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The Secret School For Little Girls by Rose St. Andrews – Extended Preview

The Secret School for Little GirlsComing to a tee in the hallway, George went left without so much as a word to her or even a look, and she knew his office was to the right. Unsure as to what to do for a moment, she decided it was best not to further anger him, and she went where she was supposed to go. A few minutes later, she was in the corner, and there she stood and waited. It seemed to be hours, even though she knew it was mere minutes before he entered and sat in his chair. Turning, she shivered.

The door stood open.

“Get across my lap,” he said simply.

Lita rubbed her hands across the front of her old and faded jeans. They were her favorite; she’d been wearing them so long they were just about molded and contoured to her body. She loved how soft and smooth they were, but right now she wished she had something a little more substantial covering her pert rump. The jeans didn’t even have back pockets anymore, she’d snipped them away long ago, and now she had these two bright dark blue squares on her cheeks. Chewing her lip and tugging her hair, she shuffled to his side and hoisted herself into position.

Smack! She jumped in total surprise and shock. He’d started without so much as a word of warning. After that, his hand set up a steady even pattern of spank, spank, spank, and she was grimacing and yelping in no time.

“Ouch! Geor—Mr. McShane, pleeeease, take it easy,” she begged. “That’s practically my bare skin.”

He laughed—laughed—and she shuddered.

“Practically? Little girl, you have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into, but I can tell you one thing: you will come to know intimately what it means to be spanked on your bare little bottom,” he scolded.

“Oh, please, sir, not bare!” she wailed. “And can’t you-ow-slow down just a bit? I-ouch-can’t take this so fast!”

“Humph, what happened to ‘without hesitation or complaint,’ little one? What, have I already broken you? Want to change your mind, give up, leave?” he sneered.

Lita grit her teeth, struggling to not throw back her hands in what she knew was a futile attempt at blocking, and dug deep for the strength to hold out.

“Owwwiieee! Noooo, sirrrr, it’s just-just I’ve never-never been spa-spa-spanked before,” she howled.

“Oh, a virgin, eh? Well, for you to stay will mean taking this and a whole lot more. If you can’t, it’s out you go to never return, is that clear? And stop stammering; a good little girl speaks clearly and without hesitation.”

“Yes, sir, clear, sir, all of it clear, sir,” she choked out, and then gasped when he stopped and reached under her. “Sir, what are you doing?”

“This is your second infraction, which means these jeans come down,” he said, unsnapping and unzipping them.

Down they went to her knees, and she felt herself blushing red. Her toes curled when his hand began to knead and squeeze her cheeks in an alternating pattern. She was in her black lace thong, which meant her ass was about ninety percent bare, and the touch of his hand sent a bolt of fire between her legs. She started to moan, but managed to clamp her hands over her mouth before it got too loud.

Spank! His hand struck squarely across the center of her bottom. Lita lurched forward and her hands flew back involuntarily. He deftly pinned them and continued, his hand crashing over and over into her nearly naked flesh. Now she truly wailed, and it wasn’t just from pain. It was the feeling of helplessness. Her arms were bent and her hands held, and yet it was done so expertly that she was actually quite comfortable. Her legs kicked slightly, but it was pointless. They were bundled up in her jeans, and his strong left arm kept her across his lap while his large, firm right hand kept smacking away relentlessly.

She was helpless, and every second that she thought about it sent another spark to her pussy. Shutting her eyes tight, she fought the sensations building inside her body. If she became too damp between her legs, she knew he would notice, and that thought was almost too humiliating to contemplate.

“Will you behave in the future, be a good little girl, and do all that we ask of you, no matter what?” he demanded.

“Yes, sir, yes, anythingggg, oowwwww,” she cried.

“Ha, we shall see,” he shot back, and gave her an especially hard smack.

Lifting her to her feet, he pointed at the corner, and gave her a spank of encouragement. “Corner, now!”

When she reached for her jeans, bending and sticking her firm bottom out slightly, she got another harder swat.

