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The Modesty Cure by Emily Tilton – Extended Preview

The Modesty CureDr. Brown examined Miss Amanda Eaker at four o’clock. Until that time, according to the doctor’s protocol for the admission of new girls, Amanda had remained, naked and of course under close observation, in her cell. Sister Stone had brought her breakfast and then, after Amanda had slept a while upon the comfortable bed, a simple dinner of meat and potatoes.

The cells of the College for Advanced Study truly only deserved that name for their general configuration: only six feet wide and ten feet long and possessed of a single window placed too high in the wall for the vast majority of young women to see out. The comfortable bed itself was of a greater width than one would ordinarily find in such a room, however, in order to permit a man to have coitus easily with the cell’s inmate. A thick Persian rug lay upon the floor, and an oil lamp, standing on a table next to the bed, shed a warm light.

In this cell Mr. Coventry would deflower Miss Eaker not long after her initial examination. She did not of course know this fact yet, and the first hours she spent there gave Dr. Brown nearly as much important information about her case as the examination itself would.

Deprived of her clothing and in a strange room whose more cell-like aspects could not but stir thoughts and even fantasies of dungeons and gaols, Miss Eaker must contemplate why her savior had decreed a residence in such a place.

“That’s a well-punished bottom,” Sister Stone had said, after making the girl bend over the bed for an initial inspection. Dr. Brown observed through the peephole let into every cell door. “You’ll want to touch it, miss, I’m sure, but that’s forbidden right now. So is touching between your legs, of course.” The nursing sister’s hands roved over the shapely little bottom with its delicate tracery of marks from the strap. Miss Eaker whimpered.

“Are you wet, child?” asked Sister Stone softly, skillfully beginning what Dr. Brown called the priming process.

Miss Eaker could render only the least articulate of responses, as the sister’s fingers sought out the answer.

“You certainly are wet, aren’t you?” the older woman said insinuatingly. “That’s just fine. You’re ashamed now, I know, but you are here to learn that you must lose that false modesty when it suits your gentleman for you to lose it. When I shave your vulva later, it will help you understand.”

A sob came from Miss Eaker’s throat as Sister Stone continued her manual inspection, undoubtedly stimulating the clitoris directly for just a moment before she removed her hands and dried them on her apron.

“Hop into bed, now, child. There is a bun and a glass of milk for you there on the table. I shall return in a few hours with dinner, and you shall see the doctor after that.”

“M-must I be… naked the whole time?” Miss Eaker asked plaintively.

“Of course,” the sister replied, as if the question were absurd. “New girls are always naked. After you have learned to please the cocksmen, the doctor may allow you to wear clothes again sometimes, but that won’t be for days and days at least.”

From his station outside the cell, Dr. Brown had a very clear view of the way Miss Eaker, in the act of climbing into bed and obviously relieved to have at least the bedclothes to cover her nudity, dropped her jaw without having a single thing to say. The account he had received from Mr. Coventry over breakfast, of Miss Eaker’s encounter with her would-be bridegroom the previous afternoon, indicated that the ‘gentleman’ farmer had demystified coitus for the girl somewhat. The doctor’s knowledge of human nature, too, made him feel quite sure that words like cock, cunt, and fuck, now made a part of Miss Eaker’s passive vocabulary. Many new girls, on hearing the term cocksmen, would think of roosters—but Miss Eaker’s face showed that her priming continued apace.

Accordingly, she did not fall asleep for a long while, after finishing her simple breakfast. While Dr. Brown watched patiently, she turned upon her side, after finding it uncomfortable for her bottom to be upon her back, and her hands dutifully outside the counterpane. She gazed at them fixedly, as if willing herself to stop wishing to do what Sister Stone had told her she must not do.

Dr. Brown wrote in his notebook, on the page newly reserved for Case 35,

Miss Eaker a good girl. Masturbation a temptation, but easily regulated at this stage.

When, upon waking the girl at two o’clock, Sister Stone had made her stoop upon the chamber pot under the sister’s watchful eye, so that Miss Eaker turned bright red at the sound of her urine hissing into the porcelain, Dr. Brown wrote,

Significant shame surrounding bodily functions: normal.

