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The Underboss: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone – Extended Preview


I’d never wanted to possess anyone the way I did with her.

I pulled out, thrilled that Chrissy reached for me, her eyes darting back and forth as she issued several small cries of protest. “Don’t worry, baby. I never said I was finished. Did I?” I rolled onto my back, glaring up at the ceiling. “Are you thirsty?”


I rolled onto my side and my elbow, peering down at her. “You are far too beautiful.”

“No, I’m not.”

“I want you to trust me enough to tell me what’s going on.” She stiffened just like I thought she would.

“It’s not worth getting into, Francesco. I can’t change my life any more than you can yours.”

After taking a deep breath, I rose from the bed. “You might be surprised what I can do.”

She rolled over on her side, bending her knee and easing it forward. As she rolled her hand down the sheets, it was all I could do not to lose myself in her all over again. “No, I have a feeling you’re very powerful. I’m curious what you do.”

I walked closer, rolling my open fingers down her face. “If you’re a good girl, I might tell you.” Laughing, I backed away, padding out of the room. As I headed down the stairs, I thought about how much the girl’s presence had already affected me. Whatever was going on, it was clear that she was being told to do something she didn’t want to do.

Could I keep her, able to forge a life with her in it?

The question was, could I keep her safe? The last thing I needed to do at this moment was provide another clear weakness to be exploited by the Bianchis or worse. Putting her life in harm’s way, no matter how much I wanted to keep her wasn’t a decent thing to do.

Even if I couldn’t consider myself a decent man.

I’d grown up learning from my now dead father. While he’d doted on his daughter, protecting his only son using violence if necessary, everything else he’d taken without reservation. He’d taught me to do the same, which had prevented me from enjoying a true relationship.

However, the tenderness I’d decided to use brought a different series of emotions that I wasn’t used to experiencing. I wanted her happy, to feel as if this was an amazing decision. I wanted her to awaken like a flower, enjoying what we shared without pain or anger. But there was something else furrowing deep inside me.

The need to possess her was now stronger than ever.

It wasn’t a good position to be in, especially since nothing good would come out of this. Now that I’d broken the ice, allowing her to bask in the joy of a man who cared about her happiness, I wanted more. I needed to take all of her. Call me a bastard but my satisfaction depended on claiming her completely and without reservation.

I headed into the kitchen, yanking my jacket from the floor. As soon as I pulled my phone from the inside pocket, I noticed a message from Cayman. When I pressed listen, I took a deep breath.

“I found him, boss. I’ll keep him on ice for you. However, the merchandise is gone. The Bianchis have it. Word on the street is that they take it as another win.”

Another win.

That pissed me off even more. The fuckers would continue attempting to drive a stake right through the middle of our organization. I couldn’t allow that to happen.

Which meant making tough decisions.

After the call ended, I tossed the phone onto the counter, realizing that business was going to get even bloodier. Whatever I chose to do with my lovely dove would need to be calculated carefully. If only she’d tell me the truth.

However, I would need to cut the evening short if for no other reason than I was required to take out the trash. That would involve time. Even if I didn’t want to be away from her, at some point I’d need to get her back to wherever she wanted me to drop her off.

The struggle and need to keep her was real, so much so I pounded my fist on the counter, wanting nothing more than to break whatever was in my closest proximity. The timing was incredibly bad, karma a fucking bitch.

I poured myself a scotch, tossing back the entire contents then pouring a double. For some insane reason, I remained cognizant of her age, grabbing a water bottle. I had no idea why I’d suddenly grown a conscience, other than the last thing I wanted to do was to rip her entire world apart.

You mean stealing her virginity?

That I didn’t mind doing. Smirking, I took the stairs two at a time, half expecting her to be hiding behind a piece of furniture. Instead, she’d propped several pillows against the headboard, giving me a saucy look the moment I returned. She’d tucked the sheet under her arms, covering her breasts.

“Bad girl. You won’t cover yourself from me. Ever.” I ripped the sheet down, enjoying the sight of her pebbled nipples.

When I handed her the water, her wicked expression turned into a slight pout. Since she refused to take the bottle from my hand, I rolled the cold plastic across one nipple, issuing a harsh growl from the way she yanked it from my fingers.

I took a gulp of my drink before sitting down. Then I lowered my head, pressing my lips against hers, encouraging them to open. As I drained the gulp into her mouth, she brushed her fingers down my arm. Her touch could set the world on fire.

At least my world.

I rolled her lips open and closed, allowing her to swallow then thrusting my tongue inside. I cupped her breasts, kneading the tender tissue, plucking her nipples as the kiss turned into an explosion of heat between us.

