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The Last Rancher by Katie Douglas – Extended Preview


I knew something was amiss when I saw the gate to the chicken run had been left open. Confused birds were milling about in the farmyard. I grabbed a blanket and chivvied them back to the coop then locked them in, but two were missing, and so was Ember. A few feathers at the edge of the farmyard told me the chickens had wandered into the forest. When I heard Ember scream, I knew she’d been stupid enough to go after them.

Running to the barn for my pump-action shotgun, my heart was in my throat, then I was running straight toward the sound of that voice. Amongst the trees, I hesitated, unsure where to find her. Beyond a shrub, there was a pile of discarded feathers. One of the chickens was dead, then.

I didn’t have time to dwell on that. Something nearby was crashing through the forest. I headed to the sound. Then, there was a loud roar. It was close. I ran forward. A bear was barely fifteen feet from Ember, who was trying to protect a chicken, by the look of it. I drew my gun and sighted it quickly.

I only needed one shot. I hated wasting bullets, but I wasn’t a cocky asshole, I was a man determined not to lose his woman, so I fired three times quickly, to make sure that huge behemoth definitely died before it got closer to my girl. My girl? There wasn’t time to dwell on that, either, because I was already running to her, to check she wasn’t hurt.

She was fine. Still holding the chicken, visibly shaken, but fine, nonetheless. I took her by the shoulder and led her back to the safety of the ranch. Making sure she was out of danger was my number one priority, but the minute we were back on my own land, it was time for a reckoning. I plucked the chicken from her arms and returned it to the chicken run, locking the gate so no more chickens were lost. Then, I returned to Ember, who looked shaken.

“You’re going to come to the kitchen and I’ll get you a glass of water, then I’m taking you straight to the woodshed for a punishment,” I told her.

Surprise registered on her face right before I held open the back door for her to go inside. The cupboard had two glasses, which I filled from the faucet. I put one down on the table and motioned for her to sit down and drink it. She’d done a lot of running and I wanted to make sure she wouldn’t be thirsty when I punished her.

She picked up the glass and glared at it, but she took a drink anyway. I finished mine in four big gulps, then waited for her to empty her glass. When I put the glasses in the sink, the kitchen door slammed. I turned in time to see that she was trying to run off again.

Rolling my eyes, I went after her. Once I was outside, I saw her running across the farmyard, hands and legs pumping furiously. Where did she think she could go? I ran up behind her. She was a fast runner, though, and I wasn’t used to chasing girls. I wished I had another lasso to slow her down with.

She slipped on some loose stones and I gained ground when she stumbled. She was level with the woodshed when I wrapped my arms around her chest and began tackling her.

“Let go of me!” she yelled as she fell toward the soft floor. She landed gently, and immediately began trying to wriggle away. I straddled her waist and landed a few warning swats on her sit-spot. My cock awakened when it touched her warm back through our clothing.

“Young lady, you almost got mauled by a bear just now. If I have to save your ass one more time from something in the forest that’s trying to kill you, I swear I’m going to claim your bottom hole with my cock so you know to whom you owe that ass of yours.”

“I don’t want to be in trouble,” she grumbled through a pile of leaves.

“Then behave yourself. You know why you’re in trouble, don’t you?” She seemed confused about this, but what else could she possibly think was going to happen?

“Because I let the chickens out after you told me not to?”

I sighed, and added a full explanation of her wrongdoing to my mental checklist for this punishment.

“Come on, let’s get this over with.” I got off her and helped her to her feet.

“Do we have to?” She looked for all the world like a grumpy teenager.

“The fact you’re asking says it all, cupcake.”

I took her to the woodshed and positioned her in one of the corners. Her nose touched the walls, and her hands were clasped behind her back, with her feet slightly apart. While she was there, I took the table saw off the saw bench, so it was an empty, flat table like any other. I brushed the sawdust off it and decided it was the perfect height. Next, I looked around for the perfect spanking implement. It was a shed full of wood, there had to be something useful around here, and I was sure I knew just the thing to redden her bottom with.

