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The Warrior’s Little Princess by Sara Fields – Extended Preview

Over the next few weeks, the two fell into a sort of natural rhythm. Darrius enjoyed caring for Irena and made sure to take care of her in any way that he could. He loved brushing her hair or helping her bathe, and he especially enjoyed turning her bottom cheeks a pretty pink. He happened to think she looked delightful when she would hop around and clutch at her sore backside. Even further, he could hardly control his reaction when he would remove all her clothing before bed. Her breasts were petite yet full in shape, just like the rest of her lithe and curvy figure. She was perfect.

His magic had seemed to calm solely by her presence. Instead of a strong blaze within him, it had dimmed to a soft glow. While he still wanted to ravish the woman till she was limp from screaming his name with pleasure, no longer was his magic driving to make the choice for him. Instead, he had complete control and he liked it that way.

On a particularly beautiful sunny day, he decided to surprise her with a picnic lunch in a meadow far off in the woods. He sent her out into his small backyard garden to pick some fruit and vegetables. Raspberries happened to be her favorite, so he told her to make sure she picked a good amount for their meal.

He put together a few pork sandwiches, complete with cheese, lettuce, and tomato, as well as pork belly he fried with a skillet. He also put together a small bag stuffed with sweets and grinned, knowing her face would light up when he presented her with them. Having gone into town a few days earlier, he had seen a street vendor selling the candies and had thought of her. He bought them and kept them for a special occasion. Today would hopefully be such a day.

Over the time they had spent together, no new information about where she came from had emerged. He’d grown overly attached to her in that time. She always looked back at him with such love and sweetness, so unlike all the looks of fear and hatred he’d experienced before. She made him feel whole and he hoped she felt the same.

Today he planned to tell her about himself and if she still accepted him without fear, he intended to ask for her hand in marriage. Despite his normally very confident nature, he was still nervous as to whether she would accept him.

He packed up everything into a basket and opened the door to the backyard. He watched as his little ward picked berries. Laughing at the sight, he shook his head as he watched her put a few in her mouth and then a few in her basket.

“No more berries for you, little lady. If you spoil your lunch, you’ll be in some serious trouble,” he yelled out.

He chuckled as she whirled around, her mouth wide open at his words. He placed his hands suggestively on his belt and her eyes became large as saucers. He had yet to use the leather implement on her soft nether cheeks, not that she hadn’t tested him. In his opinion, she was well overdue for a reminder of who was in charge, but he wouldn’t tell her that just yet. He’d noticed that she was acting out in small ways, like talking back, or only following a portion of his directions here and there. He’d let most instances slide but he would be watching her closely today. A reminder of who was in charge would be necessary, and soon.

He turned away and yelled out the door, “Hurry up, Irena, it’s almost time to go!”

“Yes, Daddy! I just need a little longer!”

His heart warmed at her words. Ever since he’d punished her for the first time, she’d taken to calling him that. It made him feel as though she needed him and further enforced it was his duty to keep her safe. Every time she said the word Daddy, his cock called to attention, making him ache with want to throw her down on his bed and fuck her hard. With a deep swallow, he turned back to his tasks at hand.

Quickly peeking out the window, he saw her slip another berry into her mouth and shook his head. He’d ask her about that in a bit and see if she would be honest with him or not.

A few minutes later, she bounded happily into the kitchen.

“All ready! Here, let me help pack it up for you,” she said as she skipped over to the counter. She gently wrapped up the fruit and vegetables she had gathered and grinned back at him when she finished.

“All right. Let’s get riding then. The place I have in mind is about an hour’s ride away.”

“Oh, goody!”

He walked up behind her and kissed the top of her head. Grabbing the basket as well as a couple of blankets, he urged her forward and out of his cabin. She ran over to his horse and waited for him. He followed her there. He had already saddled the great beast and lashed their lunch supplies inside his leather saddlebags. With a grin, he then placed her on the horse and swung himself up beside her.

Taking the reins into his hands, he guided the horse forward into the woods.

Not long after, the two of them were enjoying an easy silence, taking in the sounds of the forest. Her body swayed with his in tune with the horse’s cadence. About forty minutes passed until he began to speak.


“Yes, Daddy?”

“Did you eat any more berries after I told you not to? Remember, it’s important to be honest with me. You know what happens to dishonest little girls, don’t you?”

