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The Glasscock County Fair by Morganna Williams – Short Story

“Are you completely insane?”

Emma jumped when the strident exclamation was voiced directly behind her, almost losing her balance on the step ladder on which she was precariously balanced. “Goodnight Irene, Jen! You almost gave me a heart attack!” she complained, frowning as she adjusted the angle of the sun-catcher mobile she was hanging in the doorway of the big white tent.

“You should be so lucky! Do you have any idea what kind of punishment you’re bringing down on yourself when Will sees this?” Jen asked, dramatically waving her hands around to encompass the merchandise neatly arranged around the tent’s interior.

Emma smiled. “Don’t be silly.” She thought fondly of her boyfriend as she critically studied the array of glass dildos varying in size from small to extremely large. Grinning at her friend, she ran a hand lightly along the mobile making the tiny, multi-colored glass dicks sway in the breeze. Different colors refracted from the little sun-catchers displayed cheerily on the white inner walls of the canvas tent as the sunlight caught them. “Isn’t that pretty?”

“Have you even met my brother?” Jen asked incredulously. “There is no way he knew this was what you meant when you referred to a souvenir tent.”

“What could be more fitting for a souvenir tent for the Glasscock County Fair than… well… glass cocks?” Emma asked with her hands on her hips. “I’m sure Will won’t mind at all.”

“He’ll not mind all over your backside!” Jen declared.

Emma rolled her eyes in the earnest young woman’s direction, ignoring the little flutter of alarm low in her belly. Surely, Will wouldn’t take exception to her booth. He certainly wouldn’t spank her, would he? Will was the chief of police in Garden City, the county seat of Glasscock County. They’d met shortly after she moved to town when he’d pulled her over for speeding. The next night they’d gone out to dinner and they had been together ever since.

She shivered as she remembered the next time she’d gotten a ticket. Will had pulled her over his knee and given her a quick version of what he called Texas Justice by paddling her tail bright red. Emma chewed her lower lip. But that was for speeding… her souvenir booth was something entirely different.

“I’m sure everything will be fine. Don’t you think everyone will see the humor of my little booth?”

“How can you even ask such a question? Do you know the women that run the Glasscock County Heritage Foundation County Fair Committee?” Jen asked in horror. “These women are not the glass-dildo-sun-catcher-penis types. You do realize you live in one of the most conservative counties in Texas don’t you?”

“It’s not like I moved here from the moon for goodness sakes. Jennifer you are really overreacting,” Emma tried to reassure her friend.

Then there was a gasp from directly behind them, “Oh my sweet lord!”

Geneva Hildebrande, this year’s chair for the Heritage Foundation County Fair Committee, stood there aghast. Her face was bright red as she stared at the garishly colored glass phalluses.

“Hi, Miss Hildebrande,” Emma said cheerfully.

The woman fixed Emma with a glare. “This is not what the committee had in mind when you said souvenirs, young lady. This is unacceptable.”

Emma’s ready smile began to falter as she realized Jen was right. Her little souvenir booth was not going to be well received. Emma and Jen watched as the woman whipped out her cell phone and began to dial. “Sheriff I need you to get out to booth 27A immediately. We have a problem that needs to be dealt with post haste.”

Snapping the phone closed, the old battle-axe fixed Emma with a glare. “You wait right here young lady. The sheriff will get to the bottom of this.”

“What seems to be the problem Geneva? I was busy over there sampling the fried food and… well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!” Sheriff Ellis stopped in his tracks, seemingly entranced by the brightly-colored glass cocks sparkling in the sunlight. Clearing his throat, he came back to himself with a shake of his head. “I see… well Geneva I’m afraid since the fairgrounds are within the Garden City limits this isn’t my jurisdiction.”

“What do you mean not your jurisdiction? Something has to be done about this!” the woman exclaimed. “The fair opens tomorrow! Children will be present!”

Emma winced; she hadn’t really thought about kids. She’d never really been around any and tended to forget all about them.

The sheriff pulled out his own phone. “Don’t worry, Geneva. Yes, chief, we got us a situation over here at the fairgrounds. Booth 27A. Yes, it’s Emma’s booth all right. Well sir, she’s got herself a bunch of glass peckers laid out all over the place. Not a very seemly booth for a young lady to run if you ask me.” The sheriff winced and pulled the phone away from his ear as ‘chief’ began to yell.

Emma was glad she wasn’t close enough to hear what Will was yelling.

“I’ll do that. See you in a minute.” Sheriff Ellis hung up and pinned Emma in place with a stern frown. “The chief said you were to wait right here.”

She gulped nervously.

Next to her Jen smirked and mouthed a quick “I told you so.”