Once I found what I was searching for, I placed it on the table, then I sat down on a thick log and spoke to her.

“Ember, you were specifically instructed to close the door to the chicken run while you fed the chickens and collected the eggs. Several days ago, you were also told not to leave the ranch land because there are bears in the forest. At the time, I spanked you for trying to go into the forest on your own. Where did you just go, Ember?”

“The forest.” She spoke in a small voice.

“And why did you need to go to the forest?” I prompted.

She sighed. “I left the chicken run open while I fed the chickens.”

“And what happened when you went into the forest?” I wanted her to be completely clear about how we had arrived at this punishment.

“I got chased by a bear that was going to eat me.” Her voice was rueful, and I’d swear she was more annoyed than scared, like it was her bad luck, rather than disobedience, that had caused her to end up facing a bear.

I nodded. “And what happened to one of my chickens?”

“The bear ate it.” Now, a quaver of remorse seeped into her words. I wished she would value her own life as much as she cared about others. I remembered how, when I first met her, she’d been facing certain death, but instead of asking for help, she tried to get me to safety. If I wanted her to understand why behaving herself was important, perhaps I needed to labor the point about the chicken a little more, since that was what she cared about.

“So why are you getting spanked?” I really hoped she could put this all together, now.

“Because I should have done as I was told.”

I nodded, then moved to the next part of this conversation. “I don’t make rules because I enjoy telling you what to do; the rules are there for a reason. It’s not safe for you to go to the forest where the bears live. I have enough trouble keeping them off my property. I can’t drive them out of the forest too. Because of your behavior, I only have seven chickens where I used to have eight. Do you know the name of the chicken that died? I do. I care about all my animals, and if I’m going to trust you with the simplest of jobs around here, I need to know that you care about them too.”

Standing in the corner, she sniffled and her shoulders started to shake.

“I’m sorry, Hadley, I didn’t mean to get one of the chickens killed,” she said. “I was trying to save them.”

“Her name was Betsy,” I told her. I knew it was going to upset her but I really wanted to bring home the point, since this was the second time in a few days that I’d found her in the forest after she’d specifically been told not to go there. “I don’t want you to get any more of my chickens killed by carelessness, and I sure as hell don’t want you to get yourself killed by your reckless behavior either. Next time, you close the chicken run door. If you leave it open, you come to find me and tell me what happened, and where the chickens went. You do not simply walk into the forest unarmed to find the chickens. Do you understand me?”

“Yes.” She spoke in a small voice.

“You are going to get a hand spanking over my knee, then I’m going to paddle your ass with a ten-inch paddle I made,” I told her. “Now come over here.”

She turned around, and there were tears in her eyes, although they hadn’t spilled down her cheeks yet. Slowly, she walked toward me. She was so remorseful, I knew she hadn’t intended to kill one of my chickens, but I needed to ensure she would think twice about going near the forest alone again.

When she stood before me, I looked her over. The plaid shirt and jeans fit her well, accentuating her figure in a girl-next-door sort of way. I’d found the clothing in a box in the loft. I was pretty sure it had been originally bought for my grandmother’s sister, great-aunt Brittany, who had left the ranch at twenty-one to move to the city, and never returned, leaving unworn clothing and unopened Christmas gifts in favor of the bright lights and sushi bars. Lucky for Ember.

I reached out and stroked the curve of her breasts through the fabric. She was in trouble, but I still wanted to reassure her that this wasn’t the end of the world. She was so contrite, and she waited, perfectly still, watching. I reluctantly moved to the shirt collar. I unbuttoned her carefully, mindful not to damage her shirt or scare her. The air between us was so charged that I half-expected to see tiny streaks of lightning traveling between us. It would have been the perfect moment for a kiss, but I had another, very important task to take care of: her discipline. When I finished with the shirt, it hung open, framing her well-shaped breasts. She was so ripe, so full of a glowing vigor, even in this dejected state, and I wanted to put this incident behind us and move onto better pastimes together. I easily thought of several.