As she moaned into the kiss, I captured the sound, savoring the way her body trembled from my touch. I could do this for hours on end. Unable to help myself, I slipped my hand under the sheets to her thighs, daring to roll the tip of my index finger around her clit. Then I pressed it inside, using the exact same motions stroking her sweet pussy as I did with my tongue teasing her mouth.

She writhed, her moans increasing, now so intoxicating I was in a full state of arousal. My balls ached, my cock throbbing. I would need to fill her again at least once if not more.

After pulling my hand free, I broke the kiss, only long enough to drive my finger into her mouth. “Suck me, baby. I want you to taste the combination of our sweet sin.”

Chrissy wrapped her fingers around my wrist, holding my arm in place as she sucked and licked my finger. There was such reverence on her face, as if she’d just dropped into a moment of pure heaven.

Fuck me, I was becoming obsessed with her. I didn’t want another man to ever be able to touch her. Hell, I felt like buying a chastity belt, requiring her to wear one when she wasn’t with me. The thought was pure evil.

“Mmm…” she moaned, her eyelids now half closed as she pumped my finger in her mouth.

“Jesus,” I muttered, yanking my hand free then crushing my mouth over hers once again. The taste was even sweeter, so much so I was almost blind from the raging desire that continued to build like wildfire.

She pressed her hand against my chest, digging her nails into my bare skin. Then she raked them down by several inches and the burn I felt was delicious. For an innocent little bird, she sensed exactly what I craved.

I eased back by a few inches, nipping her lip then taking a swig of my drink.

“You carry a gun,” she said as she studied me.

After swallowing, I shifted, leaning back against the headboard and crossing my legs. “A requirement.”

“Hmmm… You’re not military.”

“How do you know?”

“Your tattoos. You have too many and they represent something much darker than the team members you’re drilled into protecting.”

“Wow,” I said, allowing a slight chuckle. “Then what am I?”

“Well, it’s obvious you’ve killed people in your line of work.” She’d tipped her head in my direction, a sly grin on her face. “You’re not allowed to lie to me either.”

I took another deep breath, uncertain whether she was testing me. I doubted she’d expect a truthful answer. Why not give her one? “Yes, Chrissy. I’ve killed several men in my life, but I’d consider them the kind of scum of the earth who deserved it.”

“You’re not an assassin.”

“In some worlds, I would be considered that, but I don’t do perform my duties for money.”

“Family honor and protection then.”

Another laugh popped to the surface. “Very true. I would do anything to protect my family and those I care about, including ending someone’s life. There is no question and no guilt. Does that make me a sinner? Of that I have no doubt.”

“Hmmm… That makes you judge and jury.”

Turning my head, I studied her intently. “You don’t seem troubled.”

She shrugged, the action exaggerated. “Not really. I guess I grew up around it, bad men I mean.”

That gave me far too much of an insight into her life. Why did I have a terrible feeling her father was in the mafia? I racked my brain, trying to remember if there was a Bianchi sister. She was Italian, so that could be the case. Jesus. Either I’d stumbled onto that and I needed to buy a series of lottery tickets or I’d just stumbled into a cavern that would lead to hell. “Does the name the Bianchis mean anything to you?”

Her eyes narrowed and I could tell instantly the name wasn’t familiar. “No. Should it?”

“I’m still trying to figure you out, little dove. Nothing more.” I brushed hair from her face.

When she offered another smile, one just as sly as before, my hunger only continued to increase. “Don’t. Perhaps you won’t like what you find.” She took the glass from my hand, pulling it to her lips.

It was impossible to take my eyes off her as she enjoyed several sips, her eyes closing. I shook my head, still trying to put the pieces together. Whoever she was, she was someone’s daughter.

Likely a man of importance.

Mafia? Perhaps.

If so, I’d stepped into more than just quicksand.

I took the glass from her hand, placing it on the nightstand. “No more talking, unless you tell me exactly who you are, princess. And I sense you are a true princess.”

“If so then my crown is made of thorns and blood. I won’t burden you with my life, Francesco. You have yours to worry about.”

I pushed her down, intertwining my fingers in hers. “Then we fuck.”

The way she bit her lower lip reminded me that she was young and vulnerable.

And that she had been entirely too innocent for a beast like me to take, but there was no turning back now. I’d breached her womanhood, which rivaled every other intense moment I’d experienced in my life. A primal surge erupted from deep within, the realization that she’d chosen me for such a tremendous gift not weighing nearly heavily enough on my mind.

My hunger continued to be explosive and I used my knee to press her legs apart, savoring the way she arched her back, her cravings becoming as wound up as mine. As crazy as it sounded, I was glad I’d used the belt so she could feel my control over her for an extended period of time. The thought was far too delicious.

“I can’t wait to be inside of you again.”

“Then don’t wait. I need you. Now.”

