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The Warrior’s Pet by Samantha Madisen – Extended Preview

The first thing Aveera felt as consciousness began to seep back into her mind was the pressure in her bottom. She groaned and tried turning onto her other side. She was met with the cold bars of the cage.

She gasped and opened her eyes. The memories of everything that had transpired before she fell asleep trickled back into her mind. Reaching around herself, she let her fingers wander down her back, down into the cleft of flesh her two ass cheeks made.

She blushed at waking up naked, even though there was no one there.

Her fingers settled on the black metal disc protruding from her asshole. It was hard and warm from being inside her. A funny tickle started just beneath her belly again.

She looked around the room. It was empty, save for the bed and the small table by the door. There was no telling when Maati or Master would return. And with each passing second the tickle was getting stronger, tugging her attention between her legs. “Maybe if I just…”

She bit her lip at the idea. She’d never done anything like that before. Never had the desire to. But all those filthy and lewd things that had been done to her by Maati and Drak had changed her somehow. She could feel it.

Eyes darting from side to side just to make doubly sure she was alone, Aveera let a hand fall between her legs. She shuddered in delight as her fingers glanced her wetting sex. The lips of her pussy were soft and warm beneath her fingers. Her mouth fell open and she expelled a breath. Touching herself was delicious.

It fed the ache inside her, too. Caused it to swell with the promise that if she did this long enough, it would go away and give her peace. If only for a little while.

Feeling very naughty, she spread her legs apart and peered down her stomach, to where her fingers were dancing and flicking across her sex. She bit her lip at the dirty sight.

The lips leading to her pussy looked engorged. They were covered with a film of liquid that was seeping from inside her. She stopped and giggled as a dirty thought blossomed inside her mind.

Lifting her hand, she brought her fingers up to her nose and sniffed. The smell was sweet but with a sharp twist. Curiosity nudged her along. She opened her mouth, poked out her tongue, and licked.

The taste of her honeyed nectar surprised her. It wasn’t at all unpleasant. And tasting it made the ache swell inside her again. With her heart beating harder inside her chest, she dared to dip her fingers into her hot folds. They came out coated with her cream.

She pressed her other hand between her legs. Closing her eyes, she allowed herself a low moan at how good touching herself felt.

Losing herself in the moment, Aveera continued rubbing her fingers against her pussy, searching for the spot Maati had found the previous day with the rod. When her fingers grazed it, her eyes popped wide open and she stared down her body.

It was almost unbelievable, that there could be a place on her body that could make her feel that way! Pressing her fingers into her cunt, she moaned again at the pleasure that rippled through her.

Her breathing became heavier. She felt disconnected, as if she were drifting away from her own body. Drifting away to a place where the only thing to pay attention to was the whirlpool of heat and pleasure between her legs.

Her body began to undulate along the blanket. She moaned softly, fingers flicking faster as she sucked the remnants of herself off her other hand.

The wave began to build, build, build, until she was shaking. She could feel it coming. Her body tensed, toes curling, calves flexing as she readied herself. She was nearly there. Soon that hot wave would crash over her, sweeping her up and out of herself completely and into that delicious place where only pleasure lived.

“What is the meaning of this?”

Aveera screamed as her eyes popped open wide.

The feeling, that churning, roaring heat that had been about to overwhelm her, slithered back up into the base of her mind. Only the ache remained between her legs, taunting her, as if mocking her that she hadn’t found release.

Aveera looked up to see Drak… Master standing over the cage. He had a fist on each hip. Behind him, Maati peered over his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, Lord Drak,” Maati said, stepping out from behind him and bowing her regret. “It is my omission. I should have known better than to leave such an untrained pet unchained. I humbly request a flogging for my mistake,” she said, turning her back to Lord Drak and putting her hands on the bed to offer her ass for him.

A finger of jealousy wormed its way down Aveera’s spine. She balked at the feeling. What was she being jealous of? That Master might give Maati a spanking instead of her?

“Your honesty is touching, Maati,” Drak said, not taking his eyes off Aveera. “But that won’t be necessary. We didn’t tell you not to touch yourself, did we, pet?” he asked.

Aveera shook her head, then quickly spoke a “No, Master,” just in case.

Drak praised her with a smile. “That is much better behavior already,” he said. He reached down and unclasped the latch that held the gate of the cage shut. “Out,” he said.

Aveera rolled over onto her hands and knees. With her head bowed to make it through the small opening, she crawled out in front of Drak. After a few moments of silence, she looked up at him to see that his gaze was fixed on her bottom.

