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The Virgin’s Dilemma by Rosy Maylor – Extended Preview

“Do you have the things that Caro gave you?”

Teresa attempted to look tough as she nodded. She was surprised he was giving in. A moment ago he’d seemed so determined.

“Go and get them.”

She moved to obey him even though her stomach roiled with nerves. She knelt down and dug out the box from her trunk. Her legs weren’t entirely steady as she went to him with the box clutched against her.

He held his hand out. “Have you anything else to say?”

She shook her head and searched his face and wondered if beneath his calm exterior, his heart was pounding too.

If it was, he showed no sign of it. If anything his eyes danced with grim amusement as he took the box from her. “Get that dress off now. I told you not to wear it in my presence again.”

Yes, she was aware of that. Each and every time she put it on. “But I-I don’t have another one.” Her neck heated. “What do you expect me to wear?” She hated feeling pitiful.

Hot amusement danced in his eyes. “I expect you to wear nothing.”

She took it off. The heat travelled from her neck to every other part of her. As she did so she remembered she wasn’t wearing any underclothes. Now she was naked.

He glanced up at her and then at the robe hanging beside her bed. “You may put that on for now.”

She did, gratefully.

“Get on the bed.”

She knelt on the bed and watched him look through the contents of the box. She slowly backed away until she was snugged into the far corner. She drew her knees up in front of her and clasped them in an anxious grip. Perhaps he was right? She might cry off and save herself this possibly futile ordeal…

He glanced up at her. Half his mouth lifted in a smile. “Are you sure about this?”

It wasn’t funny. “Just…” Her throat closed up.

He frowned at her. “What?”

“Never mind.”

He made a small disgruntled noise and snapped the box shut. He tossed it on the bed and began removing his cufflinks with sinister slowness. “I ought to have dragged you to the WC and strapped you over the stool and forced that nozzle into your tight little backside myself.”

“No! I-I’m glad you didn’t.”

“Better yet, I should’ve fucked you on the exam table and had done with it.” He rolled up his shirtsleeves one at a time with an impatient shake of his head.

Her mouth went dry. She wouldn’t have objected to that.

The prospect of fucking him, one day soon when the auction was over, sat in the back of her mind all the time like a happy lure, drawing her forward in spite of everything.

He slid the suspenders off his shoulders and unbuttoned his trousers and pushed them down.

The sight was so painfully erotic that she made a small choked sound.

He sat down next to her in just his shirt and drawers.

She glanced fearfully at the box.

An ominously determined frown moved over his face. “If I could give you an enema right now I would. You would be better off for it.”

She could not get any further into the corner, but she tried.

He shot her a look. “I am going to. Just as soon as I can manage it.”

“No!” She would say the password. Wouldn’t she?

“I’m going to use the biggest possible plug that I can use without damaging you.”

“No, please. I’m sorry.”

“It’s not a punishment, Teresa, you don’t have to be sorry. I am also going to spank you and say and do other things that will make you scream and cry.”

“But…” What other things? “The neighbours…”

“I cannot emphasize enough how little I care about your neighbours.”

She glanced around. She hadn’t heard anyone all afternoon, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t anyone home.

“I am going to enjoy this, Teresa, and I’m not sorry about that. And neither are you.”

“Oh, sir.” She curled tighter into herself but she couldn’t deny that she wasn’t only scared, she was also very hot.

“It’s a pity I can’t bugger you.” He lifted a shoulder. “But there’s no reason I can’t use my tongue.”

“No!” She was almost certain he was teasing her. Almost. “Ed. No.”

He scooted a bit nearer to her and took her hand. He pressed his mouth to it with the upmost tenderness. “I’m not asking you, Teresa. I’m telling you.”

She clasped his hand tighter instead of pulling away. “Oh, but—”

He looked uncomfortable for a moment, but he met her eyes with resolve. “I have to say something to you before I do this. It needs to be said.”

She waited.

“I own you. You are mine.”

Her heart skipped. “No.”

“No?” He rolled his eyes. “You’ve been begging me to master you from the first moment we met. I might have had you at any time. I am actually shocked at the extent of my restraint considering how you’ve been throwing yourself at me.”

Her mouth fell open and her neck heated.

“Your blouse was not all that was transparent. It makes no matter that you didn’t understand what you were doing. I knew. And I might have had you any which way I liked at any point over the last year.”

She made a small outraged sound. What an arrogant, insufferable—

“You’ve made your choice, Teresa, again and again. I am you master because you want me to master you. You want to serve me and to please me. Isn’t that right?”

She pressed her lips together with an embarrassed huff.

“Why did you let me in today? Why are you asking for my help and not someone else’s?”

“Because we’re friends.”

“Charlotte is your friend. She loves buggery. You might have gone to her.”

