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The Space Marshal’s Captive by Jaye Peaches – Extended Preview

The restraints didn’t hurt, not physically. What they did brilliantly was add to the embarrassment of being caught out of her cell. She’d not considered he might want to exercise at the same time as her. What harm could running around in circles do? She opened her mouth to voice her opinion and shut it quickly as he strode toward her. She hopped slightly, shuffled on her toes, but failed to retreat. Her wrists, crisscrossed against each other, were bound tight and rendered her arms useless. The bands were effective—he’d snared her.

As he towered over her, his height so superior, she ducked her head down and winced as if he’d struck her. “Okay,” she muttered. “Sorry. I guess I crept out and hoped you’d be asleep. I just fancied stretching my legs.”

“So did I. And now, I’m going to stretch you over that crate there.” He pointed to a black box as high as her waist.

She held up her hands. “Can’t move. You could—”

He answered her by picking her up and tossing her over his shoulder. Depositing her by the crate, he pushed her over and without any ceremony proceeded to pull down her joggers and panties. With her bent, bottom raised, it was quite apparent what he had in mind.

“Now, let me make this clear.” He pinned her down and brought his hand sweeping across her bare bottom with a crack.

“Ow!” she wailed. Each time he spanked her, he managed to make his hand feel harder, more rigid and painfully accurate as he targeted the same spots over and over. She couldn’t move her feet to hop about or stretch out her arms to hold the rim of the crate. He spanked her without pausing or giving her any kind of warmup.

He lectured, too. Emphasizing each rule again with a cluster of bracing slaps, ending his list with a decisively delivered remark. “I make the decisions around here. You are a criminal—”

“I am not!” she shrieked, forgetting her place. “Innocent until—”

“Do not interrupt me.” He continued his onslaught of stinging smacks, each one adding to the burning fire he’d lit across her ass. “I won’t have you wandering around. I have to know where you are so I can justify keeping you out of stasis. I know you don’t want to go in there. I see the fear on your face. I don’t want you in there if you are afraid.”

The reason why she hated those things was too hard to articulate in her emotional state. “I don’t get you… you spank me… then… say these other things…” She gulped air between words, unable to speak clearly or express what she felt. Nothing made sense with Mason. She lusted after him, enjoyed his company, but she couldn’t cross over to where he wanted her—slavishly obeying him.

He eased off and rubbed her buttocks in small circles, spreading the heat into a warm glow. “Shh, Jade. I like you, but I have to stay in charge. This is how it has to be, out here.”

Mason wasn’t speaking like a marshal any longer. Something had happened during the spanking and it wasn’t about punishing her. It dawned on her she’d not refused, fought back, or done anything to resist him. She knew, in her heart, if he caught her out of the cell, he’d spank her and not hold back from making it count.

She heard a click and the bands released her arms and legs, allowing her slowly to rise to her feet. She clutched her backside, then rubbed each cheek in turn, attempting to alleviate the discomfort with a soothing rotation of her cooler palm.

“There’s nobody out here, nobody to watch or tell us what to do. We’re alone, just you and me,” she whispered, her hands still cupping her bare ass. Peering up from under her loose strands of hair, she met his beady stare and blinked away the tears. She had more than alluded to her feelings. Were the hints sufficient? Would he sweep her into his arms and cross the invisible threshold erected between them?

Mason reached out and touched the side of her face with his fingertips, trailing them along her chin and she parted her lips a fraction. A shiver of anticipation rippled down her neck and spine.

“Even more reason to play safe. Nobody to protect you, but me. I don’t want anything to happen to you, Jade.” He spoke so softly, she barely heard what he said. The shadow of his lips floated close, lowering to meet her upturned ones. “Are you sure?” were the last words he said before their lips merged.

“Yes,” she exhaled into his mouth.

The kiss was long, hard, and exactly what she wanted from him. He drew her into an embrace and spread his fingers along her spine, feeling his way up and down her back. Her panties remained coiled around her ankles and she didn’t care that he had access to the wetness between her thighs. Her pussy had been drenched with adrenaline-soaked excitement the moment his breath had mingled with her own. The sensation was electrifying and irreversible. Her liquid nectar was there, ready to greet his entry, his full-on thrust—if that was what he really desired.