“I see you remembered to put the trainer in,” Drak said to Maati, who had stood up beside him again.

“I did, my lord,” Maati replied.

“A fine thing it looks inside her ass. Very pretty,” he commented.

“Thank you, my lord. I chose the coated one, which more than likely explains her fondling herself.”

Drak gave an approving nod. “You’re right, Maati,” he said. “Likely it does. Is that it, pet? Are you feeling hungry between your legs?”

Aveera balked at how lewd the description was. But she couldn’t think of a more precise way of putting it. That was exactly how she felt. “Yes, Master,” she said, the last vowel twisting into a whimper.

Drak nodded again. “Maati, bring a thicker plug. One with double the dose. And a crop. And a leash. I want to take my pet for a walk.”

“Yes, my lord,” Maati said, bowing as she retreated. The sliding door hissed as she left the room.

Aveera suddenly found herself alone with Drak for the first time. But despite his imposing frame and commanding voice, she didn’t feel the least bit scared.

Even though she knew she would likely be corrected, his discipline hadn’t ever been cruel. At least not yet. Somehow, she sensed it never would be. In fact, being in that room alone with him made her feel surprisingly… safe.

“Rise up, Aveera,” Drak growled.

Aveera scrambled to her feet.

He didn’t take his eyes off her. This made her blush. It made her nipples harden at the tips of her breasts as well. It felt different than the day before. There was less shame in him staring at her naked body. She dared a glance down at his midriff, where his cock had begun to grow.

Drak reached up and gave her breast a soft swat from one side, watching it jiggle before swatting the other one.

Aveera’s instinct was to raise her arms and cover herself. But she knew that would surely earn her an immediate correction. Besides, it hadn’t really hurt. It almost felt nice, being touched by him, even if he could be a little rough.

“I like those things,” Drak growled. His eyes rose to meet hers. Cupping a hand beneath her breast, he bent forward and sucked her nipple into his mouth.

Aveera took in a quick breath and this time her arms did come up, from shock at how good it felt, if nothing else. They rose up higher, past her shoulders, her hands twisting in the air as Drak suckled at her, rolling her nipple around with his tongue.

Suddenly overcome by an immensely powerful desire, she let them fall. They drifted forward and lower, settling at the back of Drak’s head, then gliding lower onto his neck, finally coming to rest on his shoulders.

He startled at her touch. Letting her teat fall out of his mouth he stood straight, glaring at her.

Aveera immediately realized she’d done something wrong. Of course! Why hadn’t she thought of it! Why would a pet ever be allowed to touch their master without his invitation or permission? She lowered her chin, staring intently at the floor and hoping her correction wouldn’t be too severe.

A long and heavy silence filled the room.

Aveera focused on the sound of her heart beating in her ears.

“Why did you do that?” Drak finally growled.

Aveera shook her head, working up the courage to speak. “I’m sorry, Master. I… it felt so good, what you were doing. I didn’t… I’m sorry. I don’t know.”

More silence settled between them.

Aveera wondered what her punishment would be. She was shocked when Drak tilted her chin up and bent forward again, this time cupping her other breast and suckling it into his mouth. Her arms trembled at her sides as pleasure lanced through her at his affection.

He stared up and into her eyes, his gaze boring deep into her being.

Her mouth fell open. Her brow furrowed. Confusion twisted through her at the way he was watching her. Almost as if…

“The items you requested, Master.” Maati’s entrance broke the spell between them.

After one last pull on her nipple, Drak let it fall from his mouth. He stood and wiped a bit of spittle off his chin.

Maati came to stand next to him. She was carrying a tray with the implements he’d requested.

Aveera’s eyes were drawn to the glittering stones set into the leash. A leash meant for her. To be worn as if she were an animal.

Somehow, the idea excited her more than anything else.

“Excellent,” Drak growled. He picked up the crop and swatted it against his palm. “Turn around, pet,” he said quietly.

Aveera’s eyes darted momentarily to the crop before she turned around to face the other way. She was trembling. She could already imagine the way it would sting her bottom. But an excitement churned beneath her anticipation. A part of her wanted to feel the sting. Almost couldn’t wait for it.

“Bend over,” Drak commanded.

Bending at her waist, Aveera leaned forward.

“Now open yourself for me.”

A powerful tremor worked its way through her body. What an intimate and humiliating thing he was asking her to do! Why, then, did she comply so eagerly? Why was it such a pleasure to reach behind herself and spread her rear cheeks for her master? Her bottom tightened around the plug as she felt Drak and Maati’s gaze settle on it.

