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The Savage’s Little Girl by Rose St. Andrews – Extended Preview

The Savage's Little GirlFinally, one morning after breakfast, a deep dark sense of dread rippled through her. Yvette looked sad, Quentin resigned, and the others gleeful. Quentin sat and gestured for her to stand before him. Cringing, she did so.

“Kathy, you’ve done well in your lessons, but there is still a matter we must attend to,” he said.

She swallowed hard. “I know. So, what are you going to… do?”

“Me? Nothing, this is to satisfy the others.”

She cast her eyes around them. “And?”

“We were planning to use the grate,” Oisin snapped. “But it was… decided that a series of spankings was appropriate.”

Kathy was shocked, embarrassed, and actually relieved. While being over another person’s lap was always humiliating, at least it would be less painful.

Niall smiled. “You seem surprised. Quentin pointed out that since we’re treating you as a child, adult punishment is unfair.”

“Let’s get started,” Quentin replied. “Niall and Yvette, you first.”

He rose from the chair and walked away without looking back. Niall sat and patted his right thigh.

“Kathy, go over my leg facing to my right.”

She thought about that for a moment, as it sounded a bit odd. It was the opposite of what she’d done previously, but then she remembered that he was left-handed. Shivering, she did so, and then jumped in surprise when he clamped her legs between his, and then gathered her hands behind her back in his right hand. She was trapped. Movement on her left caught her attention and she turned in time to see Yvette step up next to her.

Her brow wrinkled. Now what?

She got her answer. Yvette started to spank her. Kathy almost laughed. After tasting Quentin’s massive hand, Yvette’s was almost childlike. Yet, she was strong, and so she was well able to stoke a fire in her cheeks. Her hand danced from one to the other, each smack a poke of pain that got her wincing and then yelping in no time. Plus, there was the fact that Niall was yet to add his efforts. As if reading her mind, he did so. Once more she almost laughed at the contrast between them.

It was smack followed by SMACK; little pain, big; lit match, and then blazing inferno. Her yelps grew louder, the begging started, the apologies, and then the squirming and struggles, which were in vain. She wasn’t being released until they were satisfied.

“Kathy, you must learn to be careful in what you gather,” Yvette said.

“The health of the entire group, possibly even the clan could be at risk,” Niall added. “Do you understand that?”

“Ouch! Ow, yes, yes, I dooooo. Promise, promise to be more careful,” she wailed.

They were unimpressed. The double spanking continued for a full thirty minutes, and she was almost in tears by the time they released her. Niall marched her to the center of the camp and put her hands on her head.

“You will stand there for half an hour, no rubbing, and then do whatever Oisin and Riona tell you to, is that clear?”

She nodded. “Yes, Uncle Niall.”

“What do you say to him?” Riona said, lounging on a nearby log.

Kathy cringed, but didn’t swear. “Th-thank you, Uncle Niall and Aunt Yvette, for… for teaching me a lesson.”

Niall nodded and walked off, and Yvette slipped up next to her.

“When you’re all done, come see me,” she whispered. “I’ll be on the eastern side of the hot spring. As far as anyone knows, you’ll be coming to me for your next lesson.”

“Um… okay,” she replied.

Yvette smiled and winked, and scampered off. Kathy, her bottom throbbing, stood there trying to digest her words. Clearly she was up to something, but what could it be? She was still pondering that when she saw Oisin and Riona moved to sit in front of her. She truly cringed. They were seated facing each other. Oisin grinned and gestured for her to come to them, and pointed at their collective laps.

Oh, this is going to be sooo bad. I knew Riona was left-handed, but I wasn’t expecting this!

“What do you have to say for yourself?” Riona said.

She groaned. “Aunt Riona, Uncle Oisin, I’m very sorry for making you sick; please… sp-spank me soundly to teach me to never be so careless again.”

“Very good,” he said, nodding. “You may now assume the position.”