“Please, Mason, please,” she gasped, breathless.

“We’re not supposed to be compatible.”

“Let’s prove them wrong.” She rested her hands on his shoulders and squeezed.

“You don’t understand. On Ixzar, I would take you, force you to come many times, taking my pleasure. I need to control sex as much as I need control over this ship, my prisoners. You.”

She licked her lips, tasting him. “This isn’t going to be about just my pussy, is it? This fuck is something I’m never going to forget.”

“No, not by the time I’m finished.”

She spread a big grin across her face. “You’re very sure of yourself, sir.”

“I am.” He took her wrist and directed her hand down toward his pants where the obvious bulge tented the loose fabric. Beneath she felt the bold hardness—a scaffold of steel. It was upright, bursting for relief, and probably painful for him to contain.

“In your mouth, your pussy, and your ass,” he continued. “Here. Now. And you’ll obey me. Then, later, we can do it the slow way, the way of your people.”

She’d no point of comparison, only her own experiences, which had been energetic and brief. Jade swallowed hard, losing the smirk. “My people aren’t exactly gentle—”

He shook his head. “Jade, this isn’t going to be lovemaking. We’re not there yet. I don’t know if… I’ll try for you, try to be that kind of man.”

“I think you will. I believe you can. I know it here.” She pressed her other hand to his chest and through the shirt she discerned the drumming beats of his heart. “Here is where it counts, don’t you think?”

He didn’t answer with words; instead he lifted her up, sat her on the wide crate, and pushed her back. Before her shoulder blades had touched the cool surface, he’d disposed of her joggers and panties. Snatching her wrists above her head, he held her still. Jade’s vision blurred as he lowered his mouth onto her neck and sucked her tender flesh. The sharp sensation caused an involuntary wince; it also made her scalp tingle with trepidation.

He dove his hands under the t-shirt and brushed aside the cups of a bra. Molding his palms around her breasts, he massaged them, gently at first, then with firm squeezes. He shifted his focus to her nipples, rolling his fingers around them, toying with them as they hardened into pebbles. Throughout his teasing, he continued to kiss her face and neck, showering her with a medley of pecks or passionate smooches.

Jade shook—all over her body, she had waves of trembling and her insides fizzed, bubbling over with excitement. She wanted to feel him, watch him undress, but Mason remained clothed. However, with her hands free, she roved, exploring his muscular shoulders through the fabric of his tunic. When he leaned over her to kiss her lips again, his chest rose and fell against her bosom. His powerful physique lurked, waiting to be unleashed on her. He held back, but she knew if he chose to, he could quickly take her and not allow her any opportunity for resistance.

Abruptly, he disengaged. “You’re going to come for me, sweetheart. I want to see it. Feel it. I need to know how you look, whether it melts you into exhaustion or drives you to feed again. I’m demanding, but what about you, can you match my desires?” He spoke rhetorically, not waiting for her answer; it wasn’t necessary to hear her affirmation. Instead, he sank to his knees, looped his arms around her thighs, and feasted on her wetness, the flood that deluged from her clenching pussy.

The delicate apex of his tongue flitted about until it eased under her hood and danced all over her swollen bud. Somehow, without ever asking her, he knew when she was close, teetering on the brink, and he would cease his fluttering and lash the length of her slit, bringing her down from the precipice. Jade moaned, arched her back, and invited him back. Mason wasn’t going to be so easily persuaded by her pants and groaning. He chose where to foray, whether it was deeper into her open pussy or along the folds of her labia, and when to strike her clitoris. The man was infuriatingly clever.

With her hair fisted in her hands, she stammered, “So… close… oh, fuck.”

He might be laughing, buried between her legs, but she heard nothing to indicate he found her frustrations amusing. When she lifted her back off the crate to view his bobbing head, without even raising his head from sucking her clit, he calmly reached out and flattened her down.

