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The Hunter’s Mate by Morganna Williams – Extended Preview

She wasn’t sure how long she slept but she woke being carried in Hale’s arms and wondered how he’d gotten her out of the cave without waking her. He didn’t offer an explanation regarding what he’d done with Gamer and his brother and Reyna didn’t ask.

“My bottom is sore,” Reyna said with a petulant tone.

Hale smiled as he looked down at her. “Naughty mates end up with sore bottoms.”

Her lips twisted as she looked up at him. “You aren’t supposed to enjoy punishing me so much.”

“You shouldn’t be so naughty,” he told her.

Mischief lit her eyes. “But I enjoy being naughty.”

“I enjoy punishing my naughty mate, so we are a perfect match.” He carried her to the mountain waterfall; it was about a forty-foot drop to the base of the falls into a clear blue pool of water that was at least twenty feet deep.

She was at a loss for words when he carried her behind the falls and into the cave that served as her main campsite. How in the world had he known this was her home?

Hale set her on her feet and saw the question in her eyes. “I smelled it. Your scent is stronger here because it is your home so I simply followed the scent.”

Reyna didn’t know what to say in answer to that. “So I must really stink.”

“Not at all, you have a lovely scent; it is unique to you and you alone. I want to bathe myself in your smell,” he told her earnestly.

“That is a really unattractive image,” she told him as she turned away from him and walked to the edge of the falls where she made a graceful swan dive into the pool below. She heard his bellow of rage as she knifed neatly into the water and swam deep. She enjoyed gliding through the water; it always felt as if her troubles melted away as she swam.

Reyna was definitely feeling the need of the water; with all of the emotions Hale caused to stir inside her, she hoped a little swim would soothe away her troubles—unless of course your troubles followed you into the water. She heard the sound of someone else entering the pool and blew out air bubbles of frustration. With resignation Reyna gave a hard kick and surfaced.

A very large angry alien glared at her from where he was treading water. “Do not ever do that again.”

She raised a brow. “Go for a swim?”

“Dive from that cliff. The distance is too great and you could have been injured,” Hale said sternly.

Reyna rolled her eyes in exasperation. “I survived just fine for twenty-five years without your help, sparky. It’s fine.”

Strong arms encircled her and she was pulled tightly against his massive chest. “You will no longer merely survive without my help. You will get my help as well as my instruction and my discipline.”

“Goody goody gumdrops, lucky me,” she cooed sarcastically, trying to ignore the way her full breasts were swelling where they pressed against the hard wall of his chest and the way her nipples tightened more and more with every second that passed.

His strangely beautiful green eyes darkened as his head moved and she found his lips against her own. He licked lightly at the seam of her lips until she opened to him with a sigh of surrender. Reyna wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as she stroked her tongue against his, refusing to let him simply claim her… she staked her own claim in return, meeting him stroke for stroke and touch for touch.

Hale gave a husky groan and then released her mouth to swim to the edge of the pool.

He was delighted with his mate; she was a strong woman despite her small stature. She would not give in easily to him; she would fight for what she believed in and stand her ground. His mate would be a fitting mother to his sons.

Hale smiled as he climbed from the pool then lifted her back into his arms and carried her as he made the climb back up to their home behind the falls. When he got her there, he stripped her clothes from her small body, then stripped his own. She watched him with wide, hungry eyes; obviously her first taste of passion had given her a craving for more.

He wasn’t sure the battle was completely over; at the moment she wanted him with a hunger that matched his own but first there was discipline to see to. She had to obey him in order to ensure her safety and he intended to make her understand he wouldn’t hesitate to punish her when necessary.

He studied her naked form—full breasts with pouting pink nipples, a narrow waist with a rounded stomach, and full womanly hips—then his eyes narrowed on the triangle of dark curls that sheltered her woman’s place from his gaze.

Hale took her hand and led her to the sleeping pallet against the back wall of the cave. Her big blue eyes watched him taking in every detail of her naked form as he went to his knees beside her. “Before I make you mine, I must punish you so that you know there will always be consequences for your actions.”

A flare of anger sparked in her eyes but before she could speak he began kissing her again. She responded immediately wrapping herself around him as he ran his hands softly down her sides. Reluctantly he released her mouth and began to nip and suck at her breasts, alternately laving one nipple with his tongue then sucking it hard as he twisted the other between his fingers.

Reyna gasped and writhed against him, her arms wrapping around his head to hold him to her breast. He worried and sucked her left nipple until it was impossibly tight then moved to give the right nipple the same treatment. By the time he finished with her breasts, they were swollen and tight with her need.

