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The Viking’s Prize by D.W. Collins – Extended Preview

The Viking's Prize by D.W. CollinsIna stopped daydreaming when she heard Eric’s heavy boots crunching the pebbles just outside the cottage door. A rush of cold air chilled her bare skin when the door opened, and she carefully kept her eyes down until Eric’s huge shadow engulfed her. Her breath almost stopped as he circled her in silence and then dropped the booty bag onto the table.

“You have done well. The floor is very clean, little thrall,” Eric said.

His deep voice sent a shiver through her body that was hard for her to mentally admit to.

“Stand up and come here.”

She put the brush back into the bucket and stood in front of her master. He fondled her breasts in that maddeningly casual manner that showed so completely that she belonged to him.

“I came back here prepared to give you a severe thrashing, but you have been obedient, so our evening may prove to be more pleasant for both of us if you choose to remember your place.”

He pushed one of his knees toward her, wrapped one of his powerful arms around her waist and pulled her forward until she was naturally forced to straddle his muscled thigh. His kiss was as powerful as the rest of his presence. His tongue invaded her mouth unexpectedly and she emitted a sound that was part surprised squeak and part guilty, passionate sigh. Ina loved how his body tantalized so much of her frame at once, and she could not help riding the leg he had pulled her over.

She was unable to keep her carnal heat from rising even further as his palms pressed against her back and flattened her swelling nipples against his hard chest. His other hand left her waist and dropped to cup her still sore buttocks as he kept her pussy firmly pressed against his leg. Ina felt the bulge of his trouser-encased manhood growing against her womb. His lips, tongue, hands, chest, and legs possessed her so completely that she was both unable and unwilling to resist her growing desire, and she was disappointed when he withdrew his tongue and broke their passionate kiss.

“That is very good,” he said with evident satisfaction at her wanton submission. She was too breathless to reply for a moment. “You are so beautiful and so very responsive; I’m glad that work agrees with you well. Our community needs everyone to do their part, even my pretty little personal thrall. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, master,” she said, glad her voice had finally returned.

The big Viking stepped away from her, pulled out a chair, and sat at the table. Ina felt a surprising sense of longing when their bodies parted and she watched with interest as he untied the booty bag.

“Do you know what I have here, teacher?”

“No, sir,” she answered honestly.

“My men looted these toys from your former home.” He spilled the bag’s contents onto the table so Ina could see her heavy wooden ruler and her well-oiled leather tawse. Her eyes grew large as she tried to keep her composure. “I see that you recognize the implements you used to chastise your students.”

“Sir, my girls were usually well behaved and I seldom…”

He raised a hand to silence her. “Oh yes, and I am sure each spank hurt you more than them. Tell me the truth. Which girl did you spank last and for what offense?”

Ina’s heart began to race. She honestly could not remember the last girl she had punished or why. “Please, sir, I don’t remember. I haven’t spanked any of them for months. You have to believe me.”

“Really? What vivid tales will your girl’s utter if I question them, teacher?”

“I don’t know,” the dean whispered. In fact, she really wasn’t sure if some spiteful girl might want to gain the chief’s favor by inventing some false account.

“Well, these toys belong to me now and I will use them to perfect your education. Which one should I use first? Choose!”

She pointed a shaky finger toward the ruler.

“That’s an excellent tool for correcting rebellious females. I know firsthand that it can be applied with good results for the correction of misbehavior.” He lifted the piece of wood and brought it down on the table top with a loud crack. Ina could not help reflexively jumping back from the fearsome sound. “You can relax. I am not unfair.”

For a moment, Ina was sure he was telling her the truth, but even if he wasn’t, she would not be able to stop him from punishing her just for his satisfaction.

“Thank you for being such a fair man,” she whispered. Who knows? A little sweet talk might help.

Eric tapped the ruler on his broad palm and smiled. “This is just a little piece of wood,” he said. “But, it can get your full attention if I need it to.” He took the ruler and used it to gently flatten one of her swollen nipple buds.

She understood at once. A simple flick of his wrist would send a bolt of fiery pain through her tender nipples. Her lungs filled slowly as their eyes met. His gaze was utterly amazing and his deep blue eyes mesmerized her.

“Tell me now, is the foolishness over?” He kept the ruler in place.

“Please don’t,” she whispered, but the frightening ruler did not move.