Jade giggled as he sought out a new location for his adventurous mouth. “You’re tickling… not there, oh, no.” He was giving his attention to her perineum and she clenched her sore buttocks and knocked her thighs against his ears.

Now he laughed, a deep, throaty chuckle, and for a second time ceased his delightful torment. She knew what was coming next. He rose to stand between her knees and released his erection.

“Yes, please,” she gasped. Now, fuck me—she didn’t say.

Mason tilted his head to one side, while fingering the shiny head of his cock. He smiled. Jade swooned, her whole body seemed to relax, because his gorgeous features were expressing something she’d not witnessed before from him, or maybe any other man she’d bedded—he had a yearning, a desperate look almost. She hadn’t expected she had the ability to conjure up that kind of need.

He hooked his hands underneath her knees and bent her legs up and back, spreading them wider at the same time. Exposed and utterly vulnerable, she struggled to maintain her sedate composition. If she tensed, given the dimensions of his cock, it would hurt.

What happened next surprised her. He leaned toward her, jutting forward his pelvis and when she lifted her head, she spied the smooth head of his penis nudging her mound, the slit leaking pre-cum. He dragged it down over her clit, rubbing it up and down on her sensitive nub, then just as the nerve endings rocketed with renewed vigor, he slid his cock inside her pussy. It entered without resistance. No force was necessary for penetration—his thick cock had slipped in with ease.

He held himself there, his eyes half shut, and appeared to savor the sensation. Jade wanted a firm thrust, the surety of feeling him inside there, right in her core. She didn’t have to wait long. With her knees approaching her shoulders and her feet up in the air, she was wrapped into a ball and it gave Mason the advantage of height and angle. He edged his cock deeper, slowly, and with the depth came the awareness of his size.

Jade held her breath as ring after ring of resistance was stretched and vanquished. The friction was both painful and divine. If the pain grew too much, she would cry out, scream at him to stop, but it didn’t. The pleasure won out, right up to the point he struck her limits.

She reached out with her hands and snatched the lapels of his shirt, and clung onto them as he thrust. He made each penetration count by fully withdrawing then grinding his way back inside her lush pussy. The pain diminished, replaced by an all-consuming need to come. She closed her eyes and listened to the duet of his hips slapping against her ass, which still basked in the heat of the spanking, and the racing beats of her heart.

“Let me feel it, Jade, go on,” he urged, breathless with his increasingly rapid thrusts. He’d not let go of her legs, keeping her form bent over and pinned down.

There was a tearing sound—one of the lapels had ripped. She’d fisted her fingers so tightly and used the fabric to support the weight of her torso to such an extent, the shirt had torn right along the seam of the shoulder.

Opening her eyes, she caught a glimpse of the pale skin that shaped around his collarbone and muscles; whiter than hers, almost translucent, but she also saw color, a darkness—the continuation of his tattoos.

It thrilled her, seeing that morsel of his body. If that was a taster of what lay hidden, she couldn’t believe her luck.

Mason relentlessly drove his cock back and forth with energetic pummels. Occasionally he gasped, particularly when she clenched and tried to capture his cock. She wanted that friction back, the tightness when the shaft grazed her sweetest spots. Each time he knocked the head of his erection against the deepest place he could reach, she moaned and her nipples throbbed with a glorious pinching sensation.

It was too much, the unending need to climax, and she had to admit defeat. The frantic nature of the sex was electric and that electricity shot through every nerve in her body as she came.

Jade screamed. It wasn’t her intention to be so vocal. The sound ricocheted around the hard surfaces and seemed ridiculously loud. The embarrassment didn’t dissuade her from continuing to holler. She kept up the screech until she ran out of breath.

Unable to inhale, she closed her eyes and drifted, waiting for the spasms to abate, so she could snatch a breath and replenish her lungs. Her long cry had diminished to a little groan of delight as the ripples of her orgasm continued to spiral out of her pulsating pussy. She grinned, a soft smile of satisfaction.

“Oh, yeah,” she muttered and finally let go of the shredded lapels and breathed.

