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The Enslaved Princess by Rose St. Andrews – Extended Preview

The Enslaved Princess by Rose St. AndrewsNaomi whimpered. Once more she was humiliated more than she’d ever known. Her wrists were encircled by magnetized cuffs behind her back, which meant there was no way she’d get free. Isaac dragged her along by a leash that clamped onto her nipples. The shackles around her ankles kept her from moving as fast as she wanted, and thus she kept getting painful tugs to her breasts. She was still naked and being hauled through the great hall of the palace, and the room was full of people.

Many snickered and laughed to see her, and Naomi felt miserable. It appeared she was not destined to get any sympathy from the assembled throng. Alex, the new prime minister, stepped up on the stage and started to make a speech. It was clearly some sort of political speech as he talked about the new government’s plans for the future: release of political prisoners, disbanding the secret police, and so on.

“Come along, missy,” Isaac said happily, giving her a tug. “It’s time we were leaving.”

“Wait, we’re going outside? No! I need clothes,” she whined. “Ouch!”

She yelped at a particularly strong yank. Without another word, he dragged her out. As they crossed the garden, Naomi thought of all the wonderful times she’d known there. As they continued to walk, she soon saw a cluster of spaceships, some sleek and new, others rather worn, and one that looked like a flying junk heap—Isaac’s ship.

The gangplank swung down, slow and grinding like an ancient coffee grinder, and she caught a whiff of the interior. She shut her eyes and crinkled her nose. It was such a strange scent. It was like she was outdoors! There were flowers and the aroma of freshly cut grass. How in all the worlds did he manage to create such a collection of smells?

Isaac gestured at the opening. “Your chariot awaits, missy; the good ship Alexa.”

“Ship? How does this thing achieve orbit without flying apart?”

“Hey, she may look a bit battered, but she’s one gorgeous lady, and she’s carried me from Earth to the outer rim. She’ll be your home until we reach… well, you’ll see.”

“And will my home include clothes?” she snapped.

He chuckled. “I’ll find you something appropriate for your new… position.”

They entered, the hatch closed with a lot of creaks and squeaks, and Isaac finally released her, in a manner of speaking. He removed the leash and chain of the shackles, and turned off the magnets in her cuffs, so at least she could use her arms, but her ankles remained cuffed. Isaac operated the controls to begin the purge and launch procedure, and she slowly turned around to take everything in. They were in a small round room with an equally small control panel that looked as cobbled together as the rest of the ship. Open doorways led to a storage room, galley, sleeping quarters, and the bridge.

She jumped as his hand grabbed her right wrist, and he took her into the storeroom. Opening a cabinet, he pulled out some simple clothes and held them out to her. She stepped back. They were the garments of a servant or commoner: basis underwear, khaki shorts, and a plaid flannel shirt.

“I’m not wearing that! I am a princess of the royal house of Meris. I am deserving of—”

“Okay, hold it right there, missy. It’s clear you need a lesson on what’s what. Now, you are no longer a princess, nor will you ever be again. You are my bound servant,” he said, and held up her shimmering mag-cuff. “See this, the little pentagon etched into your cuffs?”

“Yeah. What of it?”

“It tells people that you occupy the fifth level of citizenship on my world. Know what that is? Slave! It’s reserved for high-level criminals, and it means I can do anything I want with you.”

“I am not a slave! I am a princess, and that is how you shall treat me, servant,” she sneered.

Isaac’s face grew ominously serious-looking and he became silent as his firm jaw twitched. Naomi wasn’t sure what was going on in his head, but she found herself slightly captivated by his dazzling eyes. He might be a brute, but she had to admit that he was a handsome one.

“Ha, so, it seems you know your place after all,” she said, sticking her nose in the air, and tossed the clothes aside. She felt quite smug and satisfied.

“Yes, I do, and now you’re going to learn yours,” he shot back. Sitting on a crate, he pulled her over his lap. Naomi gasped, and before she could give voice to her indignation, he struck her bare behind. He was spanking her! It was like nothing she’d ever experienced, and if it weren’t for the pain and embarrassment of the act, she might actually enjoy being there. His legs were so very strong and firm.

“Ouch! Isaac, how dare you strike the royal flesh? Release me at once!” she ordered.

“No, I’ll release you once you learn your place, missy,” he replied, continuing the punishment.

Naomi squirmed and wiggled, and tried to throw back her hands to block, but Isaac had anticipated that. He activated her cuffs and they locked together in front of her. Again and again his large strong hand connected with her bare flesh, and she yelped and howled, and cursed him like the workmen she’d once heard talking under her balcony.

