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The Vault by Piper Stone – Bonus Scene for The Capo: A Dark Mafia Romance


“What the fuck do you mean she’s missing?” I growled as I nearly crushed my cellphone with my fingers, already pacing back and forth behind my desk.

“I’m sorry, sir. She slipped away from us.” My soldier’s voice was sheepish. As it should be. He and his cohort would face my fucking wrath soon enough.

When one of my soldiers tells me the woman I loved had slipped away, I saw nothing but red. Two men were required to guard her at all times. Two. Fucking. Men. What did I need to do, hire a goddamn army?

“Where the hell did this happen?”

“In the heart of New Orleans, near Bourbon Street. She just… disappeared.”

Jesus Christ. She could be anywhere. “Find her. I’m on my way. Text me your exact location. Burn down the city if you need to. I don’t give a shit who dies. I want Delaney found.”

“Yes, sir.”

I ended the call, resisting tossing the phone across the room, immediately heading for my special vault holding the majority of my weapons. Every action full of rage, I pressed in the key code, barely waiting until the door was halfway open to yank it and head inside. I selected a number of weapons and additional ammunition, tossing them in one of my duffle bags. If my enemies thought they could get to me through the woman I loved, they had another thing coming.

When the bag was full, a fully loaded Glock inside my coat jacket, I rushed from the house, jumping into my Ferrari. Speed and power I’d need to get through the Mardi Gras crowds. Hell, maybe I’d run a couple people over in the process. What did I care? My family owned the goddamn city.

I slammed my hand on the steering wheel after hitting the third red light. No. I wasn’t a patient man. I roared through the intersection, narrowly missing getting into a crash. Horns blasted. Brakes squealed and I powered on, weaving back and forth through the crowded street. When I finally heard a ding indicating a text, I was angry all over again, furious with my men for losing her.

Granted, my little woman was feisty, refusing to follow rules. My rules. She’d had her bottom reddened just the night before because of her insolence and lack of responsibility, going out on the town with her friends. The night had reeked of passion and domination, her surrender and moans of ecstasy the thing fantasies were made of. But this was something entirely different.

It was my fucking birthday.

Forced to slow down, I yanked my cellphone from my pocket, glaring at the screen. I’ll be damned. I should have known my little woman had been planning something given how secretive she’d been. Her salacious text proved it.

Delaney: Hey, lover. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, the hunkiest man in the world. Now, aren’t you curious what I’m going to do?

I could hear her singing that with her sultry voice.

My response?

Me: I’m going to blister your bottom unless you tell me where you are right this minute.

Delaney: I don’t think so. You’ll need to guess. If you want your birthday present, you’ll need to stretch that big brain of yours. Where did we meet… Maybe you’ll find me there.

What the hell was she talking about? I’d known her my entire life. However, only recently in the biblical sense, our passion off the charts. I rubbed my finger back and forth across my lip. Then it hit me.

The Vault.

The sexy club I owned in the heart of the city.

However, it was closed today.

A smile crossed my face. The little vixen had garnered help with her rouse. I’ll be damned. Well, she would be taught yet another lesson that tricking her master wasn’t in her best interest. I would not only provide her with a spanking she’d never forget, I was also going to fuck her like the wild woman she believed herself to be.

She would learn to obey me one way or another.

Besides, two could play at her wicked little game.

I knew exactly what I needed to do to tame the beautiful woman.


Yes, I would consider myself a card-carrying brat, but I did so adore teasing the man I loved. He was so overly possessive, acting as if I couldn’t take care of myself. Excitement tore through me as I flitted around the table, lighting the candles and adjusting the champagne in the bucket of ice. Rose petals adorned the long conference style table in my favorite location inside Francois’ popular nightclub. The vault room, a private dining area, had been the actual location where money had been kept in what was once an operating bank two decades before.

The nightclub was dark, alluding seduction and danger, the place where Francois had finally seen me as a woman and not a little girl. He was my father’s best friend, a man I used to call my uncle.

Now, I called him my husband.

Although he preferred Master.

Not this girl. I was far too independent.

I stepped back, taking in the little scene of sultry seduction I’d set up. “Perfect,” I whispered, satisfied with the food, the icy bottle of bubbly, and the party favors I’d purchased just for this evening, including some sexy toys for his use. Draped over the massive chair he used almost like a throne were shackles. The powerful man did so enjoy keeping me tied up for his use. I laughed softly and adjusted one of three things I was wearing on this festive occasion.

A tie.

I’d considered it a birthday present as well, the bright red silk perfect for my man’s complexion. The only other piece of material adorning my body? A lacy crimson thong. However, I was also wearing five-inch, bright red stilettos. Red was his favorite color, including covering my bottom with it during his harsh rounds of punishment.

When I was certain I heard footsteps on the thick marble floor, I quietly pulled out his chair at an angle, easing down on the soft red velvet seat. I crossed my legs and picked up the Cuban cigar I’d purchased at his favorite tobacco shop, sliding it into my mouth.

I was nervous as well as excited, the planning had taken almost a month. Convincing the two guards who followed me everywhere to keep my secret had been difficult, but so worth it.