When Mason withdrew, he stood back. She blinked several times before gaining her focus. He had a serious expression and not what she expected. His cock dripped with her essence and it had coated the shaft down to the leathery skin of his swollen balls. He’d not come or if he had, he’d not emptied because his cock was resplendently upright and darkly colored.

“No, not like this,” he said in a hushed voice. “This isn’t working.”

Jade’s heart skipped a beat. He’d changed his mind, realized it was impossible to have any kind of relationship with her—she was a fugitive, a criminal, an incompatible female. Her lower lip quivered and she beat away the tears in her eyes with one long blink of her eyes before squeezing them tight shut. She’d had an amazing orgasm, and it hadn’t exhausted her, it had fired her up to new levels of lust, but that climax would be the last one with Mason. It wasn’t what she wanted, not any more. Along with her freedom, she needed Mason in her life.

He’d made a mistake. Stopping was hard, but necessary. When he’d tucked his rock-hard cock back in his pants, Jade’s dewy-eyed slits had sprung wide open in surprise. Slowly, she flopped her legs down until her toes touched the floor. The disappointment at his abrupt ending was etched onto her expressive face.

He needed to explain quickly. “Not here.” He waved his arms around the cargo bay. The location might have worked for an impromptu spanking and a brisk fuck if that was all it was going to be, but he’d realized as she started to come, when he seen the strength of her orgasm, that the location was inappropriate. Wrong choice—she deserved something better, so much better. Guilt niggled at his lack of forethought; he should have foreseen she’d be different, that she would bring out something in him unlike anything he’d experienced before now.

“I don’t understand,” she stuttered, rising to her feet. Her legs shook, understandably, given both the spanking and the energy expended in keeping them bent in position.

He held her up and squeezed her arms gently. The girl was disheveled—panties gone, shoes too somehow, t-shirt crooked, but still hugging the tops of her thighs, and bra straps dangling down her arms. Her hair was tousled and her face flushed bright pink; the glow had spread to her neck and bosom.

“Not here,” he repeated before giving her a swift kiss on her lips. “Let’s go.”

“Where?” The puzzled expression remained on her face.

Mason chuckled. “My quarters. Where else did you think I might take you?”

Her tensed shoulders sank in obvious relief, which meant she’d assumed something worse. It pleased him to think the alternative—an abrupt dismissal—was unwanted, because it was for him, too. He also couldn’t help thinking how cute she looked when needy.

“Did you really think I’d stop at one swift fuck when I’ve yet to come in you?”

Jade shrugged her shoulders, a weak display of indifference. “I thought you’d changed your mind and me being who I am—”

He stoppered her sentence with a hard kiss. She nearly collapsed into his embrace by the time he disengaged to lick his lips. “I’ll carry you—”

She moved back a fraction. “I can walk—”

“I’ll carry you,” he reiterated firmly. Again, the demure lowering of her eyes as she nodded in agreement. He loved the expression, the way it made him emboldened and dominant. She draped her arms around his neck as he lifted her up and nestled her head in the crook of his shoulder.

The interior doors opened automatically as he approached them, just as they were programmed to do.

Inside his room, he lowered her onto the bed. “Get undressed.”

“You, too?” She stared up at him, her bright little eyes glinting in the light. Dark eyes, almost as dark as outer space. He’d not had sex with a woman of her color before. The women of his planet were pale, yellow-haired, and blue-eyed. The icy surface of Ixzar was nothing like the tropical landscape of Malimor, so he’d been told. He’d never been to Jade’s home-world. He wasn’t going to deny her the thrill of touching him. He would enjoy the feeling of skin caressing skin.

He swept off his tunic first and immediately she gasped, sitting up straight to inspect the tattoos. Inking was the norm on Ixzar. “You like?”

She nodded keenly. “Altering body form on Malimor is frowned upon.”

“Undress,” he reminded her.

The bra and t-shirt flew across the room—another issue to work on. Jade was terribly untidy.

“You like?” she said with a flutter of her eyelashes and a jiggle of her generous breasts.

“Of course, very much, but I have already seen you naked a few times.”

