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The Virgin Captive by Kallista Dane – Extended Preview

The Virgin CaptiveWhat a bizarre dream. Tori stirred and stretched. Shock snapped her into full consciousness when she discovered she couldn’t move. She opened her eyes to find that she lay on a hard surface in a strange room, wrists tied over her head, feet bound together.

A door opened. The draft of cold air sent shivers through her whole body and she realized she was completely naked. She closed her eyes again, hoping this was still part of the dream. Told herself when she woke up, she’d be back in the four-poster bed.

Heavy footsteps drew near.

“Awake yet? Well, I’m sure you will be by the time we begin. We need you fully conscious to gauge your responsiveness during the procedure.”

A man speaking. Responsiveness? Procedure? Though her mind was sharp as ever, she struggled to make sense of his words. She had a mild headache but other than that, the effects of whatever drugs her assailants used had worn off. She kept her eyes closed. Perhaps she’d learn more if the speaker thought she was still asleep.

The door opened again and she heard several voices this time, both male and female. She swore that one of them sounded like Miss Cora Holmes.

“What do you think, doctor?”

“She’s a little too thin for my taste but she’ll make a fine addition to our next event. Providing you can get her trained in time.”

A musical tinkle of laughter. The woman spoke again. This time Tori was certain the voice was that of Miss Holmes. “Now doctor, have you ever known my methods to fail? Besides, some of our customers prefer to finish the training themselves. They have unique… desires and they enjoy introducing their new plaything to those desires personally.”

She heard several masculine chuckles at that, and wondered just how many people were in the room. The familiar voice came closer.

“Miss Dinkins? I know you’re awake. Open your eyes and look at me.”

Tori feigned unconsciousness. But her attempt ended abruptly when a soft hand ran over her breast, finding the nipple that had hardened into a tight little bud from the cold, and twisting it cruelly. Her eyes snapped open and she found herself staring up at the headmistress.

This Miss Holmes looked nothing like the prim and proper one Tori met yesterday. Her black hair had been released from its tight bun and hung loose, flowing down her back. A few wavy strands found their way over her shoulders to stand out even more darkly against the swell of lush breasts, the nipples barely concealed by the indecently low-cut bodice of her ruby red gown.

Her lips and cheeks were rouged in a shade that nearly matched the deep crimson color of her dress. A cool smile played over her face.

“That’s better.” Miss Holmes waved a hand at a handsome man in his late forties standing nearby. “This is Doctor Danvers. He will be giving you a thorough examination to be certain that you’re a good candidate for admission to my very elite, very private finishing school.

“Consider it an honor that you’re here, Miss Dinkins,” she went on. “Only a select few are chosen.”

The room was dark except for oil lamps lit around the table on which she lay. But when Miss Holmes stepped back, Tori saw two other well-dressed men standing silently in the shadows. The headmistress waved a hand toward them.

“Occasionally I allow special guests to witness the admission examination of a new student. These gentlemen are two of my finishing school’s best patrons. If you’re very lucky, one of them may choose to take you into his service when you complete your training.”

She leaned closer and whispered in Tori’s ear. “You would do well to cooperate with Doctor Danvers in every way. If these men like what they see, they’ll be that much more eager to bid on you when you’re presented at the next event. Trust me, you’d be far better off ending up with one of them than some of the others.”

“Help me.” Her throat dry as dust, Tori barely managed to croak out the words. “For God’s sake, help! I’ve been kidnapped!”

The men never moved. Tori stared at them in horror. What kind of fiends were they, to stand by and allow a helpless young woman to be stripped naked, then bound to a table? She could barely make out their figures in the dim light. Was it possible they couldn’t hear her, couldn’t see her? She tried to swallow, opened her mouth to call out louder.

Miss Holmes leaned forward. Though she spoke in a low tone, the venom in her voice sent shivers down Tori’s spine. “Say one more word and I’ll put a gag in your mouth, plus doubling the punishment you’ve already earned when this is over.”