She looked away.

“We’re also friends,” he agreed. “But that’s neither here nor there. I own you. You want to be used hard. You enjoy it. That’s why you’ve chosen me to master you and not someone else.”

It wasn’t the only reason she chose him. But he was right. She did enjoy it. She liked that he made her suffer terribly even though she was sweet and good. She liked that he understood that she was also brave and strong and just as hot and needy as somebody less shy.

“I’ve behaved very badly, Teresa.” He gave her hand another squeeze. “I’ve resisted mastering you and it’s caused you a lot of unnecessary turmoil. I’ve no excuse except to say that it’s been a long time since I’ve risked incurring the disgust of someone I cared for as much as I care for you.”

She tightened her grip on his hand as her heart flooded with warmth.

“And that’s why I should have shoved that nozzle up your bottom no matter what you said. You’d have thanked me for it.”

She shook her head. She felt like a ball he was batting between extremes of emotions.

“Come here.” He tugged her closer.

She knelt beside him even though it was beginning to dawn on her that she’d caught a tiger by the tail and now she was about to be eaten.

He cupped her face and pressed his brow to hers. “I am not, nor have I ever been, nor could I ever be, indifferent to you, Teresa. In fact, if you were to grasp the extent of my obsession with your every thought and feeling, I can only imagine that you would be, if not dismayed, then immensely flattered.”

“Oh.” She inched nearer to him.

“No part of you disgusts me.”

She was immensely flattered. And dismayed. And torn between hope and terror.

“You belong to me, Teresa, and it doesn’t matter who else you fuck or whether money is exchanged, it doesn’t matter what you call me or where we are. I am your master. You are mine. And I will do as I like with you, now and in the future.”

She made a strangled sound of surrender and clutched his shirt. “Oh, please, sir.” She buried her face in his shoulder, beside herself with nerves now that they’d come to it.

He rubbed her back and hushed her. “It’ll be alright. I promise.”

She believed that. She trusted him. She’d always trusted him. She clung even tighter to him because she was still terrified.

He pressed her back. “Are you ready now?”

She nodded. And looked up into his dear face. “Yes, Master.” It felt like the first time she’d ever said it. It felt so right her heart sped with joy.

“Good.” He smiled back at her. “Good girl.”

Ed stroked Teresa’s hair back behind her ears with a sigh. She’d given him enough information in the last hour for him to destroy her a hundred times over. He might break her easily, but he wouldn’t.

Would he?

Yes. It was past time that he did. And not just because he wanted to. Also because it was what she needed, auction or no auction. “Go and choose a plug and give it to me.”

Her face crumpled. All her resolve vanished.

“Go on.” He watched her move slowly to the box and think about opening it. It was difficult not to laugh.

She stared at it like it was a shovel and he’d told her to dig her own grave. After a moment’s breathless pause she opened the lid. She could barely bring herself to look at the contents.

He rubbed his lip. It was a pity she was too shy for the stage, she certainly had her share of artistic temperament and a flair for the dramatic. And she’d been stewing about the prospect of giving up her bottom since her first day at the club.

She had her reasons, good reasons, for feeling the way she felt. But if she wanted someone to coax her and pet her and whisper sweet nothings in her ear, she’d made a terrible choice. He really wasn’t that kind of master.

“I can’t,” she whispered.

“Why not?” He knew very well why not, but he wanted to hear it from her.

“I want to please you, Master, but I…”

It was no more than he’d expected. “I’m very disappointed in you, Teresa. It’s a simple task. One that you will certainly be asked to perform on Saturday.”

She flinched. Her hands were clenched in her lap and she stared at them instead of the open box in front of her.

“Shall I help you?”

“Yes, please, Master.” She sagged with relief.

He scooted over to where she sat kneeling and selected two plugs. Neither one was small. One was bigger than the other. He put them on the bed in front of her. “Pick one.”

She sent him a look of angst-ridden appeal. Her hands remained clenched in her lap. “Oh, but…”

He couldn’t help smiling at her torment. “Just pick one.”

She pressed her knuckles to her mouth. Her shoulders hunched.

“Hurry up now.”

With a little moan of defeat, she pointed to the larger one.

He was impressed. And flattered. “Good girl.”

A shudder of arousal moved through her. Her mouth pursed in an ingenuous pout.

He took another larger plug from the box and set it side by side with the one she picked. “Choose.”

Her eyes squeezed shut and tears spilled down her cheeks. “Oh, please stop.”

Beautiful. He could do this all day. “Come on now. We don’t have all day.”

She was working herself into quite a state. Her lips trembled with angst.

He pointed at the larger one. “Pick it up.”

She did so immediately.

“Now give it to me.”

She handed it to him with a harried sniff.

“Ask me nicely to put it in your bottom.”