Her cheeks blushed—how quickly she’d forgotten the humiliation, which was important. He wouldn’t like her to dwell on punishments, not when he’d other things to offer her.

His boots he placed under his desk and then he lowered his pants. His erection hadn’t diminished; if anything his sticky cock was stiffer and oozing, ready to explode, which gave him an idea. He strolled over to the bed, holding the swollen glans between his fingers. “Taste it.”

She hesitated for a second before moving into position on the floor. The sight of her kneeling at his feet, mouth open and eyes glued on his cock was tremendously satisfying. He’d not asked her to go onto her knees, he would have accepted lying on the bed and letting her crouch next to him. However, he wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity.

At first he let her take the lead. She explored, carefully, perhaps too gingerly. She stuck her tongue out and licked his shaft down to the balls. She painted his penis with saliva, a necessity for what he had in mind next. With her hands cupped around his balls, she opened her mouth wide and enveloped the head and half of the shaft, taking him deeper than he anticipated. She wasn’t a novice, but was she experienced enough for him? He’d find out and if she wasn’t, he’d enjoy teaching her.

Bundling her hair in his fists, he directed her bobbing head to move quicker by guiding it up and down, faster, then faster. She spluttered, but didn’t gag or retch. He hit the back of her throat and she tilted her head back further, allowing him to hold her there before withdrawing.

Jade snatched a breath and wiped the little drool of spit off her lips. “Sorry, not very ladylike.”

Her humility touched him; to him, she looked beautiful, it didn’t matter about minor adulterations. “I’m not after a lady, the kind who takes appearance too seriously. I’m looking at a gorgeously wicked girl who’s going to take my cock in her asshole.”

Her mouth hung back open, eyes popping wider.

“I did say, didn’t I—pussy, mouth… and ass?” He waited to see if she ran out of the room. Only a few days earlier, he’d stuck his finger in her bottom, probed her intimately, then he’d pumped her wide with the plug and watched her come, even though she’d tried to hide it. However, it didn’t mean she wanted to be fucked in the ass.

“Now bend over, bottom up.”

“Bend over! You’re going to…” Her voice petered out.

“That ass needs my attention and I’m going to claim it.”

She reached out and touched his arm. “Please, I’m very nervous and—”

He tipped her chin up with his finger. “Jade. I don’t want to hurt you. We can’t have you nervous, not with what I want to do to you. Try to relax. You have done this before?” Given her eagerness for oral sex, he hadn’t thought to check. He’d have to stop assuming she was capable of everything he threw in her direction. Her people did things very differently to his.

She bit on her lower lip—another divinely cute thing she did when she was embarrassed. “Yes,” she whispered.

“Good,” he said as nonchalantly as possible.

It had been an odd interlude, not what he’d expected when he’d brought her into his quarters. Normally, he’d simply do what he had to do, never expecting any questions and always demanding obedience. It wasn’t going to be like that with Jade. At least not yet.

Mason’s voice maintained a firm timbre, yet, at the same time, he soothed her with cushioning words as she bent over, reaching out to lean on the bed for support.

“Over a bit further and spread your legs a little,” he said. And when she complied, he added a pleasing, “Good girl.”

The flat of his palm rested on her lower back and he rubbed it, circling down until he covered her ass with the strokes. He explored her slit and skated his fingers along her folds, inserting one of his fingers into her pussy.

“So wet,” he murmured.

Jade panted as he fucked her with his finger. “I want to come,” she whimpered quietly.

In and out he jiggled his finger while she lifted her bottom higher and knocked her knees together.

“Soon,” he said. “When I’m in you.”

He continued to fuck her with one hand while bringing the other into play. She let out a tiny shriek as he circled her anus, teasing it, exciting the nerves and she flexed involuntarily. She felt ashamed that she wanted it so much.

“A little lube to warm you.” He slipped his thumb inside her and at the same time, added another finger inside her pussy, stretching her simultaneously. It didn’t hurt, not in the slightest, it was incredible.

“Wait,” he warned her again, as she started to hold her breath in anticipation of her orgasm.