“You son-of-a-bitch bastard, you cannot treat me in this manner. If you don’t cease this action immediately, I’ll carve out your liver and stuff it down your throat.”

“Well, missy, you certainly don’t mince words,” he said with a chuckle. “Pity there’s no way you can ever make good on that threat.”

“I will, I will—ouch—you’ll see. You’ll be sorry, sorry you ever—ow—crossed swords with me,” she shot back.

Isaac laughed and picked up the pace of his swats. “Is that any way to speak to your savior and protector?”

Naomi squealed and squirmed. “What? Ouch! You are many things—oaf, brute, and sadistic monster—but not either of those things!”

“Actually, I am,” he quipped, landing some especially hard smacks.

Naomi howled. She couldn’t believe the fire building inside her. His hand seemed very hard and his arm quite fast. A terrible sting continued to build up in her cheeks, growing hotter with each passing moment. Isaac was thorough; he made sure to spank both her bottom and her thighs.

“Death will be too good a fate for you, beast!” she growled.

“That’s what you would have begged for, had the men back there learned you were a virgin.”

“Virgin? What’s that, is it—ow—good?”

“Many men will pay a small fortune for such a woman. Now, are you going to behave?”

“I—ouch!” she yelped. Naomi wanted to be defiant, but the horrid building fire in her bottom overrode her arrogance. She started sobbing, and lay broken across his lap. “Yes, all right, I’ll… I… I’ll do what you want. Now stop… pl-please!”

He did so, quite abruptly, and eased her to her feet.

“Ah, now that’s what I like to hear, good manners. We’ll have to work on ensuring you use those in future. For now, get dressed,” he said firmly.

Her cuffs switched off, her hands flew to her stinging seat, and she grimaced. At the same time, she let out a slight moan. An odd feeling was filling her belly. No, not her belly; it was lower, down between her legs, and it caused a curious sort of warmth there. She almost felt as if she wanted to pee. It was embarrassing, and so she quickly pulled on the clothes, despite the yelp their contact with her poor bottom caused.

“All right. So, now what?” she grumbled.

“Now we leave,” he said, getting to his feet. “I have deliveries to make and a home to get back to.”

He headed for the bridge, Naomi scurrying after him, wincing with each step. Never in her life had she known pain, and it made her feel odd.

“Wait a minute, leave? You’re serious about taking me to… wherever?”

“Valentia, my home is on Planet Valentia, and yes, you’re coming. Remember, slave to me?”

She came to a halt, her jaw dropping. “What? You cannot be serious! I am slave to no man, to no one. I am a prin—”

“Yes, I know, a princess,” he snapped. “Missy, the sooner you let that go, the better your life is going to be. You are mine, you will stay mine, and that’s that. You think a spanking was bad? Just wait until you get a taste of the strap, paddle, cane, and whip.”

“What are you talking about?” she said softly, slowly backing away. “Why would I get… them?”

Isaac hopped into a padded, if worn seat on the right, buckled himself in, then operated a series of controls. A matching seat sat next to him, and before him was a glass bubble that afforded both of them a wonderful view of the palace and its grounds.

He swiveled the chair. “You might want to strap in, missy, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

“But I can’t sit down,” she whined.

“Naomi, sit this instant or you’ll get your first paddling here and now,” he snapped.

She groaned, but moved to the left chair and gently sat. Despite the padding, she yelped, and then he helped her strap herself in.

“There, happy? And what do you mean by first? I’m still waiting for an answer.”

“Engines online, powering up, and launch sequence commencing,” he said casually, then turned to her. “Missy, you caused Paula a whole hell of a lot of grief and pain over the last six years, and I’m going to see that you pay for every act! On top of that, you’re to be mine, my dutiful and obedient servant. Now, as you’ve got quite the attitude, and that’s putting it mildly, that’s going to take a lot of work. However, I’m up for it, and will enjoy every moment. Hold on, here we go.”

Naomi felt her throat tighten and her inner core quiver. The spanking was only the beginning? Who does he think he is, passing judgment on me? Paula got everything she deserved. After all, she was only a servant. I’m going to have to figure out how to deal with this beast, or maybe escape from him. How hard can that be?

The shaking of the ship as the main engines roared into life only added to her pain and grief, and she squealed and arched her back, trying to get her ass up. The blue sky filled their view, and then the ship zipped through the white fluffy clouds over the palace. Naomi felt another ache, one to her heart, as she was leaving her home and family. The ship continued to rattle and buffet about, and she groaned. Pain rippled through her, but also something else. A strong surge of some sort tore into her core and the sensation that she might pee became stronger.

