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The Russian: A Dark Mafia Romance by Isabella Laase – Extended Preview

His little doctor was trembling, but she didn’t protest when he grasped her hand, leading her to the back staircase that twirled in a circle toward the second floor hallway and the room he’d stowed her in the previous night. The rose and brown bedroom was exactly the way they’d left it, the white puffy down comforter sprawled over the mussed bedspread, and her clothes rolled in a tight bundle on the nightstand.

Luka wasn’t a cruel man; delivering pain for the sake of pain wasn’t something he enjoyed. For many men, the rewards came when a woman agreed to spread her legs, but the real victory rested in the dominance over another, bending her to his will until she’d submitted. When she allowed the pain to coalesce with her pleasure, she would reach new highs in her drive for a utopia from which she would struggle to leave, and only then would he erase the uncertainty that had plagued him since they’d met.

He’d been in America for almost eight weeks, a long time to spend without any of the submissives from his club back in St. Petersburg to entertain him. She was his now, at least for the next few hours. He motioned her toward the heavy oak door on the far side of the room. Her astonished brown eyes grew even rounder as they entered the dungeon, making clear the fact she’d not explored her surroundings the previous night. The room was chilly, but the goosebumps forming across her pale skin exacerbated her vulnerability to create another layer of dependency on his goodwill.

Designed by his uncle, the space was carefully prepared to meet a dominant’s needs and desires. Huge windows yielded another view of the darkness and several skylights displayed hints of the accumulated snow on the roof. A large leather sectional with deep seating and thick down cushions stood in front of a massive television screen and a fully stocked kitchenette held everything he needed to keep comfortable while he explored his darker side. Whips, paddles, and chains filled an entire wall of rosewood cabinetry imported from Thailand. Several pieces of expensive specialty equipment lined a small platform on the far side of the room, but it was the metal cage hanging from the ceiling that drew her open-mouthed gaze. Tall enough for her to sit up in, she could curl into a ball and rest, but confinement here would formalize his definition of a prisoner.

“I… I thought that door led to a closet,” she stammered. “I don’t think I would have slept last night if I’d known what was in here.”

He motioned for her to remove her clothes with a twirl of his finger. “Uh,” she said, backing toward the door as though it would save her from the inevitable. “I’m not sure I’m ready for all of this. I don’t have any idea what I’m doing.”

“It’s simple,” he said. “You will do what I tell you to, and you will do it quickly. In this room, you will speak to me with reverence and respect. Your responses are simple. Yes, sir and no, sir, but if you want to particularly please me, you will speak in Russian. Da, ser and nyet, ser.”

“Luka,” she persisted, holding out her hands. “I don’t think I can do this.”

Her combination of anticipation and abject fear inexplicably softened his stand, and he crossed his arms, allowing her to take a step away from him. “I am demanding you take a leap of faith and take this chance, but with chances comes great rewards. You must know that; pushing yourself through medical school could not have been easy.”

“It wasn’t,” she admitted. “But I’m used to doing things by myself, and putting my faith in another person just isn’t natural to me.”

“There are some things,” he said with a scoff, “that a beautiful woman should never have to do by herself, and this is one of them.” He moved closer to nudge a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “Koshka, are you afraid of me?”

He gave her the time to think about it. He wanted a willing partner who shared his vision, but letting her go would be impossible. She was too close to his grasp, her full curves and sass too enticing to walk away from. “Yeah, I guess I am, a little,” she drawled. “I don’t understand you or any of this, and a lack of understanding causes fear.”

“Good. That was an honest answer. Fear is a natural attribute for a submissive, and it will enhance your experience. Now, do you trust me?”

“No,” she said incredulously, as though it were a stupid question. “But it’s weird… Fear and trust aren’t necessarily related and come in a lot of levels. I trust what I’ve seen about you is real. You aren’t exactly hiding any of your scary shit, but I also know there is more to you than I understand, so no, I don’t think I trust you. Don’t take it personally because I don’t really trust anybody.”

“That is another honest answer and something we have in common, but releasing your inhibitions and allowing yourself access to your deepest desires will bring you great ecstasy. You won’t regret the experience, and when you are back in your own home, you will remember this night, I assure you.”

She continued to back away, but he pursued her one slow step at time until he’d forced her to the wall, extending his arms to effectively cage her in place. He leaned forward to brush his lips to hers. “I will make leaving here difficult, but be assured I am not a gentle lover. You will stay and do what you are told. Period. Have you had any training as a submissive?”