Then Bubba Hildebrande chose that moment to walk up next to his mother. “Well I’ll be flipped. Are those colored tally-whackers hanging from that there mobile?”

“Bubba please! You’re in mixed company!” Geneva barked.

The forty-year-old man blushed. “Sorry Mama.”

Emma was mortified; her good idea was obviously up in smoke. She had to live in this town. Would these people be able to get past this gross error in judgment? She just wanted to escape, preferably before Will got there.

She had just begun to subtly inch her way out of the tent doorway toward where her van was parked when a large hand clamped down on the back of her neck. “I don’t think so, young lady. There will be no running from the scene of the crime.”

Emma glanced up into the angry face of her captor. “Hi, honey.”

“What in the hell were you thinking, Emma?” Will asked her.

“Well it is Glasscock County and I thought…” she stopped, as Will and everyone else around her watched disapprovingly. Emma’s shoulders slumped. Explanations didn’t matter; her goose was cooked. “I’m sorry.”

“Not yet, but believe me baby, you will be,” Will whispered in her ear before he began to direct several deputies and police officers to pack up her tent. Emma was sent to wait in her van, a sharp slap to the seat of her jeans starting her on her way.

Terribly embarrassed but glad to be out from under everyone’s censorious gaze, she sat in the driver’s seat with her forehead resting on the steering wheel. She decided to use the ostrich approach to the situation; if she couldn’t see it, it wasn’t happening.

* * *

Will looked over at the slumped figure in the van and shook his head. He had no idea what got into Emma sometimes.

“You sure got yourself a pistol in that girl, Will,” the sheriff said with a grin as he clapped him on the back.

“You have no idea, Glen,” Will said as his eye caught the glittering glass mobile and wondered who in the hell would buy such a thing. A slow smile spread across his face as he had an idea.

Grabbing one of the sacks Emma had set aside for purchases, he dropped the garishly inappropriate sun-catcher inside, along with one fairly large glass dildo and one of a more modest size as well as a couple of glass butt plugs. As he studied her wares, Will decided it would be best if the punishment fit the crime. Little Miss Emma was about to experience the difference between Glasscock County and an actual glass cock up close and personal.

“Can you boys get the rest of this stuff to Emma’s garage? I have a little matter that needs my immediate attention,” Will asked the sheriff and the rest of the officers.

They all nodded, some with knowing smirks. One actually gave him a thumbs up. Most of the men in this part of Texas still felt that the application of a firm palm to a naughty female bottom went a long way toward keeping the home harmonious. Will was no exception.

Gathering his bag and hat, Will went to help Emma from her van to his squad car.

“You’re arresting me?” she asked in apparent alarm.

“Nope,” was all he said.

“Ummm… then where are you taking me?” Emma asked.

“My house,” Will said succinctly.

“What’s happening at your house?” the question came out in an unnaturally high voice.

Will looked at her with one arched brow. “I think you know.”

Emma turned bright red and began to fidget in her seat. “Will can we talk about this? I didn’t mean to do anything wrong… I just… I thought it would be a fun booth… and… I… well… upon reflection I might not have thought things completely through but…”

“Might not have thought things completely through?” he asked incredulously.

“I’m sorry!” she squeaked.

“I can assure you that you will be one very sorry little girl before it’s all said and done,” Will assured her.

“What are you going to do?” she asked again, her alarm clearly growing as he pulled to a stop in his driveway.

“First, you’re going to march straight into that house and take off all your clothes,” he said matter of factly while Emma shook her head.

“No… I can’t do that!” she grabbed the front of her shirt as if to ward off even the thought.

“Don’t tell me no, young lady, you will go in that house and do exactly what I said unless you want me to go out back and cut a switch to use on top of everything else you’ve already earned,” Will said ominously.

“You’re going to spank me?” Emma asked hoarsely, her back pressed against the passenger door.

“You bet your soon to be hot little bottom. First I’m going to take you over my knee and give you a good hard spanking. Then you and I are going to investigate some of your glass cocks very carefully while you bend over the end of my couch and then you’re going make the acquaintance of my belt.” Will informed her, raising a brow at her once more. “Any questions.”

Eyes as wide as saucers, Emma shook her head before stammering, “N-n-no sir.”

“Then get your ass in that house and strip. I expect to find you with your nose in a corner, unless you really do want me to cut that switch,” he barked.

She nearly fell out of the car in her haste to get the door open and run inside. Will followed at a much more leisurely pace. He wanted to give his naughty girl time to stew in her own juices a little before he delivered her punishment.