As soon as I pressed the tip back to her tight channel, she issued a ragged moan, her fingers clawing at the bedding. Fuck me, I could do this for hours, but I knew her lithe body wouldn’t be able to take it all night long.

I slid my arm around her waist, gripping her tightly as I slowly thrust the entire length of my cock back inside. She was so fucking wet, the sound as I entered her echoed in my ears. She shuddered in my hold, her quivering body so small against mine. As I pulled out, she bucked against me, arched her back.

“My little vixen is very hungry,” I murmured and shifted my hand to her breast, cradling the heaviness of it in my large hand. My mind was blown by how much I craved every part of her, longing to spend days, not just hours, exploring every inch of her body.

Panting, she laughed nervously as she’d done several times, her scattered whisper another round of music for my ears. “Yes, very much so.”

When I pounded into her again, she met every hard thrust, her animalistic needs bridging the surface. I rolled my lips over her shoulder, keeping her in place as I took my time. While her tight pussy fought the intrusion, the hard clenching and releasing was a beautiful indication of how well our bodies molded together.

The moment I developed an intense rhythm, I couldn’t stop myself from using more force, fucking her like the crazed man I’d become. All because of her.

“You’re so…” She laughed, still shaking in my hold but no longer fighting me.

“Are you still glad you ran into the path of a very bad man?” When I nipped her shoulder, she let out a rapturous yelp.

“Yes. God. Yes. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted. This is the best fucking night of my life.”

I believed her, and if I had to admit it, I’d say the same. I pinched her nipple, enjoying her ragged mews as I increased the level of pain. If it bothered her, there was no way of telling, her reactions exactly as I’d hoped they’d be.

Within minutes, I knew I was about to lose control, which was far too early. I couldn’t help myself, pounding into her relentlessly, rearing back so I could grip both her hips, hips that were meant for only my hands. I never wanted another man to touch her. I craved to brand her with my initials and lock her away.

There was no desire to allow my bird to fly free, even if that’s exactly what would need to happen. I pumped long and hard, holding back until the very last moment.

As the rush of adrenaline turned into another wave of utter pleasure, I could tell she was ready to climax once again. There could be nothing sweeter than to have her releasing on my cock as I erupted deep inside of her.

“That’s it, baby. Take it all. Every single inch.”

“Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

My balls aching, my cock painful, I thrust for as long and brutally as I could.

Until there was no holding back and I filled her with my seed.

My beautiful prize, a gift from heaven above, belonged to me if only for this precious moment.

One I would remember fondly.

As much as I wanted to come into her tight pussy for the third time, I sensed she was sore. Besides, I wanted to claim every hole before I was forced to let her go.

When I pulled out, she cried out.

“I’m not finished with you yet.” I rolled onto my knees, easing her onto hers. When I flipped her around, dropping her onto all fours, she threw her head over her shoulder.

I drove the entire length of my cock inside, throwing my head back with a stark roar. She stiffened when I rolled my fingers down the crack of her ass, sucking in her breath when I slipped several in beside my cock. I thrust in several times before pulling them out and pressing them against her dark hole.

“What are you doing?” She tried to jerk up, clawing the bedding.

“Taking your tight little asshole as well.”

My special little dove didn’t try to stop me, only pushed up from the bedding. When I eased my fingers inside, she sucked in her breath all over again, her body shaking. I continued pressing my long digits into her tight hole, taking my time as I hit the tight ring of muscle. Then I flexed them open, driving them in and out in a slow, even motion.

Her whimpers turned into soft purrs, the sound such sweet music. I couldn’t care less about anything else but being with her.

Taking her.

Fucking her.

Goddamn, that made me a beast of a man.

I fisted her hair, wrapping her long curls around my fingers, tugging until she issued another whimper. She was so tight, but I felt her muscles relaxing. I removed my fingers, pressing the tip of my cockhead against her dark hole. Her slight whimper was ragged, driving me into another moment of increasing hunger. I pushed an inch inside, allowing her to get used to the invasion. When she arched her back, I knew she wanted more.

“I adore fucking your tight asshole,” I muttered then slowly drove the remainder inside, smiling when she gasped for air, her body quivering.

I loved being in control of her, claiming what already belonged to me. Nothing else mattered but her sweetest deflowering, the desire that continued to explode. I threw my head back, digging my fingers into her hips. Every sound we made was animalistic, our breathing ragged. Being lost in her was the best thing I’d ever experienced.

But I couldn’t hold back any longer, the need to fill her with my seed too great.

With four additional brutal plunges, I erupted deep inside, issuing a savage roar.

If only the entire world could hear that I’d found the one woman who I knew could soothe the beast, the single one who’d grabbed my heart.

But I had to let her go, to free the beautiful bird.

For now…

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