“No—” she started to speak, but he snapped his finger and pointed to the floor.

“Kneel and speak to me respectfully. I am not a patient master.” Her need to submit was as strong and clear as he’d ever seen in one so inexperienced. Her confused, fearful gaze alternated between the floor and his face, and her next move would represent her one chance to challenge his dictate.

She knelt, failing to fight the burning blush that so beautifully stained her cheeks. “Nyet, ser,” she said quietly.

“Good, koshka,” he mumbled, pulling on her ponytail before running his finger under the band and releasing her hair. He slipped the t-shirt over her head to reveal her perfect breasts, round and full, and her light brown locks spread across her shoulders to frame her beautifully. He was going to enjoy himself.

Until she’d actually complied, even she wasn’t sure what her response would be. From the moment he’d demanded she join him, she’d been stuck in a middle ground. She’d been there during her childhood when life had reached unimaginable heights of stress and despair. She’d always climbed out and moved on, but always alone and on her own terms. This was different. Both escape and compliance relied on his choice, and when he’d ordered her to drop to the floor, the invisible breaking point pushed to the surface of her brittle nerves.

He tilted her chin to the ceiling before settling her tresses over her shoulders. Her ponytail had long since been part of an unwritten plan to redefine herself; a symbolic reminder she was moving away from the turmoil and challenges of trailer park life when her wild hair had flown behind her to define her anger, and toward a life defined by purpose. Luka ran his hands through the length, igniting a tingling pain across her scalp and adding to the swirling emotional experience.

He was going to do with her what he pleased. The thought sent a shiver of wet excitement to fill her pussy, and she wiggled uncomfortably for fear he’d discover her secret, but she was fast learning she could keep no secrets from him. Her fists remained clenched in a weak attempt to counter her vulnerability, willing her body to remain still despite her achy arousal.

“You are struggling already, little one,” he said with that damned insight. “But first, I will finish unwrapping my newest possession.” Pulling sharply on her hair, he barked, “Stand.”

It took her a second to respond, and when she complied, he growled, smacking her ass with his palm. The sting bit through her thin pants, and she jumped at the unexpected correction. “You will obey me more quickly, koshka,” he warned dangerously. “Now, finish stripping so I can continue with my pleasure, or I shall be forced to redefine our relationship.”

She moved faster, slipping the pants over her bottom to settle in a puddle at her ankles before stepping out of them. The chilly room forced a new layer of goosebumps to contradict the red heat her body displaced. He circled her, forcing her to close her eyes to stabilize her nerves. She could feel his gaze taking in her every imperfection from the angry red appendicitis scars on her belly to the slight bulge around her middle from a few too many carbs during long medical school hours. She desperately wanted to cross her arms over her breasts and hide from his scrutiny, but understood he would be angry and forced her hands to stay by her sides.

Luka ran his palm across her spanked butt cheek, grabbing handfuls of flesh. He slapped her nipples, first one, and then the other, catching her by surprise and causing her to gasp. She stayed where he’d put her, the heat rising even further as he twisted her nipple between his thumb and his forefinger.

“You are doing beautifully,” he murmured, stepping away from her. She opened her eyes to see him holding a frightening pair of handcuffs.

He forced her hands behind her back, but the new rules didn’t come naturally to her. She instinctively twisted her body away from him in preparation for battle, but he was too strong. He pushed her over the arm of the couch, and the cold restraints snapped around her wrists without her approval. She continued to struggle, pulling frantically and kicking at the air.

He whispered in her ear while holding her in place at the small of her back. “I would love for you to fight me, koshka. Because I will win. Are you sure you wish to try?”

“I’m sorry, sir,” she gasped, trying to force more breath into her lungs. “Please have patience with me.”

It was the right move. He visibly relaxed and returned her to a standing position. “It is you who must have patience. I will take care of everything. You must be my beautiful slut who will open her legs when I demand it.”

His physical exploration began in earnest while she stood naked and restrained before him, strong hands running up and down her body, toying with the curls between her legs before returning to her breasts. He slapped her erect nipples a second time, harder, before gathering huge handfuls of her sensitive flesh.

When satisfied, he retrieved from a drawer a set of dangly gold clamps with a hint of diamonds that sparkled in the lamplight. In a vain attempt to stop him, she sucked in her breath and leaned away from the sharp metal teeth, but he smirked, attaching the first one to her erect nipple with a painful bite, its weight pulling her breast downward. Moving her shoulders, she watched in fascination as the jewel-covered trinket brushed across her mound, but before she could adjust to the sensation, he grabbed the second breast, pulling her back into position to fasten the matching jewel.