“Ouch!” she yelped, spinning to face him. “Sir, I’m trying, but—”

“Did I say you could pull your jeans up?”

“I… um, no, sir,” Lita said softly.

“Then leave them, and get to the corner,” George ordered.

She nodded and hobbled to the corner. Standing there, squirming from the twin fires in her ass and pussy, she heard him rise and cross to the bookcase next to her. Out of the corner of her left eye, she saw him pull down a large leather-bound book; it looked a lot like some of the old atlases she’d seen in the museum. He took it to the desk and opened it, and resumed his seat.

“Name,” he said suddenly.

“I, um, my full name? Lita Marie Hanson.”

She heard a pen scratch across paper. “I thought that was it, but I wanted to be sure. Age, exact age?”

“Exact? Ah, let me think. Twenty-four, three months, and… one week.”

The questions continued: height, weight, place of birth, family, educational level, and then they got personal. He asked about her sexual history: how many lovers had she had, had she ever achieved orgasm. She blushed redder than her throbbing behind to admit to only four boyfriends. She’d given head once and used a vibrator to get close to orgasm, and that was it. He finally closed the book and put it away, and then turned for the door. Lita opened her mouth to ask if she could leave the corner or at least cover up, but stopped herself.

“I’m going to get some brekkie,” he said, stopping at the door. “Oh, ah, have you had anything to eat?”

“Um, no, sir, but that’s okay,” she said meekly.

“Now, now, don’t be like that. Staying healthy is an important part of what we do here, hence the early morning exercise class. Come along, I’ll get you fed. Oh, and you may fix your clothes now.”

She managed a small smile. “Thank you, sir.”

Easing her jeans up, she fell in behind him, and he marched on down to the kitchen. She grimaced and squirmed with each step, and was surprised to find a small round table set for two and sitting right by the large picture window overlooking the side flower garden. She was glad to see that George looked as surprised at the setup as she felt. Ian stood at the stove, pouring cream into a small porcelain pitcher, and smiled at them.

“Everyone is already done so soon?” he said to Ian.

He nodded, his high puffy chef’s hat swaying atop his head slightly. “Yes, George, Gretchen wanted to get started on world history as soon as possible. As I knew you two were the last to eat, I went ahead and made you a modest breakfast. Sit, eat, tea?”

George sat and gestured for Lita to stand opposite him. “Normally I would hold a lady’s chair. However, I would imagine you prefer to stand. And yes, Ian, my usual Earl Grey.”

“Um, yes, sir. Thank you, Ian, this looks and smells wonderful, and I’ll have the same. I love Earl Grey.”

George smiled. It seemed he liked the fact that they shared an affinity for quality tea. Lita was also quite surprised at their meal. Ian had called it modest. There were eggs Benedict, blueberry pancakes with fresh butter and real maple syrup, perfectly cooked bacon, and sausage that had just the right amount of spice.

Shit, I guess for Lord George this is modest. Does he eat like this every morning?

While they ate, they chatted, and Ian served freshly squeezed orange juice and the tea. Lita managed a small smile. Her poor behind and pussy still throbbed, and she was embarrassed beyond belief at Ian seeing her stand, but she enjoyed listening to George talk about his life. As little as she’d traveled, his life had been in an inverse ratio, and the places he’d been were all the colorful destinations she’d read about in her books. When they were done, they helped clear the table, and George headed for the door.

“Ian, would you take her for processing now?”

“Oh, sorry, I can’t, I have to prepare for today’s cooking class.”

“So soon?” George replied, confused.

“I have something special planned, and it takes a lot of prep work.”

George sighed. “Very well, I’ll take her. Lita, with me.”

“Yes, sir,” she said with a nod and moved to follow him.

“What do you say to Ian?” he said.

She stopped short. “Oh. Ah, thank you for breakfast, it was wonderful.”

“You’re most welcome, my dear, and I look forward to seeing you in class. I trust you’ll pay attention,” he said with a grin.