Tori sagged against her bonds. She’d heard whispers of criminals who captured young girls and women, forcing them into lives of unspeakable depravity. But she’d always thought them the stuff of lurid tales made up by the writers of those penny-dreadful novels. If they existed at all, it was somewhere on the other side of the world, in darkest Africa or the mysterious Orient. Surely a genteel San Francisco finishing school headmistress could have nothing to do with such wickedness.

Miss Holmes pasted a smile on her face and waved a hand at the doctor. “You may proceed.”

Doctor Danvers went to a door on the other side of the room and opened it. “Nurse? We’re ready to begin.”

A sour-faced woman in a white uniform came through the door. Her graying hair was tucked up under a starched cap.

“This is Nurse Emery,” he said as she stepped up to the table. “She’ll be in charge of your physical care while you’re here, including administering routine daily discipline. I suggest you give her your complete obedience.” He went on. “Nurse, please prepare her for the examination.”

The nurse pulled a set of metal stirrups out from beneath the table. She untied Tori’s legs, lifted her left one and bent it at the knee. Then she set her heel firmly in the stirrup and fastened straps around her ankle and thigh. Tori flushed with shame. She’d never been exposed this way before.

When the nurse reached for her right leg to do the same, Tori pulled herself together. She had to do something or she’d be rendered completely helpless in the next few moments. It was clear she’d get no help from anyone else in the room. If she was to escape, she’d have to find a way to do it herself.

She pulled her knee back and kicked out with all her might, catching the unsuspecting woman square in the stomach. Nurse Emery stumbled back with a strangled whoof as she fought to suck in air.

Doctor Danvers rushed to the side of the table. “It seems we have a rebellious one here. Nurse, you’re dismissed. You’ll have an opportunity to administer your own discipline to this student later. Miss Flora, perhaps you’d like me to demonstrate to your visitors how we deal with insubordination.”

“Yes, doctor. That’s an excellent idea.”

Tori shook her head. This headache must be impairing her hearing as well. She was certain Miss Holmes’s first name was Cora but it sounded as though the doctor referred to her as Flora.

Miss Holmes walked around the table, stopping near Tori’s head. She took the cover off a tray on a nearby table. Tori’s eyes widened. The tray was filled with instruments she didn’t recognize.

“Open your mouth.”

Tori clamped her teeth shut and shook her head.

Miss Holmes reached down and pinched her nose shut. Tori struggled, but with both hands restrained and one leg strapped into the stirrup, she could only writhe around on the table. Finally, lungs bursting, she opened her mouth to gasp for air. Miss Holmes shoved a round ball into her mouth and then fastened a strap around her head to hold it in.

At the same time, she let go of Tori’s nose. Terrified, Tori fought to draw in air. She hardly noticed when Doctor Danvers strapped in her other ankle and spread the stirrups wide apart. Only when she felt his hands sliding up the insides of her legs did she realize how futile her pathetic attempt at resistance had been. All she’d done was assure that whatever they had planned for her would now be even worse.

Doctor Danvers motioned the two men to come closer. In the light, Tori got a better look at them. Dressed in evening wear, each of them could have come straight from a formal dinner or the theater except for one thing—the masks they wore over the top half of their faces to conceal their identity. Both the same. Dark crimson satin, in a shade that matched the gown Miss Holmes wore. Only their eyes were visible. And their mouths.

Doctor Danvers beckoned the men to stand on either side of the table.

“Gentlemen, let us begin. Feel free to examine her breasts at your leisure. Weigh them in your hands, squeeze them. Note the firm lush size, the rosy nipples, unmarred either by a nursing babe or a master’s piercing. Yours to mark as you wish. Pinch them, twist them. Suck or bite them if you like. Test their responsiveness to pain and pleasure.”

When she felt the strange hands on her naked breasts, Tori thought she would die of shame. The man on her left circled her breast with his whole hand, cupping it, squeezing with his fingers. On her other side, the masked stranger took the tender tip of her nipple between two fingers and pinched it hard, pulling and twisting until it stood out in a tight little peak. Tori’s body jerked. He laughed and bent his head. The next moment, she felt his teeth bite down.