Slowly, Hale kissed his way down her body until he was able to part her thighs. He inhaled deeply, letting the musk of her sweet scent fill him. Spreading her labia wide with two fingers, he stretched the opening of her tight little channel to intensify her sensations as he began to lap the entrance with his tongue.

“Ooooh… yes… yes, Hale…” she cried, bucking her hips as he continued to tease her by flicking his tongue just at the edge of the opening while his thumb played over her clit. He did this until he felt her body begin to tighten against his and then he stopped.

“What are you doing?” Reyna asked as she moved restlessly against him but he held her still, running a soothing hand down her back until she calmed.

“I’m seeing to your punishment, little mate,” Hale told her resolutely as he began to tease her body to life again. It took less time to bring her right to the edge of orgasm and once more he stopped.

“This isn’t fair, Hale.” Reyna beat at him with her tiny fists, the frustrated passion burning within her almost palpable.

“I will do what must be done to ensure your safety mate. Always,” he told her as he began to lick at her wet little slit once more. This time when he stopped big fat tears were leaking from her eyes.

“Please, Hale, I’m sorry,” she whimpered.

Hale brought her to the edge again and again until her hoarse cries of need filled the cavern and her pussy was swollen and red as it wept its need for him. “Are you going to obey me, mate?”

“Yes, sir,” Reyna said softly.

He nodded and sat up, bringing her face down over one thigh. Hale began to spank her bottom right in the middle down low so each swat jolted her core as he punished her. On the tenth swat she came with a soft little scream as her body shuddered over his knee. Hale parted the rounded cheeks of her bottom and pressed his finger against the shy little hole between them.

“Hale!” she squeaked in surprise.

“If I have to punish you again, mate, I will punish this bottom inside and out,” he told her as he slipped just the tip of his finger inside her tight anus while his other hand reached beneath her to tweak her clit.

Reyna came again as he gently moved the tip of his finger in and out of her ass. “Yes, sir!”

He lifted her to straddle his thighs and quickly impaled her on his thick shaft. They both groaned as the head of his cock slid into her tight heat. “Hale, you’re too big in his position!” she gasped even as she pressed down to get more of him inside her.

“You will take me at your own speed, mate,” Hale instructed her as he helped her rise up and down on his shaft, taking a little more of him each time she came down. “But I will finish your punishment as you ride me.”

The feel of him stretching her tender inner tissues was delicious even though it was a little uncomfortable but she wanted more. She was so wet he slipped in and out with ease.

His hands cupped her ass, forcing her to take more and more each time she sank down until she took him all the way and he was completely inside her, his balls resting against her opening. She felt stretched almost more than she could stand but perversely now that he was inside her, she wanted to move and began to shift her hips slightly.

“Now you will ride me while I finish your spanking,” he told her firmly.

Reyna felt another gush of moisture rush from her to bathe his cock at his words and she began to lift herself up his shaft. As she rode him slowly, his hands began to spank the under curve of her ass, each slap stinging but also sending a jolt of pleasure through her where her body joined to his.

As her pace began to increase, his hand began to fall faster and harder as if urging her to ride him just as hard. The stinging heat built in her ass as she grew closer and closer to orgasm. Spank after spank landed until one last slap fell that sent her straight over the edge and into the abyss with him, giving a hoarse shout of his own pleasure as he caught her hips and ground them into his, filling her with his seed.

They fell back on the bed together, still joined in a sprawl of tangled limbs and Reyna wasn’t sure she ever wanted to move again.

Hale stroked a hand down her back as their heartbeats slowed once more. “If I have to punish you like that again, not only will I take your tight little ass, my mate, you will not sit for a week and I will tease you until you’re mindless with need but I will not allow you to reach completion at all.”

She shivered as his husky promise washed over her and realized she was looking forward to it.

Reyna woke snuggled tightly against Hale. He was sprawled on his back and she found herself eager for the opportunity to explore his large body. She crouched on her knees as she pulled the blankets back to study him at her leisure.

Even at rest his thick cock was a rather imposing sight, lying against his belly with the big heavy balls resting between his slightly parted thighs. She licked her lips, suddenly wanting to taste him the way he’d tasted her and she moved between his thighs with a new sense of purpose.

Leaning over his sleeping form, Reyna allowed her hair to tease the insides of his thighs as she leaned down to lap at his balls where they hung, teasing them with light little flicks of her tongue as she made her way to the base of his shaft. This was the part that made her mouth water; with a moan of appreciation she ran her tongue up the base of the shaft, licking her way up to the broad head.

“What are you doing, little female?” Hale asked, staying still as he looked down at her with one arm lazily under his head.

She grinned at him broadly. “I’m tasting you and I plan to have my fill, hunter, so be still.”

