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The Marshal’s Little Girl by Ava Sinclair – Extended Preview

The Marshal's Little Girl by Ava Sinclair

“It’s such a grand house,” Wilhelmina said as she stared up at the sprawling Victorian manor.

“The owner is a friend of Miss Dupree’s,” Gage told her. “He’s expecting us.”

There had been a telegram waiting for Gage when they’d arrived at the train station. Dr. Adler had invited them to stay and had even sent a taxi to retrieve them. Situated just outside of town, the impressive house sat on a hilltop, dominating the landscape.

A rather severe-looking woman answered the door. She wore a long black dress and had a white cap on her head. Her posture was ramrod straight, and she was nearly as tall as Gage.

“Are you here for an appointment?” she asked after a moment of silent observation.

“Uh, actually, we are here at the invitation of Dr. Adler. I’m Gage Chandler and this is my…”

“Your little,” the woman said. She turned on her heel. “Yes, he’s expecting you. This way.”

Billy slipped her small hand into Gage’s larger one as they walked through the massive mahogany paneled foyer and down a hallway. She suddenly felt very small, and the large woman who’d answered the door intimidated her for reasons she couldn’t quite understand.

They were led now to a room she’d seen from the outside—a glass atrium. Exotic plants sprung lushly from huge pots, with exotic orchids adding splashes of breathtaking color in between. A bright blue and red parrot sat on a perch in the corner, preening. It cocked its head at them as they walked in. Now Billy let go of Gage’s hand and walked over, enchanted by the brilliant bird.

“Do you like her?”

She turned when she heard the question to see a tall, elegant man walk into the room. He wore a tailored suit and vest, despite the steamy heat. His eyes were kind behind a pair of wire-rimmed glasses. His dark hair was just beginning to gray at the temples.

“She’s an eclectus parrot,” the man said, nodding toward the bird. “Her name is Rainbow. I didn’t name her. Bebe did.” He handed Billy a peanut from a bowl on a nearby table. “Here. You can feed her if you like.” When Billy looked at him doubtfully, he laughed. “Don’t worry. She won’t bite. Go on.”

Billy accepted the peanut, took a tentative step forward, and held out her hand. The bird leaned toward her and took the peanut gently, then stood up, transferring the nut to one foot.

“Thank you!” it said.

Billy all but cried out in delight, and the man laughed as he turned to Gage.

“That gets the little ones every time,” he said. “No matter how nervous, they can’t help but relax once they’ve met Rainbow.” He held out his hand. “Dr. Roman Adler. I assume you are Gage Chandler.”

Gage shook the other man’s hand. “I am.”

“Welcome. Any friend of the lovely Celeste Dupree is a friend of mine.” He turned to Billy. “And you must be Gage’s little Billy.” He extended a hand to her as well.

“Yes,” she said quietly, allowing him to gently kiss her hand.

The handsome doctor returned his attention to Gage. “Celeste wired me earlier. She didn’t tell me the details, but she said you needed a safe place to stay. I don’t know the details of your situation, and I didn’t ask. But please know that you and your little one are welcome here.” He glanced over to Billy. “She looks a bit pale to me. Did she weather the trip as well as you’d hoped?”

“She is tired,” Gage admitted. “And she complained earlier that her stomach hurt.”

“Does it?” the doctor asked.

“A little,” Billy admitted.

“Hmm. I’m not surprised,” the doctor said. “It’s been my experience that littles have a delicate constitution. I see all sorts of patients in my practice, but on two days a week I confine my appointments to couples like you.” He paused. “You’d be surprised at how far people travel to come here. That’s why I have such a big house outside of town. Papas and uncles can stay here with their little ones, since it’s obviously too far to travel back and forth in one day.

“One of the most common complaints is stomach upset, digestion problems,” he continued. “Our littles are sensitive souls; that often manifest itself in stomach and bowel disorders. Tell me, Mr. Chandler. Has your little Billy ever had a thorough cleansing?”


“Tummy medicine, delivered through a tube into her bottom. It’s the most effective remedy for all manner of digestive issues, and what’s more has very positive psychological benefits, even if the first few cleansings do seem frightening and uncomfortable to some.”

