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The Warrior’s Prize by Ava Sinclair – Extended Preview

The Warrior's Prize“I told you the transmitter was a good idea. And if this is not evidence that you need to tame her, I don’t know what is. A female who lies to you is not a suitable mate.”

It had been the physician’s idea to activate the remote readout function of Emily’s new transmitter. Now both he and Zak were watching the clear physical signs of a masturbating human female approaching the peak of excitement.

Zak watched the evidence of her mounting passion with irritation. He had been with numerous females, and no matter what the species, they were almost always consistent in their desires. The human did not realize that he already knew she’d been lying. When she was on the table with his hands guiding the wand, he could detect the small signs of her arousal Jaquar’s sensitive equipment could not—the heady scent of pheromones indicating her excitement. But she’d lied to him, and now he felt a growing sense of anger that she was taking the pleasure that was his alone to give.

“Irina and I will be downstairs.” Jaquar was not directly telling Zak what to do, but he didn’t have to. The Traoian was already turning away and heading to the room where his human was supposed to be resting. He burst in, his abrupt entry intentionally startling her. Emily flipped over with a cry, leaving Zak with the split-second image of her bottom jutting in the air, her hands between her splayed legs. It was an image he could have enjoyed all day. And one day, he decided, he would allow his human to take her pleasure while he watched. But first she had to learn that pleasure—even at her own hands—was his to be granted.

“Wait…” It was the only word she had time to utter before he stepped forward to pull Emily’s arms from beneath her. The small ropes of gel he shot from his capture wand were used to secure her hands to the headboard in front of her. He secured her feet next, but loosely, allowing enough play in the strong ropy material to allow for several pillows to be piled under her pelvis. Now she was in essentially the same position he found her in, her bottom raised in the air, legs spread, bare pussy on display.

Zak sat down on the bed and looked back at her.

“I will make you my mate,” he said. “And the first lesson you will learn is that you cannot hide from me, not even inside your own mind. You will not keep your passion locked away.”

She was glaring at him from behind one stretched and bound arm, but said nothing. Zak checked her bonds once more and then stood, turning away. He knew the lesson he was about to teach her would be difficult. But it was also necessary.

Jaquar had not been exaggerating when he’d told Zak that the new transmitter implanted in Emily was advanced. The extra functions he’d mentioned included the activation of sensors designed to control bodily functions. The purpose was to control the moods and reactions of miners who may panic or become aggressive in the mines. But it could control other functions, too, including arousal.

Zak knew he could touch the restrained human on the bed, that he could use his fingers to increase the sweet agony she’d experienced when he’d interrupted her ascent to pleasure’s peak. But the arousal he could cause with the use of this handheld technology would be nearly unbearable for her. He took a seat on a chair at the foot of the bed where she could not see him, but where he could clearly view what awaited him between her spread legs. The plump petals of her inner labia were engorged and glistening from her own touch when he activated the arouse function on the transmitter. After a moment he noted the first sign that it was affecting her. Emily’s bound hands gripped the rope that held her, her hold so intense that the muscles in her lean arms flexed beneath the skin. Her back was rising and falling in heaving motions as she began panting for breath. She was whimpering and moaning by turns, her bottom now wagging in the air as if trying to move away from the deep internal ache that he controlled.

“What’s happening?” she asked, and Zak could see that she was confused and frightened. But he said nothing, only kept the levels of her arousal just below the tipping point, knowing that unfulfilled release for one so passionate would be as painful as the spanking he planned to give her later.

He reduced the arousal, pulling her back, and the room rang with her cries of frustration. He raised the level again, stopping just as the telltale shudders hit her body. A sheen of sweat had broken out on her body. She was writhing, her curvaceous bottom waving in need as if beckoning his touch. Zak discreetly pocketed the control, then wordlessly rose and took his place on the bed behind her. He reached out, stroking the soft outer labia, moving his finger just over her clit, pressing just enough to give her a taste of what she wanted.

He was manually continuing what he’d started with the transmitter, building on the unbearable desire for release that now had her begging for what she’d tried to deny feeling in the exam room.

“Please!” She was sobbing now, and shamelessly pushing her bottom back against his hand. But he continued the maddening, evasive touches until she was screaming with anger at her own helpless desire for him to fuck her.

