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The Warrior’s Property by Vonna Harper – Extended Preview

The Warrior's Property“A man is never truly in charge,” she said, taunting him. “Ask any woman. She will tell you how easy it is to get a man to do what she wants.” Determined to bring home her exaggerated point, she stared at his cock. “That is your weakness. An insistent cock robs a man of his mind.”

“You think so? What about this?” He abruptly cupped her sex. “When a woman’s pussy demands to be filled, she forgets everything else.

His palm pressing against her there nearly ended her ability to speak. Her mouth tingled, and she could no longer feel her arms. She’d tried to prepare herself for so many things once her father turned her over to the enemy, but not this. She didn’t know how to handle it.

“What is it, Rima? You don’t have an answer for me?”

“Of course I do,” she ground out even though she was lying. “Or I would if I considered you important enough. Just because the treaty called for you and me to—”

“You talk too much.” He planted his unoccupied hand against her chest. A quick shove and she fell back against the crude bed. Even with his strength, she didn’t feel afraid. “It’s more than time for you to be quiet.”

“You’re wrong. I—”

He cut her off by flipping her over so she was on her belly and could no longer see him. She tried to return to her previous position, but his greater weight, mostly settled on the backs of her thighs, stopped her.

So this was what it felt like to be possessed.

Disconcerting. Fascinating.

“It’s obvious you’ve either forgotten or choose to ignore my warning. Our relationship is simple—captor and captive. Neither of us can change that. We must accept our roles. You will do as I say without argument, understand?”

She reared back and up as far as possible. “Let me go!”


His voice had become too calm. She sank back down, not that she had much choice. She turned her head in an attempt to see his expression. Her arms were by her sides and useless.

“Lovely.” He patted both ass cheeks. “Warm and full. Perfect for receiving correction.”

“No! You can’t—”

He silenced her with a harsh blow on her right cheek. She was still coming to terms with what had happened when he struck her on the left. A gasp erupted from her. Alarmed by how vulnerable she was, she rocked back and forth in a desperate attempt to escape him. But all she managed to accomplish was to sink deeper into the bed. She hated her helplessness and yet—

“Your parents obviously didn’t discipline you enough when you were growing up,” he said as slaps from rough male hands treated her buttocks as if they were drums. It hurt, a lot. Forced out more gasps interspersed with profanity she was certain he didn’t approve of.

But she couldn’t help it. She’d never been spanked as an adult, had never imagined it might happen—especially done by a man who considered himself her captor. He believed he had every right to redden her butt, for as long as he wanted.

“Stop. Oh, please, stop!”

“When it pleases me to, not before.”

A broad palm pressed down on her right buttock. She expected him to do the same on her left side. Instead, he treated her to numerous and quickly delivered stinging blows there. She felt foolish—and helpless. Lost in a swirl of sensation that was reaching every part of her.

No matter how much the spanking hurt, and it did, a part of her wanted him to keep going. She was learning things about her body she’d never expected to. Her body no longer belonged to her, which, strangely, was an amazing, exciting experience. She would surrender, experience, accept.

Become his.


“Your first lesson,” he finally said. He started rubbing the cheek he’d done such a masterful job of tanning. “It remains to be seen whether you’ll need another. That’s up to you.”

Unless you enjoy spanking me so much you give into temptation.

As one second became two, she prayed he wouldn’t demand she tell him what it had been like to be spanked because she didn’t have the words. Her body throbbed from her waist to her knees.

“It’s your decision,” he said. “Either you acknowledge my dominance or I will give you another demonstration.”

“No, please don’t.” She longed to lightly stroke her wounded buttocks. “I understand.”

“I’m not sure you do. However, today is about more than discipline.”

She was still reconciling herself to the word discipline when he flipped her onto her back. Pinpricks of discomfort nearly brought her off the bed. Determined to prove herself in this small way, she fought the impulse to struggle.

He stared at her. “No tears. Interesting.”

“You thought I might cry?”

“I considered it a possibility. I wonder what it would take for…”

She was still waiting for him to finish when he grabbed her legs and pulled them apart. Lesson learned, she didn’t resist. When she was in the position he wanted, he dragged her toward him until his knees pressed against her inner thighs. She became lightheaded.

“Arms over your head,” he commanded. “Stretch them.”

Where was the line between obedience and independence? How much could he take from her and how much of her self-will would remain? And even more important, how could she consider her questions with his palm back against her pussy?

Claiming her.

Belatedly wrapping her mind around his order to place her arms over her head, she obeyed. Her fingers reached for nothing. Her ass continued to burn, the heat seeping outward. Possessing her.

“Better, much better.” He chuckled. “We’ve come to an understanding, at least for now.”

Staring upward was a hundred times easier than holding his gaze with her own, but even as she continued her study of the closely packed branches that constituted the ceiling, her breasts felt huge, the nipples hard and aching.

How could that be? Yes, his hot hand covered delicate and responsive tissues, but he’d just punished her.

