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The Slavers’ Pet by Samantha Madisen – Extended Preview

Vedera’s heart was racing. She had nearly fainted from Tokis’ intrusion into her mind. She wondered what he would have done had he found out about the visit from Thrain. A part of her wanted to just blurt it out and tell him. Deep down, she felt as if she could trust the two aliens more than she could trust him.

But the prospect of being reunited with her friends was too strong a force inside her to compel her to change her plan. As much as she wanted to give in to the pleasures of submission to the aliens, she would do nearly anything to see her friends again.

All she needed to do was be a good pet and do what was asked of her.

Xa tied her arms behind her back then laid her down on the bed.

As she shifted her weight to get comfortable, the plug they’d put into her ass rolled against her insides, pressure shifting with her body from one delightful place to another. The object was large, and made her feel so full. It was much like the cleaning, but steadier, more permanent. The strange thing was, she sort of liked the way it filled her, and the rolling aches that moved through her body in unexpected places. It was a reminder that she was truly theirs and they could do anything they pleased with her.

She stared at the two aliens who were watching her, wondering what they were going to do next.

Tokis got onto his knees on the bed. Reaching down with his two massive paw-like hands, he pried her thighs apart, splaying her legs. He stared intently at her sex.

Xa disrobed, pulling at the belt that held up his loincloth until it fell to the floor.

Vedera couldn’t help but turn and stare at his swollen member. It was just as big as Tokis’, about the size of her forearm with the same ridges running down the sides. She wondered if, when the time came, she’d really be able to take something like that inside herself.

Her jaw ached with the memory of Tokis’ cock inside of her mouth. The musky scent of him had been intoxicating, and she was surprised when taking him deep into her throat gave her a feeling of satisfaction. She had wanted him to fill her, just like the object inside of her. Her eyes had watered with the strain of it, but she felt almost… proud of her ability to take him, to please him.

Tokis sank down between her thighs, still holding them open with his hands. He pried her legs apart, spreading her open to both of them, and the strength of his grip was a fierce reminder that she was utterly at their mercy.

His breath was hot on her sex as he pressed his mouth against her lips. His own mouth was gentle, grazing her skin lightly, a stark contrast to the power beneath the hands that held her in place. Vedera shuddered from the pleasure his mouth brought.

His tongue flicked out, lapping at her outer folds and making her moan. He growled between her legs, and the vibrations of his voice shook Vedera like the rod they had examined her with. She mewled softly and her hips seemed to move of their own accord, straining against his powerful hands to get closer to his mouth, his hot breath, his tongue…

He teased her for a moment, holding her still as he brushed against her lips. A potent lust welled up inside her when his tongue, strong and wet, followed a path from the outer edges of her pussy. He moved around, exploring, and found her clit with the tip of his tongue. She shuddered again and more of her juice leaked out.

“What’s this?” Tokis growled. He flicked the spot with his tongue again, pushing hard against the quivering face of it.

“Oh, God…” Vedera couldn’t help but moan.

As if reveling in his discovery, Tokis continued to lick the spot, spinning swift circles around it until her thighs began to shake.

The hot ache that had started burning inside her swelled like a balloon and threatened to burst. She craned her neck, staring down her body at Tokis licking her sex.

His hands drifted under her and onto her ass cheeks. He raised her up and pressed her more firmly against his mouth, creating a seal with his lips around her pussy. This kept all the heat and wetness in as his tongue continued to work her clit. Vedera’s thighs were shaking uncontrollably.

Xa knelt on the bed next to her. He leaned forward and cupped one of her breasts in his hand. Then, leaning even further, suckled her nipple into his mouth and worked his tongue in the same motions as Tokis’ tongue on her clit.

Somehow, through whatever strange mind meld the two shared, they matched each other’s rhythm perfectly.

Waves of hot energy began to course through her body. Then the two began pushing into her mind again. This time she could do nothing to resist the invasion. Their minds pushed into hers, intruding on her most private and intimate thoughts.

Somewhere in the back of her mind she wondered if they would learn of her talk with Thrain, and she knew she should erect some barrier to their intrusion. But she couldn’t focus on that now: the hot and buzzing energy of the two of them sucking on her nipple and clit occupied every last corner of her consciousness. Her thighs were slick with her juices, and her body was undulating uncontrollably as the pleasure inside of her rose to an excruciating high.

Her body began to tremble in their hands. Her breathing was fast and shallow and each exhale brought with it an agonized moan. She came to the edge of another orgasm and was just about to climax when they slipped out of her mind and their hands and mouths drifted off her body.

Vedera arched her back on the bed and cried out in anguish. She had been so close. She wriggled, trying to recapture the feeling, to pull the trigger herself and give herself the release she so desperately craved. But with her hands tied firmly behind her back, it was no use.

