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The Medic’s Little Girl by Pepper North – Extended Preview

River’s blue eyes blinked open to see a forest of brown hair scattered over golden flesh. Automatically, she smiled, realizing that she had fallen asleep after making love with Doniphan. D, she corrected herself.

“Little girl, are you awake?” His low voice rumbled through his chest under her ear.

Squeezing her eyes shut, River tried to pretend that she was still asleep. She wanted to stay here in his arms forever.

“Sweetheart, I’m glad you enjoy being with your daddy,” he said, reading her mind, “but it’s time to get up.” His hand began to rub gently up and down her spine.

Wiggling tighter against his body, River tried to resist the lure of his touch. When his hand spanked her bottom lightly, she reared up on her one forearm. Looking at him in surprise, she shook her head to scold him.

“Little girls who try to fool their daddies earn negative consequences,” he said.

“I just wanted to snuggle a while longer,” she sighed.

“We will have lots of snuggle time,” he reassured her. Pressing himself up to sit next to River, Doniphan scooped her up to snuggle on his lap. In a flash, he swung himself around to place his feet on the carpet.

With a gasp at being swirled around, River wrapped her arms around his neck to hold on. She clung a bit tighter as he stood up and carried her to the door. “D? I’m not wearing any clothes,” she pointed out.

“That’s where we’re going, little girl of mine. Just wait.” He grinned at her as he paused outside a closed door. “I’ve been putting this together as I dreamed of finding my Little.”

Balancing her carefully, Doniphan freed one hand to twist open the doorknob and push the door open. He stepped into a sunny room, unlike anything that River had ever seen. Painted in pinks and purples, the walls shimmered in the light. Enchanting unicorn characters were illustrated, playing and cavorting around the room.

When Doniphan lowered her feet to the floor, River backed up to lean against his body for support. Totally forgetting her nudity, she looked around the beautiful room in amazement. It was a nursery but sized for an adult.

Each piece of furniture fascinated her. The crib was just her size and filled with fluffy pillows and bedding. On the left sat a large rocking chair where two could sit comfortably. A huge toy box beckoned her with all sorts of fun games and toys piled inside.

When Doniphan’s hand slid into hers, she quickly squeezed it tightly. “Would you like to go look at something more closely?” her daddy prompted.

Overwhelmed, River was not ready to leave his side. “Can we go rock?” she asked, pointing to the chair at the side of the room.

Her daddy smiled and tugged her to the rocker. Sitting down first, he lifted her onto his lap. Snagging a soft throw from the back of the chair, he spread it over his Little’s nude body to keep her warm and cozy.

River snuggled against him. Cuddling the blanket under her chin, she continued to look around the breathtaking room. She pointed to a large piece of furniture with a padded top. “What’s that, D?”

“That’s your changing table.”

“Oh!” she answered automatically. After thinking about it for a few seconds, she asked in a perplexed tone, “What’s it changing?”

Chuckling, Doniphan replied, “That’s where little girls have their diapers changed.”

“Diapers?” River parroted. Twisting to look at his face, she quickly assured him, “I don’t wear diapers.”

“Littles wear diapers. Now that you’re officially a Little, you’ll start wearing a diaper. When you’re finished looking around, we’ll get you dressed and ready to play in your nursery.”

She didn’t know how to answer that. From his definite tone, she could tell that there was no wiggle room here. Her blue eyes skittered from his to look at the small chair sitting in one of the room’s corners. It faced the walls and was the only area that wasn’t decorated with rainbows or unicorns. This was obviously not a place for entertainment. Instinctively, she knew that this was the naughty corner.

Her eyes flew back to meet Doniphan’s. “I don’t want to sit there,” she whispered, pointing to the wooden chair.

“No, you don’t,” he agreed.

“I don’t have to use my diaper, right? It’s just for play?” she probed. Her thighs squeezed together unconsciously. The idea of her daddy taking such intimate care of her aroused River.

In those books she’d read, the Littles seemed to be different ages. Some were rebellious teenagers. That didn’t appeal to her. River didn’t like to argue. In fact, she’d considered the whole range of ages as she read those books hidden on her e-reader.

It hadn’t taken long for her to decide that she liked being very young. River had fantasized about being held in her daddy’s arms to be fed, rocked, or just cherished. She hadn’t ever considered all the other components that might be included for her at that age.

“Little girls use their diapers, River,” Doniphan reassured her calmly. His hand stroked up and down her back to comfort her. He sat quietly as if waiting for her to process through all the changes that loomed in front of her.