“Isaac, pleeeasssse, can you… ease off or something? This hurts,” she begged.

“That’s entirely your own fault,” he shot back. “However, I’m not without sympathy. Once we achieve orbit, I can throttle back a bit. For now, just bite your lip, and grin and bear it.”

She squealed. Every bounce and vibration sent a bolt of fire from her ass to her insides, and the warmth and wetness feeling grew stronger. Naomi whimpered and bit down on her lip so hard that she almost drew blood.

Then, the view changed from blue to black, the clouds slipped away, and stars filled the viewport. Isaac eased the engines back, and the ship settled down. He smiled and undid his straps, and Naomi started to relax. As her bottom still throbbed, she did as he did, and climbed out of her seat.

“Ohhh, I’ve never felt so bad,” she groaned, rubbing again.

“Get used to it, missy, as you’re going to feel that way a whole lot more.”

“Isaac, you can’t be serious! I did nothing to Paula. You and others hurt her, and did it because of my father’s orders. How am I to blame?”

“You were the one being naughty and thus causing her to be beaten, and you enjoyed it. I saw the looks on your face each time she was paddled and otherwise thrashed. You got off on it!”

“I… um, what’s that mean?”

He sighed and shook his head. “Oh, in some ways you are such an innocent. It means you took pleasure in her pain. Well, fine, then someone else will take pleasure in yours. You will pay for what you did to her.”

“Why do you care about her? She’s nothing, a commoner, a mere servant girl.”

Isaac jumped down from his seat, a stern frown on his face. “Here’s the deal, missy; every time you insult her, I add two punishments to your very lengthy list. Got it?”

She gulped and then squeaked, cringing, “Y-y-yes.”

“Good, remember that. Now, I’ll set the navi-com, and then you’ll get your first lesson in serving,” he said, operating the controls. Once their course was set, he headed out of the room. “Come on, girl,” he added, calling to her over his shoulder.

Naomi watched him go and made like she was following, but then spun back to the controls. She fiddled with them, trying to change their destination, and the ship suddenly rocked to the right. Both of them were thrown from their feet and slammed into the bulkhead.

“Ow! What was that?” she cried.

The ship spun for a second, then stabilized, and lurched to the left. Isaac tumbled by the door and managed to grab the edge of the doorway. With a mighty heave, he pulled himself into the room.

“That was you being an idiot,” he snapped.

Throwing himself onto the console, he got the ship under control, and then turned to her. His expression told her all she needed to know. She bolted for the door. A click sounded behind her and her wrists and ankles snapped together. Falling flat on her face, she realized he’d switched on the magnets in her cuffs. He stepped up next to her, hoisted her up, and dragged her into the main room. She essentially had to hop to keep up with him.

“Don’t you dare touch me again, brute!”

“Or what, missy?”

“I… um, wait, money, I have money. I know some of my daddy’s off-world accounts. I’ll buy my freedom.”

Isaac shook his head and sighed as stood her in the center of the room. “Money and power; is that all you think about?”

“What else is there? Oh!”

She squealed as she floated up. Looking around, she figured that some sort of mag-lev system was in the floor and ceiling, and she was now being stretched between them. She shivered. She was helpless. Then she felt his hands at her waist, and truly squealed when he slid her shorts and panties down to her knees.

He stood before her. Now, with the magnets hoisting her aloft, they were eye to eye. “Oh, there is so much more. Maybe someday you’ll understand that. For now, you’re getting a lesson in not touching things you have no business touching!”

She swallowed hard as he turned away from her and crossed to a cabinet on the wall. A quick retina scan and it opened, and he pulled out something she recognized only too well: a flogger. Her toes curled. “Nooo, don’t do this. Um, I’ll give you… a million, no, five million credits. How’s that sound?”

Isaac froze, standing before her, and she managed a small smile. Ah, just like any commoner. Throw a lot of zeroes at them and they all fall in line.

“No,” he said simply.

Naomi’s jaw dropped.

“Didn’t you hear me?” she squeaked, totally amazed. “I said five million. That’s more money than a commoner could earn in ten lifetimes. That buys you a new life.”

Isaac snorted. “Missy, it’s not as much as you think. On your world most people lived in crushing poverty so you and yours could live in the lap of total luxury, but that’s not how things are in the rest of the galaxy.”