He was pleased to walk into the living room a few minutes later and find a very naked Emma with her face pressed tightly into the corner, waiting for him. As she heard him enter, she seemed to try to cram even more of herself into the corner.

Will smiled to himself as he grabbed some fishing line out of a drawer and used it to hang the ridiculous glass mobile from the ceiling fan, low enough that it would be at eye level for Emma both when she was over his knee and when she was bent over the arm of the couch. He wanted it to be in her line of vision throughout her punishment.

Then he pulled his police belt from around his lean hips. Laying his gun holster down on the bar and folding the thick leather belt in half, he left it on the coffee table in easy reach.

He removed both of the glass cocks from their boxes and laid them next to the belt. One of them came with hot lube. As he read more about the lube, he grinned. The lube heated itself upon contact with the skin and the heat level increased with friction. That was fortuitous indeed.

Will rolled up his shirtsleeves as he sat down on one end of the couch; he was ready. “Come here, Emma.”

She turned to face him with a whimper, eyeing him nervously.

Will drank in the sight of her naked body. The nipples on her full breasts were already tight with need, and their rosy tips looked like ripe berries begging to be tasted. He had to drag himself away from that thought; there were other things that needed to be handled first.

He held out a hand to her. “Emma?”

Will saw her eyes move from him to the items resting on the coffee table before coming back to rest on him as she licked her lips. “Honey, can we talk about this?”

He raised a brow. “Are you unclear about why you’re being punished?”

“Not exactly…” she hedged.

“Come here, Emma. Don’t make me tell you again.” This time he said it with just enough bite, and she came forward to stand in front of him in a breathless rush of energy.

Grasping her firmly by the arm Will pulled her down over his lap, leaving her bare bottom raised high for punishment.

* * *

Emma groaned as Will shifted her around on his lap until he apparently found the perfect position to roast her hind end. She was mortified by the whole situation and embarrassingly aware of how wet she was at the thought of both the spanking and the glass cocks resting so innocently on the coffee table. Blushing, she pressed her face into the couch.

Her head sprang back up with a cry of dismay when Will’s hard palm clapped off her naked bottom with a loud slap. “Owwwwww!”

“You will keep your head up and look at that god-awful mobile of glass penises while I spank you. I want you to remember exactly what brought you to be over my knee getting your bare bottom spanked like a naughty little girl,” he said as another hard slap fell.

Emma groaned, suddenly embarrassed by the sight of the garish glass mobile. What had she been thinking?

The twinkling colors sparkling in the light from a nearby window seemed to mock her as Will’s hand fell again and again until Emma couldn’t really focus on anything but the heat rapidly building in her posterior.

Surely the spanking had to be over soon, she thought desperately. He’d covered every inch of her poor bottom at least five times. Then he tilted her further over his knee and locked her legs between his.

“Warm up’s over,” he stated succinctly. Then his hand fell on the tender crease where her bottom met her thigh and she realized she’d only thought he’d been spanking hard before. When his hand began to fall repeatedly in the exact same spot she began to wail.

“Please Will! I’m sorrrreeeee! Ohhhhhhh! Owwwww! Oooohhh that spot’s done! It’s done I tell you!” she cried frantically. She breathed a sigh of relief at first when he moved to the other side but soon Emma found herself trying to buck and twist off his knee in an effort to escape his punishing palm.

On and on Will spanked, until finally with a sob Emma collapsed over his knee, giving herself over to his punishment.

As if a sign of submission was all he’d been looking for, the spanking ended and Will lightly stroked a hand over her tender flesh.

“That part’s over baby, now get up and bend over the end of the couch for me.” He helped Emma to her feet and guided her into place over the arm of the couch. She cringed when he made her spread her legs wide, knowing everything was on display to him, from the wetness seeping from her needy sheath to the tight little rosebud of her anus.

She watched out of the corner of her eye as his picked up the glass butt plug. Thankfully, while it wasn’t the smallest she’d ordered, it wasn’t the largest either. A flush of heat filled her face and neck as she watched him coat it with the heating lube.

Emma knew she’d never be able to look at a glass penis without blushing again and she wasn’t positive she’d ever be able to even say the county name out loud again. She’d certainly never poke fun at it again!

“Spread your bottom cheeks open wide for me, Emma,” Will instructed her.

She obediently caught a sore cheek in each hand, wincing as she pulled them open wide; Emma was so wet she knew she had to be dripping on the floor. Half of her was afraid but the other half… the other half wanted everything Will was doing and more. She shivered and buried her face in the couch cushion.

A gasp escaped her at the first touch of the cool slippery glass against her most private place.

“Try to relax your bottom and press back to meet me baby. It won’t hurt as bad that way.”