She had to literally hoist herself up across their laps; the two of them were so massive and tall. Lying there, she trembled as they took their dear sweet time preparing her for their ‘tender’ ministrations. Behind her back went her arms, held by their free hands. Down went her shorts and underwear, and they patted her red and tender cheeks.

“She’s got some good color here, eh, Oisin?”

He laughed. “That she does. Of course, they’ll have plenty more when we’re through with her!”

They both laughed, their hands left her behind, and… Smack—Smack! She got two very firm swats. Before she could cry out, they struck again, and after that set up a steady barrage of spanks. Kathy had to wonder: had they done this before? They had such the perfect rhythm, their hands synchronized in painful harmony that she never got a moment’s respite. One swat built on the last, rekindling the flames of her first spanking and building it into a great conflagration. She howled and wailed, kicking her legs and pleading for mercy as she promised them anything if they’d just stop.

“Ouch, owwww! No more, no more, I’m begging youuuu. Pleeeease, I’ll do anythinggg!”

“We are not impressed, little girl,” Riona sneered.

“Maybe standing with a hot bottom will be the right incentive to motivate you to learn all the things a real child knows! Have you been paying attention in class, learning all we teach you?” Oisin snapped.

“Yes, uncle, yesssss, I swear,” she howled.

“Ah, but be sure you don’t really swear,” Riona snickered.

Kathy groaned, burst into tears, and lay there and sobbed as the spanks continued to rain down on her poor cheeks. After thirty full minutes of unending smacks, it was back standing with her hands on her head. She stood there, sniffling, and the humiliation surged within her. They’d left her shorts and underwear down around her ankles! Unlike Yvette and Niall, they didn’t go off to do something else. No, they sat and watched her, and waited as Jamie and Maire approached. Renewed tears trickled down her face.

“Fix your clothes,” Maire said.

Kathy heaved a sigh of relief. It wasn’t much, but it was something. She bent, wincing with every move, and fixed her clothes just in time to see Jamie take a seat on a long log. There was no point in dragging out the torment, so she plodded on over to stand before him.

“I’m ready for my spanking, Uncle Jamie,” she said sadly.

“Good girl,” he said with a nod, looking down at her. “So, let’s get this over with, shall we?”

“Y-y-yes, sir,” she sighed.

She let out a squeak of surprise when he lifted her up and across his lap. That he and the other warriors were strong was to be expected, but she hadn’t thought he’d be able to swing her about like her real uncle did back when she was seven. Once in position, he held her tight, patted her tender cheeks a couple of times, and then just spanked, spanked, spanked. It seemed he wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible, and he was also showing her an ounce of mercy. He wasn’t spanking her very hard. Of course, given her current condition, it was scant help to her. She still wailed and howled, and soon the tears were truly gushing down her face. Jamie was not severe in the physical aspect of punishment, but he compensated for it by being very verbal. He scolded her far more than anyone else had. It was a very long lecture on the dangers of food poisoning, being responsible, being careful to get healthy fruits and vegetables, and always doing her best for the clan.

She agreed to everything.

Lying there, sobbing and miserable, Kathy began to feel real regret for having hurt all of them. Her iron will and façade of strength and independence began to wane, and she actually felt a slight kinship with them. Yes, she came from a more technologically advanced world, but there were many ways in which they seemed superior: strong family devotion, an appreciation for the simple joys of life, and the way they embraced the idea of living life to its fullest. She thought about her swimming lesson and how regrettable it was that the people of New Smyrna knew nothing of such a simple pleasure. The massive form of Maire coming into view made her cringe again.

Shit, now what?

Maire sat next to Jamie, nodded to him, and in one swift move they slid Kathy across and onto her lap. A slight adjustment and she began her phase of the spanking. Yet, once more she was merciful. She gave her little more than a mild spanking, and a very stern lecture. Kathy was also grateful that her clothes were left in place.

When at last she was released, she stood before both of them, and they forgave her. It was amazing. She actually felt better! Standing there, her poor cheeks pulsating with pain, she thanked them, and was then dismissed.