“Is the foolishness over?”

“I am begging you for mercy…” she said as her eyes grew misty.

He jerked the ruler back and she could not help gasping, but her hands stayed at her sides. The ruler was poised a few inches from her tender flesh, ready to strike. The moment that passed between them seemed to take an eternity.

“You need not beg, just answer me now. Is the foolishness over?”

“Yes, master. I will obey you.”

“That’s a wise choice and one that you will not regret.” He extended a hand and stroked her cheek with the back of it sensuously. When his knuckles crossed her lips, she kissed them without thinking. “There, that’s much better,” he whispered with a self-satisfied grin.

“I did not mean to do that,” she said as her face reddened.

“I wish your tongue could be as honest as your body,” he said as his fingers toyed with her swollen nipple buds. “You do not need to lie. Feeling pleasure from your master is not a fault.”

Ina dropped her gaze and cursed herself in silence. This barbarian was so confusing. She wanted nothing more than to curse him and slap his arrogant face, but that would only earn her a harsh beating, or even worse. For now, she knew she had no choice but to submit to this powerful man’s appetites.

Eric’s voice broke into her thoughts an instant later. “Your former pupils call you ‘Lady Ina.’ How did you come by that title?”

“My dear departed father was Duke of Sutherland, before his death. He was a peer of the realm and so am I by birth.”

“I see. Did his title pass to your brother?”

“I have just a younger sister. Her husband is the duke now.”

“So you have royal blood; I’m impressed.”

“Don’t expect a ransom, my brother-in-law will be glad to be rid of me. I imagine he is rejoicing now.”

“I have no interest in ransoming you, at least not yet. I plan to keep you for myself.”

That announcement did nothing to please Ina, but she held her tongue.

“Why did your younger sister marry before you?”

“Jayne wanted a husband since she was a girl.”

“But you did not?”

“I enjoy the life of a scholar. Marriage held no attraction and no man showed any interest in me.” Ina was amazed at the conversation she was having. Their talk was so mundane that it could be taking place at court, if she were not being forced to stand completely naked. That idea was so ironic that she couldn’t help giggling.

“It’s good to see you laugh a little. What pleases you so much?”

“It’s nothing. We’re just talking so politely, but I’m forced to be naked against my will.”

“Why is being naked really so against your will? I thought beautiful women enjoyed being admired.”

That question took Ina by surprise. She had never considered wanting to be “admired” before and certainly not like this. Her next words slipped out too quickly. “Sir, I’m not like this by choice. I am your slave, not your lover. I have no affectionate feelings for you.”

His expression hardened instantly and she was suddenly afraid she would incur his wrath. “Well, you are not afraid to let me know how you feel. I will not fault you for answering my question honestly. I suppose I should not ask any questions if I do not want the truth.”

Ina breathed a soft sigh, but his next words made her tension grow once more.

“I will speak to you as plainly as you have to me. You belong to me now and I enjoy looking at you. Get used to being naked when you are with me because I will keep you bare a good deal of the time. Soon enough, you’ll regret having to wear anything.”

Ina wanted to scream. How can this crude fool be such a… a… She could not find a word in her vast vocabulary to express her disgust. I’ll never, ever want to be kept naked by you!

He gave another infuriating chuckle and sat on his chair. He was so much taller than her that this new position put him at her eye level and she struggled to avoid eye contact. Still, some primitive desire lured her to step close enough for him to take hold of her wrist. Before she could protest, his other hand began to sensuously finger her pussy. She tried to push him away with her free hand, but that effort was futile.

“Hold still, little thrall. I’m going to take what I want. Don’t force me to punish you.”

She squirmed and squeaked, but he touched her as he pleased and left her breathless. “Please stop this… I cannot stand what you’re doing to me…”

He laughed and pulled her close. Her knees parted and she soon found herself straddling his lap, facing him. His palm held her throat as he kissed her passionately. Her thighs were spread wide and her dripping slit was pressed against the hard bulge in the front of his pants. Ina found the sensation indescribable as his tongue drove into her mouth. The warmth of his body so close to hers was wonderfully welcome and she sighed as he caressed her back. Eric Johansson knew how to make her feel so wonderfully powerless, confused, and urgently hungry for more, all at the same time.