He stepped around behind her, and Naomi strained to watch him.

“Um, um… okay, I’ll make it ten, twenty—ouch!” she howled.

The flogger cracked across her still-aching cheeks. They were like little stingers of pain rippling across her. Wiggling and squirming did no good; the magnets held her tightly stretched and in position. He struck again. She howled and tightened her muscles, heaving hard against her restraining force. It was pointless. Again and again he flogged her, and she wailed.

“What are you learning from this, Naomi? What is this lesson about?”

“I’m learning what a sadist you are! It’s about—ouch—you beating an innocent girl,” she spat.

“Oh boy, we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us,” he sighed.

As the flogger thudded against her again, a truly painful feeling rippled through her, and it took her a moment to understand it. Isaac had smacked her across the back of her thighs. She had no idea that area was so tender. The flogger danced and flew across her cheeks repeatedly, her thighs getting the occasional treatment, and her wails turning to tears. Yet, she stayed defiant, hurling insults at him. Something inside her forced her to remain so, and it wasn’t arrogance. She didn’t understand, but mingled in with the pain was some sort of energy surge to her… what was the word? Ah, her pussy. Her sisters had explained that, once she was married, it was an area of her body that would be very important. However, as the minutes built up, her strength weakened.

“I’m waiting, Naomi. I can keep this up for a very long time. My arm is strong; why, I’m not even half tired. So, what’s it to be?”

“All right, all right, you win,” she choked out. “I’ve learned my lesson. No touching the controls, ever. Please, mercyyyy…”

She hung there, suspended by the magnet forces, and just sobbed. It was a few minutes before she realized he’d stopped. There was a click and she dropped to the floor, both of her cuffs switching off too, and she stood there trembling with mixed emotions. She felt pain and anger, yet also some sort of fiery excitement. Her hands cupped her poor tush, much too sore to be rubbed.

“Now, we have ten hours until we reach the Arcturus system. So, we’ll eat and rest, and get our merchandise ready for transfer. Time for your next lesson.”

Naomi slid her clothes up slowly, wincing at their touch, and turned to face him. “Lesson? N-n-now what are you going to do to me?”

He chuckled. “Naomi, not every lesson will include pain. So long as you obey. This is a lesson in serving. Come on.”

Yelping and groaning with every step, she followed him into the galley. It was a small yet efficient space: there was a food processor on the left, storage on the right, and a large rectangular porthole across from the door. Isaac waved his hand over a sensor and a table slid out of the wall under the window and stools rose from the floor.

He sat and pointed at the cabinet. “Get the meal units out of there and put them in the processor.”

Naomi opened her mouth to protest. She had never done manual labor in her life and wasn’t about to start now. However, the throbbing of her ass and thighs forced her mouth to close, and she meekly nodded. The meal cubes looked plain and bland, but she was famished, so she didn’t care. She popped two in the processor, set the controls, and waited. At the ding the door opened and a truly wonderful aroma washed over her.

“Ohhh, that’s delicious, and I haven’t even tasted it yet.”

Grabbing one, she moved to the table, put it down, sat, and shot to her feet.

Isaac shook his head and snorted. “Missy, you’ve got a lot to learn. And hey, what about my dinner?”

“I’m to serve you too?” she said, her eyes growing wide.

“Naomi, that’s the whole point of being a servant. Remember what Paula and everyone else in the palace did for you?”

“Yeah, but I’m royalty. You’re… nothing,” she quipped.

He rose to his feet, frowning. “Do you need another lesson concerning your place?”

She let out a small squeak of fear. “N-n-no, sir.”

She slid her plate over to him and got the other one for herself. This time she was smart enough to stand at the table and eat. She also got them drinks, some sort of colorful punch from Isaac’s home world. It was fruity and sweet, and she actually found herself liking it. Standing there, she started to feel better. Her ass didn’t throb as much and that odd sensation between her legs diminished, which made her feel better. She did not understand that feeling and felt sure it was something inappropriate. Once done, Naomi put the waste in the recycler, and then watched as Isaac yawned and stretched.

Then he took off his shirt.

She shivered and stepped away from him. She knew about men and their animal instincts; her mother had taught her what brutes they could be. Considering the long and deep scars on his back and chest, it was clear he was a savage swine! He plodded from the room, sleep in his eyes, and gestured for her to follow. Shutting her eyes for a moment, she cringed, and sadly did so. Their quarters were nothing special. Frankly, they were a mess, just like her uncle’s room in his cabin on Mount Sterling. It seemed the term ‘bachelor pad’ could be applied to other men on other worlds. Isaac hopped up into a narrow bed on the right, pulled off his boots, and laid back.