Right now, all she wanted was to lie down, but she remembered Yvette’s instructions. So, hands cupping her flaming behind, she slowly trod toward the spring. Every step was like a new swat to her poor fanny, and she bit her lip and blinked back the tears as she went. Soon swirling columns of steam could be seen wafting through the air, and she found an overgrown trail that gave her access to the east side of the area. She stood there and scanned the terrain. It didn’t look like anyone had been there in ages: wild, scraggly, and no useful plants to be seen.

She smiled. Hey, guess I have learned something. I now know my plants!

“Kathy, over here,” Yvette said.

She jumped, spun one-eighty, and was surprised to see Yvette just barely visible over a large shrub. She smiled at Kathy and stepped closer.

“So, punishments all done, right?” she said.

Kathy nodded. “Oh, yeah, and I hope I never suffer anything like that again! Um, why did you want to meet me here? You got something super-secret to reveal?”

Yvette giggled. “No, nothing so melodramatic, merely… private,” she replied, pulling out a small leather pouch. “Come over here and lie across this tree trunk.”

“Trunk? Ah… okay,” she said slowly.

Weaving through the dense vegetation, she got over to Yvette, and saw that she was standing in the closest thing to a clear spot in the area. A small trunk lay next to her, and Kathy eased herself down onto it.

“Now, just slip your shorts and underwear down, and I’ll spread some of this balm on you.”

Looking over her shoulder, she saw Yvette opening the pouch. “You’re giving me some relief? Is that okay? I don’t want us getting into more trouble because I didn’t suffer the full effects of my punishment.”

Yvette giggled. “Don’t worry; Quentin is the one who gave it to me. Granted, it’s a technical violation of the rules, but as clan leader, he’s allowed it.”

“Ah, but it is best no one else knows. I under—oh! Ahhh, easy, easy there, be gentle,” she squealed.

The cream was instantly cooling, but her poor cheeks were so tender that even a light touch of something good hurt. She grunted and groaned, squirmed and tried not to clench her butt muscles, and grit her teeth to keep from making too much noise. It only took a minute or two to cover her, but it seemed like an hour.

“There you go, all done. Do you think you can walk?”

Pushing up with both hands, she got partway up, eased her clothes into position, and then stood and turned to face her. “Ohhh, I feel better already. Walk? Um, a little, why?”

Yvette crooked a finger at her and smiled. “Because I have something to show you.”

There was that tingle again, but this time it thrust to her other erotic zone: her brain. Kathy was nothing if not a scientist and just plain curious. What new mystery did Yvette have in store for her? She had no idea, but she was intensely interested in finding out.

“Ah, okay, lead on; just not too fast, okay?”

“I completely understand,” Yvette replied.

They started off, heading farther east. The ground sloped up slightly, the trees grew denser, and the going became harder. They had to slow in their hike, which was fine by Kathy; it gave her poor ass still more time to recover. The trees suddenly parted and she gasped at the sight before them.

Quentin standing in among the vast ruins of some sort of ancient citadel.

Well, she now understood why he left so quickly.

“Ahhh, what’s all this?” Kathy said.

Quentin smiled. “You’ve done very well in your studies, and Yvette has told me of your interest in our past. Well, I thought a little reward, especially considering what you just went through, was called for. Come; let me show you our past.”

Taking his hand, she let him guide her through the vastness of the ruins, Yvette walking beside her. The place was massive. Everywhere she looked there were columns and fallen beams, broken furniture, shattered glass and concrete, and rusted metal components. Kathy gasped as she recognized something and dashed over to it, which she regretted.

Wincing, she picked it up. “What the… Plasti-Form? This is an Earth product! Hmmm, a beam? No, it’s got a slight curve to it. Judging by the angle, the overall span must have been… ah… wow, huge. So, wait a minute, what sort of world was this?”