They headed out, Lita feeling a slight chill course along her spine at Ian’s words. They seemed to carry a hint of menace to them.

George then led her to a locked door that no normal key could open. Like his office, it was a high-tech anachronism in this ancient place. He placed his thumb on a scanner; it hummed and glowed for a moment, and only then were they permitted access to the east wing of the castle. They walked down just about the single longest hallway Lita had ever seen. Based on the layout of the place, she had a feeling they were in the old servants’ quarters and stables, and while most of the doors they passed were closed, she was able to deduce what a number of the rooms held. There were classrooms, clothing closets, bedrooms, and storage. The final room made her eyes grow big as saucers.

It was a well-stocked clinic.

Fairfax stood next to a reclining chair with stirrups. That he was decked out in classic medical garb confirmed that he was a doctor. It was the equipment he was laying out that made her shiver. He was preparing to do a thorough gynecological exam.

George closed and locked the door behind them, and turned to her. “Undress, Lita, every stitch,” he said simply.

“I… I,” Lita stammered.

She was unable to say more. Her throat had closed up, her lungs expelled every bit of air, and her brain was in overload. He not only wanted her to be naked, he not only wanted her to receive an intimate medical exam, but George wanted her to do it in front of him.

“Lita, as I believe I told you before, don’t stammer,” he scolded. “A proper young lady doesn’t speak until she knows what she wants to say.”

“Now, now, George, give the girl a chance,” Fairfax said. “After all, this is all a bit overwhelming for her.”

“The other girls complied without complaint,” he snapped.

“The others came here of their own free will and eyes open. They knew what they were getting into from day one. How about you tell Lita what’s in store for her?”

George grunted and rolled his eyes. “Oh, very well. The castle is a school to prepare women for marriage to men looking for littles. Littles are adult women who like to be treated as little girls in private.”

“Wha… wait, treated as little girls? As in some sort of daddy thing?”

“Exactly. Some women crave the lifestyle, but they’re too ashamed to admit it, even to themselves, and they definitely can’t tell the men they date.”

“I can certainly understand that! Man, if I ever told a boyfriend I wanted to do… that, which I don’t, I’d be worried that he’d think I was nuts.”

“That’s why this school is here. Women who hunger to be pampered and loved, cared for and adored by a loving daddy, they have a lot of trouble meeting the right sort of men. Here we not only educate and train the women, we also arrange meetings with men who have been thoroughly vetted.”

“So, you also do a… dating service?”

“In a way,” George said. “In some cases, the women already have a man in their lives, but for others, we provide a safe place for them to meet men, get to know them, and we hope fall in love.”

“Huh, that’s kind of cool,” she said, then scratched her head. “Wait, so why all the… um, well… discipline?”

“It’s another part of being a little,” Fairfax said. “A little girl is taken care of by her daddy in all respects; both when she’s good and when she’s bad. That’s why we test them to determine how they react to different punishments.”

“At the end of their training they’re sold at auction,” George added. “Most are bought by a man they’ve already linked up with. The money funds the school and my charitable work. The littles aren’t charged anything to attend.”

“Hold on; you said some of the women have a guy. So, how’s that work?”

“Those men make a point of buying their women,” George replied. “They typically bid quite high as a means of expressing their love to their little.”

“Ah, I see. Wai-wai-wait, so, you’re going to… sell me?” she squeaked.

“The auction is strictly voluntary for you, Lita,” George explained. “If, after you’ve gone through the entire program you decide this life is not for you, you can leave, and keep your mouth shut!”

Fairfax grinned and leaned against the table. “We kind of figured you’d be reluctant to talk about us after taking the training.”

“Yeah, I can see that,” she choked out, trembling from head to toe.

“It’s ‘yes,’ Lita,” George corrected. “You must learn to speak properly. So, what’s your decision?”

