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The Warrior’s Mate by Samantha Madisen – Extended Preview

The Warrior's Mate

When I woke, what I felt first was my husband’s absence. The warmth I’d fallen asleep with last night was gone; the feeling of fullness gone with it. I turned to find the bed empty and not a sign of him in the room.

I sat up just as the haze of night began to lift and I rubbed the rest of the sleep out of my eyes. When I opened them again, the feeling I’d had yesterday, that deep desire for him, flooded through me and I felt myself getting wet between my legs again. I couldn’t help but let out a tiny moan as my body began to beg for release. I suddenly realized that the plug he’d put into my bottom the night before was still there and if I moved a certain way, I could make it press a very pleasant place.

Then I realized that now that I was wed I could do as I pleased, touch myself as I wanted. Nothing was stopping me from pleasuring myself; there were no rules against it.

I lay back down and reached a hand around myself until I felt my fingers touch the cold green stone at the hilt of the plug. Another moan escaped me as I moved the thing around inside myself. I couldn’t really believe I had something like that inside me. The Gath women were always taught to be chaste and pure. While I’d been told at my preparation of some of the things that a Tlani warrior would do to my body once I was wed, no one had said anything about this.

I felt the flush of shame heating my cheeks as I remembered the way I had enjoyed him touching my hole, stretching it first with his finger and then with the plug that was now inside me. The memory made me even wetter and I could smell my own sweet scent as it rose from between my legs.

With one hand still at my behind, the other traveled almost of its own accord down past the round mounds of my breasts, along the bump of my belly and past the patch of hair. I sucked in a breath as my fingers slid across my dripping pussy. My body shuddered at my own touch. As I closed my eyes, the vision of Lor’s cock, stiff and hungry for release, filled my mind.

I gasped in shock at how vulgar I’d become. But Lor must have been right. My body was in heat now and I could barely control what I was doing. My fingers found the bump that Lor had lapped at the day before. That place on my flesh that had brought me so much pleasure. As if by instinct, I began to make the same small circular motions around myself while the hand at the hilt of the plug began playing with the thing.

My hips began to writhe. My back started arching up then falling back down as the pleasure I was building swelled inside me. I opened my eyes to look at myself, at the place between my legs. Craning my neck, I could just make out the tops of the soft folds. The view sent a rush of pleasure through me and I moaned again as I started feeling my insides tensing, my body readying for another climax.

I twisted the plug slightly and felt it touch the spot that Lor had made it contact the day before. I couldn’t help that my mouth opened, nor could I help the scream of pleasure that came out.

My fingers flew wildly around my soaking nub, but even if they hadn’t been, I think the plug alone would have brought me to ecstasy. The muscles of my pussy began to tense but in a much different way than they had the day before. I soon found out why.

Streak after streak of hot, clear liquid shot forth from in between my legs and onto the sheets of the bed. My mouth dropped open even further, as much in shock at what my body was emitting as at how good it felt. Another moan. More fluid shooting from me and the searing heat of an orgasm caused my legs to shake and slide along the now wet bed.

When it was finally over, I collapsed back onto the bed and could only lie there in my own wetness, staring at the ceiling and reliving the sensation I’d just had. When the door swung open, I could barely move my head to see who it was. The sight of four men walking into the room must have touched my sense of modesty though, because I shrieked and scrambled to cover my exposed body. I breathed a sigh of relief as my eyes focused and realized Lor was at the head of the group. He stopped, staring at the bed.

“Have you been pleasuring yourself?” he asked simply, meeting my gaze. Another rush of shame and embarrassment ran through me at the question. How could I reply to it in front of these strangers? Who were these men he had brought? Why wouldn’t he knock first and why was he asking something so personal in front of them? The questions raced through my mind as my cheeks flushed redder and redder. I looked down at the mattress to try to hide my embarrassment. “I take that as a yes,” Lor said as I heard him stepping toward the bed. He sat down and put a finger on my chin, raising my head just enough so I could look into his eyes. They were soft and compassionate. “Well,” he whispered this time, “have you?”

Normally I would have run crying from the room. Of course this was about as far from normal as I could have come. There were no men who lived with the Gath and only occasionally did we meet those who would come to trade. I was always kept far away from them, since my destiny was to become a Tlani bride. Now here I was with four men in a room with me completely naked and one of them my husband asking if I had just been pleasuring myself. All I could bring myself to do was nod lightly and turn my eyes back toward the bed.

Lor stood up and sighed.