“I would never leave my mate unnourished, female. Do proceed,” he said then groaned when she fisted his shaft and lifted it to wrap her lips around the bulbous head.

Reyna decided to ignore the idea he seemed to have that he was still in control of this encounter. This was her tasting and she would not be rushed or bullied. She began to suck on the head of his cock while using her tongue to tease the tiny slit in its tip, then she released him with a loud popping sound and watched the thick shaft begin to strain toward her as if demanding more.

She smiled and blew on it, enjoying the way it jerked in response for a moment before she caught it in her fist again and laved the underside of the head with her tongue. She licked and sucked on the bit of skin beneath the head until Hale’s hips bucked. Then she slowly trailed her tongue all the way down to his balls again then back up the other side.

He tasted hot, salty, and male and she thought he would fast become her favorite treat. When she returned to the head, Reyna sucked it into her mouth, swirling her tongue around as she sucked hard. She began taking more and more of him into her mouth until he was bumping against the soft palate at the back of her throat. Reyna gagged a little around him but tried to open her throat more as she began to work him in and out while sucking and licking everything she could reach.

Her hand began twisting and squeezing as she brought it up to meet her mouth while she took him deep then down again as she withdrew. Hale allowed her to play at her leisure though he occasionally thrust deep into her throat when he got carried away. Reyna had a vision of him fisting her hair and forcing her to take him as he fucked her mouth and she nearly came herself at the erotic image.

“No more!” Hale said firmly as he pulled her from him then put her on her back; as he caught her knees over his forearms to open her wide, he drove inside her to the hilt. Reyna had been so aroused by Hale’s response to her mouth on him she took him easily, both of them groaning as he bottomed out.

“You feel so good inside me, hunter,” she told him, wanting to move her hips but the way he had her legs pinned kept her still. “Let me move.”

“No, little female, you will take what I give you, nothing more and nothing less,” he told her, his green eyes glittering with little flecks of gold swirling around his slitted pupils. Hale took her hard, giving her no quarter as he drove in and out of her in long pounding strokes, the head of his cock slamming against her cervix with every inward thrust.

His pelvis ground against her clit every time he hit the end of her channel with a twist of his hips. She was gasping out her pleasure as he drove her closer and closer to the pinnacle. Then a finger pushed deep inside her asshole as he hammered in even harder, making her see stars as she came with a scream.

Hale didn’t stop, driving her through that orgasm and building toward another. As he continued pounding into her, a second finger joined the first in her ass, stretching her open. Hale began moving them in and out of her ass in tandem with his cock. She was fuller than she’d ever been and still the pleasure grew until it reached almost painful proportions.

Just as she was about to explode, he completely withdrew and she felt the head of his cock where his fingers had just been. “Hale?” Nervousness filled her voice as she looked up at him with alarm.

“I will possess you everywhere, my mate,” he told her as the head of his cock sank into her most secret place, popping past the ring of muscle as the burning stretch of tender tissues also fired pleasure sensors in her ass she hadn’t know existed. As he worked himself into her with exquisite slowness, the palm of his hand slapped down on her wet, swollen pussy and the band that had been wound so tightly within her snapped as she came hard.

Hale used her orgasm to work his cock all the way into her tight asshole, then he began to move, treating her ass to a good hard fuck as he alternately fingered her pussy and slapped her clit until she came again, every muscle clamping down on his pistoning cock and forcing his own orgasm as she milked him dry with her rippling inner muscles.

When they could breathe again, Hale carried her down to the pool under the waterfall and gently washed her; his tenderness brought tears to Reyna’s eyes.

“Do not cry, my Reyna,” Hale admonished as he sat her on the rock shelf directly beneath the falls so the water cascaded over them. Spreading her wide, he took her again with his mouth while two fingers worked into her ass and two more filled her pussy. He sucked her clit until she screamed herself hoarse for him.

When he had wrung every ounce of pleasure possible from her, he climbed up on the shelf and fisted her hair as he drove his cock into her mouth. He took her mouth as thoroughly as he’d taken the rest of her body, forcing her to swallow all of him as she gagged and tears leaked from her eyes. She reveled in it, wanting nothing more than to please him, sucking and licking everything she could reach as he controlled the pace.

Reyna worked hard to keep her throat open and accept him deeply and when he came, she swallowed every drop her gave her then licked him clean.

“There’s my good little female,” Hale told her as he lifted Reyna’s sated and sleepy body into his arms. He carried her back up into their cave and fed her some of the nuts and berries she kept there. “I have to go and find the rest of the men that attacked the settlement. You must stay here and be safe. I promise to return to you quickly and I will bring meat for dinner.”

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