She opened her mouth to shout an emphatic ‘No!’ right in his smug face, but couldn’t do it, and it wasn’t just the thought of giving up on her chance at the jewels. Well, yes, it was mostly that. However, there was more to it. The more he spoke of what they did, what the women learned, and the life they led something happened. The details struck a chord deep within her heart and soul, and they awoke a hunger the like of which she had never known.

Lita had to experience all of it.

There was also something else. There was George. Just the sight of his warm brown eyes was enough to get her heart tingling and a feeling of lightheadedness wash over her.

“I’ll do it,” she said, trying to sound brave.

George crossed his massive arms over his equally substantial chest. “Very well, then do as I ordered.”

She bit her lip hard as she realized what he’d told her to do. First, she popped off her sneakers and socks. Tugging her t-shirt out of the waistband of her jeans, she slowly pulled it up and over her head. She plopped it on the table, unsnapped her jeans, and slowly slid them down and off. Lita squirmed, her thighs rubbed together, and she brought her arms in close to cover herself. She looked from George to Fairfax. The two stood there looking almost bored and clearly impatient with her. Only then did she reach for the clip of her bra. Snap! It was undone, it slid from her body, and her breasts swung free. She blushed deep crimson, her shaky fingertips taking a moment to get ahold of the top of her thong, and then she whisked it down to her ankles in one swift move. She felt it was like pulling off a bandage, better to get it over with quick as there’d be much less pain.

Standing there, completely naked, a curious thing happened. She stopped shaking and an odd calm fell over her. It didn’t matter that she was undressed in front of two nearly strangers, and it took a moment to figure out why. It was their demeanor. She didn’t feel like a stripper in a club, men whistling or hurling crude remarks at her. She didn’t feel like a prostitute; neither man was threatening or gave any indication they were going to take advantage of her sexually. They looked at her body, nodded, even had small smiles, but the vibe she got from them was one of kindness and support. They weren’t there to hurt her; they were going to help.

In that moment, her cares, concerns, and fears melted away. She felt free, freer than she’d ever known in her life. Slowly, deliberately, she lowered her hands and stood at attention, and waited for their orders.

“Excellent, excellent, subject,” Fairfax said with a smile. “Don’t you agree, George? A really splendid example of the female form.”

Lita wiggled her toes and chewed on her lip, and prayed her face wasn’t as red as her behind. His words were said with such warmth that she knew he was being honest and complimentary. For some reason, what she wanted most to hear were George’s thoughts. His opinion seemed to matter most to her. Her eyes slid sideways to sneak a glance at him, and her heart soared.

He was smiling. “She’s absolutely adorable,” he said, then blinked and shook his head. “I mean, come along, Fairfax, this isn’t a beauty pageant. I have things to do this day. Proceed.”

Lita shivered, her thighs quivering as she rubbed them together. George clearly liked her, and that was suddenly very important to her. Yet, she didn’t have time to dwell on such things. Fairfax did as ordered and started the exam. Initially, it was a fairly routine medical checkup. However, as she stood there, Fairfax taking her blood pressure, checking her lungs, and testing her reflexes, she kept eyeing the chair.

What part would it play in her exam?

“All right, you look quite healthy,” he finally said. “Now, up in the chair, legs in the stirrups.”

Her heart seemed to skip a beat, but she did as ordered and climbed up into the seat. Sitting, she winced, as her poor behind was still throbbing, and then she suppressed a squeak of fear when Fairfax strapped her ankles in place with belts of Velcro. She was stretched wide, totally exposed, and her humiliation went to the max. Large hands wrapped about her wrists. Squirming, she saw George behind her pulling her arms down and under her. A quick zip and her wrists were likewise secured. The goosebumps returned and she shivered from head to toe. She was helpless and more sexually aroused than she’d ever experienced. The hum of a clipper brought her back to reality. Fairfax was holding it and stepping between her legs.

“First things first, a shave,” he said casually.

“What?” she squeaked.

“Little girls are clean down there,” George explained.