When, after Miss Eaker had dinner, the sister made her sit upon a towel, then lie back and spread her legs for shaving, and the girl demanded, in tears but also in vain, to know why she must be shaved, the doctor wrote,

Miss Eaker’s vulva exceptionally tidy; her anus currently tight and attractive. Advise Coventry that he has something of value in that area.

In the wake of Dr. Brown’s essay, an amusing sort of trade had sprung up among the work’s admirers: since one of the doctor’s tenets was that natural men should have no qualms about sharing and even selling the favors of the girls over whom they exercised their natural rights, auctions were held on a near-monthly basis for the display and hiring of such charms as pretty vaginas and anuses.

“All you need know, miss,” the sister said in a more soothing tone than was usual with her—proving that Miss Amanda Eaker had certain powers of attraction that would have to be taken into account in her treatment—“is that the doctor wishes you to be bare down here, for the sake of your treatment and your training.” She had nearly finished with the shaving, now, and was removing a few hairs in Miss Eaker’s anal area with tweezers, provoking little yelps from the girl. “I told you this morning that not having your grownup hair here will help you learn to let go of your modesty, for your gentleman, and that’s all I can say.”

After that, Dr. Brown went to wake Mr. Coventry, and found him—as the doctor suspected he would—already awake and waiting for the summons to the examination room. When the newest of the college’s cocksmen first beheld Dr. Brown’s modern examination table, custom-made of oak, with leather straps in case of the necessity of immobilizing a girl for her own good, he frowned, as they all did.

“Miss Eaker will lie upon the table and put her knees into these supports,” the doctor said patiently, pointing to the two well-padded, crutch-like spreaders (as Dr. Brown called them privately). “I’ll ask you to strap her knees in, if necessary, while I put the belt around her waist, but that probably won’t be required. I can already tell your young lady is a good girl. Go ahead and take off your own clothing, please.”

“I say!” said Mr. Coventry. “I didn’t think…”

The doctor smiled, well used to this initial reluctance on the part of a new cocksman. “Mr. Coventry,” he said, “I am not insensible of the value of female nudity counter-posed to male dress, and I assure you that in future parts of your Miss Eaker’s treatment and training you will remain clothed while she is naked.”

The younger man frowned, very intelligently Dr. Brown thought. The liking he had developed almost instantly for James Coventry on meeting him in London found confirmation in the man’s obvious thoughtfulness. “You do say, in your essay, that when possible, a girl who is to be possessed should be stripped bare of those appurtenances of shame thrust upon her by society…”

“Such as her corset and her petticoats and even her shift and drawers,” the doctor affirmed, letting his approval of Mr. Coventry’s close study of the essay be heard in his tone, “while the man who will exercise his natural erotic rights upon her should demonstrate insofar as possible that he may keep those appurtenances on if he prefers. Indeed, but do you remember, Mr. Coventry, that I write elsewhere that the membrum virile must be shown plainly to a girl who will be trained, in order that she may develop a sense of her own natural desire to please it, along with hearing her master’s clear command that to receive his penis is her most important task?”

Mr. Coventry nodded thoughtfully. “And I am to give that command to Miss Eaker here and now?”

“Indeed yes. You say she has had that other man’s penis in her mouth already? And been made to swallow his semen?”

The young man nodded.

“Then you shall give her the command while she pleasures you the same way, here in my examination room, while I observe and instruct. It is important that Miss Eaker sees very clearly into what sort of new life she has come—that is one of the most important purposes of our examination here today. At the same time, she will begin to develop the close acquaintance with your penis that will help her learn to please you as you have the natural right to expect.”