I tugged at the cuffs and the shirt tumbled away from her shoulders, down her arms, where I caught it and placed it to one side. Now, she stood only in her jeans. They were the sort of pants that sat perfectly on her waistline; not too high, but not too low. The denim was rigid enough to mold her ass to the fine cut of the fabric, but had enough flex that I saw the upside-down heart shape of her ass. I’d been watching her perky butt while she stood in the corner, and I was fascinated by its roundness. It had been difficult not to sneak up behind her and swat it.

Now, I undid the clasp and tugged the zipper down. I slid my fingers into the waistband and eased the jeans lower. They only moved an inch or so before I inhaled sharply at the sight of her bare pussy. Trying to focus on the task at hand, I pulled her pants down a little more roughly than I’d intended, until they were around her ankles.

“Step out of your pants and hand them to me,” I commanded.

She hesitated for a moment, meeting my gaze, then obeyed, accepting my authority. I folded her pants and put them with her shirt.

It was time for a reconciliation between us. I took her right hand and guided her up and over my knee, then I pinned her right arm behind her back. Her bottom was pushed up in the air and I hardened while I admired the curve of it.

“I’m sorry, Hadley. You don’t need to punish me. I know I did bad,” she sniffled. The way she opened her heart to me and apologized was so endearing. It was almost enough to make me relent, but this was a very serious transgression.

“This isn’t about whether your hindsight is twenty-twenty, babe, this is about teaching you never to do it again.”

I trailed my fingers over her bottom, caressing the soft skin, then I made my move. My hand landed on her flesh hard, making a sound like a pistol as it connected. She gasped. I removed my hand and observed the white handprint change color. There was something so hot about seeing her bottom redden beneath my hand. My cock stirred beneath her belly as I watched that handprint develop into a bright scarlet color, the same way that a child watches the first snow of winter.


When Hadley’s hand landed on my left cheek I made a face like I was sucking a lemon. I felt so bad about what had happened to Betsy the chicken. Needing to reconcile, to clean my slate, I wanted him to punish me. His swat stung hard and it was several seconds before the sting dissipated and left behind a warmth that tapped into my core.

When he did the same on my right cheek, I couldn’t help moaning quietly. The second burst of fire transformed itself into a tingle that made my nipples harden. His touch was intoxicating, and even though this was a punishment, his treatment of me made me feel cared for and hungry for more of his attention.

He swatted my left cheek again. His strokes were spaced out slow, so each one exploded then faded to a searing glow that made me yearn for the next time his hand would land on my rear. His methodical, unintentionally sensual spanking was awakening part of me that I’d kept hidden my whole life. I felt so conflicted. My guilt at getting one of the chickens killed was enormous but my need to have him inside me kept growing.

Before I begged him to fill me, he seemed to sense that his touch was doing strange things to my body, because he picked up the pace. Covering my bottom in harder, faster swats, his hand made a loud cracking sound as it landed at a brisk speed. The desire still bubbled beneath the surface, but now it was tempered with a fiery burn that left me breathless. Relentlessly, he punished me, and I wasn’t sure I could keep up with this pace.

“Please, Hadley, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do it! I’ll never do it again, I promise!”

He paused for a moment, and I felt his hand rubbing against my bottom. The heat radiated in waves from my cheeks. I made a strangled cry. It was half a plea for him to stop, and half a desperate cry for him to continue. The lighter touch of his hand against my sore bottom was mesmerizing and I would have begged him to take me if only I wasn’t so guilty about my behavior.

“Young lady, this is only going to be over when I say it is. You are entirely under my control right now, and I want you to stay there for the time being. If you want a say in how your butt gets treated, you have to behave yourself. You didn’t follow important instructions, so the choice gets made for you, by me. You can scream, cry, beg, howl, or demand a retrial; the result’s going to be the same: you will stay where you are until I say otherwise, and you will take whatever I decide is appropriate.”