Several minutes later, when River began wiggling on his lap, Doniphan pronounced, “Daddy needs to make sure that you’re feeling okay.” Standing easily with her held in his arms, he carried her still form to the changing table and laid her on the padded top. He rolled her over onto her side and bent her legs up slightly.

Baffled, River moved stiffly. She lifted her head and looked back to see what Doniphan was doing. All she saw was a large jar and what looked like an oversized thermometer. “I’m not sick,” she rushed to reassure him.

“Lie down completely, River. Daddy is going to check your temperature,” he announced as he moved to pull a thick strap over her ribcage, tethering her to the padding.

“Why do I…” Her voice stopped when she saw him press the large thermometer into the jar before beginning to spread the thick white cream along its sides. Horrified, she watched him scoop up a generous amount of the lubricant on one index finger. “What are you doing?” she asked quickly.

“I’m taking your temperature, little girl,” he said casually. His hand rubbed lightly over her top buttock before lifting it to expose her tightly clenched opening.

Immediately, River tried to buck away from him. The snug, wide strap held her firmly in place, but she straightened her legs to press them rigidly together. “No. I don’t need to have my temperature taken. Let me up!” she demanded.

Doniphan did not react angrily to her demands. He simply thrust the large bulb of the thermometer into the lubricant jar and wiped off his finger on a disposable wipe. Muscles flexing, he pressed her knees forward, forcing them to bend. Doniphan quickly fastened a tight restraint around her calves before catching her arms and lifting them over her head. He secured her wrists to the top of the changing table.

“What? No!” she yelled. He was so much stronger than her. She couldn’t prevent him from moving her. Pulling at the restraints, River knew there was no way to free herself.

The large man didn’t respond to her defiance. He simply turned and dipped his finger into the thick mixture again. Lifting her top cheek again, Doniphan dabbed the cold lubricant on her clenched opening. He stopped and rubbed her lower back.

When she angrily looked back at him, Doniphan said quietly, “A little girl is more precious than the rarest gems. A daddy makes sure that she is well taken care of and stays healthy. I will take your temperature often. It’s up to you to decide. Will you submit to my care and allow yourself to be Little?”

“I don’t want that in my bottom,” she argued.

“I know. I also know that I need to care for you. There will be many things you don’t want to do. If you are Little, you leave these decisions to your daddy. There’s no one here but you and me.”

River opened her mouth to continue to refuse when she looked at his concerned face. She closed her eyes and forced herself to stop and think. Instead of reacting in embarrassment, she reminded herself that she had dreamed of being a Little for so long. Can I allow myself to live my dreams?

Taking a deep breath, she blew it out in an audible gust. Her distinctive blue eyes opened to meet his gaze. “I’m scared,” she whispered.

“I know you’re scared, sweetheart. Can you be brave and let Daddy take care of you?” he asked, rubbing her back.

Seconds ticked past as he patiently waited for her to decide. With an audible exhale, River finally made her decision and rolled back to lie completely on her side. Doniphan did not hesitate. Immediately, his lubricated finger pressed against her nerve-rich opening.

“Try to relax, sweetheart,” he urged as his finger penetrated her tight opening. She moaned deeply as the digit slid slowly into her bottom. He held it inserted in place to allow her to adjust to the invasion. Once the frantic contractions of her muscles eased, he knew it was time.

Removing his finger, he inserted the thermometer into her bottom. He could see her puckered entrance clenching around the thick instrument as she tried to adjust to it. Gently, Doniphan swirled the thick tube inside her, searching for the perfect spot to take her temperature.

“It’s so cold! Can it come out yet?” she asked with a shiver.

“The thermometer will warm up soon. It will need to stay in your bottom for ten minutes to assess your temperature.” His warm hand rubbed slowly over the curve of her waist to her thigh and back again.

When her wiggles increased, he suggested an activity to distract her. “Little girl, let’s keep playing our get to know each other game. Remember, I’ll ask you a question, and you can ask me one next. I promise to tell you the truth. I’ll hope for the same from you,” he remarked, patting her hip fondly. “I’ll start. What’s your favorite word?”

“Pamplemousse!” she answered promptly, turning her head to grin at him.

“What is a pamplemousse? A fancy dessert?” he asked, delighted by his Little. She was quite a charming minx.

“I studied French in high school. I loved the teacher. It always sounded like she was singing as she spoke French. She adored the language so much, we all had to as well,” River answered.

Doniphan noticed that her wiggles had lessened. He swirled the thermometer a bit more in her bottom. He wanted her to remember it was there. He just didn’t want her to stress too much over it. “What’s a pamplemousse?’ he asked as curiosity got the best of him.

