you want?” He murmured the question against her lips. “Tell me…”

She couldn’t form the words, or wouldn’t. Vilka resisted the urge to simply plunge himself inside her, keeping control of his desire. She was delicate and soft and he did not want to do her damage. She was writhing beneath him now, her hips rolling with an enticing motion that made it harder to resist her tight slit.

“Find your words, human,” he murmured, sliding down her body. “Neither one of us can resist much longer. You have been innocent too long. And I have hungered too long.”

He saw her eyes widen as his mouth made contact with her soft lower lips, his tongue finding the wet slit where her juices flowed and lapping at that secret river with a reverent desire. Her sex was a delicious little maze of soft lips protecting the little hole through which his cock would soon gain entrance to the tight confines of her pussy.

“Please… please…”

Her moans soon became incoherent, her body moving with an unmistakable invitation. The more he licked and teased and kissed her lower lips, the more desperate she became.

“Tell me what you want,” he insisted.

“I want you inside me…”

That was all Vilka needed to hear. He let his tongue trail slowly between her inner lips, find her tight little hole and push inside it. He tongued her pussy for several minutes, stoking her fires even higher. He could feel her tugging at the leash with every movement she made, her movements becoming more frantic as she came closer to the climax he had no intention of allowing her to have just yet.

“Oh!” Her cry of disappointment was almost comical as he lifted his mouth from her sex.

Wrapping the leash around his left hand several more times, Vilka slid up her body, pulling until they were face to face, his cock between her legs, the head of his manhood touching her slick, puffy lower lips.

He looked deep into her eyes, his free hand sliding down to cup her bottom and guide her hips as he pushed his cock into her tight channel in a slow, strong motion. She was hot, wet, and so tight. As he slid deeper into her body, her pussy wrapped around him, spread and stretched about the thick flesh of his cock, her mouth wide in a silent scream of ecstasy as he used the leash to control her movements as the thick head of him found the delicate membrane of her hymen and pushed through it.

“Virgin no longer,” he intoned before kissing her deeply, his tongue massaging hers as he began to urge his hips back and forth, sliding his cock in and out of the tightest cunt he had ever felt. She moaned and wailed into his mouth as he fucked her, keeping his grip firm on the leash, making sure she felt the collar holding her as he claimed her pussy.

This one was spirited and beautiful, and she would need firm handling. He was not entirely gentle in his claiming, drawing out to the very tip and then sliding home again with brisk, firm strokes that pushed his hard pubic bone against her lightly punished lips.

“Oh, oh god, oh my god…” she gasped for her deity as he broke the kiss. Her pussy was so slick around his cock he could hear the wet sound of his cock plunging deep into her again and again. She reached for his arms, her slender fingers holding onto his biceps as he fucked her harder still, the desire of what felt like eternity unleashing itself on her tender cunt.

“I’m gonna come,” she moaned. “I’m going to come on you… I’m going to…”

“Come,” he growled in response.

She let out a high-pitched wail and he felt her pussy contracting and quivering on his hard flesh, a hot rush of her feminine fluids coating his cock. He saw her face and chest and breasts flush bright red with the force of the erotic reaction and still he kept pushing himself inside her again and again, tugging on the leash to bring her mouth closer for his kiss as he claimed her fully at both ends, fucking her through her orgasm.

It was her first time and perhaps he should have let her pussy rest, but he could not. Her lips gripped him as he sluiced in and out of her wet channel, her orgasm making everything wetter and hotter. She lay back against the bed and he allowed her to do so, relaxing his grasp on the leash as he tipped her back, lifted her legs over his shoulders and plunged into her pussy, his hand descending to rub her clit and mound in circles as he approached his own climax.

She was beautiful, her blushing, flushed body laid out beneath him, the scent of her sex thick in the air, her full breasts bouncing with each and every stroke he took.

“I’m going to fill you,” he said in a growling gasp, losing eloquence in favor of rough talk. “I’m going to fuck you full of my cum.”

His words made her pussy contract again, the little bud of her clit grinding against the heel of his palm as she burst into a second orgasm, her bright red hair tossing back and forth as her hips danced against him, her bottom and pussy grinding desperately, begging for his seed.

“You’re hungry for this, aren’t you, girl, my poor, fuck-starved human,” Vilka snarled as he pounded into her, his cock gleaming with her creamy juices. He could feel his seed roiling inside his balls, desperate to fill the tight little hole he had stretched with his cock over and over again.

With a roar of release, Vilka allowed himself to come, pushing himself deep inside her and locking his body with hers so every single drop of his cum was delivered directly to her bare pussy, bathing the walls of her sex with his virile seed. He shuddered with the pure pleasure of it, pressing kisses to every part of his human lover as he urged his hips against her in little short thrusts, ensuring none of his cum was wasted. She was so filled that soon when he pushed forward it began to leak out around his cock, and when he slid from her body, he saw her flowering lips spread around the pooling of his white seed. Her pussy had been a sweet little mound, lips closed around a tight little seam, protected by the red down of her pubic hair. Now those same lips were puffy and swollen, the entrance of her body spread and marked with thick deposits of his cum. He held her in place, her thighs spread, looking at the beauty of her well fucked pussy and then up at her face, her gorgeous, flushed face that held a shy little smile.

Vilka lay down next to his beautiful mate and held her close, caressing her body in slow motions as she curled up into him, the leather bindings and her leash entwined with them as he held her close and murmured soft words of praise and care.

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