“It’s my own fault,” he said. I couldn’t help but look up at him as he spoke. His deep rumbling voice was so mesmerizing that it just made me want to look at him. “I was too quick with her. I didn’t take the time to explain everything. Too eager to have her trained first…” he trailed off. It was strange seeing him like this, explaining himself to the other men. I glanced at them. One was in a robe similar to the one Lor was wearing. Another had on a white coat that came to his knees and behind him stood a younger-looking man in glasses.

“Nonsense,” the man in the lab coat said gruffly. “Don’t be so hard on yourself. There’s nothing to feel bad about here from anyone. Just discipline her and we’ll get on with it.”

I gasped in shock at the suggestion. How dare some strange man come in here and tell my husband what he was to do with me? But when I turned back to Lor, expecting him to somehow defend my honor, he looked resigned, as if he believed the man to be right. He stepped forward once again and took the sheets I was covering myself with in one firm hand. Slowly, despite my clinging to them, he pried them away from me, exposing my body to the whole room. Another rush of red shame spread across my face as the three pairs of eyes ran up and down my body.

“She is a fine specimen,” the man in the robe remarked. “You are very lucky.”

“I know it,” Lor said, a loving look in his eye as he smiled at me. “I will keep her well.”

My arms shot to my breasts and crotch, trying to cover my privates from being seen by the other men. But Lor stepped back toward me, took both my hands in one of his, and turned me on the bed until I was facing away from the group. He pulled my hands behind my back and pushed me down until my face was on the mattress. With another quick sweep, he pulled my ass up the way he had the day before, so that my nude bottom and the flesh beneath it was exposed for all to see. I was speechless in disbelief at what was happening.

“Now, I know that it was by my own omission,” Lor said softly, “that you didn’t know you were not to touch yourself without my permission. But if I teach you the right thing to do now, it will be a lesson more easily remembered.”

For a moment I wasn’t sure what he was talking about. It quickly became obvious though that I was about to receive another spanking at his hand.

The first stinging smack came down with warning and I winced and drew a breath in sharply. The second followed quickly and I could feel the heat start to burn on my bottom as the blood rushed to the surface of my flesh. Another smack, this time harder.

My mind was racing through the pain. Here I was, just yesterday a virgin, innocent of any shame. Now I was being watched by three men while my husband smacked my behind as if I were a spoiled child. Even more unbelievable was the thought of that was making me just as wet as he had made me with his face between my legs.

He switched cheeks and I felt the same flush of pain and redness swelling on the other buttock as he spanked it just as firmly as he had the first. I hadn’t known that it was a rule. No one had told me. For a moment it felt unfair that I was being treated like this for something I hadn’t known was wrong. But that thought quickly faded as the crimson pain of his palm on my ass made another flood of juices swell from inside me and trickle down the lips of my opening.

When he was done, there was silence for a few moments before someone spoke. I recognized the voice to be that of the white-robed man.

“She reacts perfectly. No wonder you got ahead of yourself with the training. She is soaked from just a tiny spanking such as that. She will be an excellent wife. Come now. Turn her around and we’ll have this over with in no time.”

I felt myself being lifted up by Lor’s strong arms then spun around to face the group. In one corner, the younger man in glasses was opening some kind of compartment in the wall and sliding out what looked to be a very uncomfortable chair. I looked at Lor with what was probably some fear in my expression.

“Don’t worry. I’m right here. Everything will be fine. The doctor has to examine you once every few days to make sure the training is progressing as it’s supposed to.”

“Who are these people?” I hissed at him, as if they couldn’t hear me. Lor seemed unperturbed by my state.

“This is Doctor Aanjar, his assistant Trul, and this,” Lor said, stretching out an arm to the man in the robe, “is my closest friend Nis.”

It was an answer to the question that I’d posed, that much was certain. But it did nothing to explain why in the name of the gods these men were in my room. Why they’d just watched my husband spank me like an errant child.

“But what are they doing here?” I hissed again. Lor scowled at me.

“Not now, there’ll be time for questions later.”

“No, no, no,” the doctor interrupted, “by all means you must tell her. Remember she was raised a Gath and knows nothing of Tlani ways. The poor thing is probably scared.”

I felt a slight swell of warmth toward the man. He seemed kind.

“Of course,” Lor answered quickly.

“Just put her in the chair first and we can begin the examination while you explain what’s happening,” the doctor added. My warmth for him vanished.

Lor moved me firmly over to the contraption the doctor’s assistant had removed from the wall. He turned me around, then pushed me gently back until I had no choice but to sit on the cold steel seat. Once I was sitting, he took an ankle with each hand and put my feet gently into the stirrups that were angled in such a way that they spread me wide open for all to see. I tried covering myself with my hands but Lor pushed them down to my sides.