She shuddered again as Drak circled the tight ring of muscle with the tip of the crop. Her bottom hole was incredibly sensitive. She could feel each and every nerve of her opening as he traced it again. But instead of clenching the muscle, trying to protect it, Aveera spread herself wider and opened for him.

The crop fell away. A silence followed, one that seemed to stretch on forever. “You learn very quickly, pet,” Drak mused. “Her control is impressive, wouldn’t you say, Maati?” he asked.

“Yes, my lord. You have chosen a willing pet,” Maati replied.

“I am tempted to forego your correction, for how well you are behaving yourself now.”

Aveera was surprised by her disappointment at this.

“But that would be irresponsible. Take your hands away from your ass.”

Her body tensed again in delicious anticipation. She let her hands fall away but stayed bent forward.

The crop whistled through the air. It landed against her left cheek with a sharp thwack. A moment later it rose, then fell against her other cheek almost instantly.

She winced and sucked in a breath. But once again, beneath the pain of the correction, a hot and lusty feeling began to bubble.

“As my pet, your body belongs to me,” Drak said. He swatted her twice more, once on each cheek. “Say it,” he ordered.

“As your pet, my body belongs to you, Master,” Aveera said, jaw clenched against the pain.

“I will tell you when to pleasure yourself,” Drak continued.

“You will tell me when to pleasure myself, Master,” Aveera chanted.

Two more swats landed on her backside. The lines of pain burned up her spine, tickling her brain.

“Now. Put your hand between your legs.”

Aveera’s pussy was aching. It was a relief to press her fingers against it. She didn’t dare move her hand, though, for fear of more correction.

“Find your spot, your clit, with your fingers.”


The word made Aveera shudder. That must be the name of the spot, the one that felt so delicious to be touched. She swept her fingers along her slit, gathering the moisture that had pooled there. Sweeping them up the other way, she found an engorged nub that, when touched, sent tendrils of pleasure crawling through her.

“Now rub.” Drak had leaned closer. So close that she could feel his breath on her neck.

She immediately began rubbing herself. Pleasure swelled between her legs, hot and wet. After a few twists of her fingers, she began to lose control of herself.

Her body was climbing toward climax again. Her fingers began to spin faster, chasing the feeling.

Suddenly something was pressing against her bottom.

Distracted, she stopped and turned, trying to see what was causing the pressure.

The response was met with another smack of the crop. “I didn’t order you to stop,” Drak growled.

Aveera gasped. Turning to face forward, she began twisting her fingers again. The pressure in her backside began to build. It wasn’t long before she realized what it was. Another plug, one far thicker, was being driven into her bottom. The thought caused a wave of excitement to crash over her, sharpening her lust.

Hungry for release, her fingers spun faster still.

“That’s it,” Drak muttered, patting her rear. “Open for me.”

The thickest part of the plug passed through her just as she began to crest. Rising up onto her toes, Aveera let out a shrill shriek. Her fingers slapped wetly between her legs. A hot gush of… something flowed out of her, down her legs, and onto the floor beneath.

Then suddenly Drak’s fingers were between her legs. Two digits gliding along her slit, collecting the liquid she had just emitted, rising and coming to a stop just inches from her lips. The heady smell was intoxicating. Though she was close to release, her rubbing faltered from the confusion of what he was doing.

Another sharp smack fell on her backside. “Continue pleasuring yourself,” he growled, then added, “and open your mouth for me.”

Aveera gasped as she realized what he was about to do. It was so sordid, so utterly filthy, that she could barely believe it. And yet somehow it only caused the bubble of bliss to balloon inside her. He was about to make her taste herself.

He stuffed his fingers into her mouth. The hot slick that had dripped from her pussy coated her tongue. It was dirty and wrong but her body reacted instantly. She moaned as a climax shook through her, licking her fluids off Drak’s stiff fingers.

As the intensity began to wane, Aveera sank down from her toes and stumbled forward. Unable to find her balance, she fell down onto her knees. Her fingers didn’t stop twisting, her body trying to stretch out the last tendrils of ecstasy that still licked at her brain.

It was only then that she realized how full she felt. The plug was thick, stuffed deep inside her. It was only mildly uncomfortable but brought the strangest feeling of… comfort. And safety. She wondered how that could be.

“The leash, Master,” she heard Maati say softly behind her.

“Affix it to her neck,” Drak ordered. “High time the rest of the crew met my new pet.”

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