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The Sheriff’s Little Girl by Alex Reynolds – Extended Preview

The Sheriff's Little Girl by Alex ReynoldsThings had been better around the house since the day when Peter realized that Julie was afraid of the dark. He found that her habits stopped being annoying when he thought of her as a young and vulnerable girl who needed his guidance instead of as a full-fledged adult who simply couldn’t live up to her responsibilities.

Every night now, Peter put her to bed. He tried to hide his arousal when he undressed her, but it was a challenge. His cock hardened at just the thought of her lithe, naked form. Her slightly tanned skin looked like it would be buttery smooth to the touch and when he had caught the odd glimpse of her pink pussy, it was almost too much for him. But he assumed that a girl like Julie had no interest in a man of his age, and out of respect for this, he did his best to look the other way.

Just knowing that Julie would be there when he got home had brightened his daily routine, but knowing that, whether or not she was in a good mood that day, he’d be putting her to bed that night made things that much better.

Peter had lived alone ever since he had moved out of his parents’ house, and he had his own apartment when he was studying in college. Although his family home had been warm and comfortable, being one of eight children had left him with a craving for a space of his own. Once he had started living that way, he had become private, almost a little reclusive. He knew it was a good thing that Julie was breaking that down. Maybe he was getting too old to keep shutting people out in the name of ‘needing space.’

One Friday night after dinner, Julie immediately disappeared into her room instead of helping him clean up. Peter didn’t really mind, since he hadn’t made it a rule that she help him. Besides, there was no way that her good behavior was going to last. He had known that this was probably just a temporary thing.

He sat down on the sofa and looked at a few files that he had brought home from work. There had been a few other crimes in Palm Oasis recently, unrelated to the drug problem. Three houses had been burgled not far from the town center, and he was reading the reports again to try to come up with a plan of action to catch the culprit.

These sorts of crimes happened once in a while, Peter had learned over the years. They were usually caused by people from outside of the community who were passing through, although once in a while they came from young people who had grown up here. Discipline just wasn’t what it used to be, Peter was afraid, and people were raising the next generation without such a strong sense of right and wrong.

He heard Julie head from her room to the bathroom and then back again two or three times, but thought nothing of it. He wondered if they needed to have more visiting days from the local officers at the Palm Oasis school maybe, so if parents weren’t instilling a strong respect for the law at home, he could at least get kids interested in taking care of their communities…

His train of thought was interrupted by Julie quietly walking into the room. She was wearing a tiny pink party dress that she had brought with her from Crank’s apartment in her camping bag, a pair of bright green leg warmers, her clunkiest sneakers and, it seemed to Peter, every single piece of plastic jewelry that she had brought with her. He couldn’t figure out where she had found so much, even. Her arms were covered in beaded bracelets and there was a stack of necklaces around her neck. Two pacifiers hung among the beads piled on her chest.

She had styled her hair in two poufy pink pigtails high on the top of her head and had used whatever makeup she had with her to dress up her face in neon colors. She accented her look with a few stickers on each cheek.

Peter immediately crossed his arms across his chest sternly. “Why are you dressed like you’re going to a rave, Julie?” he asked.

Julie shrugged. “I want to go to the foam party. It’s not fair that I can’t. I promise that I’ll be safe there. Vanessa is going and she doesn’t know Crank, so I can just hang with her and no one will notice that I’m even there.”

Peter couldn’t help but snort. “I have a feeling that no matter where you are, someone will notice a girl dressed like that!” he told her.

Julie stamped her foot. “Don’t make fun of me!”

With a gentle sigh, Peter tried to calm her. “I’m not making fun of you. But the answer is still going to be no, Julie. This simply is not allowed.”

Julie jumped up and down, her beads clanking together as she did and her pigtails bouncing comically.

“I wanna go! It’s not fair! It’s not my fault that this happened and I shouldn’t get punished for it!” she whined.

Peter shook his head. “You know full well that this is for your own good. If you want to keep arguing with me about it, you’ll see what being punished is really like,” he warned.

It was as if Julie just couldn’t help herself.

“But I got all dressed up! You have to let me go now that I’m all dressed up! Look at what a good job I did getting ready without all my usual stuff!” She punctuated her protests with a series of stamps of her feet.

“I will not tell you no again, Julie,” the sheriff warned her.

A wicked grin came across Julie’s face.

“Can I go to the party, then?” she asked. “You just said you wouldn’t say no!”

Peter was done playing games. “This isn’t funny, Julie. It’s serious, and it’s about your safety and well-being.”

Julie didn’t say anything else. She just picked up her phone and walked toward the front door. She had her hand on the doorknob when Peter sprang to his feet.