She screamed, but the sound was barely audible with the gag in her mouth.

They went on and on. Poking, squeezing, pinching, until her breasts were sore and her nipples swollen. The torment seemed to go on forever.

Finally, the doctor spoke again. “Now, gentlemen, we’ll move on. Please come down here, one on each side. I’d like you to place your hands on her inner thighs. Spread them as far apart as possible. Yes, excellent.”

He bent over and peered down between her legs.

“Oh, dear. The light is poor in here, isn’t it?” He moved a small stool near the foot of the table on which she lay, sat one of the oil lamps on it, and turned up the flame.

Tori wanted to sob. Would there be no end to her humiliation?

“There. Now we can see everything much better. Gentlemen, if you will be so kind as to spread the folds of her labia apart with your fingers—like this…” He demonstrated, touching Tori in a place no man had ever gazed upon before, let alone placed a hand on.

She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to hold back hot tears of shame.

“Normally we conduct the first examination privately, although as she said before, Miss Flora does occasionally allow special clients like yourselves to observe at a distance. But with her reprehensible behavior, our new student has lost the privilege of maintaining any degree of modesty. We believe she’s an intact virgin, so this will be especially humiliating for her. Watch her face, gentlemen. Her eyes. I’m sure you’ll relish seeing the embarrassment there, and that touch of fear building.”

“Look at us, my dear.” Tori’s eyes flew open as the sharp slap landed between her spread legs. The gag muted her shocked cry.

“That’s better. Keep your eyes open and look directly at us,” the doctor demanded. “You’ll get a pussy spanking every time we can’t see into your eyes.”

Tori had never heard that word and didn’t know what it meant but the exposed area between her thighs stung from the impact of his open palm. Unwilling to suffer another such blow, she forced herself to stare at the crimson masks, focusing on the expanse of fabric just below the eye slits.

“All right, gentlemen, now we can proceed. Spread her labia apart. I’m going to insert one finger, testing how tight her vaginal canal is. Then I’ll check to see if her hymen is intact.”

Multiple sets of hands moved, roaming between her legs. She heard one of the men make a low grunting sound and turned away, frightened at the dark look in his eyes. Three more swift slaps to the apex of her thighs by the doctor left her eyes brimming with tears when she finally looked back.

Miss Holmes bent to murmur in her ear. “It stings at first, doesn’t it? Then comes a wave of hot pain. So intense, so shocking, it takes your breath away. Later, when you’re being paddled or caned, you’ll find out the wicked burn keeps building and growing with every whack, every harsh blow, until you’ll say anything, do anything he asks if only he’ll stop. But when fingers touch you there, caress that throbbing little pearl, you’ll find the pain fades, to be replaced with a wild heat like nothing you’ve ever known before. You’ll grow to like it this way. Love it this way. Eventually, you’ll need it this way. The rougher the better.”

As Miss Holmes spoke, Tori found herself staring into the eyes of the man who had grunted. He locked his gaze on hers and she felt his fingers graze the swollen, stinging bud between her thighs. She shuddered as a strange sensation poured over her.

She’d touched herself there a few times, late at night all alone in her bed, or when she lay in the bath. But she knew it was wicked, not something a proper young lady should ever do. So when it began pulsing and her body started to tremble, she always stopped, terrified that she’d somehow sully herself for her marriage bed. After all, Molly always told her that her womanly parts rightfully belonged to her husband-to-be.

Now total strangers had their hands between her legs. Looking at her privates, touching her everywhere, taking indecent liberties. She was tied down, helpless to resist. And to her shame and horror, her body was beginning to respond the way it did when she’d naughtily allowed her own fingers to stray there.

When the doctor began working a thick digit into her womanhood, she bit down on the gag in her mouth to stifle a cry. She’d never been invaded there, never even dared to probe its depth with her own slender fingers.

“This one is very responsive, Miss Flora,” the doctor remarked, as his finger twisted inside. “She’s wet already. I don’t know if it’s from the forced exhibitionism or the pussy spanking. Possibly both.” He chuckled and delved deeper. This time she couldn’t hold back the low moan.