The words seemed to float around my head instead of making sense straight away. He paused for a moment while I reeled. Part of me wanted to fight him off and make him stop, and I knew I could if I set my mind to it. But, the rest of me felt like there was a greater lesson here.

My entire life, I’d never taken anything seriously. Sports was something I practiced religiously, out of some desire to… what? Be better than everyone else. It was the only thing important to anyone in Novara. Be the best. Support your team. Those were the two commandments. But I didn’t really take them seriously, I just did them because I was supposed to, and because I didn’t know how else to be. Until I met Hadley, I had no idea that anyone could live a life devoid of sports without being trapped in abject poverty. In this woodshed in the back of beyond, there was something different. I needed to know what it was. Which meant that I needed to get back in Hadley’s good books. And that meant doing something I’d never done in my life. I had to let someone else win. I had to let him win. The idea startled me because I realized I needed this spanking to help me feel better.

I started from the depths of my thoughts when Hadley’s lips brushed against my ear and lulled me into a new reverie. He murmured a challenge.

“Tell me you don’t want this.”

I didn’t even open my mouth. The emotion overpowered me. It was the depth of… everything. It was knowing that he understood and that he was more than capable of giving me what I needed. My nose tingled, and I knew I was on the verge of tears.

I pressed my lips together, not daring to speak in case I shattered the illusion and started fighting him again to return to the safety of not submitting to him. Instead, I shook my head in defeat.

“As I thought. You need this to make yourself feel better.” He adjusted the arm that held me in place, and wrapped a leg over the back of my thighs. “Stay where you are. You will receive ten strokes of the paddle.”

A paddle. I’d seen it waiting for me after he called me back from the corner. It looked hard and unyielding, and had a big, flat surface that would certainly impress its marks on my bottom. I didn’t have any time to second guess what was coming, however, because Hadley brought it down on my bottom and I found out why his leg was positioned over mine.

“Yeowwwwww!” I shouted. The hard thud slammed into me. My legs tried to kick but I was pinned in place. It got worse before it got better, and I dug my nails into the floor, attempting to get the discomfort out somehow. There wasn’t enough room inside my body for the pain of the paddle, the guilt from my poor behavior, and my turmoiled realization that I wanted this spanking, and something had to go. At the second swat, I felt the tears trying to get out, like the edge of a bubble that couldn’t quite burst. I wailed again, and strained against Hadley, but he had me completely pinned down.

Stripped of my usual response to pain, the bubble smashed when the third swat of the hard paddle banged against my sit-spot, and I sobbed pitifully as he kept bringing the paddle down. I couldn’t fight him anymore. My whole existence centered around the punishing blows dealt by the smooth, thick piece of wood. Tears ran down my face, and by the fifth or sixth swat, I hung limply over his knee. My hands barely held me up and my knees threatened to buckle.

The paddle landed a few more times, and I felt every one of them. They made my bottom burn and chafe against the solid wood. Guilt and fear poured out of me with my tears, mixed with the surprise, humiliation, and uncertainty surrounding the fact that I needed this. Then, he stopped. The paddle clattered to the ground near my face and I remained over his knee, crying and breathing. The negativity ebbed away, revealing a deep contentment that took root at the bottom of my heart.

His hands trailed over my skin, setting the soreness alight in little paths of glowing light. Then, a firmer touch, as he rubbed my back reassuringly.

“It’s all right, Ember, you took your spanking really well and it’s over now. I forgive you.” The words fed the warmth in my heart, and I sighed.

“I didn’t mean to get Betsy hurt, you know,” I told him earnestly.

“I know. But where can a man get more chickens on what might be the last ranch in the world?”

“Well,” I began teasingly, “when a boy chicken and a girl chicken like one another very much, they go to the chicken adoption center…”

He swatted my ass again, playfully, and I moaned.

“What about when an honest-to-goodness human rancher wants a red-blooded human city girl very, very much?” he murmured in my ear. His voice tapped straight into my full, heavy breasts and hot, wet pussy, where my aching hole wanted nothing more than to be filled by him.

