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The Viscount’s Pet by Kryssie Fortune – Extended Preview

Julianna curled around Stonehurst’s legs and mewled softly. He reached out to stroke her, stopped himself, and frowned. “No matter how sweet my pet is now, she’s still a naughty little kitten. The cage floor is padded, and there’s a thick blanket to ensure you’re warm and comfortable. Crawl over to it and wriggle inside.”

That thing belonged in her nightmares. Looking at it made her shudder, if she went in there, she might be stuck inside forever. Accepting it would change her, twist her, and destroy her.

Everything about the cage set her nerves jangling—and not in a good way. With its gray bars and cramped space, it mocked her from the corner. Bile rose in her throat. She felt as though rats gnawed in her stomach.

Stonehurst moved to her side. “I’m disappointed that you can’t obey your master in this.”

Head lowered, shoulders tense, she gave an audible gulp. His chagrined expression hurt her deep inside. Naked, wearing cat ears and a tail, she swallowed hard. “Is it too late to choose the spanking?”

Tenderly, he stroked her hair. “Much too late, unless you want both.”

With a shudder, she started toward the metal cage. The gray wire bars and padded floor reminded her of a prison rather than the safe place he’d called it. She couldn’t have crawled any slower if she’d tried.

Nervous, she poked her head around the open door. The red base looked more like a pillow than the hard leather-covered wood she’d expected. Trusting her master had never been so hard.

Stonehurst gave her bottom a quick spank and wriggled her tail. The plug rubbed the sensitive nerve endings inside her dirtiest hole. Shockwaves of pleasure warmed her blood. With a deep breath, she shut her eyes and flung herself though the cage door.

The bars loomed over her. She snuggled beneath a bright blue blanket embroidered with fish and mice. Soft and warm, it was perfect for blocking out the world.

Shivers turned her bones to jelly. When she pulled the cover over her head, it felt cozy and comforting against her bare body. She lifted one corner of the fabric and peeped out at her master. “How long must I stay here?”

He’d returned to the sofa and picked up a book from the top of the ebony drawers. “That’s up to you, puss. Consider what you did wrong and when you’ve worked it out, come out. I promise not to close the door, never mind lock it.”

Curling into a ball, she pulled her tail between her legs. The way the fur brushed her cunny felt wicked and sensual. Unthinking, she rubbed it against her clit. The movement made the plug in her naughtiest hole jiggle. Again, her dark pleasure receptors sprang into life.

Strange new sensations woke inside her, making her pant with need. Her pussy ached from the slow tease, but her bottom tingled with pleasured sparks. She could stay in this cage forever, forgetting everything except the joy of turning cat.

Becoming his kitty freed something inside her, but she should have obeyed her master when he wanted to groom her. Rather than enjoy the attention he showered on her, she’d played with her wonderful tail. Now that she understood her mistake, freedom beckoned. Only Stonehurst had been right when he called her cage a safe space where she could think clearly.

Sheltered and protected by the bars, nothing and no one could touch her in here. Total peace flooded her soul. Her thoughts carried her deep into her psyche, and time lost its meaning. Staying here gave her a chance to deal with the hurts life had inflicted on her.

For years she’d refused to think about her miserable childhood. Now her woes swamped her. Tears pricked her eyes for the unloved child she’d once been. The cage provided a barrier that protected her from harsh memories. Finally, she found closure for the cruel ways Kit had mistreated her. The more she thought of her lonely past, the less painful it became.

Concerned for her welfare, Stonehurst closed his book and crouched beside the bars, his false leg straight and extended. He frowned as he studied her huddled form. “Are you alright, kitty cat? You’ve gone quiet. I expected you to shoot out of there as fast as you shot in.”

Blinking, she came out of her reverie. “It terrified me when we entered the playroom, but now I’m in, it’s a refuge. I should have listened and not misbehaved earlier, though. You’re the best master a kitty could have, grooming me as you did. I don’t remember anyone doing that before, even when I was a child.”

Hands atop the bars, he hauled himself upright and moved back to the chest of drawers. “Come over here and rub up against me like a good little kitten you are, then I have a game for you.”

Throwing off the blanket, she crawled from the cage. When she looked over her shoulder, it didn’t seem so fearsome anymore. She loved that she could shut everything out when she settled inside it.

When she reached her husband’s feet, she rubbed her cheek against his legs and a soft mewl spilled from her lips. He grinned in palpable delight.

Kneeling spread her bottom cheeks and made her more aware of the plug than ever. Again, her bare breasts hung free. Her husband flashed her a wicked grin. “Such pretty breasts. Don’t move. I have gems that match your collar to decorate them.”

He reached into the drawers and pulled out two shiny paste jewels. Sitting beside her, he licked and chewed one of her nipples. Once he’d sucked it into a hard point, he clamped the gemstone around it.

Mewling, she batted his hand away. “That hurts.”