“A colony world,” Quentin said. “We once had an advanced culture; we came from Earth long ago during the Great Diaspora. You know about our caste system. Well, the warriors developed to be quite massive and huge. Thinkers, like Yvette here, were always petite, but they were also highly valued and regarded by the warriors. The two saw the weaknesses to society, but the rulers wouldn’t listen as they considered any change to be a threat to the status quo, and the workers were sheep who did whatever the rulers told them.”

“Wait; is that what you call ‘the wasting’?”

Quentin nodded. “Yes, society becoming fat and bloated, and dying from within. Thus the warriors and thinkers conspired to slip out of the cities and start anew; our so-called migration.”

“The warriors went with the scientists? Ah, they relished getting out into the wild, eh? A chance to hunt and fight, and be in command.”

“Partially, yes, but they also saw the truth of what the intellectuals were saying.”

Kathy’s brow wrinkled. “Really?”

“What, you think warriors are dumb, nothing but mindless brutes? A strong body without a sharp mind is as worthless as a meaningless life. To be truly great in battle, one must be smart enough to read the enemy, read the situation, and adapt to change. A true leader would never order his people to do anything he himself would not be willing to do, and thus the strongest of the warriors led their caste out into the unknown wilderness.”

“Here we live simply, but we’re not stupid,” Yvette said. “The thing is the people who first came out of the cities found their health improved. The city air was filtered and pure, but it weakened their immune systems. The processed foods were perfectly balanced, but also left them bloated and the sugars rotted their teeth. Inactivity led to obesity and hyperactive children who were given still more chemicals to control them, when all they needed was some physical activity.”

“I see. You turned your backs on the high-tech city life and went back to nature. The rest of society eventually collapsed under the weight of its inaction.”

“While we live simply, we have medicine and other vital aspects of our old society,” Yvette said.

“Right, your bio-GPS and other items. Amazing, I love it!”

For the next two hours they strolled among the ruins, Kathy feeling like a kid in an amusement park. She studied and examined the remains and artifacts, asked questions, and in general acted like a child at a school outing.

Later, after returning to camp, they ate lunch and went to the clan cemetery. Kathy watched as Quentin paid his respects to his ancestors, laying flowers on several graves, and the others did likewise. Kathy stood off to the side, out of the way, and remained silent. She didn’t want to interfere, and she was struck by his expression. There was regret mixed with grief, and yet strength and compassion.

He was a good leader.

They then returned to camp and work, and Kathy was sent to study with Jamie. As she left camp, she stopped and returned to stand before Quentin.

“Um, thank you for the cream, it’s helping a lot, and… um…”

“Yes? Is there something else?”

“Thank you for taking me to the ruins; they were truly fascinating, and I appreciate you sharing them with me.”

He smiled. “You’re most welcome. And may I say that I’m very proud of you, Kathy. You’re doing well in your lessons. Perhaps, by the time we leave for Chillingham, our village, you will be an adult once more.”

“Um, good,” she choked out.

He dismissed her and she followed Jamie out into the fields. She had trouble concentrating on the lesson, as she couldn’t understand why she’d stammered at his words. Why wouldn’t she be glad at the prospect of being an adult again? And getting to a village should increase her chances of being rescued. If Don and the others had escaped, they would start the search for her in all the local population centers.

Wait, I have an idea! Oh, this is brilliant, pure, unadulterated genius.

She now was refocused on the lesson and paid close attention. As Jamie spoke, she worked the fields, and made the first efforts at implementing her plan. In an ancient anthropology class she’d learned about something called crop circles and the Nazca Lines. Both were instances of huge symbols being carved into the ground that could only truly be seen from the air. Even if Don and the others failed to get back to base, there was still the planetary survey to complete. Ships would be crisscrossing the planet, scanning and documenting every aspect of the society and natural features. So, she set about creating a message in the fields. Nothing complex or long, merely the universal distress signal: three dots, three lines, and three dots. By merely arranging a few select plants in certain spots, she could create the message. As it could only be seen from the air, Jamie never noticed a thing. By the time they were done with the lesson, she’d nearly finished the first three. Kathy felt so good, she almost skipped back to camp.