Billy whimpered upon hearing the doctor’s words, and huddled close to Gage, sucking her thumb nervously.

“Now, sweetheart,” Gage said, putting his arm around her reassuringly. “There’s no need to be afraid. I’m not going to let anything happen to you. And you do seem a little pale.”

“I think this is something we need to see to immediately,” Dr. Adler said. “My little one is down for her nap at the moment. But her nurse, Ida, will be happy to take Billy up to the examination room.” He looked at Gage. “With your permission, of course.”

Billy whimpered again, clutching Gage’s arm tighter. But to her horror, the large woman had come over and was peeling her fingers from off her papa’s coat. She began to cry.

“Now, now. No need for tears,” Dr. Adler said to Billy. “Your papa and I are going to have a word and we’ll be up in short order.” Then to Gage: “Ida often helps me, and I prefer that papas give her permission to correct any little subject to medical treatment, for their own safety.”

“No!” Billy said, her tone angry now. “I won’t let her!” And she realized as soon as the words escaped her lips that she’d gone too far.

“It’s not your place to ‘let’ anyone do anything,” Gage said. His expression was grim. “Of course Ida has my full permission to correct Billy if she refuses to cooperate.”

Billy felt as if her heart were breaking. Why was her papa allowing this horrible woman to leave with her? Ida was exceptionally strong for a female, and Billy was powerless to break away from her sturdy grasp. The larger woman hauled her, nearly tripping, up two flights of stairs and then down a hallway to a room. A plate on the door read ‘Exam Room 1.’ Once inside, the nurse slammed the door behind her.

“You’re an unschooled little thing,” Nurse Ida said. “If Bebe ever acted like that, her papa would have hauled her over his lap and spanked her bottom cherry red no matter who was here.”

“I’m not unschooled!” Billy said hotly, but fell quiet when the nurse fixed her with a stern gaze.

“You mind your tongue, missy,” she said. Her voice was soft, and somehow her calm terrified Billy more than her anger. “One more saucy word from you and when your papa comes up here, the first thing he’ll see is your bright red bottom stuck up in the air. Is that what you want?”

Billy shook her head.

“I didn’t think so. Now disrobe.”

“D-disrobe? What for?”

“You can’t get a full checkup or take your dosage of medicine with your clothes on, silly girl!” the nurse said. “The doctor is on his way up and we need you to be ready.”

Billy’s hands shook as she undid the buttons of her dress. Nurse Ida, grumbling that she wasn’t moving fast enough, stepped over to help undo the sash at her back and then pull the dress over Billy’s head.

“Off with your shoes and stockings, too,” she said. As Billy complied, the nurse remarked that she found stockings far too grownup for little girls, anyway, and would have to suggest more proper attire.

And just like that, Billy found herself nude in the exam room of Dr. Roman Adler’s house. She was frightened and left a little dizzy by how sudden things were changing for her. There was a surreal quality to the situation, and she found herself shaking with apprehension as Nurse Ida led her to an exam table. She was grateful when she was given a thin white blanket to cover herself with.

When Dr. Adler and Gage walked in a few moments later, she couldn’t decide whether to feel relieved or to be even more anxious. There was a chair in the corner, and Dr. Adler invited her papa to have a seat, which he did.

“Well, now. What do we have here? Such a lovely girl.” The handsome doctor walked over to Billy, who noticed he had exchanged his suit jacket for a white lab coat. “Billy, I’m going to touch your neck. But it’s not going to hurt.”

The doctor’s touch was gentle as he palpated Billy’s slim neck and felt underneath her jaw for swollen glands. Then he had her turn and ran his fingers down her spine.

“We need to take your temperature, little one,” he said. “Please lie face down on the table.” When she didn’t comply right away, he raised an eyebrow. “Do we need to get Nurse Ida to help?” She glanced over to the corner, where the large woman was standing, a shadow of a smile on her somewhat mannish face.

“No, doctor,” she said.

“Good girl.”

Billy felt a ping of humiliation as she turned over to lie face down on the table. When the doctor lifted the blanket from her bottom, she closed her eyes as the feeling of embarrassment grew.