Mr. Coventry nodded one final time, and turned away to begin undressing. Dr. Brown smiled a little ruefully and shook his head gently at the young man’s lingering modesty. Most cocksmen instinctively did the same thing when told to strip themselves naked the first few times. Intellectually they all knew that the doctor would see their penises as soon as they turned around, and then would see them use those penises in the instructional activities in which he requested they engage with their girls. Just as it took those girls several weeks of training to ride the masturbation saddle without protest or spread their bottom cheeks for anal coitus the moment they were told to do so, the gentlemen needed time to adjust to a life where modesty represented a strategy and a tool rather than an existential necessity.

When handsome James Coventry, having one of the larger penises Dr. Brown had ever seen, did turn around, the doctor picked up the bell on his desk and rang it. Instantly the door opened, and Sister Stone led Miss Eaker into the room. Mr. Coventry, seeing a shaved girl for the first time, swallowed hard but kept his composure. Miss Eaker, seeing a naked man for the first time—and of course despite being herself naked—gave a little cry of surprise and cowered back.

The doctor noted dispassionately that Mr. Coventry’s already sizable penis had grown somewhat.

“Miss Eaker,” he said, “I am Dr. Brown. I am very happy to meet you.”

The girl looked at him with wide eyes and red face.

“Sister, you may go. I’ll ring again when it’s time to take Miss Eaker back to her cell.”

“Yes, Doctor,” said Sister Stone. “Be a good girl, miss,” she said, and receded through the door, closing it behind her.

The doctor turned back to Miss Eaker. “There is no use in my trying to pretend, young lady, that the purposes for which Mr. Coventry has brought you to my college would be called anything but terribly shameful by the vast majority of the civilized world. Today, with his help, I shall begin to reconcile you to those purposes, for which I assure you your body was made, just as his was made—as you can see—to enjoy your youthful charms. You sucked a penis yesterday, I understand?”

Miss Eaker made no immediate answer. She had moved back, hands over breasts and vulva, until her backside touched the wall of the little room. Her jaw hung open, and her breath came in short pants.

Dr. Brown looked at Mr. Coventry, eyebrows raised, and the young man took the suggestion.

“Tell Dr. Brown what you told me, darling,” he said. “A man named Charlton whipped her until she would take his penis in her mouth. He made her suck until he spent, and she had to swallow his seed.”

The doctor looked in a kindly way at Miss Eaker. “Is that right, Miss Eaker? You mustn’t be ashamed, for you are going to do the same thing for Mr. Coventry now.”

James could scarcely believe how hard his cock had gotten at the sight of Miss Amanda Eaker with no hair upon her cunt. A moment before, he had begun to doubt whether, despite the intellectual assent he had given Dr. Brown’s essay and the envy he had felt of the erotic happiness bestowed upon the Scotsman’s proven natural men in the exercise of their erotic rights, his own education would stand in the way of James Coventry, Esq. becoming one of them. He had hesitated to undress in front of the doctor, and then he had turned away to do so, as absurd as he knew the gesture to be.

But his prick stood now at full attention, as it had done the moment Amanda came in and James saw that they had shaved her between her legs. Even with Sister Stone still in the room, James Coventry, Esq.’s penis leapt into hardness and he felt no need to cover himself, to hide it. Amanda would see what he had for her, and she would suck it like a good girl.

The genius of Dr. Brown appeared to him already in this idea: he could not deny that all yesterday, simply thinking of what Lord Rider had given Mr. Charlton leave to do—to make Amanda suck his prick, and to whip her if she proved reluctant—had stirred envy and jealousy such as he had never known. When he saw her come toward him from the shadow the barn, and understood that she must be walking stiffly because Charlton had indeed used his strap upon her, and that that must mean he had also possessed her sweet young mouth until he filled it with his seed, a quiet rage suffused him that had not departed even as he’d kissed the girl he had so clearly won away from the dolt to whom the baron had given her.

Now, James’ cock would be the one to thrust inside Miss Amanda Eaker’s mouth, and James’ semen would be her afternoon beverage. What better way to make it clear to both of them what man would henceforward be her lord and master? When he added to that thought the delicious new impression of how bare they had made Amanda’s cunt for her studies at the College of Advanced Study—the way the hint of tender cleft between her thighs showed James the way to the delights he would soon find hidden there—he had not a doubt left in him.