The sexy man’s approach seemed to take forever. When I could tell he was finally inside the outer room of the vault, I pulled the cigar in and out of my mouth provocatively.

As he walked in, as usual I was breathless. He was gorgeous in his charcoal linen suit and tussled hair. But he happened to be tieless. How appropriate.

In the warm glow of the moonlight, I could sense his eyes were twinkling as they perused the room, the sultry setting I’d created hopefully to his liking.

But he waited, finally leveling his heated gaze on me. While he wasn’t exactly smiling, the corners of his mouth were upturned, the slight smirk just as sexy as always.

And as dangerous.

I tingled all over, my nipples rock hard and my pussy throbbing. No man had ever kept me so charged with electricity, so fully aroused. I continued face-fucking myself with the cigar, tossing the end of the tie back and forth in a blatant teasing maneuver.

As Francois finally walked closer, his nostrils flared, his eyes became hooded as he drank in what I wasn’t wearing. The closer he came, the more intoxicated I got from the scent of his musky aftershave. I adored the citrus and sandalwood fragrance. It suited his personality perfectly.

Completely masculine.

He hesitated before closing the distance, his gaze falling to the way my crossed leg was bouncing up and down. When he planted his palms on the two armrests of the chair, leaning over ever so slowly, his heated breath was enough to create a wave of goosebumps dancing across every inch of my nakedness.

“You’ve been a very bad girl,” he said as he rolled the tip of his index finger down the bridge of my nose and around my lips.

I continued teasing him, using the thick cigar as a phallic symbol, making slight sucking sounds as I thought about the man thrusting the tip of his cock against the back of my throat.

He continued tracing my face, now sliding his finger from one side of my jaw to the other.

“I’m a very good girl. At least that’s what you’ve told me before,” I purred, licking around the end of the cigar.

Francois took a deep breath, holding it for a few seconds as he fingered the tie, cocking his head and raking his gaze down my body. I sensed the man was going to devour every inch of me. And I couldn’t wait.

When he grabbed the tie, fisting it in his fingers, I let out a slight moan. Backing away, he used the expensive piece of silk to pull me from the chair, twisting it around my neck and dragging me to my toes. With his other hand, he removed the cigar that was dangling from my mouth, carefully placing it on the surface of the mahogany table.

“I like the tie,” he said, his voice having the same effect it always did, juice trickling against both inner thighs.

“I thought you needed a little red in your life. Happy birthday, darling.”

He snickered as if the ruthless man was keeping a dark and dirty secret. “Do you know what bad girls deserve?” After asking the question, he lowered his head, his lips dangerously close to mine.

“No. What?” Unable to help myself, I rubbed my hand down his crisp white shirt, cupping the thick bulge between his legs. When I squeezed, he issued a series of deep, husky growls.

“A harsh spanking.” With that he captured my mouth, immediately thrusting his tongue past my lips.

Yielding to him at this moment was a given, my heart racing as I fought to release his thick cock. While he allowed the gesture, I sensed the beast inside of him was fighting for freedom. The kiss was passionate, a roar of the longing that kept us infatuated with each other. We couldn’t seem to get enough of each other.

He explored my mouth for what seemed like hours, tugging on the tie in his usual dominating way.

When he finally broke the sweet release of intimacy, he nipped my lower lip before easing back, studying me with the dark look of a predator. When a wry smile crossed his chiseled face, I knew exactly what I was in for.

With a hint of the dramatic, Francois pitched me over the edge of the table, immediately kicking my legs apart. His hold on the silk tie remained, pushing my face against the rose petal covered wood. Every time the man ravished me, I couldn’t seem to stop quivering.

Even after all the months we’d been together.

Tonight was no exception.

His breathing as ragged as mine, he brushed his hand over the toys I’d brought.

A leather stranded tawse.

Two butt plugs in different sizes.

My favorite passion pink vibrator, the kind that sent me into the stratosphere.

A birch cane crafted by an artisan.

And a hefty paddle made of the densest wood available.

I had a feeling he was salivating from the thought of what he’d use them for and how often.

“You defied me. You caused me extreme anxiety. You disobeyed every rule I put in place. And why?”

Was the man really asking me?

“Cause it’s your birthday,” I cooed.

His laugh filled the high ceiling, adding to the intense moment. When he picked up the cane, I sucked in my breath. He had a way of exacerbating the level of anticipation, creating more than a wave of butterflies in my stomach. Tonight was no exception. He twirled the birch, bringing it down three times against the table. And every time, I jumped, the rush of excitement keeping my core overheated.

“Rules are meant to be followed. I can see I’m going to need to provide daily reminders.” What he called foreplay was over, my handsome, rugged lover bringing the cane down and across the center of my bottom.

“Oh, my God.” I pushed up from the table only to have his hand pressed against the small of my back.

“I don’t think you want to continue disobeying me, sweet vixen. I have no intention of going easy on you tonight. Stay in position.” The whooshing sound as he brought the cane across my buttocks two, three, then four times was enough to steal my breath.