The clipper touched her bush. She jumped. George placed his hard, strong, and yet supple right hand on her belly to hold her still. Her fingers laced together and she sighed. His mere touch had a calming effect on her and she actually managed a small smile. A few zips between her legs and Lita was smooth, and then Fairfax turned to a shelf and grabbed something else. It took a moment for her to see the items: shaving cream and an old-fashioned razor! Her jaw dropped and her throat tightened. She just sat there, frozen and unable to speak, as he shook the can, sprayed some cream into his hand, and then smeared it across her pussy.

Lita couldn’t believe it; he was actually going to shave her. He ran the razor under some hot water, and then turned to her. Placing his left hand on the inside of her right thigh, he held her steady and slid the razor across her pussy. Her toes curled and she trembled for a moment. George lightly slid his fingers across her skin, sort of swirling them on her belly, and she smiled. It tickled, and it made her feel better. Fairfax rinsed the blade, slid it again across her, and then repeated the process several times. Finally, using a warm washcloth, he wiped her clean. She was completely bare, and then began the big exam.

The speculum went inside her, and then came Fairfax’s fingers. He probed and checked her labia, stroked her clit, and reached deep, deeeep to her g-spot. Her breathing sped up, her thighs clenched and relaxed, and she felt sweat tickle across her nipples, which were now hard and erect. She gasped and groaned in frustration when he withdrew his fingers.

“Excellent, excellent, she’s a perfect candidate, George. Good responses, a tight little pussy, and very healthy. What about her sexual experiences?”

George relayed the information Lita had given him. All the while, Fairfax used his hands and instruments to test and probe every facet of her pussy. Lita was driven mad with desire and excitement, and yet an orgasm was constantly denied her.

Finally, he withdrew everything and sat back on his stool. “No real lovers, eh? Essentially, she’s a virgin. Excellent again; she’ll be popular. Based on my exam, I’d say she’s being truthful. No signs of any significant history of sexual activity.”

Fairfax began to undo her straps, then spoke again. “All right, little Lita, on the exam table on your knees, head down, and reach back to grab your ankles,” Fairfax ordered.

While relieved to no longer be so exposed, once she climbed into the new position her embarrassment was renewed threefold. Her ass, still quite red, was high in the air. George used other straps to bind her wrists to her ankles while Fairfax prepared quite the large and long anal thermometer. Straining her neck, she trembled when his latex-covered hands touched her hot cheeks, and then she truly shook when his finger swirled cold gel onto her anus. Nothing had ever been in her ass before, and so she gasped and her eyes became huge as the thermometer slid deep inside her.

Fairfax rested his hand on her cheek. “Her ass is adorable, firm and perfectly shaped, but very tight. Anal may be an issue; she can only take about two inches. We’ll have to loosen her up a bit.”

Lita’s teeth began to chatter. What in the world would ‘loosen her up’ entail?

“I’m sure a few weeks in the great hall will do it,” George said. “Done wonders for Ursula.”

“I’ll add her to the schedule. She’s still got some nice redness. I take it the spanking went well. Any level of excitement during it? I noticed some clear signs of arousal during the exam.”

George nodded. “It was a punishment, but I did detect a degree of… desire.”

Lita felt her stomach tighten as another wave of humiliation roared through her body. Shit, he did notice.

It was several minutes before Fairfax withdrew the thermometer, only to be replaced by an anal probe that went deep, deep into her. He again stated she was quite tight and couldn’t take much, and followed up the probe with his long and penetrating fingers.

Slipping off his latex gloves, he began to release her, and turned to George. “Given her reactions, I think we should do another right now, see how strong a… reaction we can get out of her.”

George shrugged and nodded. “All right, fine, go right ahead.”

“Oh, no, I can’t do it. I need to be able to monitor her reactions,” Fairfax replied.

“I have to do it again? Oh, all right,” he grumbled, taking a seat. “Lita, across my lap.”

“Wha-what? Again? Why? I didn’t do anything,” she whined.