“I know, Daddy. I didn’t eat any more, just like you told me. Honest.”

Darrius sighed. He could overlook her tone of voice at times or maybe some possible forgetfulness in following his direction, but there was no way he would condone lying. He knew he would have little choice. His sweet woman was apparently extremely overdue for a painful lesson.

“Baby girl, I’m afraid we’ll need to have a discussion when we reach the meadow.”

“But why?” she exclaimed, trying to turn back to face him.

“Apparently, I need to teach you just how much I will not tolerate you lying to me, no matter what it is.”

“But Daddy! I didn’t lie.”

“Strike two, sweetheart.”

“This is unfair. Why can’t you just send me to bed without dinner like normal people do? You’re a bully!”

“Because you and I both know spankings make you behave. Clearly, I’ve been lax in the rules in my household, and your bottom is going to suffer because of that.” Her outburst had startled him and made him realize that she would need a much sterner hand than usual.

“I won’t stand for it. You’re being cruel,” she argued.

“Irena, if you continue to argue with me in such a manner, not only are you going to get the paddle, but you’ll be punished with my belt as well. Your daddy is extremely disappointed in your behavior and has decided that your backside will pay for it.”

She shut her mouth quickly, but he could feel the anger and attitude radiating off her. He had clearly been remiss in his duties. Apparently, his little girl needed to be reminded of who was in charge much more often. Feeling the paddle sway on his hip from the loop on his belt, he sighed. He knew that the paddle would be getting much more use from now on.

Hardening his gaze, he decided weekly maintenance spankings were going to be necessary. Flexing his hands, he gripped the reins a little tighter. No longer than fifteen minutes later, they arrived at their destination. Looking out at the scenery, he hazarded a small smile.

It was a beautiful meadow surrounded by tall trees. Wildflowers dotted the fields, a gorgeous medley of all colors. He jumped down to the grass below and tied Regan to a nearby tree with a long rope, giving him plenty of grazing room.

He gave Irena a hand off the horse, which she took reluctantly. She watched him warily as he spread a few blankets on the short wild pasture. On a nearby fallen tree, he spread another blanket on top. He saw her stiffen in response.

“Come here, baby girl. Let’s get this over with so we can enjoy our afternoon.”

“Daddy, please. I’m sorry for lying. You don’t have to spank me.”

“Sweetie, you know you’ve earned this. Don’t make me come over there.”

Her lower lip poked out a little in the cutest pout he’d ever seen. She shuffled over reluctantly, dragging her feet behind her. Struggling not to smile, he tried to put the sternest look on his face that he could manage. Raising his chin a hair, he reached out for her and was proud that she didn’t flinch. He turned her around and heard a small gasp escape her lips.

He began to unlace the back of her dress and she whirled around with an angry look.

“You wouldn’t dare! Someone might see!”

“Irena, you’re already in a heaping mound of trouble. Do you think it’s a good idea to fight me right now? Keep testing me, little girl. You’ve already earned some serious time with the paddle and that’s only the beginning. That bottom of yours is getting a good ole thrashing with my belt. The more you fight, the longer that pretty ass of yours is going to be over my knee. Now is that clear, young lady?”

Her face flushed a pretty pink as her eyes widened as large as saucers. Her lower lip trembled and her eyes dilated. She hesitated a moment longer before turning around and dropping her hands to her sides. He knew she needed a firm hand this time.

“Yes, Daddy. I’m sorry. Please continue.”

Reaching for her, he kissed the top of her head and heard her sigh softly in response. His rough fingers gripped the laces of her dress and undid them all. He slipped the fabric down her shoulders and then around her waist, the garment dropping to the ground. He guided her to step of out of the dress, leaving her in her corset and underthings. Next, he slowly unthreaded her corset, watching as slight goosebumps traveled over her skin.

Standing in naught but her chemise, he knew she was beginning to get nervous. She’d only been properly punished once by him before. He gripped her shoulders and massaged them gently and he saw her visibly relax. The next part was going to be the most difficult for her and he decided not to delay any further. Instead, he glided his hands down her back and across her bottom cheeks. He gripped the bottom hem of her chemise and lifted it over her head. He folded it and laid it down with the rest of her clothing in a neat pile on the nearby picnic blanket.

Now, she was completely naked.