“Please?” I wouldn’t have cared if the woodshed were on fire, I needed him too much. His correction had been painful and well-deserved, but it had left behind a soul-rending desire to be claimed again by him. For him to own me from the inside. Every time he touched me, there was a spark that awakened my most primal side.

“Please what?” he prompted.

I had no shame at that moment, so I made my demands known. “I want you to spread my legs and fuck me into next week. Now.”

“That doesn’t sound like the appropriate tone for a young lady who just got her ass blistered.” His voice was firm, but tinged with a breathy lust. He desired me too, but he didn’t intend to relinquish his control even for a second. That made me want him more. My clit pulsed as the energy in the room crackled.

His hand landed on my sit-spot and I groaned because the mouth-watering heat lit up my nerves again. He gently tipped me upright and I finally saw his face. Hooded eyes, slightly unfocused, and when my gaze traveled down, I saw his cock straining through his pants.

“Not for you. Not yet. Corner.” He nodded his head in the right direction and I went where I was told, then I heard him get up and leave. Awaiting him, I noticed the wooden walls of the shed were cozy, and I was surrounded by the scent of freshly cut pine.

“Get your nose in that corner, young lady.” His voice, from right behind me, was startling. I leaned forward, my weight slightly off-balance as I thrust my upper back forward.

“That’s better. Your cheeks are a great shade of red. But naughty young ladies get their bottoms punished on the inside too.”

My eyes widened at his words. What was he planning? Why did it make my whole core ache when I imagined him doing something to my ass?

“Come over to the sawing table, and bend over it. Don’t worry, I’ve cleaned it.”

I turned and walked to the big wooden table. It came to exactly the same height as the top of my hips. I bent at the waist and rested my head on the cool, flat surface, savoring the contrast between that and the patches of heat coming from my butt cheeks. I had no idea what he planned to do with me.

“Push that bottom up.”

I flexed my lower spine so my ass was in the air and my belly pressed into the unforgiving wood surface. His hand tapped against my inner thighs.

“Spread your legs.”

I moved my feet apart, marveling at how that made my body sit against the table at a better angle. My rosebud, my aching slit, and my swollen, throbbing clit were all exposed for him to see. What would he decide to do with me?

When Hadley spoke, his voice was gentle but deep. “Naughty girls who don’t behave get their bottoms filled with a nice, solid plug, to remind them who their ass answers to.”

He held something in front of me. It looked like a metal mushroom with a wide base.

“Ever had one of these in your ass before?”

I couldn’t stop staring at it. It was about an inch and a half at its widest point, and I couldn’t envision how it would fit inside me.

A swat landed on my rear, sending a bolt of need straight to my pussy, and I moaned.

“Answer the question, Ember.”

“N-no. I’ve n-never had one of… uh… one of th-those in m-my… in anywhere.” I found it hard to speak when my brain was so fixated on the plug. It looked like it was designed for a horse. There was no way it would fit.

“I’ll go nice and slow, and once you’ve got this plug in your back hole, I’ll remind the rest of you that you’re mine. First though, I’m going to put my finger in your bottom hole and fuck you with it.”

I moaned incoherently as I felt something warm against my tight puckered hole. It slid into me, and new sensations flooded my core. Pressure, against nerves I hadn’t known existed, lit up my ass. I was grateful that there was a table under me because my legs were turning to jelly and my body was melting under this intrusion. And this was just his finger.

More than I had ever wanted anything in my life, I wanted this. He stroked his finger in and out of me and the need in my pussy built up. With his finger in my ass, I was fully stretched. It didn’t seem like there was enough room in there for anything bigger.

“You like my finger?” he asked.

I babbled senselessly.

“Good girl. One day, I’ll fill your ass with my cock and fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. You’ll scream so hard, the birds will fly out of their nests, and I’ll be the only person to hear you.”

Wow. Apparently, however long he’d been on his own had given him some serious time to think about what he wanted to do when he found a girl. He knew his own mind, had his own plans, and didn’t intend to compromise.