“I can’t…” How could she hold it? He was finger fucking her twice over, driving her crazy. Last time he’d done something similar was during the search, and then he hadn’t expected her to come; this time, he wanted to control her orgasm, make it his right to own it.

“You’re a good girl, remember? When I tell you to wait, you’ll wait.”

She couldn’t. She wasn’t that good, she decided. Nobody ever told her when to come or not. It wasn’t anyone else’s prerogative to control her orgasms. Mason’s approach was too novel. Too demanding. She squeezed his thumb, trapping it, and came on his fingers. The gush trickled along her dangling legs and the powerful convulsions continued after he removed his hands. Immediately she regretted her weakness. Why did it bother her so much?

“Sorry,” she mumbled, burying her face in her hands and resting them both on the bed.

Mason responded with two swift smacks on her bottom and a chuckle. “You tried, I can tell. You crushed those legs shut and tensed up. But you didn’t believe you could do it, so you failed. We can work on that.”

Poor self-esteem wasn’t a criticism that had ever been foisted her on. She’d escaped Malimor, contacted the aid organizations, and piloted her own ship, and all of those things required confidence and perseverance. However, regardless, something about the way he’d commanded to hold her orgasm triggered a buried fantasy she’d held about alpha males taking advantage of her, and if anything, his confidence had added to her arousal.

She wondered what he meant by ‘working on it.’

While she regained her composure, Mason had moved from behind her and lay on the bed nurturing his erection with one hand. He was lubricating his cock with something—the coating shone in the light. It helped soothe her nerves knowing that as well as preparing her, he’d prepared himself. The sight of Mason lounging, eyes burning bright, smiling softly and awaiting her with a fully erect cock was more than sufficient to ramp up her lust. She sauntered over, sashaying her hips as she walked and he ogled her seductive form.

Mason patted the bed next to him. “Kneel on all fours.” Same expectant tone, same level of firmness. She responded to it with another rush of adrenaline.

Once in position, she braced herself, knowing that the initial penetration would hurt. It always had done in the past.

Mason held her hips still with the edges of his fingers and using his thumbs, parted her ass cheeks. He sighed, a happy kind of exhale. “You’ve opened a little, sweetheart.”

The smooth head nudged against the puckered opening. Jade arched her back and pushed back. The meeting of her anus and his cock gathered momentum as he leaned into her and she focused on relaxing her muscles. There was pain, but nothing like she’d experienced before. Mason’s slow entry, easing his way deeper, elicited no more than a faint burning sensation.

She listened—he was moaning, enjoying every second of his penetration and his apparent pleasure helped her take him deeper. The fullness intensified, the occupation was nearly complete. He aided the final stage by caressing her back with long strokes, before looping his hand beneath and cupping her breasts. Soon, those would be swinging back and forth in time to his thrusts.

“Ready?” he asked.

“Yes.” Then as the urge in her grew, she added, “Sir.”

On Malimor, nobody frowned upon anal sex, which was considered a common method of birth control for many women. Sex education at school had taught her all she needed to know about preparation and hygiene; what she hadn’t anticipated as an anal virgin was how erotic it was having a man’s cock pumping cum in there.

Mason began with long strokes, ensuring she could accommodate his movements, and when he seemed happy with her ability, he altered the pace and force. Jade anchored her knees and lowered her elbows onto the mattress to support the weight of their conjoined bodies.

What she thought might take no more than a few minutes continued for much longer. He changed position several times, especially the angle of approach and to her amazement she coped with all of his demands. When he shifted from kneeling to squatting over her, lowering his cock in and out of her bottom, she screeched with delight. He flitted from dipping and pounding, slow and fast. Every possible way, it seemed to Jade.

In amongst the occasional pauses, when he caught his breath and stroked her back, he encouraged her to keep going. “This is good, Jade, so incredible. I’d not thought…” The sentence hung incomplete as he returned to fucking her with renewed vigor.

She came in the midst of one long spell of rhythmic thrusts. Her clitoris, far from exhausted by the repeated need to come, reveled in the third orgasm. The spasms crippled her muscles and her aching legs finally gave out.

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