A hand tightened convulsively around one bare thigh at her sound. She looked up at the masked man on her left, into the pair of dark eyes watching her like a hungry tiger ready to pounce on its helpless prey.

“I feel the hymen. Definitely a virgin.”

Tori closed her eyes, shuddering as the finger twisted its way back out. Stroking her inside all along the way. Sending wild currents pouring through her body, from deep in her belly all the way to her tightly puckered nipples standing out now, dark and hard.

The doctor slapped her two more times, his open palm striking squarely on the throbbing bud between her legs.

“Open your eyes!”

Tori’s strangled scream disappeared into the gag.

“You won’t be rewarded with any pleasure tonight,” the doctor declared. “That must be earned—with proper, submissive behavior to your new master. And you’ve got a lot of work to do with Nurse Emery before you’re ready to be given to one.”

He walked over to the table at the side of the room, donned a pair of rubber gloves, and came back carrying a jar and one of the strange instruments.

“Now then, time for the rest of the procedure.”

Dipping a gloved finger into the jar, he coated it with some sort of glistening ointment.

“Gentlemen, please raise the stirrups to their maximum height and lock them in place. Thank you. Now, look at me, my dear.”

Tori’s hips came up off the table as her knees and ankles were lifted higher in the air. The doctor’s eyes held hers in a hypnotic gaze as his hand disappeared between her legs.

The next moment her eyes widened in shock as his finger rimmed the puckered entrance to her back passage.

“You’ll find this delightful, gentlemen,” the doctor announced. “See the look in her eyes? She’s tightened down so nicely, making the breech a real challenge. It will be all I can do to get this one finger in.”

As he spoke, he pressed against her bottom hole. Tori whipped her head from side to side, moaning wildly. But she was powerless to resist. Arms tied over her head. Thighs held wide apart by two masked strangers. Knees and feet high in the air, strapped to metal stirrups. Her nether region was his to do with as he wished.

He applied more pressure, watching her face the whole time. Coated with the slick substance, the tip of his finger slid in. Tori groaned, deep in her throat, as he slowly, relentlessly penetrated her further.

“Ahhh. There’s nothing like the feeling of a tight little ass. But don’t worry, gentlemen. We guarantee that it won’t be too uncomfortable for you. Normally we’d wait, but as part of her punishment for misbehaving so badly in front of guests, we’ll begin her anal training tonight. By the time she’s ready for the event, she’ll be capable of opening up enough to accept the head of an erect cock without causing discomfort to the one who wields it. However, the pleasure of taking her there fully will be reserved for whoever is fortunate enough to become her new master.”

His words barely registered, so lost was she in the barrage of sensations flooding her body. The pain and pressure disappeared once his finger pushed beyond the tight opening, replaced by odd feelings for which she had no name. She even forgot her shame. To her surprise, the feelings were not unpleasant. Just—different than she’d ever felt before. His finger penetrated further. Oooh. Now a fluttering in her belly. An insistent, rhythmic pulsing in the swollen bud he’d slapped between her legs. And dampness flooding her womanhood, making her feel strangely empty there. She wanted it to end. She wanted it to go on and on.

He withdrew his finger as slowly as he’d inserted it, seeming to take great pleasure in her little jerks and muffled cries as he twisted it around. When he finally stepped back, Tori sagged against her bonds, panting heavily.

“Miss Flora, perhaps you’d like to choose her first training device?”

Training device? Dimly she recalled hearing something about punishment and anal training. Before she had time to wonder what it all meant, Miss Holmes appeared next to the doctor at the foot of the table. She handed a carved wooden cylinder to the man on her left.

Tori watched him twirl it around in his hand. His mouth curved into a smile and he ran his fingers over it. The object was roughly the length of his thumb. Small and rounded at one end, it gradually widened to about the same circumference as his digit, before narrowing at the other end. The base flared out again, flattening so it could stand upright.

“I know you like the one with the open link at the end, my dear, so you can attach a tail for pony play.” Miss Holmes took it back from him, smiling indulgently. “But that comes later in our training.”