“Answer the doctor’s question, Amanda,” he said a little sternly. “Or you shall have to be whipped again.”

James glanced at Dr. Brown to see if the man approved, feeling that he did it out of curiosity rather than any need to please another where his conduct toward his naked young lady was concerned. The doctor’s nod gratified his pride nevertheless, and confirmed James in his sense that he would continue to discover within himself the natural man. As the doctor had written, he would lift himself by his own bootstraps, with assistance from the curriculum of the college: to master Amanda seemed now simply a matter of letting his primal instincts guide him.

Amanda looked up at him with a woeful pout on her face, then, as if she could not have helped it even if her village schoolmistress had been there holding a ruler, her eyes went down to his hard penis. Again James let his dominant nature guide him. He smiled.

“This is my cock, darling,” he said. He took it in his left hand and pumped it gently. “You have gotten it very hard.”

I have?!” Amanda whispered with an urgency that belied the softness of the words. “I don’t… I don’t understand!” She looked desperately at Dr. Brown, as if in hope that he would explain, and that his explanation would also put a stop to the scene that stirred such troubled feelings in her breast and much further down, where James suddenly felt sure, she must be warm and wet.

“Yes,” the doctor said, “in the most important sense, Miss Eaker, you have caused Mr. Coventry’s penis to become erect. A natural man like your gentleman here grows aroused at the prospect of possessing a girl he has taken under his care, especially when she is naked, and the places of his enjoyment begin to be revealed to him. You probably didn’t notice, either when you were made to take a penis in your mouth the first time, yesterday, or today when you arrived here in the examination room, that the male penis is actually in a resting, or flaccid, state most of the time. Once you have fellated Mr. Coventry—we call the act of yielding the mouth to the penis’ pleasure fellatio, the old Roman word for it—and brought him to climax, as I understand you did for Mr. Charlton? Is that right, Miss Eaker? Did Mr. Charlton ejaculate inside your mouth? That’s a doctor’s word for emitting seminal fluid, which you would probably have found thick and perhaps a little bitter.”

James watched Amanda’s face closely as she listened to the Scotsman’s bland articulation of matters that had always lain for her—James felt sure—under a veil of secrecy so impenetrable that the very idea that men and women might do the same sorts of things farm girls and boys inevitably saw the animals do had not occurred to her. She had probably heard some confused version of these things from the friend who had had to marry Mr. Penny, but this medical explanation seemed at once to soothe and to shock her.

Realizing a little belatedly that Dr. Brown had posed again the question of what Mr. Charlton had done to her the previous afternoon, Amanda nodded slowly.

“I imagine he buttoned himself up immediately and went away, after he ejaculated in your mouth?”

“Y-yes,” the lovely naked girl stammered.

“Quite,” the doctor said, nodding and making a note in his little notebook. “Well, as I was saying, once Mr. Coventry has climaxed and ejaculated, you will be able to watch his penis become flaccid. Then, a few minutes after that, you will certainly see it grow erect again, in response to his arousal at the prospect of enjoying himself inside your vagina, which he will do for the first time this evening. Kneel in front of him now, if you please, and he will insert his penis in your mouth. I imagine you will find him gentler than Mr. Charlton, though here at my college you will also learn to receive his deepest thrusting, when he chooses to employ your oral cavity that way, as a sort of analogue of your vagina.”

But Amanda shook her head slowly, looking from Dr. Brown to James and back. She swallowed hard, and very visibly.

James stepped forward, his arms open. Amanda’s eyes grew wide, but though she could have shrunk further against the wall, she didn’t, but merely trembled as he took her in his arms for their first naked embrace. The feeling of her bare skin, of her little breasts against his abdomen with their tiny nipples erect with the arousal he could tell—instinctively, again—she felt, lifted his senses into a realm of erotic anticipation of which he had scarcely dreamt.

Amanda gave a little whimper, and then a long sigh, as she relaxed in his arms just as she had in the carriage, when her blue calico and her corset and petticoats, drawers and shift, had still covered her. “You must, darling,” James said softly, knowing in his mind, in his heart, and indeed in his scrotum, that to instruct her in that way constituted one of his most important roles as her cocksman.