Tokis was standing at the foot of the bed, his mouth dripping with her juices. His enormous cock was throbbing, the veins beneath the skin rippling with lust. He wore a dark expression. “Now, pet. Tell me what has happened to you.”

Vedera was struggling to slow her breathing. The ache inside was so bad her whole body itched. “Please…” she whispered, glancing down at her pussy. “Please?”

Tokis narrowed his eyes as he stared at her. Then he closed them and took a deep breath. His erection began to wane. He breathed deeply, keeping his eyes closed until his cock hung between his legs. He opened his eyes and looked at her again. “You will be allowed release when you tell us the truth,” he said, his voice calm. “In the meantime…”

Xa, knowing Tokis’ thoughts, had brought a second plug from the cupboard. He scooped a hand beneath her and turned her over onto her stomach, then hauled her up by the hips so her ass was up in the air.

“No,” Tokis said quietly. “Not here. I want to show the crew what a good pet we have found. Let’s take her to Mechanical. They will appreciate a good show down there.”

Vedera’s face began to burn red once more at what Tokis was suggesting. How would she ever live down having her ass filled with an even thicker plug with all those eyes watching?

Xa hesitated. “Is that wise?” he asked.

Tokis shot him a curious look. “It is the wisest thing we could do now,” he said, after a pause.

Xa looked at the human. “Look at her,” he said, pointing at Vedera. “I have come to notice there are certain things that cause that color in her cheeks. Things she does not particularly enjoy.”

Tokis’ hair was beginning to stand on end. His amber eyes glinted, as though lit by some outside light.

Xa was slightly perturbed by the thoughts in his head: they were muddled, confusing, overrun by his strong emotions and the lust that was taking over his body. What Xa could gather was that Tokis had some kind of plan, something to demonstrate, something to prove. But he could not make sense of what it was.

What are you thinking? Xa attempted to think to Tokis.

But Tokis’ mind was closed. His body and his desires reined over his thoughts now. He was already clipping a collar around the neck of their pet.

“Come,” he said to the girl, who clutched the chain from her collar to Tokis’ hand and looked at him with renewed fear. Tokis tugged on the collar and she fell forward onto her hands and knees. “There you are,” he said. “Be a good pet and come with me.”

The girl looked up at him. Then she pulled on the collar again and struggled. Her demeanor changed suddenly. “No!” she said. “I will not—”

Tokis lost patience far more quickly than Xa would have expected. He was definitely not in control of himself as he ordinarily would be. He had the girl across his lap faster than even Xa could think, and she was so surprised by the quickness of his movement that her body went limp for a moment.

Tokis lifted his hand and brought it down on her ass with a loud slap. Xa saw that the spanking was orchestrated carefully for maximum sound, but not maximum force. Enough to leave a bright red print on the fair skin of their pet, but not enough to hurt her.

She squealed anyway. Tokis spanked her again, and again and again. She kicked and repeated that she would not crawl like a dog, but Tokis’ hand proved to be far too much discipline for her. After five hard spanks she quieted down. Her legs stopped kicking.

“You will do as you are told,” Tokis said, rubbing her bottom gently with his hand. “Do you understand?”

“But I—”

Another fierce crack cut her off, as Tokis landed his hand on her round ass harder than before. Her eyes grew wet and her voice stopped in her throat.

Tokis placed his hand over his slap print. It must have burned against her skin. She shifted beneath him but could not escape his touch. Xa smelled the same scent of her excitement as before, and his own arousal threatened to burst inside of him.

Tokis played with the jeweled end of the plug in Vedera’s bottom with his thumb. “Do you understand?” he repeated softly.

Vedera bit her lip. Then she said quietly, “Yes.” Then added quickly, “Please don’t spank me again.”

Tokis lifted her and lowered her to the floor on her hands and knees. “Behave. And there will be no need for discipline.”

Vedera rubbed her eyes quickly with her hand to rid herself of tears. She sniffed, and began to crawl forward, following Tokis, without him having to tug on her leash.

Xa could not help that, despite his discomfort, his own desire was overtaking him. He followed, as Tokis led their pet along the corridor, walking on her hands and knees, her cheeks flushing with humiliation.

It was curious. Because she was also aroused, her pussy dripping with the signs of it.

Vedera followed on her hands and knees down the corridor, acutely aware of the hungry eyes that were on her as she passed aliens in the corridors. She kept her eyes on the floor, her cheeks burning. Her bottom throbbed, hot and sore, where Tokis had punished her.

There was no denying—to herself, or more humiliatingly, to anyone else—that the humiliating crawl at the end of a leash was turning her on, as well as the hot hand print that burned on her behind. And the anticipation of what was to come.

Doors slid open with a hiss in front of Tokis’ feet, and the smell of fuel and oil filled her nostrils. The energy around her changed: she sensed many, many men, and their interest, suddenly pivoting toward her. She kept her eyes on the floor and tried to squeeze her thighs together to hide the trickle of excitement that was sliding down her right leg. Her heart thumped inside her chest.