She sniffed again and tried to gather herself. “Please…” The rest of the request was barely audible, but he had to give her credit for trying.

“Convince me that you want me to do this, Teresa.”

She nodded. And tried again.

“You’ll have to do better than that on Saturday.”

She swiped her tears again. But her dove grey eyes remained fixed on the large rubber plug in his hand.

“You’re a terrible actress. I don’t see how you could possibly be any worse at singing.”

She huffed a bit.

“Shall I spank you now or afterwards?”

She punched the mattress with both her fists. “Please, just do it. Why do you have to toy with me like this? It’s not helping!”

“I’m teaching you a lesson, Teresa. It’s an important one and I want you to learn it well.”

Some of her ire deflated. “Oh. Well… What is it?”

“The worst possible torture I can subject you to is to give you a choice.”

Her lips trembled around a laugh. “Oh. I-I think you might be right about that, sir.”

“I am not saying that I won’t torture you like this whenever I like, I just want you to know that I know exactly how much of a bastard I’m being when I’m doing it.”

She flounced, clearly torn between arousal and dismay.

“Why do you think it upsets you so much to be given a choice?”

Her face flushed as she thought about it. “I don’t know.”

“Yes, you do. I already told you.”

“Because… you own me?” she said softly with her head bowed.

“Close, but no.”

She looked up.

“It upsets you because you want me to master you.” It was an important distinction.

Her blush darkened.

“I expect you to say it.”

“I want you to master me.”

“Good. Good girl. Now we’re getting somewhere.”

“I don’t see why you had to…” She threw her hands up.

“Because you didn’t understand before. Now you are beginning to.”

She swallowed. And nodded.

“Do you want me to ask you for your opinion and give you choices?”

“No, Master.”

“Good.” He chucked the plug aside. “Because I’m going to use the plug I want to use and I don’t care what you have to say about it.”

She closed her eyes with a sigh of relief.

“You were disgusted with me, when I wanted to give you an enema.”

“No, I—”

He stopped her with a look. “It’s fine. Most of the things I enjoy disgust most people. I’ve always been like this. I am not going to change. I can’t.” He knew that for certain because she wasn’t the first good sweet girl he’d ever cared for. “And I gave up trying a long time ago. I am what I am. I thought it would be kinder in the long run for us to part ways, but…”

Her sweet face suffused with compassion and longing. She touched his arm. “Oh, I won’t be disgusted, sir, no matter what you say or do.”

Half his mouth lifted in a smile. He gave her hand a little pat. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

Her mouth fell open. She huffed back with a short laugh.

“The point is…” He told himself to stop stalling and just say it. “My nature is what it is and… you’re just so beautiful, Teresa.” He cupped her face and kissed her brow. “Not just your face or your body or any of that… well, all of that… but also your sweetness and your heart and the way you see people and the world…”

He undid the belt of her dressing gown as he went on. “It’s like when you see a pretty flower on a lovely day and you just have to crush it because the very existence of something so beautiful is…” He wasn’t a poet. “It hurts.”

“I… can’t say I’ve ever really felt like that, sir.” Amusement sparked in her eyes.

“Well, that’s the effect you have on me.” The belt slid from around her waist and he pushed her robe off her shoulders. She helped him by shrugging it off.

He was the one who felt naked, so he enjoyed the gooseflesh that pebbled her arms as he continued. It was very important that she understand this next point. “The more I like a girl, the more I want to hurt her.” He smiled at how fragile and small her wrist looked as he wrapped the belt around it.

She let him bind her wrists, even though her breath was coming fast and shallow.

“I just don’t want you to think that I’m indifferent to your feelings, that I don’t care that you’re upset or in pain. Of course I care, it’s what I want more than anything. And I’m not without shame myself. I know it’s wrong to hurt someone so sweet and good.” He lifted a shoulder. “I suppose that’s what makes it so erotic. It’s even more wrong because… we’re such good friends.”

“I understand, sir.”

He believed her. And that understanding was the only thing that made him brave enough to take the risk he was about to take.

There was shame and longing written across her face. And trust.

He hoped he was worthy of it. “It pleases me so much that you want to suffer for me. More than I can say.” He drank his fill of her angelic beauty with a sigh. “Because I’ve never wanted to hurt anyone as much as I want to hurt you.”

“I’ve never wanted to hurt anyone as much as I want to hurt you.”

Teresa looked from her bound hands to Ed’s dear face and back again. “Oh, sir.” It was probably the sweetest thing anyone had ever said to her.

Half his mouth lifted in a smile as he turned more fully away. He rested his feet on the floor with a determined sort of sigh.