“Turn around and face me. Hands at your waist.”

She did as she was told, as she worried her bottom lip with her teeth. Her cheeks were flushed. He took a long moment to meet her eyes and then dragged his gaze up and down her body. He could see her inner struggle written all over her face. She desperately wanted to cover herself, but she didn’t.

Despite her nervousness, her body betrayed her. Her nipples were taut, hard peaks in the sunlight. Her chest rose and fell with fervor, and her pussy was wet with her desire. His little submissive was incredibly turned on.

“Spread your legs. Look at you, naughty girl, about to get punished and your pussy is all wet. Show your daddy why bad little girls like you need to be spanked.”

She blushed hard. Her fingers clenched into firm little fists before relaxing again. She looked up at him, disbelieving. Not saying a word, he crossed his arms as he sat down on the fallen tree below him. Her eyes widened and she bit her lip.

Reluctantly, she stood in front of him and spread her feet. Not entirely satisfied, he kicked her feet open even wider. When she was finally positioned exactly how he wanted, he reached forward and held her wet pussy in his palm. He felt her shudder in his hand.

She moaned and he smirked.

“Oh, please, Daddy,” she whimpered.

He let go of her pussy and she cried out. He didn’t give her much time to react though, as he gripped her around her waist and tossed her face down over his lap.

“Now tell me, baby girl, why are you about to get punished?”

Irena’s heart pounded in her chest. There she was, fully naked in the middle of the woods, with Darrius’s hand resting on her bottom cheeks, about to get a spanking. Her body smoldered, still feeling his fingers where they had been moments before. She yearned for him to touch her pussy again. Her core practically begged for it.

She was so embarrassed. Not only might someone happen upon them in the forest, they’d see her naked, over his knee, getting her bottom spanked like a naughty child. She felt so ashamed.

“Don’t make me repeat myself, little girl.”

“Daddy! Please!”

“Tick tock, Irena. The longer you delay, the more times your ass will pay the price.”

Darrius had never been quite this dominant before, and even though she wanted to hate it, she couldn’t. Her body reacted with visceral force and she felt the evidence dripping onto her thighs. She was wetter than she had ever been.

“I lied to you, Daddy. I ate some more raspberries when you told me not to and then I fibbed about it, even when you told me to be honest.”

“I want you to remember this punishment. If you ever lie to me again, little girl, no matter how trivial you think the lie is, this bottom of yours will pay for it. It disappoints me that you couldn’t be honest with me.”

His palm cracked down on her right cheek and then again on the left. His strike was firm, every spank meeting its mark. It didn’t take long for it to begin to hurt and no matter how sore it made her, it continued. She yelped when his arm snaked around her waist and propped her up a little higher, allowing the sensitive area where her bottom met her upper thighs to become more accessible. He wasted no time in spanking her there and tears prickled at her eyes. When he finally paused, she breathed a sigh of relief before a cool, familiar feeling settled against her warmed skin.

It was time for the paddle.

“No, please, Daddy! I’m sorry! I won’t ever lie again! Please, not the paddle!”

He didn’t say another word and she gulped as the implement left her bottom cheeks and came crashing back down. She cried out at the sudden shock, the sting much more piercing than the hardness of his palm.

The paddle lit into her backside and because he was holding her about the waist, it didn’t matter how much she kicked or struggled. She knew the spanking would end when he decided it was over and she had no choice in the matter.

Having realized this, a sort of calm washed over her. She had lied to him. She’d been becoming increasingly annoyed with him and could even admit to herself she’d been asking for a spanking. If he hadn’t paddled her for lying, then she would have felt let down. Even though being punished hurt, his heavy palm reminded her that he cared for her.

She accepted the fact that she needed to be punished.

The harshness of the paddle bit through her thoughts and tears blurred her vision. Darrius began to spank her sit spots and upper thighs. Unable to hold back any longer, she began to sob, both from the soreness of her bottom and the guilt she felt for disappointing him.

“I’m so sorry, Daddy. I never wanted to disappoint you,” she cried, tears racing down her cheeks.

“You’re going to get ten more with the paddle, then we’re going to move on to the belt, little girl.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she relented, her voice sad. With a deep breath, she raised her bottom for him, giving him a better target. Her skin felt like it had been stung by a thousand bees and it wasn’t yet over. The paddle cracked down hard on her right cheek and then her left in a steady rhythm, much harder than before. She howled and was blubbering and bawling before he finished. He put the paddle down and stroked her heated bottom, calming her a little. He picked her up and held her in his arms, placing a kiss on her forehead.