Emma did her best to relax as she pushed back, whimpering a little as the broad head of the plug pressed against the tender ring of muscle guarding her secrets. Then with a burning sensation the muscles gave way and it popped inside, forcing her little hole to stretch open around it. She groaned as Will moved it in and out of her, seating it a little further inside with every thrust until it was all the way in and she felt full but at the same time aware of the aching emptiness of her pulsing channel.

“Good girl,” Will praised her, stroking a hand down her back before moving on to the next item on his agenda.

As she watched him pick up the large glass dildo, Emma’s vagina clenched in anticipation; he was about to fill the place that was aching with need. She was so wet that no lube was needed and Will was able to slide the glass phallus inside her to the hilt.

Emma moaned loudly. She felt impossibly full with both glass phalluses resting inside her so deeply. She moved restlessly over the arm of the couch wanting and needing Will to move them inside her.

“Now, young lady, do you still think selling glass cocks at the Glasscock County Fair is a funny idea?” Will asked her sternly.

“No sir!” she answered earnestly.

“What about glass dildos? Are they a laughing matter?” He asked as he began moving the two seated inside his naughty girl in and out of her in tandem.

Emma helplessly rocked to and fro with each thrusting movement inside her, the glass cock stretching her ass was getting hotter and hotter with every stroke. Her ass was on fire inside and out, making her impossibly wet.

A hard slap on her exposed bottom startled her. “I asked you a question, young lady.”

“No sir, glass cocks are not a laughing matter,” she said in a husky voice that ended in a soft wail when he lightly pinched her clit. He continued to tease the swollen bud as he alternately moved each of the glass dildos until every muscle in Emma’s body tightened down in preparation for an intense climax. “Will… I’m going to come so hard…” she panted.

He chuckled and stopped everything. “Not yet you’re not.”

Emma could have cried. Every nerve in her body was thrumming with intense arousal and aching need. She’d never been this worked up in her life. It felt like if she didn’t come soon she’d die. The ache was so intense, and the burning heat filling her ass had morphed from discomfort into a mix of pleasure and pain indescribable in its intensity.

Both of the phalluses were thrust back inside her as deep as they would go before Will patted her bottom and stepped away.

“I’m going to give you ten with the belt, Emma. You stay in position or I’ll start over,” he told her as he placed one strong hand in the center of her back to help her stay in place.

Emma shivered, taking comfort in the feel of his broad hand on the small of her back. She heard the whistling sound of the belt just before it caught her on the under curve of her bottom, leaving a line of fire in its wake and jolting both of the glass dildos inside her. Emma panted through the pain and the wave of pleasure that followed closely on its heels, and Will wasted no time bringing the belt down again and again. Emma soon found herself humping her bottom up and down, unsure whether she was reaching for another stroke of the belt or trying to escape it. Each stroke was bringing her closer to the orgasm waiting just out of her reach.

She was caught up in a world somewhere between pleasure and pain, afraid the belt would never stop falling but with a part of her deep inside never wanting it to end. Finally the last stroke fell hard, lifting her up on her toes with a keening cry as tears glistened on her cheeks.

When Will pulled the glass phallus from her ass, Emma whimpered at its loss, feeling almost bereft. Then the broad head of Will’s cock pressed against her sore bottom hole, and she almost wept with relief as she pushed back to welcome him inside.

He slid in to the hilt easily, and she groaned as his thighs slapped against her sore bottom, reawakening the sting. Emma moved her legs further apart as he began to ride her hard, one hand coming around to work the glass cock inside her dripping canal, his thumb hitting her clit with every inward stroke.

The first orgasm slammed into her brutally, bowing her back with pleasure as she tightened around him and shuddered beneath him. Not giving her any respite, Will continued to thrust without pause, hurtling her straight into another orgasm so intense she saw spots in front of her eyes. This time when her body clamped down around him, Will shouted hoarsely and buried his face against her as she felt the heat of his seed bath the inside of her ass.

At last, Will gently pulled away from her and removed the glass phallus inside her still pulsing sheath. Emma groaned and shivered as he pulled it free from her body before lifting her into his arms. She snuggled into his chest as he carried her to the bathroom and cleaned them both up. After he settled her into the bed and wrapped himself around her, Will pressed a tender kiss to the top of her head.

“I love you, Emma.”

“I love you too, Will.”

“No more glass cocks?” he asked, smiling against the back of her neck.

“No more glass cocks,” Emma assured him quickly. “I’ll sell them on EBay.”

“We’ll keep the ones we used today, and I picked a couple more out just in case,” Will told her.

“In case of what?” Emma asked in nervous anticipation.

“You never know what could happen in Glasscock County.”

The End

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