It was then that Zak rapidly unbound Emily and flipped her over onto her back.

“Why did you lie?” he asked.

“Fuck you!”

He could feel the tension in her body as he held her there. She was like a spring wound to the breaking point. Her eyes were wild, her face flushed. He could all but feel waves of arousal coming off her body, but also the fear that stood like a wall between them.

He bound her hands again, this time behind her, then spread her legs and bound those as well. She was on her back now, her thighs far apart and her pussy open and available. Zak reached onto the pouch at his belt and pulled out a thin, stiff strip of leather. Technology had its advantages, but sometimes the old ways were best.

“What do you resist?” he asked.

She didn’t say anything, but merely looked at the ceiling.

“Answer me.” He flicked the leather at the top of her shaven mound and she cried out. A tiny red mark bloomed on the baby soft skin. When she didn’t answer, he leveled the next stinging blow at her exposed clit, and she wailed at the sensation.

He watched her. She was sobbing by the third blow, but when the leather landed on her inner labia, it made a wet slapping sound. Her pussy was sopping now as he spanked it, her hips jerking off the bed toward each blow, gyrating away and then, between spanks, thrusting in his direction as if inviting them.

Emily’s body was covered with a sheen of sweat and her face tracked with tears by the time the punishment was over. Zak moved to sit beside her, placing his palm almost protectively against the hot, wet mound of her pussy. She moaned through her tears. For a moment he sat beside her. When he finally spoke, his voice was gentle.

“Your body cries for mastery. It responds. And yet you deny your body’s call. You even deny that the call exists.” He paused. “Why?”

Emily looked at him. Her lower lip was puffy from where she’d bitten it. Unshed tears glittered like jewels on her long lashes. He was looking at the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen. Was there any way she could know that his ache for her was as strong as her own?

She squeezed her eyes shut tight, and two fresh tears rolled down her cheeks. When she opened them, she kept her gaze to the side. “You’re a warrior,” she continued. “Or you once were. If you had a weakness, would you share it with your enemy?” She tried to suppress a sob, and failed. Her next question was asked in an anguished tone that tore at Zak’s heart. “Would you share it, knowing how it could be used to control you?”

He sighed, put aside the leather strip, and silently unbound her hands. When he gathered her into his arms, Zak could feel her shaking. He remembered how she’d allowed him to hold her in the cave, how he’d longed to kiss her hair, how he’d resisted. This time he didn’t, pressing his lips to the fragrant tresses.

“I understand,” he said, and she turned to look up at him.

“Are you mocking me?” she asked.

He shook his head. “In the cave you said I was principled. I could easily consider that a weakness. It was those principles that cost me my place in the only family I’ve ever had.”

“Your brotherhood in the Galactic Legion,” she said, and Zak realized she must have seen his look of surprise, because she hastily clarified. “Irina told me. She said you saved her.”

“Yes,” he said. “But what may weaken us, if it is innate, cannot be abandoned. We cannot fight ourselves, Emily. And sometimes, what we may see as a weakness may actually be our greatest asset if it puts us on the road to what we really want in life, what we need.” He paused. “If I had not saved Irina, I would not have been expelled from the Galactic Legion. I would not have come to Colony 7.” He brushed her face with the back of his hand. “I would not have found you. I would make a new family, with you as my mate. A strong warrior needs a strong female, and you are the strongest female I have seen. Is it so surprising that your body cries out for a strong male to conquer it?” He lifted her, putting a lip to her ear. “Emily…” It felt good to say her name, and even better when he looked back to see that her gaze had softened. “You have no need for shame,” he said. “There is great strength in your passion, and great strength in submission.”

“I’m afraid…” Her voice was soft, hesitant. “You don’t know what it was like on Earth. I lived in constant fear—fear for myself and for others. I was not always a prisoner. I was a writer, an intellectual with a sense of justice. The great men of Earth are nothing like you. They master through subterfuge. The prison colonies of TraoX39 are not what they seem. They are nothing but stockyards used to house not just criminals but humans denied the right to participate in the recovery of their home planet. You Traoians see us as numbers, but you don’t see the faces behind them. These are often poor people who broke their backs to plant crops or to drill for water. Those who are rebuilding Earth, once they can work no more and need care? They are shuttled here in droves on petty charges. The worst charges are reserved for people like me, ensuring we get sent to the worst colonies; it’s the price we pay for getting too close to the truth.”