Punching his pillow, he gestured at a bed mounted on the opposite wall. “You sleep there, ‘princess,’ and don’t expect me to tuck you in and read you a bedtime story.”

Naomi heaved a sigh of relief. “Really? M-m-my own bed?”

“Of course. What did you think…? Ah, you did think,” he replied, sitting up and dangling his legs over the edge. “Naomi, while you are my slave, I’m not a beast or cruel man, despite what you think. I will never force myself on you. For now, sleep.”

Flopping back down, he rolled over and made himself comfortable. Naomi stood at the other bed and pushed down on the mattress with her hands. It was firm and the sheets were mere cotton. Not at all what she was used to. Yet, she was worn out, sore, and had a full belly. After the horrid day she’d had, the sandman was calling to her. Slowly, wincing with each move, she climbed in on her belly and wrapped her arms about the soft yet less than aromatic pillow. Her ass throbbed and she chewed her lip as she gazed out the small porthole between the two beds.

What’s going to happen to me? What’s he got planned? He can’t be serious about… punishing me more. Ah, more, that’s the key, more money. If I can remember the other accounts daddy has, I can truly bribe him. Yeah, that’s what… I’ll… do…

Her mind shut down as sleep embraced her, and deep in sleep, she dreamed that they were back in the grand hall of the palace. A huge party was going on, and she was dancing happily with a suitor. Suddenly, things changed. The suitor became Isaac and he hauled her up on the stage. She looked down. She was naked! Gasping, she was pulled across his lap and then, to the amusement and applause of everyone there, he spanked her. Naomi couldn’t believe it. Her family, her friends, every member of the aristocracy stood there and watched as she was reduced to a bawling baby. The harder he spanked and the more she cried, the more they laughed at her.

She sat up in bed, gasping, and suppressed a yelp (she was sitting on her sore behind). Climbing out of bed, she hung onto the low railing of the bunk and tried to catch her breath. It was odd; she was sweaty, shaky, and wet between her legs. She cringed. She hadn’t wet the bed since she was a toddler. How could such a thing have happened?

She glared at Isaac. It’s his fault! His… degradation of my royal person, forcing me to lower myself to the acts of a commoner has upset my body. Oh, he’ll pay for this.

Scanning the room, she saw the door to the bathroom and the clothing replicator between his bed and the door, some clothes tossed this way and that, and a knife on the floor. Just the thing. She picked it up and held it like she’d seen a guard once do, and quietly tiptoed toward him. Now she faced a quandary. What was she going to do? She couldn’t kill him; she could never do such a violent thing, even to someone who hurt her. So, what was left?

Ah, I’ll do like in those holo-films daddy likes. I’ll hold the knife to his neck and force him to take me… somewhere. Ah, to New Geneva to get the money. Yeah, that’ll work. Oh, I’m good.

She snickered to herself and stepped toward him, and froze. For some reason, she couldn’t get any closer. She heaved and strained against the invisible force that prevented her from implementing her plan, but couldn’t overcome it. Suddenly, she shook and trembled, the force grew stronger, and she flew across the room. Bam, she slammed into the wall behind her and was essentially glued to it. She winced, but not from the impact. That had actually been quite mild as the wall was some sort of composite—strong yet yielding. No, it was from her poor bottom being pressed against the wall. Looking around, she figured it out. It was her cuffs; they were magnetized to the wall.

Damn, he must have some sort of security system. Now what do I do? I’m stuck up here.

“Getting into trouble again, are we, missy?” he said, not rolling over.

“Um… I… I was just going to… wake you up.”

“Right, and the knife is to what, encourage me?” he said, sitting up.

“You knew? You saw? You… you were awake the whole time?”

“Well, normally I would have been asleep, but I heard you cry out in your sleep, and I was worried you were having a nightmare. When you settled down and… moaned in a rather… ah, sensual way, I figured you were fine.”

Naomi blushed. “It was… nothing. Now, let me down!”

Hopping down, he crossed to her. For a change, he had to look up at her.

“What’s the magic word?”

She sighed. “Please!”

“Good girl. Now, keep in mind, missy, normally such an act would warrant another punishment. However, as you’ve gotten two today, I’m going to let it slide. Just you remember, you try something like this again, and it’s the cane, got it?”

She trembled. “Y-y-yes, sir.”

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