“Lita,” he snapped. “Littles are expected to do as they are told. My lap, now!”

Trembling, she climbed down from the table and plodded to his side. He seemed higher up than before. Placing her small hands on his massive thigh, she hoisted herself up and over his lap. Her body shook more. She was naked, the soft fabric of his trousers was warm and enticing to her flesh—especially her breasts, which were rather squeezed against his firm thigh—and she realized something else. He was higher. The chair was on a low platform that added several inches, and thus her hands and feet didn’t touch the floor.

She was a true little.

Then came his touch. His arm, his hand, and yet they were different. His arm held her, but cradled rather than confined. His hand sized up her small cheeks, yet cupped and caressed them, and then came the first spank. It was firm, it stung, but it wasn’t severe, and the heat shot straight to her pussy. He struck again, and this time his hand lingered to let his fingers swirl across her firm cheeks. She moaned, but kept it low enough that no one heard. It was incredible. She’d never been spanked in her life until she came here and now here was her third in only two days!

“You’re a naughty little girl, aren’t you, Lita?” George said, his voice smooth and sexy.

Her eyes grew larger and she shut her mouth tight to keep from moaning louder. “Oh! I… I… um.”

Smack! He struck again, a bit harder.

“Say it, Lita,” he ordered.

“Ouch! I-I’m naughty,” she squealed.

“No, that’s not what I said,” he shot back, stepping up the pace of the spanks. “Now say it properly.”

“Ow! I’m a naughty… little girl.”

“And what do naughty little girls get?”

“I… um, punished?”

Spank! A rather hard swat struck her right cheek down close to the top of her thigh.

“To be precise, naughty little girls are spanked over the lap of their daddies and their aunts and uncles.”

“Aunts and uncles?”

Fairfax chuckled. “All littles call the staff aunt and uncle.”

“So, what do you have to say for yourself?” George added.

“Ouch! Owwwiieee, I’m a naughty little girl, and I need a good spanking over your lap, Uncle George,” she wailed.

Massive sensations overwhelmed her mind. Pleasure and pain, humiliation and excitement, the juvenile nature of her situation, and then the fact that it was all taking place in front of someone. She continued to yelp and squeal, but the moans grew louder until she was unable to prevent the men from hearing. Each spank raised the heat in her pussy, and that translated into a fire that tore through her whole body. Her muscles twitched, and her pussy began to pulsate. Over and over his hand slammed into her naked flesh, and then there were the caresses and rubs, the gentle pats and cupping to her hot cheeks.

She was about to orgasm, and orgasm hard, right here in front of both of these men. She squealed, covering her face with her hands. It was too much; she couldn’t handle everything. Suddenly, she felt a large hand on hers, and her hands were pulled gently away from her face.

It was Fairfax, his smiling face was right in front of hers, and he had her hands pinned in his left. His right held his iPhone and he had the timer feature running.

“Excellent work, George, just under ten minutes, and she’s close to an orgasm. Step it up a bit and I’m sure she’ll climax soon.”

Lita whimpered and clamped her thighs together. “Eeep! Please, uncle, noooo.”

“Oh, I see, you want me to stop,” George said casually. “Is that it, little Lita, do you want daddy to stop?”

Lita let loose the most massive moan she’d ever known and heaved up on his lap as hard as she could. It was all for naught as she barely moved, and then her mouth opened and closed again and again, but no sound came out. She couldn’t think, she couldn’t process what was going on, and it most especially didn’t help that Fairfax was looking her squarely in the eye.

“Answer me, little girl, or I’ll just stop,” he snapped.

“No,” she begged. “I-I… want you to… Oh! Daddy, I want… I need to be-be spanked. Spank me, daddy, teach me a lesson!”

George did just that, he spanked harder and faster; her behind was turned into a smoldering mass of fiery flesh, and explosions rocked her pussy. Her stomach tightened, her thighs began to convulse, and a final series of rapid-fire outbursts rippled through her as her climax began.

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