Her heart swelled with yearning and tenderness for him. He was so much more passionate than he ever let on. And she knew it wasn’t easy for him to explain himself to her. She was so—

He scooted back a pace and grabbed a fistful of her hair. He wrenched her forward with brutal disregard for the fact that she wasn’t prepared for it. Her bound hands did not allow her to ease any of the pressure on her scalp or cushion her landing much.

She fell across his lap with a little squeal of alarm.

His strong arm banded fast around her waist as he yanked her close. He began spanking her naked bottom, fast and hard. Much harder than she’d ever been spanked before.

Teresa couldn’t stop herself from struggling madly. If her hands had not been bound she would have tried to shield her bottom from the merciless attack. As it was, she twisted her bound wrists again and again with furious energy, desperate to prove to herself that there was no escape. “Please, Master! Stop! Just wait! Just… please!”

He ignored her protests. If anything he spanked her harder.

She flinched and jerked every time his hand landed on her bare bottom or her sit spots or the top of her thighs. She began to cry, not from any kind of emotional angst either, purely from the shock of the pain.

He stopped as abruptly as he’d started. “Are you alright?”

She realized she hadn’t made a sound for a long time, she was too busy struggling and trying cope with the agony of his heavy hand landing on her backside again and again. “No!” She almost laughed. Was she alright? “Of course not! You’re—”

He began spanking her again.

“Oh, no, please! Sir!”

He landed a good one, right on the most tender spot on her thigh.

She couldn’t draw a breath to scream before he repeated the blow. “Ed! Stop! Please stop. Just for a minute…”

He didn’t stop.

She began to cry again. “Please don’t ignore me…”

“I’m not ignoring you, Teresa.” He still didn’t stop. “I am hanging on your every word.”

She sobbed out a laugh. He was so horrid. A moment later she screamed again.

“Good girl.” He repeated the blow.

“Please, sir…” She made another desperate attempt to get away. She just couldn’t help herself even though it was useless. “Please! Please stop…”

“I am going to spank you for as long as it pleases me to spank you, Teresa. But by all means, keep begging me.”

“Ugh!” She kicked her feet and fought against the bindings around her wrists again.

“This is what it means to be mastered by a man like me. Are you enjoying it?”

A strangled moan was all she could manage in response. But it did thrill her to know that he wasn’t holding back.

He stopped. “I started out hitting you hard and I’m hitting different places. That’s why it hurts so much.” He thumbed some particularly sore areas on her bottom and thighs. “But I haven’t even hit you hard enough to bruise yet.”

That wasn’t possible. She felt like her backside must be a mess of bruises. “Oh, but…”

“I want to give you some bruises, but not so many that I can’t do this again tomorrow.”

“Oh, no, please, sir!” The thought made her cunt clench and flood with need.

He started spanking her again. “Don’t worry. You’ll get used to it. I daresay you’ll even start to like it, in time.”

“I won’t!” But a little voice inside her whispered that she already liked it well enough. Her cries softened to whimpers and she stopped struggling as much.

The sound of his hand smacking her bottom with ruthless regularity began to have a kind of mesmerizing effect on her. The spanks still hurt, a lot, but she began to grow accustomed to them and the pain no longer seemed impossible to bear.

“Are you happy now, Teresa? Is this what you want?”

A lump rose to her throat and a sudden wave of sadness crashed over her because it didn’t matter how many nice things he said to her since, a part of her still did not forgive him for what he said in the doctor’s office. She wanted to forgive him. She knew he was right. She wanted to trust him and to please him, but it wasn’t as simple as that.

Until it was simple.

Her body ached from her struggles and from the harsh spanking that felt as if it was going on and on forever. But more than that she was worn out from all of her choosing. He was especially right about that—he’d been as honest as anybody could be all along and still she’d made her choice again and again.

She could keep fighting him and herself and both of their natures and the whole world… or she could face the truth—that what she wanted was never a choice she’d been offered. The moment the fight went out of her, acceptance flooded in. It wasn’t cold or bitter or sad as she’d feared it might be—it was hot and sweet because it was real and true. A cry built in her throat and she vented it in incoherent moans at first and then it took shape… and then it burst out of her. “Yes.” It felt so good to say that she said it again. “Yes. Yes, please. Oh, Master, please. Please. Yes.”

“Good girl,” he murmured, still spanking her just as hard as he wanted to. “Take what your master is giving you.”

It was still humiliating to be so exposed, even though he’d seen right through her from the beginning and said so more than once.

He continued to spank her for a good long while. Eventually he rested his hand on her head and her bottom. “Good girl,” he murmured softly. “I’m very pleased with you.”

“Thank you… Thank you for mastering me, sir.” She buried her face in her hands to stifle her sobs, shocked that she could still feel so ashamed, even after everything.

“You’re welcome,” he said with a trace of humour in his voice. “But I am not done yet.”

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