“My turn!” she announced with a big smile. “You’ll have to ask next time.” When he nodded his agreement, she giggled before asking a serious question, “What do you do when you’re gone with your squad?”

“I am a medic. I’m trained as a nurse, but I work well with my team, so instead of working in a hospital, I chose combat duty to keep my team healthy. When we are deployed, my job is as a soldier first and a medic second,” he answered honestly. “My turn,” he announced to distract her from worrying about the risks the elite commando team encountered that would require a medic. “How long has it been since you saw a doctor?”

“Oh, I don’t get sick,” she rushed to assure him. She visibly swallowed hard before commenting, “You know lots of health stuff?”

“Yes, sweetheart. You will get regular health checks to make sure you are thriving,” he responded with a nod, understanding what the implication of her question had been.

He knew she would worry later about his safety when the implications of his job processed through her mind. For now, he was glad that she was focused on the immediate impact of his knowledge and skills. She realized that he would care for her intimately.

“My turn. What’s a pamplemousse?”

“It’s the French word for grapefruit. It’s just fun to say. Try it, Daddy,” she encouraged, automatically calling him by the name he waited for her to use voluntarily.

He answered without delay, not wishing her to realize that she had called him Daddy. “Pamplemousse. Pamplemousse. Pamplemousse.” Each time he repeated the word, he practiced a fake French accent, sending her into peals of laughter.

Doniphan joined her giggles as he withdrew the thermometer from her bottom. Efficiently cleaning the instrument, he stowed it in the drawer below the padded top for future use.

Releasing the restraint binding her calves and loosening the belt across her ribcage, Doniphan instructed, “Roll over on your back, sweetheart.”

“Can you let my hands go?” she asked as she pulled against the straps.

“Not yet, River. Here, Daddy will help you.” He scooped his muscled arms under her body and rotated her to lie on her back. Bending her legs at the knee, he pressed each foot to the padding.

“River, I want to make sure that our lovemaking didn’t hurt you. I think my penis is larger than the other men you have taken as lovers in the past,” he stated without emotion.

When her face flamed red, and she looked away from him to nod, Doniphan smoothed a hand over her outer thigh. When their eyes met again, he said, “Little girl, we both came into this relationship with pasts. I do not judge you for yours, and I hope you’ll return the favor for me. I plan on being the last man who makes love to you.” He watched those blue eyes for any sign of second thoughts or uneasiness.

To his delight, she smiled at him. “I’ve dreamed of finding my daddy for a long time. I really didn’t think you existed. Now that I’m here, I hope you are the one I’d fantasized about.”

“I hope I’m more than a fantasy, little girl. I want to be your reality,” he said before leaning down to kiss her sweet lips.

Reluctantly, he forced himself up to stand straight. “I’m going to examine you, sweetheart. I need you to keep your legs bent and spread widely,” he instructed, pushing her knees out to each side.

Instinctively, his little girl tried to pull her legs together to avoid being so exposed. Doniphan rested a hand on each knee and softly said, “I can bind you into position if you would rather.”

River shook her head emphatically. “No, I can leave them open,” she rushed to assure him.

When his hands again began to press her knees to the padding, Doniphan praised his Little as she yielded to the pressure. “Good girl!” Knowing that any hesitation would allow her to worry more, he turned on a spotlight on the wall and adjusted the glow to light her exposed pink folds.

Dipping a finger into the lubricant once again, Doniphan applied the slippery mixture to the tissues surrounding her vaginal opening. Carefully, he swept through the lingering signs of their lovemaking to first examine her entrance.

Doniphan’s fingers probed, looking for any signs of distress. He watched her face as well, noting her slight winces. The tissues were a darker pink, and he could see tiny tears in the edges of the opening. Gently, he slid a finger inside the tight channel. Rotating his finger, he probed the muscular walls of her vagina, searching for anything concerning.

He would wait until he had her in his medical treatment room to look inside her body with a gynecological speculum. For now, he wanted to make sure she didn’t have any concerning symptoms. A gush of arousal fluid informed him that his little girl responded positively to his clinical touch.

Assessment completed, Doniphan would apply a soothing cream to her stretched tissues after a warm bath to ease the soreness. He carefully retracted the hood over her clitoris. Brushing his thumb across the erect organ, Doniphan smiled as her beautiful blue eyes opened to meet his with surprise.

“A reward for your good behavior, sweetheart,” Doniphan murmured as he caressed her. His touch was different now. Varying between light and teasing to firm strokes, he sought to bring her the most pleasure.