“Almost done, little one. Do you need some corner time before we finish?”

She nodded into his shoulder, her tears still falling. Her bottom on fire, she couldn’t believe her punishment wasn’t over. Sniffling, she tried to gather herself as he hugged her close. After a long moment, he rose and carried her over to a nearby tree. He had placed a blanket on the ground and put her feet down on it.

“I want your hands on your head and your nose against the tree. Don’t you dare touch that bottom. I want that red backside on display. When you’re ready to continue, you call for me and we will finish your punishment.”

“Ok. I understand, Daddy,” she whispered softly.

Turning toward the tree, she put her hands on her head, threading her fingers together, elbows out. Leaning forward a little, she obeyed and placed her nose closer to the tree. Her tears had finally stopped, but her breathing was still uneven.

Her bottom felt big, sore, and on display. She knew if anyone was in the area, they would have heard her getting spanked and her loud cries. There was no way she’d just taken that part of her punishment with dignity. She’d been spanked just like a little girl over her daddy’s lap and it wasn’t even over! He had told her she was getting the paddle and the belt!

She’d never been spanked with such an implement before and was nervous, yet being placed in the corner of the meadow like she was, she wasn’t scared. Instead, she felt calm about the whole ordeal. Darrius would never take her further than she could handle. He knew what was best for her. In that moment, she accepted that.

Her tears finally dry and her breathing even, she called out for him.

“Daddy? I’m ready for the belt. Can we finish my spanking now?”

“Yes, sweetie.”

She jumped, the voice a little closer than she expected, but she didn’t dare turn around until he gave her permission to do so.

“You may drop your hands now,” he said as the pads of his fingers settled around her waist. “Put your arms around my neck and I will carry you. I’m going to lay you down on the log, okay?”

She nodded and obeyed his directions without a fuss, letting him carry her where he wanted her. Before long, she was lying on the tree face down, her bottom a throbbing hot target waiting to be whipped with his belt.

“I want you to hold onto the tree with your hands. I’m going to give you ten hard strokes to remind you never to lie to your daddy again. It’s very important your hands stay where they are. Should your hands reach back at any time, I will start the count over, do you understand?”

“I understand. Hands above my head, Daddy.”

He placed his hand on her lower back, pinning her to the log.

“I want you to count each one. I also want you to tell me that you will never lie again. Ready?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she whimpered, feeling her body tense.

“Relax that bottom. Show me you are a good girl.”

Struggling, she finally relaxed and heard a loud swish behind her and then a hearty crack. The belt seemed to ignite a line of fire across her cheeks, much more intense than she had expected. It took a long moment for her to calm herself before remembering what she had been told to do.

“One. I will never lie to my daddy again.”

The next stroke blazed across her backside and she counted again. The next followed in quick succession, taking her breath away. Her body reacted and she felt her nipples harden to tight little points. Her thighs felt slick with her arousal despite the pain as she felt it roll over her, quickly turning into something more, something pleasurable.

“Three. I will never lie again, Daddy,” she breathed, lifting her bottom for the next stroke. With each lash of the belt, her body heated further. When they finally reached ten strokes, she couldn’t deny the fact that she wanted more.

“Daddy?” she sighed, lifting her bottom suggestively.

“Do you need more, little girl?”

“Yes, Daddy, please whip my bottom more.”

He paused for a moment, before bringing the belt down across her cheeks again, laying ten quick lines from the top of her bottom to mid-thigh.

“Oh, my god, Daddy, please, I need to come!”

She felt insatiable, the pleasure pain washing over her driving her into desperation.

“Daddy, please take me. I want your cock inside me. I can’t take it!”

She wasn’t even thinking anymore, her mouth saying exactly what her body needed. She wanted him to take things further, craved for him to claim her in ways she couldn’t even imagine. His arms wrapped around her, lifting her and throwing her down on the soft blanket on the ground. She lay on her back, breathing heavily as he stared down at her.

He looked back at her intensely, his eyes wild with his own lust.

“Irena,” he said, his voice thick with emotion.