With the exception of the terrifying cage, she’d struggled to focus on any piece of equipment since entering the room, but he led her away from the tiny prison to a leather-trimmed contraption. Bending her tummy over the bench, he forced her jewel-decorated breasts into the soft leather. She squirmed in an attempt to adjust, but he slid a blindfold over her eyes to leave her in darkness.

She whimpered like a lost puppy, and he rubbed his hands across her bottom. Nudging her legs further apart, he exposed her swollen vulva and strapped each ankle to the corresponding side rails and added a metal bar that separated her thighs. It took a second or two, but the restraints caused her to panic, and she pulled up sharply.

His correction was immediate, coming down firmly on her ass with several sharp spanks that forced her to her tippy-toes. “Do not defy me,” he warned. “In the wake of your innocence, I would prefer to be an understanding master today and keep my demands simple, but if you push me, I will not hesitate to show you more than you can imagine.”

At that particular moment, her imagination had no trouble running wild. The large cage hung from the ceiling was the polar opposite to the casual leather couch and big screen television, but a sudden image of Luka relaxing while she cowered in the corner, begging his forgiveness, or worse, gagged and punished, was all too real. The panic closed her throat, and she looked for an escape, pulling against the cuffs that stretched her shoulder muscles behind her back.

“Stop, sir,” she whispered without emotion. “I can’t do this.”

Luka slid his hand between her legs to pet her sex, speaking with surprising tenderness. “Settle, koshka. You are doing beautifully, but you’ve come too far to stop now. Wait for your reward. Just listen to my voice, and I will guide you there.”

She took a deep breath, then another. He continued to speak to her, but his gentle message blurred before she realized he was speaking a combination of English and Russian while massaging her vulva. The pulsing from her clit built slowly, drawing from a single spot deep inside of her pussy and searching for a rhythm to capture her swirling pleasure. The effect drew attention away from the restraints, but he never delivered the necessary pressure to her tiny, throbbing nub to offer any relief.

The sounds of wrappers and packages being opened preceded the well-lubed plastic sliding along her heated channel, gathering more wetness until he rested on the muscles around her bottom. He fingered the erotic zones that led to her channel before poking at her bottom hole. The lubricant warmed, mixing with her own drenched channel to provide a layer of friction that he exploited with a ruthless persistence.

The ultimate of intrusions, he worked the thing into her ass, past the first series of muscles that were forced to yield no matter how hard she’d tried to expel it, pushing deeper until the edge rested against her cheeks. The plug’s oddness couldn’t be overstated, pushing at her sex from the inside while filling her bottom with a mortifying result.

“Beautifully done,” he murmured. “Beautifully done.”

A rush of heat poured from the nearby furnace register, enveloping her in warmth and tickling her exposed pussy with the breeze. He continued his assault on her vulva with long strokes, stopping occasionally to deliver a sharp slap against her clit. The combination overwhelmed every one of her remaining senses as he caressed along her back, her channel, circling her clit before teasing the plug embedded in her bottom.

She needed him. Needed to be fucked and didn’t care what he used, or she would never be whole again. His sheathed dick moved across her ass before settling between her thighs and she opened for him, her clit burning with need. His erection toyed with her wetness until he slid into her pussy from behind to fill her with a much needed breadth. She closed her muscles around his cock, willing herself to keep him in place, but he moved slowly, methodically, leaving her briefly to invade again, resting his hand on the small of her back to further push her breasts into the leather.

He picked up his pace, moving faster and driving deeper, his balls spanking against the plug in her ass, but it wasn’t until he thumbed her clit that she succumbed. The release came hard, a violent force sending a shivering wave of power that caused her to cry out, but he continued to fuck her through the spasms, all of her energy riding the combination of pain and pleasure. Her overstimulated clit begged for an end, but he wasn’t done, rubbing the nub to keep her orgasm alive, like a swirling dragon consuming her from the inside. His own roars filled the room when he came, grabbing onto her punished bottom and reigniting the sharp reminders left from his hand.

Hunched over her back with his still swollen cock resting inside of her, it took him a long few seconds to regain his focus, Her world remained fuzzy as he released her from her restraints and freed her from the cuffs, plugs, and clamps. He wrapped her in a warm blanket that surrounded her in comfort and cradled her into his arms.

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