She needed air, more air than her lungs had ever held. But if he heard her suck in a deep breath, he’d believe he’d won the battle between them in every way so she struggled to pull in just a little. Still, her chest expanded, most likely drawing his attention to her breasts if it wasn’t already there. Her belly muscles contracted. She couldn’t keep her fingers from becoming fists.

“Victory is worth the effort,” he said, his voice rough. “Especially when something like this happens.”

She might have asked what he was talking about if he hadn’t supplied the answer by increasing the pressure against her pussy. It took every bit of wherewithal she possessed not to push back. He’d trapped her sex, held it prisoner beneath his powerful hand.

“Not so sure of yourself anymore, are you.” He shifted so his thumb now lay at her entrance. Something, his forefinger maybe, parted her sex lips. “Feeling weaker and weaker, are you?”

“You… know nothing… about me.”

“I know everything I care to know where you’re concerned.”

The words finished, he slipped his thumb into her. Next to a cock, a thumb should barely make an impact. But it did. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t stop from grinding her tender ass against the bed in anticipation and hunger. Energy and heat flowed around the invading thumb, compelling her to grab a fistful of her hair. Hoping to distract herself from what he was doing and what was happening to her, she tugged.

“You’re soaking wet,” he informed her unnecessarily. “I wasn’t sure that’s the reaction I’d get from spanking you, but I have no complaints. None at all. What are you trying to do, drown me?” He underscored his point by swirling his thumb inside her, repeatedly stroking every wall. How dare he be so arrogant! If only this were an equal battle!

As thoughts of closing her hand around his knife and plunging it into his self-important chest consumed her, the air she’d worked so hard to pull into her lungs whooshed out. Lightheaded, she struggled to think what to do next, but all she found was the place he’d taken control of. The place he’d awakened by striking her as he had. She tightened her inner muscles around his thumb.

“Damn you!”

Encouraged by his curse, she turned her head to the side. His eyes hadn’t rolled back in his head, but neither was he focusing on anything. Either that, she amended, or he could no longer think with anything except his cock. Wondering if she might be able to do to him what he’d done to her, she clenched down again.

“Fuck it! Stop.”

“You don’t like?” she asked, still pulling on her hair.

“It makes me want—do you have any damn idea how long it’s been since I’ve—”

“You already told me.” Tension carved harsh lines along the sides of his neck. “If you don’t want me doing this—” She gripped his thumb with every bit of strength in the opening to her womb. “Then stop doing what you are. All of it.”

“Silence, slave!”

She might have shrunk before his outburst if his mouth hadn’t sagged open. No longer trying to hold him inside her, she struggled to relax so she would be ready for whatever he had in mind. However, finding calm in the middle of the storm that was Fighter Karr was impossible.

“I will teach you,” he said, and flattened his free hand over her belly. “Teach you not to resist.”

Hadn’t he already done that?

Rolling her head to the other side did nothing to improve her view of this man who called himself her master. A moan pressed against her clenched teeth, but she’d be a fool to put any more power in his hands—one of which had claimed ownership of the part of her anatomy she had the least control over.

Was this what their time together was going to be like? He would insist on commanding her in every way possible?

Scared and excited, she licked dry lips and let go of her hair. Because he hadn’t given her permission to move them, she kept her arms over her head.

Staring at something behind her, he lifted his hand off her belly and closed it around a breast. His fingers ground against swollen flesh. Her nipple pulsed.

“Ah,” she moaned. “Ah.”

“I’m hurting you?”

Yes, she wanted to throw at him. Yes, damn it! Instead, her back arched as if offering even more of herself into his ownership.

“No, not hurting,” he muttered. She caught what might have been a whisper of amusement. “Whatever you’re feeling, it’s no longer pain.”

“How would you know?”

“Because this—” he wiggled the digit inside her, “is telling me the truth. There’s a flood here, slave. Don’t try to deny it.”

Most of the time the river where she and the rest of the Lapen lived flowed lazily within its banks but sometimes relentless storms turned the languid pace into something frightening. She was becoming twins with that power, both afraid of and fascinated by the possibilities where her body was concerned.

“Nothing to say?” He pressed his fingers against her breast. The sensation sent her in another desperate search for air. Filling her lungs helped clear her head. Between that and fantasizing about cutting off his hand, she managed to keep still. Her ass cheeks still burned.

Maybe he was testing her limits when he bent low over her and sucked her free breast into his mouth. Perhaps he was seeing how far he could push himself. Whichever it was, she pressed her lips together because no way would she let him hear her moan.

Several men had mouth-teased her breasts. The first time she’d been too shocked for any other reaction. Later, she’d encouraged another Lapen to suckle her. By the time he’d turned his attention elsewhere, her breast had felt as if he’d rubbed it with fine sand. Despite those disappointing experiences, she sometimes wondered what difference experienced male lips might accomplish.

Karr was experienced. She only had to track the brush of his teeth along her nipple to acknowledge that. She couldn’t relax for wondering how much he knew of a woman’s needs and limits.

A great deal. Too much of it exciting.