“Daddy, please, fuck me,” she begged, her legs straddling around his thighs. He knelt, his thick hands on either side of her shoulders, his knees spreading her wide.

“Marry me. Be mine forever,” he said, reaching underneath his tunic to show her his necklace. He leaned back and unhooked the chain, allowing a ring to fall into his hand.

Holding it up so she could see, he watched as she gasped with delight.

A small white-gold ring with a single diamond sparkled underneath the sunlight. Happiness soared through her entire being. He wanted to marry her. She would be his wife. It was something she had never considered before, but now that he had said the words, she wanted nothing more. He was her daddy and her man forever.

“Yes. Daddy, I want to be your wife,” she sighed happily, offering him her left hand. He slipped it onto her ring finger and she squealed with delight. “Now please fuck me already!” she begged.

He undid his slacks then, allowing his massive cock to spring free into the cool forest air and she couldn’t help but giggle with excitement.

“Such language. I see that I’m going to have to spank that bottom of yours every day,” he growled as he leaned forward.

The head of his cock nudged at the entrance to her pussy and she groaned at its heat.

“This is going to hurt, sweetheart, at first, but after, I promise you that I’ll make you scream with such pleasure that you will love it.”

“Okay, Daddy, I trust you,” she said, meeting his eyes. His own gaze was warm and loving. He leaned down and brought his lips to meet hers and that’s when his hips surged forward, spearing right into her very core.

Shocking pain radiated throughout her and she cried out into his mouth, but his kisses stifled her sounds. He stilled, allowing her body to get used to the size of his girth. Before long, the pain faded away and she felt restless.

She moaned and rolled her hips a little, urging him to continue. She felt so deliciously full.

He pulled his head back slowly, keeping her eyes locked with his.

“I’ve wanted you for so long. You’re going to get it hard, little girl.”

She didn’t have a spare moment to respond as his hips began to move. His cock slammed into her again and again, so hard that she had to wind her arms around his neck. His cock felt so good, so big, and so different than anything she had before. This was nothing like the pleasure he’d given her before; this was so much better.

She moaned as he took her hard, feeling as though she had been caught up in a tornado. Her desire rocketed through her, climbing her higher and higher until she flew off into the sky. She came hard, her pussy clenching around his length.

She orgasmed once and then twice, losing her grip on him. His hands grasped around her waist, holding her still as he pumped into her. His hold was strong and his cock seemed to pierce deeper and deeper inside her.

Her entire body tensed and so did his. As her orgasm broke, her sight went white hot. She felt him tremble and all at once, his seed splashed hot inside her. At this realization, her own pleasure soared higher, every muscle in her body quivering with her passion.

It took a long time for the effects of their lovemaking to calm. She clung to him, breathing hard, his cock still deep inside her. When he eventually pulled out from her, she whined in disappointment, feeling shockingly empty for the very first time. She felt his hot seed trickle down her thigh and she grinned.

He lay down beside her and pulled her close.

“Such a good little girl,” he whispered in her ear and she nearly purred in response.

“That was amazing, Daddy,” she breathed, her throat hoarse from her screams of pleasure. “I can’t wait to do that again and again.”

He reached over to their packed lunch basket and pulled out a white cloth. He guided her legs apart and thoroughly cleaned off the evidence of their lovemaking. Smiling down at her, he said, “Any time, baby girl. When you are my wife, it will be my sole duty to bring you happiness and to fuck you every day until you beg me to stop.”

With a moan, she pushed herself up to a seated position. She put a hand on his chin and pressed her lips up to meet his in a kiss that left her wanting so much more.


“You got it, little girl,” he growled before pushing her back to the ground. His cock, hard once again, nudged at the entrance to her pussy. He pressed it slowly into her and she arched in response, loving every second of it.

Taking things more slowly this time, he spent time worshipping her body, kissing every inch of her, bringing her to heights she could have never imagined. By the time they finally ate their packed lunch, it was dinnertime. He fed her every morsel and she reveled in his attention. His ring around her finger felt perfect and she couldn’t have asked for a better day.

When the sun began to fall in the sky, Darrius helped her to dress again. She helped him to fold the blankets he had put down and picked up the leftovers from their meal. By the time they were riding back to the cabin, she was fast asleep, snug against his warmth.

She didn’t even remember being tucked into bed that night until she woke beside Darrius that next morning.

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