The pain was indescribable, my heart thudding in my chest. He was relentless, bringing it down six more times. I undulated and almost pitched myself off the table.

Every sound he made brought me closer to a strange but incredible moment of rapture. How many times had he spanked me, yet this moment seemed that much more powerful? I gasped for air, licking my dry lips as he continued the harsh round of punishment. My upper thighs were ripped with heat from the strikes against them, my pussy clenching and releasing as the agony sent another rush of current into my system.

He took a deep breath as he dragged his fingers down my spine to the crack of my ass, chuckling darkly as he shoved two into my aching pussy. “So wet for me, princess. So hot and tight.” He pumped his fingers deep inside, flexing them open.

I wiggled even more, the pleasure and aching heat on my bottom mixing together into utter ecstasy. He kept his firm hold on the tie, using it as a leash and tugging it every few seconds to remind me he was very much in charge. When he placed the cane across my sit spot, balancing it perfectly, I couldn’t seem to stop shivering. He was testing me, the little birthday bastard boy.

Francois let the tie go and swiftly pumped all four fingers inside my tight channel, curling the ends and thrusting with enough force he managed to scrape the tips across my ‘G’ spot. I panted and writhed, the combination of pleasure and pain pushing me almost immediately into a wild and crazy series of vibrations humming through every muscle and vein.

“Come on my fingers, bad girl. That’s what I want for my birthday.” His deep voice resonated through me.

My usual defiance was short lived, the extreme pleasure he was providing off the charts. As the rushing climax tore through me, I issued a scattered scream, my pussy clamping like a tight vice around his thick fingers.

He continued finger-fucking me, pushing me from one orgasm to a second, the beautiful wave tickling all my senses.

“Yes. Yes. Yes.”

Every moan I issued was met with a solid, animalistic growl. After I came down from the rafters, he peppered my bottom with a few additional strokes before tossing the cane across the table. I took a deep breath, trying to anticipate what he had planned next. The answer was almost immediate.

After another dark and deep breath, he picked up one of the butt plugs, twirling it as he’d done with the cane before plunging his fingers into my pussy, soaking them once again. That lasted only a few seconds before he drove two into my dark hole. How many times had he fucked me in the ass, driving his thick cock inside like a ravenous beast? Yet, as with everything else being inside the vault, there was additional need on both our parts, a dazzling moment of feeling uninhibited in our actions.

I almost wished employees were watching my fall into humiliation, fully aroused until they hungered to participate in our level of debauchery.

The release was incredible, my pussy aching like it never had before. But as he drove the rubber plug deeper inside my tight asshole, I was pushed into another moment of sheer ecstasy, panting until I was lightheaded.

He patted my bottom, backing away. I threw my head over my shoulder, dragging my tongue across my lower lip. I’d seen him naked more times than I could count, enjoying the revelry of our passion both inside and outside our house. In the bed. In the kitchen. In the pool.

Hell, he’d managed to fuck me inside his big red Ferrari after I’d given him a sinful blowjob, but when he did little more than unzip his pants, pushing them down his hips by a few inches, that was much more intimate.

As well as dominating.

His eyes appeared dilated as he leaned over, twisting the plug fully seated inside my bruised bottom. But I sensed his hunger was too great, his needs surpassing mine. Thankfully, my handsome lover didn’t make me wait, driving the entire length of his cock deep into my aching pussy.

As usual, the electric vibrations pushed me up from the table, my gasps barely audible. I remained as lightheaded as before, stars and shapes in vibrant colors floating back and forth in front of my eyes. He was like a crazed man, fucking me savagely, plunging his cock hard and fast.

The force he was using was almost shocking, although he was the kind of man who refused to take no for an answer. I panted like a wild animal, floating in and out of raw bliss. My hands were fisted, my mind a beautiful blur as the brutal fucking continued. The sounds we both made were animalistic, the need raw and fresh.

A reminder of our first time together inside this very location. He was a crazed man, ensuring I never forgot who owned me.

And I loved every minute.

As the wildness we shared continued, I heard strange noises coming from the entrance to the massive room. Yet between the flickering candlelight and the dark shadows filtering from every corner, I couldn’t grasp what the sounds could be from.

Seconds later, Francois’ body tensed, his growls darker than before. A smile crossing my face, I clamped down on his thickness, savoring every crazed feeling tearing through me.

“My…bad…girl,” he breathed before throwing his head back, bellowing like the beast I knew him to be. There was nothing like the rush of adrenaline as he erupted deep inside, filling me with his seed.

I pressed my face against the cool wood, licking the single drop of perspiration that had trickled to my lips. As he crowded over me, pressing the heat of his rugged body against mine, I heard another sound.

Then a round of applause from not one but several people, their cheers creating an icy trickle skating down my spine.

And my eyes were now wide open.

We weren’t alone.

Damn him!

“My beautiful baby deserves an audience,” he growled, nipping my ear. “Now maybe you’ll learn how important obeying me really is.”

As his laugh filtered all around me, I was already plotting my next saucy act of revenge.

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