He chuckled and fastened the remaining gem atop her other breast. “But they look so pretty. How are you feeling, puss?”

Knowing he wanted her to wear them gave her courage. She stared at him, pupils dilated by the mix of pleasure and pain. “Far better than I expected.”

“Good girl,” he approved. “Now, let’s see if you can catch this mouse.”

He swung a stuffed toy on a string above her head. When it reached the lowest point, she pounced. The movement made her nipples sting and her bottom burn. He moved faster than she expected, jerking it out of reach before she caught it.

Plugged bottom wiggling, eyes narrowed in concentration, she pounced again. And missed. Laughing at her chagrined mewl, he continued to torment her. Three more attempts to claim it, three more near misses. Every movement made her tail tease her thighs.

Channeling her mother’s cat, she feigned indifference. Sitting on her haunches, she pretended to clean her face with the back of her hand. He watched a moment then patted the sofa. “Climb up beside me so I can pet my good kitty.”

She curled next to him, legs on the cushions, head on his knee. He ran her curls through his fingers then rubbed her shoulders. Gradually, his movements turned sexual, and he cupped her mons. “Tomorrow, I’ll shave this and bare you for my pleasure.”

She blushed and clamped her knees together at the thought.

When he tugged at her nipples, she tried for a purr. It came out strangled but happy. His contented smile said he’d enjoyed being her owner as much as she loved becoming his kitty. “Good girl. Already so damp and eager for your master.”

His fingers curled against the sensitive places inside her and teased her to the brink of orgasm. Stopping, he lifted his hand to his lips. Eyes as big as saucers, pussy tingling with need, she watched him taste her intimate juices.

His smile brimmed with carnal delight. “I promised to fuck my kitty cat when she learned to be good. Lean over the sofa again and I’ll make you come so hard you can’t think straight. Do you want that? Do you ache for me to screw you? Do you crave my cock buried deep in your cunt?”

His dirty words thrilled her. She stood slowly, hips swaying as she held the tip of her tail in one hand. “With you, I want all that and more. Please, Master, I’ve been a good kitty, and I deserve my reward.”

She needed the plug out of her rear hole before he did though. Eager, she leaned over and wiggled her behind like a cat on the hunt.

He patted her bottom. “I love your honesty; in fact, I love everything about you.”

His words sent a thrill through her bones. He’d said he loved her, and nothing mattered more than that.

He stood between her thighs, forcing her knees apart. She expected him to remove her tail, but he stroked and caressed her clit. “Already so wet for me.”

Reaching around her, he removed the clamps from her nipples. The blood rushed back, making them burn and sting. She whimpered and tried to move away.

He slapped both of her bottom cheeks. “Stay still or we stop.”

Consumed by her needs, she panted but stilled. Her heart rate spiked as she heard his clothing rustle. Nervous, more aware of the toy tormenting her dark passage than ever, she mewled softly.

In one slick motion, he slid his cock into her pussy. As he filled her to overflowing, his hand on her neck kept her pinned her in place. His possessive growl and masculine dominance thrilled her.

As he pumped his shaft in her tight channel, he shoved the butt plug in and out of her bottom hole. The dual fucking felt wicked and desirable. She’d never been so full or so eager. His masterful touch woke primal needs in her soul, and she screamed out her climax. Her legs turned weak, but her spirit soared.

His cock swelled inside her. Eyes closed, he groaned as he came hard. Sperm peppered her womb in a cannonade of delight. Thighs trembling, she slumped forward, too exhausted to stand.

Only his arm around her waist kept her upright. He supported her until the aftershocks of her orgasm faded. Finally, when her breathing returned to normal and her eyes unglazed, he pulled out and carried her to the sofa.

As she curled up against him, he spoke of his plans and dreams. When he asked about her, she gasped. Her family had never considered her needs, just used her for their own selfish ends.

His concern stole the last piece of her heart. “I need our marriage to work and to see you and your father grow close again. And children. I never thought I’d wed let alone have any, but I want lots of children.”

Casually, he pinched and played with her tender nipples. “The idea of your belly swollen with my child makes me want to spread your legs and screw you again. Only, you need to rest. Before you do, understand that all our sons and daughters will know how much both their parents love them.”

As he spoke, he pulled out her tail. Saddened by its loss, she understood their pet play had finished for the night. Her head hurt, her limbs ached, and her knees struggled to support her.

Pulling her close to his chest, he held her upright. “Women often find submission to their master mentally and physically exhausting. Since you’ve never roleplayed as my kitty or tried butt plugs and cages before, you must be worn out. Relax, puss, and let me see to tend to your needs.”

Too weary to do more than nod and yawn, she could barely stand. He carried her through to their bedchamber. A maid had already turned back the covers of their four-poster bed. He lay atop the silk sheet, slid in beside her, and tucked the top of her head beneath his chin. Wrapped in his arms, she slept better than she had in years.

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