She handed the wooden carving to the doctor. He coated it liberally with the slippery oil. Tori began flailing wildly as she realized what was about to happen. It was no use. There was no escape.

She screwed her eyes shut and the doctor slapped the poor aching bud between her legs over and over until she had no choice but to open them again. Then he made her look into their eyes, one by one, as he worked the hard wooden plug past her tight sphincter, twisting and turning it ever so slowly. With the gag in her mouth she couldn’t even scream as it stretched her wider and wider.

Just when she thought she couldn’t take it any longer, Miss Holmes reached down and ran her fingertip over the swollen nub the doctor had spanked. Tori shuddered deeply and as she did the doctor rammed the object in all the way. With the widest part now lodged inside her, her tight channel closed around the neck, holding it in place.

Doctor Danvers rocked it back and forth a few times. Tori’s eyes widened. It felt huge, bigger around than his finger had been. She shook her head, bucking against the restraints. Too much. It was too much. Every time he moved it, the object stimulated another spot inside her. She couldn’t take it another minute.

The doctor stared down at her. “While you are here, you are never allowed to touch this device while it’s inserted or attempt to remove it in any way. Do you understand?” He grabbed the base and gave it a tug. The widest portion suddenly threatened to punish her bottom hole again as it worked its way out.

Tori nodded her head frantically. The pressure eased as he twisted it back in place. “You’ll wear this until Nurse Emery decides to remove it. And then every day, for as many hours as she deems necessary—until you’re ready for a larger trainer.”

The doctor gave her a cold smile. “I’m putting you in her hands for the remainder of the evening. She’ll be administering the punishment you’ve earned for your poor behavior. She’s normally quite strict. And after what you did to her, I’d say you’re in for an especially hard time.”

He turned to his guests. “Gentlemen, she’ll be moving to our discipline room. You’re welcome to stay if you like. As you may recall, we have a very comfortable sitting area adjoining it with a large see-through mirror where you can relax and enjoy a brandy and a cigar while you watch.”

Her heart sank. She’d been stripped naked tonight. Put on display for masked strangers. Touched, fondled, and probed everywhere. Left with her private parts throbbing and her bottom plugged by a huge, hard object. But now Tori realized her nightmare had just begun.

The others left the room and Tori was alone with Nurse Emery. The woman leaned over and gave her a nasty smile.

“Kicked me, did you? In the stomach? We’ll see what you have to say about that when I’m through with you.”

She reached down and gave the wooden plug a yank. Tori jerked against her restraints. The nurse twisted it back into place. “I’m going to untie your legs and you’re going to walk into the next room. Then you’re going to do exactly what you’re told. I’m warning you, I won’t stand for being embarrassed like that again.”

She unfastened the restraints around Tori’s legs and lifted them down from the stirrups. Then she unhooked her hands from the table, leaving the bindings tight around her wrists. Finally, she removed the gag. Tori coughed, her mouth so dry she could barely swallow. When the nurse told her to get down off the table, her legs wobbled underneath her.

Nurse Emery propelled her out of the room and down a long hallway lined with blank doors on both sides. Tori moved gingerly, each step making her acutely aware of the hard object lodged in her rear passage. Every movement of her hips made it rub against a new spot deep inside and all of them seemed to be lined with nerve endings that sent shocking tremors through her lower region.

The sensations were so overwhelming that she nearly forgot about her nakedness. That is until the nurse halted in front of one of the blank doors.

“Hold your head up,” she commanded. “And stick those titties out as you walk in. They’ll be watching.”

Nurse Emery opened the door. Then, to her horror, the nurse let go of her arm and took hold of the end of the wooden tool protruding from her bottom, using it to propel her briskly into the room. Tori had only a moment to take in her surroundings: a large windowless space with white walls and a wooden floor, empty save for a small table and straight-backed wooden chair set squarely in the middle of the room. The chair faced a large gilt-framed mirror. All the other walls were blank.

Her nurse sat down on the chair. Still holding onto the wooden plug in Tori’s bottom, she patted her lap with her other hand.

“Over you go.”