His hold on her nipple lessened. Then he opened his mouth more and closed his lips around her fullness, held her fast and strong in his damp heat. The sucking sensation became uncomfortable, forcing her to pant. He relaxed his hold. She tingled from the base of her throat to her navel. Rocking a little gave her something to do, a place to put her energy. Between his hand on one breast and his mouth around the other and a thumb inside her sex, she started to tremble in pleasure. She couldn’t feel her lower legs, arms, or ass. So much sensation was centered around her pussy, heat bordering on fire.

A captive to the animal growing inside her, she struggled to lift her buttocks. For a moment she succeeded in offering her sex to him. Then weight and weakness assaulted her and she fell back, panting through the jolt of discomfort. Hating her lack of resolve.

“What is it?” he asked. “Have I exhausted you?”

If it wasn’t for his question, she might not have noticed that he’d released her breast. Summer air started drying the moisture he’d deposited on her. Then he let go of her other breast, lightly slapping it as he did. His features remained blurred.

She wanted him gone. She needed him here. Taking her over.

He abruptly slipped out of her and dragged her closer to him, lifting her buttocks up and onto his thighs as he did. Flesh against flesh stirred the nerves he’d blistered in a fascinating way. Her head was lower than her legs, the backs of her shoulders bearing much of her weight. She could no longer draw a deep breath.

Distracted by her utter helplessness, she dismissed her master and brought a hand to her throat. The leash he’d hooked to her collar was caught under her, and the collar was biting into her windpipe. Desperate, she yanked on the leash until the tension let up. She filled her lungs.

“I’m sorry,” he muttered. “I should have been more careful.”

“Yes, you should have.”

She waited for him to remind her that she was hardly in a position to criticize him in any way. Instead, he shrugged. Repeated blinking cleared her vision in time for her to see his smile die.

“Do you think I’m funny?” she asked.

“Funny? Hardly.”

“Then what?”

“If I’m thinking anything, it’s that you still talk too much. Perhaps you didn’t learn anything from the discipline.”

With that he ran his fingers over her inner thighs, tickling her. Mewling like a newborn tiger, she dragged her nails from his elbows to his wrists. Instead of shaking her off as she thought he might, he continued his sensual assault. Heartbeat by heartbeat, she lost all interest in trying to stop him. Her body wanted one thing—him.

And when he ran a knuckle over her pussy, she had all she could do not to beg.

“You’re so wet,” he announced unnecessarily. “So ready.”

Driven by instinct, she went in search of his cock. When she found it, she cupped a shaking hand around what proclaimed him as a man. “So are you,” she managed. “Hard.”

“Let go.”

He was her master, and she needed to obey him. Instead, she ran her fingers down his length, memorizing everything she touched before releasing him. That done, she cupped her breasts with both hands. Waited.

His knuckle teased her clit, jolting her. A heartbeat later the touch ended. Then before her system registered the change, something else pressed against her labia. Gathering herself as best she could, she concentrated on what she couldn’t see. The something—his cock, of course.

Not just his cock but his fingers as well, separating and spreading her, clearing the way for entrance.

“Tell me,” he commanded. “Is it your fertile time?”

Say yes. Save yourself from— “No.”


Catching her with a single thrust, he plowed deep and hard. The sensitive tissues at her opening barely registered the delicious pressure before her channel filled. Her mind overloaded then cleared. Penetration happened so fast. He’d given her no chance to enjoy a slow surrendering of self to him.

Teeth clenched in disappointment, she nevertheless went in search of that elusive moment when her body lost control and everything felt incredible. But he came at her so hard and fast, grunting with each thrust, his fingers grinding into her hips as he held her in place. Her body shook and shivered under his assault, and beneath her palms, her breasts shimmied.

His fierce energy rejuvenated her. Wondering if she could ride that energy with him, she pressed her knees against him. If anything, her attempt to connect with him pushed him farther into that place where a man is aware of nothing except his body. Caught between fury and envy, she focused on him. He’d become a wild animal, his breath hissing and muscles straining. Perhaps she should be afraid that he’d push himself beyond human endurance but she’d lain with enough men that she understood he needed and wanted one thing from life.

More times than she could count, he powered into her. He either pulled so far back that they nearly lost connection or withdrew only a little before hitting her again. Her body couldn’t keep up with his pace. In awe of him, she hugged her breasts and struggled to remain in place. His cock came at her, came and came and came, plundering her in countless ways. She didn’t want to be anywhere else or doing anything except this one thing. She’d been created for sex. They both had.

Close, near the edge, her tissues screamed and a powerful force crawled over her pussy. Desperate for her just-out-of-reach explosion, she ground her palms against her breasts.


Alerted to the sound that could mean only one thing, she silently cursed him. Every muscle in his face and neck stood out, his eyes threatened to burst from their sockets, and his cheeks flushed.


Inside her, his cock shuddered. One disjointed jerk followed another as liquid heat flooded her, drowning her in disappointment.

Damn you, damn you! she silently chanted. But even as she railed because he’d found the release she was denied, a part of her was glad for him. At this moment it didn’t matter that he was the enemy. He was simply a man who’d risked his life for something he believed in, and as such, he deserved his reward.

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