A trickle of liquid ran down my leg and I sighed.

“You want my cock in there, don’t you? Answer me.”

“Mmmm.” I didn’t trust myself to speak. I wanted his cock wherever it would fit.

“The plug will be more than enough to stretch your virgin bottom hole this time. I will work up from there next time I claim your bottom. And make no mistake, there will be a next time.” His voice rumbled in a way that made my tummy flutter.

If I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t getting his cock, it only lasted for a moment, because he slid his finger out and the cold tip of the steel plug pressed against me. Forcing its way in, the slick plug stretched me, making me understand why I couldn’t have his cock yet. I moaned and clenched my fists.

The plug spread me wide, as he gently fucked me with it, pushing and pulling the delicate skin around my bottom into strange new shapes that made me feel thoroughly owned by the dominant rancher.

My ass opened a little at a time, giving itself reluctantly to him. He seemed to have infinite patience for the task, though, and didn’t rush it. That gave me plenty of time to experience the more intense sensations while he split me open for my punishment.

“S’ too big,” I moaned, from the depths of a reverie. I was hypnotized by the electricity of my unused nerves being caressed by the plug and the pain of being stretched and filled in a new way.

He chuckled. “You were disappointed that it wasn’t my cock, a moment ago.”

“Big,” I repeated.

One of his hands pressed between my shoulders then he growled in my ear, “My cock’s bigger. Remember, this is a punishment, Ember.”

His words made me shiver and my bottom opened to him, the metal stretching me. It felt enormous. The metal was cold and solid, and I fought my own reactions as I tried to remain still for him.

The plug pushed wider, then all of a sudden, it was in, past whatever resistance it had encountered, and the too-stretched feeling subsided into a warm tingle and an unfamiliar fullness. Hadley patted the base and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I moaned, shuddering, teetering on the edge of an unbelievable orgasm. When he touched my clit I uttered a strangled cry; the sensations were too much for my affection-starved body. I came apart under his hand, writhing, screaming, every muscle in my body contracting in time with the spasms coursing through my core. He milked everything from me, until I was a twitching, quivering heap on the sawing table.

“Now you’re ready for my cock,” he told me, and I tried to nod, to tell him I wanted this. He didn’t need me to say anything, though. Somehow, he just knew. Although I’d just had an orgasm, my clit was already twitching for another.

Positioning the wide tip of his cock against my slick pussy, which was sore with need, he entered me swiftly. I gasped in amazement as his cock, buried to the hilt within my sheath, pressed against the plug filling my ass.

Slowly, taking the time to savor my tight pussy, he began to move. I was so full. Every inch of my core spasmed while my sheath clamped down on his solid member, and my ass pressed against the hard metal plug at the same time. He thrust inside me with powerful strokes. In no time at all, my body was responding to his fucking.

“You’re gonna come on my cock this time.”

He reached forward and encircled the back of my neck with his hand, gripping it, and controlling my body. My hot bottom pressed against his firm abs every time the tip of his cock touched my cervix, igniting an ache that hurtled me toward a second orgasm.

Harder, he fucked me, and I was helpless to do anything but accept his thrusts as he held me down by my neck. My nipples pressed into the solid wood beneath me. The lightning searing through my core built up to a crescendo. He moved faster, and soon I was unraveling again.

This time was even more satisfying; my tunnel gripped his hard cock and he pulsed inside me. My ass squeezed against the metal plug at the same time. I was lost in a swirl of electricity that sparked through my body. I shuddered and cried out. He thrust into me hard, and I felt his seed shooting into me. The warm liquid hit my cervix and it took me deeper into this unbelievable climax. It seemed to last forever, then it faded, and I stayed over the sawing table, completely depleted. He had made me atone for what I did. In return, I had given him everything I had.

After a long minute, he gently eased his cock out of my pussy, then he removed the plug, too. We collected our clothes and returned to the farmhouse in the fading light. I felt empty, but completely satisfied.

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