He had toyed with the idea of doing what he was about to do many times. He knew that it wasn’t by the book, or anywhere near to it, but he had the authority to do whatever it took to keep Julie safe. And right now, he knew exactly what Julie needed.

Being careful not to grab her too hard and scare her, he gripped Julie’s bracelet-covered wrist.

“Julie, if you want to behave like an insolent brat when it comes to things like obeying house rules and cleaning up after yourself, that’s one thing. But when it comes to your safety, I simply will not tolerate it.”

He walked her over to the sofa, and she followed him without resisting, her eyes wide.

“I’ve told you time and time again that you cannot leave this house without supervision or have anything, at all, to do with your friends that are in touch with Crank. Not because I want to be mean to you, not because I don’t want you to talk to your friends, but for your own safety. Because the risks to you are very serious right now and I have to do everything in my power to protect you,” he lectured.

Peter sat down on the sofa and held Julie in front of him by both her wrists. He looked up at her earnestly.

“I think what you need is for me to show you just how seriously I take this, young lady. I’m going to teach you this lesson in a way that I’m sure will be effective. You’re going to get a spanking.”

Julie’s face looked more incredulous than scared by these words. Her eyes narrowed instead of widening like he would have expected. “Seriously?” she asked.

“I’m not kidding,” Peter told her. “I want you to get over my lap, right now.” He guided her toward the position that he wanted.

To his surprise, Julie didn’t fight back against this, but she fell across his knees with as much attitude as possible, making a ‘humph!’ sound as she landed.

“We’ll see what your attitude is like when this is finished,” Peter warned her. He gripped the skirt of her party dress and pulled it up, exposing a sheer white thong.

“Wait, you’re really going to do this?” Julie asked, a little panicked.

“Oh, I’m really going to do this. And I’m going to do it right,” he told her. He pulled at the strap of her thong. “This isn’t offering you much protection, and it’s really not appropriate underwear for a little girl like you, so I’m going to slip this off. You’re going to get a proper, bare bottom spanking now.”

Julie grabbed a cushion off the sofa and buried her face in it.

“Feeling embarrassed?” he asked her as he slowly tugged her skimpy panties down. He couldn’t help but savor the sight of her fully bare bottom, round and high over his lap. He tugged her thong all the way down her legs, then maneuvered it over her shoes and off.

“I’m just going to put these in my pocket for now, you can have them back when you can behave properly,” he told her.

Julie let out a whine. “All of this is not fair!”

“I’ll tell you what’s not fair,” Peter lectured, raising his hand high and smacking it against her bare and unprotected bottom.

Julie yelped as it landed.

“It’s not fair that after I work hard to keep you safe both at my job and at home, you can’t follow the simplest rule to protect your safety. I have done everything I can to ensure that nothing bad happens to you…” He paused to rain down another handful of hard slaps.

He continued. “…and yet, you think that it’s more important to go to a party and have fun than to listen to my instructions. It’s very possible that the person who is most dangerous to you will show up there. Is that what you want? Is a good time really worth putting yourself in harm’s way like that?”

Peter stopped talking for a moment and began to simply spank at a steady pace, alternating between her rounded cheeks. They started to glow bright pink right away.

Julie wriggled over his lap and tried to get her bottom away from the blows that continued to come one after another. “Okay! Fine! I won’t go to the rave,” she whined.

“That doesn’t sound like contrition to me, Julie. But you’ll get there. We’re nowhere near being finished with this.”

Julie shuddered at his words. “How long are you going to spank me for?” she wailed.

Talking over the echoing sound of each smack that was ringing through the room, Peter told her, “Until I get through to you. Until you see that I care enough about you to do this, and that I will not let you put yourself in danger for any reason, let alone a foolish one.”

Julie struggled more, kicking her tiny legs. “Unf!” she moaned. “Owwww!”

“I know it hurts,” Peter told her, pausing to gently rub her cheeks and feel the heat coming off of them. “But I think that a sore, stinging bottom is going to be a good reminder to you.”

Peter gently shifted Julie forward so that the underside of her bottom was at the highest point and then raised his hand to focus a few hard spanks to the tender area where her bottom and thighs met. Her whole bottom was bright pink now.

“Owwwww!” she cried again. “I’m sorry!”

“Oh, I hope that you’re sorry!” Peter scolded. “I’m going to make sure I really drive this lesson home, though.”

“It huuuuuuuuurts!” she wailed.