Tokis spoke rapid, guttural Golorean, in a loud, low voice that sent shivers through Vedera’s body and made the throng of male aliens move closer.

He pulled on the leash and she followed obediently. As he stopped near the legs of a table she looked up briefly, but when she saw that were dozens of aliens standing around in a circle, looking hungry and lustful, she lowered her gaze.

He slid his arms beneath her and lifted her up to the table. Magnetic locking cuffs were produced from seemingly nowhere and slipped around her wrists, which grew heavy suddenly and pulled her wrists to the table itself.

Tokis pushed on the cuff of her right hand and slid it along the table to the corner. Then he did the same with her left hand. Vedera tried to lift the weight of the cuff or move it, as Tokis had, by sliding it. It was so heavy she accomplished nothing but to bend her arm at an odd angle.

Tokis leaned down to whisper in her ear. “Be a very good pet,” he said. “Or you will be disciplined later.”

Vedera felt a wave of heat in her bottom and ceased her wriggling.

Cuffs closed around her ankles, but these were pushed forward and together, so that Vedera was lying prone on the table, her chest to the cool metal, her arms spread out above her. Her legs were tucked up under her torso, forcing her to stick her bottom up in the air for all of the curious eyes to see.

She turned her face to the metal table and stared at the dull sheen of it. Her cheeks burned with humiliation. Here she was, on full display with a plug in her ass, and dozens of aliens circling her, witnessing her complete submission and humiliation.

She did not understand Golorean, so she had no idea what Tokis said as he spoke to the crowd, who rippled with a lusty energy but made only a guttural sound of pleasure as Tokis placed his hand on her bottom and spoke to them.

The heat of his hand ignited her sore skin again, and she closed her eyes and chewed on her lip. Tokis started to turn the plug in her bottom in circles, pushing up and down on it in intervals. The pressure sent ripples of pleasure through Vedera, which she could not hide.

The object began to slide from inside of her. The emptiness it left behind was devastating. But more important, she realized that as soon as all of the inches of the object were pulled from inside of her, her asshole would be open for everyone to see. And they would all be looking at it: looking at how she was stretched and waiting, submissive, helpless to be filled by an even bigger plug.

At last the plug left her, and she felt the cool air of the room as it caressed her gaping hole. A finger—perhaps Xa’s?—made a slow, agonizingly hot circle around the stretched rim of her ass. It was sore, but his touch was gentle, and her pussy welled up with even more excitement. And then even more, as she turned and saw all of the aliens staring at her ass, their cocks hard, their eyes hungry.

Tokis spoke again, and then she felt the tip of something very round, and very thick, at the entrance of her ass.

Vedera shuddered as the cold tip of the new trainer was pressed against her anus. Tokis twisted it to work it in, and it turned along the rim of her hole and stretched her wider. Only a bit of it was inside of her and she felt it was as far as she could go.

“Be good,” Tokis said.

“Relax,” Xa urged her.

She closed her eyes and did her best. Her eyes flew open as the object slipped in deeper, stretching her so wide that she thought her body might split. The pain was momentary, because she remembered to relax, but enough that she gasped.

Around her, the aliens made noises of pleasure. They liked what they were seeing. The inches of the object began to fill her, pressing on her insides, stretching her anus. The hard, cold object pushed against her pussy, through to her back, completely filling her. “Oh!” she said, and her cheeks grew red when her exclamation made the crowd mumble their approval.

Tokis gave her a playful slap on her bottom. She felt herself being lifted and set back on the floor.

Tokis tugged on the chain. She followed his lead, walking in a circle as the men looked down at her and the jewelled plug in her ass. As she crawled, her body rubbed the object and the sweet, full soreness started to spread throughout her body. It met up with the waves of humiliation that spread from her cheeks down her neck and her spine. Tokis jerked on her collar to make her lift her head, and she looked up when he insisted. He made her sit with her legs folded under her, which made her squirm with the plug pushing on new places inside of her.

Her pussy dripped onto her calves.

At last, Tokis walked her back to the room.

She was excited as he leaned over to take the collar from her neck. She thought that he might jerk her hips back toward him and fill her pussy with his enormous cock. Her insides throbbed as she thought about it; she craved it, she needed it.

She wanted him.

Or Xa. And Xa. Something. Any kind of release.

But Tokis only tied her hands behind her back. She dropped to the bed, tears of frustration building up behind her eyes. Her pussy throbbed and she couldn’t reach it.

Tokis growled, “You have been very good, my pet.”

But he left, and Xa stroked her hair before leaving as well.

Vedera bit the sheets of the bed and flailed her hands around but could not give herself any kind of release. “Dammit,” she muttered.

She had no idea what had just transpired. Or what was to become of her.

But as much as she hated to admit it, something about it felt really, really good.

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