“You ask me to stop, but your lovely body clamors for more,” he said. “What am I to believe, little thrall? Tell me the truth; shall I go on?”

She moaned softly. When he stopped moving his hands, she realized he was going to make her say it and admit what she wanted out loud.

“Alright, I admit that you have the best of me and I don’t want you to stop.”

“It’s about time,” he growled as his hands went back to work tantalizing her back, shoulders, and then her bottom. “Say it again. Tell me that you do not want me to stop.”

“What you say is shamefully true. I do not want you to stop.” She stopped resisting and allowed herself to savor the feel of his hands caressing her soft skin. This rogue inflames me and I can’t resist feeling excited when he shows his ownership. I never even wanted a respectable man before and now this rogue has enslaved me. Her body melted against his and she returned his kisses with wanton ones of her own. Then his lips left hers and moved to her swollen nipples. She whimpered wantonly as his tongue and teeth sent a flood of pleasure through her sensitive buds. Just when Ina believed that she would faint from the unrelenting arousal, Eric took mercy and held her gently until her breathing returned to normal.

Ina rested her cheek against his broad chest and savored the tender embrace. What was he going to do to her next?

The big man did not make her wait long for an answer. He lifted her body and gently placed her at his feet. She watched in rapt attention as he stood, walked to the fireplace, and filled a basin with warm water. He set the pan on his table and waited until she met his gaze. Then his fingers released his belt and without warning his pants fell to the floor.

She could not look away as he kicked his pants aside and stood bare from his waist down. Ina had felt his swollen male organ during their close contact, but this was the first time she had laid her eyes on it. His smug expression showed that he was enjoying her attention. His cock jutted directly toward her and the musky scent of male arousal filled the room. The virgin dean could not move as her master walked toward her and took hold of her long braid. Now any form of escape would be impossible and her pulse began to quicken. He pulled her face toward his member.

“Open your mouth,” he whispered.

Suddenly, she understood everything. The realization had dawned on her in a flash. The dean had never had a man’s cock in her mouth before, but she had heard stories, lurid stories. Now she was about to be initiated into the sisterhood of women who were behooved to serve their men with their mouths. Before this day, she had been repelled by the very idea of this sort of intimate act, but today she was unexpectedly at peace. In fact, Eric’s commanding presence made this act of absolute submission strangely appealing. Her jaw dropped instinctively and the pulsing rod plopped onto her tongue. He was larger than she had imagined, but she resolved not to panic. Every woman who had described this experience to her had seemed to enjoy herself eventually. And what choice did a slave girl have? Resistance would only earn her punishment.

Her lips sealed around his thick shaft. It pulsed urgently, but he seemed careful to not choke her. His hand held her braid tighter as his hips began to thrust. “Suck it harder, thrall,” he commanded. She was determined to submit to him so he would not discard her the way he had her predecessors. And it was essential for her to keep him off guard so she could get her chance to escape. Thoughts of freedom danced in Ina’s mind, but she could not suppress a deeply troubling realization. Her Viking master was setting her disloyal body on fire. She certainly wanted to be free, but only after she had experienced a full measure of the wicked pleasure he was offering. She had always been a respectable woman who never allowed any man to dishonor her in any way. Now she was eagerly submitting to a Viking pirate in the most lewd manner she could imagine and her body was lusting for more.

The thrill of kneeling naked at his feet and eagerly pleasing him was possessing her completely. How could she face herself again? Being required to assume this humiliating position aroused her more than anything she could imagine. No man had ever enticed or even tempted her before, but this rogue was irresistible.

Her tongue wrestled against his shaft. What would her friends think if they could see her now? What would her girls think, or her sister Jayne, or even Sir Harold? The unlikely image of Jayne sucking Harold made her laugh out loud.

Eric reacted immediately and used her hair to turn her face upward. His expression was a perfect picture of pure surprise which increased when she spread opened her mouth wider and quickly swallowed his bobbing rod again. This was a duel she intended to win. No man could outlast a woman at this game.

His hands gripped her head when the sound of a sharp knock on the cottage door startled her, but Eric responded immediately. “Come in.”

Ina cursed silently at her master’s careless invitation. The fact that she was stark naked with his huge rod in her mouth was apparently not a problem for him; it was all part of showing his cursed ownership of her.

Ina’s anger flared when she saw Miranda walk in.