“It should. You deserve it. Hopefully, when you’re going to bed tonight with your sore, punished bottom, it will feel tender against the sheets. And I hope that when it does, you’ll remember that you need to take good care of yourself because your safety is important. Not just because you’re a witness, but because you’re a good, sweet little girl and I care about you,” Peter told her. He punctuated these words with a few particularly firm swats.

With this, Julie started to sniffle, and soon began to make tiny sobbing sounds. Her shoulders shook a little.

Peter knew that it wasn’t the pain in her bottom that was making her cry.

“I know that you aren’t used to being taken care of, but in this house, you’re always going to be. I know that you aren’t used to having rules to follow, but you’re going to learn how to,” he told her. “And I know that it isn’t always going to be easy, but I’ll always be there for you, whether what you need is to be cuddled and sent to bed or a good, hard punishment spanking on your bare bottom like this.”

Julie cried harder at this, then began to spew out a tirade of things she had obviously been keeping back, pausing only to catch her breath with sharp sobs.

“I promise that I’m going to be a good girl, I will! I’m sorry I didn’t take things seriously before. I’m sorry I wanted to go to the party, I just want to do something fun. I feel like my friends don’t even miss me at all or care that I’ve disappeared and I hate it, I want them to remember me. But I didn’t take it seriously and I shouldn’t have put myself at risk and I’m sorry,” she wailed.

Peter stopped spanking her for a moment and tenderly rubbed her back.

“It’s alright, sweet girl. I forgive you,” he soothed her. “Your punishment is almost over,” he added.

He reached down and took her hand, holding it behind her back. He noticed just how small it looked in his, and gently rubbed the back of it.

Then he let forth a final flurry of spanks, making sure every inch of her little bottom was red and glowing with heat. Julie wriggled and cried but didn’t fight back.

When he had finished, he lifted the girl into his arms. She clung to his chest, crying hard. Peter gently stroked her face and her now disheveled hair, holding her close to his body and rocking her a little bit.

When Julie was calmed down, he gently wiped her tears from her eyes. “I’m glad you learned your lesson, kitten,” he told her. “Now let’s get you cleaned up.”

Peter didn’t bother putting Julie on her feet. He just placed one arm behind her knees and the other on her back and lifted her, cradling her in his arms as he carried her off to the bathroom.

Julie wrapped her tiny arms around the sheriff’s neck as he carried her toward the bathroom. She couldn’t believe what had just happened. Sure, she was shocked by the fact that he would put her across his lap and spank her like that, but maybe she was more shocked by the fact that she had let it happen. Or by the fact that she felt so good right now. Really, she had never felt so safe and loved as she did when Peter’s hard hand was descending on her bottom.

She knew that he meant everything he had said to her, too. She could hear it in his voice. For the first time since she could remember, Julie felt truly content.

Peter walked slowly and carefully while carrying her, then set her on her feet in the hallway right in front of the bathroom.

She reached around to rub her bottom and was shocked by how it warm it felt to the touch. It was burning. And all that heat was right near another part of her anatomy, making her feel a certain feeling that she couldn’t quite ignore. She crossed and uncrossed her legs, squirming from the tensions building against her clit.

When Peter took care of her and treated her like a little girl, she felt happy and safe, but she also felt an undeniable wetness building in her pussy. His authoritative voice, his strong body… they had a pronounced effect on her. But Peter never seemed to notice her that way, so she tried to deny those feelings.

This time, as she watched Peter making up a bath for her, she could see a bulge in his jeans. She thought she had felt it when she lay over his lap, too. His cock must be hard from spanking her, she thought. She certainly hoped so.

As Julie watched Peter getting her bath ready, she noticed herself in the mirror. Her once perfectly made-up face was now a tearstained mess, and her pigtails had lost their pouf, to say the least. Her party dress was still bunched up around her waist, and she wasn’t wearing any panties, since Peter had them in his pocket still.

She twisted around to see her bottom in the mirror. Her firm little cheeks were glowing bright pink. It was strange and unexpected to see herself looking this way. She pushed a finger against the redness, half expecting it to sizzle on contact. Instead, the pressure from her finger just left a white mark for a moment, until it faded back to the uniform magenta hue.

Peter finished what he was doing and stood behind her. He was a big, strongly built man, and he made her look particularly tiny. When she had stood next to Crank, her small size made her feel helpless, and that terrified her. Next to Peter, she found their size difference exciting. She was really a little girl compared to him. His little girl, she thought, letting a smile cross her face.

“Time to get undressed,” Peter told her.

Julie kicked off her sneakers and then obediently lifted her arms over her head.

Peter unzipped her party dress and pulled it off.

Julie peeked over her shoulder again, seeing her naked form in the mirror. Something about the contrast between her pale back and red bottom was very inviting to look at, and she caught Peter looking, too.