“What a lovely little bottom she has,” Dr. Adler said, and she realized he was talking to Gage. “But I suspect you already know that. Have you ever taken her temperature?”

“No,” came the answer.

“Every papa should have a thermometer and know how to use it,” Dr. Adler lectured. “Come here, and I’ll show you how.”

Billy looked back over her shoulder, reassured to see Gage, but frightened by what the doctor held in his hand. She’d had plugs in her bottom before, and the thermometer wasn’t nearly as thick. But to have anything inserted by a man she didn’t know? She folded her arms and put her face down so she wouldn’t have to watch.

She could feel the doctor’s gloved hand parting her cheeks, and then felt the tip of the thick thermometer pressing against her little hole.

“Push it in up to here,” he was saying to Gage as the thermometer slid in. It had been coated with some type of lubricant, so it wasn’t uncomfortable. “Leave it in for several minutes to allow for the most accurate reading.”

As the men waited, they talked about her as if she weren’t even there. Dr. Adler asked about her diet, her sleeping habits, even how often Gage took her bottom. He commented on the skin of her bottom, asking Gage about his modes of correction and offering to school him in the efficiency of different implements, should he be interested. She could feel her pussy begin to bead with moisture at just the conversation, and moaned in embarrassment.

“What’s wrong, little girl?” asked Dr. Adler. “Nervous?” He patted her bottom again and then withdrew the thermometer.

“Hmm. It’s a degree higher than I like. It may be nothing other than her apprehension,” the doctor said. “But even so, I highly recommend a dose of medicine for her insides. Is that all right with you, Gage?”

“Whatever we need to keep her healthy,” Gage replied.

Billy was being turned over on her back now, and whimpered as the doctor stopped her from pulling up the blanket.

“There will be none of that,” he said. “We need to check those little tits, to make sure they’re healthy.”

Tears sprang to her eyes as she felt the doctor’s hands kneading her breasts and then moving lower. He raised two metal supports on the end of the table and spread her legs, putting a foot on each one.

“Papa!” she implored, but Gage shot her a warning look as he laid a hand on her forehead.

“I’m just going to check your little pussy,” the doctor said. “I know your papa probably pays special attention to you there when he treats you like a big girl. We want to make sure you’re healthy between your legs.”

She felt a gloved finger slide into her front passage, and she moaned in embarrassment.

“Oh, my. Someone is slippery as an eel,” Dr. Adler laughed. “Is she always this responsive?”

“She practically drips,” Gage confided.

“Even when spanked?”

“Especially when spanked.”

“My Bebe is the same way,” the doctor said. “That is good, and of course with a woman like that a man can’t help but want to fill her pussy every chance he gets. A woman’s natural cycle can interfere with that, however, but I have a special tonic I’ll prescribe that will halt that cycle and keep your little one from getting pregnant. It’s perfectly safe; I have a wonderful herbalist whose grandmother brought the recipe over from Scotland. All my special patients use it.”

He withdrew his finger and now was pressing on Billy’s clit.

“Ooooohhhh,” she cried, trying to keep her hips on the table but finding it impossible.

“Nice sensitive little button. Again, it is tempting to overstimulate through rubbing or sucking, especially with a clit this nice and large. Be careful that you don’t overdo it. Some of these littles are greedy and will beg for it in the throes of passion, but regret it later when they’re so sore they can barely put their legs together. It’s worse for the ones in diapers.” He grazed Billy’s clit with his finger and she moaned again. “On the other hand, a little strip of leather applied to that pert little clit is a most effective punishment.” Over her head, Gage smiled at this, eliciting a whimper of fear from Billy.

She was suddenly aware that Nurse Ida was by the exam table, and was hanging a bulging black bag from a pole just to her right. At the end of the bag was a long rubber tube with a tapered nozzle at the tip. She shrank away from the evil-looking contraption.

“I know it looks scary, my dear,” Dr. Adler said. “But in that bag is medicine that will clean out your insides and help you feel better, both in here…” he touched her belly, “…and up here.” He touched her forehead. “Now, let’s turn over.”

“I don’t want it! I don’t want it! I don’t want it!” She was suddenly afraid and attempted to get down, despite warnings to behave.