Over the course of the next week, she continued to learn, to play, and to build her message. She also built trust among the group. Although, truth be told, perhaps it wasn’t so much trust as they figured she had nowhere to go. Still, she found herself enjoying many aspects of her life with them, and her rage toward Quentin waned. She finally decided that she would merely banish him and his people to a quiet corner of the planet, and then mine the entire world for every penny of profit.

One day, the sun hanging low in the sky, she stretched out in the soft grass of a gentle slope on a hill. It afforded her a splendid view of a good portion of the valley. All of nature was before her, and her mind embraced its simple beauty. In fact, she was surprised to find herself merely appreciating the area not assessing it for future income.

It would appear their simple ways are rubbing off on me.

She yawned and put her hands behind her head. She’d worked hard that afternoon, tending the vineyard all by herself, and she’d nearly finished creating her distress signal. Kathy was pleased with herself. Despite the ache in her body, she was acutely aware of the fact that she now had muscles. As she inhaled deeply, the aromas of nature washed over her. A gentle breeze cooled her, the earth embraced her, and she felt calmer and more at peace than she’d ever known. She sighed, closed her eyes, and sat bolt upright.

It was night!

Looking around, she rubbed her tummy; she was famished, which was what had caused her to open her eyes. What the hel-heck happened? I only shut my eyes for a second. Or did I? I guess I fell asleep. Damn, I need to get back.

Getting to her feet, she took off. She raced down the hill, through the vineyard, and then through a lightly wooded area. The run made her think back to the time she tried to escape: the thrill, the adrenaline rush. It had been so exciting, and now she was lost in the same sensations again.

She loved it.

Heart pounding, lungs burning, she was confused by something, but couldn’t figure out what. Then it came to her; it was the brightness of the night sky. Looking up, she gasped. Never in all her life had she seen a sky so full of stars. They seemed to swirl and flow across the black carpet of night, forming rivulets and streams. Thinking back, she realized that most nights she was under cover by full darkness or seated around a brightly lit campsite, or the sky had been overcast. Back on New Smyrna, the city lights blotted out much of the stars, and besides, her world was farther out on the galactic spiral. There were fewer stars. Here, they positively filled the sky because Sativa was near the inner part of the Milky Way. Kathy found it quite moving, almost a spiritual awakening within her. Then she felt another movement, of a more immediate and physical form. She tumbled downward into some sort of low hole or ditch. Splash! She landed in thick goo.

“What the—? Ewww, what is this, a mud pit?”

Squirming about, she managed to sort of slither on her stomach over to firm ground, and hauled herself out. She stood for a moment, trying to scrape the worst of it off (she was covered and it had even gotten inside her clothes). She considered stripping down to nothing and getting as clean as possible, but she was hungry and worried that she was already in trouble for being out after dark.

“Little girl, don’t stay out late,” Oisin had told her repeatedly.

Those words echoed in her ears as she resumed her sprint. A few minutes later, she finally arrived at camp, and was greeted by a very subdued reception committee. Everyone was casually eating, working, or amusing themselves with a game.

“Awfully decent of you to join us,” Riona said with a sarcastic tone.

“Goodness, girl, what happened to you?” Yvette said.

“Um, I fell down.”

“How many times?” Niall said.

“Kathy, why are you so late?” Quentin said calmly.

“When I was done with my work, I lay down to rest, and I guess I fell asleep.”

“If you were tired, why didn’t you set up a Waker?” he said sternly.

She cringed. That was a good question and she didn’t have a decent reply. During one of their first tracking lessons, Quentin had shown her a number of simple ‘alarm clocks’ she could use. One was a series of sticks that would pinch her hand when she moved in her sleep. Another was a sort of sundial that would focus the sunlight on her face and thus wake her.

“Um, I forgot,” she stammered, looking at the ground.

Oisin and Riona roared with laughter at that.