Peter started to take her bracelets off, one by one.

Julie twitched as he did that. It felt a little embarrassing to have the process of being undressed take this long, but she didn’t want to disobey Peter. Something unspoken had passed between them when he spanked her, and she now knew that she needed to do as she was told. She felt quite sure that the spanking wasn’t going to be a one-time occurrence.

When Peter finished taking off all her bracelets, he then started to unfasten her necklaces one at a time. He finally got everything off, except for one. Julie looked in the mirror and saw that she was naked but for her pink pacifier necklace.

“Why did you have this on?” Peter asked, his voice teasing a little.

“It’s just the style at raves, you know…” Julie started.

“Oh, I see,” Peter continued. “I thought maybe it was because you’ve been acting like a naughty little girl, and you need to be treated like one.” He sounded playful.

“Well,” Julie protested. “I’m not that little of a girl!”

“I’m not sure. Big girls don’t stamp their feet and jump up and down when they don’t get their way, do they?” he asked.

Julie just shrugged.

Peter responded with a face that was almost a pout himself.

“Sometimes, the things that you do are too cute for me,” he told her. “Just the way you move. Your little face. You’re just too cute.”

She giggled at this.

“Stop it!” Peter playfully ordered.

Julie tried to make a very serious face, standing at attention.

“I give up,” he said. “You’re just too much for me.” He tried to bring himself back to seriousness. “If you can’t behave yourself like a big girl, you get treated like a little one. Even if that’s embarrassing.” He thought about this for a moment. “Especially if that’s embarrassing,” he corrected.

“Now,” he continued, “since you aren’t going anywhere tonight, you’re going to get all cleaned up and have an early bedtime.” He reached forward and popped the pacifier into her mouth. “And you aren’t going to protest against it. You’re just going to suck your little pacifier like a good little girl while you get all cleaned up. Understood?”

Julie let the pacifier fall out of her mouth and land on her chest again.

“Yes, Peter,” she said.

Peter sighed.

“I just told you to keep that in your mouth,” he reminded her. “Once I put it back, every time you let it fall, you’re going to get a little punishment for disobeying me. But before I do that, I have a question for you. What do you think it’s appropriate for a little girl to call the grownup who takes care of her?” he asked.

“There’s no right or wrong answer,” Peter added, “but I want to know what you think.”

Julie blushed furiously and bit her lip as she thought about it. She knew what word seemed right to her, but she wasn’t sure if it was too embarrassing, or not what Peter wanted from her.

“Daddy?” she finally asked, waiting to see what reaction he’d have to this.

His reaction was to smile happily. “That’s what I was hoping you’d say,” he told her. “I’ve felt like your daddy for as long as I’ve been looking after you.”

He gave her a little kiss on her nose and then popped her pacifier back into her mouth.

“Keep that there, little one, or else,” he warned. Peter then helped Julie step into the bath. The warm water stung her bottom, still tender from the spanking, and she squirmed a little.

Peter went to the counter and got a makeup remover wipe. He looked at Julie’s face closely as he carefully pulled the stickers off, then gently wiped her makeup away. “My naughty little girl doesn’t need any of this,” he told her. “You’re perfect the way that you are.”

Julie blushed a little bit at his words.

Peter then set the wipe aside and got a washcloth out. He poured some of Julie’s body wash onto the cloth and rubbed it into a foam. Then he started to wash her, covering every inch of her body. When he needed her arms lifted, he simply lifted them instead of asking her to do it.

It felt so good to be touched by Peter, by her daddy. Even if it was through the washcloth, she loved the way that his hands felt on her body. She had been secretly thinking about this for a while now. She just wished for a more sensual touch.

Peter finished cleaning her underarms and then moved on to wash her pert little breasts, taking more time than Julie knew he really needed to. The sensations were fantastically arousing. He gently ran the cloth across her nipples, which were hard and pointing from her excitement.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned into the pacifier. She felt so embarrassed to have it in her mouth. She had worn it around her neck countless times, but it had never meant anything to her. But now it had become a symbol of something that made her squirm with both humiliation and arousal the moment that Peter had first pointed it out. She moved her tongue up and down, sucking harder on it.

Peter grinned at her, then moved down to wash her stomach.

Julie could feel her body grow tense with anticipation as he moved toward her pussy. She wanted nothing more than to be touched there by him. She could feel her wetness even in the water.

But instead, he skipped that area and moved on to wash her legs. Julie let out a whine. Peter seemed to not hear her.