“Excuse me, master. I can come back later.” The other slave girl’s manner was as completely unperturbed—as if she walked in on the chief ravishing a slave girl’s mouth regularly. Who knew? Maybe she did. Ina suddenly felt a completely unexpected reaction to this situation—a burst of pride. Both women were slaves to the same master and he was clearly preferring her to the younger blonde.

Miranda almost seemed to realize what Ina was thinking. She stood frozen in place staring directly at the master’s swollen cock as it pumped in and out of the redhead’s mouth.

“You can go. I will not need you any more today.”

Miranda turned on her heel and dutifully departed. An instant later, Ina felt her master’s body stiffen and he filled her mouth with a flood of his seed. The thick liquid had a salty taste that was in no way unpleasant and its musky scent had a powerful effect on her as she inhaled it. His body relaxed and he released the grip on her head.

“That’s very good,” he said. “I had no idea that you would do so well. Do you really want me to believe this is your first time at this?”

“Thank you,” she said as she tenderly kissed his shriveled manhood, unable to decide exactly what she was thankful for—not spanking her raw, not humiliating her, not… One thing was clear to Ina: she needed to keep reminding herself that she had to keep her master happy if she was going to ever get free. She’d have to sort out all her other confusing feelings later. Keeping focused was absolutely essential now.

“Crawl onto my bed. I’m going to repay your service and give you a bit of pleasure as a reward,” he said. Her mind was full of questions as she hurried to comply. The bawdy tales she had read and heard did not say what happened after the damsel drained the knave. She expected that he would take her virginity. In fact, she was surprised he had waited this long already.

Her knees were hardly on the soft quilt when he gave her bare bottom a playful swat and rolled her onto her back. “Spread those lovely legs and welcome your lord and master,” he said.

She obeyed at once, but she was puzzled. His cock was still limp. How does he plan to ravish me in this condition?

He smiled broadly as he lifted her knees and spread them wide. “Hold onto your ankles and do not let them go or I’ll tie you like this.” Seeing her in that lewd position seemed to please him and he chuckled in vulgar satisfaction. “You’re a lovely woman, little thrall, and I feel quite fortunate to have you.” His fingers sprang to her freshly shaved slit and he smiled arrogantly. “I see that you’re finding a little pleasure in your situation as well.” He slipped two fingers between her nether lips and began pleasuring her skillfully.

Ina drew on every scintilla of her power of self-control. She could not allow this crude rogue to realize she was using him for her purposes as much as he was exploiting her body for his. He was just a man and she would take advantage of all the weaknesses of his gender. She understood that the two of them were locked in a contest to see whose will would prove to be the stronger.

An instant later, Eric dropped to his knees and thrust his heavily bearded face between her gaping thighs. Ina squirmed as his coarse whiskers began to tickle her open thighs; she had no idea what to expect and she held her breath, waiting to see what he would do next.

For an interminable few seconds, neither one of them moved. Finally, he leaned closer and she felt his warm breath touch her pussy. The sensation was like nothing she had ever imagined, let alone experienced. The very idea that this rugged Viking warrior would actually kiss her in such a brazen way was unimaginable.

The Viking chief’s tongue parted her nether lips as Ina gasped in pleasure. She ground her hungry mound against his mouth with no pretense of resistance. Everything felt far too good!

The rogue chuckled arrogantly and drove her closer to the brink of pleasure-fueled insanity. She could hardly breathe as he lifted he knees and bent her body double. He took his time and pleasured her without restraint. The master had introduced her to a completely new conception of what her captivity could be like. Acting like a helpless victim would be impossible from now on, even if she really was helpless to resist his raw masculine power.

She gasped frantically as her body yielded to his absolute domination. Why had she resisted male attention for so many years? Another troubling thought came to her mind. How much longer would he want her this way? When would he lose interest in her, like he had with Miranda? These thoughts whirled in her fevered mind, but more than anything she gorged herself on the raw pleasure of the moment. Just as her passion peaked, she felt a blinking explosion of molten pleasure flood through her frame. He held her close as the frenzy faded away and warm tears meandered down her flushed cheeks.

His face drew close to hers before he spoke. “Don’t forget, little thrall. All your time with me does not have to be so hateful. I can be a generous master when you deserve a reward.

She buried her face in his curly chest hairs and held her tongue.

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