Kathy frowned and shot them a foul glare, then turned to Quentin. “Well, why didn’t you come get me? You knew where I was, didn’t you?”

He nodded. “Of course, we checked on you at dinnertime, and saw that you were okay. I wanted to see if you’d pass the homing test.”

Kathy groaned. She’d forgotten about that one. A child would be left in the wilderness, shown the terrain, vegetation, and other features to guide them home, and were then required to be there by an appointed hour. Their physical appearance was also a factor; the cleaner they were, the higher their standing in the clan. It made sense. After all, if someone returned filthy, their clothes torn and tattered, they clearly hadn’t found an easy trail.

“So, I guess I failed, huh?” she said meekly.

Yvette pulled out a small bottle from her pocket and handed it to Niall. “What do you think?”

“Kathy, come here now!” Quentin ordered, pointing at the ground in front of him.

She knew what that meant, but she also knew it was pointless to argue. Several snickers echoed around her, boosting her humiliation further. Quentin proceeded to help her get out of her filthy clothes, completely. Of course, she knew that that wasn’t the end of his efforts.

He effortlessly put her across his lap and started spanking and scolding her. “You were doing so well, little one, but it seems you can’t keep track of time, and you can’t even find your way home.”

“It’s not my fault,” she whined. “I wasn’t looking where I was going and I fell in a puddle.”

That brought a round of laughter from everyone, even Quentin. Kathy sighed as she realized what a stupid statement it had been. She lay there, not even struggling, as there was no point, and just felt the fire build inside her. Yet, as the spanking continued, a very different fire grew deep within the nether regions of her body. Her breathing sped up, she trembled with sexual energy, her nipples became hard, and she frantically rubbed her thighs together. She could feel her pussy lips becoming engorged and her juices flowing. Moans mingled with her cries of pain and she fought desperately to keep her mind clear and focused. She was being spanked in front of the group. It was painful and humiliating, not passionate and fiery. That was what her mind was screaming. Her body felt quite the contrary. Each smack of Quentin’s hand boosted her flames; her hips rolled in an anticipation of the spank, welcoming it like an old friend.

“I am very disappointed in you, little girl,” Quentin scolded. “Tomorrow you are getting another lesson in tracking, and you better pay attention, do you hear me?”

“Yes,” she squeaked.

“Yes what?” he snapped.

“Yes… yes, daddy!” she cried.

Quentin actually paused in spanking her; he was clearly surprised at her calling him that.

“Huh, it seems she’s… what, bonding to me?” he said with a chuckle.

Everyone laughed. Kathy rubbed her breasts across his beefy thigh, and ground her clit into his bare leg (he was in shorts) as hard as she could.

She wailed and sobbed. “I sorry, daddy, so sorry I was bad. Spank me, daddy, spank me hard, show no mercy!”

Yvette moved to stand next to her. “Goodness, she’s got some major feelings of guilt, Quentin. I think she’s sincerely sorry for disappointing you.”

“So, what, I should stop?”

“No,” she and Kathy said together.

However, the tones of their replies were quite different. Yvette was calm and rather clinical. Kathy was panicky and distressed.

“There, you see, that proves the point I was about to make. For her to get through those feelings, she has to feel as if she’s been properly chastised.”

Spank! He landed a solid smack.

“If it’ll help her, I’ll do it,” he said.

Kathy wailed like a wounded beast, mostly to cover her moan of total ecstasy. She felt as if her brain were short-circuiting or at least being overloaded. She couldn’t process the myriad sensations exploding across her neurons: pleasure, pain, humiliation, helplessness, surrender, comfort, protection, and concern. They all blended to form a sort of emotional gestalt with sexual gratification right at the top.

Kathy exploded. She filled her mouth with as much of Quentin’s shorts as she could, bit down, and screamed out her climax. Stars danced before her eyes and she floated away, and drifted across the crowded sky. Opening her eyes, she found herself cradled in Quentin’s lap, and he was soothing and rocking her.

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