She considered splashing, or trying to talk around the pacifier in her mouth to complain, but she didn’t want to risk any more punishment. Her bottom was sore enough.

He washed every part of her, all the way down to her toes. Julie had small feet. She had always known that she could have worn children’s shoes if she wanted to, but never had. Now, she had a feeling that she’d look cute in them.

When he had finished that, he ordered, “Kneel up on all fours, sticking your bottom out.”

Julie did as she was told, sticking her bottom toward the wall.

“No, no,” her daddy told her. “I want to see that bottom facing me.”

Julie sheepishly turned around. The feelings of arousal and longing for Peter’s touch on her pulsing sex competed with the embarrassment of being so exposed.

Facing the wall, she heard Peter talking behind her. “I need to be gentle with these areas, so I’m going to use my hands to wash you, little girl,” he explained.

Her heart beat hard with anticipation as she waited. Finally, she felt his hand rubbing her bottom. She yelped a little. It was sore to the touch.

“I know you’re tender there, darling,” he told her.

Then she felt his fingers move toward the cleft in her bottom. He gently spread her cheeks and ran them over her bottom hole.

“Mmmm,” she squeaked into the pacifier in her mouth. It was halfway between a whimper and a moan.

“I need to take care of every part of my little girl, no matter how much it embarrasses her,” her daddy explained to her.

She heard another noise behind her and then felt Peter’s finger against her tight little hole.

“Have you ever been touched here before?” Peter asked. “You can nod or shake your head.”

Julie shook her head, no. She had fantasized about a man’s fingers wandering to that most secret area many times, but had never had the courage to ask.

“Do you want to be?” he asked.

Julie nodded her head vigorously, feeling a little bashful at just how quickly and strongly she responded.

“Good,” Peter told her. “Daddy’s going to put his finger in your little bottom hole now.”

Julie felt Peter’s finger rubbing something cool against her tight entrance. She realized that he must have brought lube into the bathroom. The feeling of being touched just on the outside pushed her horniness to levels that she didn’t know it could go to. She felt the muscles in her pussy clench and grasp. If she hadn’t needed both her hands to support herself, she would have been tempted to reach back touch her pussy herself. But instead, she stayed obediently in position, sucking hard against the pacifier between her lips.

Then, Peter pushed hard against her hole and she felt his finger enter her. He worked it in slowly, letting her body adjust to the feeling of being stretched. It felt a little invasive, and very naughty. Mostly, the feeling of being filled there was pleasurable. When his movements became too subtle, she tried to rock back and forth against him.

“You’re a horny little girl, aren’t you?” her daddy asked as he worked his finger in and out of her bottom hole.

“Mmmm,” she whined into the pacifier, nodding her head vigorously.

Peter used his other hand to gently graze her pussy and clit with a single finger.

It was too much. She couldn’t take it. “Daddddddddyyyyyy, please!” she moaned, letting the pacifier fall from her lips.

Peter moved his finger more harshly inside her bottom, making it hurt a little. The feelings of pain and pleasure intermixed in a way that Julie wasn’t used to, but which she found delightful.

“I gave you an instruction, kitten, and you disobeyed me. When you don’t do as you’re told, you’re just delaying what you want. Now, after your bath, I’m going to have to punish you before I give you what you so crave.”

Julie felt so horny that she thought she might cry.

After a few more thrusts, Peter took his finger out of her bottom hole.

“Noooo,” Julie whined.

“Oh, you really do like that, don’t you?” Peter teased.

He got up and rinsed his hands at the sink, then came back and gently stroked the outside of her vulva again.

“I’m going to get your princess parts nice and clean now, and then we’re going to the bedroom,” he told her.

He then started to gently wash her there. Julie could tell that he was going out of his way to make his touch as teasing as possible. The gentle tickle of his fingers as they danced over the areas where she desperately wanted them to remain made her squirm and writhe, and she let out a few high-pitched whining noises without meaning to.

Then, he withdrew his fingers entirely. “Okay, I think my little girl is all cleaned up now,” he told her. “You can sit down and rinse off one last time.”

Julie did as she was told, gently splashing water across her body.

“Now sit here and wait while I get you a towel,” Peter instructed. “Little girls can’t get out of the bath by themselves.”

Julie couldn’t help but smile. She felt a little embarrassed by the way he talked to her, which fueled her current state of arousal. But more important, it made her feel small and safe.

Those were the feelings that she focused on as Peter helped her to her feet and then wrapped a fluffy towel around her. He then used the towel to carefully pat every part of her body dry.

“Come into the bedroom now, kitten,” he told her. His voice was sweet and tender, and it was just as comfortable to feel wrapped in as the towel.

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