He moved out from between my legs, came around to my side, and knelt down.

“Adena,” he began, his voice once again comforting and warm, “nothing bad can happen here. Every bride who has come before you has done the same thing, remember. We are all here to help you.”

His words made me feel better. Even though I was surrounded by strangers, completely exposed to them and would soon have the doctor peering at me, there was something about Lor that made me trust him completely. I relaxed my legs and settled my arms on the armrests at my sides.

“There we go,” the doctor said, smiling. I looked at Lor and he smiled at me too. When I turned back, the doctor was already in between my legs. The next thing I felt was the gentle twisting of the plug.

“Oh!” I moaned as the thing touched the sacred spot deep inside me. The doctor looked up and gave the thing another twist until I moaned again. He looked back down between my legs and I could already feel what he was looking at. I couldn’t believe there was more wetness.

“Perfect,” the doctor said quietly, glancing at Lor. Lor looked at him, eyes puzzled. “Come. Step over and I will show you.”

Lor did as the doctor asked and moved around my splayed leg and toward my core.

“As you can see,” the doctor continued, giving the green-topped plug another slight twist and sending me into another moan of pleasure, “she is quite sensitive right there. The flow of juices is almost immediate once the spot is stimulated.”

“So she is in good heat then?” Lor asked.

“Oh, it’s an excellent heat. I’m sure you’ve tasted it.”

Lor nodded solemnly.

“Do you have a larger plug? She could well take it now.”

I gasped. There were two men standing between my outstretched legs discussing the larger plug that they were about to insert into me. This was going too far!

“I don’t think I want anything larger in there!” I said, in an awkward mixture of sheepish indignation. Both men looked at me, their expressions shocked at what I’d said. Lor scowled again but the doctor put a hand on his arm.

“We’re forgetting the most important thing in our excitement,” he explained to my husband. “Your bride. You’d do well to give her some small reward now for her cooperation. She’s done quite well thus far.”

“Of course,” Lor replied, nodding. Without hesitation, he dropped to his knees between my legs and lowered his mouth onto my sopping center lips. The pleasure was immediate. It felt like I was melting in my seat as he parted my folds with his tongue and burrowed into me. I closed my eyes and moaned.

When he’d had his fill, I was already halfway to another orgasm and so when his tongue slid back up my slit and touched my nub, I clutched at the arms of the chair, thrust my hips toward him, and sank deeply into the clutches of another climax as my core pulsed and pulsed and pulsed again.

As Lor got up, I noticed through bleary eyes that the front of his robe was darkened. I realized the same thing must have happened this time as when I’d been pleasuring myself. I must have ejaculated all over my husband’s robe.

“That’ll do it,” the doctor said simply, nodding. “She secretes quite a lot. You’ll have to make sure to keep her hydrated.” He looked over his shoulder at his assistant, who immediately went to the small sink that was hidden in the cupboard and poured a glass of water. When he brought it over and put it to my lips I drank greedily, letting some of the liquid spill down my chest and tighten my nipples from the cold. “Good,” the doctor went on once I’d consumed the whole glass. “Now if you’ll take that plug out, we’ll replace it with one size larger and see how she takes it.”

Lor moved toward me and I felt the plug move again as he put his fingers on it. When I looked at him, he smiled.

“I love you, baby,” he whispered, holding me with his gaze as I felt the pressure on my hole start to build.

“Ungh…” I gasped as the thickest part of the thing stretched the ring of muscles around my anus. I winced, then cringed, not knowing if I’d be able to pass it back out. But Lor calmly put a massive hand on the patch of hair between my legs and let one of his massive fingers slide down between my folds. Immediately my body relaxed, opening for him the way it was meant to. His finger slid further down until it found my opening and he curled it into me just the slightest bit.

With my muscles so relaxed, he easily pulled the thing from my bottom and quickly stepped across the room. When he came back, the plug he was carrying had a similar shape but was longer and this time tipped with a blue gem. I stared at the rock, transfixed by how beautiful it was. When Lor stepped toward me with the thing, the doctor held him back for a second.

“Now have you fucked her yet today?”

“Not yet, no,” Lor replied looking back at the man. The doctor began packing the bag he’d brought with him as he spoke.

“Ah, well, I’d advise that first. In fact a fucking every morning as she wakes up is best. She’ll find it easier to bear her heat that way as well.”

With that, the doctor motioned to his assistant and the two men left quietly through the door.

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