“Yes,” she whispered, into his naked chest.

James looked down and saw her eyes upturned to his, and when their gazes met, Amanda began to sink down within his embrace. He helped her, feeling the way the dominant gesture and the thought of the pleasure that would now belong to him made his cock leap. He pushed her gently to the floor as she yielded herself to that fundamental gesture of submission.

Amanda looked up, as if for instructions, but James said, “Eyes on my cock, darling. Open your mouth.”

A hint of a blush came to her cheeks as she obeyed. James beheld the terribly moving sight of his sweet, golden-haired young lady, naked before him on her knees, with the head of his cock hovering only an inch from her nose and her open mouth.

“Wait a moment,” said Dr. Brown from behind him. “Mr. Coventry, it is of course up to you, but it’s advisable to allow Miss Eaker to touch your penis at this point, with her hands, and to become acquainted with it. The foundation of your pleasure in her submission will henceforth be her eagerness to serve your penis, rather than her fear either of the coitus you rightly demand or of what you will do if she does not obey.”

The blush upon Amanda’s face grew deeper.

“There will of course be times when you must discipline her not only for faults in her conduct such as laziness or speaking out of turn but also for faults in her submission such as looking you in the eye without permission during coitus. But the grave error into which unnatural men such as Mr. Charlton fall is to suppose that it is right that a girl should fear them. When you punish Miss Eaker, strange as it may seem to both of you now, you will make her happy despite the tears the rod brings for that little while she must have it upon her bare bottom.”

James frowned as he continued to look down at Amanda, his hands resting lightly on her shoulders. He had felt a slight pang of conscience at the way the thought of punishing his young lady made his cock leap again, but much to his surprise he thought he could hear in her breathing a corresponding response from her at the same notion. Dr. Brown knew what he was about, it seemed.

“Neither of you will fully understand what I am telling you, of course. Here at the College of Advanced Study we believe above all in learning through experience, and through practice. You will begin this practice now, and I merely ask you to bear in mind what I have just said.”

The doctor fell silent, and James considered, very briefly, then cast his eye quickly about him and found a chair against the wall to his right, and before it a little pillow that he had not noticed earlier. Confident that he knew the purpose of chair and pillow exactly, he said gently to Amanda, “You will kiss my cock, and then we will go over to the chair, so you may learn to please me.”

Her eyes darted up to his, and then immediately down again as if the stern expression on his face recalled to her his command to look only at his cock. Her blush, which had ebbed at the doctor’s last words, surged back full force.

James took his cock again in his left hand, and, feeling like a king receiving the only tribute that mattered to him, he held it right before Amanda’s lips. Pleased at the sight, he watched a drop of the transparent precursor fluid appear in the tiny eye.

“Oh!” Amanda exclaimed, her eyebrows going up. “What is that?” She seemed not alarmed, but perhaps even a little pleased at the thought that the strange thing had happened because of her.

James wondered for a moment whether Dr. Brown would intervene with a medical explanation, but he seemed to regard his role in such a moment of practice to be more retiring. James thought he could understand why: the chief source of a girl’s knowledge about her master’s pleasure should be that natural man’s own mind and words.

“That is a sort of liquor that comes before my seed does. Along with your spittle it will ease my way inside you.”

“It will not harm me?”

Amanda’s face had such a fascinated expression upon it now that James said gently, “Look into my eyes, darling.”

She did, a little fearfully now. He smiled. “I will never harm you, especially with my cock.”

She smiled back, and the blush receded—and then, to James’ delight returned, as if she had just thought of something naughty. Her lips twitched, and she returned her attention to his cock unbidden, as he pumped it slowly in his hand.

“Does it feel good,” she asked, “to rub it like that?”

“Very good, darling,” he said. “Now kiss my cock, and I will anoint your lips with that liquor. Then you shall kneel upon the pillow, and you may play with your master’s cock as you like, and show me what a good girl you can be.”

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