Tori stared at her, uncomprehending.

Nurse Emery grabbed her by the arm and yanked her face-down. Tori let out a shriek and began struggling, but stopped immediately when her nurse simply gave the wooden plug another sharp tug, this time with a twist.


Her nurse kept a steady pressure on it, stretching Tori’s tight rear opening. “Are you going to lie still?”

“Y-yes,” she gasped.

“Every time you move, I’m going to pull this out a bit further before I push it back in. And it’s the widest part that’s resting right up against your bottom hole inside. So I suggest you don’t fight me.”

To punctuate her words, Nurse Emery gave another firm tug on the wooden trainer. Tori let out a cry as the horrid implement worked its way partially out of her tight sphincter. Just as she thought she wouldn’t be able to stand the agony any longer, the nurse slowly twisted it back in. Relief poured through her, along with another sensation. Pain disappeared, replaced by a wave of heat and a sudden dampness between her legs.

All those odd feelings flew out of her mind with the first crack of Nurse Emery’s hand against her bottom. The shocking sting took her breath away. But the pain that followed had her choking back a cry. Her nurse laid on another whack and Tori jerked away.

Nurse Emery’s yank on her trainer brought out the howl she’d managed to stifle.

“I told you not to move,” the woman declared, sounding especially satisfied. She seemed to take extra time working it back in, as though relishing Tori’s gasps and whimpers. “Now get back over my lap, miss. Head down and stick that bum up in the air for me. It appears I’ll need to use something with a bit more bite to it than my hand.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Tori saw her nurse reach for an assortment of objects on the tabletop next to the chair. She turned away, embarrassed, when she caught a glimpse of her naked bottom in the large gilded mirror, with the wooden plug poking out between her cheeks.

It took only a few moments for anxiety over what the nurse had in mind to overcome her shame. Tori discovered if she turned her head to the side a little, she could watch her tormenter in the mirror.

The table held an array of paddles and leather straps, along with several wooden training devices, including one so large it made Tori shudder. Nurse Emery ran a hand over the spanking implements, occasionally lifting and then replacing one, until she settled on a flat wooden hairbrush.

Tori watched the scene unfold, her mind detached from the image in the mirror. Saw the nurse’s hand raised in the air over the girl’s quivering bottom, heard the swish as it descended, the sharp crack of the flat brush against the tender bare skin.

Then… a white-hot lick of fire. Suddenly she was back in her body, all the breath driven from her lungs with her strangled howl. It took every ounce of will she had to stay in place as she watched the nurse’s hand come down again, swinging the brush.

The second whack connected as solidly as the first. Tori gritted her teeth together, vowing that she wouldn’t give the woman the satisfaction of hearing her cry out again. But it was hard. So very hard. She’d never been spanked, not even in the nursery as a little girl. The wooden brush landed on one cheek, then the other, the strokes coming so fast she barely had time to register the blistering heat of one before her nurse delivered the next.

The intensity of the pain stunned her. After the first few strokes, Tori was ready to beg and plead, promise anything, if only she’d stop. But something told her that would only spur the nurse on. So she dug her fingernails into her palms and tried to send her mind far away.

Nurse Emery thrashed every inch of her bottom, sometimes striking the same spot over and over, until Tori’s shoulders shook with silent sobs. Only then did she put down the hairbrush.

“You’re in my care now, until Miss Flora offers you up at the next event. You’ll do as you’re told from now on. No fuss, no arguments. That paddling is just a taste of what you’ll get every time you disobey me or show me a sign of disrespect, missy. Now come along. It’s time to put you to bed.”

She gave the wooden trainer a jiggle, twisting it around, then seating it firmly in Tori’s bottom again. “This stays in place till morning. It will be inserted again tomorrow night and every night you’re here. Your hands will be tied to the bed while you sleep to be sure you don’t try to remove it.”

“There are only two words I want to hear out of you—now and at any time in the future while you’re here. ‘Yes, nurse.’ Anything else will earn you another spanking.” She grabbed the handle of the trainer, shoving it in a fraction more. “Do you understand?”

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