When her eyelids drooped, and an expression of concentration spread over her face, Doniphan refined his caresses. Pinching her clitoris slightly between his fingers, he discovered that his Little enjoyed a bit of pain with her pleasure. Her teeth biting into her lower lip to muffle an aroused moan and the buck of her hips toward his hand revealed the responses she tried to conceal.

“Let Daddy hear how you feel, River. Do you like my touch?” he murmured as he leaned forward to press his lips against the sensitive skin of her neck. When she didn’t answer, Doniphan lightly trailed his morning beard down the swell of River’s breast. At her louder moan, he rewarded by capturing the taut nipple in his mouth and laving the bud with his tongue.

“Daddy,” spilled from her lips as River tugged against the restraints holding her hands. “I want to touch you, too,” she pleaded.

“This is Daddy’s turn. Little girls sometimes have to wait for their turns. Can you wait for me, River?” he asked before closing his lips around that impudent peak and sucking on it with growing strength.

“Yes, Daddy!” she promised.

To reward her, Doniphan caressed her pink folds, then glided his fingers in and out of her tight channel. Each time, he pressed a bit deeper until her hips rose to meet each inward stroke. Brushing his thumb across that bud of nerves that topped her entrance, Doniphan kissed a path to her neglected breast to lavish attention on that needy peak.

As chants of “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy” fell from his little girl’s lips, Doniphan increased the pace of his fingers, driving her body into a final burst of pleasure. Holding his fingers deep inside her vagina, he allowed her body to calm before removing his digits. Finally, he freed her arms to lift her into his arms and paced slowly across the beautiful nursery as she recovered fully.

Five minutes later, Doniphan held River in his arms in the large master bathroom. Warm water gushed from the faucet to fill the oversized soaking tub. The proud daddy swayed slightly from side to side, holding his recovering Little close to his heart. He pressed affectionate kisses to her temple.

Suddenly, River pushed against Doniphan’s chest. “Daddy, I have to go to the bathroom. Can you put me down?”

Setting her feet gently on the floor and releasing her from his arms, Doniphan followed River to the toilet. He watched her drop onto the seat and immediately begin to pee. Not wishing to rush her, he leaned one shoulder against the wall.

The motion caught her eye, and her gaze darted from the floor to meet his observing eyes. “Can’t you wait outside?” she asked as her face flamed red with embarrassment.

“Daddies help their Littles with everything, sweetheart. There is no need to be embarrassed,” he comforted her. “Wearing a diaper will allow you to go to the bathroom whenever you need,” he added to distract her.

“I don’t want to wear a diaper,” she whispered.

“Trying new things is hard. Becoming Little has all sorts of changes,” he said. Noticing that the sounds of her urinating had finished, he walked forward to help River off the toilet. He continued talking to divert her attention from his actions.

“There will be some non-negotiable items that I will insist on—like taking care of your health.” While he talked, Doniphan grabbed a handful of tissue paper and wiped between her legs before flushing the toilet. “Other aspects of being Little may or may not be appropriate for you.”

Scooping her up in his arms, he carried her to the tub. After checking to make sure the water was the correct temperature, he set her feet down in the warm liquid and helped her settle against the curved back. Finally, he turned off the water and crossed his arms to look down at her in satisfaction.

His Little reclined back in the water with an expression of total bliss. Doniphan knew that the warm water would help her relax and allow any soreness between her legs to ease. Brushing a caring hand over her hair, he whispered, “I’ll be right back, sweetheart.”

After stopping to dress quickly, Doniphan strolled back to the nursery. He chose something special from the shelf and returned to find his little girl just as he had left her. Doniphan pulled up a chair and sat down next to the steamy tub. His eyes appreciated her beautiful form through the clear water as he opened the book.

Her eyes flew open as he began reading the tale of a young woman who was magically transported to a sorcerer who claimed her for his own. River’s mouth rounded into a surprised O when she realized that her daddy planned to read to her aloud. With a smile on her face, she listened to the story.

His fingers dipped periodically into the water to make sure it was still warm. When it began to cool, Doniphan finished the chapter and closed the book with a snap. Setting it aside, he stood to move the chair back to its normal position.

“Daddy! Can’t you read some more? That was an exciting part. You can’t stop there!” she protested, sitting forward in the tub.

“It’s time to get you clean. I promise I’ll read to you frequently,” Doniphan answered with a big smile. He was pleased that she had enjoyed her story time.

Without dallying, Doniphan washed his Little’s beautiful skin. She frequently flushed as the washcloth rubbed over her body. As the fabric smoothed between her legs, he quietly asked, “Are you less sore, sweetheart?”

Nodding, River whispered, “Yes. Thank you, Daddy.”

He pressed a kiss to her temple before continuing to wash her thoroughly.

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