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The Little Sleepover by Meredith O’Reilly – Extended Preview

The Little Sleepover“Daddy, what are you doing here?” she asked, yawning.

“It’s already eight in the morning. I thought that you girls would have been up by now. Uncle Jackson told me that you had a busy night.”

Her face flushed as she looked down at her hands. Oh, my little girl knew that she was in trouble.

“Would you like to tell me what happened?”

“Samantha and I decided that we wanted to keep playing after Uncle Jackson told us it was bedtime. We started to jump on the bed and when he came in, he scared me, and I fell off the bed.”

“How many times have I told you not to jump on the bed or the couch?”

“Lots of times.”

“And why did you do it here?”

“Cause I thought it’d be fun.”

I had to give my girl props for telling the truth. I was certain that she knew a spanking was coming her way, but she hadn’t lied to get out of her punishment.

Glancing at Jackson, he nodded as a teary-eyed Samantha looked at me.

Looking back at Juliana, I said, “I am very proud of you for telling me the truth, honey. However, you knew the rules. No jumping on beds and you were supposed to listen to everything Uncle Jackson told you to do. Now you are going to be punished.”

“Not in front of Samantha and Uncle Jackson! Please, Daddy,” Juliana cried.

“All right, sweetie. We’ll go into their bedroom.”

She lifted her arms and I picked her up, carrying her out of Samantha’s little room and into her adult bedroom.

I placed Juliana on the middle of the king-sized bed, so her feet were dangling off of it. “Sweetie, before your punishment, I want to check your ankle to make sure that it’s okay.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I examined both ankles to compare them. Neither looked swollen, thankfully. Most likely due to Jackson putting ice on it right away.

“Press against my hands, baby girl, and tell me if anything hurts,” I said, gently taking her sore ankle in my hands.

She did as I asked and I noticed that she didn’t wince at all during the exercise. That was a very good sign.

“You’re a very lucky girl, Juliana. It looks like you’ll have no lasting effects from your fall. Now, it’s time for your punishment.”

I lifted her up, placing her on her feet as I took a seat on the bed.

“You already told me what you did to deserve this spanking. Now, you are going to tell me how many smacks you deserve.”

“Umm… five?”

I had to crack a smile at that. My little girl told me the truth about what she did; now she was trying to give me a low number of spanks to try to lessen her punishment.

“I think five is a little low. I’ve told you countless times to not jump on the bed and to be on your best behavior while you were at your sleepover. I think twenty-five smacks is a good amount.”

“No! That’s too many!”

“I can make it thirty-five if you want to continue complaining.”

“No, Daddy.” She rapidly shook her head.

“All right. Over my lap and let’s get this over with.”

She draped herself over my lap. When she was settled, with a little help from me, she pulled down her pajama bottoms with little ducks on them and white panties.

I rubbed her smooth, ghost-white bottom for a moment. I hadn’t had to punish my little girl in a while. She had been so well behaved. It made me sad to have to do it now. Punishing her was my least favorite activity to do with her. However, I knew that she needed it and putting this off any longer would just make my little girl feel worse.

I smacked her sit spots first, her least favorite place for me to hit. She squealed, wiggling on my lap.

I spanked them again and then went up to her cheeks, giving each one three spanks.

“Ouch! Daddy, I’m sorry,” she yelled, trying to cover her bottom with her hands. I grabbed both of them in one of mine and pinned them to her back.

“Trying to cover your butt during a punishment just earned you a couple more smacks.”

Ignoring her protests, I started her spanking again, alternating between each cheek I spanked and continuing to give attention to her sit spots as well.

Smack! “You. Will. Not. Jump. On the bed,” I said, smacking her ass between each of my words.

The skin on her butt began to turn as red as a raspberry and heated very quickly. I was sure that it must be stinging her, since my hand was beginning to sting.

She started to cry. Those first sniffles were breaking my heart, but she had broken the rules and had earned this.

Smack! “You. Will. Always. Be respectful. To Uncle Jackson. And listen to him.”

“I’m s-sorry,” she sobbed, her breaths coming out in little pants.

Giving her a moment to catch her breath, I rubbed her backside, spreading the heat all around.

When her breathing evened out, I placed the last set of spanks she had earned down on her bright red bottom.

Smack! “You. Will. Follow the rules. Always.”

Placing one final slap in the center of her ass, I finished the spanking.

She sagged against my lap, not fighting me at all when I lifted her and turned her so she was sitting on my lap.

“I-I’m s-sorry… D-Daddy,” she sobbed, wrapping her arms around my torso and crying into my neck.

“It’s okay, sweetheart. Everything is forgiven.”

We sat there like that for a bit. I petted her hair and rubbed her back as she cried. When she finally settled down, she whimpered a bit when she wiggled her bottom against the rough fabric of my jeans.

“Is your bottom very sore?”

She nodded, sticking her lower lip out, giving me her ‘puppy dog’ face.

“Sweetie, I want you to go stand in the corner and think about what you’ve done. I don’t want you touching your bottom at all.”

“Yes, Sir.”

She climbed off my lap, her red butt swaying back and forth as she made her way to the corner.

When I was sure that she was settled there, I stood up and headed toward Samantha’s little room.

When I reached it, I found a similar sight to the one I had just left. Samantha was standing in a corner with a very red bottom. Jackson was sitting on the side of the bed, watching her.

When he saw me, he stood up and we went into his office.

“Everything all right with Juliana?”

“Yes. She won’t be misbehaving if she comes over here for another sleepover again. Is Samantha okay?”

“Yep. I’ve made certain she’ll be a well-behaved little girl the next time she’s having a sleepover with Juliana.”

“I think our little girls learned their lesson. I want to rub some lotion into Juliana’s bottom. Do you have any?”

“Yeah. It’s on my counter in the bathroom.”

“Thanks, man.”

“When you two are finished with that, come downstairs, I’ll be making breakfast.”

“Thanks, we’ll meet you down there.”

Leaving his office, I headed back into the bedroom to see Juliana right where I left her.

I headed into the bathroom, grabbed a couple of tissues and some cooling lotion off the counter, then stepped back into the bedroom to see that she hadn’t moved an inch.

Placing the lotion and tissues on the nightstand, I sat back down.

“Come here, baby girl.”

I patted the spot next to me and she came to sit beside me. I reached for the tissues, held them up to her nose, and commanded, “Blow.”

She did as I instructed. I wadded the tissues up into a ball and tossed them into the garbage can near the bed.

“Juliana, lie across my lap.” When she looked at me with big eyes and like she was about to cry again, I said, “I’m not going to spank you. I’m just going to rub some lotion into your bottom to soothe it.”

“Okay, Daddy.”

She laid across my lap, her panties and pajama pants still hanging around her ankles. Her ass was as bright red as it had been when I landed the last smack on her behind.

I squirted some lotion into my hands, rubbed them together, and slowly began to knead her muscles.

Within seconds, she was sagging against me, sighing.

I continued to rub her bottom, making sure to cover every spot that I had smacked with lotion. After five minutes, when I thought she had started to fall back asleep, I patted her bum and declared, “Massage is over.”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

I helped her to stand and pull her panties and pants back up. I ruffled her hair and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Ready to go downstairs for breakfast?”

“Yes, Daddy. I’m sorry again for what I did.”

“It’s okay. All is forgiven, like I said.”

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