“Now, Billy,” Dr. Adler said, his tone irritated. “You can either behave or I’m going to let your papa make you behave.”

“I don’t care!” Billy said with renewed defiance. “I’m not taking any stupid medicine in my bottom!”

The next thing she knew, familiar hands had grasped her and were turning her face down on the table. She heard the crack of the first spank as a flood of pain suffused her bottom. She howled pitifully, kicking her legs as Gage spanked her over and over, turning her bottom a bright red. She was quickly sobbing, her mouth open in a bawl. But her legs were slick with the juice of an arousal that she couldn’t contain.

“Might I suggest you go the extra mile here, Gage?” the doctor asked. Now she was being lifted back onto her back and she watched as Dr. Adler handed papa a strap. Nurse Ida was lifting her legs back onto the supports, spreading them and securing them with leather bands. And now Dr. Adler was spreading the plump lips of her pussy and pulling the hood of her clitoris back as he instructed her papa to…

No. He wouldn’t. But he did, and the first snap of the strap on the seat of her pleasure made her scream. Her hips bounced on the table, the impact torturous on her sore bottom. But it was nothing compared to the agony of the strap coming down on her engorged clit.

“Aaayiiiieeeee!” she wailed as the strap came down again. The blows weren’t hard, but they were precise. She turned pleading, tearful eyes to Gage. “Pllllleeeassse, papa!”

“Are you ready to behave, Billy?”

“Y-y-yes!!” Billy wailed the word as she unsuccessfully tried to simultaneously kick and close her legs. The clit whipping had given her a whole new respect for what Gage was willing to do to make her mind, and the secret place between her legs pulsed with a combination of need and hurt.

“Wetter than ever,” the doctor laughed. “Let’s get this medicine into her.”

Nurse Ida unstrapped her legs and this time, Billy didn’t resist when she was flipped over on her belly. She sniffled pitifully as she watched the doctor unfurl the rubber tube and guide the nozzle toward her bottom. She didn’t feel any less afraid as he generously lubricated the tip.

It wasn’t the nozzle she feared, but what would come next. The bag was bulging. Was everything in that bag really going to be flushed into her bottom? It seemed impossible, and her heart began to pound as the nozzle was pushed into her bottom hole. It burned as it entered.

“You’re going to feel some pressure and a warm rush of liquid, Billy,” the doctor said. “I want you to hold still, even when the cramping starts. No one is going to let you embarrass yourself. You can hold more in your tummy than you imagine, and when it all comes out in the water closet, you’ll feel so much better.”

Before she could respond, there was a click and she did indeed feel a warm surge enter her bottom. It was an odd sensation, and not uncomfortable for the initial moments. But then—as the doctor had warned—the pressure began to build. Billy’s stomach started to swell under her like a balloon and spasms began to ripple through her gut.

“I have to goooo!” She began to writhe on the table.

“None of that,” the doctor said, smacking her on the bottom with his gloved hand. She yipped more from the shock of another man correcting her than from the pain, and turned pleading eyes to Gage. But he seemed unmoved by her predicament.

“I think to be on the safe side, she should be plugged. Do you want to do the honors?” Dr. Adler handed Gage a plug and Billy had no choice but to lie there quivering from the cramps overtaking her as the rugged U.S. marshal inserted the thing into her bottom.

It seemed to take forever before she was helped down and walked on shaky legs to the water closet by Nurse Ida, who bent her forward and removed the plug before leaving her alone.

Afterwards, she felt weak and tired and didn’t even resist as Nurse Ida wiped down her bottom and thighs with a wet cloth. Gage didn’t bother to put her back into her clothes. Instead he wrapped her in a sheet and followed Nurse Ida up to the room that would be their home for as long as they wanted.

Had she been less exhausted, Billy would have thrilled at the accommodations. The room had large windows that overlooked the prairie and distant mountains beyond. A canopied bed sat against one wall, with a trunk at the foot. A huge, ornately carved wardrobe sat against the other wall along with a Cheval mirror and a washstand. There was no separate washroom, but there was a privacy screen with a tub behind it. It was already filled with warm water, and Gage gently bathed her and put her to bed.

And Billy, feeling very empty, but also very clean and satisfied, drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

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