She sat up on his lap. “All my life I’ve had to fight my urges to be soft, to yield. It’s a hunger in me, a yearning. But softness has no place in a hard world.”

He pulled her to him, fiercely now. “It does in mine.”

Zak’s mouth met hers in a burning kiss. She fought at first, but there was no more conviction in her struggles than the half-hearted “no” she uttered when he tore his mouth away from hers and pressed it to her neck. Emily pressed her chest against his as his teeth scored her throat, and Zak’s hands moved to the top of her shift, rending it from her body.

His hands cupped the globes of her breasts, then moved to the tips, capturing and twisting her nipples almost cruelly. But her moans were those of feral pleasure, and the bare pussy against his leg was wet.

Zak reached down, slipping first one and then two fingers past the wet velvety folds of her labia to plumb the heated depths of her pulsing core. He moved his head down, capturing one of her nipples in his mouth. Emily leaned back, riding his fingers as he sucked her nipple with savage intensity.

He had to have her. He pulled her off his lap, pushed her down on the bed. She looked up at him, her breasts heaving through the torn halves of her shift, her legs open and ready to receive him. Her gaze was bold as she watched him release his cock from the confines of his breeches. Her eyes widened, and he could see the apprehension. Even for a Traoian, he was large, and his huge shaft, a drop of pre-cum already crowning the slit, was straining toward her, ready to bury itself in her warmth.

Zak leaned over her and she raised her lips to the tattoo marking him as a member of the Brotherhood, a mark that had pained him every day since his departure until this small human planted a submissive kiss on the inked letters. Her hands were roaming his chest, moving across the powerful pectorals and then lower.

“Please,” she said, and looked up at him. Her fingers were within inches of his cock. She was asking for permission, testing the feeling of being submissive to him. He swallowed and nodded, then nearly gasped when her slim warm hands encircled his turgid rod, her grip almost proprietary, as if she knew he was hers as much as she was his.

Her nimble fingers traced the map of veins that traversed its surface, and each brush of her fingers sent electric pulses of pleasure through him. But as pleasurable as these light caresses were, he wanted to feel the tight embrace of her body from within, and drew back to fall between her legs.

Zak’s hands grasped her hair, holding her so that she was forced to look into his eyes as he took her. He was pressing the ruby head of his cock tight against the entrance of her pussy, and as he pressed he felt the walls stretch around him, saw her eyes widen as her body yielded to him. He was almost too much for her to take; she whimpered a little, but the flood of arousal that coated his cock told him that the pain only increased the pleasure for her.

“Aaaaah…” she said, arching her back and spreading her legs wide. She was biting her lip and breathing heavily by the time he was halfway inside. Zak was thick as well as long, and when he pushed as far as he could go he could feel the heat of her slick, strong passage already pulsing hungrily as if trying to draw in more than it could hold.

“Fuck me,” she said. “Please…”

Could he have asked for more? He began to move within her, and now she was the strong one, for it was all he could do not to spill into her. Never had he felt anything as sweet or as hot or as tight as this female who wrapped her arms and legs around him, clung to him as he began to pound her. He knew her pussy was sore from where he has punished it.

“Do not take your release until I say so,” he told her, and she whimpered pitifully and made little mewling sounds as she clawed his back. It was another test, to see if such an order would increase her passion. And it did. He could feel her contractions, feel how she was trying to restrain her body, how hard it was. And he could not deny her.

“Come, my little one,” he said, knowing that even if she did, he would not for some time. She obeyed, crying out with her first release, her orgasm so powerful that her whole body seemed to contract.

Zak continued to enjoy her body, orchestrating her climaxes even as he was left amazed at her ability to produce them. By the time he spilled his hot seed into her, she was nearly spent from the pleasure. And when he finally sat back on his knees and withdrew his cock, he stared down at the sight of her pussy dripping a stream of his pearlescent tribute and wondered how he’d been so fortunate to find this human in a place as big as the universe.

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